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Ribbons // Ji Hansol


the prompt: you hoped for a new life in france, but with no money, you stowed away in the closest freighter you could find. only, it wasn’t a freighter, it was a pirate ship.

words: 6514

category: pirate!au, fluff

author note: ayy thanks to marissa for the idea of pirate!hansol bc this came out of it :) as always i miss ji hansol and wish him all the love. also i need to stop writing novels and just write cute romance like wow destinee half of this is just worldbuilding.
— dest

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Thinking back, jumping into the first barrel you could find was likely not the best decision. How were you to know that there would be water filling up half of it? How were you to know that the water would be freezing cold and simultaneously smell like rotten fish?

When you planned to run away, you had no idea it would turn out like this. Your plan was to hide in a simple freighter, amongst the boxes of exports being sent to Europe. You planned to start a new life, far away from the constant danger surrounding your small village. The port side town was fueled by fear of pirates. No one was safe, and everyone was willing to give up everything if a pirate asked them to. It was horrible.

You didn’t want to live in fear. You were just as bad as everyone else in that town: cowering in fear if a pirate spoke to you. You worked at your family’s inn, and if a pirate asked for a free room, you gave it to him. If the pirates said jump, the villagers asked how high. There was no thought of ever defying them. There was no though of fighting back.

You weren’t sure you had the courage to fight back. Pirates were mean and brutal men who loved taking people for slaves and ransom. If you tried to fight back, and lost, it was likely you would never see freedom again. So, after many anxious nights of wondering if you should just do it, you finally did. You ran away.

It was just your luck that you accidentally stowed away in a pirate ship. The ship began to move at dawn, and that’s when you realized something was wrong. Men were shouting above you in a mixture of languages and tones. They were speaking like sailors, with tongues of fire and crude insults. As you looked around the small hold you had holed up in, it dawned on you that a freighter should have more crates in it. Where you were, there were only a few barrels. The rest of the room was set up like a pantry, with shelves of fruit, herbs, and dried meat. Not many freighters would have those in their hold. A pirate’s ship, however, would.

As the ship was already moving, you had no option but to hide and hope they docked somewhere soon, where you could sneak out and find help. That plan seemingly the only option in your head, you shoved your carpetbag (filled with simple things like a notebook and some underwear) under a shelf, behind many flasks and bottles. Then, assuming the barrel was empty, you opened the top and climbed inside.

You had not anticipated the cold water at the bottom, nor the horrid smell. If you bothered to check the barrels, you would’ve found a better barrel to hide in.

“Hansol said that we have oranges but I can’t find them.”

“Seriously, Jaemin? Did you even look hard enough?”

At the sound of voices, you ducked into the barrel with a soft splash, and replaced the lid as accurately as you could without proper lighting or any real knowledge of how to properly lid a barrel. Through a slit in the barrel, you watched as two boys surprisingly close to your age walked in.

It wasn’t long before they disappeared again, having found the oranges they had been searching for. You refused to move, afraid that you might splash too loudly, or worse, knock over the whole barrel and be attacked by swords. So, curled up in the most uncomfortable fetal position, you closed your eyes and struggled to fall asleep.

They would stop somewhere in the morning, right?


The boat rocked back and forth through the night, and Hansol had a hard time keeping his crew’s heads on straight. The storm had come out of nowhere, and of course there was a leak on deck.

Hansol tied his hair back with a bandana and grabbed a hammer. “Check the rest of the deck for more leaks!” he yelled, unable to be heard above the roar of the rain.

His crew obeyed without a word of protest, as they always did. He was lucky to have a loyal crew that didn’t cry mutiny every time something went wrong. Truthfully, they were his best friends and only family. He couldn’t say he’d know what to do without them.

Ten stood behind the ship’s wheel, holding the entire ship steady against the torrents. He watched each member of the crew from there, his dark eyes trained as if for war. In storms like these, the winds and rain could sweep you right into the sea of you weren’t steady, so it was vital that the crew looked out for each other.

Yukhei stood tall in the crow’s nest, a sextant by his feet and a looking glass in his hands. He was in charge of making sure Ten was on the right track. He was also in charge of warning the crew of any dangers such as other storms, mermaids, or other pirates.

