i wish i could take him home

I’m the girl who tries to be nice to everyone then gets taken advantage of. I’m the girl who tries to look pretty and it’s never good enough. I’m the girl who acts like she’s happy then goes home and wishes to be gone. I’m the girl who takes harsh words, acts like they’re nothing, then goes home and cries. I’m the girl who tries to get her point across and could never find the right words. I’m the girl who has more depth to her than everyone thinks. I’m the girl who hides from harsh eyes. I’m the girl who wouldn’t care if you gave me a shitty gift as long as you thought of me. I’m the girl who prays that someone will finally understand. I’m the girl who gets happy over the little things. I’m the girl that people misinterpret.

Prompt: “Helllooo could I request a bones one where him and the reader get stuck in small spaces with no room at all? Fluff and embarrassment ensues as these kind of predicaments keep happening???” -Anon

Word Count: 1,559

Author’s Note: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for an amazing end to my year. I only rejoined the community in September, but I feel like I’ve come home. Thank you for that.

I want to wish you all the best for the new year. We’ve overcome so much shit in 2016 and I hope that we can take the hurt from our experiences this year and transform that energy into something positive and productive together. Let’s kick ass this year.

I love you all so much! Happy New Year!

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Let me take away your pain

by reddit user Zchxz

We’ve all been sad or angry at some point. And it’s a completely human part of our experience here. But what if I could tell you I could take away your sadness, your frustration, your loneliness? It’s tempting, right?

It had been a particularly rough day, filled with rejection, insults, and poor grades. It was on my way home when I met a scraggly, malnourished wisp of a man. He looked homeless and in need, so I figured I’d at least make myself feel a little better and give him some change.

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“Okay. Okay. Alright.” But it’s not, and he knows it. Dean, righteous man, your work is never done. You fight for the world, but just once I wish you would fight for yourself. Wish you could see how much your life is worth. Wish you could have everything you deserve. Wish Cas could hear you whisper, “let’s go home.”

“I could go with you.” It’s an offer. Cas could be there. They could die together. Leave this world and all their troubles. Find freedom in sacrifice. What is Cas without his noble cause? Funny, isn’t it? That maybe death is the only way they’ll be together in the end. But it won’t be sad. Because for Dean and Cas, side by side, death will simply be another great adventure.

“No, no, no.” He says. You can’t come with me. You stay and I’ll go. Take care of him, look out for him, do this for me. And it hurts because that’s not how this story is supposed to end, torn and fraying at the seams, one half in darkness, the other in light. But he nods his head in acquiescence. And because Cas loves him, he does not follow.

Waking him up because he’s going to be late for his schedule pt.7

the zi-a-co edition


*watching him sleep like a baby*

[Y/N] Jiho… Jihooo *whispering* it’s time to get up sweetie <3

[Y/N] Good morning sunshine <3

[ZC] What time is it? *groggy*

[Y/N] 7am… you have to leave at 8am… *pats his squishy face* do you want some cereal?… I’ll take that as a yes…

*10 minutes later*

[ZC] *freshly showered* Jagi… what are you doing today? I wish I could stay…

*ends up giving you a full brief of his plans for the day*

[ZC] and then after that… well I’ll come home…

*looks at watch*

[Y/N] Oh shit… Zico you’re going to be late, it’s 8:10am

[ZC] can I get a kiss before I go? *smirk*

[Y/N] I’ll give you more than a kiss, when you get back, if you leave right now…  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

[ZC] promise? i’ll hurry home then <3 I love you…

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Eden sat down, getting herself ready for what might happen. “Why aren’t you down there with your son? Can’t you just stop working for one day to spend time with your family?" 

Hiro jerked back. "Eden.. where is this coming from?" 

"My brain, Hiro. You need to learn to be a better father. You can’t come home to watch your son while your wife is gone, and not even spend any time with him! Are you kidding me right now?" 

"I have a lot of work to do, Eden. Taking a day off work is basically killing me right now. I have all these emails to write and phone calls to make. I wish I could spend time with him, but I can’t, sweetheart.”

“Don’t you fucking ‘sweetheart’ me. Make someone else send the emails and make the phone calls.”

Oh, shit - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 907

Trigger Warning: Nothing that I can think of

Genre: Fluffy wuffy

Author’s note: Hey everyone, the reception for my first post was absolutely amazing and I’m so damn grateful. I manage to write two ficlets last night so, enjoy!


