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Birthday Cake (Evan/Connor)

This is dedicated to @connorxxmurphy and her wonderful cake! This is for you! 


Evan hummed to himself as he stirred the cake batter. Soft instrumental music played in the background as the oven beeped, signifying that it was preheated.

Evan was making a cake for his boyfriend. Ever since he was little, Evan has always enjoyed baking, but now he had a reason to make a birthday cake for someone!

“How are you doing, Hon?” Heidi poked her head into the kitchen. Evan smiled warmly at her, and started to pour the batter into the pan.

“Good, Mom. It should be ready around 6, and Con and I are having a date here at 7.” He said. Heidi beamed.

“I will get out of the house by then, in that case, don’t want to ruin a special birthday date!” Heidi walked over to her son and rubbed his arms. “Do you have anything else planned for tonight?”

“Yup. Ordering pizza, and I have his favorite movie. For a gift, I got him a new hoodie, and the cake.”

“Aw, Evan, you are the sweetest boyfriend. Connor is going to love it.” Heidi gave Evan a small kiss on the cheek, one last arm squeeze, and walked out of the kitchen. Evan put the pan full of cake batter in the oven, and set the timer.

As he started to make the frosting, Evan let his thoughts travel. Connor and Evan had been dating for about five months now, every day better than the last, but this was the first birthday they had spent together. Evan wanted it to be perfect, and the one thing he knew for sure that he could make perfectly was cake. He hoped that Connor liked his new hoodie as well. Evan has been guilty of stealing a few (or more) of his boyfriend’s hoodies, but he couldn’t help it! All of his hoodies were constantly warm and smelled like Connor.

Evan finished the frosting (It was a regular green frosting with a hint of a mint taste) and set it to the side. The cake still have 10 minutes to bake, so texting Connor seemed like the most attractive idea right now.

Evan: hey connor!

Evan: how does it feel to be an old man now? youre officially 18!!

Connor: i kinda want to take a nap

Evan: con… its 5:30 in the evening, plus we have our special birthday date at 7… pls dont sleep

Connor: bah humbug

Evan: babe…. Thats christmas

Connor: what are you up to?

Evan: stuff hbu

Connor: very specific

Evan: shut up

Connor: im gonna take a shower i will text you when im on my way to your house

Evan: okie dokie!! See you soon!!

Evan put down his phone. There was a few more minutes on the cake, so Evan pulled out the rest of his supplies. He would need to wait for the cake to cool before frosting, but Evan was always impatient when it came to baking.

A mint bar, some sprinkles and more green food dye. Connor liked mint, so Evan couldn’t help but go all out for his boyfriend.

An hour later, everything was set up. The cake was frosted, and was sitting in the fridge (to hide from Connor). Evan had ordered the pizza, and it should arrive around the same time that Connor comes over. Evan’s phone buzzed.

Connor: i know im early but is it cool if i come over now

Evan: of course

Connor: see you in ten?

Evan: yes!

Almost exactly eight minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

“Coming!” Evan said, shoving the cake haphazardly into the fridge. Heidi came downstairs as Evan reached the door. He opened the door with great flourish. “Happy birthday Connor!” He shouted as his boyfriend came into view.

Connor was wearing his standard black hoodie and jeans. His hair was pulled back into a bun, and he was smiling.

“Thank you! How are you doing, babe?” Connor stepped into the house, giving Evan a quick kiss on the lips. Heidi walked in, and hugged Connor.

“Happy birthday!” Heidi said. Connor smiled. “Now, I will get out of your hair. Have fun you two!” In a flash, Heidi was gone.

“Ready to watch the movie?” Evan asked, grabbing Connor’s hand. Connor beamed at him, and let his boyfriend lead the way.

A few hours and a pizza later, Evan had decided that it was time for gifts.

“Babe, you really didn’t need to get me anythi-” Connor tried to protest as Evan ran out of the room to get his gift.

“Shush!” Evan called back, grabbing the hoodie. He didn’t bother wrapping it. “Happy birthday, Connor!” Evan wasn’t going to lie, he almost felt jealous about the look of pure joy that Connor had on his face when he saw the jacket.

“Evan!” Connor had simply exclaimed before slipping the jacket on. It was a good fit, amid the sleeves that went a little past Connor’s hands. “Thank you so much!” Evan kissed Connor before standing up again.

“I got one more thing for you,” He said before going into the kitchen. This time, Connor didn’t protest, only watched him go with wide eyes.

Evan brought out the cake with obvious pride. Connor’s jaw dropped as Evan placed the cake on the table in front of him.

“Ev…” Connor said in a breathy voice. Evan lit one of the candles that was placed in the center and sat down next to Connor.

“Happy birthday to you,” He started to sing softly. Evan was by no means a talented singer, but this was a special occasion. “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Connor, happy birthday to you!” Evan kissed Connor’s cheek and rested his chin on Connor’s shoulder. “Make a wish babe.”

Connor started to lean towards the cake but instead turned to Evan and kissed him deeply. It was only when Connor pulled away that Evan realized that Connor was crying. He quickly blew out the candle and hugged Evan tightly burying his face in Evan’s shirt.

“Hey. what is wrong?” Evan asked softly, feeling panicked. Did he not like the cake? Instead of responding, Connor just shook his head. After a few moments, Connor inhaled a shuddering breath and pulled out of the hug. Evan was quick to wipe away Connor’s tears. “Is it the cake? Is it too much?”

Connor laughed a watery laugh. “No, it’s not the cake. It is just, no one has ever done this much for my birthday, like ever. It means a lot to me.” Evan smiled, and moved close to his boyfriend.

“Alway, Connor. If I could, I would get the moon for you.” At Evan’s words, Connor smiled brightly, and kissed him. “Now, let’s get some cake, okay?”


A/N: I’m gonna be quite honest. These past weeks I’ve been staying up until 6 am and waking up at 2 pm. One day I woke up and found I had written this in my notes. I don’t really remember writing it, but hey. Why not?

Spencer Reid meets his guardian angel and she’s nothing like he would have ever imagined. 

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Surprise (1/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader( No permanent pairing yet!)
* Bold is readers thoughts,  &  italics are memories. *

                                                       Chaper One
    The sound of constant beeping fills your ears . You finally open your eyes to take in your surroundings ;You see the clean white walls, the heart monitors next to you, and the IV pole that seems to be attached to you. Where the hell am I . How the fuck am I alive ? You think back to the last thing you remember . 

    You were standing besides Bucky , fighting off hydra agents. You two banter back and forth , about how this is out of you range. How you belong behind a desk back at the tower. He wasn’t wrong, up until 5 minutes ago you were just a lab tech/hacker  for the team, you were shy and kept to yourself mostly . You were good with computers, so they asked you for help on this mission to hack into a Hydra base’s security feed. One thing led to another, and the team ended up being  severely outnumbered. You grabbed a spare weapon out of the jet you  were hiding on , then made your way out to help Barnes. Everything went fine, until Steve came to you guys. You always had feelings for Steve Rogers, but your relationship was horribly platonic. You never bothered to act on your feelings, the fear of rejection stopping you every time.  Steve was leading you back to the jet, when you had an eerie feeling of being watched. You turned around spotting an agent on a low roof, his gun aiming right at Steve. Before you comprehend what you’re doing, you throw yourself in front of Steve, yelling out a warning. The agent made his move, releasing numerous shots but missing his main target. You feel intense pain  tingle through you, you look down , seeing several bullet holes through your abdomen.  You hit the ground next to Steve with a thud. Your hands fly to your wounds , you feel your blood coating them as you try to apply pressure. Steve is immediately at your side along with Bucky. Their words are barely registering in your head, you can feel the blood loss taking its toll . Steve has you cradled in his lap , hugging you to him asking you to hold on .

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You slowly lift your hand to cup his cheek, pulling his eyes to yours. “  I’d do it over again if I had to Steve. I -” he cuts you off.

“  Y/n, don’t you’re going to make it, the medical team is -”

“  I’m not going to make it , & that’s okay “ Your speech is slurring and your vision is fading to black . “ It’s okay because I Love You.” The blackness completely takes over your vision.

So how the hell am I alive? Please tell me Hydra didn’t frankenstein my body . Oh God i’m going to be sick . What if -

     Your thought are cut off by who you assume to be your doctor walking in , with a shield logo on his scrubs.

      “ You’re awake ! That’s great Miss Y/n, I thought it would take at least another month or two. You really are a fighter. “ he chuckles while scribbling something on a clipboard.

 “ Who the hell are you , and where the hell am I. How am I alive, this isn’t plausible -” 

 “ Miss , someone is coming to explain everything to you shortly now that you are awake. What I can tell you is that your are safe, in a SHIELD medical house that treats people with similar situations as yours.”  Similar situations? People that are suppose to be dead?

“ You mean people that died on duty ? What the hell kind of place -” You’re cut off by a new ,familiar voice. Son of a Bitch .

“ Stand down Miss Y/n , the doctor only did as he was ordered.

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“ Fury, you son of a bitch.” Anger boils in your body .

“ I dont think the Captain would like to hear such language coming out of a ladies mouth Y/n .” 

“ You sick son of a bitch , who the hell are you to play God ! I was dead, I shouldn’t be here . What the hell did you do to me ?!” You shout at him .

  “ Calm down Y/n, it was the same procedure we applied to other agents that ‘died’ . You just happen to wake up a hell of a lot sooner, seems your body wasn’t as willing to die as you were.”

 “ That’s not a good enough explanation Nick . This is going against Nature, i want -“

 " You cant just say thank you, can you? ” he sighs before adding ,“ You received the same procedure Coulson had.” he confesses.  Anger starts radiating through you , you were part of the research team on that procedure, T.A.H.I.T.I . It was barely out of the experimental phase the last time you saw it .     

