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Sexting (Jimin smut)

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Summary: On a lonely night, you decide to sign up for an anonymous sexting site. Of course you are matched with the notorious fuckboy you’re constantly trying to avoid. Park fucking Jimin.

Themes: Sexting, Fuckboy Jimin, College AU.

Pairing: You x Jimin

Word Count: 4k

This fic contains: Explicit and graphic depictions of smut, sex over the phone, swearing. 






I’d rather not say/enter here:


Decent conversation/making friends/finding a language buddy/other





THOR562: 21 years old- Seoul, South Korea- also interested in ‘other’.




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unconventionally jealous yuuri
  • victor can make himself fall asleep mere moments after hitting the pillow and yuuri seethes over it while working on quieting his bedtime racing thoughts. he doesn’t fall asleep for at least an hour and a half.
  • yuuri can’t make katsudon the same way mama can even though he follows the directions to the letter because yuuri is a strong proponent of following exact directions for cooking. victor gives it a shot and is just eyeballing the ingredients and paying more attention to yuuri than the pork and it comes out perfect anyways.
  • victor falls on his hip flubbing a jump and his skin blooms purple for three days and fades neatly. yuuri flubs the same jump and lands the same way but his bruise goes all yellow and green for a week.
  • victor beats yuuri in twelve consecutive games of chess. every time yuuri catches him going easy he restarts the game, and then loses.
  • they sometimes do puzzles together, and victor always seems to be able to find difficult pieces easily. they’re working together, but yuuri feels competitive anyway.
  • a rest day rolls around and victor is cuddled up in yuuri’s arms against his chest and mumbling soft praises about the hard line of his muscles and how sweet and beautiful and perfect he is and yuuri laments that he can’t command words in the same elegant way victor can.
  • no matter how many times he takes his medication, a tylenol, or any kind of pill, yuuri gags a little. swallowing something that’s still solid is a weird sensation and he doesn’t like it. meanwhile victor downs his vitamins all at once. dry. like an animal.
  • yuuri finds himself gazing at victor during practice as he executes a technically perfect program, brainstorming ways he can improve his own program to measure up. 
  • yuuri exits a training session with georgi to look back to his husband but can’t find him, and he wishes absently that he could move so quietly too.
  • yuuri enters the locker rooms–the last place he hasn’t searched for victor, to find him sitting on the floor of the (freshly cleaned, thank god) showers with his knees to his chest, and yuuri catches himself envying the warm water cascading over him. keeping him comfortable when yuuri wasn’t there to.
  • he washes and dries his husband, careful of feet and new bruises, and he knows it’s bad, it’s insensitive, but yuuri envies that victor’s attacks aren’t as loud and disruptive as his own are. yuuri would give his life in a millisecond that victor would never have to suffer through one again, but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t shake the thought that victor’s are so much quieter, so much harder to spot, he hates that they are but wishes his own were so easy to hide.
  • “it’s getting harder,” victor rasps while yuuri tenderly combs a rose-scented product through his unbelievably soft, still-growing hair, and braids it loosely in the back. he’s grateful every time he gets to touch it, and wishes his hair were softer so he could give victor the same joy he feels.
  • victor turns to hold him around the middle, where yuuri’s stomach will always be soft, and victor nuzzles into it. “i can’t keep up with you anymore,” he mumbles into yuuri’s sweaty training shirt. “i never could.”
  • victor gazes up at yuuri with both tender admiration and intense frustration in his red-rimmed eyes, still gorgeous even through multiple sleeve-rubs. “yuuri, is it  wrong of me to be so jealous? i wish i could skate as beautifully as you,“
“Carnations” (Part 4)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (College AU)

Summary: A carnation fundraiser, an iota of possibility, and a longtime secret crush on your hot best friend - what could go wrong?

all thanks to the stupendous @buckyywiththegoodhair for beta-reading! you’re an opalescent pineapple-unicorn who deserves all the kettle corn in the world!

Last year, you and Bucky thought it’d be fun to make holiday wreaths while under the influence. Bucky stole a bottle of expensive vodka from his parents’ liquor cabinet, and both of you got embarrassingly drunk over a weird game of Truth and arguments about who got to use the hot glue gun first.

You gave him your drunken creation, which he gamely took and hung on his apartment door. Sam hated it –“The hell is – oh God, is that Barbie head glued on the side?”– but Bucky refused to throw it away.

A sense of amusement usually washed over you whenever you took in the fabric unattractively bunched up or the Barbie head randomly glued on the side. But today, the ugly wreath made your heart lodge itself in your throat. The Barbie head was scrutinizing you, its blue eyes judging you in a hawkish way.

You spin on your heel. “Sharon, I’ve changed my mind, I can’t do –” You smack your palm against your forehead as you remember that Sharon had already driven away.

The car ride to Bucky’s off-campus apartment had been an interesting one. Your blood coursed with adrenaline as you reassured yourself you’d be okay no matter what; you’d already gone through an emotional hurricane - what was one more time? Now you wanted to build a time machine and tell your past self to shut up and maintain anonymity.

“Nope,” you mutter under your breath, forcing yourself to face the ugly wreath again. “Channel your inner Romeo. Confess your love, but communicate thoroughly so you don’t die in the end.”

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For You{4}[Jeff Atkins]

Request: Can i request a Jeff Atkins imagine where hes like a badboy but when Y/N is the new girl at Liberty and Clay takes her under his wing, Jeff feels the need to protect her and be good for her? And then at a party he sees Monty and Y/N flirting so he gets wasted and Y/N ends up taking him to her house and taking care of him and he drunkenly confesses his softy feelings for her?

Pairing:bad boy!Jeff Atkins x fem!reader

A/N:This kinda sucks but here it is anyway!-M

part 1     part 2     part 3     part 5

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“Jeff… "She said once more and sighed deeply. When she saw that he just wouldn’t stop,she started shaking her head and finally, his hands removed from her hair.

"Ah,don’t do this,you’ll get dizzy!”

She ignored his comment and continued walking, faster and faster every time he spoke.She felt really uncomfortable listening to him compliment her.She needed him to shut up so that she could think straight.

“Your hair is soft.I like your hair.”

“Jeff,stop it…” She said in a serious tone.He just rolled his eyes and smiled widely,like he had achieved his goal to irritate her.

Why was he like that?Bipolar disorder?No,just too much liquor.Right?

“We’re almost at my house.Where’s yours though? "She asked and suddenly, he overdramatically put his right hand on his forehead and fell on her.She used all her strength and somehow managed to lift him up.He put his arm around her shoulders and he seemed like he couldn’t walk properly.

"What?” She almost yelled but he put his index finger on her lips,hushing her.

“Oh no,i don’t feel very well…Can i stay at your place tonight?”

“Whoa wait…”She said and tried to push him away but he was too strong and didn’t seem to move an inch.She  sighed loudly and put her hands on his waist,holding him tightly.

She let him come with her without even asking for the location of his own home.He was such a fucking distraction.She was so busy thinking of what she would answer,if he asked her about what happened at the party that she didn’t even mind him basically walking her home.All the anger had strangely faded away and she even laughed a few times at his stupid,intoxicated,loud thoughts.

“Have you noticed that i eventually go along with whatever you want tonight?I’ve lowered my standards and that’s bad.”She confessed and snorted at he thought that he had such an effect on her.It was just so funny.

“So is that an okay or what?“He asked and after hesitating for a moment,she nodded.

“I guess you won’t tell me where you live so i can take you there.And i guess i can’t leave you alone either.“

“You guess right babygirl…”He whispered in her ear and smirked.Y/N felt shivers running down her spine.What was wrong with her?She was supposed to slap him for everything he told and did to her those past couple of days and then walk away.But that wasn’t one of her options and she couldn’t tell why.

After a couple minutes of dead silence,they finally arrived at Y/N’s.

“Can you stand?”She asked and giving her an adorab-stupid smile,he removed his arm from her and indeed stood on his own two feet like there wasn’t anything wrong with him physically.

“Yes, as you can see!”He said and she shook her head.He was playing with her.Of course,she knew that he was pretending but the worst part was that he was having the time of his life.He was enjoying it so much.

She took the keys out of the pocket of her dress and unlocked the door.Thank goodness her parents were gone for the weekend.

“Oh my!This place is so cool!”Jeff exclaimed as he walked in.He literally jumped on the couch then lay there,his hands resting on his forehead.

“Yeah,sure,right…”She seemed to be thinking of something else so she wasn’t paying much attention to him.More than to what was gonna happen from that point and on.

“Y/N i need to tell you something…”He almost shouted when he saw the girl getting upstairs.She stopped moving and turned to him,giving him a questionable look.

“I’m just gonna bring you a blan-”

“It can wait.”He retorted and she frowned.What was so important?Probably on of his stupid comments again,she thought and rolled her eyes.

He sounded serious and honest though.Like something serious had happened.Y/N slowly walked towards him and getting up,he made space for her to sit beside him.

“What is it this time?”She asked,not looking at him.She felt exausted all of a sudden.She didn’t wanna think anymore.It was tiring.

“You’re probably gonna laugh at me but honestly,at this point i don’t care…”He said and put his hands on her thigh.Okay,what was happening?One moment he was all acting strange,the other all serious.Weirdly, sober serious.

The place his hand touched started burning.Damn you Jeff Atkins.Damn you…

“Doubt it,only if it’s some kind of anecdote…”She turned her gaze at him and took a moment to acknowledge his beautiful features;Fuck,he was handsome.

“Hey,listen…”He almost whispered as he removed some hair from her face,putting them behind her ear.

Oh,o-okay…”She breathed.

“You know i like you right?You don’t think i punched Motty because i hate you?I know i said some hurtful things to you and i wish i could take them back.But every time i saw you in the hall with Jensen,i couldn’t help but feel jealous that he was hanging out with you instead of me.And earlier,i felt the need to protect you from that asshole because i know he isn’t the guy you all think he is.”

As he talked,she felt more and more confused.He felt jealous?He wanted to protect her?Where did all these feelings come from?Hell,did he just say he liked her?No,she must have misheard.

“I didn’t mean to say those things to you.I-i just expressed my interest in you in the worst fucking way possible.I don’t hate you Y/N.I like you,so much.I want to get to know you better.I am so attracted to you and believe me, i am hardly holding back so as to not kiss you right now…”

His face was inches away from hers,their foreheads were touching.Y/N could smell his intoxicating breath,a mix of alcohol and ment.Her breath hitched in her throat.That was so wrong.He was just drunk,he didn’t know what he was saying,right?

