i wish i could take things more seriously

i wish i didn’t show my selfish side as much as i do.
i wish i didn’t cry over people who never would or will cry over me.
i wish people could take me more seriously.
i wish i enjoyed school more than i did.
i wish i got better grades.
i wish i didn’t move away from him when we loved each other the most.
i wish i didn’t look back, ever.
i wish my relatives were still in touch with me.
i wish i could talk to people easier.
i wish my mind could just forget some things.
i wish i could just focus on my healthy relationships instead of the ones that’ve been toxic.
i wish i was an extrovert.
i wish that i had sibilings.
i wish i never got depression or anxiety.
i wish i could talk to people on the phone without feeling like a thunder is going to explode inside of me.
i wish i didn’t see the world in a gray blurry filter.
i wish i could live on sweet memories more than dwelling in sad ones.
i wish my heart was softer and stronger at the same time.
i wish i lived somewhere else.
i wish i was nicer.
i wish i lived close to all my friends.
i wish i could stay at two places at the same time.
i wish my mom and dad could live as long as me.
i wish i was fifteen years old again.
i wish i was six years old again.
i wish i could fall asleep instantly and not worry about everything from heaven to earth two hours before i actually start sleeping.
i wish i matter. 
i wish that my ex-boyfriend gets nothing but peace and happiness. 
i wish my mind focused on more important things.
i wish i didn’t wish things.
i wish i didn’t regret anything.
—  tina jaxén // little things i wish at the age of 20

(@dailymeloetta, @daily–marshadow, @dailystufful-salandit, @dailyshinycutiefly, @dailyleafeon, @dailymawile, @sableyedaily, @banettedaily) Omanyte: WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING HERE!?
(Making this daily blog was the best thing I’ve done on Tumblr thus far. I got to see all these great drawers and artists, and it gave me an excuse to draw, though I wish I could draw better on a computer so outside forces like lighting and camera quality didn’t affect the outcome. Seriously, a light went out when I was about to take a picture. If you haven’t already, go follow these amazing guys/gals *no more assume my gender memes please, all other memes are allowed*. When it came to drawing in my opinion, leafeon was by far the hardest. How do you do this DAILY!?)

After all those depressing analyses, I think I owe it to myself to take some time to talk about the one pure and innocent thing we see connected to that otherwise gloomy future in The Ultimate Enemy. Despite being a minor antagonist that’s only in about 3 minutes of a single episode, Box Lunch managed to leave a pretty strong impression on me. She’s fun, likable, and combines all the best things about her parents into one neat little package.

Eh? Eh?

Ahem. So let’s take a detour from all this dreariness and talk about this cute little lunchbox (with maybe a little dreariness on the side).

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BTS Reactions To Finding Out That Their Girlfriend Has Been In An Abusive Relationship In the Past


The second your admission left your mouth, Jin’s whole body would tense up. There’s no doubt, that he’d be visibly upset when he found out. I think this is one of the moments where eomma Jin would come out. If he saw in any way that telling him had made you emotional he would immediately rush to you to comfort you. He’d shower you in nothing but love (more than he already had been) that day and the days going forward. He’d feel extremely relieved that you trusted him enough to tell him.

Originally posted by synthbin


Yoongi would be pissed. The whole time you were telling him what your ex used to do to you, he’d have to bite his inner cheek to keep from letting out a cry of anger. Like if he ever saw your ex there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d want to or would punch him. I also see him being the type to somehow feel a tinge of guilt for not having found you sooner. Yoongi would hold so much admiration for how strong you are. This is one of the rare occasions where super soft and squishy Yoongi would come out; he isn’t good with words, but he’d comfort you a lot through actions. 

Originally posted by jjks


Hoseok’s usual happy self would crumble at your words. He’d be unable to comprehend how somehow could ever do that. I think there’s a possibility he may even shed a few tears at hearing about how you’ve been treated.  Like I think that whole day or week, he wouldn’t be able to smile properly or focus. It’d always be on that back of his mind, but he would forcibly smile for you. More than ever, he’d try to act silly just to hear you laugh and he’d promise you that he would try his hardest to always make you happy. 

