i wish i could rp her


“Melanin Fiercely Poppin’ on Purpose.” 

Excuse my mane….woke up in a good mood. I was prepared to leave for Shanghai today but my munchkin said she doesn’t want to see me leave…guess Heav and I will be heading out later tonight…

Anywhoooo Good Morning!

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"How do you really feel about Bryte? No jokes or BS."

I think that Bryte is a wonderful person, friend, role-player, and RP partner. She often doesn’t give herself credit for how awesome she is and she sometimes second guesses or worries herself much more than she should. I wish she could see herself as others saw her and I wish she could pull confidence from that. Bryte is great and I’m so glad I got lucky enough to meet her… even if she reached out to me first.

Too bad she sucks at getting relic steps done…


Is this uh, real?

“…..” “Where…did you get that?” “….No, I’ve never been with Yuri at either of our houses…” “Umm… you probably shouldn’t show her this….” “She would get really mad, besides, she’s way too boring for me if you’re… saying anything I mean!” “We’re just friends!”

“I wish I could hug her like that >///<….”

“I… I wish I could find the words to describe this properly… but after the show, Khu and I managed to spend some time together. I finally got to give him his Starlight presents and… w-well…” Kitani’s shuffles in her seat a little as her cheeks light-up. “W-we share our first kiss…” Her attempts to hide her happy inner squealing don’t work very well.

“H-he’d left the decorations up that I put in his office and bedroom, and put up some mistletoe just for us. I… no one’s ever done anything like that for me before.” There’s a twinkle in her pink eyes as she lets out a contented sigh. “And then we went up onto the roof with hot drinks and plenty of blankets, to watch the stars together… it was the most romantic moment of my life.” The redness of her face deepens as she recalls the events. “A-although we kinda didn’t get much actual stargazing done…” The shy miqo tries to hide her face in her hands. “I can’t help it, okay!? I would kiss him every second of every day if it were physically possible!”


As it is in Azeroth

(RP continued from here.)

Rattles nodded in agreement.

“The wound didn’t really do much more then spill some of my blood. I wish I could have saved them though, I made a big mistake with them. Now they are gone, but I didn’t mean for them to get hurt let alone die…”

He looked sad and defeated at that statement, leaving it unclear of what happened to them.

She was at a loss for a few breaths, her anxiety tuning to distress as she searched his features.

“What do you mean -you- made a mistake? I don’t think you should feel guilty if you defended yourself, Rattles. Or…”

She trailed off and thought about it a moment longer. Her features softened as she tried to empathize. Ultimately, Sy shuffled forward to try to place one of her hands on his.

“I am sorry that it happened. Whatever it is, you can talk to me about it. But, if you choose not to, that is okay, too. I am a good listener, though.”

As always, a cyclone of questions raged behind her lips, but if there was one force that could quiet her curiosity, it was her compassion.  

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Another Sad Hel Headcanon

I was thinking about my previous sad Hel headcanon and I thought of something else.

Hel is an aunt. Fenrir has two sons, Hati and Skoll.

Imagine having to deal with the fact that your older brother has what you want so badly, but can’t have because your body makes it impossible for you to ever have it. Think about how much it must hurt to love her nephews so much and wish that she could have a family of her own.

I wish I could RP as her more, this would be so interesting to flesh out.

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Omg! Nice background! You finally draw digitally!? 😍

No not exactly. All thanks goes to @jennypennygirlmagica
She made it for me as a small gift. I just finally found it when I was scrolling through old rps. I still draw traditionally. I wish I could draw digitally like her.

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♪ - Do you play any instruments?

I do! Well… used to anyways. When I was younger I really wanted to play an acoustic  guitar because my dad could, and so I asked him to teach me. I really stuck with it for about two years or so, but because I was expanding into so many different things at the time it really hasn’t stuck with me. I really can’t remember anything about it today, heh…

Thanks a bunch for your ask @aethersent ! Your nerdy voidsent hunter is wonderful and I love her, and I’d love to one day get to RP with you! (I wish I got to see more of you on my dashboard, so I’m praying the Tumblr gods hear my plea-)

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Kamellia giggled before sitting next to the prince.

