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So, Tumblr thought it would be cool to eat my birthday post to my lovely friend and dark counterpart @optomisticgirl….which is actually super NOT cool. Anyway, I’m posting this a little late, but here it is! Happy day of birth, my Aries partner-in-crime! You are a lady, a scholar, and a wonderful human being.

A little classic literature and verbose Killian smut :) M-rated for certain.

“Well, that’s a long face if I’ve ever seen one,” Granny announced, leaning over the counter to snatch the empty hot chocolate mug. “What’s got you down, Sheriff?”

Lifting her frustrated eyes from the leatherbound book she’d borrowed from the library at Belle’s insistence, Emma attempted a casual smile before addressing the inquiry of the woman who owned the place. It was a rather half assed try, but what was the point in pretending all was well when it certainly was not? They’d been chasing their tails for days over how to put a stop to the Evil Queen’s most recent reign of terror, galavanting through a handful of untold stories until they landed on an author who was dreadfully familiar and the answer to all their problems - according to an odd inkling Henry had while thumbing through a newly discovered version of the storybook. If she’d known sending him with Killian to the author’s abandoned mansion in search of an alternate text would amount to her reading not one but four Shakespeare books - well, she definitely would have thought twice about needing more information.

The whole idea was starting to feel like ‘much ado about nothing’ - pun very much intended.

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i wish you would write a fic ; where lumiere ISN'T the sexiest sandwich in the palace

um no??? i can’t??????? impossible?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ugh. Plumette can barely feel her head; it’s throbbing, mon dieu, her eyes could fall out right now and she wouldn’t notice. One brown hand flails out toward her bedside clock and misses by a yard. Oh—ohhh—oops, no, that was too much effort. Better keep laying here until the hangover subsides.

Her face is smooshed down into her pillows, breathing in the musty scent of feathers and years-old lavender. Ugh. She turns over, with an effort—no, too much effort, again. Better just lay here looking up at the canopy of the bed without trying anymore super-human activities. Her eyes hurt, and the headache throbs.

What were they drinking last night? The Prince had gotten in some fine new vintage, he had ordered the very best, she knew it was expensive because Paulette down in the village had been complaining about the tax hike. And it never hurt anybody to just sample the wine—but, ugh, I guess it’s hurt someone now.

Where was she. Right: the wine. And the wine would have been just fine, a couple glasses clinked in the kitchen never hurting anybody, but then Chapeau (with that subtle smile of his) had silently poured a little brandy into his glass, to join the wine. Disgusting! A truly disgusting concoction—and one everybody had to try, immediately. And when Mrs. Potts declared she could drink any of them under the table, well—everyone has a competitive side, particularly on the fuller side of three glasses of wine.

Plumette’s arm drifted over her eyes.

Thank the sun his highness didn’t find us. He wouldn’t have been pleased to see his wine going to anyone beyond himself. Though, who knows—she remembered the Prince having a smiling side, once, and maybe he would have enjoyed the drinks they invented carelessly, Cogsworth mixing rum with scotch just to “make it last longer, truly just an economic measure.” Economic—hah. She wondered how the major domo was holding in his headache now.

Hadn’t he—it was hard to remember, through all the wine-colored memories—hadn’t he challenged one of the footmen to a drinking game? To see which one was truly the best? Competitiveness, yes—wait, she had already had that thought. She was repeating thoughts.

Where was she?

Right. The footmen. One of them. Drinking Cogsworth under the table with aplomb (aplomb: good word, good work, said something still drunkenly weaving behind her eyes). The older man had kept good pace at first, but then he got so far he proposed dueling instead, taking out guns and swords from his pockets, and the footman would have totally agreed (with the happiest smile in the world; forgetting that dueling could end in death, and not just be a wildly good time), if she hadn’t pulled him off. And then—wait, she remembered pulling him off the major-domo—what then? What then?

Oh right. They kissed. Because that footman—

She turns over, once more, her arm slapping down on the body beside her. He doesn’t wake. A dribble of something makes its way down Lumiere’s chin. He still wears half a face of makeup—she doesn’t remember putting it on, but it’s clearly her handiwork, little flowers and scrolls drawn on his temples with an unsteady hand. His wig is askew, his hair still drenched with powder underneath, his mouth hanging open in the most idiotic of expressions. His long nose is slightly red.

He is not—thinks Plumette, through the haze of her brain, which can’t quite pick up the words she wants it to—le sandwich au jambon plus séduisant.

Nope. Not at all. A merry idiot, slobbering in his sleep, with flowers on his forehead. Anyone else would throw him out of bed and try to forget the night before.

And yet—and yet—his hand still drapes to her waist; he still smiles in his sleep. God forgive me for loving an idiot, thinks Plumette. She takes her eyebrow pencil from the nightstand and gets to finishing her handiwork. If he’s going to have drawings on his face, he might as well have them symmetrically.

Juni graduated preschool today and it was the most adorable ceremony ever. They had them in little gowns with caps and all the kids up there just looked precious.

Each kid got an award named after a candy (Like the bubbly, friendly girl got a certificate called “Bubble Yum” and the same candy attached.) Juni got Smartest in the Class with Smarties attached.

I didn’t cry, but I almost did. I truly cannot believe how far she has come. From practically nonverbal at freshly 3 years to freshly 5 years and smartest in her class. She knows over 30 sight words, can count to 50 without mistakes (higher with a couple misses) and is just overall a kid who loves to learn and explore.

Her teachers were exactly who she needed this year. They never once took pity on her for being in foster care, but they were understanding on hard weeks (like the week Rue left). They were firm and directive but never cruel, and bless them they took everything in stride and never demanded more information when Juni popped out with random disclosures. I wish she could just keep going there forever- alas, it’s only a preschool.

M’s mom and a good family friend were able to come to the ceremony, which is always nice for Juni. She was a bit overwhelmed by the end- too many people and cameras and lights- but is calming down now that we’re home.

And they called her forever name for her certificate. That’s another thing I love about the school- they know she’s not adopted yet, but that she’s transitioned to her new name. So they made sure she was never called her birth name. (Ugh I feel like I have to disclaimer here. Juni does not like being called by her birth name at all, and we absolutely did not force a new name on her. As soon as we told her she was being adopted she asked when she would get a new name. She gets incredibly upset if someone calls her her birth name. If you still have Opinions on the matter keep them to yourself.)

Hearing my last name- our family name- and the first name we painstakingly and very purposefully picked made my heart full. Seeing her pride and happiness was perfection. I love that girl.

Just Pretend To Be My Date

You internally groan as you take another sip of your mojito. Your friend was running late for your weekly girls’ night, and the fifteen minutes that you’ve been waiting at the bar were spent having your ear talked off by some random guy in a too-fancy suit, who could not take a hint. You were raised to be polite to strangers, but you tried to make it more or less clear that you weren’t interested by not replying with more than one-word answers, barely making eye contact, and just keeping your focus on your drink. But the guy would just not let up.

You could tolerate him bragging about his job on Wall Street and the multitude of fancy restaurants and clubs he had access to, but your patience started running thin when he decided to place a hand on your lower back. That move triggered your spidey sense that it was time to take a big more assertive approach than you had hoped would be enough.

“Well thanks for the company, but my friend will be arriving any minute now, so I’ll go find us a table,” you cut him off mid-sentence.

“Keep waiting with me here, there’s no rush. Let me buy you another drink, I insist.”

You often wished you were one of those people who could bluntly tell a person ‘no’, but the thought of rejecting people terrified you. But you weren’t done trying yet, not tonight. And your friend will have to pay for dinner tonight for leaving you stranded while you waited for her.

“Thanks, but I really would rather not.”

“Come on, my treat.”

Ugh, this guy! You kept squirming in hopes that his hand would fall off your waist, but to no avail, it hung on. Time for plan B.

You look around the room, and notice a dark-haired man sit down at the bar a few seats down from you. He was dressed in a suit, but was not wearing a tie and top button of his shirt was unbuttoned, giving him a more casual look. Very attractive face as well! The man looked safe enough, so you gulp down the remainder of your mojito, get up out of your seat (while actively ignoring the idiot who was still trying to hit on you), and make your way over to the handsome stranger.

“Babe! I didn’t see you come in, glad you finally made it!” you say as you go to hug your hopefully harmless stranger, praying to yourself that this will work.

“Please just pretend to be my date for a second” you whisper in his ear.

For the first time that day, the stars decided to align, and the kind stranger didn’t balk at your crazy approach. He gently hugged you back, and said “Sweetheart, so sorry I’m late. Work wouldn’t let me out earlier.”

You take a seat next to your savior, making sure to keep your back to the Wall Street guy. But oh boy, you still couldn’t shake him off.

“Hey man, we were in the middle of a conversation.”

You force a weak smile on your face, hoping your new companion could read your mind and continue to back you up.

“The lady’s not interested. You should leave,” with that, the dark-haired man pulled back his jacket to reveal a police badge. Your creep finally decided it wasn’t worth getting involved with the law, and without another word stalked away. You breathe a sigh of relief.

“You have no idea how thankful I am. That guy would not back off. Can I buy you your first round as gratitude for playing along?”

Your hero just smirked in response, “It’s not a problem, just doing my job.”

And that is how you met Mike Dodds, Sergeant at the Manhattan Special Victims Unit, knight in shining armor on and off the clock.

