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Bts finding out their younger sister has depression bc of bad friends.

He found you sitting on your bed, just staring out your window.

“You okay?…”

“How do you stop from feeling really sad?”

“You let everything flow out, talk to me.”

“My friends… they don’t treat me, well, like a friend.”


“Teenagers can be mean just remember they do not define you. You’ll find better friends along the way that like you for you. Use the treatment your getting right now as a muse for something creative… a poem, a painting. Also dont hang around them any more. I don’t like seeing you sad you little bum.”

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“Who dares make a Kim member sad! I’m sorry y/n, everything will get better as you grow, I promise. I mean when have I ever been wrong?”

“The time you told be to eat the green pill instead of the white and I ended up sleeping for a whole day even though all I had was a my sore throat”

“Not the point. Just know that everybody has bad times in their life so that way the good times could be better than you could ever imagine! Now, you wanna come make some cupcakes? We can make your favorite! <3”

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“Well, those aren’t true friends, now are they? Ditch them. I know you’re a good person and its hard for you to leave people behind but trust me you’ll feel much better after. You might be alone for a while but hey thats better than being treated badly by others especially when you have a choice. Plus you won’t be fully alone… I’ll be here!”

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“Well first, they’re dead. And second, don’t be an idiot and stay friends with them. I know this is very blunt but if you feel like you’re unwanted by them, leave. You don’t deserve to be hurt by some people that aren’t going to be in your life forever. You’re young! Live your life with people who truly like you. And  don’t stress out over little things. Do you remember when I was stuck in a slump? Look at me now. Winning awards left and right with my best friends.”

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“There missing out on you y/n! You’re such a good person, don’t you forget that! I wish I could be in high school again just so I could hang out with you. I don’t like seiing you so hurt by this, by them. Please do me a favor and drop them. You can find such better people whether it be online or from other schools! I’ll be your friend… I’ll come by during lunch and just hang with you. Every single day until you don’t need me anymore!”

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“There’s no point as associating them as friends then. They need a new title… starngers! You need to get away from toxic people before they really start damaging you and putting a toll on you. I really hope you make the right choice in leaving them and go meet some new people. Start a club at school or join clubs online with people that have the same interest. You can always text me if your feeling lonely okay!”

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“Who hurt my baby sis?! That really irks me ya know, you’re such a sweet person. I don’t understand how people can be so rude. Leave them, they don’t understand us cool kids. Viva la Jeons! Don’t let this hang over you okay? You don’t need this type of situation, its a waste of time. Spend your time doing more important things like studying! You do want a good job right?” “I’m gonna fight your ‘friends’.” *fighting stance*

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I'm not sure if you've been asked this before, but what are some of your favorite online clothing stores? It's so hard to find stores with cute goth stuff

It’s been asked, but I don’t mind telling you again. I don’t really buy most stuff from “goth” stores because I don’t have the money to do so. So most of the time it’s just buying pieces from stores like forever 21, H&M, primark, but mostly from eBay, wish and aliexpress. And sometimes when I have money I buy a special piece from killstar, disturbia, punkrave, phaze or restyle :). But it’s just about finding some gems in the mainstream stores that could be “goth” if you match it right. The fall trends this year I really like with all the velvet, fishnet and vinyl stuff ^^ xoxo

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Love Sick

Five notes I wrote while in love with someone who didn’t love me-

January 20th, 2017-

I could never hate you,
Not really.
I know I’m young,
I know this was all one sided.
But please, just let me move on.
I’m so sick of checking messenger
Just to see if you’re online.
I’m so sick of hoping to hear my phone go off
Hoping it’s you.
I’m done with replaying every stupid moment over and over again
Trying to figure out what I did wrong.
Did I do something wrong?
I’m not so sure anymore.
I didn’t realize that I fell for you so hard.
I wish I hadn’t.
Now, I can only ignore the feeling of emptiness when I go about my day.
I’m not incapable of living.
I just have a hard time living when you love her and not me.
I think I loved you.
I think I still love you.
I wish I didn’t.
The worst part is
I don’t want to let go.
I just want you.
I love you.
Now I’m sitting on my kitchen floor
At 3:32am,
Wishing you were mine.
You’re not,
And you never will be.
Goodnight, love, I hope you are sleeping well.
I hope you are happy.