Originally posted by hoseokwhy


I think Namjoon would try to stay calm in front of you. He would comfort you and tell you that he was sorry that you had to live through that and reassure you that he would never do such a thing to you. However, the second he was left alone he would seriously curse out your ex. He’d be so unbelievable upset, I think he would even punch a wall.  He’d also become a whole lot more protective of you.

Originally posted by j-miki


I think that Jimin would be so upset, that he wouldn’t be able to speak. He’d need a few seconds to process your confession. He would then rush and engulf you in a hug. He wouldn’t say anything for awhile, he’d just hold on to you tightly, wishing more than anything that he could take back all the pain you’ve endured. He wouldn’t wouldn’t talk much the whole day as the anger would still be eating him up.

Originally posted by the-rap-man


He’d be upset like the rest. Taehyung would be unable to comprehend how anyone could be like that with someone as amazing as you. He’d have to stop himself from shedding tears, I think. He’d then go on to tell you how precious you were and overwhelm you with kind words. Like his love would be overflowing, he’d probably even pepper your face with kisses, wishing similarly like Jimin, that he could wipe away the pain and hurt.

Originally posted by harlyquins


Jungkook would be so angry holy. As you continued to tell him about your past, he’d have his fists balled, his anger practically eating him up.  He’d probably then become very protective of you. He’d also go through extra lengths to try to make you happy, and place your happiness above anything. I think he’d even try to coax your ex’s name out of you so he could beat him up tbh. I don’t know whether he’d actually do it, but I sure as hell do know that he’d really want to. 

Originally posted by jinkooks

~Admin Coffee


Alright. I decided to stop taking responses so we’re onto the results now. 152 people were kind enough to fill it in for me. This of course does not result in a 100% accurate reading of how this community thinks as a whole, but it gives you a bit of an idea. Under the read more you will find all the pie charts as well as people’s individual answers to the final question. TAKE THESE RESULTS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. Some people may have given a nicer answer than what they genuinely believe in, even with the anonymity. This survey does not portray the community in an accurate light even if everyone was truthful. The sample size is simply too small.

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you know whats really tired is when someone mentions something like toxic masculinity or sexism and someone else comes along and goes “UH X GROUP DOES THIS TOO WHAT ABOUT TOXIC FEMININITY HUH?” as a gotcha and then offers nothing else, it’s not an argument it’s a quieting tactic 

“you can’t mention this thing when sometimes women are shitty too so shut up” and ppl then try to argue against that and tbh I think it’s probably best to just tell those ppl to fuck off rather than trying to argue, and not to pull too broadly from another source but this is the same kind of tactic I see nazis use (among many others). Get the opposition to argue you with you while you say non sense and suddenly people aren’t taking it seriously. 

I had more to say but I got lost in the sauce, I wish people were more empathetic and could recognize these kinds of things but most of the time it turns into “both sides are stupid and Im a fucking idiot centrist who offers no solutions and just sits around tugging my ego all day about how smart I am and how rick n morty would react to this situation”


It’s weird. I don’t love our boys any less. How I see them hasn’t changed. I still watch their videos almost every day. But I feel like I’m drifting away from them. I’m not desperate to meet that or get noticed by them as I once was. I’m just rooting for their happiness. I’d still like to meet them one day, I think..? I’m just not..wishing Ethan was mine anymore. I just want some lucky person to make him happy. I want him to be happy, healthy, loved and appreciated the way he should be. Now don’t get me wrong, I still get a bit jealous at certain things. 

 It’s a slow process..But This could also impact my writing. This could also impact a lot of other things I won’t mention here. I want Grayson to find someone that loves and takes care of him the way he deserves. Someone that truly appreciates and loves him for him and nothing more. Its seriously weird…and Idk how to feel about it or what to do about it. Because slowly but surely I’m slipping away from our boys.

I felt weird at first because everyone was rooting for a today’s announcement to be either tunesdays part 2 or a tour and I just wanted them to take care of themselves. I don’t think a tour is a good idea for them right now. Come at me about it I really don’t care but I don’t. They were just mentioning how unhappy they were. Even if it’s just in Cali, a tour would be extra stress especially  trying to do videos and shows. I just feel like it’s too much. That they need to take time out for themselves and I totally support and want that. 

I notice the little things. Maybe not as well as someone else but I know fake laughs pretty well. I know fake smiles when I see them…and I just want..more than anything for them to be happy and healthy. I have a lot more thoughts..but whatever.. I just needed to get this out before I just up and disappeared. Sorry for the rant and if you read this far…thanks. 