“Jeff,you need to rest..”Was all that she could say as she gently put her hands on his chest, pushing him back;he was way too close.He bit the inside of his cheek,then ran a hand through his hair.

“So that’s all you have to say after all this?That i need to rest?Y/N,don’t you see it?I am so in love with you,yet you don’t even say anything about it!”

Y/N angrily stood up and started pacing back and forth.

“What do you want me to say?That i like you back?Is that what you wanna hear?Even if i did i would never admit it because boys like you use girls for their own benefit!I am not willing to be one of those girls Jeff,okay?All i want is for this  misunderstanding to end at this very moment.I forgive you for what you did but please,don’t make this more complicated than it already is.Just,leave it.I’m sure that tomorrow,everything you did and what we said tonight will just be a blur to you.So let’s just end this here,please…“

She finished her small speech and with tears in her eyes, she didn’t even notice Jeff getting up and heading towards her.

“I don’t do these things Y/N,you have it all wrong-”

He tried to touch her hand but she took a step back,shaking her head.

“It doesn’t matter, Jeff.You are drunk and you can’t control the words coming out of your mouth.I’m sure you don’t even mean everything you’ve told me tonight.So just lay on the couch,i’ll bring you a pillow and a blanket and then you can sleep.And when you wake up in the morning,please go before i come down.Don’t want you shouting at me for ‘seducing’ you to come to my home.”

She wiped away some tears covering her face and biting her lip,she turned around and hesitantly climbing the stairs,she slowly disappeared from his sight.

He decided to let her go.He thought she needed time to maybe think.Besides,she’d come down anyway.While sitting down in silence,his head spinning, he managed to come to a single conclusion;he wasn’t gonna give up so easily.

Did you break your hip? (Bucky x Reader)

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Summary: Bucky is new at the Tower and he is not comfortable with others, but as the time passes he starts to like Reader

“Y/N/N!” Tony’s voice was getting louder with every step he took closer to your room.
You dragged yourself from bed opening the door, looking at Tony. “What’s the problem can man?” He smirked at your nickname. His eyes got wider as he saw your shirt.
“So you are a fan?” You had your black iron man shirt on with your shorts.
“Well….” You stepped closer to him placing your finger on his chest. “ I was, when I was younger, not anymore ‘cause some things don’t age good as wine.” You placed a kiss on his cheek opening door wider for him. “So, where’s the fire old man?” Tony followed your movements throwing his body on your bed.

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😏Take It Out On Me (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Your boyfriend is an asshole and Grayson is your best friend who is always there for you. Based on the song Take It Out On Me by Florida Georgia Line.

Warnings: Swearing/Smut

A/N: This is for @cassmoreiraxo I love you!

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Grayson’s POV

What’d he do this time?
Did he break your heart?
I can tell you been crying… and baby here you are.
And I always know any time you show up at my door past 11 o'clock that he really must’ve pissed you off.

I was editing a video when I heard the door of Ethan and I’s apartment swing open. I checked the time. It was 11:07pm. Thank God Ethan wasn’t home or else he would flip out. I walked out into the living and I saw her. Her cheeks were shining from the single lamp in the living room. I could see her cheeks were stained with tears and faint mascara streaks. “Y/N?” I asked her. “Hey hey hey come here.” I opened my arms for her to run into which she did.

“I hate him.” She mumbled in my chest. I knew she meant Andrew. I shushed her as I rubbed her back up and down. She was heaving heavily in my chest. I inhaled deeply and I could smell a hint of mango in her hair. I chuckled to myself as the scent reminded me of Hawaii with an overpowering scent of pineapple. I ran my fingers gently through her hair as they ran through smoothly.

“What did he do this time?” I asked with a sigh. She leaned up from my chest as her hands were still slightly pushing on my chest. She looked in my eyes as mine gazed down to her touch on me. I can’t control her no matter how much I wish I could.

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“He came over and I cut his hair for, oh my gosh Gray are you editing?” She panicked which caused me to chuckle.

“No no it’s fine. Really you’re more important right now. Here sit down.” I pushed her back so she was on the couch. I walked into the keurig in our kitchen and made a cup of orange pekoe tea which I always knew would cure any stress in Y/N’s heart. I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch.

“Gray you remember.” She coos as she takes the tea from me.

“Of course. A real man will care about you and try to remember the small details about you. Like the way your eyes flutter when you just wake up in the morning or how gorgeous your laugh is when your lips curve upwards. I notice the way you fidget when you’re nervous by playing with your nails or biting your lip to the point it will bleed. I know you hate the snort sound you make when you laugh, but it’s honestly my favorite sound.” I smiled at her which I could tell she was blushing. I leaned up and I took her hands in mine. “What else did he do?” She inhaled deeply and winced at my touch, but I didn’t let go.

“It started off when I was cutting his hair. Then because I didn’t want to have sex with him he threw a fit. He then brought up a fight from two years ago that I didn’t even remember. He was being rude and a jerk. He started telling me I needed to lose some weight and that I shouldn’t be wearing such tight clothes.” I pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead. I hate Andrew. I heard her start to sniffle.

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Take off your coat, and baby come on in.
Girl, let me help to get back at him.
And I don’t know why you never say goodbye…
Whatever hell he’s puttin’ you through,
I can’t wait for you to…

“Hey hey hey calm down. Andrew doesn’t deserve you.” I said as I pressed my lips to her cheek. I let my lips linger as I slowly pull away. I looked at her and she looked me in the eyes.

“Gray…” She trailed off, but I didn’t let her go. “We can’t.”

“I don’t know why you’re still with him. You don’t think you love him do you?” I asked and she started biting on her bottom lip. She got quiet. “I also noticed that whenever you get upset you shut down. Completely withdraw from any situation.” I rubbed my thumb along the top of her hand and I let out a light laugh. “You always shut down with Andrew.” I said as she bit harder into her lip. “I notice these things Y/N.” I argued. She shivered. I let out a hard sigh and I looked at her again. “Why do you come here every time you two get in an argument? Why do you think I care?” I asked a little harsher than I meant. I could see slight hurt in her eyes, but she was trying to be strong.

“Maybe because you’re my best friend? I don’t know Grayson! Gosh I won’t come here anymore then. I’ll go to Miranda’s or Angie’s if it makes you this upset!” She snapped as she tried to take her coat. I grabbed her by her arm and I spun her around.

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“Maybe you hope something will happen. Maybe you want me to show you how a man should really treat you.” I snapped back at her. She inhaled a shaky breath, but she didn’t say anything. “Fuck it.” I said as I pressed my lips to hers forcefully.

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Take it out on me.
And put your lips on mine.
Let me take his wrong and make it right this time.
Yeah, you can just come over, you ain’t gotta call.
You always got a shoulder anytime it all goes bad, when you’re ‘bout to break, when you’re mad as hell, you can always take it out on me.
You can take it out on me baby.
If you ever wanna leave, maybe.
In the middle of the night, that’s alright…
You can take, take…

She pushed me back, but before she could say anything I snapped. “Take it out on me Y/N!” I shouted at her. “Make him mad! Make him angry! Use me! Just don’t go back to him without doing anything to where you win.” I snapped at her. She looked up at me in shock, but then she kissed me. I kissed her back as I slip my tongue in her mouth and I grabbed her hips hard earning a moan from her. “Let me make this right.” I whispered lowly in her ear as I attached my mouth to her neck as her fingers tangled in my hair. She moved her back gently so I could have easier access to her jaw.

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“Gray…” She moaned as she dug her nails into my shoulder. I grinded against her as I reattached our lips and kissed her deeply.

“Take it out on me Y/N.” I said barely above a whisper two centimeters from her lips. She nodded her hair vigorously as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I wrapped my arms around her as I led us back into my room. 

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I toppled her on the bed and we kissed harshly. I would take her bottom lip in between my lips and pull back as she rolled her body against me. I slipped her shirt off revealing her black lace bra. I bit my bottom lip as I kissed along her collarbone softly. I smirked to myself as I could see I was leaving hickies. Knowing Andrew would see those marks gave me satisfaction.

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“Grayson.” She pushed up on me and I looked at her with a chuckle.

“I think not baby girl.” I pinned her arms down and smirked. She even giggled.

“Let me take it out on you.” She smiled which caused me to turn my head confused. She wiggled free and flipped us to where she was on top of me now. She slid her jeans off her legs so now she was in her black lace bra and dark blue panties. I could feel myself getting harder and harder when I saw her. Her curves, her long brown hair, and that sexy ass just drove me crazy. She peeled my shirt off as she kissed me harshly. She slip her tongue in and grinded against me.

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“Fuck.” I moaned as she grinded harder into me. I gripped her hair and gently pulled which earned me another moan. “Can Andrew make you moan this much?” She rolled her eyes and grinded into me hard which caused me to jump.

“Watch yourself Dolan.” She chuckled and kissed down my chest as she slowly massaged me outside my sweats. She grabbed the hem of my sweats and pulled them down my legs as my prominent boner stuck up in my boxers. “Wow, Andrew isn’t this big.” She gave out a playful giggle as I smiled quite proud of myself. “I mean he’s big, but not as thick.” Her fingertips lightly touched me through my boxers, which made me shudder. No woman has ever had this effect on me. I’ve never wanted to do anything like this with anyone else besides Y/N. Her hand gripped the hem of my boxers, but I place my hand over hers.

“Are you sure about this Y/N? We can stop if you want to.” I was praying to God she wouldn’t want to stop. She leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“I’m on the pill Gray. It’s okay.” She yanked my boxers down and climbed back on top of my body.

Yeah, I’ll lay you down and love you just the way you should be.
Baby, so now that you’re ready…

She grinds into me at first with our bare bodies as if she’s teasing me. I can feel how wet she was against me. “Stop teasing Y/N. You look too fucking good right now.” We both laughed as she started to place me at her entrance.

“Fuck Gray!” She groaned as she slowly slid herself on me. I unhooked her bra as she placed her hands on my chest for support. I squeezed her breasts a couple times, but I squeezed her ass more. She would slowly slide up and down, but soon began speeding up. She would let out a string of grunts as she angrily rolled her body against mine. She even clawed into my chest as she grinded harder against my body. She gripped my hair and leaned down against me.

I bit my bottom lip as I grabbed her hips and gripped hard as I guided her body. She let out more moans as I could feel myself getting close. I could also tell she was getting tired. I smiled and I flipped us over. “Gray!” I cut her off as I slammed my tongue into her mouth and started rubbing her clit hard. She moaned into my mouth as she let out shaky moans. “G-Gray.”

“Let it out baby girl. Moan my name so you know how a real man should treat you and make you feel.” I thrusted a few more times as I felt myself climax and soon I felt her body shiver under mine.