Bucky arrived home feeling tired, but not exhausted. He’d been out on a mission all day, but it didn’t exactly take a lot out of him, it’s hard for anything to make this super soldier even break a sweat. You wish that you could say the same. When he opened the front door, Bucky found you charging around the house, like some sort of super pacing. “What’s wrong?” He asked, more confused than concerned.

You stopped and turned so quickly that it actually made him jump a little. “We have a problem,” you revealed, continuing your rushed pace around the house, stopping to pick up a cushion off the sofa so that you could hand it to him. “And not just a little problem, I mean a big problem,” you were breathing heavily, making Bucky wonder just how long you’d been pacing.

He looked between you and the cushion, pausing, “…is the problem this cushion? Do you want me to punch it, I’ll even do it with my metal arm if it’ll make you feel better.”

His joking wasn’t much appreciated, you turned and spotted him with a swift glare, wishing that for one moment you had cyclops’ mutant ability. “My parents,” you finally mumbled out, collapsing onto the couch which now felt odd without the cushion. As soon as you were sat you placed your head in your hands, “they want to go for a meal tonight.”

The laugh that came from Bucky was like a newly sprung leak - timid at first, stopping and starting. He wasn’t done yet though, you could tell from the way he rolled his blue eyes towards the sky and how he half bit his lip. From deep inside his chest came a great shaking motion and his face muscles grew tight. You folded your arms, eyebrows arched, waiting. In moments Bucky’s laugh was more like a burst water main arching into the brilliant summer sky, soaking everyone around him with unrestrained gales. You wanted to stay straight faced, flip your hair and storm off - he was, after all, laughing ‘at you’, not ‘with you’. But before you could stop yourself your poker straight mouth twitched upwards and you were giggling despite yourself. Why had you handed him the cushion?

Still laughing, Bucky eventually moved to the couch so that he could offer you some comfort. “I still don’t see what the problem is,” he said, as though his previous outburst of laughter hadn’t actually made that clear it you.

“They don’t know anything,” you whined, falling against Bucky’s chest and allowing him to wrap his arms around you. “They think I’m working as a pharmacist, not a SHIELD agent. And they have no idea we’re married, like they know you exist, kind of.”

That seemed to get Bucky’s attention as he bent his head forward so that he could face you better, “haven’t you talked to them for three years?” He asked, presuming that you hadn’t talked to them since you’d gotten married to him.

“I have brief three to five minute calls with them once every month but I didn’t know how to explain meeting you so I always said you were my boyfriend who’s a pilot and never here and now I can’t lie my way out of it because they made sure that both of us were free and here so that we can all go out tonight. I’m fucked!” You had to take a deep breath after rushing out that string of words. You’d raised your arms up into the air and allowed them to flop pathetically down onto your belly, this action earned you another short chuckle from your husband.

“Then we go,” he said, rubbing his hands up and down your biceps. “I’ll cover my arm somehow and we’ll pretend you’re a pharmacist and I’m a pilot, which I can fly planes so technically.” You refrained from snorting, he really couldn’t fly planes, he thinks he can because on one mission where one of you shot the pilot accidentally (you had yet to figure out who it was, but now you refrained from talking about it as it always led to arguments) Bucky was the one that took over flying and you ended up crash landing and really it was a miracle that you both lived.

You turned around, now able to face him and send him a gentle smile, as well as peck him on the lips. It was moments like these when you truly appreciated being married to Bucky.

“Oh, we’re having the dinner at Chateau Nuit so basically you’ll have to put your hair up and wear the one suit you own.” You reminded yourself to thank Tony for helping Bucky find a suit that would work for every occasion, including a wedding and a dinner with the parents.

Though his eyes seemed to bulge at your words, and he gently tossed you off the top of his body, practically running away. “We’re not going anymore, tell them I’m ill!” He’d ended up locking himself in the bathroom, making you realise that the hardest part of this night was actually going to be getting him into a suit.


Author’s Note: For some reason I was thinking about Soryu, and this happened.  (Things happen when I let my brain go wandering around lol)

It had been a long flight back to Dubai from Japan. He wished he could have taken her with him - he was certain Eisuke would have had no issue arranging for her to take time off her maid work, but he was still reluctant to involve her heavily in the politics of the Ice Dragons, so he had left her behind on this trip.

Rubbing at his eyes with thumb and forefinger, he stood out the front of the airport, the scent of exhaust fumes tickling his nose as cars idled nearby, waiting for their passengers.

“Boss!” came the energetic voice he had been awaiting, and Inui appeared before him, huffing slightly. “We’re parked over this way, Boss! Welcome home!”