 “  You didnt have permission to do this Nick, what if I didnt want this , huh? You unwillingly brought me back , with a program that was still considered experimental!  For all you know I could have been in fucking Heaven !” You growl . You rip out your IV , and try to stand. As soon as one of your feet hits the ground, you know you’re not stable enough.      

“ T.A.H.I.T.I  is safer than it was when you decided to leave the project. It’s not 100% fixed, but its a hell of a lot better than being dead. We had permission from your emergency contact , no one was ready to let you go yet .” He gives you a hard look . Your emergency contact was your bestfriend, Giana, she moved to New York a year after you did . You’ve been bestfriends almost your entire life, she ended up moving in with you when she came to New York .

 “ Oh my God,” She didnt even cross your mind since you’ve been awake.   

  “ She’s being called down here now. You’ve been out for a few months Y/n , Giana had to sign a confidentiality agreement, but she gave us the right to revive you .” Tears are freely flowing from your eyes, How could I not think of her . What the hell is wrong with me. Then the team crosses your mind, specifically Steve. Sure you got along with the entire team , but you spent more time with Steve, Bucky and Sam . 

 "Does the team know?” barely a whisper slides through your lips.

Fury nods his head no , “ There is time and place to tell them ,and it isn’t now. Giana should be here soon, and there’s a someone else you should meet after you speak with her. Be grateful Y/n, not everyone is given this second chance.” You almost wish that he’d say you weren’t allowed to tell them . Well , this is going to be one hell of an awkward reunion.

    He goes to leave, but you stop him .“ Why me, Nick? I’m not a superhero with powers, or even a real agent. I’m a lab technician, and barely that . I was an intern Stark took a lucky chance on .” It really doesn’t make sense to you , you weren’t anything special, just a regular girl.

 “ You fit all the criteria, and according to Stark , you are one hell of a lab tech . Maybe now you can be something more. T.A.H.I.T.I only exists in SHIELD because of the risks, you are required to stay with us for the time being. You’re a liability until we perform the remaining tests to check your stability. When you are in full health , you will be assessed& trained as what is deemed fit, whether it’s a field agent, or lab tech . Things are about to change, hopefully for the better.”

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    It was almost 2 hours before Giana shows up , you spent the time in between thinking through things .What did they tell my family about what happened to me? This is so fucking unnatural. Fucking SHIELD.

 The door flings open, revealing  a distraught Giana . Her eyes are red and still leaking tears. You don’t hold in yours, letting them stream down your face as you lock eyes with your bestfriend.

    “ Hey Gi.” You whisper, before you know it , shes bolting towards  you on the hospital bed. You wrap your arms around each other , just crying . Tears are still dripping from both of you , but the loud sobs quieted down.

She breaks the silence ,“ What the hell were you thinking ?”

Oh God, here comes the yelling. Her voice is laced with anger, confusion, & sadness. She pulls her head out of your neck to connect her eyes to yours.

     “ I wasn’t thinking, I just -”

“ OBVIOUSLY YOU WEREN’T FUCKING THINKING..” she yelled. You wince at the tone, and the fact that she’s right next to you , but yelling like you’re across a parking lot. A sob comes out of her and she buries herself in your neck again.

    “ You left me Y/n, you were gone. You left me alone, and I didnt know what to fucking do . “ Her voice is soft, what she says brings you back to tears. You embrace her tighter, laying your head on hers.

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    “ I’m so sorry , im so so so sorry . I can’t imagine what you went through. I didnt think ,i just automatically pushed Steve out of the way . I just , I dont know .” You feel her nod before she speaks up,

     “ You know, you told him you love him”

“ Thanks for reminding me ,dick .” You both let out a laugh , not breaking your embrace.   The rest of her visit consists of her telling your what’s been happening the past few months. You’ve spent 90% of your life together so far, the thought of being apart breaks you. Your heart breaks as she tells you how it was while she was alone. In your mind, you find your relationship with Giana to be as indestructible as Steve and Bucks.   She tells you that your parents were informed them that  you were sent on a trip to Europe, to take care of some business over there last minute. You didn’t even want to know what they were going to say if T.A.H.I.T.I ended up not working. You push the thought out of your mind. When she leaves, it’s a painful goodbye. You reassure her that you’ll be right here when she comes back for another visit. When the door shuts behind her , you sink back down into the bed .You sigh, feeling exhaustion over take you . You let your eyes flutter shut, pulling you into a deep sleep.   

   When you wake up, you see it’s still dark outside . The light from the tv was illuminating the room, making you squint your eyes. Weird , I didnt turn it on who di-

You’re cut off by a blur of blue ,followed by gust of wind entering your room. Your eyes widen , and look to the chair next to your bed. Your mouth drops open in disbelief .NO FUCKING WAY . 

   Your eyes land on a guy about your age, with platinum blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes. You recognize him immediately from the pictures in Wanda’s room .

 He sends you a smirk before speaking, “ Well good morning sleeping beauty , i’m Pie-”

 “ Pietro Maximoff ?” It comes out as a question, mainly because you can’t believe your eyes. Wanda’s clearly not dead brother was sitting in front you, with a sly grin on his face.

Well , Fury is just full of fucking surprises.

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Don't get me wrong, I like you, but the fact that you say you're not worthy, don't know how to draw and that you don't deserve all of the love we give to you is upsetting because that's definitely not true. I wish you could stop that negative behavior you have and start being more grateful of your skills and the support we all give to you. Again, nothing against you, but people acting like that is one of my pet peeves

Don’t get me wrong, anon!! It’s not hate I’m giving to myself! In fact, I kinda like myself quite a bit and I don’t mind what other people might say about me.

I’m just being realistic.

True, I definitely know how to draw and I reach average levels. My comic is interesting, kinda, and I like it more than you guys do [or I would’ve stopped drawing it lol I do this because I love it].

But there are other artists who draw way better than I do, and I’m just saying they need more recognition than I do. My stuff is good, but not good enough for the level I want. Of course, regarding the dub, I just want other series to be in the spotlight [mainly cuz I’m a trashy fangirl, I swoon over lots of things, help me], but also because they’re more original than this comic of mine [ripoff of an AU that’s not even originally mine, anyone?], so it’s only fair that others get more attention first uvu

Did that make any sense? No real self-hate here. My garbage is good garbage ;D


Pairing: DeanxReader

Summary: You decide it’s time for Dean to try some of your “fancy” coffee. Of course, Dean can be quite picky, and sometimes it’s best to choose your battles. Sometimes.

If you’d like to join any of my tag lists please message/ ask or add yourself to my google doc tag list! Whatever is easiest for you!

Word Count: 1042

Warnings: Not much! a wee pinch of angst, overall pretty flangsty

A/N: She’s baaaaaaack! After an out of the blue hiatus, I’m finally semi-active again! I figure a little Dean fic would make it up to you all. I haven’t written in three months, so I may be a little rusty. Still, I think this is pretty cute, so I hope you enjoy. And (have you missed hearing me say this all the time??) FEEDBACK IS SOOOOO VERY APPRECIATED!! EVEN JUST A LIKE!

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.”
Justina Chen, North of Beautiful 

Your name: submit What is this?

“What the hell is a macchiato?”  

You stood hand in hand with Dean in front of a too-happy barista who awaited your orders pleasantly. Dean always teased you about your “fancy” coffee habit. You figured it was about time he gave it a try himself. Dean tended to stick to his ways; you figured with the havoc his life was filled with, he would take whatever consistency he could get. You were just glad you were a part of that comfort to him.             

 “Shh,” you replied, swatting at Dean’s arm gently. “Not so loud. It’s like a latte but not mixed up, I think.”             

“You’re paying two dollars more for them not to mix it?”             

You shrugged. “Essentially.”            

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Worth It (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: I really hope you guys like it! I’m sorry if its not my best.. I stayed up till 5 am yesterday trying to finish it so i could post it today so if it sucks i apologize!

Y/N- Your Name

Y/S/N- Your Superhero Name

Warning(s): Yelling and cursing

Request: “Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader is best friends with Dick and Jason is jealous” -anon

Tonight you were on patrol with Dick, it had been a while since you got to go out and kick ass with your best friend and you really missed it. Recently you’d been paired up with Red Hood.. not that you were complaining. You’d always had a crush on Jason and spending more time with him and getting to know him better was nice. But you were always slightly on edge with Jason. You wanted to make a good impression so you were always on ans ready to make a witty remark. With Dick though it was different, you could be a total doofus with him and you knew he wouldn’t judge you.

The night had been pretty tame though.. just a few low grade thugs running around. Nothing you and Nightwing couldn’t handle. Tonight’s shift was slowly coming to an end and you and Dick decided to go relax in one of your favorite spots. You both grapple up onto the roof of an abandoned apartment building to star gaze. You sit down on the edge of the building letting your feet dangle off the side. Dick sits down next to you.

“You ever think about leaving Gotham?” you ask. He turns to look at you. “Maybe even leaving the east coast completely. Going to California, get some sun, have a normal life…” you continue. He leans back on his hands really thinking about it. “I think id miss the action too much.. and you.. id miss you.” he says, leaning forward. His face now just mere inches in front of yours. Just then you hear the click of a camera come down from the streets below. You look Nightwing dead in the eyes and lean forward a little more, your lips now nearly touching.. and that’s when you both burst into laughter.

Nothing even remotely romantic had ever happened between you and Dick. But a few weeks ago Vicki Vale had released a piece on the “blossoming love” between Nightwing and Y/S/N. The media has a hard time believing the two of you are just friends because of how close you are and you knew it was only a matter of time before it became “news”. And since you and Dick both found it hilarious youd often put yourselves into suggestive situations to mess with everyone. All of your superhero friends got a good laugh out of it as well.. except for Jason that is. He never really found the humor in it and you could never understand why.