“Graysonnnn!” She moaned as I thrusted in her a couple more times before I pulled out and flopped on the bed next to her. I grabbed the comforter off the floor and I covered our bare bodies. I kissed her temple as she was panting.

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You can take it out on me baby.
If you ever wanna leave, maybe.
In the middle of the night, that’s alright…
You can take, take, take it out on me.

“Don’t go back to him.” I begged. She looked up at me and let out a sigh. “Please Y/N. I hate seeing you two together. He’s so bad for you.” I pleaded. She just sighed and curled into my chest.

“Will you make me breakfast in the morning?” She asked with a smile. I chuckled at her response.

“I’ll make you breakfast every morning if I get to see you and be with you every day Y/N.” I said pushing some hair out of her face. She got up from the bed and walked over to her jeans. “What are you doing?” I asked confused. “I didn’t think you were going to actually leave me.” I said and she giggled.

“I’m breaking up with Andrew.” She smiled as she typed away on her screen. She threw her phone in our pile of clothes as she crawled back into the bed. “I deserve someone better. Someone who notices the little things.” She said as she wrapped her arms around me.

“Yeah you do. You deserve nothing less.”

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Smart Cookies - Part 1 (Jughead x reader)

Things have been going well for you and your boyfriend Jughead, you’ve been together for almost 6 months. You’re ready to move forward and you both think it’s time to become intimate. However with Jughead living at the Andrews and your parents working from home and an annoying little sister to deal with, the conditions are far from ideal.

Characters: Jughead x reader


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Y/n and Jughead lay together, her head on his chest, he played with her y/h/c hair as they binged yet another series. This had become their Sunday routine, Jughead would appear at y/n’s window bang on 1pm and she’d be ready with snacks and Netflix. Y/n felt safest with Jughead, in their little bubble. After a couple of hours, the screen was neglected in favour of conversation. They would talk about everything, from their futures, the case to what had happened at school that week. As Jughead spoke of his dreams to publish his novel, y/n laced her fingers into his. He squeezed lightly, it was Jughead’s way of saying he approved. Y/n told him how she was confused about college, every word came out in a melancholic tone.

‘Hey y/n, it’s going to be okay. The future is a million miles away. I don’t want you jetting off just yet. Stay in the now with me.’ Jughead always knew what to say to cheer her up.

‘What would I do without you?’ Y/n chirped. She put her lips to his and lingered in a gentle kiss.

‘Well not this.’ Jughead grabbed y/n by the waist and flipped her over so she was underneath him. He started to litter her neck with small pecks and then planted a big sloppy one on her lips.

‘Get off!’ She giggled.

‘What? Do you not like that?’ Jughead smirked back. They smiled at each other, glint in both their eyes. Jughead’s smile softened, changing to a slight frown.

‘I wish we could –‘

‘Mommy, mommy! Y/n has a boy in her room.’ Y/n’s delightful little sister interrupted. Jughead’s cheeks flushed and he immediately scrambled off Y/n. Unfortunately this was not the first time this had happened.

‘Get out you little brat!’ y/n shouted throwing a pillow in her direction, narrowly missing. Y/n’s sister stuck her tongue out at the couple, Jughead responded back the same, equally as childish, before she ran off.

‘And that’s why we can never go further’ Jughead sighed. Y/n hated seeing him so frustrated. With her parents working at home and an annoying little sister to deal with, there was zero privacy at her house.

‘I’m sorry Jug, you know I hate this as much as you’ she reached out and placed her hand on his. He looked up and gave a slight smile.

‘It’s not your fault. At least we hadn’t gotten any further like the time Archie walked in on us.’ He chuckled. She gave him a quick death stare as her cheeks turned a shade pinker. Archie couldn’t look her in the eyes for a week after seeing her in just her underwear.

‘Not funny.’ She piped up.

‘I’m sorry but it was a little.’ Jughead replied. Still sat on the bed, he turned to face Y/n and took her hands.

‘I really like you y/n. You know I take this stuff seriously. I just really wish we could have some privacy, so I could make it special. I want to show you how much I’m falling for you.’ He laid a single kiss on y/n’s forehead. She melted at his touch, the hairs of her neck stood up. She could tell every word was sincere.

‘Look, we’re smart cookies Jughead. We can put our heads together and work it out. Plan?’ Y/n was determined to get them out of this funk.

‘Okay, plan.’ Jughead grinned. She leaned in and placed a purposeful kiss on his lips.

‘Now did you mention cookies?’ Y/n laughed at her boyfriend.

‘Oh Jughead, how did I get so lucky?’ 

Read Part Two here

Of Gaze and Sleep

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Title : Of Gaze and Sleep

Author : Myself

Genre : Fluffy and Implicit

Summary : Just another peaceful morning between you and your boyfriend, who you love watching while he sleeps.

It became a habit. You were used to watch your boyfriend sleeping every time he was coming over for the night. Yet it was mesmerising, every single time.

Park Jinyoung had the most expressive features, even when he was sleeping. You wrapped yourself around the fluffy blanket, your legs barely grazing against his and you rubbed the sleep out of your eyelids. This semi-awaken state was making your vision too blurry to relish in the moment of pure beauty and calm surrounding both of your bodies.

He stirred in his sleep and the hand covering his face fell to his side, hiding under the bedding to seek warmth. It made you smile to yourself, because this defenceless lamb before you reminded you about how much of a beast he could be, sometimes.

This contrast was what made you fall for him.

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Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8 – Master of Me

Edinburgh, Present day

Find me.

Find us.

There is only so much time a person can spend in equilibrium on a minuscule wire above an abyss. Soon enough the pull of gravity and the useable forces of the body will act towards an ending – may it be the fall to the crushing void; or the decision to risk taking a step forward, eventually coming as a victor on the other side.

Claire stood still, listening to the plea in Jamie’s voice, her breath coming superficial and laboured, as she had been running away from him for the entire duration of ten years. His eyes were hooded, preparing themselves to be denied. The skin of her forehead, where he had kissed her, tingled and throbbed, like the makings of a new heart, exposed and hopeful under her weak surface.

Not knowing if she was falling – or indeed starting a journey to the end of her crossing – Claire closed the space between them and kissed Jamie’s lips. The taste of him was almost the same, as she had just kissed him goodbye on the airport moments ago – inebriating and sweet, as apples coated in cinnamon and rich, dark, brown sugar. He kissed her back, offering her the gift of restraint, allowing her to go as deep as she wanted; to take only a parcel of him or everything at once. His tongue mastered Claire’s secrets - for it had been used to speak the truth in her heart for so long - and soon enough she was pressed against him, desperate and wanting.

Jamie took a step back, momentarily parting their mouths, so he could look into her eyes, his hands entangling on her unruly hair. Claire nuzzled his neck and kissed him there, her tongue darting to taste the salt and essence of his skin - sun and mist, like Scotland’s hills - relishing on the formed trail of goosebumps, testimony of his arousal.

“I want you so much I can scarcely breathe.” She whispered, her fists grabbing his shirt in demonstration, as their bodies gently swayed together. “I feel I’ll die without your touch, Jamie.”

“Then have me.” Jamie breathed out, almost choked. “Do with me as ye wish, mo nighean donn. Show me.”

Claire might be falling, for her entire body seemed reversed - her heart pumping outside her chest, drawn to him; her fingertips breathing like small greedy lungs, with the solidness and realness of him underneath them as saving air. But this was the only decision left – she could let go of anger, pain and resentment and help him find a pathway to redemption, where she could meet him with her nakedness; or she could turn her back on him, punishing him but tearing herself apart again, sole victor of a battle with no survivors.

Slowly but surely, she started to unbutton her blouse, her eyes never leaving his – she saw desire and fear there and knew it reflected her own. They had been lovers for so long, experts in what made the other scream and dissolve – but that knowledge too had been buried in boxes, locked away as useless, for there could never be another to make sense of it again. As she slid down her jeans, noticing how his eyes watched her appearing skin as a revelation of something holy, Claire realized that time and circumstance made strangers out of lovers – but the path still existed to be followed in reverse, possible to find again that common ground of shared intimacy.

Standing only in her underwear, Claire started to undress him. He barely moved and his breathing came shallow, as a drowning man welcoming the bliss of the last gush of cold water. His fingers brushed her neck, where a delicate silver chain had been revealed – hanging from it, and nestled against her heart as a secret lock ready to open it, was her silver wedding ring.

“I thought I’d never see it again.” He said in a quivering voice, bending to kiss the top of her breast next to it.

“I have been wearing it since the day I found you in the hospital.” Claire confessed, caressing the powerful muscles of his chest, taut and beautiful. “I had to.”

“Why?” Jamie asked, helping her as she struggled to free him of his trousers, his arousal ardent and evident between them.

“You know why.” Claire framed his face with her hands, looking into his eyes. “I never stopped loving you, Jamie. I was so angry – couldn’t wear it or even bear looking at it, because it reminded me of what I lost. But I’m as married to you now as I was the day you gave it to me. I wanted it close to me – I wanted you close.”

Jamie growled as a possessive animal, taking her on his embrace, as he ravished her mouth. His skilled hands, trembling but practiced, managed to free her of her bra. He roughly grabbed her by the buttocks and she held on to him, as he carried her to their old bedroom.

The room was bathed in shadows, as the soft moonlight filtered through the slightly opened curtains – blue as Jamie’s eyes, the colour Claire had picked. The intense blue that filled her dreams, where she could sleep and rest protected, where she could build her home.

He sat on the bed, taking her with him. They kissed thoroughly, famished like wild beasts, demanding retribution in a second for years of lost touches. Claire traced the pinkish lines of his recent scars, tender and salient as blooming mountains, and kissed the knuckles of his bandaged hand.

“Lay down.” Claire asked in a murmur and he obeyed, observing in adoration as she straddled him. Air hitching in her throat like a sob, she moved and he invaded her – or she invited him in, welcoming and ready, her body moulding to him like blessed and fragrant clay.

Jamie placed his hands on her hips, grounding her against him, but she swiftly took them away and trapped his wrists with her fingers, imprisoning him to the bed.

“You won’t touch me.” She commanded, their eyes locking. “Not until I say so. Do you understand me?”

“Aye.” Jamie moaned, as she rolled her hips on top of him in defiance of his self-assurance.

“I need you to understand, Jamie.” Claire closed her eyes, struggling not to allow the sensation of him inside her, hot and pulsing, to overwhelm her at once. “You have to surrender to me. To know that I am your master – and you’re mine. You have to leave this bed knowing that you belong here, with me. That I have your heart and you have mine – neither of us can live apart from each other.”