March 11th, 2017-

Don’t you know?
That if you ever loved me
You would’ve said you’re sorry.
But you don’t.
And don’t you know?
That cliches never die and
Memories don’t lie
So I’ll forgive and walk away
All for show.
Now I’m sitting here in silence
And feel the cold on my face
While you’re drunk and feeling numb now
I only feel the empty space.
Death of the mind is the new fashion trend
I guess I’ll just fit in and waste my brain on you again

April 6th, 2017-

I just wanted to know you.
I just wanted to see you smile,
I wanted to know your dreams
Your opinions
Your feelings.
But here I am,
Still wondering what you think.
I don’t know you,
And I don’t think I ever will.
If I could have one wish,
It’d be to see you again,
To make you smile and laugh.
I won’t get that
I never will.
You are living your life.
That’s good,
But it doesn’t make my ego feel any better.
I wanted to see your face when I wake up.
I imagined your eyelashes lying against your cheek.
I’ll never see that.
Will I ever feel like this again?
Will I ever love someone so much it hurts the way you hurt me?
The saddest part is that you don’t think about me.

July 16th, 2017-

It’s been about a year.
A year since I first loved you,
A year since I felt alive,
A whole year since anything has seemed exciting.
It’s a shame that I loved you;
You weren’t worth it.
You never really loved me.
You never even liked me, really.
But here I am
A year later
Still thinking only of you.

August 2nd, 2017-

I’ve got that feeling again.
My heart speeds up,
I giggle at all his jokes.
It feels amazing to feel like this again.
He’s not you, though.
I still love you but
I give up.
You won.
Go fuck yourself.

I wanted to post these because I feel it is important that people know that they don’t need to rely on someone’s attention to feel like they’re enough; if there’s anything I’ve learned this past year, it’s that I am enough without someone who doesn’t love me at all.

I'm finally coming out as transgender

I’m about to go into my whole story of figuring out I was trans because some of you have asked and want more information. It’s long so if you don’t want to read the whole thing because you don’t care or you don’t have time, here’s a super quick summary: I’ve dealt with gender identity confusion from age 3. I came out the first time in middle school but my parents didn’t believe me and I was terrified due to the experiences trans people are forced to suffer through by being out. I shoved it down for years but it’s not something I can ignore. I’m finally accepting this side of myself and coming out on tumblr is really important to me because I can’t come out in real life yet, I’ve only told a few friends outside of tumblr. I’ve already told many of you about this and I just want to say, whether I came out to you two years ago or two days ago, any words of support and encouragement you’ve sent my way have made an enormous difference in my life. My name is Alex and my pronouns are he/him/his. Don’t refer to me as Claire or use she/her/hers anymore. It’s okay to reblog this post and it’s okay to tell people I’m transgender.

Also I’m turning off anon to avoid hate messages and just know that if I don’t respond to your kind messages immediately, it’s because I’m exhausted and this is really hard to talk about but I promise I’ll get back to you eventually and anything supportive you say makes this whole process easier, so thank you in advance for accepting me

If you want the full story, click “keep reading” and read the rest.

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63 + fitzskye

video games
fun fact: I know nothing about video games. I have to order them for work, and I needed to get the teens to explain things to me before I could do so.

There was a time, before SHIELD but after all the foster homes, when Daisy thought that being able to make it through a day on only two hours of sleep was something to brag about.

Then again, she also thought living in a van was something to brag about.

These days she’s wishing for a brain that would just chill out and let her get the sleep her body so desperately needs.

She’s settling for sitting on the couch at three in the morning, online shopping because while she can’t sleep, she can’t actually focus on anything either (and also, the vast majority of her wardrobe now features large rips, bloodstains, or a combination of the two).

Fitz manages to enter the room, turn on the TV, and start up Mario Kart before Daisy even notices his presence.

In the morning, when she’s gotten at least some sleep, she’ll be disappointed that she jumped out of her skin when she finally realized he was there.

“Rough night?” he asks, passing her a controller.

Daisy shrugs. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but ordinary for her is kind of… a mess.

“I guess they’re all rough nights,” Fitz says, in that same detached way Daisy’s pretty sure the entire team feels about what their lives have become.

At least she’s not going through it alone.

Under normal circumstances, beating Fitz at video games, any video games, requires concentration, thought, and more effort than Daisy’s capable of putting into anything right now. Luckily, he’s as off his game as she is tonight.

The computer beats both them over and over again, until Daisy can barely keep her eyes open. Fitz doesn’t seem to be doing much better.

Daisy considers that maybe she’ll be able to concentrate better with her eyes closed (she certainly can’t play any worse), but that’s the last thing she remembers.

When she wakes up, it’s to the sounds of the base coming alive in the morning. There’s a large blanket spread over the couch, covering both her and Fitz, and someone turned the TV off.

It’s probably the best sleep she’s gotten this month.