You and Dick sat there a little while longer just filling each other in on the day to day details of your lives. Eventually though it was time to head home. You had to get up early and go in for your day job. You wished you could just quit your job at the coffee shop and be a vigilante full time. Unfortunately as much as you loved it it didn’t really pay the bills.. so you say your goodbyes to Dick and grapple off the building. You decided to take the streets home instead of the roof tops. The city was actually quite beautiful when there weren’t superhuman criminals blowing it to bits. Your thoughts were cut short though when someone grabbed your shoulder. Your instincts kicked in and you grabbed the arm of whoever was touching you and flipped them over your shoulder, slamming them onto the floor.

“Holy shit, Y/N. Its me! Its just me!.” the person says. You suddenly realize that you almost accidentally beat the shit out of Red Hood. “Oh god! I’m so sorry. I was lost in my own thoughts.. you scared the shit out of me.” you say, helping him up. He brushes himself off. “You know as well as I do that you should always be on alert.. even on quiet nights like this.” he says. “Yeah, yeah. Spare me the scolding.. I get enough of that from Batman.” He laughs at that. “You and me both.” The two of you start walking down the street together.

“So.. I saw you and Nightwing back there.. looked pretty cozy.” he says. If you hadn’t known better you’d say he sounded annoyed. You snort. “We were just fucking around. Someone was taking pictures of us..” you laugh. “You looked pretty into it.. you know he goes through girls like shoes.”

“Hey! That’s my best friend you’re talking about.. and your brother might I add.” you say, getting mildly pissed off. “Whatever” he mutters and starts to walk the other way. “Where are you going?!” you shout. “ Home.. pay attention to where you’re going.. don’t go around body slamming any civilians on your way back..” you roll your eyes and continue on your way back to your apartment. Maybe you were wrong about Jason Todd.. maybe he really was just an asshole in a red helmet.


You couldn’t wait for the day to be over. You just wanted to go home, put on your bad ass outfit, and go kick some bad guy ass with Dick. After your morning shift at the coffee shop ended you decided to head over to Wayne Manor.. or as you liked to call it, your “home away from home”. As soon as you walked through the front door of the manor you were greeted by Dick. He pulled you into a giant hug. A small shriek escaped your lips as he lifted you up off the floor. He sets you back down and his face quickly becomes serious. “I have some bad news.” he says. Your smile quickly fades. “What happened? Who’s hurt??” he laughs. “No ones hurt, Y/N.”

You breathe a sigh of relief. “Then what is it?” you ask. “I have to go back to Bludhaven early..” he says. “What?! Why?!” you shout. “Penguins causing trouble out there again and I have to go deal with it.. I actually have to leave now. I just wanted to wait till you got here so I could tell you in person.”

“Well, I could go with you!” you say in a cheery voice. “No.. you’re needed here.” he chuckles. “Besides I heard about your and Jason’s little scuffle last night and I convinced Bruce to pair up the two of you so you could make up.” he says, grabbing his things. “What?!” you screech. He kisses your cheek and heads out the door. “Have fun! I love you! Stay safe!” he smiles. “Screw you, Richard Grayson!” you yell. All you hear as the door closes is his laughter.

As the day goes by you start to dread tonight’s patrol more and more. You didn’t want to have to deal with Jason’s snipping and you were pretty sure he didn’t want anything to do with you either. But time always has a way of going by faster when you have to do something you dread and eventually its time to go out. You and Jason decide to meet out in the city, and surprisingly the night goes off without a hitch, aside from Jason ignoring you basically the whole time you’re out. But him ignoring you was better than him yelling at you the whole time.. or so you thought. At some point the silence between the two of you becomes too much to handle and you snap.

“What the fuck did I ever do to you, Hood?! You act like I kicked your god damn dog!” you yell. “I dont have a dog.” he says shortly. “You know what I mean! Don’t play dumb.” you fire back.“You know what? Why don’t you just go back to playing house with Nightwing. I know you’d rather be out with him than here with me.” he yells, yanking off his helmet revealing the small mask underneath. “I told you that Dick and I are just friends. Why are we even talking about this still?? Its not like you have any interest in who I date anyways!” you yell back. “Yeah? Well maybe I DO.” This stops you in your tracks. “What?” you ask.

“Maybe I do care who you date..” he mumbles. “Why?” he sighs. “Come on, Y/N.. Don’t make me say it.” he begs running his hands through his hair. “Say what?” you say, quietly. “That.. fuck. That I like you as more than just a friend. I always have.” you’re stunned. You don’t know what to say, so instead you just stand there with your mouth hanging open like an idiot. Jason must take this as your disinterest  because with that he starts to walk away. But before he can make it more than a few feet away you reach out and grab his hand, pulling him back to you. “What? What is it? Spare me the rejection, Y/N. I know when I’m not wanted.” he starts to put his helmet back on when you grab it out of his hands and throw it to the ground.

“Hey! That’s my last one! Be care-” but you cut him off when you press your lips to his. Hes surprised but that sure as hell doesn’t stop him from kissing you back. His arm snakes around your waist pulling as as close to him as the two of you can manage. That’s when you hear it.. the familiar sound of a camera clicking. You pull away. “Someones taking pictures of us..” you whisper. “Let them” he says, smiling. This makes you laugh. “The media is gonna have a field day with this one. ‘Y/S/N CHEATING ON NIGHTWING WITH THE RED HOOD. IS THIS THE END OF THE BATFAMILY AS WE KNOW IT?‘”  you say dramatically. “You’re worth it, I think.” he smirks. “Oh, you think??” you say raising your eyebrows. “Yeah.. we’ll just have to wait and see, I guess..” he jokes. “Just shut up and kiss me, Todd.. before I change my mind.” and just like that you’re kissing again. You had to make a mental note to thank Dick for ditching you tonight.. guess his plan worked out pretty damn well..


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Would you be up for Bughead angst? Like maybe the two of them get into a fight over something huge, like he gets jealous of another boy who likes her or Betty feels like they're growing apart because they don't hang out as much/he's not very affectionate anymore and she confronts him about it only for him to argue? That's only if you're up for it! If you are, thank you!

I’m always down to write anything, I have to warn you though, usually all of my stories end in happy endings. I’m a sucker for a good fairytale ending!


People moved on, it happened, it was a natural way of life.

Betty just never thought jughead would move on, from her.

It was obvious what was happening, he had fallen out of love with her. He was distant. Cancelling dates, pulling away when she tried to kiss him in public, and almost never returning her texts.

She racked her brain for hours last night , trying to figure out where it all went wrong. She knew she was difficult, and she could be selfish, lord knows her temper wasn’t as it should be, but jughead always understood, whenever they had a problem, they talked about it.

The last four weeks had been horrible, school had been getting in the way, jughead had been working on rebuilding his relationship with his father , while Betty’s relationship with her parents was falling apart in front of her eyes.

She was tired.

Jughead deserved the world, and if she couldn’t be that for him, it was time to move on.

She still loved him, god she still loved him, no matter how bad he had been treating her this past month, and because she loved him so much she had to let him go.

He would find someone else.

Someone with less baggage, someone who could make him happy.

Weighing the red and grey flannel in her hands she watched as a tear fell on the familiar shirt.

He had given her this flannel after he caught her shivering at the drive in. He had walked all the way home in just a black tshirt. She wore that flannel to bed every night.

One day he caught her all cuddled up in his flannel and smiled

“That’s my favorite shirt”

She had tried to give it back, but he shook his head

“Looks better on you”

She would give it back today, kind of a sign of closure.

She had texted jughead and told him to meet her at Riverdale park, it was an emergency.

Sitting on the cold bench, the sun setting in front of her she couldn’t believe what a beautiful night it was.

She almost wished for rain, something more fitting.

Suddenly the beanie wearing boy came into her vision, his frown now a permanent feature on his face.

“Betty, what’s the matter, what’s the emergency?”

She patted the seat next to her and smiled sadly

“Sit down, we have to talk.”

Taking a hesitant seat, Jughead glanced down at the shirt folded in her hands

“That’s my shirt, what’s going on?”

Taking a deep breath, Betty began

“I’m sorry I can’t make you happy anymore, I’m sorry you’re so angry all the time, and I know it’s partially my fault. I wish that I could make this better but I can’t.”

Jughead went to interrupt her, his eyes wide

“Let me finish, what we had was amazing, I’m never going to forget this. I love you. So much. And I know you’re gonna find some gorgeous girl out there, who was meant for you and who makes you happy all the time. I want you to have that, you deserve that. So I’m letting you off the hook.” She placed the folded up shirt in his lap and smiled softly

“Goodbye Jughead.”

Suddenly he was standing directly in front of her the shirt wrinkling under his clenched fists.

“You’re breaking up with me.”

She took a shaky breathe, she couldn’t remember the last time they were this close

“It’s for the best, for both of us, you need someone who can make you happy, and I need someone who loves me.”

He was angry now, she wasn’t sure at what though. Her? Himself? The situation?

“You think I don’t love you?” He said in a raspy whisper

She stepped back one step, but he stepped forward keeping her close


“I love you more than anything in this world. You think I’m not happy? You’re the only thing that makes me happy. Im not losing you. ”

Betty was taken back by the intensity in his eyes for a second, before she got angry.

“No. no, you don’t get to act like this, you haven’t been around in a month jughead, I’ve been on my own, you have your own life I get that, but I thought that maybe I was part of that life.”

His eyes widened at her sharp voice before he exclaimed

“You are! I’ve been so busy trying to fix everything, trying to make things okay, trying to be better”

“That you forgot about me” she interrupted
“I never asked you to fix anything, I love you just the way you are.”