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Hi Emily! I just woke up, the rumor os true?? Robin has died? Ugh. My heard is broken in a million pieces. I wish I could hug and protect te whole family. Ik it is so hard for the kids, but my heart goes out to Anne. The love of her life passed away. Ugh. This s awful. And he wasn't even that old (from what i could tell in pics)

My heart breaks for Anne. I can’t begin to imagine how broken she is right now. How she’s probably trying to keep everything and everyone together. Not having enough time for herself to grieve properly. It’s so hard to think about the sweetest family in the most distressing and heartbreaking times. xx

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I applaud and support yourself in your decision to abstain from crafting for your health. Sometimes I feel like the community puts cosplay ahead of health, and it's really inspiring to see someone I've admired for years deciding her health is more important. Whatever the future brings, I'll keep following you. I just wish I was at a better sewing level so I could help you somehow

Ugh, this ask means a lot to me, thank you <3 I’m just at the point where I am not even enjoying my costumes because of the pain creating them is putting me through. But thank you for the support. It’s hard, but I’d encourage others who struggle with pain or discomfort when crafting to really think if your misery is worth it. Pushing yourself is fine, but harming yourself isn’t.

I’m going to be purchasing pre-owned, mass-produced and commissioned costumes in addition to the few cosplays I will craft on my own each year. I’m actually currently working with a wonderful cosplayer/seamstress I’ve been friends with for many years, one whose work I admire greatly. I’m very excited for you all to see what she’s making for me!

Paying You A Visit.

It was just turning 8 p.m. and for most people that would mean preparing for bed but for me that just mean the start of my work shift.

Being an intern didn’t afford me too many luxuries when it came to options of when and when not to work. It was a holiday? Oh well. Work came first. My friends wanted to hang out? Oh well. My internship came first. I accepted that though and it was easy to when I loved what I was doing. Working as an intern in the pediatric unit was enjoyable for me plus I had made friends with another one of the young interns to keep me company on these long late shifts.

Stella leaned against the wall as we continued our childish gossip and talk from the past few days of events since we hadn’t seen each other. “My brother kept me awake all night with his incessant singing. Did I tell you he’s trying out for a play? Ugh. I wish I could tape his mouth shut.”

I giggled, imagining the tall and built guy that was her brother fulfilling a role in a play that required him to play a character quite opposite his appearance. He was already different than what he appeared to be. The stoic and handsome Jeremy liked to belt out opera-esque tunes at the drop of a hat. To me it was always amusing. He was entertaining to be around.

“I’m sure he’ll get the part. Hey, we should go to the show when he gets it! Front row with glitter signs and all,” I suggested through laughs and Stella immediately nodded vehemently in agreement.

“He’d love it. He hasn’t gotten that much attention since his sixteenth birthday.”

The sound of the walkie that was hooked to my hip breaking let me know I was seconds away from being directed toward whatever my duties were for the day. “Y/N, could you please head to room 462B please? We have a patient waiting.”

I grabbed for the walkie and pressed the response before speaking. “On the way.” I stuffed it back into place quickly before giving a small smile to Stella. “May the odds be ever in our favor tonight.”

“I’m just hoping that no kid pukes on me tonight.” I could see her cringe remembering the young sick girl who had decided to display her lunch on Stella’s uniform the other day. Looking back on it it was funny but watching as it happened, I had the urge to vomit myself.

“We’ll survive!” I shouted as I began walking away from her and down the hall to where I was needed.

Being an intern meant I didn’t have a hand in everything. If there was a serious accident, a surgery or anything extreme I was kept away from most of it. I didn’t operate anything too heavy and I was always watched when I was administering things to patients. For the most part, I found myself being the comforting figure for these children who feared the doctors in their stale green uniforms. I wore that title proudly.

I pushed the door open and saw a small blond boy laying in the hospital bed, his face pale and his lips seeming to lack color as well. From initial inspection, he seemed to just be suffering from a cold or routine sickness but that could have been wrong. “Hello,” I spoke sweetly and in an upbeat tone. I headed over towards the table where the gloves were to slide a new pair onto my hands while discarding of the old ones that had been unused since my arrival.

I hadn’t even noticed the young brunette woman seated nervously in the corner until she shot up from her seat to grab my attention. “Hi. Are you the doctor?”

“Oh no. I’m just an intern.”

The woman settled back into her seat and I wasn’t sure if she was disappointed I wasn’t the help she wanted or if she was just a bundle of nerves right now. I walked closer to the silent boy who was propped up with a few pillows behind him.

“Hi. I’m Y/N. What’s your name?”

The boy apprehensively made eye contact with me, his mouth tightening before he opened it to reveal at a low volume with a scratchy tone, “Davi.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Davi. What’s wrong? How are you feeling?” I raised my hand to his forehead remembering all of the times I was younger and my mother did this exact thing to me when I wasn’t feeling well. It was nearly like a flashback, thinking of all of the times my mother had babied me when I wasn’t the least bit like myself even if it was just a petty tummy ache or me pretending to be more sick or hurt than I actually was.

I got a lot of sweets from my acts.

“My throat itches,” the boy complained and the woman in the corner spoke up again to add on to his statement. “I think he has the flu.”

I turned from her and back to Davi before shooting her a look again. “I’m sorry to ask this but are you his mother?” She looked relatively young but then again it was impossible to tell these days.

A quick shake of her head let me know my assumption was wrong. “No. I’m his aunt Rafaella. His father is on his way. He’s trying to get here as soon as possible. I was in charge of watching him and well it seems he’s come down with something now.”

“Well kids get sick all the time. The flu has been going around but I’m sure Davi will be back to normal in no time.” I couldn’t do much at the moment until the doctors came in and checked on everything but I did the basics like making sure he was comfortable, talking to him and checking his temperature.

The abrupt sound of a loud ringer startled us both. Rafaella stood from her seat, looking between us and her phone apologetically. “I’m sorry. It’s him. I’ll just grab this outside.” She motioned towards the door before scurrying off and I could hear her answer the call as soon as she slipped past the door.

I redirected my attention back to Davi. “So, Davi, what kind of toys do you like?”

His face lit up for the first time at the mention of toys. “Um, well, I like dinosaurs. Legos?”

“I love Legos. I used to steal my siblings’ when I wanted to play. My brother would always get mad and hide my dolls after.”

The brief story caused the little boy to giggle and an adorable smile to cross his face. “Do you still play with toys?”

“Not all the time but sometimes I like to sneak a game or some toys in for an hour with patients.”


“Yes. Patients are the people that come here to feel better. Little boys like you who need some cheering up,” I said as I playfully and lightly tapped the tip of his nose.

His eyes lit up as he moved forward with enthusiasm. “Can we play a game?”

“Sure. Just let the doctors check up on you first okay? Then I’ll grab something for us.” I gave a playful wink but my attention diverted when the door to the room opened again, Rafaella re-entering with another person behind her who I assumed to be Davi’s father. He was immediately recognizable as he shot towards the bed and pulled his son into a comforting hug, murmuring things in his ear I couldn’t quite understand and didn’t really try to. I felt like I was being invasive of a private moment.

I stepped further away from the bed which caught Neymar’s attention and he offered a polite smile. “Hi. Are you the doctor?”

Again, flattering I was presumed to be someone of that status. “Oh no. I’m just….I’m here to help but there should be someone in here soon to check up on things.”

Davi enthusiastically made way into the conversation between his father and I. “Her name is Y/N. She likes toys!”

Neymar smiled down at his son before looking at me. “Interesting. A child at heart?”

I shrugged and grinned. “You could say that.”

My supervisor next entered the room, giving me a thankful nod before making her way to the side of the hospital bed while I removed myself to stand a bit further away and observe as it was my job to do. The little boy was already in a much better state than he was initially, that smile still present as he was probably thinking of all of the games he could beat me in as soon as this was all done.

I should have been at home, quite possibly preparing for a night out later with my friends celebrating my birthday which was only a few days away but instead I was at work, chugging down a cup of coffee to get some pep in my step as the morning began. Stella was nowhere to be found for my entertainment and no one else could quite get me to laugh, smile or speak at such an early hour as this one.

Any time before noon felt early to me.

The device on my hip sounded off as someone spoke into the receiver and let me know I had a visitor at the front desk. I was confused knowing I hadn’t spoken with anyone who planned on coming by to see me. Curiosity got the best of me as I quickly rushed my steps down the flights of stairs and towards the front lobby of the pediatrics unit.

The blond bouncing kid in the lobby was easily recognizable, his voice floating through the air with a delightful tone that was no longer plagued by sickness. Sitting, and also much calmer, was Neymar who was laughing at his son who jumped about and seemed to be in the midst of a very dramatic story. I inched closer slowly, not wanting to disturb, but it seemed my presence was immediately picked up as Davi turned to look in my direction.

He observed me for a split second as if trying to decipher and make sure it was actually me before he excitedly yelled my name and ran in my direction, his arms wrapping around my legs as soon as he got to them.

“Hi, kiddo. How are you? You seem all better.”

I hadn’t seen him since that night he arrived, having been diagnosed with the flu. I had spent much of that night in and out of his room checking on him and also playing a variety of games with him. He seemed to beat me in all of them and though I may have considered the first few losses to be of pity, the rest were of pure skill and talent on his end.