The look of joy on Inui’s face was much like a puppy. It had been said before, but Soryu couldn’t help but acknowledge it again now that it was right in front of him. With a nod, he flicked his jacket over his shoulder and followed Inui to the car with tinted windows, seating himself in the back and giving a nod to Samejima, who was at the wheel.

“Boss.” Samejima said, a slight smile on his lips. Clearly he had been missed.

They talked shop briefly, but both Inui and Samejima could tell their boss’s mind was elsewhere, so the car eventually fell silent - and he was left to his thoughts of her smile, the way she carried herself, the fastidious manner in which she did her job. He had missed her terribly.

It was nearing midnight when he finally arrived home, and Inui and Samejima took off in the car after dropping him off, stating that they were ‘giving Boss and Princess time alone!’

They could be surprisingly considerate sometimes, he admitted.

He could see lights on inside as he shuffled in through the front door, slipping his feet out of his shoes and into his comfortable house slippers. The scuffing of little feet told him she was on her way to him.


There she was, her tiny frame launching toward him and her arms squeezing him as tightly as she could. He returned her embrace, letting his fingers comb through the ends of her hair.

“I’m home…” he murmured, and they shared a gentle kiss, their lips lingering afterward, as if to say they missed one another.

“Welcome home!” she chirped, looking altogether bright eyed despite the lateness of the hour. “I made you food, please come and eat…”

Soryu’s nose already knew what to expect, he had smelled it the moment he entered the house. He had a weakness for her omelettes, and she knew it - he could almost taste the fluffy eggs as he followed her into the dining room, and he couldn’t help but smile at seeing everything set up on the table…along with two extra place settings.

“Inui and Samejima won’t be joining us tonight,” he told her, and she looked half-relieved, half upset. “I’m sure I can eat their share, though.”

That brightened her expression, and she quickly re-plated the food. It was, as always…perfection. He could eat her omelettes forever, especially when she looked so happy to see him enjoy her cooking.

After dinner, they curled up together on the couch to watch a detective movie she had rented just for him. Soryu found himself getting dragged into the plot, and - clenching his fists during the action scene - he gazed at her to see if she was doing the same…but saw she had closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. A wry smile appeared on his lips.

He wasn’t surprised, if he was being honest. Just looking around the room he could tell she had been cleaning furiously in preperation for his arrival and waiting up for him. And she likely hadn’t slept the night before due to excitement, or worry.  That was simply the kind of woman she was, and he loved her for it.

Her head on his shoulder was a comfortable, soothing weight. Shifting slowly to be able to hold her properly and rest his cheek against the top of her head, he inhaled the gentle fragrance of her shampoo, the movie forgotten.

In her warmth, surrounded by her little gestures of love. Love he hadn’t known until he met her.

This was home.

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BTS reaction: you’re a really good dancer

I really wish that I could dance… And thank you for requesting! ^^

Jin: When he walked in to the kitchen to see you dancing while you waited for the cookies to be ready to take out of the oven, his jaw dropped. He would lean against the door frame for a while, trying to go unnoticed so that you would continue your dancing. When you finally did notice him, though, he would smile at you.

“Wow, jagi. I never knew you could dance! You’re amazing.” he would say before peppering your face with kisses. 

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Suga: He would get home earlier than expected one day, and come home to music blasting from your living room. When he walked in to the room, he would see you practicing some new choreo you had found online and wanted to try out. You stopped dancing when you noticed him, but he just went to lay down on the sofa.

“Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just lay here and enjoy the view. It looked good.” 

He wouldn’t react very strongly, but he would love to watch you dance. Maybe even ask for your help if he was having big problems with something in his new choreography.

Originally posted by jongdaeisabun

J-Hope: He would love it! As dancing really is his thing, he would love to see you dance. On his days off, he would really enjoy to go with you to their practice room to teach you some of his choreo, or maybe come up with a new one together. And cooking or cleaning with him would be more of him rapping while you were dancing, and maybe do what you were really supposed to do inbetween. 

Originally posted by montaes

Rap Monster: When he came into the practice room to see you have a dance off with Jimin, he would be so shocked. He would watch you move in amazement. When the song was over and both you and Jimin were both sitting down on the floor, drinking water, Namjoon would make his presence known.

“Y/N won. Sorry, Jimin.” he would say before sitting down next to you. After that, he would definitely ask you for help with his dancing whenever he needed it. When he didn’t, he would still enjoy to watch you dance.