“You don’t get it Betty! I don’t want to be some loser, gang members son, you deserve more than that for a boyfriend!” He was yelling now

And she was crying, tears streaming down her face

“I never asked for more! if the person that you’ve been this last month, is you being “more” I don’t even want it!“

“It doesn’t matter, I have to change, for you, for my family. It’s my responsibility to be the man you deserve. That’s just how it is.”

“I DONT WANT THE MAN YOU THINK I DESERVE, I WANT MY BOYFRIEND BACK” Betty screamed into the quiet park silencing jughead instantly.

Taking a watery breathe, Betty wiped at her tears

“If this, new person, is who you want to be, then be him. But, the jughead I fell in love with was never afraid to tell me he loved me, or lay around all day watching movies and eating popcorn. Your dad will love that jughead just as much as I do, you don’t have to change who you are, for anyone.”

Jughead looked at her, taking in her shaking hands and her red rimmed eyes.

“I ruined this didn’t I?”

Betty looked up at him, connecting their eyes

“I don’t know jughead, it can’t go on like this.”

“It won’t.” He assured her “I’ll fix this.”

She looked at him as he held out the flannel to her

She took a deep breathe, weighing her options

“Please” jughead said softly, his eyes pleading

She finally reached out and grabbed the flannel, their fingers brushing, she silently thanked what ever god was up there for the fact that the spark was still there.

Apparently jughead had felt it too because before she knew it she was flat against his chest, the flannel squished between the two.

She allowed herself to relax in the familiarity of her boyfriends body

“This is gonna take work”

She felt jughead nod from above her, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

“I know.”

staos, ch5: panic! at the fake dating

on Ao3 | on ffnet
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so….been a while, huh?

i just wanted to say that french paparazzi laws are totally different from this fic. they’re actually incredibly strict, and the way the paparazzi in this fic act is more similar to the us, but still possibly kind of extreme? i probably should’ve googled that before using it as a plot point, but i didn’t, and now it’s a fairly major one, so i won’t be going back and changing. i apologize for the inaccuracies!

shoutout to @reyxa​ for helping me with parts of this chapter and also thank you to everyone who hopped on when i was streaming! it was really fun and if people are interested, i’ll probably do it again!


Adrien rests his forehead on the glass of his window and stares at the darkened city below him. He needs to move on with his life, but he can’t. Not yet. For now, he just needs to process this new information.

Marinette has a crush on him.


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Guzma and Reader: Blanket

Alternative title: Why it’s important to be honest with your partner even if it hurts you.

I’ve seen a couple headcanons floating around that Guzma would be the most likely to be in an open relationship and I thought I’d explore that in my own unusual way while trying to get back into the swing of writing these things again. I was about to post my completed ones, but of course I didn’t like the rough drafts so I’m starting them over before I post. Of course I’m having a difficult time doing this, so I decided to just hammer out some angst to try and get rid of this writer’s block.

READER BEWARE: Sensitive material ahead. Please avoid this if you feel that you cannot read angst of this nature.

TW: Abuse

It all started because of a blanket.

There weren’t any rooms left. Conversely this also meant there wasn’t even a bed for you, at least, not in the academic sense of the word. You only had an old couch to lay on in the middle of the hallway by Plumeria’s room where people could see your every move when you got ready for bed (you always got ready and did everything you needed in the bathroom) so you couldn’t do much there except watch people as they watched you. Guzma had remedied this problem for when the evenings got cold: a stolen Swanna down duvet with two reversible colors, black and gray. You liked to think it was his way of thinking of you specially outside of his other girlfriends.

“Gotta keep my baby girls happy.” He’d told you. Had given you a kiss while holding onto another Grunt who had been seething. You thought She would get over it. Really this whole mess was your fault.

You’d been ok with keeping the relationship open, or at least, you pretended to be. For a long time you tried to convince yourself that people did things that hurt out of true love. Sharing with at least three other girls was just one of them. You’d grinned and bared the brunt of the pain for a long time, but what you should have done was told him since the beginning it made you uncomfortable. Been brutally honest even if it killed you. That way, you both cold have mutually agreed this would not work and just ignored each other. Let each other find your happiness elsewhere. Remained on good terms. Been strictly friends.

It happened when your blanket had “mysteriously” gone missing. The perpetrator had even come up to you one night when you were trying not to shiver, asking in a falsetto where your blanket had gone. You knew where it was and you knew who was using it. You just didn’t want to make a scene because of who it was that took it. So you kept your mouth clamped tightly shut. Shrugged. Avoided eye contact and sat down with a book at night as though nothing was wrong. She was the fiercest of Guzma’s girlfriends, and whatever She wanted She took. The others were kind to you, but if they wanted to keep all their teeth they had to keep their mouths shut when She did her thing. A few of the others had passed you by on nights when it was just too cold to sleep, mouthing the words “I’m so sorry” and giving you warm Tapu Cocoa to help alleviate the hurt you felt deep inside your bones. They did other things too such as letting you have extra time with Guzma, the most precious gift any of you had.

During one of these times he’d found out. Inevitably without any protection from the cold and being out in the damp you’d gotten a pretty nasty cold. Every time Guzma came in to kiss you he’d stop and let you hack out a lung. It hurt and he had no idea what was wrong with you.

“What the hell’s the matter?!” He’d asked. Concerned despite the wording. You’d been about to answer that it was nothing when a particularly violent cough shook your body so hard you almost fell off his chair.

“Nah uh babe.” Guzma said, shaking his head from side to side. “I’m getting your ass into bed, you’re too sick to be up.”

You protested in your quiet way the whole trip in his arms to your little green couch. Dread filled your heart when he laid you down and said something about how he “gotta keep you warm in your blankie”. Guzma looked under the couch, in the space beside the arm, everywhere before he paused and looked at you with a dangerous frown.

“Hey,” he said your name, “Where’s yer blankie?”

It sounded so weird hearing him say it so seriously. You were tempted amidst the fear to laugh nervously.

“I… I ‘unno…” you whispered.

“Babe come on.” he said, trying to look into your eyes as you averted him. “Be for real, where’s yer blankie?”

Silence. Then again another “I don’t know”.

“What didja do with it babe??” Guzma demanded. You couldn’t tell him the truth. Only half of it. He asked you again when you paused to cough.

“Gonna ask you one. More. Time.” Guzma told you. Seething. Ready to start screaming because his voice was no more than a hiss through gritted teeth. “And then I’m gonna get fuckin’ pissed off with you. Where’s. Yer. Mother. FUCKIN’. BLANKIE.”

“… lost it…”

“BULLSHIT!” He exploded, repeating the expletive four times before laying into you. By now the whole house was watching it happen. She was there, watching with a smile. The other girlfriends were there, looking on mournfully. Even Gladion, who never came out of his little hovel had come to watch wide eyed and fearful as Guzma screamed and carried on. Unluckily for you Plumeria was out, otherwise she would have intervened immediately.

“YER A LOUSY ASS FUCKIN’ LIAR!” he roared, shaking you roughly by the shoulders and making you frightened. “THE FUCK DO YA THINK YER DOIN’ FUCKIN’ BULLSHITTING ME LIKE THAT?! WHO FUCKIN’ TOOK THAT BLANKET BABE?! TELL ME NOW!”

You couldn’t keep up the lie, but you couldn’t tell him. You were more afraid of Her retaliation than you were of his. All you could do was cry and struggle to breathe through the one good nostril you had that was now clogging with snot, fearful tears dripping down your cheeks and mingling with the sick ones. Eventually he stopped yelling and figured it out when one of the others, Plumeria’s girl, had been watching the spectacle with the other grunts and pointed very subtly to the girl’s room. That was all he needed.

He let you go and sprinted into the girl’s room, throwing things and making them crash against the walls until he came thundering out, your blanket in his hand like a piece of incriminating evidence. You could see Her blanch when his left hand crackled into a fist, looking as though he would commit murder. Guzma was fully capable, had hit before and would hit again, only now he had the lust to kill.

You wished he would take it out on you.

He was too angry to scream anymore. Guzma threw your blanket unceremoniously onto the couch, staying only a moment before he walked through scurrying grunts. His fists collided with walls. He kicked down the door to the girl’s room. Grunts hid in all directions, and She did too, but not before staring you down and giving you a look that told you what would happen after Guzma stopped his rampage and went to bed too full of booze to protect you.

Quietly, slowly, suppressing your coughing so strongly you forgot to breathe, you reached under your couch for your tattered backpack as Guzma began his strangled screaming. You made sure only the essentials were there: your toothbrush, your Pokémon, the few pennies you possessed in this world. There were no other clothes except the ones you wore on your back and one pair of lace underwear that Guzma had stolen for special occasions. You touched the blanket once, recoiled when a bookcase came smashing down somewhere in the house, thought better of it, then clung to it fiercely after you had put your backpack on. It was the only thing from the house you dared to take, and practical too. You didn’t have an umbrella.

Quietly you slid down the stairs and tried not to hear Guzma’s otherworldly howls that ripped from his throat. A vase narrowly missed tearing your face into a million pieces as you ducked its decent from above, letting it shatter on the ground where you once were.

He didn’t hear the front doors close.

Justification of murder and why there are only 13 victims

Ok, guys. So I didnt know it would get to it, but I notice it more and more and I want to address this problem. What problem, you might ask (or not, if you can read headlines).

Justifying murder.

Yep, here we are folks. This is the issue that needs to be addressed, which is so ridiculous in itself that its kinda sad. But thats what it is. This is a dangerously spreading trend especially in the mass shooter community. And dont get me wrong, if youre interested in Columbine and perhaps youre attracted to Eric or Dylan, or any other case/killer for that matter, thats fine. I have no ill will against you. Where my problem with you starts is when you get lost in a fantasy or try to tell me that there is any justification (besides self defence) to murdering someone. And it happens more than you could think at first glance!