I playfully ruffled his hair as he stepped back and gazed up at me. “I am feeling better.”

“Well I’m glad. I told you you’d be back to normal in no time.”

Neymar now stood from his seat, making his way over to us. “We wanted to thank you by inviting you to lunch.”

I looked between the two smiling boys as Davi definitely got the award for widest and most convincing smile I had ever seen as he awaited my answer. “Thank me? I didn’t do anything,” I giggled nervously.

“Well you made my son feel better. I think that counts as something.”

“We won’t take no for an answer,” Davi added which made me giggle once more.

“Pretty please.” Neymar pretended to bat his eyelashes and clasped his hands together in front of his chest as if he was pleading. Davi decided to copy his antics and make the same pose and plea.

There was no way I could say no. “Okay. I’ll go to lunch with you both but I’m not off for another some hours.”

“It doesn’t have to be now. I can give you my number and you can tell me when you’re ready,” Neymar said.

“Okay. I would like that.”

The Letter (Dan x Reader)

Character: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Fandom: Phandom

Title: The Letter

A/N: As you all seemed to love ‘Payback Challenge’, here’s another Dan imagine. I hope you guys like it as much!! :) And btw, Y/N/N stands for ‘your nickname’ :P

Summary: Dan is out of town, so when he calls saying he’s almost there again, Phil and Y/N get very happy. However, during Dan’s absence, Y/N finds a letter that she can’t help reading.

You know those moments when you feel so cozy that you’re actually happy? Well, for me it was real simple: food and internet.

I lay in my bed with a bowl of popcorn I’ve just made and was about to watch Donnie Darko again since I loved that movie so much. It was my favourite movie of all times.

Just as I settled in, I sighed happily. For me those kinds of things were happiness. I was cozy and delighted just by that.

I hit play and started eating my popcorn as the movie started; feeling like nothing could ever make me move from there until the movie was over.

Five minutes in and my phone started to ring. I rolled my eyes at whoever was calling me, thinking their timing couldn’t be worse.

I picked up the phone and paused the movie before I took a glance at the screen. As soon as I saw the photo I had in my contacts for Dan, along with his name, I quickly put everything away and sat on the edge of the bed.

I told myself to relax, as my heart had started beating so fast.

Dan had gone for a week to visit his family, and I was missing him so much.

We hadn’t even had the chance to speak, not even text, for so long. And he was finally calling me!

Yeah, alright, I had a huge crush on Dan. Like seriously.

So I took a deep breath and answered the call before he could hang up.


“Y/N!” Dan happily said. “What’s up? Are you busy?”

It was so good to hear his voice again after a whole freaking week.

“Um…” I looked at my laptop, the movie still on pause. “Nah, I’m not really busy”

“Great! Do you want to go for a walk?”

For a second, I was confused. But I chuckled, he was just being stupid.

“Dan, we’re not even in the same city, you dummy” I shook my head, still smiling like a fool just because we were talking.

“Yes we are! I’m back!” He laughed a little.

I had to clasp a hand over my mouth not to let out a happy squeak and keep my excitement inside.

“That’s great! I’m definitely up for that!” I said, already looking forward to see him.

“Oh, tell Phil to come too”

“Yeah, I’ll tell him right away”  

“See you in half an hour in our spot?”

“Sure thing”

“Bye, Y/N”

“See you in a while, Danny”

As soon as we hung up, I jumped to my feet and ran to Phil’s room, rapidly knocking on the door and coming in.

“Phil!” He was opening the window, so he turned around to me.

“Woah” He chuckled when he saw my face. “You look cheery”

“Yeah! Dan’s back, he’s meeting us in half an hour” I jumped up and down in my spot, unable to contain myself.

“That’s great!” His voice went high with enthusiasm as well.

“Dibs on the shower!” I exclaim, running to the bathroom.

“Aww…” He groaned in discontent.

I got out of the shower and Phil rushed in after me to take a quick shower. I ran around the house gathering up my stuff and getting ready, but we were still late.

I got dressed as fast as I could, but my jeans were falling off, and I needed a belt.

I asked Phil, but he didn’t have any. So I headed for Dan’s room, hoping he’d have one I could borrow. He probably wouldn’t mind that I did.

I slowly opened his door and peeked inside. It was weird coming into his room without him there. Usually, when I came in, I found him editing on his computer or lazily lying on his bed. Or sometimes playing the piano.

Trying to make it quick since we were already late, I went for his drawers.

I opened the first one and looked through it but saw no belts, only socks. So I moved on to the next one. Belts.

“Aha!” I triumphantly exclaimed as I picked one and started to put it under the strips of my jeans.

I was about to close the drawer when I noticed something that caught my eye. A piece of crumpled paper. What was that doing there with all the belts?

Too curious to just ignore it, I grabbed it and opened it out.

It had been folded many times, and it also looked like someone had made a ball with it but decided not to throw it away after all.

Dan’s messy handwriting was scribbled all over the sheet. I thought it might be something personal, but it couldn’t be too important if he carelessly put it in his belt drawer.

Too tempted by the curiosity, I started reading it.

This is just stupid, I literally feel like a loser writing this, but I need to get this off my chest before I lose my fucking mind’ It started saying. I frowned and continued reading those lines, it sounded really serious. What if it was something bad? I was getting worried.

I’ve thought about telling Phil about it, but I can’t, it’s too embarrassing. So here I am, talking to a bloody piece of paper. I can’t actually believe I’m writing it down… It’s about Y/N. It always is

Of a sudden, I felt a heavy weight on my stomach and a lump in my throat, but I kept reading.

It’s the way she makes me feel. Whenever I’m with her, I feel my happiest. But she probably can’t see me as anything but a friend, and that’s what’s making me go crazy.

She’s just so perfect, even when we go to the lounge together to have breakfast and her hair’s still messy and she looks all sleepy and it’s just adorable.

I’ve never felt this way. And thinking I can’t… ugh. I just want to hold her and let her fall asleep on my arms and kiss her and play with her hair, and I hate it all. I sound so bloody sappy.

But it’s true, I love to be with Y/N. And I wish I could spend every second with her.

I just like love, fuck it, I’m in love with her, but she will never love me back in that way. So I’ll do what I’ve been doing for so long: keep my mouth shut and literally suffer in silence. Fuck everything

His writing got messier and messier as it went on, as if he gradually got angrier and more frustrated.

I stayed there, holding the crumpled paper in my hand in utter shock.

I never knew he felt that way; I wasn’t good at those types of things. I was always oblivious whenever someone had those feelings for me. In fact, it was the first time such thing happened that I knew of.

But he felt the same way. He loved me back.

I clasped a hand over my mouth. Oh my God, he loved me back. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

Shocked, I slowly sat on the bed, thinking about it all.

I yelped when someone suddenly slapped their hands over my shoulders and energetically shook me, still gently.

I got so scared that I fell on my back on the bed. It almost made me jump out of my skin.

“Surprise!” It was Dan’s voice. He was home.

I was so into the letter that he almost gave me a freaking heart attack, so I covered my face with my hands as I recovered from the scare.

My heart loudly beat under my ribcage, resonating in my ears. And for a moment I was struggling to breathe until I managed to sigh.

“Y/N?” He asked me cheerfully, poking my sides to get my attention.

“You scared me… so much” I whispered, my heart still beating truly fast.

“Why?” He chuckled, and I put my hands away from my face to look at him. “You must have been doing something bad to get scared like that”

I just sighed, not really wanting him to know I read the letter.

“What were you doing?” He finally noticed the open drawer, and his eyes darted to my hands clenched in fists holding something. His smile fell in a second, and he looked horrified. “Oh God, what were you doing?!”

“Nothing!” I exclaimed, sitting up and placing my hands behind my back to hide the paper.

Dan quickly tackled me and managed to get ahold of the paper I clutched. When he saw it, he glanced at me, the horror visible in his eyes.

“Please… tell me you didn’t read it”

I didn’t open my mouth, my silence being elocuent enough.

Dan stayed there for a moment, his eyes wide and staring nowhere. He looked to be deeply affected by the situation.

I stared, feeling so bad for him. He probably wanted to disappear out of sheer embarrassment.

“Dan…” I mumbled, slowly placing my hand on his upper arm and leaving it there.

But he just stood up and left the room without a word.

“I’m sorry!” I exclaimed, hoping he wasn’t mad at me for being nosy.

The day continued almost normally after that. But Dan and I avoided each other.

Well, he avoided me. I actually wanted to talk to him and tell him he didn’t have to worry because I felt the same.

But I didn’t want to make him even more uncomfortable. And he wasn’t on the mood to talk to me.

“Let’s watch a movie, guys!” Phil suggested out loud so we both could hear him.

He didn’t know what happened between us, of course. None of us told him, but he probably noticed something was off.

“I’m tired” I heard Dan yelling from his room.

I sighed. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Determined, I walked out of my room and to his. I bumped into Phil in the corridor and muttered an apology.

“Movie?” He smiled at me, but I shook my head.

“Sorry, Phil”

“Alright, what’s wrong with you two?” He planted in the middle of the corridor, not allowing me to move any further. “You were so glad he was coming back!”

“I know, I’m going to talk to him”

“But did you argue or something?”