Originally posted by hugtae

Jimin: He’s another one who would really love it. He would always try to hide when he walked in on you dancing, just so that you wouldn’t stop and he could watch you dance for a bit longer. He would love late nights where the two of you would dance together and just have fun. When you wanted to learn one of their dances, he would gladly teach you. There would basically be a lot of dancing together, or watching you dance.

Originally posted by suga-com

V: One of his favorite things to do would be to watch you dance. He wouldn’t dance as much with you as Jimin and Hobi would, but sometimes when you were dancing, he would interrupt by dancing some really ridiculous dance. But he would admire your skills, and wouldn’t be afraid to let that show, wether it was by telling you how good you were, or telling others about it.

“Jagiii… Could you do that move again? It was so good.”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jungkook: We all know that he does have a competitive side to him, so there would be lots of dance offs when it was possible. If he brought you along to one of his dance practices, he would make it part of his warm-up to have a dance off with you and ask one of his hyungs to be the judge and they would definitely choose you as the winner just to piss him off. But he would secretly love when you dance, and if he was tired or just not feeling like dancing, he would just lay down and watch you.

“You know that I really like your dancing, right Y/N? No matter what I say when I’m feeling competitive.”

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Keepsake - Link x Pit

Day 4 - Blue

“I don’t want to leave just yet.”

“Me neither. I wish we had more time together, but…”

“…yeah. Time to head back to our respective homelands.”

“If it’s any consolation, I wish I could move to Skyworldwith you.”

“Well, I wish I could live with you in Hyrule. It sounds so beautiful and peaceful.”

“But Skyworld needs you… and Hyrule needs me. Such is the obligation we have as heroes.”

“Both a blessing and a curse, but at least it’s fun! Heh heh…”

“Heh, I won’t lie, it is.”

“…Looks like Lady Palutena is ready to take me back home… So I guess this is goodbye?”

“…No, angel. Only see you later.”

Pit smiled at those words, cuddling closer into Link’s arms as the hero leaned down to kiss him deeply. A single tear slid down the boy’s cheek, so when Link pulled back, he gave him a sad little smile, wiping said tear away.

“Ah ah ah… it’s a sin for an angel to cry,” he said softly, the slight crack in his voice signaling that he was fighting against tears of his own.

“S-Sorry…” Pit sighed, glancing over at Palutena before turning his attention back on Link, a worried look on his face. “…Does this mean… we have to break up?”

“Not at all… we can still make it work… Find a way to visit each other and maybe write back and forth.” Link looked as if he were dying to say something else, but he held his tongue for the moment.

Pit accepted that and nodded with a relieved sigh. “Good…”

“Before you go, I have something for you to take back home with you.” With that, Link reached in his pockets, pulling out a blue tunic that very much resembled his signature Hero’s Clothes. He held it out for the angel – it was sized to fit his smaller body, and the hero had even taken care to sew two holes in the back to accommodate Pit’s wings.

“I remember on mornings after you spent the night in my dorm, you took a huge liking to wearing my tunics when you were too lazy to find your own clothing… So I thought that maybe you would like one of your very own to wear.”

Pit’s eyes lit up instantly and made grabby hands at the tunic, taking it into his grasp and nuzzling his face into it. He swooned on the spot – it had Link’s scent in it… Which meant… “Wait, this is yours, isn’t it?”

Sheepishly, Link nodded. “You always mention how nice I smell, so… I altered that particular just for you. So yeah, it was mine, but now it’s yours. I have plenty more where those came from, but I chose the blue one because it reminds me of your eyes.”

Gorgeous blue angel eyes that the Hylian could gaze at for days on end and never get sick of it.

“Really?” That just made Pit melt all over, but now he felt a little bad because he didn’t think to get Link any kind of goodbye present, and it would be a while before the next Smash tournament… He had his lover’s tunic to remind him of Link until they next saw each other, so the Hylian deserved something in return.

Glancing down at his person, Pit ran a hand over his collarbone, feeling the silk scarf he always wore with his chitons in battle (and how ironic, he happened to wearing his blue chiton today). Eyes widened when an idea hit him, and he unpinned the light blue scarf from his shoulders, handing it over to Link along with the sapphire pin that held it in place.

“Here, i-it’s not much, but—“

“It’s perfect.” The Hylian gladly accepted the scarf and pin, slipping it around his neck and affixing the pin to his chest with a smile. Something nice to remind him of his little angel while they were apart for… well, who knows how long.

Still clutching the tunic to his chest, Pit leaned up onto his tip-toes for one final kiss before very reluctantly and very slowly pulling away, his wings lighting up with the Power of Flight. “I love you, Link.”