Kun was the cook, and one of the most trusted members of the crew. Every day he kept the stock and the rations, making sure that no food went missing, and that everyone had enough to eat. He knew how to time trips, so that they would never starve before reaching their next destination. He also practiced navigation, and helped make sure Ten knew where to steer the boat.

Jungwoo manned the canons and the guns whenever a fight arose, but mostly he kept the ship clean and repaired whenever it needed it. Unfortunately, the ship was getting old, and the wood and tin wasn’t all
that they were when Hansol first stole his precious ship.

Jaemin was the youngest, but he had been on the crew almost as long as Hansol and Ten. He practiced medicine, and always took care of the other members if they got sick. For the most part, however, he was loud and playful, always skipping out on his responsibilities to play. He had a lot to learn, but Hansol could remember a time when he too had been to excited to simply pull in an anchor or man the sails. Jaemin would learn in time.

Hansol himself was the captain, though he didn’t find himself necessarily fond of the term when it first appeared out of Ten’s mouth. He didn’t want to be the one in control. He didn’t want his future crew to be afraid. After admitting his hesitation to his crew, they assured him that Hansol wasn’t like other pirates. They reminded him that while they looked for lost treasure and stole from time to time, they never took another man’s life if they could spare it. It was Kun who convinced Hansol to take the position as Captain. Soon, Hansol realized that “captain” was simply a synonym for “leader”, and he had nothing to worry about.

“Clear skies ahead! Ten, turn east!” Yukhei suddenly yelled, his deep voice somewhat startling to the focused Hansol.

“I can’t turn it!” Ten yelled back, his voice cracking against the salty air. “I need help!”

Warm rain trailing down his face, Hansol ran over to Ten and grabbed the wheel as well. Perhaps with the power of two men, it could be turned. After much groaning and toil, they succeeded in turning the ship’s course for the calmer waters, where they could perhaps anchor for the night and get some rest.

It took hours before the ship finally escaped the storm. The whole time, the entire crew had struggled to hold on against the winds. They took turns in threes, going below deck to sit at the oars and try to propel the ship further. When it was all said and done, the six boys were tired and worn. Soaked to the bone, everyone took off their clothes as quickly as they could and replaced them with warm nightshirts and wool blankets stolen from the last inn they had visited.

Everyone was tired, but no one wanted to sleep. It was like that after battle. No matter the enemy, whether man or storm, there was always that fear inside the heart of the victor. The fear that the battle might not be over, and that the second act was just shy of beginning. So, under the stars, they began to talk, as people do when they are afraid or nervous.

“Doesn’t it feel strange on the ship?” Jaemin asked, picking at a loose seam in his sleeve. He was leaning against Ten’s side for comfort. “Like, do you think we have a ghost?”

Yukhei’s eyes widened. “I did feel a presence below deck. Perhaps one of the items we took last week was cursed.”

Hansol chuckled. The younger ones always wanted to bring up curses and legends of old, but the more experienced side of the crew knew that curses just weren’t as common as the stories always said. “I highly doubt that. We spent all last week at your mother’s trade shop, remember?”

“Oh yeah,” Yukhei bit his lip, “but you know, my mom definitely could’ve cursed us.”

“Why would your mom curse her own son?” Ten asked.

Yukhei shrugged. “I don’t know. She might’ve been mad that I didn’t do my laundry, or perhaps she just wanted our trip to be unforgettable.

Hansol snorted. “I’m sure this trip will be just as forgettable as the last. It’s amazing how much of our touch we seemed to have lost when it comes to treasure hunting.”

Kun smirked, “Well you’re the captain, aren’t you? Start leading us properly and we’ll find treasure.”

Hansol shoved the younger boy playfully. At that moment, Jaemin’s stomach growled.

Jungwoo sighed. “You know, I’m pretty hungry too. We haven’t eaten since lunch, and we missed dinner because of the storm.”

Hansol looked at Kun, “What’s on the menu?”

“Well, I believe there is still some haddock left in one of those barrels. Which reminds me, we need to go fishing as soon as we can.”

“Alright. So everyone save Ten and Yukhei will be on fishing duty,” Hansol decided.

“Great,” Ten said. “Then Yukhei and I will go get the fish. Can we grab some oranges too?”

“Go ahead,” Hansol answered nonchalantly. “We brought too much anyway.”