“No, Phil, he… Nevermind, just… I’ll talk to him and it’ll be fine”

“Alright…” Phil stepped aside so I could reach Dan’s room. But he still looked mildly concerned.

Gathering some courage, I knocked on the door as I took a deep breath.

“Yeah?” His voice answered from the inside.

I dared to open the door and peek inside. He sat at his desk, probably working on a video for his channel.

I opened the door completely and walked in, closing the door behind me.

“Y/N!” Dan’s face turned a bright shade of pink. “Can we just pretend you never read that, please?”

“No!” I sat at the end of the bed and stared at him. I couldn’t really believe all of that was true, what he wrote. He acted so normal around me…

Well, of course there was the extreme teasing and the incredible random acts of kindness that went from small things like buying anything that reminded him of me to big things like being goofy when he sensed I was sad to put a smile back on my face.

But I always thought those were nothing more than him just being a good friend and person. I guess each person shows their affection differently.

“We need to talk about this”

“Look, I know you don’t feel the same, and it’s okay” He stood up from his chair and kneeled before me, placing his hands in my knees. “I can’t expect you to force your feelings”

“Will you let me talk?” I placed my hands over his, but he didn’t listen, as he kept rambling.

“It’s not your fault, it was just an accident” His lips curved up a little, but I knew it was a forceful smile. I recognized the hurt in his expression even if he wanted to cover it.

“Aren’t you mad that I was going through your stuff? I just wanted a belt, but I shouldn’t have read the letter”

“No, no” He heaved a long sigh. “I’m not mad”

I stared into his face, admiring his features. His honey brown eyes, his charming smile and those holy dimples.

Not to mention his personality. His sense of humor. His kindness. His attitude. His dorkiness. Even his awkwardness. His everything. 

He was amazing, and he didn’t even see it. Why was he so sure I didn’t feel anything for him? That there was at least a slight possibility?

I was going to tell him. My stomach already felt uneasy, building up the nerves. But I was going to confess.

“Fine, but let me just tell you that-” I was going to say it, I was. But he interrupted me again.

“Don’t worry about it, Y/N… I’ll just… Friends, I know you want to be friends, it’s fine” I could see in his face how hurt he was, how heartbroken he felt, how his eyes were a little watery. But he still kept that bloody smile on his mouth.

“You twat” I whispered as I threw myself forwards, his lips being my target.

His arms flew to my waist, supporting and steadying me as I had leaned in too far and would have fallen if it wasn’t for him.

When our mouths met, he reacted. Something must have clicked within him, because he realized what I was trying to tell him.

His hands moved down and established firmly on my hips.

The kiss softly deepened as we got more passionate. We eventually had to stop to catch our breaths.

I opened my eyes, noticing I had closed them, and looked at him.

The biggest grin was plastered on his face.

He slowly stood up, his hands not leaving my sides.

“Dan?” I waited for him to say something.

Of a sudden, he happily laughed showing me that stunning smile of his and I managed to see a glimpse of a naughty grin before he tackled me to the bed.

I tried to recover from it, and smiled in spite of myself as Dan started to laugh. A genuine and sincere laughter.

He shoved his face in my lap and I sat up, placing a hand on his head.

“What’s so funny?” I chuckled, feeling my cheeks burning.

“Nothing” I felt his lips moving against my knees as he spoke. “I just can’t believe it”

He laid his head on my lap so he was looking at up at me, with a tiny and cute smile.

“I guess that settles it then” He nervously laughed, obviously and adorably being a little awkward of a sudden. “Had I known, I would have told you myself”

He kept on chattering, but I wasn’t paying attention. He was wandering off anyway.

I kept staring at his lips, missing them already even though only about a minute had passed since we kissed.

“Y/N” He called me, gently nudging me.


“My eyes are up here” He pointed a finger to his eyes, smirking.

I laughed, noticing he had recovered from the awkwardness and nervousness of the moment and was back to his usual self.

“If you’re going to keep staring at my lips you might as well kiss them” He winked at me.

I brushed his bangs away from his beautiful eyes and leaned in closer to his face.

We kissed once again, and it wouldn’t be the last kiss of the day.

For who knows how long, we stayed in his room. Talking, laughing, holding each other and kissing.

Phil was very pleased when he came in to check on us, finding out not only that we weren’t mad at each other but that we were a couple now.

Ugh, I feel so disconnected from Her Grace and from my craft. I wish I could be healthy and in my own space. Between my grandmother now being retired and home all day (who doesn’t approve of my craft and so I can’t practice openly), and my health getting worse it’s hard to keep up with things the way I want to. I feel like a terrible devotee lol.

I’ve realized lately that it doesn’t matter if you fell in love with him first, and it doesn’t matter if you could love him better than her. Because at the end of the day, you’re both tied around his knuckles and his wrists and only one of you stops hanging by a thread. Life doesn’t work the way you want it to; it’s never going to. But we keep wishing something from above will save us.
—  and nothing ever will (via fraagmented)

Cullen made Sasha so uncomfortable tbh. I keep thinking about how after he says all that “demons tempting me with the one thing I wanted but could never have” stuff and there’s that dialogue afterwards where the warden is like “uhh yeah I don’t think I should be hearing this” she wanted to find some hole to go hide in it made her skin crawl. That was like the worst part of the broken circle for her. She was like “okay kinda regretting killing the sloth demon I would gladly rather still be asleep right now”

Office AU - Vernon Scenario

Admin K: I honestly, don’t know if I wrote this one okay? Sorry if it’s bad..

pairing: vernon x reader 

genre: fluff

word count: 1,079

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Not Today StevexReader

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Request (perf3ctporc3lin​): I just found your blog and your stories and omg your blogs perfect and you’re perfect! I was wondering if you could write a Stevexreader where the reader and Steve go on a mission and they both go different ways and they keep the reader hostage but as Steve goes the save her they shoot her but she lives in the end?

Words: 2387

Warnings: Lots of language and violence (like a looooot)

A/N: THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST! I hope you enjoy it, it was super fun to write! Reader’s power is that she can manipulate the time density of people around her to make their time move slower or faster while she remains at her own time in a protective bubble - i thought it was kinda cool!

“Are you nervous?” Steve asked you, concern etched in his face as he flew the Quinjet.

You tried to play it cool, your fingers tapping against your thigh. “No way, I’m totally excited…”

You knew that Steve was looking at you worriedly and you let your eyes travel along the skyline, admiring the way the clouds mixed together with golden sunlight. When it came to the physical battle you’d be fine, it was just the thought of killing people that made you nauseous.

He raised an eyebrow curiously, “Seriously Y/N, are you ok? You look really pale…”

“My powers are just acting up a little today. I tried to shower this morning and the water kept slowing down and it was really frustrating.” You babbled, biting your lip. “I’m normally fine with missions, I honestly don’t know what’s going on with me…”

Steve grabbed your hand, rubbing soothing circles against your skin. The two of you were close and he always knew just what to do to make you feel better - but today something felt off. Regardless of his supportive gesture, you still felt like something was wrong.

“Everything’s going to be fine.” He told you firmly, “We’re going to go in, do the job and get out. You just need to focus on staying at my side while doing your thing and then we get home in time for dinner.”

“You know what?” You grinned suggestively, “It’s taco Tuesday.”

“Exactly, no one wants to miss taco Tuesday. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Deal.” You laughed.

Though you were nervous, you pushed the feelings away as far as possible. If you and Steve were together then everything would turn out just fine. Hopefully.

You sat together, Steve piloting and his spare hand tightly gripping yours. Steve, being the adorable boy he is, tried to distract you by pointing out figures in the clouds that he thought were funny. But even Steve grew silent as you guys got closer and closer to the enemy building.

“We can go back.” He told you, turning to glance at you quickly.

“No.” You replied firmly, “No that’d be a waste. Everything’s going to be fine, just like you said - get in, kick ass and get home in time for tacos.”

He smiled, flipping controls and preparing to land the jet. The two of you geared up in silence; Steve doing his weird pre-battle prayer thing, while you were trying to bring your powers back into full focus. 

It would be awkward if you couldn’t include Steve in your time bubble - mostly because that would ruin the entire plan and get the both of you killed. Gripping your gun tightly, you focused on your little bubble and walked out of the jet, Steve following closely behind you. 

So far it was working.

You and Steve walked normally through the compound, the enemy guards moving so slowly it was like they were moving through honey. No one took any notice to the Avengers walking through their compound because in their eyes you were simply moving too fast.

“This never ceases to freak me out.” Steve mumbled from behind you, looking around at the people your spell effected. “I don’t understand how you do it.”

You shot him a look over your shoulder, then turned back around, dodging someone with a gun. “This freaks you out, but Pietro doesn’t?”

“His is a personal thing, it only effects him! How you can do this to other people is weird…” He chuckled, looking around as we walked directly inside without anyone asking questions. “Wanda can get a little weird, sometimes I can actually feel her sifting through my brain and it feels uncomfortable.”

“You have to shield it,” You replied understandingly, “She can’t get into your mind if you don’t - “

You stopped both talking and walking abruptly. The people near you were picking up speed, and your eyes widened. “Fuck! They must have a magnetic field, it’s throwing me off! I won’t be able to hold it…”

You turned to Steve, not knowing what to do. 

His eyes hardened, “Head back to the jet! I’ll split off, find Dr. Wu and get the file.”