15 victims and why teenagers have it better

So if youve been on tumblr’s true crime community for more than a day youve probably noticed that most of the “Columbiners” preach how there are 15 victims of the massacre, while maintaining that they have utmost respect for the inmocent people shot by Dylan and Klebold. From my point of view this statements contradict themselves. How can you claim to have any respect for people who walked to their school to learn and got shot dead, when youre ready to equal their brutal, unprovoked murders to a suicide of the perpetrators?

Now Im not saying they deserved to die, but their deaths arent caused by the Columbine Massacre. They got to choose to die and by chosing death they managed to go out without facing any consequences of their actions. Just imagine how much criticism would someone get if they said Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer was a victim of their own crimes. It would be brutal. While many people just accepted Dylan and Eric as some poster boys for bullying. Which wouldnt be a case if they were just a little bit older. Because teenagers can get away with murder, just as they get away with a lot of things, just because people make them into kids, unable to control themselves, nothing is ever their fault. And when someone opens fire on school kids, you shouldnt to get away with calling them victims of the same massacre. Because everyone is a victim, in one way on another. But you dont see all of the bullied, or mentally ill people taking their problems out on innocent teenagers.

Lets compare them to the Orlando Nightclub shooter. Wasnt he just a sad repressed man who decided to commit suicide by cop? Why isnt he a victim? Cause he took 50 people with him. Sorry, but that makes you lose your victim card when it comes to that massacre.

The blame game

What I also stumbled upon in my adventures in the dark side of Tumblr were people who will blame: the parents, the school, antidepressants and everything they can think of rather then putting a blame on the only people that should be blamed. The perpetrators. They talk about how sad Eric would be if he heard his father thought he was involved in the shooting. Even though its a rare example of parents actually knowing their kid enough to see something was wrong with them.

As for bullying, they didnt even kill any. They aimed for anyone. Because they didnt care. It wasnt as much a quest for revange, but an ultimate act of teenage rebellion- chaotic, reckless and short lived.

And in the end it doesnt matter how much they were victimized before the shooting. It was their decision take up a gun. Bullying didnt pull the trigger.

Hybristophilia blues

Now, you can treat it as a separate rant, or not. But these things Im about to point out are inherently linked.

There are a lot of people out there that are attracted to serial killers and mass shooters. And there’s nothing wrong with this. You can control who you find visually pleasing and hybristophilia is a real thing. But the problem starts when you actually have fallen in love with them. Or rather your romanticized version of them. The anti-hero, the misunderstood martyr. A dream partner for many people. They will say how they love them and would “change” them if they were just given a chance. Which is encouraged by the “15 victims” mentality.

Some of the TCC folk, as a call for attention or genuine (misplaced) feelings will claim they are “friends” with killers, or even that they communicate with them.

Lastly, I wanted to say how disturbed I am by adults in the Columbine community, being sometimes just as much deluded as the young people, when they should be the voice of reason. I saw many young people who were way more mature about their hobbies. So why are adult people encouraging these bahaviours? Columbine can be interesting but with a community full of people like this constantly linked to it, people are turned away from being associated with it.

Just understand that you can be interested with a person, you can be attracted to them and you can feel sympathy for anyone you wish, without having to justify their evil deeds.

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the kirishimas are really annoying frankly they dont deserve to be in the goats. touka is so violent to him even despite his past abuses and trauma and ayato is a disgusting person who'd almost kill his own sister. i dont like touka but doing that to family is so gross. i think he completely deserved getting his bones broken but i think kaneki should hav done more to make his suffer even more and touka should have seen it

also they are so thirsty for kaneki and hinami it makes me want to laugh about how big of losers they are kaneki and hina deserve better people who are supportive and kind to them not these disgusting barbaric siblings who are a disgrace

Hello anon thank you for your really sweet message. Here’s a little something for you:

Long af rant under the cut. 

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Tease ; Jeno

Characters: Jeno [NCT DREAM] / Fem!Chubby!Reader 
Genre: Slight angst, fluff
A/N: all body shapes are beautiful in their own way~ also i was listening to dont recall [kard] while writing this so–


Originally posted by chittaphon-trash

Jeno smiled at his phone screen, arousing suspicion between the Dream members. “Jeno,” Renjun drawled, waving a hand in front of his face. His attempts to bring his attention away from his phone were futile, as his hand just got pushed away.

“What’s up with Jeno-hyung?” Jisung asked as he chewed on his fries (that he was sharing with Jaemin). “He’s been smiling like that for half an hour,” Jaemin added. The rest of the members crowded around the happy boy, their curiosity growing when he payed no mind to them. 

Donghyuk peered over his shoulder and gaped at what he saw; his best friend. Upon seeing his reaction, everyone else followed. Mark looked at Jeno in shock. “Why’re you looking at pictures of [Y/N]?” he asked. Jeno finally snapped out of his reverie, turning red at being caught. He immediately turned his phone off and placed it face-down on his lap

Chenle nudged Mark, looking at the oldest incredulously. “Really? Isn’t it obvious why he’s looking at pictures of her?” The rest of the boys nodded, leaving Mark to piece it together on his own as they went back to pestering Jeno.

“If you like her,” Jaemin began, ignoring Mark’s flabbergasted expression, “why do you tease her so much?” He then gasped, staring at Jeno in mock accusation. “I didn’t know you were that kind of person, Jeno-hyung.”

Jeno blushed harder. “Am I not allowed to like someone?” he mumbled, his words barely coherent. Donghyuk and Jisung looked up at each other, both smiling maniacally. “Since I’m better friends with [Y/N] than all of you, I can talk to her and–”

“No!” Jeno shook his head vehemently. He looked as though he was about to ignite in flames because of how red he was. Mark chuckled, patting Jeno on the shoulder, “let’s leave him be. He might want to look of pictures of [Y/N] alone.” Jeno turned to Mark with a look of betrayal, eyes wide and jaw agape.

“Hyung,” Jisung laughed, “that sounds dirty. Gross.” Despite Jisung’s words, the boys listened – for the most part – and evacuated the living room. Donghyuk, however stayed behind with a serious expression, unlike the one he had moments before.

“About [Y/N],” Jeno interrupted Donghyuk before he could go on, covering his face. “If you tease me about this too, I’ll explode.” Donghyuk shook his head, moving Jeno’s hands away from his face.

“This is serious, hyung. I’m not supposed to tell you this, but [Y/N] likes you too.” Jeno’s eyes lit up, looking at Donghyuk expectantly. “But recently she’s gone to me, sad and in tears.” Jeno frowned at his words, straightening up instantly.

“She’s like that because of you.” Donghyuk sighed, running a hand through his already tousled hair. Jeno’s frowned deepened, his eyes dropping to his lap. “Me?” Donghyuk nodded, wearing a frown that rivaled Jeno’s. “Don’t you know that she’s already insecure about her weight? Teasing her isn’t helping your crush on her.”

Jeno bit his lip, furrowing his brow. Donghyuk, admittedly, had not seen Jeno frown so much in a while. “I don’t mean to hurt her feelings,” he sighed, “I just never know what to say around her and I start panicking and then I–” he stopped himself dropping his head in his hands. The thought of you in tears, because of him no less, sent him in a hurricane of negative emotions.

Donghyuk pitied Jeno and rubbed his back gently. “If you want [Y/N] to keep her feelings for you, you should treat her nicely.” With a final pat on the back, Donghyuk stood. Without saying another word, he left the living room.

Jeno wasn’t at all ready when Mark announced that they were having a guest in the dorms. That guest, to his dismay, was you. Images conjured up in his mind, images of you in tears, images of you shunning him–

Even images of you telling him that you never wanted to see him again.

Seeing his distress, Donghyuk gave him a look of sympathy. “Is something wrong?” Taeyong asked, seeing Jeno’s obvious inner conflict. The members of NCT, most of whom were in the room, looked at Jeno with concern. Smiling, Jaemin shook his head, waddling through everyone to get to Jeno. “He probably just remembered a big project we have yet to finish,” he fibbed.

Yuta didn’t look convinced. “Are you sure?”

The rest of Dream, seemingly having caught up with Jaemin’s plan, nodded. They’d feel bad for lying to the older members, but it was obvious that Jeno didn’t want to deal with questions at the moment.

A knock resonated throughout the dorms, bringing Jeno’s thoughts to a halt. Mark moved over to the front door and opened it, revealing you. Jeno admired you from a distance, afraid to open his mouth now that he knew the repercussions. 

He watched in silence as you greeted the other members respectfully, being younger than a majority of them. When you turned to him, you froze. Jeno noticed and merely offered a timid smile before looking away.

The day went on, with Jeno barely muttering a word to you. You noticed his odd silence and became confused. “Donghyuk,” you whispered, not wanting the others to hear. When Donghyuk turned to you, you continued. “Is Jeno avoiding me?”

Donghyuk glanced over to your shoulder at Jeno, who was currently talking with Johnny and Jaehyun. He smiled at you, shaking his head. “He just has things on his mind, is all.”

You frowned, looking over at Jeno as well. He was smiling as he talked, making you feel a mixture of emotions. “Doesn’t look like it,” you said softly.

“Let’s watch a movie,” Chenle suddenly suggested. A chorus of answers followed, all agreeing to the suggestion. Taeyong held up a hand, “pick an appropriate one, we have children present.”

Halfway through the movie, a very pretty actress appeared on screen. “Wow,” you gasped. “She’s so pretty.” You kept your voice quiet, not wanting to disturb the others, who were seemingly entranced by the movie. “Do you think, if I tried, I could look like that too?” you whispered to Donghyuk. Jeno, who had heard you, muttered under his breath. “No.”