Take It Seriously

Fandom: Harry Potter

Word count: 1507

Characters: Fred x reader, Angelina Johnson

Warnings: couple fighting, angst

Summary: The pressures of the reader’s final year at Hogwarts takes a toll on her relationship with Fred.

The corridors of Hogwarts were almost deserted as you hurried back to the common room. You clutched your books to your chest tightly. Ever since dinner, you’d been holed up in the library studying for the Potions test Snape had promised tomorrow.

The autumn term- your last at Hogwarts -was only a few weeks old, but the work being piled onto you was already stressing you out. If it was this bad now, you couldn’t even think about how bad it would be closer to the NEWTS.

You knew that your year all felt the way you did. In your earlier years, your classes always had the tendency to be rowdy. They had been breathless and full of energy. But this year, with all the upheaval around Harry Potter and Voldemort, the beastly new professor and exams to contend with too…none of you had any time just to enjoy Hogwarts any more.

Except perhaps two people.

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30 Days of Autism Acceptance: Day 24

Day 24.  Talk about the stereotypes and misconceptions that neurotypicals and allistics have. What stereotypes have you heard about autism?  How do you respond to people who have incorrect stereotypes about autism? What kind of things should people not say to autistic people?  What’s something you wish NTs/allistics knew about autism?  

I don’t even know where to begin with this topic. There are so many annoying stereotypes about autism, and I could never even try to address them all, but I suppose that I’ll write down as many as I can list off the top of my head. 

Note: this post is probably going to be incredibly disjointed

  • Autistic people are savants
  • Autistic people are intellectually disabled
  • Autistic people can’t understand sarcasm/social cues
  • Autistic people are rude
  • All autistics are kids (which I don’t think is a conscious belief of most people so much as a lack of consideration into the fact that kids grow up)
  • All autistics are white (same as above; the representation of nonwhite autistics is so poor that it never occurs to people to think that PoC can be autistic as well)
  • All autistics are boys (I think it might even be possible that an equal number of autistics are male and female, although science still says otherwise)
  • “High-functioning” autism/Asperger’s syndrome is different from “real” autism
  • There’s something wrong with flapping/rocking/stimming in general

I feel like there are just as many things people shouldn’t say to autistics (and like with the stereotypes, I haven’t heard many of these in person, so I haven’t had a chance to respond to any of them), most of which I’ve either seen online or heard other autistic people complain about. Once again, I’ll keep going with the bullet points until I either run out or get frustrated and have to stop.

  • “My [distant family member/acquaintance] is autistic.”
  • “You must be high functioning.”
  • “I never would have known.”
  • “But you’re so [smart/normal/social/funny].”
  • “I don’t think you’re really autistic.”
  • “You don’t look autistic.”
  • “Vaccines cause autism.”
  • [anything that implies that autism isn’t a real condition]
  • [anything that implies that autism is just an excuse to be rude]
  • [anything about the autism “epidemic”]
  • “Autism is so over-diagnosed these days.”
  • “Isn’t everybody a little bit autistic?”
  • “I want to have kids, but I’m worried that they might be autistic.”

And then in terms of things I wish allistics knew about autism, I think I could actually go on forever. I’ll try to limit myself to a reasonable number of the most important things.

  • The media is not good at portraying autism.
  • Autism Speaks is literally terrible (and allistics should take that “literally” seriously because autistics are masters of being literal).
  • People with autism who can act neurotypical or function in society are no less valid than people with autism who can’t.
  • People with autism who can’t act neurotypical or function in society are no less valuable than people with autism who can.
  • Actual autistics know much more about autism than their parents.
  • A lot of autistics don’t want to be cured.

Title: Christmas Breakfast (reader x Bucky)

Word Count: 796

A/N: Sorry this is kind of a short one, I was quite busy today! I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH IT. Like omg Bucky in an apron making me breakfast thanks 

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chocolate: when was your first kiss?
I was sixteen.

french vanilla: how old are you?
Twenty-seven. Until the end of this month. :|

cotton candy: three places you want to travel to?
Sweden, Hawaii, and New York.

strawberry: a language you wish you could speak?
I wish I were fluent in Spanish.

coffee: favorite cosmetic brands?
I just use CoverGirl and Maybelline. I hardly ever wear makeup anymore, honestly.