Yours.” He agreed, clenching his teeth as he fought the will to touch her, to have her pinned under him, dissolving and screaming his name. “Ye are the master of me, mo ghraidh. Command me – heal me, Claire.”

“No more lies, James Fraser.” She demanded with her voice and body, twisting herself in such a way that made him moan a faint “Ah”. “You can’t lie to me, ever again. Do it - and I’ll cut your balls out with the sharpest scalpel I have.”

Jamie’s hand raised from the sheets, escaping her control for a moment. His palm delicately covered her breast, shielding the place where her wedding ring touched her bared skin.

“Ye have my word. No more lies, Claire.” He vowed in a husky voice. If he was making a solemn promise over her beating heart or over the metal that had been forged in their love, Claire couldn’t say. But once upon a time they had been one and the same – precious to him beyond possibility of breaking.

“Come to me, Jamie.” She urged him, wildly rocking against him, as evanescent galaxies began to form on the periphery of her vision. “I’m here. I found you. I found you.” Claire repeated and his fingers finally entwined with hers, offering her his release as endless rain in a stormy sea.


Claire suddenly opened her eyes, immediately alert. Her heart – amazingly able to beat in such a frantic rhythm, after the demands of the last few hours – was hammering, the knowledge of Jamie’s absence from their bed haunting as an appearing ghost.

She rolled on her stomach and saw him, standing by the window like a statue carved in graphite, his hands bracing the window sill. He was naked, his ancient and newfound scars glowing like kisses of moonlight – and on his face tears shone like droplets of liquid wax from luminous candles, running freely as rivers rushing to the delta.

“Jamie.” Claire called his name softly, trying not to frighten him. She untangled herself from the crumpled sheets and walked to him. “What is it?”

“I was dreaming of ye.” He said, his voice a deep rasp. “I could hear yer voice in the house, but couldna find ye – I knew ye were drifting away from me, but I was powerless to stop it. I couldna force myself to open my eyes – so afraid it wasna a dream after all.”

She nodded - her heart aching with the knowledge of his pain and guilt – and touched his hand, squeezing his fingers in reassurance.

“It was just a dream, Jamie.” She told him. “I’m here now.”

“So many nights I wept in front of this window.” Jamie smiled tentatively, sadness and tenderness battling on his features. “I mourned the loss of what we had. I cried for I knew I wasna a whole man - and had lost all faith of ever becoming such a thing again. But now, my Sassenach…” He hugged her, bringing her closer to his still-warm body. “I weep of joy. I weep because I have a chance to redeem myself; to love ye and prove ye that ye alone hold all my heart.”

“It won’t be easy, Jamie.” Claire swallowed hard, her voice rough after their lovemaking. “We have a long way to go to become what we once were. It will take time and patience.”

“I ken that, Claire.” He caressed her cheek, his eyes fierce and intent. “And I’m willing to do as ye wish, until all my debts are paid.”

“My entire life I was so many things, Jamie.” Claire whispered softly. “Daughter for a short time. Niece for longer. Friend to some – Healer for many more. Student. Lover. Wife. Doctor. Surgeon.” She kissed the hollow of his throat, her lips coming alive with the intensity of the pulse that ran there. “But I was never as happy as I am here, in the darkness, with you – nameless.”

His fingers traced her, from brow to neck - learning her again, shaping her from his dreams - and he held the silver ring, the hope and longing in his voice caressing her in time with his hands.

“Will ye wear it again, Claire?” Jamie asked in a whisper.

He was offering her the choice he had denied her all those years ago. She had loved him once, with all her heart – and he had decided to abdicate of that love for her sake. Claire could still reject him; could still decide the past was too much to bear, even together. And there was the alternative - daunting and bright as the sky after the end of days - to accept the ring and all that went with it.

Looking through the glassed doors to the balcony, she saw it – a different vase, filled with blooming forget-me-nots; gently swaying on the night’s breeze, whispering to her of beginnings and promises. With astonishing clarity, she knew Jamie had took a seedling from her vase before he gave it to her in Boston – keeping it secure under his eyes, hopefully alive for her to retrieve it someday. Remembering her. Hoping.

Wordless, she took the chain from her neck and slid the ring back on her finger.

Note: After so much heartbreak, I’ll write a small Epilogue because I think you guys deserve some happy! :)



Castiel embraces Y/N with his wings when she is freezing in a motel room and helps her fall asleep.

Words: ~1900

Warnings: none really, maybe slight wing!kink and FLUFF!!!

A/N: Again with the typical fanfiction stuff. But I just love Cas and his wings, especially the idea of them being so fluffy and warm. I hope you get what I mean. ;)


I laid in my bed in the poorly decorated motel room, shivering and cursing.
After our vampire hunt on the way back to the bunker, Dean decided that it would be better to check into a motel for one night due to the fact that we were all wasted and it was in the middle of the night.

So here I was now, Dean and Sam sharing a room while I had privacy, freezing to death.
I’ve never had any problems with having my own motel room, of course. It was way more enjoyable than sharing a room with the boys, including one of them having to sleep on the couch (or even the ground) or sharing a bed with me.

I didn’t mind but, honestly, I loved having my own room. However, today I just wanted to be near Dean or Sam, cuddling and getting some body warmth.

While I listened to the clattering of my teeth I actually thought about going to the boys but I was too wrapped up in my blanket and didn’t want to bother them.

Like I expected my thoughts started to drift around Castiel even though I fought against it. I couldn’t help it… My huge crush made it impossible to think about something else.
Thinking about his mesmerising blue eyes or his dark curly hair made me shiver even more.

I sighed as I imagined him being here and holding me in his arms. I wished I could feel his chest against my cheek and his hair between my fingers.

Knowing that his handsome vessel was rather cold, I still wanted to snuggle up into his body. I knew I would warm up just from his touch.
And I couldn’t stop thinking about him keeping the cold away from me and laid there for god knows how long, laying on my left side pressing myself against the cold matress.

“Oh, Castiel, I whish you were here.”, I whispered absently and I had barely ended the sentence as I heard the familiar flutter of wings, instantly making me smile.

“Y/N, are you alright? Did anyone hurt you?”, he spoke quickly as he rushed to my side, his concern sending blood to your face.

“No, I’m fine.”, I chuckled, “Well, not fine but not hurt… It’s so cold.” The last part came out as a whimper, Castiel ’s filling with more concern while i hesitantly took his hand. Cold just like expected but the touch made my cheeks warm up.

When he took his hand away I felt embarrassment rushing through my body but the second his hand touched my cheek it vanished.
“Your body temperature is dangerously low.”, he mumbled, his eyebrows narrowed.

Even though his hand was cold I let out a surprised whimper when he took his hand away again to press two fingertips onto my fore head. Apart from the cut on my tigh healing I felt nothing else.

“It doesn’t work.”, I groaned before I tugged at my blanket to pull it over my nose but Castiel was sitting on it.
“Take off your clothes.”, Castiel demanded as he stood up, his hands reaching to his neck to loosen his tie.

“What? W-Why… should I…?”, I stuttered, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “I’m going to use the body warmth of my vessel to warm you up.”, he explained simply while pushing the trench coat off his shoulders, “It’ll be easier without so many layers of clothes between our skin. Just take off your hoodie and jacket.”

“Okay…”, I hesitated, afraid of the cold and being too nervous.  Feeling his eyes burning into my side, I slipped my arms out of the sleeves and hesitated again. He was making me nervous. Very nervous.

I felt my heart skipping a beat when Castiel suddenly stood in front of me half naked, taking his shirt off before opening his belt.
Instantly my cheeks were on fire while his facial expression was staying completely neutral.

“Move.”, he mumbled before I carefully scooted over, the blanket wrapped around my small body. While I watched him, only wearing boxers and sitting down next to me, I held my breath.

Before I could say something else, his arms sneaked around me to pull me close. “Now, rest.”, he whispered as I touched his unusually hot skin and closed my eyes, sighing as I already felt the warmth spreading through my body. He pressed my back against his bare chest and let out a deep breath, making me shiver.

“Are you still cold?”, Castiel wanted to know and I only shook my head. “But you shivered-?”
I closed eyes in embarrassment before interrupting him, “I’m better now, Cas. It’s just… uh,you know. The difference… it’s so cold and you’re- your body is so hot.”
I felt him nod and before he laid back on the bed, the sound of a flutter of wings filled the room again.

Laying now on my back, as well, on top of him, I opened my eyes to see two enormous wings embrace me. I felt the fluffy feathers brushing over my skin while warmth spread from Castiel’s vessel.
      I had seen his wings quite often already, it was somehow natural to me. But I didn’t remember a time when his wings were so close to me, I had never even touched them.

I turned my head that laid on Castiel’s shoulder a bit, looking at his profile. “May I touch them?”, I wanted to know quietly, sounding like a little girl asking for permission to touch a bird with a broken wing.
“Of course.”, his deep voice allowed me, “But be careful. I don’t like it when-” A slight groan interrupted him after my hands had reached out and my finger had vanished between the soft, dark feathers.

“You okay?”
“I’m perfectly fine. But my wings are very sensitive.”
“Should I stop?”
“NO! Don’t… It feels nice.”

I felt him squirm beneath me when my fingers started to run through the feathers again. “Some spots are more sensitive than others.”, Castiel mentioned, his chest vibrating from a low chuckle.

“I didn’t know that angels are ticklish.”, I smiled, turning around completely and lying on my stomach on his chest. My hands laying folded on his chest and my chin on top of my fingers.
“Some are.”, he said while his blue eyes stared at me.

“It kinda makes you human.”, I mumbled while I watched his lips form into into a smile and then he hummed in agreement.
His vessel was breathtaking, and I tried so hard listening to the story about a very ticklish angel that fell in love with a young woman.

“So, that angel fell for her because she tickled his wings all the time?”, I asked, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“No, he already fell in love with her before. But then he realised… that maybe… maybe being ticklish wasn’t so bad.”

“Wow… this is kinda sweet.”, I breathed out before resting my left cheek onto his bare chest and watching the fingers of my right hand disappearing between his feathers. He shivered as my fingertips slightly pressed against his wings.
“Indeed. It is my favourite story, somehow it always made me feel better even though I didnt understand it back then.”, he mumbled, taking a deep breath while my fingers still stroked his wings. “I don’t understand… I mean… what did you not understand?”

A small moan escaped his lips before he could answer. I smirked to myself, trying to memorize the spot where I had gently tugged at his feathers.
He cleared his throat awkwardly and I looked at him innocently but his eyes were closed. “That Love isn’t evil. There was a time when I believed that it was - for us angels at least.”, he answered, “But it isn’t… It is innocent and pure. It… makes me human.”