You narrowed your eyes and huffed indignantly. “That’s even assuming that the hostage and the file are in the same place! No! I know how to fight Rogers…”

He hesitated, eyeing a woman with a clipboard who was actually starting to move significantly. “Son of a bitch…I don’t like this…Ok, we have to split up then. Find whatever you can and meet back at the quinjet in 20 minutes.”

You nodded and as you turned to walk away Steve’s hand around your wrist pulled you back. With one arm around your waist and the other against your cheek, he pressed his lips against yours. You kissed him back just as lustfully, kneading your fingers through his hair and praying to every God out there that you would get the chance to kiss him again.

As he pulled away he placed his forehead against yours, “Please be careful.”

“I promise. Now go, before they speed up!” You urged, turning around and running in the opposite direction that you’d come in.

Your gun was still grasped tightly in your hand, finger on the trigger. You really didn’t want to kill anyone - not on taco Tuesday. 

You carefully broke into any door along the hallway that looked significant, checking everywhere for HYRDA symbols or Dr. Henry himself - the Korean bio-chemist who’d been kidnapped while he was at a convention in Paris.

“Dr. Wu?” You whispered inside a room that looked a lot like a library, feeling slightly stupid that you were talking to no one. When it was apparent that there was no one there you pressed forward.

“Hello Barbie.” A scratchy voice replied, a tall man with a gun stepping out of the shadows. 

You didn’t hesitate, your gun raised and you shot him in the head. Without a moment to even compose yourself, you keep going.

You found a small staircase towards the end of the hall and hesitated before making your way down the crumbling stone steps. The bottom was another poorly lit hallway, a couple large metal doors scattered down the way. After pushing through the first few it felt like it was time to give up.

You’d promised Steve that you wouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes, and that time was about to run out. You decided to turn around and head back up the stairs when someone appeared at the top of the steps, kicking you backwards. As you flew down the steps your head smashed against the ground and the pain was so intense you were seeing stars.

You noted that the person was dressed in all black as they marched down the steps towards you. It was a man; a sick, deranged, smiling man who leaned down and wrapped his fingers around your neck. You clawed at his hand until it felt like your nails were being ripped off, trying to make him let go.

Steve was the last thing that flashed through your mind as your oxygen deprived brain lost consciousness.


Your skull felt like it was splitting in two and your wrist was throbbing, probably broken. A small whine escaped your lips as you opened your eyes, the dim light not hurting your head too much. “Ow.”

“You’re awake!” A man boomed, making you look up. It was the man in black, the one who took the time to push you down the stairs and then suffocate you. It was clear to you as you looked down, that you were sitting up on a chair, your hands and feet bound together.

It seemed like you were in a security room, footage of hallways and offices appearing on screens all around you. You watched Steve take on several people at once in one screen, kicking the soldier’s asses before moving on.

The man walked over and stood in front of you.

“Urgh,” You groaned spitting out the blood in your mouth in the direction of the man’s feet. “Listen pal, I don’t know if anyone ever told you how to treat a woman, but that is not how you sweep her off her feet…”

“So snappy for the one who’s all tied up.” He smirked, circling your chair. When you scoffed, he walked forward and grabbed your wrist. The scream that escaped your mouth sounded almost inhuman - yeah your wrist was definitely broken.

“Fuck!” You gasped, giving the man your worst possible glare. “That really hurt you asshat! Fuck you.”

He seemed happy with your reaction, “Sweetheart this is just the beginning. I’m going to make you beg for mercy until you’re pleading for death. And then I’ll keep you alive just long enough for the Star Spangled Man to witness your downfall. I imagine it’ll be hard to watch his girlfriend die right before his eyes.”

“We’re just friends.” You deadpanned, locking eyes with the man. 

He laughed and produced a remote control, pressing a button and turning his attention to one of the screens. On loop was the footage of you kissing Steve over and over again.

You refused to go down without a fight. “Are you only keeping me here because you have a weird fetish for watching other couples? Because you might want to reconsider - “

A shot rang through the room and a bullet ripped through the skin of your bicep. You screamed again, biting down on your lip as hard as you possibly could, more blood pouring into your mouth.

“Literally fuck you.” You gasped.

He laughed, stepping forward to caress your face in his hands. “You have no idea how much I want to kill you right now, you stupid little bitch. But I know the look on his face will be priceless; knowing that you were suffering right under the ground he was standing on, watching you die the second he walks through the door - I’m genuinely excited.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, your head injury and the loss of blood starting to effect you. The man wasn’t paying any attention to the monitors anymore since he was leaned over to talk to you. You spotted Steve getting closer and closer to the stairwell and you knew you only needed to stall for a little while longer.

“You’re one sick fuck, I’ll give you that.”

“Thank you, princess.”

“Ew.” You mumbled, trying to pull your face away him his grimy hands. “That’s perverted. Do you often call 20 year old women disgusting pet names?”

That one made him angry.

He pulled a small knife out of a sheath on his belt and stabbed it into your abdomen, making you scream out louder than before. He just left the rusty knife in the wound, not bothering to take it back. Even though the plan was to lead Steve towards you as quickly as possible - you had been hoping it would’ve been less painful than that.

You were gasping through the pain now, trying to focus on the one man in front of you, instead of the several outlines of him that your mind was trying to convince you were there too. 

“Go to hell.” You spat, “Fucking creep.”

He pulled back, smirking. “ We’ll see - ”

The sound of the door being kicked off it’s hinges cut him off. Steve and his shield beelined for your captor, a look of indescribable anger on his face.

Before he could reach the man in black, a shot rang out in the room.

Steve stumbled and you both looked down at your chest to see blood gushing down your ribcage and pooling in your lap. You looked up and met Steve’s eyes, watching the man you’d come to love completely lose his mind. Your consciousness was fleeting but you had to fight to stay awake.

Steve grabbed the man in black by the face, twisting his neck until he heard the satisfying crack under his fingers. The last thing you remember was Steve throwing the man’s dead body across the room before you lost consciousness completely for the second time in one day.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

“That’s really fucking annoying.” You whispered, wishing more than anything that the beeping would shut the fuck up. “Turn it off…”

There was laughter and - you were pretty sure - the sound of crying around you. You peaked open your eyes slowly, blinking rapidly past the white lights. 


You turned your head, a dull throbbing spreading through your skull. A blond with beautiful cheekbones was staring down at you with a hopeful smile and teary eyes. 

“Steve?” You grinned lopsidedly, the drugs making your brain fuzzy. “Steve look at you, you’re still gorgeous!”

The room erupted in a chorus of laughter and you giggled too, not really knowing why. You recognized the people around you - your team.

Wanda stepped forwards, her eyes brimmed red. “Y/N…I thought… Your mind - You stopped…” She sniffed and Vision stepped forwards to grab her hand supportively. “I couldn’t read your mind and then you died and I didn’t know…”

You sloppily rolled your eyes, letting out a very over exaggerated sigh. “You should stop looking in peoples brain-minds Sokovia. It makes Steve feel all icky and - “ You sat up abruptly, looking around the room in awe as Steve tried to gently push you back down on the bed.“ - You know what is so cool?” You answered yourself quickly before anyone else could, “Ducks!” You looked up at Steve, “Can we get a pet duck?”

“Uh…” His face was a mix of concerned and confused, “Why are you asking me?”

You sighed, laying back in bed and crossing your arms against your chest. “Fine, I see how it is Star Spangled jerk! First you kiss me and then I get tortured for you and now you won’t let me get a duck? You really know how to woo - “

He silenced you with a kiss, the room watching in surprise. He pulled away and smiled, pecking your cheek.

“That was a really nice way of telling me we can’t get a duck.” You giggled, laying back down, letting Steve intertwine your fingers as he sat beside you. 

“How about you get better,” Steve proposed sweetly, his eyes gazing into  yours. “Then we can talk about getting you a duck.”

Let’s play, “how many times did Jaiden use the word fuck”!

I probably haven’t loved something I’ve written from a literary perspective this much in a very, very long time. It feels nice to really like something I’ve written, wow!!

My requests are open so message me anytime babes!

So right after Dragon Age Inquisition first came out, I went to a party and ended up striking up a conversation with the only other person there who was playing it.  We were both really excited about it, and doing our best to talk about the various maps, characters and game-play without accidentally spoiling something for the other person.  I had just finished mentioning this new armor I crafted, which I loved because of how it looked “even though it doesn’t have the best stats”, when another guy butted into our conversation with a smug look, declaring “So you’re not really playing the game - you’re playing Barbie Dress Up”.

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And let me tell you, I was pissed.

Now at the time, I just rolled my eyes and walked away.  But I wish I had argued.  I wish I had told him that it was no business of his to gatekeep a fandom he wasn’t even a part of.  I wish I had told him that the armor I had crafted was not only more aesthetically pleasing, but had a particular relevance to my character because of the lore of the game.  I wish I had told him that I could beat his ass at Dragon Age in any given metric one could choose to judge by, whether by my tactical skills or my knowledge of the story and setting or my ability to actually enjoy the role-playing aspects of an RPG video game.  I wish I’d told him that I’d beaten every DA game on the hardest possible setting (including soloing the Harvester) and that I wasn’t worried about taking on Inquisition, even with non-optimized armor.