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anonymous asked:

2/2 I think Tom had done right thing avoiding SM for a bit. It's vicious circle people saw negative stuff like "can't take him seriously anymore" others agree and say same, it snowballs, media pick it up. Stupid headline about damaging his career then SM Pick up the and retweet and round it goes. Meanwhile there are many more fans and just people appreciate good work that keep silent. Avoiding SM and not googling yourself is probably very sensible or it must get to to no matter how strong u are.

I wish he could bridge the gap with his SM though. It’s possible to post about work and promote films (like Chris and Mark are doing for Thor) and just tweet and close the app. No need to read comments or retweets or Facebook comments (the craziest place of all). It’s a shame he’s completely cut himself off from it.

Ramble on (part 4 of Goodbye to bad luck)

Part 1: Goodbye and good riddance to bad luck

Part 2: Dazed and confused

Part 3: Your time is gonna come

Part four. Yes, I know. It’s insane… (pun intended)

Tagging @schwarzwaelder-kirschtorte, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @part-time-day-dreamer and @theerinpage Thank you for your wonderful comments and encouragement on the previous parts. <3 It means the world to me.

Word count: 1949

Y/N woke with a start from someone knocking on her door before flicking on the light without a word. Even before she opened her eyes, she knew something was off.  “Dean?” There was hope in her voice, but it was soon squashed.

“Oh, sweetie… There is no Dean,” a friendly woman’s voice answered. “Don’t you remember where you are?”

Ignoring the question, Y/N emerged from the warm cocoon of her blanket. She blinked a couple of times, taking in her surroundings; she was in a bright room, though not too big. There was a small desk filled with papers and what looked like crayons on the wall just across the floor, and a barred window let the morning sun in. Frowning, she drew a deep breath through her nose, almost gagging from the smell. It was too sterile, laced with some chemical she couldn’t identify, but it made her feel sick.

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anonymous asked:

I loved your deaged Sam more than anything! Seriously, I wish it would've never ended!! But I'd also be super happy if I could see a deaged Dean? Maybe Dean gets turned back into a toddler and Sam realizes how hard kids are, but also how adorable they can be? Xx

Dean is a whirlwind as a kid, more-so than he is as an adult. Being three years old again, he runs around the room, throws things and keeps trying to take his shirt off for some reason.

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Do you have any fics with Cas being super socially awkward, I mean like that being the focus in the fic and not just Cas being his normal awkward self like he always is.

Originally posted by ohmysupernatural

I love socially awkward Cas to the max. I don’t think we’ve done a rec like this before but I think you might be interested in our Shy Cas tag, Autistic Cas tag and Homeless Cas tag, because those three have elements of extremely awkward Cas in them. So check those recs too because I’m trying not to rec the same stories over and over again in this ask!
- Admin A

Title: A Bit of Advice

Author: wannaliveindeansdimples

Rating: Explicit

Words: 50,371 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I love this fic and I’ve recced it in this blog way too many times already! Again, the only thing I absolutely hate about this fic is that I can’t read with my phone because of the letters destiel are writing to each other being pictures and they just don’t fit into my screen, making it impossible for me to read it. Also the letters are like the main thing in this fic so you can’t just skip them completely… so yeah, read this with your laptop or tablet instead.

Summary: Dean writes novels that don’t pay the bills and an advice column under the name Deanna, which does. Castiel writes in to Deanna, looking for help. They both get more than they expected.

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Title: Cars, Cats & an Idiot

Author: Serisia

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 26,115 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This fic has like the most awkward Cas ever and I love it. If there ever was a job not suitable for Cas then that would be a car-salesman :’D

Summary: Who would’ve thought that helping your brother buy a car could change your whole life? Certainly not Dean Winchester, but that’s exactly what happens, when he accidentally makes the blue-eyed car-salesman run away.

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Title: Come Outside

Author: Metallic_Shadows

Rating: Explicit

Words: 40,364 – Unfinished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Don’t let the fact that this fic is so obviously abandoned fool you. All the good stuff happens before the last published chapter… I don’t even know why the author decided to keep writing when for me the main storyline was kind of already over after Sabriel’s wedding. Anyway, this is a good story and totally worth of reading! Just remember to prepare yourself for the emotions… Not yours, but the characters :’D I swear every character in this fic have more mood swings than your average fourteen year old girl…   

Summary: Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell.