“Cas! What a romantic, little angel you are!”, I quietly exclaimed and shifted my weight to look down on his smiling face, his eyes still closed.

I rested my head back on his chest when he didn’t reply. In my mind I went over the story again, while the room was silent. I remembered how the angel in the story got used to the ticklish feeling and his wings weren’t so sensitive anymore after a longer period of time.

“Cas? How often did someone else touch your wings?”, I wanted to know and I looked at him firmly.
“One time.”, Castiel answered without hesitation, leaving me confused.
“Does that mean that I-”
“Yes, you are the only one who has ever touched my wings apart from me… since it is a very intimate experience. But… I trust you.”, he explained while a deep tone of red appeared on his cheeks and I searched for suitable words.

“You… make me human.”, he whispered suddenly.

I felt my heartbeat stop at his words, my head trying to process them. With a little smile on my lips I looked down on my half-naked angel in disbelief.

“Really, you do. You make me human.”, he repeated, “Your touch makes me human. The way you talk makes me human. I change around you… And then you look like an angel in my eyes.”

My smile grew wider and Castiel chuckled nervously before my fingers ran through his dark hair. I thought about his words as I smiled at him and he was right. He did change around me. He was different somehow. More… human, just like he said.

“I love you.” were the only words that left my mouth, making Castiel’s lips form into a smile and his eyes fill up with joy.

I pressed a kiss onto his lips and he jumped slightly, his wings suddenly opening up. And even though his body kept me warm I shrieked as my back hit the freezing air. “Uh, sorry. I couldn’t-”, he mumbled, a little bit embarrassed after he embraced me again.

I couldn’t help but interrupt him with a kiss, my lips moving against his this time. It didn’t took him very long to response, kissing me back slowly. My heartbeat quickened when his hands started to move over my back and then ran down my sides. His chest lifted me up with each quick breath and suddenly, I felt his tongue sliding between my lips. I hummed in surprise, not expecting him to be this straightforward while my mind got dizzy.

My hands wandered from his hair to his cheeks before my right hand felt his wing again, searching for this one particular spot. He sighed loads of times, squirmed occasionally and then I found it. He moaned loudly into the kiss when I tugged at the feathers, rougher this time. His wings twitched around me while the kiss got hungrier causing me to let out a couple of moans as well.

I pulled back due to the lack of oxygen, still being near his face and rapidly breathing the same air. “I’m tired.”, I sighed tiredly and Castiel nodded in understanding. “I’ll stay with you, my little angel.”, he promised after I nuzzled my face into his neck.

Thinking about this breathtaking kiss and this unbelievably cute angel I fell fast asleep. Protected from the cold and everthing bad by this fluffy, warm feathers.

Don’t Say Things Like That

A LadyNoir one-shot with lots of angsty fluff!


Chat Noir couldn’t think of anything else but the need to stop her.  It was as if every time he got close to her she’d shut down.  Followed by a smile plastered to her face and a snarky comment to hide whatever it was that was eating away at her.  Anyone with half a brain could say that Ladybug didn’t like her blond, crime-fighting, cat-ear-wearing, dorky partner.  She made it quite clear.  

But the times they shared.  The talks they’d have.  The memories they’ve formed.  They run deeper than anything he’s known before.  Every time she pushed him away it felt like there was something deeper than simply rejecting a crush in her words.  Call him crazy, but her tone had a harsh needy tone in it.  As if she was trying to convince someone other than him.  As if she was trying to convince herself.  

And so here they stood.  Her hand pressing up against his chest and her eyes glaring into his; her hand pushing him away, but her eyes drawing him in.  There’s something more, isn’t there?  He’s not crazy… is he?

“Chat Noir, please!” she said strictly, “Stop your obsessive flirting.  Can’t we just have a friend-to-friend conversation like normal?” she asked desperately, pulling her hand away from his chest.  But he stopped her.  He had to.  He needed to.

Grabbing her wrist, he gently pulled it towards him.  “I…” he began, caught up in her wide-eyed stare.  “I can’t,” he finally said.

She scoffed, trying to pull her hand away.  “You can’t what?  Stop your mindless flirting—“

“It isn’t mindless!” he defended himself, tightening his grip on her wrist.  He took a deep breath, pulling her hand towards his chest, placing it over his heart.  “Do you feel that?” he asked her, his breath hitching when her fingers lightly brushed his suit.

She looked up at him, stupefied.  “You’re heart?” she asked, confused.

“Do you feel how fast it’s beating?” he continued making her press harder.  She didn’t respond, only staring blankly at their hands on his chest.  “That’s—that’s how fast it beats… every second, every moment that I’m with you.  It’s like I can’t feel my head because my heart’s pounding so loudly.” he said, drawing in a deep breath.  “So no.  I can’t.  It may be a bit impulsive sometimes,” he said with a small smile at her, “But it isn’t mindless.  Nothing I ever say to you is mindless, My Lady.”

She shook her head, trying to pull her hand away again, “No, please, Chat.  Don’t…” she whispered pleadingly.

“I’m in love with you,” he finally spoke, grabbing her other hand.  “And I’m not forcing you to love me back, but—“ he frowns, drawing her closer to him.  “It’s as if whenever I get close to you, you just—just stop.  You’re my person, Ladybug.  I’d let you in my heart any day, I’d give you the tour of my crappy life and I’d like to think you’d do the same for me!  I’d like to think I’m that same person to you.  And if not romantically, at least as a friend!” he said firmly.


“So what is it?  Why do you distance yourself from me?  Like… like I’m some—some sickness?” he searched her eyes, hoping to find a clue of what laid behind them.

“It’s because you are…” she mumbled, her arms going slack against his chest.  

He let go.  “What?”

Her hands fell idly at her side.  “You are.  You’re a sickness,” she says so softly that he thought he had missed it.  Her eyes we glassy and she looked away from him.  Anywhere but him.  “You—you just… crept up, you know?” she continued, finally looking at him.  A suddenly fierce anger taking over her.  “A-and it’s your fault!  You say things like that!  You say things that make me smile, and swoon, and question my judgment!  You can’t—you can’t just say things like that!  You can’t make me—“ she cut off, looking away and biting her lip.  

“Ladybug,” he whispered, his eyes wide.

She forcefully grabbed his hand, placing it on her own heart.  “Do you feel that?” she asked bitterly.  

He merely nodded, feeling her heartbeat.  It fluttered.  It jumped.  Just like his.

She glared at him with all she was worth, “You.  You made this happen,” she mumbled.  Tears falling from her eyes.  “You stupid, stupid cat!” She choked out, “You can’t say things like that!”

He didn’t know what came over him.  All of these feelings that they had been burying and burying under casual conversations for years were spilling over, and like dam breaking loose, he just acted.  He just did.

He just leaned in and kissed her.

It was rough.  It was firm.  It was stubborn, like them.  She kissed back, but only for a moment.  It lasted only a moment before she pulled away with a small gasp.  

Chat!  I just said that—“ but he cut her off.  He didn’t want to hear it.  It was selfish and he knew it, but he didn’t want to hear it.  

He closed the distance between them once more, equally as rugged as the first.  He stepped closer to her, gripping her hand in his that still laid on her chest.  He could feel her heartbeat quicken.  And though her reluctant lips were stiff at first, he could feel them soften and loosen up to his touch.  He took a deep breath, slowing the kiss down.  Making it gentle and sweet.  Making it feel like the way he’s always wanted it to feel.  Smooth.  Graceful.  Passionate.

This time he broke apart.  His eyes dazed, but somehow focused on her.  She was the only thing in his world that mattered right now, after all.  

Then, as if waking up to an alarm, his eyes widened.  His face grew red with embarrassment and he let go of her hand that was still lying on her chest.  Stepping a small step backwards he tried to speak.  “I… I uh, I’m—I’m sorry.  I just kinda, I don’t know, I just did it and it just felt right but I should’ve kept your own wishes into count and I didn’t because, well, because I’m selfish and…” he trailed off, looking at her.  

“Ladybug?” he asked tentatively, daring to take a step towards her again.

She flicked her eyes up at him and for once he saw it.  He could see all of it.  The emotions, the guilt, the longing.  All of it.  “Chat,” she began in a broken whisper.  Reaching up to touch a lock of his golden hair.  It was soft and light, and the strands slipped off her small fingers with ease.  “Oh, Chat…” she continued, leaning forward and brushing her lips on his.  

“My Lady,” he whispered back.

“I want to do badly,” she said, her nose touching his.  “But I can’t.” she decided.  

He could feel his heart shatter.  “Why?” he dauntingly asked.

“It wouldn’t be fair,” she said slowly.  “If I’m with you, I want to be with you.  I don’t want to be half in and half out… and that’s how it feels right now.”

He laughed sadly, “What I would give to be the other guy,” he said longingly.  “Whoever it is that stole your heart first…”

“Don’t you see, you dumb cat?” she said, kissing him softly once more, “You are the other guy… you’re stealing parts of me that I didn’t know I had.”  She smiled numbly, stepping back.  “But I can’t.  It tears me apart, but I can’t,” she said.

He looked at her with a lost expression.

“So please,” she said more firmly, “Don’t say things like that…”

I honestly don’t know WHERE this came from but it happened.  Truthfully I just like LadyNoir fluff and decided to make it angsty because it’s easier to write.