But I also wish I’d told him that he could shove his unwelcome misogynist, elitism assumptions up his own ass.  Because even if I played the game on super duper easy mode and made my character look like this

dressed her completely in pink and spent all my time riding ponies, picking flowers and kissing cute blonde hotties - GUESS WHAT?

I’d still be playing the game.

And honestly, I’d pick Dragon Age: Barbie Dress Up Edition over spending time with gate-keeping assholes any day.

I’m so upset my 3rd grade teacher is being put on trial tomorrow to see if she’s going to get fired or not. 4 boys in her class were making fun of an African American one because of his race. This was going on all year and on the last day of school, these 4 boys started to beat him up. Mrs. Aiester (the teacher) broke up the fight and after an incident like this she had to fill out a paper and turn it in to the school board, on the paper she wrote that she felt that the bullying was racially inclined (which it was, the mom had been complaining to the school board the whole year about it) the school district doesn’t want a bad rep so they basically said remove the part about racism or we will fire you. And they have been keeping it so low key so no one comes to support her at the trial and I’m so pissed off about the whole thing my whole town is fucking disgustingly racist and it’s unbelievable

Two Can Play at This Game ~A Joshifer Drabble~


The small, meek voice sounds from behind my cracked bedroom door. I’ve currently got the TV on with a basketball game blaring, so it’s a miracle I even heard my son in the first place.

“Come on in, buddy!” I reply back, my eyes not straying away from the television for the time being.

I hear the door creek open before the little guy stumbles in, but it’s the flash of red that fully seizes my attention.

Why the hell is my son in a Louisville T-Shirt.

I stare at him for a moment, looking him up and down before wrinkling my nose up in mock disgust.

“Luke, what has your mother done to you?”

He simply shrugs, padding up closer to the bed that I’m situated on.

“Mommy put it on me and said to go to you. So I did,” he replies in his high pitched, toddler voice.

I roll my eyes, unable to keep the crooked smile off my face now. I expected that Jen would drag our son into “war” early on in his life, as this is only his third taste of March Madness season. But having him side with UL? Hell no.

“I see. She wants a fight, huh?”

Luke blinks at me, a confused face playing his features, and I let out another laugh, patting the bed to urge him closer.

“C'mere little man. I’ve got something for you too,” I say with a grin, before rolling off the bed and strolling towards the closet.

My hands rummage around for a moment, before I quickly complete my search, pulling out a shirt similar to the one my son has on.

Except, it’s not red and Louisville themed; it’s one hundred percent Wildcat.

Unable to stop smiling, I walk back to Luke and hold up the shirt.

“This is better for you, buddy”

And to my relief, he smiles a toothy toddler grin, his little body wiggling in excitement.

“I like blue better!” he shrieks, and I let out a laugh in return, slipping the shirt over his head to cover the red.

“That’s what I like to hear,” I chuckle, before hoisting him up into my arms and carrying him over to the bed, plopping us both down on the mattress.

I lay back, allowing Luke to crawl into my lap as we settle down to watch the game, knowing it’ll only be a matter of time before Jen discovers us. I know we won’t be safe from her wrath much longer.

And sure enough, the voice that I love so much sounds from the hallway.

“Luke? Where’d you go, baby?”

Luke himself nestles deeper into arms, hiding his face away from view.

“Uh oh,” he murmurs, his voice muffled against my shirt, and I grin sheepishly. Uh oh is right.

I hear the soft footsteps of my wife outside our bedroom, before she pokes her head in, her gaze locking immediately on what I know spells trouble for me.

“Joshua Ryan,” she warns, her sapphire eyes narrowing as she steps fully into view, “What’s this supposed to be?”

She gestures to our son before crossing her arms, and a chuckle escapes my lips.

“A little counter attack. What’s it look like?” I tease back, smiling wider as she cocks an eyebrow at my response.

I watch her chew her lip, and I know she’s trying to bite back the use of any expletives around our son.

“Unacceptable. That’s what it looks like.”

“Well Jen, it’s not my fault he likes blue.”

Her face contorts to one of disbelief, but she is stunned into silence when Luke nods meekly in my arms, confirming my words.

“We could always try for another so you can have your wish, Jen,” I chuckle with a wink in her direction.

“Josh!” she gasps, but as usual, she is unable to keep serious and falls victim to my apparent contagious laughter.

Our laughter fills the room, and I pat the bed, inviting her to join Luke and I.

She lays beside me, resting her head on my shoulder with a disgusted snort.

“Ugh. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stand being beside you both.”

Luke is completely oblivious to the entire exchange, still snuggled up beneath one of my arms, but I let out another chuckle at Jen’s words.

“Well unfortunately for you, you’re kind of stuck with us.”

“Guess I’ll have to live with it for now,” she replies with a dramatic, exasperated sigh, and I press a gentle kiss to her hair.

I know that this is just the calm before the storm; Jen is probably scheming up some master plan as we lay here together as a family. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up the next morning to find Luke’s bedroom decked out in UL merchandise. It’s a definite possibility, and I know I’ll have to have a quick comeback ready.

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds #10

Ten chapters down. I am so pleased with myself! Well, here comes more development…and I am finishing up the outline soon. Honey, ya’ll got a big storm coming. I bet you guys can guess who this mystery man is, but you get a cookie if you connect it to canon material (loosely). 

Chapter Ten: Deals with the Devil

The rustle of leaves told her he wasthere, listening. He was always there when she came out to the gardens. Sometimes, she mused that he lived there among the rose bushes and stone angel fountains. Natsu was Natsu, and he never ceased to surprise her.

“If you are really concerned, I can infiltrate and pose as a blacksmith or something.” His voice spoke, soft and low as the sun began to descend from midday. Soon, Lucy would have to prepare for the trip to Jose’s chateau, and she loathed even the smallest of galas. The stuffy dresses and false laughs were enough to drive her insane. The fact that she could not enjoy food with as little manners as she desired was salt in the wound.

His concern warmed her heart. Really, she could not have wished for a better friend. Not that she would tell him that. His head would swell and explode with his ego!

“O-Or I can pose as a statue…or a gargoyle. A gargoyle would be more fitting for a fearsome being like myself-” He continued, the bushes rustling as he moved his hands in poses much like the gargoyles he had seen in the graveyard decor.

“Natsu. I will be alright. It will just be like all the other boring parties. Are you getting your weapons repaired after that escapade with Gray?” Oh, yes. That was the talk of the town when the gallows were demolished in a blast of flames. It took no taxing thoughts to know exactly what Natsu had done.

The shrubbery stilled, and Lucy giggled at the mutters from the depths of the branches. “Hmmm, fine. As long as you promise you will be alright.” Natsu finally replied, sounds of dirt shifting as he moved. “I would hate to have to invade and bust a few asshole’s noses for messing with you. You know I would if you only asked.”

Giggling, Lucy brushed off her dress as she stood. “Yeah, I know. Those poor souls would not be able to handle the punch of a Dragon Assassin. I can deal.” Honestly, she could do her own punching. It sounded fun!

Natsu grumbled from the bush, his tone became serious and warning, “Luce, be careful.” There was no room for argumentation, but Lucy was curious about the new nickname.

“Since when did you decide to call me ‘Luce’?” Honestly, he never did before. Why now?

The man was silent for a moment before his amused voice slid from the leaves. “Would you prefer that I call you 'Luigi’? I am flexible.” The branches shifted as he laughed, the sound of his leather gloves slapping his knee unmistakable.

The heiress huffed, turning on her heel and stomping away. “'Luce’ is just fine, thanks!” She called with her nose in the air as Natsu’s chuckles reached her ears. Honestly, what an idiot!

The carriage rocked with every pothole the wheels encountered. While Lucy struggled to remain upright on the plush seats, her father remained still as stone, never once looking at her or speaking to her. It came as no surprise to the blonde, though she expected at least a reprimand for how much she jostled in the bench seat.

Outside her window, the views changed as time passed: from the Aristocratic District, to the Commoner District, to the Slum District, to open fields and farms. Now, Jose’s terrace loomed as they passed through the grand gates that really only marked the entrance and did little to keep trespassers out. Lucy could pick out where the party thrived, the lights and music reaching her as more calming than the other gala’s she had experienced. A courtyard of jest and merriment instead of a room with insufferable snobs.

The carriage driver took them to the very mouth of the yard, where fancily dressed butlers opened the metal doors and allowed Jude to exit first. Ladies first, Lucy mused mentally as she placed her gloved hand lightly on a butler’s offered palm, not really using his assistance to hoist herself out of the carriage.

Not looking back, her father vanished into the crowds, leaving her alone as the carriage driver spurred the horses to move to the parking area. No matter how surprising this change of events was, Lucy immediately grinned and decided to make the most of this gift. Here she was, not paraded around like some prize not yet on the market. Finally free to mingle of her own decision or free to raid the buffet table.

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Chapter 12- Falling to Pieces

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Hey guys i’m so sorry this update is so late i’ve been quite sick for about a week now and i still am so i apologize for any mistakes i just wanted to get something up. Hope you like it :)


You body turns on the soft surface and your hand flops onto on the other side it was empty and cold. You rub the surface looking for a body but there wasn’t one. You open your eyes and the light of day blinds you. Finally your eyes adjust to the light and you notice that Stiles had left. But it was obvious he slept next to you the entire night. You had also been changed you felt a bit weird that Stiles had changed you but it wasn’t the first time he’d seen you naked. You were now in a big and baggy flannel button up. You slowly get out of bed and walk to Stiles bedroom door. You open slowly and it makes a loud squeaking noise. You look down the hallway checking for his dad, You didn’t want to recreate yesterday’s incident. Yesterday. The memory come rushing back and you felt the urge to cry. But you had to block out the feelings not for yourself but for everyone sake. No one is going to get hurt because of you. No suffering. No pain. Not anymore.