Unfortunately for him, you heard Jeno speak. You shut your mouth, feeling tears pool up in your eyes. You looked down at your lap, your hands shaky. You didn’t like how you looked already, but hearing Jeno, of all people, send hurtful words toward you hurt

Not wanting to get caught crying in front of the boys, you excused yourself and moved to the bathroom. Jeno, however, saw a single tear escape as you walked off. Donghyuk was about to get up, but Jeno beat him to it, following after you. 

The older members, who didn’t have a clue about the situation, looked over confused. “Why did Jeno follow her to the bathroom?” Doyoung asked Donghyuk, to which he explained to the best of his ability.

Before you could even reach the bathroom, Jeno caught your wrist. You looked down, not wanting him to see the tears you were shedding. “Do you need something?” you asked, trying to keep your voice level. Jeno gently turned you around, but you kept your head down. 

Lifting your chin with the touch of a finger, Jeno frowned at the sight of your tears. Sighing, he wiped them away. You looked away. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled, frowning. “It’s fine,” you muttered.

Shaking his head, Jeno hugged you. “It’s not fine, I’m making you cry,” he voice was soft as he spoke, trying to comfort you even in the slightest. “I don’t mean the things I say,” he whispered into your hair, “that doesn’t make it any better, but it’s true.”

“Then why do you say them?” you mumbled, trying to get out of his grasp. Jeno only brought you closer to his chest. “I don’t know,” he sighed, “whenever I see you, I have so many good things to say to you, but for some reason I just…” he trailed off.

“I like you, if that’s any consolation,” he mumbled, burying his face in your neck. You gasped, subconsciously gripping the material of his shirt in your hands. “I know that doesn’t make up for what I’ve done, but I promise I’ll be nice from now on.”

You pulled away, making his expression drop. Maybe you had lost feelings for him after all. You searched his eyes, looking for any hint that he was lying. However, his eyes only held sincerity clouded with sadness. “I,” you began, biting your lip nervously.

“I like you too, Jeno.”

His eyes lit up happily, taking your hands in his. “By the way,” you averted your eyes once again. “Earlier, you said no. Did you mean that one?”

Jeno shook his head, squeezing your hands slightly. “If you ever wish to lose weight, I’ll support you, but truthfully,” he smiled, “I think you’re already perfect the way you are.”

The sound of numerous boys cheering and whooping surprised you. You and Jeno turned around to see everyone watching from the end of the hallway. “I didn’t know Jeno could be like that,” Yukhei mumbled. Beside him, Jungwoo nodded.

lmao the end wtf

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For some reason I can picture Amy getting Jake into Doctor Who- like he thinks it's some weird nerdy thing but ends up being the biggest fan ever- do you have any other headcanons on them watching TV together/being huge Whovians?

HOW DID U KNOW I LOVE DOCTOR WHO anyway because I’m a Loser who’s not seen Classic Who this will only be centered around New Who feel free to tag in with Classic Who HCs if you want!!

  • Jake isn’t sure whether he’ll end up getting into Doctor Who because Harry Potter has magic but Doctor Who has science??? He almost burned down a lab in high school what if he doesn’t get it?? But he trusts and loves Amy so he watches it anyway
  • He ends up LOVING IT majorly, to the point where he mimics the opening theme of the show every time going DIUW DIUW DIUUUUWWW DIUW DIUW DIUUUUUWWW and it makes Amy laugh because he loves!! another thing she introduced him to!!
  • Jake gets really upset whenever a doctor regenerates because NOOOO I LOVED HIM SO MUCH I DONT WANT A NEW DOCTOR AMES!!
  • he always gets mad and threatens not to watch Doctor Who anymore, but then Amy puts on the next episode and Jake falls in love with the next doctor and the cycle Repeats
  • One night, Jake and Amy get drunk while watching Doctor Who and Jake starts crying because he wishes Peter Capaldi/Twelve were his dad instead of his actual dad, because Twelve wouldn’t walk out on him!! Plus Jake would’ve gotten a Cool Scottish Accent, which is the only thing he’s ever wanted in life
  • Amy attempts to comfort him over not having a space dad but because she’s had Four Drinks the comfort is copulative in nature
  • Jake’s scared of the Weeping Angels because he tries not blinking for as long as he can whenever there’s a Weeping Angels episode and he fails to not blink for as long as the Doctor or any of the companions and he freaks out over how he’s gonna get killed by a Weeping Angel
  • This results in spontaneous very competitive Blink Offs between Jake and Amy, they even try cheating by making kissy faces and funny faces at each other to try to get the other person to blink
  • sometimes these kissy faces make them Actually Kiss, and they have to stop watching Doctor Who that night for Other Activities
  • Jake thinks the Daleks are really fun to imitate, and sometimes Jake scares Amy into waking up by going right next to her face saying ‘EXTERMINATE’
  • This always scares the hell out of Amy but she gets revenge by putting a tiny angel figurine next to their bed on Jake’s side (claiming it was a gift from her mom), and then one day changing it to a mini Weeping Angels figurine as a prank
  • Jake’s never been so scared and he vows never to imitate a Dalek again for his entire life
  • He fails
  • Jake loves the sonic screwdriver because he’s too lazy to get out his keys and having the sonic screwdriver would be perfect
  • But then after talking up the conveniences of having a sonic screwdriver he realizes he would Have to use it for Way Cooler Stuff
  • Way Cooler Stuff becomes world domination plans and they have fun discussing all the things they could do if they had a sonic screwdriver
  • When Jake goes to prison Amy wishes even more for a sonic screwdriver so she can get Jake out of there
  • Or even better, an actual TARDIS so they can ditch jail and go to Paris. Or even even better, SPACE PARIS
  • But the thoughts about Doctor Who just end up making Amy feel sadder because watching Doctor Who feels so much more empty and quiet without Jake by her side, warm and silly and full of love, so close by and touchy
  • The couch is just so big without Jake even though it doesn’t look big when she stands up and looks at it, kind of like the TARDIS
  • Jake’s actually played a sonic screwdriver related prank on Amy once, by replacing all the screwdrivers in her tool box with sonic screwdrivers
  • turns out he did know about her secret tool box and all the screwdrivers in there got replaced too
  • “Amy, of course I know you have a back up tool box– what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t pull off a foolproof prank on you??”
  • She’s slightly charmed at the attention to detail he put into the prank but also can he please return the normal screwdrivers now there is something we have to fix
  • Jake’s like sure I put them all behind this couch let me just reach over and grab them except OOPS ALL THOSE HAVE BEEN REPLACED WITH SONIC SCREWDRIVERS TOO
  • Amy’s completely exasperated because how many sonic screwdrivers does Jake have??
  • “Yeah… I accidentally bought them in bulk online because I got too excited and clicked the wrong thing. Hence this prank.”
  • Jake and Amy discuss who between them would be the Doctor and who would be the Companion. It’s a very short discussion because Jake’s immediately like AMES, you’re super smart of course you’re the Doctor and I’m the super hot companion
  • Amy still Insists that Jake dress up as the Doctor for Halloween though because she badly wants to see him rock a nice suit. He picks Eleven and wears a bow tie that almost makes Amy want to cry a little and buy him many more bow ties
  • Jake also wears a fez as part of his Eleven cosplay because he’s cute and also Fezzes Are Cool
  • Except Amy dresses up as The Master/Missy which strangely gets Jake going because Damn
  • He keeps calling her 'Master’ throughout the entire night which causes Trick or Treating to end early because Jake has to go home to serve his Master
  • Jake also really likes Captain Jack Harkness for… reasons…
Prompt Master list!!!!!!!

I do requests for:
Team 10 house - all cast
Teen wolf -all cast
One direction - all cast
5 seconds of summer -all cast
Chicago fire/med/PD -all cast
Buttercream squad - all cast
Harry Potter - all cast
Marvel - all cast
Vanoss gaming crew - all cast
The vampire diaries - all cast
Twilight (all movies) - all cast

Shawn Mendes
ED sheeran
Cody simpson
Zac efron
Channing tatum
Chris hemsworth
Liam hemsworth
Chris pratt
Justin beiber
Chris pine
Jonas brothers - all

To request:
●I need the grouping or person you want.
●A prompt from the list below (can be morethan one. Max is 5)
●Little bit about you if you want me to put you in it.
●a plot or backround of the imagine if you want (i can make it up)

If i do not have your fandom or personal you would want messege me and i will do research and let you know if i can do it or not. Xx