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Dream boat

Part 4:
Shiro kept running until he reached a wall of palm trees that he hadn’t previously been aware of. He didn’t question why the bark was the colour of ash or where this seemingly large Forrest came from.
Trees meant cover, and that was something they needed desperately.
Shiro weaved throughout the trees as the creaking sounds became quieter as he enlarged the distance between them and the things.
By time they came to a small clearing Shiro was gasping for breath and it had seemed that for now at least they were safe. He slowly slid down the tree he was leaning against until he was sitting on the sandy floor wincing when his back came in contact with the rough bark.
He knew he need to treat his wounds, but first things first.
Shiro looked down at the quivering bundle in his arms, his sobs quiet but desperate.
“Hey Lance it’s ok.” He tried yo run his hand through the boys hair only for him to flinch away and bury himself further into Shiro’s chest.
Shiro sighed “I’m sorry”
At this Lance looked up slightly. His blue eyes red and swollen from so much crying.
“I’m no good with making people feel better. I’m too used to soldiers that sometimes I forget some aren’t and can’t always handle what’s going on. I can’t stop Hunks anxiety , Keith’s rage, Pidge’s grief…I didn’t even ask if Lance was ok. My friend Lance. He always puts on this happy face, always watching out for others, but I could it was an act. That he hurting just as much as everyone else. But I kept telling myself that he’s a soldier, and as long as he can keep going and keep the others moving that his feelings don’t matter. That’s the job of a soldier after all.”
Again Shiro stroked Lance’s hair allowing himself a small smile at his the boy moved towards his touch this time.
“He’d know how to make you feel better. He’s amazing in that way I guess. He always know what to say to cheer someone up. Something I could never do. I just wish I had taken a moment tell him that. To tell him just how irreplaceable he truly is not just as a paladin but also as friend.”
Lance sniffed lifting his head properly. “Why don’t you tell him?” He asked so quietly his voice was almost lost by the howling wind and relentless rain.
“Everyone else problems tend to scream in you face… I guess he just got lost in the noise.” Shiro admitted shamefully.
“That happens to me as well. I have five older sisters and one brother, they all are so noisy that mama sometimes forgets I’m there and forgets to give me dinner or tell me when their going on a family walk.” Lance looked around like he expected his mother to materialise and tell his off. “But I’m not supposed to tell anyone because Mama could get in trouble.” He whispered.
Shiro felt his heart clench. How the boy admitted to being over looked and forgotten it reminded him of how he treated his Lance. How he often ignored him in favour of helping another team member out.
“I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
“Really?” Lance asked with guarded eyes.
Shiro held out his little finger “really.”
Lance smiled slightly wrapping his tiny finger around Shiro’s much larger one.
“Ok then I trust you.”
“Dying what do you mean!” Allura asked alarmed.
“Well you see Shiro must be making some head way.” Corran explained looking down at Lance who seemed to be sleeping a little more peacefully, his brow less creased in pain and his whimpers quieter. “The spell is trying to get rid of Shiro because he’s making progress towards waking Lance up. The closer he gets.”
“The greater the danger to Shiro.” Allura sighed running a hand through Shiro’s hair. His heart rate had spiked alarmingly high but since then had thankfully dropped down to normal.
“All we can do is wait and pray that Shiro can get through to Lance before the spell gets to Shiro” Corran frowned wishing that it were as simple as Allura had put it.
Shiro hissed in pain. With the adrenaline quickly leaving his system, the pain was hitting him full force.
He wished he was in his paladin armour. It may of protected him from the blow, and the belt was stocked with better first aid then what he carried in his normal clothes.
“Did one of the monsters get you?” Lance asked.
Shiro was about to answer no when Lance crawled out of his arms going round to his back. The sharp intake of breath told him just how bad it was.
“Lance don’t loo-”
“I need disinfectant, a needle, thread and some bandages.” The boy stated simply like it were the most normal request in the world. Fumbling for a moment Shiro handed over his kit and without hesitation Lance began to tend to his wound with a disturbing amount of professionalism.
“How?” Shiro found was the only thing he could say.
“My brother would sometimes come home with injuries. He couldn’t tell mama because he got them fighting in this club to get extra money. So he taught me so I could take care of the ones he couldn’t reach. One time he came came with knife marks all over his back and I had to see them up.”
Shiro swallowed the lump in his throat as Lance cleaned and patched up his wounds. It just sounded so wrong hearing a little kid taking about serious injuries so casually.
After a few minutes Lance had put a layer of gauze on the wounds and hopped done with a chipper “done.”
He sounded so proud of himself that Shiro found himself smiling despite the pain. “Well done buddy, your amazing.”
Lance beamed at the praise.
However their happy moment was short lived as the forest suddenly burst into flames around them and the creatures appeared through the smoke having the two completely surrounded.

I'm a slut for dirty talk so.. Phone sex Joshler!

“Miss me already?” Josh smirked, holding the phone against his ear. He sunk down into the plush bed, the mountain of pillows holding him upright. Josh loved hotel beds. “I wanted to share!” Tyler snapped, obviously still annoyed. “I can’t believe they put us in separate rooms.”
“They thought they were doing us a favour-” Josh reasoned, stretching himself out on the bed. Josh had already got himself undressed for the night, wearing just his boxers.
Tyler huffed but didn’t argue. “You know what I would be doing if you were here?” Tyler’s voice was low and Josh hummed. “Tell me…”

There was a slight sound of rustling, Tyler moving on his own bed before he continued. “I would kiss you…” Tyler told him, his voice heavy. “I would kiss your lips. Your neck. Throat. Chest.” Josh shifted himself so he was laying down, one knee bent, his free hand resting on his thigh and the other holding his phone to his ear.

“You know that thing you like?” Tyler spoke again, his sultry voice drawing Josh in. “Josh?”
“Yes.” Josh whispered, his fingers drawing patterns on his bare thigh. “What do you like baby?” Tyler asked and Josh twitched slightly, getting hard. “When you-” Josh cut himself short, embarrassment creeping up on him. “Tell me.”

Tyler’s voice was louder than before, assertive. “Use your teeth.” Josh settled on saying. “When I lick and kiss your chest, using my tongue on your nipples..” Tyler pressed. “And I’ll build it up, sucking and licking, real good for you Josh.” Tyler’s breath was heavy now and Josh could imagine him, laying in his own bed, hard, thinking about Josh.

Josh hummed, his hand resting over his crouch. “I’ll wait until you’re practically begging me before I scrape my teeth over your skin, biting down hard, making you scream my name.” Josh whimpered at Tyler’s words, his eyes slipping shut as he pressed down on his erection. “Would you like that?”

“Yes..” Josh’s voice was more of a whine than anything. He was squirming against the sheets, hard and needy. “Tell me how much.” Tyler breathed. “A lot.” Josh said, trying to find the words. “I love it when you-” Josh’s hips rose off the bed, pressing against his hand, making him whimper. “You.. Tease me.”

“Are you touching yourself Josh?” Tyler asked and Josh shook his head before answering a quiet “not yet.”
“Do it.” Tyler demanded “imagine it’s me touching you.” Josh’s hand slipped under his shorts, gripping himself tightly. “Speak baby.” Tyler’s voice was still cool, held together and clear. Josh wondered if he was as worked up as he was. “It feels so good-” Josh told him, followed with a low moan. “I wish it was you, I love it when you touch me Ty.” Josh lifted his hips and pulled his shorts down around his knees before taking hold of himself again, his hand slowly working himself.

He could feel the heat building, the pressure, his stomach in knots. Josh knew Tyler wouldn’t have to say much more for him to lose it completely. “I want to taste you Josh, suck on that beautiful cock of yours while you pull my hair and-” Tyler let out a long sigh and Josh groaned, thinking about him finally touching himself. “I love it when you fuck my face.” Tyler finished, his words not as steady as before.

Josh was panting, his eyes screwed shut, Tyler’s voice taking him over. “You’re mouth was made for sucking dick.” Josh added, holding tightly at the base of his dick, delaying himself. “You’re so good baby.” Tyler moaned down the phone at Josh’s praise and Josh forced himself to let go of his dick. He wasn’t going to last, he felt like a horny teenager again. “Get you all wet with my spit-” Tyler groaned “so you can fuck me real good…” Tyler was definately close, Josh could hear it.

“I’ll fuck you so good.” Josh took hold of himself again, letting out a needy whine. “I’ll be on my knees for you Josh, all yours.” Tyler was completely breathless. “Stop.” Josh snapped. “Stop touching yourself.” Josh heard a low groan followed by Tyler’s heavy breathing, stillness. “I want you to finger yourself.” Josh told him, letting go of himself.

There were the sounds of Tyler shuffling around before a small “okay.”
“Get your fingers wet.” Josh instructed before hearing Tyler suck on his fingers, wet and loud for Josh. Josh licked his lips. “Nice and slow-” Tyler whined and Josh listened intently for any other sounds. “Two fingers-” Tyler gritted out, between low pants of breath. “So tight…”
“Does it feel good?” Josh breathed, itching to touch himself.

“Y-yeah…” Tyler hummed before carrying on. “Wish it was you. Want you to fuck…ah… fuck me.” Josh slowly stroked himself, listening to Tyler’s heavy breaths, picturing him fingering himself, on his knees, legs spread wide. “Faster.” Josh heard Tyler’s breath hitch. “So good.” Tyler’s voice was high, his breathing fast, as he worked himself faster. Josh stroked himself faster too, thinking about fucking himself into Tyler. “You’re so good baby.” Josh groaned, his hips bucking into his fist.

“Fuck, Josh, fuck.” Tyler cried. Josh closed his eyes again, gripping himself harder. Tyler let out a long cry, his voice cracking as he came. Josh bit his lip as he listened to Tyler’s small grunts, his breathing heavy and steady. “Come on Josh.” Tyler breathed, sounding completely wrecked. “Come for me baby.” And with that, Josh was coming, Tyler’s name slipping from his lips, his hips bucking wildly, his chest sticky.

Josh let go of himself, humming in content. “We’re sharing next time.” Tyler said, making Josh smile. “Or you could just come over tonight?” Josh suggested, running his fingers over his chest. “My room isn’t far…” Josh said as he wiped his hand on the t-shirt that was laying on the floor next to his bed. Josh heard Tyler shuffling around “I’ll be right over. Unlock the door.”


a/n: Leggy drabble, while the leggy mood in me is still going
summary: Winter’s ball, Angelica and Eliza are making their moves. Peggy finds herself on her own but not alone. Musical-canon time.

“Margarita!…Oh where is that lazy lil…” Hard heels banged against the wooden steps of the brick face home. An aunt housing three beautiful, single young ladies in hopes to help them or let her stubborn brother make miserable misses out of the Schuyler girls. “Angelica, where is your sister?”

 “Peggy?” Angelica tapped her finger for a moment, “depends, have you checked the kitchen? She could be washing the pots…”

 “The po—she is most definitely not…” The elderly woman turned up her wrinkled frown and huffed. “If she’s not in this home in the next hour, the only ball she’ll be seeing is the ball of my heel while she scrubs my feet.” The grumpy aunt turned and bounded back down the stairs towards the kitchen. Careful not to trip or over work her tired knees. Angelica slowly exchanged glances with Eliza, both woman dressed and perfumed for the night. Both of them knew what this night could be, they could be staring into the eyes of their future. It highly depending on this winter ball going as according to plan, if only one of them had taken this a touch more…seriously.

 “Angelica…” Eliza quickly whispered to her sister’s side just in case the old auntie of theirs was still listening by the stairwell. “Peggy isn’t in her room and I highly doubt she’s doing any such chore at the moment” Concern laced her soft melodic notes, Angelica shrugged a little.