You tip toe down the hall and to a window at the end of the hall. You look outside to see Stiles dad’s car wasn’t there. You sigh in relief. You walk down stairs quietly but casually. As you walk down the stairs you smell something burning. You run down to the kitchen and find Stiles’s second attempt to cook for you was going exactly the same as the first time. He was cooking eggs and they were now black and smoking. You didn’t understand how someone could burn eggs that much. You laugh at how he struggle to shut up the smoke alarm. He finally gets it to stop and turns around.

“Hey! uh good morning how’d you sleep?” He puts his smoking pan in the sink.

“Fine,” you say casually. He looked into your eyes and saw that they were red and puffy from all the crying.  

“Good, well um your clothes are upstairs if you were wondering, and I was the one to changed you because what you were wearing didn’t really look comfortable but i didn’t see anything not that i didn’t want to see anything but not like I don’t wanna see” he starts rambling. You move closer to him and place both your hands on his face to calm him down. You were looking into his eyes, reassuring him. 

“Stiles” you whisper, “it’s fine, I’m fine” his mouth crinkled up in a small smile. You mirror his expression and smile back, but you were anything but fine. Stiles didn’t need to know that, you didn’t want him to worry. But Stiles knew you weren’t fine, because he’s been through the same thing and with you it both your parents, but he didn’t say anything. He remembered what it was like to lose his mom. He cried and cried, but after there were no more tears just pain. An empty space. He put up a wall, hiding his feelings telling everyone he was “Fine” because he thought talking about it was worse. Accepting it was much worse. A part of Stiles wished he would have talked about it sooner, deal with the pain then move on, but its harder said then done.

You dropped your hands from his face and held his hand. “Do you wanna go out for breakfast?” he asked looking at his attempt to make food.

“Ya I’ll just get dressed” you let go of his hand and he nods. You ran upstairs and got dressed. When you came back down Stiles was waiting by the door in some black jeans, a white shirt and a blue flannel. 

You walk outside towards his car with Stiles walking in front of you. You feel vibration coming form you jeans and you pull out your phone. It was you best friend back from home. You missed her so much you didn’t even hesitate to answer, you quickly slid the answer button across the screen and put the phone to your ear.

“Hello” Her voice was very warming, but sad.

“Hi- hi how are you” you asked and got in Stiles car and sat in the passenger seat. You feel tears forming under your eyes, but for the first time in a long time, they were tears of joy.

“I’m good, my mom told me about your dad i-i’m so sorry (y/n) how are you doing” she asks you almost forgotten her voice. You didn’t answer because you didn’t know.

“Oh my god thats a terrible question to ask i’m sorry” she apologizes. 

“No it’s ok, um you know i’ve been dealing with it but i’m fine” the words stubble out of your mouth. Stiles was sitting looking at you slightly confused. 

“No you say that but I’m your best friend, every time you say your fine you really aren’t. Ugh! I wish i could be with you i should be there, you shouldn’t be going through all this alone. I hate being so far from you” she says slightly angry. There had been so many things happening you forgot to tell her about Stiles.

“I’m not going through it alone, there are a lot of nice people here” you say then turn your head away from Stiles who was now driving. “I met this guy his name is Stiles he’s been really comforting and helping.” you whisper.

“So you have someone, your not alone” she asks compassionately.

“Ya but I really miss you, I wish I could see you. I could really use one of your hugs.” God you missed her hugs, they always made you feel better.

“I miss you too but I’ll see you in the summer” she says hopeful.

“Ya that feels like forever from now’ you say.

"I know but my parents would never let me skip school.” Unlike you, she was a straight A student and her parents really got on her about her grades, they would never let her leave.

“I know” you mumble.

“Well my mom is calling me I have to go now but I’ll call you later ok” you nod forgetting she couldn’t see.

“Bye” you say slowly.

“Bye (y/n)” she says and hangs up. You hang up and put your phone in your lap staring at it and frowning. 

“Who was that?” Stiles asks slowly. 

“My best friend from L.A” You start to cry again. You wipe your eyes with you shirtsleeve. Stiles pulls up to a Starbucks and turn off the engine.

“Why are crying? Did she say something?” Stiles asks frowning.

“No, no its just that I really miss her and I wish I could see her” you puff your cheeks with air then blow them out to keep yourself from crying. “Thank you Stiles for being there for me and I don’t know what I would have done without you.” you smile.

“Yeah, of coarse you’d do the same for me and I wasn’t about to let you deal with this on your own.” he gave you a small smile. You started thinking about it again and you felt the pain start to pour in, so you block it out and got rid of it. 

“Ugh i keep crying its like ever since my mom died all I’ve ever done is cry why do i keep crying” you whipped the tears from your face aggressively. Stiles looked at you with worried eyes.

“Hey its ok to cry, i cried when my mom died hell i cried for an entire month every night, but it was a part of the healing process.” he whispers and you open the jeep door and ignore what he just said because you weren’t like him. You couldn’t just heal and get over it. You would never heal, you would try and think about it but then you would kill people and then how would you heal from that. How would you be able to breath knowing that you killed the most important thing in your life, the only thing keeping you human. How would you live with yourself knowing you killed Stiles.

He follows you into the Starbucks where you bought a coffee and one of those big cookies. Stiles got a hot chocolate because he says he’s not allowed to have caffein because it makes him jittery, very jittery. You tried to imagine Stiles on caffein and it amused and slightly scared you. You looked around, there where a lot of kids from beacon hills starring at you. You could hear them talking about you and how you were that girl who lost her dad, you were that orphan girl. A girl, tall and blond came up to you, you thought that you mite have seen her in your Chem class but weren’t sure.

“I’m so sorry about your loss” she says with a high pitched voice that annoyed your ears.

“And you are?” you asked and it came out really bitter.

“Um.. I’m Stephanie we have Chem together” she says trying to ignore how you were glaring at her.

“Well Stephanie from Chem, you don’t know me and you didn’t know my dad so i don’t need your sympathy ok I don’t need anyone sympathy” you look at Stiles then back at the girl who was confused and a bit hurt.“So just go sit your ass back down with you friends and forget about me and my dad” the girl looked startled and she slowly turned around and sat down with her blond friend. You didn’t know why but her comment just made you angry. You walk out and stand outside breathing in and out slowly and you ran your hand through your hair. 

“(y/n) what was that?” he says almost yelling.

“I don’t know ok, I just- I don’t know” you say bring your shoulders up and dropping them slowly.

“She was just trying to be nice” he pauses and you were just standing there looking everywhere but at him, “And maybe, maybe she just wants to help, and doesn’t know how because every time she tries to help, you block her out and she just doesn’t know what to do, because she hates seeing you hurt and not knowing how to help.” he says with a few hand motions. You knew he wasn’t talking about Stephanie anymore. He was looking down at his hands that he was rubbing together and taping his fingers repeatedly. You take a deep breath then walk over to him slowly and take his hands, the moment you touched them they stop fidgeting but he was still looking down. You bend your head down too make eye contact and he finally looks up at you. 

“Stiles you have helped me so much, just by being there at school, you took me in and you held me when I felt alone” you give him a small smile reassuring him. He mimics your expression.

“Stiles your the only one keeping me going.” You sigh and step back.

“I just don’t like seeing you like this and not knowing what to do and feeling so..so.. I don’t know” he mutters his arms drop to his side.

“I know” you pause to think of what to do and say.“I just -I need some time alone.” His head shoots up at the word “alone”.

“Um yeah I’m gonna walk to school, okay” you take his hand and press your lips on his quickly. When you pulled back his lips were still puckered. You start walking back and he holds on to your hand. You could have just easily gotten out of his grip but you didn’t.

“Stiles.” You pause until he’s looking into your eyes. “I’ll see you in class” you reassure him one last time and his grip loosens and you walk away.

“Wait you’re going to be late for class” he says making you stop and turn around.

“What are they gonna do, call my parents” you say not thinking about it, it just came out. His eyes dropped in that concerned look that you recognize way to easily. It felt terrible to walk away from him, it was like you had riped off and arm and left it there. But you had to be alone. Just for a little while. You needed to pick up the pieces that had to be put back together.

You walk to the forest. You always felt so at home and genuinely happy in the wild. You assumed it was because the beast was at bay in its natural habitat or something. But it always made you feel better. Just you, the trees, the sun and the wind. The sound of twigs braking at your feet. The birds chirping in the big green trees.The sun peaking through the trees, shining on the short purple flowers. The scent. Oh, the scent just made you wanna collapse from your feet and lie in the soft grass. It was paradise.