1. “Stop moaning you big baby”
2. “Stop winking”
3. “Why did you have to be a smart person?”
4. “You’ve got to be kidding me”
5. “Wht the hell are you drinking. At this hour?”
6. “Take. A. God. Damn. Break.”
7. “Shit, im sorry”
8. “How did you manage to be this stupid?”
9. “Your hair is so soft”
10. “Sorry. I just got lost in your eye’s”
11. “What are you writing about?”
12. “I love you”
13. “Is that my t-shirt?”
14. “Please don’t leave me”
15. “Please say something…”
16. “We collide”
17. “Thats a stupid rule”
18. “How are you so pretty?”
19. “What the fuck?”
20. “You wanna go!?”
21. “Even the best fall down sometimes”
22. “You and i. We’ll be alright”
23. “What are you even saying?”
24. “Do that again”
25. “Please don’t”
26. “Hold me back!?”
27. “Oh its on”
28. “When i look into your eye’s its over”
29. “I feel lucky like a four leaf clover”
30. “How are you so tall?”
31. “Not in that drawer!!”
32. “Dont touch that”
33. “Im always going to be here”
34. “Help me up asshole”
35. “Ill show you where my shoe fits!
36. "Dont tell me to shut up”
37. “Dont dare touch me.”
38. “Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment!?”
39. “Country music is always the best”
40. “whatever she’s got”
41. “Dont you know how to clean?”
42. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
43. “Is that the best you can do?”
44. “Dont you dare throw that snowbal-OKAY THATS IT!”
45. “You’ll catch flies”
46. “Im a little drunk on you”
47. “I touched the butt…”
48. “Its too cold! Come back”
49. “No. im not letting you go. Its too early to get up”
50. “C'mere, you can sit in my lap till im done working”
51. “Im not going to stop poking you untill you give me some attention”
52. “Just pretend to be my date”
53. “I think im in love with you. And im absolutely terrified”
54. “Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day”
55. “Its not bad to cry. In fact i think it make a person stronger”
56. “I remember practicing asking you out in the mirrior..”
57. “Let’s just stay in bed”
58. “We live together, you can’t blame anyone else for this.”
59. “I want to try for a baby”
60. “I think i might be pregnant”
61. “Think about it. The little patter of children in out home”
62. “I want to marry you”
63. “I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It’ll save water”
64. “You lost your chance.”
65. “Dont look at me like that”
66. “Pack your shit and go. Get out of my sight.”
67. “I dont want to live in a broken home.”
68. “I cant do this anymore. Not with you.”
69. “I tried to move on but no body is you.”
70. “Please take me back.”
71. “Maybe im meant to be alone.”
72. “I fell like everyone has forgotten me. Like i dont exist.”
73. “Ive been alone for so long…”
74. “I can’t Belive you’d do this to me.”
75. “What about me!? Did you ever think of that?!”
76. “Did you think i wouldn’t find out?”
77. “Im going to skip the "how?” And “why?” And go straight to your cleaning this up.“
78. "Its 11:00pm, why are you making cupcakes?”
79. “Aphroadite ain’t got nothing on your beauty. Trust me”
80. “Sorry im rambling” “it’s okay. I like hearing you talk”
81. “You were supposed to be my forever”
82. “Pfft. the stars have nothing on your eye’s, doll”
83. “Im mad at you because i love you.”
84. “I cane to this city to ment my broken heart. Never imagined i would find you to help me piece it back together”
85. “Is that a turtle?”
86. “The heater broke and im freezing, can i sleep with you?”
87. “I hear cuddling helps you sleep better, wanna try it out?”
88. “I know how to settle this. DANCE OFF!!”
89. “Will you stope stroking my hair and whispering ‘my precious’?”
90. “Are you eating a jar of nuttella in one sitting?” “I have problems. Leave me be”
91. “If you insist”
92. “Thank you kind sir” “your welcome m'lady”
93. “I think you two should get married”
94. “ are you from Starbucks cause i like you a latte”
95. “Seriously?”
96. “I hate you.”
97. “Stop being cheesy.”
98. “I’ll slap you.”
99. “Since when did you cook?”
100. “You know what! I love you. I fucking love you okay!?”
101. “Could you help me”
102. “Fuck off.”
103. “You lied.”
104. “You think that im going to fogive you after all you put me through?”
105. “You broke what?!”
106. “Im sorry run that by me again”
107. “Its not nearly as bad as it looks, Darling”
108. “Frankly i couldn’t care less.”
109. “I don’t know where she gets it from”
110. “Bring that pretty little butt over here”
111. “We have to pretend to be married”
112. “Why are you dressed like that?”
113. “At what point did you think tbis was a good idea?!”
114. “Let me love you old school”
115. “You had me at 'free pizza”
116. “Why are you always pushing me away?”
117. “How did you even get that up there?!”
118. “You’re evil”
119. “The sign said not to push the button, so naturally i had to push it”
120. “That came out wrong”
121. “I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”
122. “I just came to dance”
123. “You know my name?!”
124. “Oh, you beautiful weirdo”
125. “How bout dat!”
126. “Ive never felt this way about anyone before…and it scares the crap out of me”
127. “None of this makes sense”
128. “You have a wicked sense of humor”
129. “I won’t let you fall.”
130. “Do you remember me? We were only 15”
131. “Your voice is like a melody, i could listen to you all day”
132. “Im your’s”
133. “Im only human!”
134. “Must be love on the brain”
135. “What do you want from me?!”
136. “Don’t mind if i do”
137. “Shut up and kiss me”
138. “Dork”
139. “Asshole”
140. “Ah, but i am cute”
141. “You will forever remember this as the day you nearly caught captain jack sparrow.”
142. “You did all this for me?!”
143. “What ate you afraid of?”
144. “What the hell was that?”
145. “Well the powers out”
146. “What now”
146. “Well. This sucks.”
147. “Awkward”
148. “May i have this dance?”
149. “Hand’s and eye’s off mate.”
150. “She’s mine.”
151. “Don’t freak out….but i think we got married last night.”
152. “Somebody is in love”
153. “You what?!”
154. “Did i stutter?!!”
155. “Fuck you.” “Please do.”
156. “I can’t wait to grow old with you”
157. “Why are you covered in mud?”
158. “You take one more step towards me and i will knock you on your ass.”
159. “Let him go. It’s me you want”
160. “Dont deny it.”
161. “Okay. This is seriously creeping me out”
162. “We have to find a way to make this work.”
163. “Is that…my picture in your wallet/ home screen?”
164. “If he asked. I’d be his”
165. “Come over here and make me.”
166. “Wanna bet?!”
167. “Pfft. Hold my beer.”
168. “Do you….well….i mean…i could give you a massage?”
169. “Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed?”
170. “Kiss me.”
171. “Marry me?”
172. “Im pregnant.”
173. “I wish i could hate you.”
174. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
174. “Please…dont do this…”
176. “I love you….”
177. “Is it really you?!”
178. “I’ve missed you”
179. “Boo.”
180. “Have you seen th- oh…”
181. “Shit.”
182. “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go and get ice-cream?!”
183. “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”
184. “The only thing i want is you.”
185. “Are you ticklish?”
186. “PILLOW FIGHT!!!”
187. “Fight me”
188. “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.”
189. “I need you to pretend we’re dating…”
190. “Im not leaving you.”
191. “Please…let me go.”
192. “You weren’t even going to say goodbye. Were you?”
193. “Im hopelessly in love with you.”
194. “I bet i can make you scream my name”
195. “Pervert!”
196. “Childish. Thats all you are.”
197. “I love you a lot. But stop trying to cook me dinner. You suck”
198. “If you shove cake in my face. This will be the worst wedding night of your life.”
199. “I bet its a girl/boy”
201. “Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build a pillow fort. Not me”
202. “Your dad is really excited to see you soon…its driving me crazy”
203. “I think we should have another”
204. “Are you drunk?”
205. “Im flirting with you”
206. “I had to see you again”
207. “Our baby is the cutest”
208. “I cant wait to meet you”

again my personal taste has a lot to do with why i prefer frozen, and i think anybody who knows me irl and knows what i enjoy would guess which movie l’d have preference to.

like honestly if didney set out to make a princess movie specifically targeting me, besides pirates it would be frozen,,

visually the darker blue/green/purple colour scheme is one i really like, i more or less even based my prom dress on those colours that’s how much i enjoy them. and frozen has a lot of those in both constume and setting.

hell, just the scenery of fjords is something i love, this movie made me go to norway so i could see the landscapes in person.

another visual motif i adore are slavic decorative paintings. the early concepts of frozen had more slavic tones to it but norwegian traditional art shares a lot in common in both art and clothing. i love the background details in the movie showcasing them, i wish there was more

as somebody who greatly appreciates films set in a certain historic location, i think it’s easy to understand why tangled didn’t fit the bill as much. it more or less takes place in fantasy fairy tale land of no discernible location which works for the movie, but is a thing that never stuck with me. 

tangled more or less based its visuals on 18th-19th century romantic european paintings and illustration. which is something in itself that i like the concept of, but i think the aesthetic wasn’t pushed so hard in the final film. which i can understand, because tonally it wouldnt fit the movie so much, and i think in general that artstyle would mesh more in a hand drawn or very stylized 3d film instead. i guess that extra ‘push’ of historic concepts is what i wish for.

finally as for music, i am slut for theatre and frozen’s music direction is more towards the musical theatre area and i also love wicked so theres that. tangled is more towards the pop genre which i am less partial to.

and as for character design, physiologicially i dont hold either characters’ physiques above another, i just really like norwegian dresses.

tl;dr: i like frozen better than tangled on a basis of personal taste and aesthetic, somebody could just as easily do the same thing favouring tangled and neither opinion is right or wrong.

You're my Alpha...