“And I love you, too, angel.” Link took a step back, his body slowly fading away as the Triforce of Courage glowed on the back of his hand – His own goddess was taking him back to Hyrule, and he waved at Pit as the angel leapt into the skies.


Several years passed, and after numerous letters and visits to each other’s homelands, things were going pretty well between the two. Pit noticed Link was aging little by little with each visit – hair growing longer, cheekbones sharpening, chin squaring, and eyes growing bolder in color - but it never bothered him. Link, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the apparent retirement from his usual hero work, since Hyrule was at peace now, and he was back to being a simple ranchhand. Although, there were moments where some of Ganondorf’s old enemies would try to cause an uproar, but Link was there to dispatch them.

The two lost contact for a bit when the Underworld Army attacked Skyworld and, naturally, Pit had to focus all of his attention on saving Palutena and the humans of his world while fighting against Medusa and Hades. Eventually, he won out and succeeded in saving his world – he was even rewarded with another invitation to return to the fourth Smash tournament. It was only a year away, and Pit excitedly wrote a letter to Link gushing about returning as a veteran fighter. Moreover, he was just happy about seeing his beloved hero again.

…He never received a response back.

A month passed… then two… then four… then six… then eight

Pit was worried out of his mind by the ninth month. Link was always prompt with his replies… Although, the last letter he received was Link apologizing for having to cancel their last visit as he had fallen ill. The angel made sure to wish him a speedy recovery in his letter… He didn’t want to think of anything bad having happened to the Hylian. Perhaps something similar to the Underworld Invasion occurred in Hyrule that required Link’s immediate attention…

Before he knew it, an entire year had passed by with no word from Link as Pit prepared for the new Smash tournament. He penned one last letter to his hero before heading to the new tournament with Palutena and Dark Pit in tow.


“I wonder if he’s competing again this year…”

“I’m sure he is; I haven’t heard anything to suggest the contrary.”

“…I just hope he hasn’t forgotten about me.” Link cast a downward glance at the floor, a frown tugging at his mouth. “A couple of years after the tournament ended, we lost contact with each other, and I haven’t heard from him since.”

“Don’t forget you’re not the only one tasked with saving his homeland, Mr. Hero.” Peach teased with a lighthearted giggle. “Perhaps something happened in Skyworld that needed his immediate attention.”

The Hylian didn’t even need to ponder that thought to understand it – he and his ancestors before him had more than enough experience in that area. “Very true…” He stole a glance at the sunny skies and allowed a small smile to cross his face, slim fingers nimbly curling up into the light blue scarf Pit had given him six years previous. “If that’s the case, then I hope he’s alright.”


“Well, here we are! Home sweet home for the next few months!” Pit excitedly announced, bounding up the stone steps and into the foyer of the mansion. Palutena chuckled at her captain’s bravado.

Joy…” Dark Pit deadpanned, his arms crossed as he followed behind at a leisurely pace. A hard roll of the eyes further hinted at his lack of enthusiasm.

“Oh, chin up, Pittoo. This is supposed to be fun, and no one likes a killjoy,” was Palutena’s gentle and playful reprimand to the dark angel. “I’m quite looking forward to this; it’s been years since I’ve been able to partake in battle. Hopefully, I haven’t grown rusty.”

Lay off with the stupid nickname,” the brooding angel growled. “You know how much I abhor it.”

Pit, ignoring the usual comment from his dark counterpart, giggled at the goddess’ words. “Nonsense, Lady Palutena. I know you’ll give everyone a run for their money with your fighting prowess.”

“That’s kind of you, Pit. I’m sure I’ll be giving you a run for your money as well!”

Flustered by her comment, Pit merely glanced to the side, “A-Anyways, before we head to our dorms, there’s someone I really need to find. I had to drop everything when Medusa invaded Skyworld three years ago, and in turn, I lost contact with Link.” He explained with a solemn tone – he sincerely hoped that Link was alright…

“Is that why you’re wearing that weird looking tunic-thing?” Dark Pit inquired, staring at the clothes Pit was currently wearing. As out of place as it seemed to look on the white angel, Pit had added his own blue accessories to it so it would match properly.

“…Yeah, Link gave them to me. I made a bit of a promise to myself that I would wear them if I was invited back to the tournament.” Pit skimmed his fingers along the collar, a bit of a smile spreading across his lips. “Something probably just happened where my letter got lost or something, I’m pretty sure he’s here. And I think I know where to look!”

