i wish i could teleport into this picture

  • Lucio: Hey, Uncle Gabe!
  • Reaper: Don't call me that.
  • Lucio: I got a question.
  • Reaper: Shoot.
  • Lucio: ...Really? You'll answer my question?
  • Reaper: No. I was ordering Widowmaker to take the shot.
  • Widowmaker: No.
  • Lucio: Anyway. Why don't you take the mask off?
  • Reaper: Because none of your business brat. TAKE THE GOD DAMN SHOT!
  • Lucio: Is it like super disfigured or a portal to a hell dimension or something? I saw the old pictures of you.
  • Reaper: Very well. If you wish to see the monster overwatch has created then you shall-TAKE. THE. FUCKING. SHOT!...ugh. *removes mask*
  • Lucio: ...I don't...what?
  • Reaper: What? you're not horrified? Your eyes do not burn at the sight of me? My grotesque disfigurement does not make you quiver!? *gestures a scar*
  • Lucio: Dude, thats a really small scar. Like I wouldn't notice if you hadn't pointed it out.
  • Lucio: ...So he's a drama queen?
  • Widowmaker: Yes.

I thought maybe some Disney pictures would help @bananannabeth with her Disneyland homesickness!

My cast member friends could only get me into California Adventure when we went on the 23rd, so maybe not as Disneyland, but hopefully it makes you smile Ashlee! I’ll be able to get more Disneyland in January! (I made a sorta “things Percy Jackson would like at DCA” collage for you at the end.)

800 Followers Follow Forever

Thank you all so much for the follows! I hope my blog continues to be filled with content you enjoy and character spams that last far too long. This isn’t even close to all the blogs I would like to mention, but I follow over 1.3k blogs and that number grows everyday so it would be a bit overboard to name them all here. So even if your name isn’t here, thank you so much! Thank you for the likes, the reblogs, the tags (especially when I post my own writing/ocs, believe me I look at them all!), the comments and the really kind words when things get rough. It’s been an awful year for me and I really don’t know how I would have dealt with things without the wonderful community of people here. 

I love you all <3

Special thanks for @happystarpirates for drawing this adorable picture of Ume and Yui celebrating our milestone. You are the main reason I wish they would invent teleporters already, so I could pop over to the other side of the world and give you the biggest hug ever. You spoil me with your beautiful art of both my favorite ships and my ocs. 

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