i wish i could make quality gifs

This is fanart for @marinette-buginette‘s awesome drabble for Marichat May, which you can read HERE.

Thank you to everyone who watched my streams for this piece, to everyone who encouraged me and gave me feedback and advice and support (especially @dracoskullart) while I embarked on this endeavor! This is my first time doing something like this, and I had a blast over the course of the past week and some XD There are still things I wish I could have improved, and there are some mistakes I won’t make next time, but for now I am proud of me < :D

I haven’t slept in 24 hours… *passes out*

(Also, I have no clue why the quality is so grainy!? =_=)  


Go HERE to see non-grainy version!!!

My entry for @lackadaisycats ’s Halloween contest! I hope the quality is okay haha
I’ve been a fan of Lackadaisy for a while so its about time I did some fanart! Each update makes me wanna cry– its so beautiful and funny and it really inspires me to keep working on my own comic :’^)

This was prolly the fastest I’ve ever done a fully cleaned up and coloured animation…this took me 6 hours I think? Wish I could’ve added Rocky’s stripes but that wouldve taken 30 years. Anywayyyy please go read+support Lackadaisy– it’s an amazing comic!!! 😊

A second piece of artwork you gals! I know it looks really bad and the art has a different quality than my traditional piece, but I hope you guys like it! I could make one for Boris as well( When he’s ‘older’. I’m pretty sure babies don’t jump up and down like this.)!



This is pretty cute?!

I wish I could do something like that!

-Mod Mama

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Hi guys.

It’s me chucky now known as nc2t (rip annyeongpabo). The last time I made a ff was like 10 years ago, but on 04/13 I created this blog and I wanted to express how grateful that you guys still make my tumblr experience so great. Also this is my first time where kai is not my picture.. but have my beautiful 2t boys instead ♥

To all my followers:
Even though my blog had a few changes throughout the end of 2015 & 2016 most of you guys stayed with me. I have lost a shit ton of of followers, but I still have 8k+ people who seem to enjoy what I am blogging about. So thank you for that! I appreciate each one of you and wish you all the best ♥

To all the people I am following:
Thank you once again for making my dash such a wonderful place. Whether we are mutuals or not, I enjoy every bit of random and not so random post on my dash. I wish I could include all of you, but the fact that I follow you means that I love your blog nevertheless, right ? ♥  Also feel free to check out my blogroll to see some quality blogs.

let’s go!

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Insanely cute and make my dash look awesome, thank you OuO

Whew! Excuse the crappy edit I’m still finding my way around Photoshop ^^; 

Guys, guys, guys, look! It’s my first Follow Forever! *throws confetti all over your screen* I wanted to wait until I hit a particular amount of followers, but I’m impatient and I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time already! It’s a little something just to show some appreciation to all the amaxing, wonderfullay blogs and cinnamon buns that make my blog a happy place OuO. Thank you so much for filling my dash with all the kpop goodies- you are all high definition 4320p resolution quality!!! 

I wish I could tell each of you how much I admire your artwork, your love and dedication to your respective biases, the translations you make for the rest of the fandom, the incredibly beautiful edits and gifs you make, your amazing sense of humor and overall kindness and awesomeness. Thank you for making a noodle fangirl feel at home ^3^. 

Mutuals, y’all look like this~

Followers who have interacted with me and whom I love dearly but have not yet followed, here’s some love to you too~ (I promise to one day properly look through your blogs!! Stay awesome!)

♕ ~ ❤

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