“Yup! I made sure to find warm-colored flowers just for you!”

She shifted her hands together awkwardly.

“It’s the least I could do, you’ve done quite a lot for me actually…I wish I knew how to really return the favor!”

Junior couldn’t help but to blush after such words. The koopa prince giggled a bit nervously and then attempted to hide his red cheeks.

“A-aah! T-thank you! Heheheh! I mean, I just like to help other koopas and you- well-! Hehe you know!

my morning’s  been turbulent and frankly idk if i
am going to rp or even be around much today. it’s a
little incredible how badly one dream can throw off
your own day.

i sincerely hate to ask this, but i could use some kind
of positivity today? it doesn’t have to be about me. tell
me about something good that happened in your life.
tell me about something nice you heard on the news.
tell me about something that makes you happy. some-
-thing that reminds me that life is a good thing and that
it’s worth living for.

my advice for the day?
be careful about who you select as a romantic partner.
abuse from someone you think you can trust 100% isn’t
just a temporary wound. it’s a lifetime wound ——— and
it’s a traumatizing one.

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my sister is dating a green and i don’t know how to convince her that it’s hurting her and is abusive, how do you talk to your family about this?

ok on the one hand i wish i could help you. i’ve been in your position and it sucks. my dad has a bit of a thing for abusive and/or intercaste partners, i’ve tried to warn him before and he pretty much will just accept it and pretend everything’s ok and make excuses for it even if it’s hurting other people too. that’s how it is i guess. abuse makes it hard for the victim to recognize. just be there for her, support her, don’t be too insistent on how bad the partner is bc then you might get cut off, make it clear that you’re on her side and that abuse isn’t okay, be ready to provide resources for abuse survivors, and wait for her to come to the realization on her own.

on the other hand lmao imagine. me talking to my family. me talking to my family about abuse. i haven’t done that since i was two

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{ meme | my fellow roleplayers }

@oddyssea - Joey!!!!! You are such a talented and kind rper and I love how much work you have put into Karter. He is such a precious pumpkin and I wish I can get to interact with him loads!

@mccallofthewild - My absolute favourite Scott Rper! As much as he won’t admit it but Alistair adores him too but shhhh you never heard that from me. 

@ragtagrunaways - You have souch wonderful muses, Michael and I wish I could rp with them all and who knows, I just might if I can actually get my butt online!

@1000liveslived - What can I say about Emma except that she is an amazing character and Alistair is certainly glad to have her as a friend in his young and older verse. Especially the older verse were she is basically his daughter’s nanny xD If it wasn’t for her, Alistair would be lost!

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“What an interesting man… I wonder how he looks so… attractive… for his age..? …Must be the sacrifices…”

“I wish my sister Annest would stop bothering him. He’s going to sacrifice her or make her a slave. Shame, shame.”

“A shame he’s one of those snobby nobles. I wonder if it’s only a facade…”

“I would like to get to know him.. He seems rather.. Powerful… Perhaps I could be his student. Or perhaps I could seduce him. Either way, what fun.”


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“I wish I could hate you.”

She was surprised that he couldn’t, everyone always seemed to find a way to hate her. Robert had hated her when she had protested whenever he had hurt her, Jaime had hated her when she tried to reason with him, Tyrion had hated her since before he was born, why else would he take her mother from her?

Of course the Queen understood why, why he would want too. He was his father’s son, and how many terrible things had he watched her done? She had sent him to rot in the black cells while she snuffed out more lives than he ever would with his sword.

She poured herself a cup of wine, the only comfort that she had left in the world. The only thing that eased the bitterness and the pain and soothed the rage and mellowed the hate, but even then it fuelled it as well.

“Perhaps you should. Perhaps you should wrap your hands around my throat and choke the life from me.” The words slipped out before she could truly stop them, but she found herself looking at Jon, truly looking at him.

She had only seen him with his brother the once and he and Robb Stark looked close in age, who could tell which was older. And when she closed her eyes she heard the witch warning her of the Valonqar.

A Little Brother, the Little Brother, not her little brother. She cleared her throat and spun, moving in a rush of silk and lace. “Flee across the narrow sea perhaps, or back north. Put an end to me, and they’d treat you like a god.”