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[16.11.12] B.A.P Noir Jamsil fansign  fan account

It’s kind of late but here’s my fan account for the Noir Jamsil fansign! It was really hectic that day for me as I went for the Music Core prerecord then stayed for the churros that they prepared for the fans and then suddenly they decided to have a fanmeeting to thank all the fans who came– If the fanmeeting got any longer I would have been late for the fansign xD

Order: Zelo (JH) -> Daehyun (DH) -> Himchan (HC) -> Youngjae (YJ) -> Jongup (JU)


JH: Hello!
Me: Hello~
He looked up at me again this time as well and finally wrote noona at the end without me having to tell him xD
I quietly watched as he did the sticky notes.
Sticky note 1: A really pretty girl is walking past! What would you do? -> He thought for a while before smiling as he wrote “Uh… (stay quiet) shy shy”
Sticky note 2:  You always forget to write ‘noona’ every time I come, I should just call you oppa ㅋㅋ Junhong oppa~ -> “I wrote today!! >_<”
He then looked up and pointed at where he wrote noona with a big grin.
JH: Look, I wrote it today!
Me: But there were more days you didn’t write than you did!
JH: I’ll remember from now on!! 
He then took his marker and drew “♡_♡” next to where he wrote noona.
Me: Are you tired..?
He thought for a really long time before looking back up at me with a smile
JH: Hmm.. I’m fine~
Me: It’s alright to be tired…
JH: It’s just that I’m not satisfied with today’s performance.. Every performance we do there’s always something I wish I could have done better..
Me: That’s not true! You did really well today, you were really awesome!
He then smiled really big and gave me a high five before drawing a face on the bottom of the page with a ribbon and a speech bubble that said “Thank you!”
We both smiled and said goodbye before I moved onto Daehyun.


Me: Hello!
DH: Hello~
He looked at the sticky note.
DH: Hm.. What could you do?
Me: Mm.. What should I do?
Daehyun smiled really big and cheeky before speaking.
DH: Sing for me!!
For a brief moment I did consider singing but I was taken back because that’s not what I expected and I just basically went “Huh??” which made him laugh really loud.
Sticky note 1: To me you’re the kind of person who gives me strength and help me feel better during hard times ♡ To become this kind of a person to you, what should I do? -> “Stay the way you are!”
By then I was already blushing, I seriously would have sang if I wasn’t taken back so much orz
Sticky note 2: Please write something cute and lovely to the point I’d want to hit something! (Something unique ♡)  -> “흐규흐규” (which is like.. a cute crying sound in korean lol)
Sticky note 3: Youngjae won’t be friends with me.. Even though we’re both 94! Only 4 months apart!! What should I do? (I’ve been rejected 4 times ㅠㅠ) -> “Just speak informally!”
DH: Go up to him and be like Yoo Youngjae! You and I are friends! You are 94, I am 94! Also tell him that Daehyun oppa said he gives permission!
(Okay but this is what happened last time I told Youngjae that Daehyun gave me permission over here- Look at Youngjae’s part XD
Me: Okay I’ll try!! Ah.. I wanted to ask, do you still have the drawing I drew for you..?
DH: Hm..? What kind of drawing was it?
Me: It was of you singing! Holding a mic and and it was done in pencil!
DH: Uhh.. I usually remember all drawings…
Me: Oh.. you don’t remember mine..?
DH: Ah.. I’m sorry! I usually send all drawings given by fans to my parent’s house so it’s probably there!! Dont worry about it, I’m keeping it well!
He then gave my hand a shake before turning the page over to Junhong’s and he laughed at Junhong’s drawings before looking up and hoding my hand again.
DH: Thank you for coming today~
Me: Thank you! Bye~
DH: Bye~


HC: Hello~
Me: Hello!
HC: You always have the same hairstyle~
Me: It’s always the same ㅋㅋㅋ
HC: Is it like a style you’re trying to trend? ㅋㅋㅋ
Me: Nah, it’s just the most simple and comfortable to maintain!
HC: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I see
Sticky note 1: Last time I came, I said I won’t be able to come ntil 2017 because of my graduation exhibition project but look at me here now.. Please scold me ㅠㅠ  -> “End it soon.. You can do it!”
Sticky note 2: What did you save the members’ names as on your phone? -> “Yongguk -> 빵롱궈
Daehyun -> 댐추이
Youngjae -> 영차이
Jongup -> 종업쁘
Junhong -> 주농이”
HC: I already said this a lot of times though-
Me: Ah.. really? ㅠㅜ
HC: Anyways when’s your exhibition?
Me: December 14th!
HC: I see! What kind are you doing?
Me: I’m doing illustration like character designing-
HC: Ah but things like that can be drawn really quick if you concentrate, right?
Me: No.. My professor keeps telling me to do it again ㅠㅜ
HC: Ah.. Fighting!! Goodbye~
Me: Thank you, bye!!
He held my hands tightly before I moved on.


YJ: Hello~
Me: Hello!
He signed and moved onto the sticky notes right away.
YJ: Are you an early 94?
Me: No.. But I always ask you this..
He looks at me and blinks a few times.
Me: I’m a 94–
YJ: Ah an early 94??
Me: No…–
YJ: Just a 94?
Me: Yeah–
He quickly grins and write on the first sticky note.
Sticky note 1: I’m asking you again like usual.. Lets be friends!! After 4 rejections it should be about time you accept me! -> “Dont want ㅎㅎ”
YJ: Why do you want to be friends with me?
Me: Because we’re the same age and I’ve lived out of Korea my whole life so I’m not used to the whole early 94 system-
YJ: Ah I see~ But still no ㅋㅋㅋ
Me: ㅠㅜ Can you please write this sticky not for my friend?
He quickly moved onto the second sticky not which was for a friend so I won’t be revealing here!
Sticky note 3: At the beginning of Skydive you’re laying on the floor, what do you think about during that time? -> Here he was running out of time and the staff was telling me that I had to move on so I didnt think Youngjae would fill it out but then he quickly wrote “Ah.. sighs…”
YJ: Thank you for coming, bye!!
Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Goodbye
We held hands and I moved on ㅋㅋㅋ


JU: Hello
Me: Hello ㅎ
Awkward silence…
Sticky note 1: Your acting in the MV was really real that it was kinda scary.. Are you interested in acting later on? -> “Not really”
Sticky note 2: Why did you betray the other members in the mv? -> “I didn’t like them”
Me: Thank you, goodbye~
JU: Goodbye~
Always stuck on with what to say with Jongup because he’s quiet and I’m quiet unless they start talking first.. Next time I’m going to think of more things to say with him.. ㅠㅠ

I really enjoyed this fansign since I was on the second row so I was really close to them. I had a lot of eye contacts with Zelo, Daehyun and Himchan ;u; Himchan seems to always recognize me now, it’s great xD

Thank you for reading!