For those few minutes it felt like everything was going to okay, things were gonna get better. You start to pick up your speed and run down the trail. Running, the wind in your face, jumping over the rocks and logs, taking in the scent. You felt free, almost happy. Then, you hear a twig snap from behind you. You turn your head, still running, not looking where you step. Then as your foot presses on the floor, sharp daggers stab at your skin in your shin. They pierced the skin and the muscle, you could feel them rubbing against the bone. You quickly collapse from the pain that over came you. You let out a loud scream, that came out more like a loud growl. You look down at your foot stuck in a bear trap. The grass was no longer a beautiful green but a dark painful red from the blood pouring from you shin. You were in shock, you felt your teeth grow over your bottom lip, you eyes turn to their cold blue and claws over your palms. Your breathing was quick but heavy. You couldn’t brake away, the pain was too strong your hands were shaking and weak. You reach for the jaws and tried to brake them off. Suddenly you fall back and your leg is pulled, you yell once again from the pain. You look up, your eyes were blurry from the tears that filled them. You saw what you made out to be a tall blonde woman dragging you from a chain.

“Stop! Please,” you cry. The pulling stops and your crawl backwards into a tree. You wipe your eyes to see the woman who was torturing you.

Was it? It Couldn’t be? You couldn’t believe your eyes. 

The woman chuckles.”See that is exactly what my son yelled before your ripped his throat out and slashed his face.” 

It was Colton’s mom.

“What.. how do you?” your breathing was heavy, making you stutter at your words. 

“How do I know what you are, oh sweety you have no idea how much i know about you and your little family.” Even though it looked like her it did not sound like the wonderful woman you remember. Her words no longer spoken with love and happiness, but bitterness and evil.

“See, let me start from the beginning your probably really confused” she spoke so casually, without emotion. You couldn’t get free from the trap. Everytime you tried to brake free she would pull on your leg. “I’ve known you’ve been this thing ever since you were born, I knew your mom was one your grate grandmother was one, I’ve known about your family long before you had. And when Colton started going out with you, I didn’t like it and he knew but didn’t care cause he was in love. Our two species were at truce for almost one hundred years. So after a while I got used to you two being together because I thought you loved my son as much as he loved you, but obviously not concidering you killed him.” she talks while walking back and forth, intimidating you.

"I loved your son and I never meant to hurt him”

“Stop lying, if you really cared about my son you would have never went to the party of the day of an eclipse. It’s your fault!” Her finger aggressively pointing in your direction.

“I was young and stupid I thought I could control it” you say quietly remembering that painful night.

“Shut up!” You slam back into the tree and squeeze your eyes shut from the pain as she pulls on the chains. You open your eyes and let out a painful shaky sigh when she dropped the chains. You could see tears forming around her eyes.

“I’m sorry please just let me go” you beg.

“You didn’t let me finish my story” she laughed quietly to herself, it had been clear she had gone mad. “Because you took my beloved son, I will not rest until everyone you have ever cared about is gone and then when there is no one there I’m gonna kill you.” Her words were like knives stabbing you over and over.

“You, it was you! You killed my dad!” Tears formed under your eyes and you tried to hold them back but everything turned blurry. You couldn’t hold them back any longer and they started sliding down your cheeks one after the other. You were mad at yourself for crying. You agressively whipe away your tears with your hand forgeting the your claws were out, scratching your face. You yell again and your face quickly heals. She just stood there, laughing at you. You wanted to scratch her face off.

“It wasn’t me who killed him it was this other girl in my pack she was the one who actually pulled him down.” Pack? You were confused, Colton never told you anything about a pack. A pack of what? She caught on to your confused expression.

“Oh that’s right I skiped that part you’re probably wondering what I am. You know what, since I kept you from school instead of telling you what I am why don’t I give you some homework.” She grabs your hand with a surpring amount of strength. If you weren’t still weak from being attached to a bear trap, you could probably break free from her grip. She squeases your hand and rubs your palm. You could hear foot steps from behind you and you could tell she could hear it too. You turn around to look behind the tree and see Scott running toward you from the distance. You turn you head back to see that she was gone, completely vanished. You looked in every direction but nothing. Your body started to fill with rage, so much that you could feel yourself heating up. Scott comes up beside you in a look of shock and concern.

“Oh my god what happened” he stares at your bleeding leg.

“Well don’t just stand there help me” you yell and he quickly gets down on his knees and grabs the jaws and looks up at you.


You nod. He counts to three and rips them of. Setting you off into a loud growl. You look down at you finally free leg. You grab onto the tree and attempt to pull yourself up. You had to find her. You get up and stand on one foot. You put down the agganizingly painful foot to take a step. You barely put down the sole of your foot before collapsing, Scott catches you before you fall.

"You shouldn’t walk” he said supporting you.

“I’m fine, it’ll heal.” You say letting go of his arm and start to lip your way to..well you didn’t know where but you just had to find her. You start limping faster away from him , but every step only felt worse and worse.

“Where do you think you’re going” he walks up in front of you.

“I need to go find her.” Trying to get past him but everytime you would step to the side he would follow.

“Who’s her?”

“Coltons mom she’s the one who did this to me, she killed my dad”

“Oh.. do you even know which way she went?” He asks concerned.

“No but-” you didn’t know where you were going with that.

“Exactly and even if you knew where she went you wouldn’t be able to catch her with that leg that I’m pretty sure isn’t healing I can still smell your blood.” You both look down and you pull up your jeans to see your leg look worse then it did before. Your vains were dark blue, popping of from under you skin. Your open wounds pouring out dark blood almost black.


“What” Scott asks worried.

“She freaken laced the trap with aloe” you groan in pain,“it’s a poison to me and once it reaches my heart I’ll die.”

“How long t’ill it reaches your heart” he whispers.

“Considering its in my leg, I have about 2 hours” you whisper back squeazing your eyes from the aganizing pain.

“Um what do we do? How do you stop it?” he says almost yelling in panic.

“See that the funny thing” you say sarcastically trying to lighten the mood. “I don’t know”

“Ok well let’s get out of here first” he says putting your arm around his shoulders and his hand around your hip, helping you walk.

“And go where?”

“We can go to Deaton’s”

“Deaton?” you ask.

“My boss he’s a vet” he says leading you out of the woods.

“Very funny” you roll your eyes.“Where are we really going?”

“No, he’s not just a vet he knows a lot of things he might know how to help” he explains. “Where Stiles?”

“What do you mean was he not at school?” You look at Scott worried and frustrated.

“He wasn’t there when I left” he shrugs his shoulders. He helps you into his car and closes the door behind you. He quickly walks to the other side of the car and get in.

“Well wouldn’t he be there now?” you say scared and panicked.

“I don’t know” he takes out his phone and starts texting.

“What are you doing.”

“Texting Allison, she told me to let her know what happening” A few moment later his phone beeps.“She’s going to meet us at Deaton’s”

A shot of burning pain from your leg up to your stomach. You tightly grab your fists and grow out and you quickly open your fist to see black blood dripping from healing slits in your palm. You felt the pain again and you raise your shirt, black veins climbing up from your jeans and up your lower stomach.


“Wha-what wait you said we have 2 hours before it reaches your heart and its freaking close to your heart” he stutters.

“I was wrong, if you hadn’t noticed, this has never happened to me before” you say raspy.

“Ok um just calm down” he was looking at you when he said it but you knew it he was more telling himself.

“Scott!” You yelled at him noticing he spaced out for a moment

“Ya” he was back to reality.

“There’s no rush or anything but if you don’t start driving your gonna have a dead body in your car”

“Right sorry” he turns the ignition and starts driving quickly. The radio turns on with the car and it was the local news station.

Today’s breaking new story; Another dead body found at the bottom of the lake this after noon along with a blue car. Yet to identify the body but police have confirmed to be a young male.”


TWD Grandmaman Mini Clip Show Season 2 Pretty Much Dead Already

Mom; “There goes vintage Daryl! All rough and tumble..”

Sanja; “He wanted to go and keep searching for Sophia even though he was hurt…”

Grandmaman; “The man was smart, he saw everyone else standing around looking at maps, looking for Carl…avoiding Carol. If that kid was to be found then he’d have to do it!”

Sanja; “Yup! You can tell he’s in pain but he’s all set to keep going…”

Mom; “Ugh, I hate it when she cries and you can tell he does too…”

Sanja; “He can’t handle it…He didn’t like it in the RV and here too, it bugs him so much but he doesn’t know what to say so he tries to get away from it!”

Mom; “Can you imagine him calling Carol a ‘stupid bitch’ today?”

Sanja; “I know I wish he hadn’t done that…”

Grandmaman; “Would you just give the guy a break? Yeah, the words could have been better but at least he listened to her - He Didn’t Go!”

Sanja; “Yeah, but…”

Grandmaman; “Nothing BUT - Daryl Dixon listened to her. Yeah, he was in a huff and all piss and vinegar but Carol actually got her way, he stayed behind. And how often does that happen with a guy like Daryl?”

Mom; “That’s true!”

Grandmaman; “He didn’t even listen to Rick back then but put a crying Carol in front of him and he has no choice. He doesn’t like that he has no choice, heck he probably doesn’t understand why he has no choice and it’s pissing him off…”

Sanja; “So she kind of won?”

Grandmaman; “Oh yeah, she won by a mile…and really she hasn’t stopped winning since then. Everybody is too busy whining about ‘bad Daryl’ and the ‘bitch’ thing, that nobody notices that he didn’t end up going anywhere..”

Sanja; “You really ship them don’t you?”

Grandmaman; “I don’t know what you are talking about…*snickering*”