Pit lead them through the main floor of the mansion and out into the vast gardens. Since Link was a nature lover, this was his first guess as to where he thought the Hylian would be. Around a maze of stone benches, vibrant rose bushes, and lush shrubbery, the heavenly trio came upon Link and Peach sitting together and chatting beneath a large oak tree.

The three caught the attention of the knight and princess, but as soon as Link laid eyes on Pit, a dorky albeit happy smile of sheer relief bloomed on his face. His angel hadn’t changed a single bit from what he could see – and then his heart was sent fluttering upon seeing him clothed in the very tunic he’d given him.

Palutena and Dark Pit watched how bright Pit’s eyes and face lit up the instant he saw his boyfriend – and the scarf that was pinned around his neck. Wordlessly, the two lovers ran to each other and shared a snug embrace. Neither angel nor Hylian spoke a word – they didn’t need to. The angel’s tight grip on the back of Link’s tunic, and the knight’s hands and face buried in Pit’s hair said it all: they were beyond relieved to know that the other male was okay, and they were overjoyed to be reunited with one another.

The whole reason behind them becoming pen pals was to maintain their inseparable bond in the first place, but the two years of not seeing or hearing from each other clearly showed that it was iron-clad. The feelings, the affection, the love – it was all still there, as fresh as the day they had first confessed their feelings to one another.

It seemed like hours before the two finally separated enough for heavenly blue to meet feral cerulean, both of them wearing matching smiles. No tears were shed, but they were practically glued to each other – Link running his fingers through Pit’s hair, and the angel just playing with the Hylian’s hat.

“I missed you, angel. I’m really sorry I lapsed in communication, my illness was preceded by Ganondorf attacking Hyrule again…”

“Missed you, too, hero. Apology accepted, though I owe you an apology as well considering Medusa and Hades attacked Skyworld after my last visit with you.”

“We’re heroes, it’s our job to drop everything for the sake of our homelands. No apology necessary, angel.”

Pit was relieved to hear that and chuckled. “In that case, it seems we have a lot of catching up to do! I need to tell you ALL about my adventure and how I got stuck in Hade’s mouth and kinda had to beg to be let out, and I even have a twin named Pittoo… you know like, Pit Two, because he’s a second Pit, but just my darker half–”

Stop CALLING me THAT, Pit-stain!”

Link merely started laughing as Pit rambled on, and he even offered a polite wave to Dark Pit. This was going to be quite the interesting Fourth Smash… Although, his eyes wandering back to the tunic Pit was wearing - he decided that his angel looked very nice in blue. Maybe he would get him some matching jewelry…

…Perhaps a sapphire engagement ring?


I left Bowzer with the sitter and it took everything in me not to break down and sob. I wish we could take him with us but traveling with him and an infant would be too much. Plus, he seems so content being with the sitter and their pup.

But seeing him on snapchat with them makes me wanna die. That’s my baby. My first baby and I’ve never been away from him besides being in labor. And anthony went home to him every day. (He was at my neighbor’s house during my hospital stay)

Oh sob. Oh woe is me. Much cry. Muy sad.

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Hi I want to send money but I'm a bit confused on what exactly I add as a note. Could one of you clarify for me please? I don't want any artwork made, I would just like to send money to the friend in need

You can just add in the description box that you don’t need any artwork - you just want to donate and wish him the best of luck.

Thank you for donating! Every little bit helps 💖❤💕

[ for those of you who haven’t seen, admin pa’s friend got kicked out of his home for being trans and gay, so she’s taking donations for him and giving digital art commissions in return! you can see about it in a post that we made recently, just scroll down in our blog or check the tag below❤ ]

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Dean: Usually it is my fault that we don’t see each other. My duties make me travel a lot, especially during the winter months and now that my realm’s expanding even as other gods’ realms are losing their followers and lands to Castiel’s religion. I should not complain about it, but it’s not exactly easy now. It was before, when I was unattached to anyone but my brothers and my child. But now? Now my longing for my own home is sharper. 

It is why I was too much of a coward to see Cas for many weeks, which resulted in him taking ill. And now again a week had to pass before I could see him again. It made me thoughtless, coming to him under the guise of a human man,. And what do I do? I make him worry about me.

It’s in moments like these that I wish Cas and I were the same. Maybe then I wouldn’t be standing here, in this dim light, talking to you about my feelings like a little boy with his first heartache.

Steffi notes: I think they’d do much better if they’d just communicated properly. But it’s Dean and Cas… What am I expecting?

Here’s what Dean was talking about when he mentioned his long absence.