( Read here )

Title: Love, Take Your Toll

Author: aileenrose

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 8,724 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is like nothing else that I’ve ever read. I know some of you might be turned off by the slow pace of the story but for me it just worked. I can really picture Cas standing in that booth day in and day out, waiting for Dean drive by.

Summary: Cas sees hundreds of faces every day, but there’s only one that he really cares about.

( Read here )

Title: I Don’t Understand How to Apply That Reference

Author: Paperann

Rating: Explicit

Words: 35,410 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: The amount of awkward moments in this fic is taking on epic proportions. Seriously I suffer from major case of secondhand embarrassment, so fics like these reduce me into an awkward turtle wishing I could just make Cas shut the hell up before he embarrasses himself more :’D

Summary: Strange things have been happening all around the Winchesters. However, it’s a whole new brand of strange. What’s actually behind it… is Castiel, attempting to court Dean through his new knowledge of pop culture, alongside his wingman - Hannah. Who clearly have no idea what the hell they’re doing.

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Title: National Muggle Awareness Month

Author: theangeloffriday

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 36,792 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I can’t pass this opportunity to rec one of my favorite Harry Potter crossover fics. Here’s a link to our HP AU tag if you are interested to read more about this crossover!

Summary: In 2008 Seattle, one Wizarding reporter and two Muggle brothers find themselves sharing an apartment. Things go smoothly for the most part, aside from the fact that Castiel fails spectacularly at dressing like a Muggle, Dean is having issues with PDA, and there’s an American chapter of Death Eaters who have it out for cultural anthropologists.

( Read here )

Title: The Kinks

Author: ashwinchester4 (ashriddle4)

Rating: Explicit

Words: 40,958 – Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I’m hoping that admin J doesn’t notice that I’m once again reccing this fic… I really need to stop forcing my fav fics on your faces every opportunity that I get :’D
So sorry if you are getting sick of seeing this fic everywhere. I just love it that much!

Summary: Dean and Cas are part of a program that matches doms and subs who’ve never met for a week away together to play. Dean requested a woman, but due to a clerical error it’s Cas that shows up at his door instead.

( Read here )

ASK BOX will be open again at July first, 11pm in Finnish time (UTC+03:00 ). As you may have noticed, admin J has been super busy lately and has a lot of asks geared towards her (all the canon style fics and top Cas asks) still waiting to be answered… so we’d love it if you’d keep that in mind the next time the ASK BOX opens! Admin A (aka me) would love to answer all your AU related asks, bottom Cas fics, even High school AU’s! So yeah, sorry about the inconvinience and we’ll try to answer all the asks with the best of our ability!

Our SUBMIT BOX is always open if you want to send us messages, get your own fanfic reviewed or featured, or you can even do your own list for us to rec like THIS and THIS. All asks send to our submit box will be deleted!

PS. We are still looking for one of the fics in this ASK! If you know the fic, please send a link to it in our SUBMIT BOX!


Submissions are now CLOSED! Thank you sooo much to everyone that participated, will totally do this again soon!!!!!!:D


Thanks to the awesome people that replied to my last post and reblogged and sent messages, I’M SO DOING THIS!!!!!

I will be (for this time) taking 3 sims to sketch, so if you want me to draw any of your sims here’s what I need!:

  • Reblog this post with the name of the sim you want me to draw and anything else you want me to know! (if you can message me a link of a picture of them so I find them faster, all the better!)
  • Follow artofsaraelena- that’s my tumblr acc for art and where I will post the sketches. So basically if you want to see them that’s where lol.


I really really really wish I could take more sims, specially now that so many of you reached out!! :( but I work full time and I’m moving soon so things are going to be a bit hectic. If this goes well though, I’m totally down for maybe making it a weekly thing or something like that!!!:DDD

ALSO, just as a side note, I’m sort of kind of better at drawing guys just out of habit,but if anyone really really really wants me to draw their girls I will try! :D

Last but not least, seriously thank you thank you thank you to anyone who enters this and to everyone that reached out due to the last post! I’m kind of in denial that so many people wan me to draw their sims o.o no really :D

If you don’t make it in time please don’t worry! I’ll definitely be doing this again :)

anonymous asked:

How emotional can you three get? Like as leaders you probably have to keep them in check, but like yd in particular seems a little hot headed, haha

“Just as you have likely seen us and how we act normally, we all have our own standard personalities; However, every personality has it’s layers.”