Klaus x F!VampireReader So Klaus did something to make his girlfriend upset. Mind you she never gets upset at Klaus. So he gets mad and says things, but when Elijah defends the reader, Klaus becomes Jealous unsure if Elijah wants his lady love. Warnings:Kissing nothing too much, well fluffy maybe. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Story start: Y/N walked around the room, the dining room to be exact. She was so mad at him. Soo angry at her love. She had dealt with Klaus’ actions for years, understanding his point of view, defending him when others wanted to kill him. Yet she couldn’t understand why he would do something this stupid! She was walking around the dining room, setting up the table for their family dinner. She wanted to smash these plates against his skull he made her that mad. What did he do exactly? Well he overstepped his role, Jackson is leader of the pack, and cares so much for Hope, yet Klaus in his stubbornness doesn’t see that and threatened her bestfriend and her best friend’s husband. She saw the whole thing and she couldn’t believe it. After the fact, he had tried to kiss her she walked away from him. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡"Y/N, how are you this evening?“ Elijah stepped into the room now with a kind smile to her. The smile faded when he looked at her face, looking rather anger and mean. Elijah never seeing her frown in all the time he has known her was worried. "Is everything alright?” He said placing a gentle hand on her arm. “Just fine…” she mumbled. “Y/N In the 60 years I have known you, there had never been a frown on your beautiful face.” Elijah said tilting her head toward himself. He had no romantic feelings for her but considered her as his sister. She looked down and walked away from him to continue setting the table, no longer speaking. Causing Elijah to frown now. He knew Klaus had done something, her and his brother had gotten into a relationship just last spring, but she was part of their family for 50 years, Elijah met her 10 years before his siblings. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Elijah sighed and helped her with the table amd setting the food down. He would not force her to comfide in him if she truly did not wish to. Just then the rest of the Mikaelson clan joined them, all except for the Hybrid, well not yet at least. All eyes went straight to Y/N. Y/N was not the one for sad, or angry moods. She was full of life, laughter, fun and joy, this was strange to them. They all sat at the table, Y/N switching seats with Rebekah so now she sat next to Elijah who was at the end of the table while Rebekah would be seated next to Klaus who sat at the head. Jackson sat on the other side of Elijah, Hayley next to him then Rebekah then the other side of would be Klaus Kol, Freya and Y/N herself. They sat there, not eating waiting for Klaus to show. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡When Klaus walked in finally (10 minutes late) Y/N did not look at him. Klaus noticed the odd seating arrangements but said nothing as he took his seat. “So where were you Niklaus?” Elijah asked taking a sip of his wine. Y/N ate in silence not looking up from her food as Klaus answered. “At the store.” He answered then looking at his lady love. “My dear, where were you this evening? I wanted you to join me for my little adventure to the market.” He asked smirking at her. When she did not even acknowledge him his smirk fell. “It is a bit odd that you Nik would be shopping.” Rebekah replied so Klaus would make a scene, he hated being ignored. “There were two very special items I went to buy for two very special ladies in my life.” Hoping Y/N would take interest in his sentence, his fist clenched as she continued to ignore him. Freya sensing the tension she placed a hand on Y/N hand, trying to bring her into the conversation. “Isn’t that wonderful? Hope and you can turn the hybrid prince into such a lost puppy.” She smiled hoping Y/N would at least smile back. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Y/N looked at Freya not amused and continued eating, causing the whole table except Klaus to stare at her with concern, even Hayley’s eyes softened knowing exactly what was wrong. “Y/N, we are fine…” Hayley said holding Jackson’s hand. Elijah added in, “Smile for us dearest…” he said placing a hand on her arm. “You’re making me sad luv.” Kol added with Rebekah nodding in agreement. “Forgive me” Y/N finally said getting up from her chair. “Excuse me” she turned walking out. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ “What did I do?” Klaus asked, not looking at anyone he was playing with his food. “I was going to ask you the same thing Brother.” Elijah replied resting his chin on his hands. “The conversation that happened earlier today Klaus” Hayley said. Klaus sighed. “She needs to learn just like the rest of you, that things will be handled my way. Its all for the safety of our daughter.” Hayley sighed. Elijah raised an eyebrow. “So she finally saw how you truly are when you want to be in control of everything?” Klaus slammed his hand on the table. “What I say or do is for the better interest of this family! And if she doesn’t understand that she is not apart of my family!” Klaus said yelling loud enough Y/N heard everything “And if she wishes to act like a child then so be it I don’t need her!” Klaus finished sitting back down a smirk returning to his face. “And if she doesn’t like it she could just leave…” ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Elijah’s face turned very dark and his voice was low and stern. “I suggest you hold your tongue, it is because of Y/N that all of us are sitting at this table as a family. She has always been by your side the moment she met you, never for one second doubting you, never betraying you, she has been nothing but loyal to you and has defended you when even I have come against you. Her love for you is strong and pure, she is disappointed in what she may have seen and heard today, she is acting like no child Niklaus, the only child I see here is you..” Elijah said tossing his napkin infront of him getting up aNd excusing himself. Leaving Klaus no longer smirking, but thinking about what he had said. “I love family dinners” Kol awkwardly said. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Y/N hearing everything that was said now sat alone in her room. It was Elijah’s room but he had moved out when Hayley got married. She sat there not knowing how to feel, Klaus was so quick to crush her, to hurt her. Yet she wanted to forgive him, she was acting abit childishly but giving him the silent treatment, there was a soft knock at her door, she glanced seeing it was Elijah. “I came to tell you, you are very welcomed to come stay with me if you wanted a break from Niklaus…” he smiled. She looked at him, got her from the bed and hugged him. He was taken back but he hugged and held her, resting his chin on her head. They stood that way for 2 minutes. Not knowing Klaus saw and was filled with jealousy. When Y/N and Elijah parted he kissed her forehead, total big brother style. “Thank you for the offer but I’ll be okay here for now.” She finally smiled that day, for him, Klaus heart sank while Elijah’s smile grew. “As you wish,but if you change your mind, call me.” And he parted giving her one last look waving slightly. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ With Elijah now gone Klaus vamp sped infront of her causing her to raise an eyebrow. “What is the purpose of your face?” She asked. Klaus cracked his neck trying to control his anger. “Well the purpose of my face as you put it is for the fact you ignored me completely during dinner, my older brother who I dont think has brotherly affections for you as he says, telling me off after you storm off like a child. Then when I start to feel regret for the things I said after you left which I am very sure you heard I came to apologize and try to make it up to you, find you and Elijah having an intimate moment, so the purpose of my face is extremely-” she cut him “Jealous…” he raised an eyebrow “You think me jealous ?” “Know…” she replied. His eyes started to glow his hybrid showing. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡"Elijah is my brother, I am his sister, nothing more, do not try to turn out spat around on me. You were ridiculous today. Hayley and Jackson our allies, why would you overstep Jackson’s leadership? You are n-“ he cut her off "I am alpha! And just because yours and Hayley’s petty feelings were hurt does not give you any right to intrude or put your unwantes opinions on how I go about protecting my child!” He growled. “You are alpha, mine…” his eyes changed, he took that very sexually. And now anger was out the window. “You lead me, and I follow, someone goes after you I defend you, I am your sword and your shield…you are alpha of our pack. But I beg of you to lay off of Jackson and Hayley, we are all thinking of your child. And I am sorry that I was rude to you my love… I just didn’t know how to handle how I was feeling. I’m so used to being on your side, that I don’t know what to do when I disagree with you…” she sighed cupping his face giving him a light kiss. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Klaus kissed her back. “I am sorry for what I said at dinner…” she smiled “And I am sorry for my lack of thing said at dinner.” He chuckled. “I guess I can try to be easier on the wolves…no promises.” He added. “Fine.” She said wrapping her arms around his neck. “Oh and dearest?” He said, she tilted her head “Yes?” His smirk turned seductive “Be very careful when you call me your alpha…” she smiled “And why should I be careful?” She said walking backwards leading him deeper into the bedroom. He kicked the door closed behind him kissing her neck. “Because, I will make you submit to me…” she sighed in delight has he kissed her neck. “You wouldn’t make me…” Klaus looked at her face his eyes darkened with lust.“I would submit to you very willingly…"she finished. Klaus smiled and picked her up kissing her roughly. And submit she shall… ♡fin♡Gif does not belong to me. Sorry if this was bad, more loving for Klaus coming up! Xoxo

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Reacting to you being filophobic

Requested by @iwantmydragon

Filophobia - the fear of falling in love, romantic moments and expressing their love.

(This ones a toughie)


Will be very cautious with his actions, taking your feelings into consideration. It will be hard at first since we all know Youngbin is the master of skinship and affection, but he will keep it all to a minimum , even when you’ve told him he doesn’t need to.
“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, please tell me if I do.”

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Will take precautions, but will still treat you normally. Assures you time and time again that the way you are does not bother him one bit.
“I like you the way you are, don’t worry about that okay?”

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Makes sure to show you his support. Validates your phobia, tries not to get angry at your sudden outbursts and holds you tightly through rough times.
“Be comfortable with me, okay sweetie?”

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Wont understand exactly what you mean at first, but after he does a thorough internet investigation, he’ll make sure to watch the things he does. That doesn’t mean he wont show you his love, that would be almost impossible to him. If he ever ended up saying something way too cheesy or romantic, he will panic internally a bit, even after you reassure him time after time.
“Was that too much? Sometimes its hard to control myself haha.”

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You’re going off on a fit, throwing out insults about yourself and telling him he should get a better partner, someone who will love him without fear. He’ll pat your head gently, staying calm even in such a situation.
“Why would I ever want anybody else?”

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You open up to him, saying how you feel bad that you’re taking longer to fall in love with him than other people would. He smiles at you, hugging you tightly.
"It doesn’t matter if you love me tomorrow, in a month, in a year or even if you never actually do. Lets just have fun together, okay?”

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He confessed those three words to you. Your phobia starts acting out and you have a small panic attack. He rubs your back as you go through it, and after you feel better, he will apologize. You tell him not to, that you’re not upset that he said it, and you tell him you’re filophobic. You say it could be hard for you to fall in love with him back, let alone tell him. He smiles at you warmly.
“Dont worry. It doesn’t bother me, being by your side is enough for me.”

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While you’re still in the beginning phases of your relationship, you decide to tell Hwiyoung about your phobia. He is obviously upset, but swallows the feeling because he knows you can’t help it. You tell him you wish there was a cure for your phobia, but he just shakes his head.
“You don’t need one, there’s nothing wrong with you. Don’t think that okay? ”

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He wont treat you any differently because of it, only because Chani isn’t really one to be extremely romantic or need validation. He will just want to spend his time with you and have fun.
“As long as we’re both happy, then its fine. If anything is wrong, you tell me okay?”

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This one was really hard to write!! I had trouble since I can’t even imagine how it would be like to have this phobia, so it was a little difficult to picture it. I hope I didn’t insult anybody…

And remember that whatever fear you have, you are VALID. ❤

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