“I did nothing but by her time…” That was all anyone could do for Peggy. The third sister, the youngest, the one who had more liberties than most because the weight of reality did not touch her. Not to mention if it was their father’s choice they would all be man-less women living under his roof for the rest of his days. “…Get her ready, I’ll stall auntie” Angelica fluffed up her hair for a moment and called out. “Auntie, will you tell me how was it you managed to entice your husband? I do wish to get some pointers.” Angelica rolled her eyes and bounded down the stairs.

Between both girls, Peggy’s adventuring was put on the backburner of their minds. Sure a summer ago she was wry about being in the city. She heeded all of father’s warnings but now? Now the city was filled with so much wonder and newness. She walked around the outside of the home having taken a stroll in the chilly air by heel. “It will snow…” She bit her lip containing a small giggle. “How romantic.”  She scampered back inside, through the backdoor. She shimmied her way to the kitchen where her aunt was talking to Angelica, their backs to her. Angelica eyed Peggy and motioned for her to get upstairs while she laughed right on cue to one of her aunt’s words. With hast, Peggy started tiptoeing up the stairs, all the while her eyes behind her in case she was caught. She would hate to have her wrists smacked for leaving again; surely their aunt had planned to make a hole in her joints from how many times she would slap Peggy’s wrists for misbehavior. By the time she got to the top, a pair of hands grabbed her and yanked her into the bedroom. “Eliza!”

“Shh, be thankful Angelica has a way with words or else those delicate knuckles of yours would be…” she glanced down at Peggy’s hands, they were pale, nearly blue. “…how long were you outside for Peggy?”Eliza’s motherly worries began to shine. “Never mind, there is a bucket with some warm water, warm your hands while I get your dress.”

“Dress?” Peggy watched as Eliza threw open a wardrobe and pulled out a yellow dress with quarter sleeves and long lace trim, a dress her father got for her from one of the few French ships that snuck past the English navy. “Where are we going?”

Eliza stopped in her tracks and arched an eyebrow, “You really weren’t listening last night? Angelica got invited to a Winter’s…ball by some New York rebels staying the week, auntie thinks it’s high time Ange finds herself a husband.”


“And we are to escort her.”

“I repeat, HA.” Peggy snorted a bit but there was no laughter from Eliza. “Angelica isn’t going to marry some rebel! None of us will, daddy won’t approve…he never approves.”

“If there is any of us that has a chance its Angelica.” Eliza muttered smoothing out the dress as she laid it on the bed. “She is smart, educated, mature, demure, and stops heads of men who are miles away in their carriages. If anyone is going to convince daddy…”

“Daddy never approves…” she pouted a little, “no use getting our hopes up right?”

“Right. Now get dressed, our carriage is coming in an hour!”

Peggy stared at the dress as Eliza left to tell their aunt Peggy was in the midst of getting dressed. Her eyes looked over the summery yellow then turned to the small circular window and smiled. “Its most definitely going to snow.”

The carriage bumped along the cold cobblestone streets downwards the grand hall were various horses and music could be heard from blocks away. “My bun is too tight…” Peggy shifted uncomfortably against the very edge of the riding bench.

“Oh Angelica, look, so many horses are parked up there …do you hear the music?” Eliza beamed, almost forgetting this night was not for her. She stuck her head out some more into the night hair and squealed. “So excited, I haven’t danced in ages!”

“I think one of you laced my corset too tight too, I feel like my ribs are breaking” Peggy shifted again, this time her body was thrown up with a particularly hard bump in the rode and the top of her head met the carriage ceiling. “owowowow”

“Peggy stop messing around.” Eliza whispered, leaning back towards the window. Peggy stuck her tongue out at Eliza, slowly meeting Angelica’s judgmental stare. She retracted her tongue and pouted as she looked out her window and watched as the gray clouds gathered along the bleak sky. Their carriage parked itself by the sidewalk leading up the hall. The footman came around and helped the three ladies out and reminded them they had strict instructions to be out in four hours.

Peggy groaned slouching as they walked towards the Hall. Suddenly she felt an arm go around her shoulders and give her a squeeze. “Angelica—“

“Your bun is fine, your corset is hardly tight you can’t even see your bosom.” She smirked, “and you’ll have fun.” She read her youngest sister like a book. “Forget about what Eliza told you, don’t worry about me or what I am intended to do. Have…fun, Pegs” She kissed the top of Peggy’s head and fluffed up the small bun that held only half of her volumes hair. The other half was left loose in thick, cascading curls.

The three girls entered the warm hall; already the smell of ale and the music filled their senses immediately. Just as fast as the men standing around the entrance became aware the Schuyler sisters had graced their ball for the night.

“Keep your wits ahead of you girls, the men here are hungry rebels who will not think twice in taking some poor girl to the barn out back.”  Angelica smirked knowingly. 

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Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: PG-13 

Word Count: 4,448

Summary: On a night out with your friends, you accidentally text the wrong number for advice. The guy on the other end of the phone is abrupt, harsh and kind of an ass - but he also happens to be right. Which explains why you keep texting him. Right?

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The One, part 4

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst, a little twist at the end of this one

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?

The One Masterlist

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I can see love in his eyes , i can see hope and life. I can see a completely different world than the one we’re living in. I can see heaven and paradise. I can see a different galaxy , a love galaxy. Sometimes , I see a little innocent boy in there. A boy who loves to live happily and who’s excited about life , a boy who’s incredibely enjoying being alive. He’s like an angel who was just born.. And sometimes , I see a boy who’s sick and tired of all the bullshit he’s dealing with , tired of life. But , it’s mixed with power , fire , desire to succee , ability to succee , confidence and faith. He’s a strong person , he suffered for a long time but he endured and did his best to be the one he wants to be. He killed his suicidal thoughts with his strong will to get over that tragic. After years of trying , he succeed. He became one of the most famous boyband in the world , he became one of the most famous rappers in south korea. Min Yoongi achieved his dreams and he’s still going to rise and shine. Min Yoongi is a legend who has to be remembered forever. He’s an inspiration to depressed , sad , suicidal , desperate and hopeless people -including myself-
He has a a dark side which would never leave him , since he used to be suicidal. I know this because i’m dealing with it and i’m probanly the most suicidal person you could ever know.
But he also has a cheerful happy side . Tbh , if I could , I would give him my all including my life because he really deserves the best , he deserves to be happy and he deserves a beautiful life. Yoongi isn’t just a bias for me , he’s my reason to fucking breathe. I want to see him smiling all the time , it makes me so happy . His smile is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibely beautiful.
His hair is so soft , I want to touch it so bad. And his lips , I don’t mind spending the rest of my life staring at them. I wish i could kiss them or just touch them . That would make my life.
His voice , makes me feel good everytime i’m feeling stressed , it always calms me. It’s like magic I swear. I can spend the rest of the day talking  about it.. His body is goals , I fucking love it.. Everything about him is perfect ; his hands -especially his fingers omg- , his legs and his chest.
Now let’s wish him a happy birthday!!

“saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
sarang ha neun  yoongi shi
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da”


Min Yoongi Quotes that will inspire your day!!

“Yes, look down on me like that. It’s my hobby to prove you wrong”
—  Suga
“「I personally don’t like being an adult. Being an adult comes at a price. You are now faced with a reality which kind of pressures you to chase after stability and security so they become your new dream. That’s why I don’t consider myself or rather don’t want to consider myself as an adult. Sure, my age will define as an adult but I want to be a teenage-adult who is still chasing after his dream. I wish you can be like that too. Stay innocent, be naive. But still dream big. Dream big to the point that it is beyond your ability and endeavour to achieve it. So dream big and don’t lose your innocence.」”
—  SUGA (Min Yoongi, BTS)
“If I’m the sun, you’re the moon, because when I rise, you go down.”
—  Suga (BTS Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych)
“Stay innocent, be naive. But still dream big. Dream big to the point that it is beyond your ability and endeavour to achieve it. So dream big and don’t lose your innocence.”
—  Suga to Jimin
“Even though this moment seems like it will be forever, when the sunsetting night comes again, the destroying reality is back. When I come back to my senses, I turn into a scared fool, and when I see myself like that, I keep getting scared. The sense of reality that takes over…
Why am I still here as others are running forth ?
Breathe or dream, I begin to row the boat again, matching the speed of my heart beats. I get caught in the superficial standards of others and as I live pretending I don’t know about it, my life’s sun sets like this coat.
What am I doing with my life.”
“We used to jump wanting to be heroes,
but now we’ve grown and time has passed.
I’m becoming and adult but I wanna rewind
to the times when the 10-year-old boy sang the theme song to his favorite superhero comic.
I wanna go back, so I close my eyes and scream
But nothing changes, reality it’s the same.”
—  Suga (BTS, Jump)

One-Hundred Strokes

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: Lin comes home and is in a funk and asks his wife to brush his hair.  He ends up falling asleep while she does it.


Warnings:  This is just fluff so I don’t think so… Maybe self-doubt?


Authors Note: This is the first fic I’ve posted in about three years.  Someone validate me I tried…


     The door of your apartment opened with a bang.  You could hear your husband shuffling around out in the kitchen but you stayed where you were.  Wrapped up in a mound of blankets and working on an animation.  You waited for your husband to come in and kiss you.  You waited.  And waited.  After 10 minutes you finally got out of your chair.  It wasn’t like him to keep you waiting. 

     You slouched down the hall and entered the kitchen.  At first you didn’t see him. 

“Lin?” You called out softly.  You heard a sniff from over in the corner. 

“Yeah?” came a quiet, raspy reply.  Looking over, you saw Lin on the floor, curled in to a corner, drinking a glass of dark amber liquid.  You moved over to sit down next to him and he leaned into you. 

“What’s going on Lin?  Did something go wrong at the theater today?” 

He sighed and took another huge gulp of the honey whiskey he was holding.  “No.” he mumbled. 

You gently eased the glass out of his hands. 

“I don’t think we need any more of this…  Why don’t you go shower and I’ll make you something to eat.  We can talk when you get back.”

He hoisted himself off the floor and padded off towards the bathroom. 

     You started moving around the kitchen, making a mug of soup for Lin.  You finished making the soup right as the shower turned off. 

     Sitting down at the table, you waited for your husband to emerge.  He walked into the kitchen wearing a large white t-shirt and a pair of baggy black sweatpants.  You noticed that Lins’ wet hair still hung in tangles around his face.  Smiling to yourself you pointed to the mug of soup sitting on the table across from you.  Lin didn’t move.  He stood there in front of you like a statue. 

“Lin?  Honey? Something must have really gotten to you today…”  

Looking up, you realized he was holding out a hairbrush. 

