i wish i could stop but i can't

Why I keep logging onto Tumblr to see what’s happening with One Direction
I feel so tired all the time but when I am in bed I can’t shut my eyes. I stare at the ceiling for so long and wonder why? God if you are out there, why won’t you reply?

Steve wishes he could just smash the virus with his shield so that his (boy)friend would feel better immediately.

Some hurt/comfort Stony for myself ; w ; I got acute gastroenteritis yesterday and kept throwing up and I can’t even sit up straight for nearly a whole day. I ate nothing at all and could only drank very little water even though I felt extremely weak and thirsty… I can’t even start describing how terrible I felt. Luckily I can consume a small amount of food today and I feel much better and at least like a human again.

So yeah, some cuddling Stony for myself.

slay-seraph  asked:

I am completely disappointed with the chapter of the Zestiria. So many plot failure, errors, things without meaning... really raise I keep seeing it, but since I've got here I see as just. Do you think your about this AU? You thought well it's Alisha? *sigh*

You’re not the only one.  I had so much hope for this adaptation, and then we got this.  Whatever this is.  *gestures at the anime*  At this point, with the way this AU has turned out …

It’s just disappointment after disappointment as I watch them gut everything that made the story so good in the first place.  The characters, the interactions, the way how it was never about the morally correct answer, but the answer that was truest to yourself.  How hard work and determination can get you where you dream of going, how you can’t save everyone, but you can try until there’s nothing else you can do but to let them go, and how to keep moving on and letting go because they’re no longer suffering …

There is so much in this game and just seeing this mess of an adaptation for it kills me - this could have been a great way for people without the console/gaming computer to experience the story, and a chance for the weaker parts of the writing to get better fleshed out, and yet, because it’s such a mess, I find myself pointing people towards Let’s Plays instead, for better or for worse.

it hurts passing by you, pretending like nothing ever happened between us. after everything there’s still things I wish I could of done to prevent our mishap. the memories we shared will always be remembered , but I’m willing to look beyond that.

I can’t un-think about you. I can’t un-feel your touch. I can’t un-hear all the words. Unsay all the things that used to mean so much. I wish I could un-remember everything my hearts been through. I’m finding out it’s impossible to do. I can’t un-love you.

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I wish that every time people posted gross/rude things to the casts insta, I could spritz them with a little spray bottle. ‘No. Stop it! Bad.’

It makes me cringe soooo much, and it’s the part of fandom culture I hate. Just leave them alone, they’re normal people, and a lot of them are teenagers! Why would you want to embarrass yourself like that? I will never understand it.

yall: *think watching anime takes effort. Go months on end without watching any anime despite running an anime blog*

Me: *hyper-fixated on my hobbies until death. Obsessively downs entire series in a day without sleep. Can’t talk about The Thing without getting super hyper active and loud, can’t stop thinking about how awesome The Thing is 24/7 and sometimes can’t even sleep because of it* God I wish that were me

I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s like no matter what I do, you’re always there in the corner of my mind like you’re the shadow of my thoughts. That sounds romantic, but it’s driving me mad. What makes me more crazy is that I can’t say that out loud. It’s one of the many secrets I keep. I wish I could see you. Just to be in the same room as you would be enough. Everything feels better whenever you’re around and I’m happier. But no one knows any of this, so I keep my feelings to myself and think about a future where I can freely speak my mind and feelings.

Sometimes I wonder if people are ever scrolling their dash and when they see my blog they go:
yikes, unfollow.