“White Diamond has a calm, collective, and cold personality. However, she is likely the most level headed of the three diamonds. She thinks the most rationally and, for the most part, knows when too much is too much, and too little is too little. When dealing with other gems, she will pick apart the situation at hand and make judgement based on her own observations and fairness. Despite how she may seem, she can be a lot more empathetic than meets the eye. She prefers to remain as neutral as possible. Now let’s say something infuriated her. She can go into a blind rage, difficult to talk her out of. We have never really successfully brought White out of a rage on our own accord, she kind of just…calms down eventually on her own. That’s probably because we try not to be in her way when she is angry.”

“Blue is the most optimistic of the Diamonds. In fact if you ask me, she’s too optimistic. Rather, she is…. a little irresponsible. She still does her work, and she still enforces herself, but not like she should really. She often puts off work and is very forgetful. I honestly just wish she could take things a little more seriously, but that’s just me I guess. We all have our ways of ruling, her’s is just…it can be unprofessional, in my opinion. She can be erratic, unpredictable, and she definitely lets her emotions get out of hand. When stressed, angry, or just sad, she can go on rampages, destroying anything and even anyone that stands in her way. While Blue would be the one Diamond who would get along with the common-gem, she is also the most likely to shatter someone without a second thought. If only they knew just what she was capable of…what she hides behind her quirky, carefree exterior.”

“And, yes, while I admit I can be hot headed at times, I’m mostly serious and adamant by nature. I pride myself on truth, honor, victory, enforcement, and progress. I try not to let my emotions control me, or show too much like I used to. They respect me more when I live by the rules and don’t slack off. I can’t have anyone stepping out of line. I take action when and where necessary, and my decisions can be harsh, but that’s just the way it works around here. I only settle for the best if I have anything to say about it. My work and my progress keeps me content, and keeps everyone and everything stable. I will not risk changing anything at the expense of our future.  
Now this isn’t all to say I don’t have my own moments. Sometimes things are unbearable. I have my own self doubts. I eventually persevere, but…Even the strongest of gems have weak points. Even I am not above admitting that…” 

anonymous asked:

Favorite things about geminis:)


Theyre so fascinating to me, especially the girls, Ive had so many girl crushes on geminis, some famous ones include angelina jolie and nicole kidman!

theyre just so bubbly and talkative and youthful and and full of life and cheeky and AHHHH i just wish i could be more like them!!! i take myself to seriously and im so quiet and theyre so silly and goofy and laugh so much (and they can laugh about themselves)… i love u geminis… :(

be my friend and make me loosen up!

[FAN ACCOUNT] 150913 - ‘In the Heights’

Hello all! I was able to get tix for Sunggyu and Dongwoo’s musical ‘In the Heights’. And it was their first performance together too! So first of all, the musical itself was all right. I’m a huge musical lover and this one was just okay. It didn’t have the best music and it was kind of hard for me to understand cause they were mixing really fast Korean (with Spanish accents), Spanish and English into the same sentence. So there were times I was just like… whut did that person just say. But anyway, it’s a musical that started off broadway quite a while ago apparently and it had a lot of latin influences and all I could think about was that I wished Woohyun was in this so we could get Nam Latin back again lol. But the boys were seriously AMAZING in this. I think this role was literally made for Dongwoo. It was just like watching Dongwoo be Dongwoo on stage lol. And gyu… omg don’t get me started. Anyway, I wanted to just enjoy the musical so I didn’t take any notes but i did jot down a few things at intermission so I wouldn’t forget the fun stuff. Much much more under the cut!

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Island series (Camren) chapter one

When the girls of 5th harmony are constantly arguing the fans start becoming worried. Rumors of Camila leaving the band, Ally being pregnant, Dinah being a drug addict, and Lauren having a crush on Camila. Management decides for the band to go on a hiatus, to a vacation, but things go unplanned. The plane crashes, they get stuck on an island, and conflicts start to go everywhere. Lauren doesn’t know whether to hit one of her band mates with a coconut or cry with them.

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