“I want you to brush my hair.” He stated in a rush. 

“Would that make you feel better?” you asked, slightly surprised at his request. 

“Yes.” He whispered. 

You smiled and gave a quiet laugh, accepting the brush. 

“Cm’ere.” You said.  Lin trotted over and flopped down on the floor between your legs.  He rested the side of his head against your thigh and looped his arm around your calf. 

Gently as possible, you started to work the brush through his hair.  (1, 2, 3…

     He sighed and relaxed into your touch. 

“Tell me what’s going through that crazy head of yours Lin.  I’m your wife.  I want to help.”  You continued to pull the brush through his hair (29, 30, 31…), marveling at how soft it was.  You had almost forgotten. (45, 46, 47…

     Between yours and Lin’s schedules, you hadn’t spent a lot of time together lately. 

“I feel like I’m not enough…” he muttered.  “I’m never around for you and I’m too tired to do my best in Hamilton… It’s hard… I miss you.  I wish that there were at least four of me so I could be everywhere at once…” he was rambling.

     You squeezed his body gently with your knees. He quieted. 

“Lin you’re so special.” You murmured.  “So special.  To everyone.” 

You kept brushing his hair, even though it was free of tangles.  (72, 73, 74…

 “You’re so special and I love you so much.  You do your best.  No one could ask for more.  You are so wonderful and beautiful and I love you with my whole heart.”

The more you brushed, the more you could feel him relax.  (89, 90, 91…) You could feel him sagging against you.  His arm loosened from your leg. 

You could hear and feel his breathing evening out.  You could barely hear his sigh of “I love you too.”  Lin pressed a sleepy kiss to the inside of your knee and his body went slack against you.  His head lolling against your thigh. 

     Miraculously, he had fallen asleep. One look at his sleeping face, brow relaxed, mouth slightly open and every thought of  moving or waking him up fled your mind.

You pulled the brush through his hair one last time.  (100.)

anonymous asked:

Voyager is by far my favorite book so I give no fucks for what comes next. For me they can end the serie after it and would be a bless this fu**** fandom coming to an end! The friendships I made because of it don't depend of this mess. We are far beyond people that are only linked by liking these books, the show and these actors which the only interest in us, it's clear now, is to get fame, new jobs and our money to their charities.

I give way to many fucks about what comes next because A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES! How can you say some shit like that?! Gah! You are going to jinx it…. Take it back 🔪

If I have to go on virtual dress up picnics with no food with the trash bag for the next few years, so be it. Worth it!

I must see:

“Kill them all,” he said to Fergus, his voice still calm.


She took one huge breath and her body relaxed all at once, going limp and heavy like a dying hare.
He held her, both arms wrapped around her as though to save her from drowning, but felt her sink away all the same. He wished to call out to her not to go, not to leave him alone. She vanished into the depths of sleep, and he yearned after her, wishing her healed, fearing her flight, and bent his head, burying his face in her hair and her scent.
The wind banged the open shutters as it passed, and in the dark outside, one owl hooted and another answered, hiding from the rain.
Then he cried, soundless, muscles strained to aching that he might not shake with it, that she might not wake to know it. He wept to emptiness and ragged breath, the pillow wet beneath his face. Then lay exhausted beyond the thought of tiredness, too far from sleep even to recall what it was like. His only comfort was the small, so fragile weight that lay warm upon his heart, breathing.


“You must continue, for their sakes—though you would not for your own,” he had whispered, Fergus’s face pressed into his shoulder, the black hair wet with sweat and water, cold against his cheek. “Tu comprends, mon enfant, mon fils? Comprends-tu?”
I felt his throat move as he swallowed.
“See, I kent ye were dying,” he said very softly. “I was sure ye’d be gone when I came back to the house, and I should be alone. I wasna speaking to Fergus then, I think, so much as to myself.”
He raised his head then, and looked at me through a blur of tears and laughter.
“Oh, God, Claire,” he said, “I would have been so angry, if ye’d died and left me!”


“You gave her … tenderness. I know you did.”
He turned to me, suddenly, and my face was pressed into his coat, the cloth of it damp and rough on my skin, my tears blooming in tiny warm patches that vanished at once into the chill of the fabric.
“Oh, Claire,” he whispered into my hair. I reached up, and could feel wetness on his cheeks. “She said—she wished to keep ye alive for me. And she meant it; she didna mean to take anything for herself.”
I cried then, holding nothing back. For empty years, yearning for the touch of a hand. Hollow years, lying beside a man I had betrayed, for whom I had no tenderness. For the terrors and doubts and griefs of the day. Cried for him and me and for Mary MacNab, who knew what loneliness was—and what love was, as well.


“Knew you’d come,” I whispered into the linen of his shirt. He reeked of fire: smoke and pinesap and scorched cloth, and the bitter tang of turpentine. Reeked of stale sweat and horses, the weariness of a man who has not slept, who has labored all night, the faint yeasty smell of long hunger.
He held me close, ribs and breath and warmth and muscle, then put me away from him a little and looked down into my face. He had been smiling since I saw him. It lit his eyes, and without a word, he pulled the cap off my head and threw it over the rail. He ran his hands through my hair, fluffing it out into abandon, then cupped my head in his hands and kissed me, fingers digging into my scalp. He had a three-day beard, which rasped my skin like sandpaper, and his mouth was home and safety.


“I love you,” he said, so softly that I barely heard him, close as we were.
I lay still for a moment, feeling the stone grow warmer in the palm of my hand. Surely it was imagination that made it seem to throb in time with my heart. Where on earth had he gotten it?
Then I moved—not suddenly, but with deliberation, my body sliding slowly free of his. I rose, feeling light-headed, and crossed the room. Pushed open the window to feel the sharp touch of the autumn wind on my naked bed-warm skin, and drawing back my arm, hurled the tiny object into the night.
Then I came back to bed, saw his hair a dark mass on the pillow, and the shine of his eyes in the moonlight.
“I love you,” I whispered, and slid under the sheet beside him, putting my arms around him, hugging him close, warmer than the stone—so much warmer—and his heart beat with mine.
“I’m none so brave as I was before, ken?” he said very softly. “Not brave enough to live without ye anymore.”
But brave enough to try.
I drew his head down to me, stroking the tumble of his hair, coarse and smooth at once, live beneath my fingers.
“Lay your head, man,” I said softly. “It’s a long time ’til dawn.”

I'm not going to apologise for this. Not anymore // SHAWN MENDES

It was Friday night, also known as the one night per week that Shawn was completely and utterly mine for the night with no distractions. No phones, family or friends, just me, Shawn and the movie that one of us picked out. Tonight it was ‘Its a Boy Girl Thing’ that I found in the large collection of movies that we had gotten over the years of having this tradition. 

 "Shawn have you got the popcorn yet?“ I called from where I put the disk into the DVD player. 

 "It just finished” he called back and soon enough he walks into the lounge room with a bowl of buttery popcorn. I grab the blanket from off the couch and I sit on the couch waiting for Shawn to join me. He sits down next to me, so close that our arms were pressed against each other and I turn, raising my eyebrow at him.

“Can I not sit down?” he questions me with a smirk and I can’t help but laugh. 

“You know what I’m going to say,” I mumble reaching for the remote to press play as the menu for the movie appears. I met Shawn 5 years ago in high school and since then we have been inseparable. 

“Sorry,” Shawn says although I can tell he’s anything but as he leaves an inch between us. He’s made his intentions very clear about our friendship about 7 months ago, he wants to be more than friends. 

The only thing is that I was too scared that if we did have a relationship, what if we broke up? I wasn’t willing to risk our friendship for something that may or may not work out. 

Of course that was the rational side of me talking. The other half told me to stuff the consequences and go straight for it. I mean, Shawn was my best friend, we were like two peas in a pod, partners in crime. He meant the world to me and I would do just about anything for him, but that tiny voice in my head kept saying what if I stuff it up?

“I missed you,” Shawn says turning his head to look at, biting his lip gently. 

“I missed you too” I whisper, feeling my heart speed up at his simple words. He cracks a smile at me, warping one arm around my shoulders and knowing that he’s not going to take my excuses to try and push him away anymore I let him.


It was around three quarters through the movie when I felt Shawn’s gaze burning into the side of my head. I looked up to meet his gaze but instead find his lips against mine and his hand resting gently on my cheek holding me there.

Feeling like I was frozen to the spot I stayed completely still as his warm lips pressed gently against mine. Shawn was kissing me. Kissing me. Slowly I started to move my lips against his and my hands somehow found my way into his hair. 

When his tongue softly swiped my bottom lip, I snapped out of it. Pushing him of me I stand up. 

“What was that?” I growl at him sending him a glare. 

“That?” he says matching my glare. “That was me kissing you,” his words send a shiver down my spine and it was as if he knew exactly what to say to make my anger disappear. 

“Why would you do that Shawn? We’re friends! Just friends.” I say crossing my arms over my chest. 

“Please you and I both know that neither of us want to be just friends anymore,” Shawn says standing up and taking a step so he was inches away from me.

“I-I.. well..” I stammer trying to find words but frankly my mind is blank.

“I’m sick of having you push me away every time I try to come closer to you, to show you how I feel” Shawn says, his eyes never leaving mine. “I love having you as my best friend, you’re always the one I can count on when things are tough but I can’t continue to hide the way I feel about you,” 

My mouth feels dry and I wait for him to continue, knowing that he’s been keeping this bottled up for a while. “I want to be able to buy you flowers just because, be the one to hold you when you sleep, introduce you to my parents as my girlfriend instead of just the girl who I wish I could be dating but she’s too busy trying to only be my friend,” he says running his hands through his hair frustratedly. 

“But do you know what I really hate?” he pauses and the movies dialogue fills the silence. “I hate having to say ‘I’m sorry’ after every time I try to get you to notice how badly I want to be the one for you,” Shawn takes another small step forward so that our foreheads are almost touching. “You know what?” he asks me a small smirk appearing on his face. 

“What?” I say breathlessly. His speech got my mind whirling and my stomach a forest of butterfly’s. “I’m not going to apologize for this. Not anymore” 

And with that final note I’m not sure whether it was him or me who closed the gap between us and pressed my lips upon his, my hands against the smooth fabric of his t-shirt that covers his shoulders. His arm wrapped around my back pulling me impossibly closer as I wound my fingers through his soft hair.

I pull back to get air and my eyes find his. “Do I have to apologize for that?” Shawn says teasingly.

“Forget the apologies” I smirk back before pulling him to me once again, my doubts about us completely diminished. 

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