The two disappeared below deck, and the remaining four sat in silence, each now aware of how hungry fighting the storm had made them. Hansol lay on his back, his gaze tracing the stars as they began to appear. He found the North Star easily, as all sailors had been taught. He pointed it out to Jaemin, and was about to speak when a loud shout interrupted him.

It came from below, and Hansol shot up as soon as he recognized it as Yukhei’s voice. “Stay here,” he commanded the others, afraid that someone dangerous might’ve stowed away and tried to hurt his crew members. The more he thought about it, the more it terrified him. “In fact, go hide in the captain’s quarters until I say it’s okay to come out. Jungwoo, take out your gun. Don’t be afraid to shoot if someone tries to hurt you.”

“Got it, Cap.” Jungwoo said, allowing himself to be steered away along with Jaemin. Kun had a grip on both of them, and he definitely wasn’t going to let them out of his sight.

Hansol cocked the gunning his hand, and with his finger on the trigger, he ran downstairs to find Yukhei and Ten seemingly unharmed. “What happened?”

“There’s a girl in the barrel!” Ten answered in exasperation.

Hansol peered into the barrel, unsure of what he was going to see. He definitely didn’t expect to see you, cold and shivering, staring back at him with fear evident in your eyes. “Please…” you spoke, and your voice was cracked from lack of use. “Please don’t kill me.”

Hansol felt his heart break slightly. “We don’t want to kill you,” he said in the softest voice he could muster. “Here… let me help you out.”

Perhaps his change in tone had worked, for you lifted your arms weakly and allowed him to pull you out of the barrel. “I can’t feel my leg,” you whispered.

“That’s alright,” Hansol answered, pulling you out and setting you on your feet. You leaned into his side. “The feeling will return soon enough. Right now, we need to get you warmed up. How long have you been in that barrel?”

“Since the ship set out,” you answered meekly. “I… I thought it was a freighter.”

“That’s been almost two days…” Hansol frowned. “Wait. My ship looks like a freighter? I thought it looked menacing.”

“It was dark,” you said. “I couldn’t tell which ship was which.”

This thought settled Hansol, and he faced Ten and Yukhei, who were still there, recovering from shock. “Go inform everyone that we have company. Tell Kun to heat up some water. Tell Jaemin to get his extra nightshirt, and then we can have dinner.”

Your eyebrows rose, and you scurried away from Hansol, running into one of the shelves behind you. A few oranges fell off of the shelf and you hissed in pain as the splintered wood rammed into your back. Still, you wouldn’t get any closer to Hansol. “You’re going to boil and eat me for dinner? Isn’t that too cruel? Can’t I just walk the plank or something?”

Hansol paused for a moment, unsure of where you had drawn that conclusion. Finally, he let out an amused chuckle. “Heavens no, darling. The water is for a bath, and the dinner is just for the crew. We’re hungry for fish, not people.”

You nodded, but you wouldn’t come closer to Hansol.

He held his hand out for you to accept, and offered you a friendly smile. “Come on, darling, I can’t take care of you if you refuse to come near me.”

“I’m not sure I want to be taken care of,” you said. “Can’t you just drop me off whenever you dock somewhere?”

“I’m not sure it works like that,” Hansol said, “we won’t be docking for a long time. You’re welcome to stay with us until then, though.”


You stayed in your spot, rubbing your cold arms in the hopes of circulating some warmth into them. As much as you hated to admit it, the man’s torso had been like a warm furnace, and your body was already missing the heat. “I don’t trust pirates,” you spoke surely, holding your posture.

“Me neither,” he answered. Then, perhaps for your sake, the man unstrapped his sabier, along with his gun, and handed both of the weapons to you. “But you can trust me and my crew. I’m Hansol.”

You slowly walked forward, deciding you could trust him. If any pirate was willing to give up his weapons, then he must be serious. That’s what you thought anyway.
“I’m Y/n. I was trying to get to France. I wanna start a new life far away from my hometown. Away from pirates and thieves,” you said the last part rather tentatively, in the hopes of not offending him.

Hansol didn’t seem surprised by your statement, and he only crossed his arms over his chest and pursed his lips in thought. “France, huh? I think that’s on our way. If you want, you can stay with us until we pass France. Then we’ll let you off. We have enough rations for you, I think.”

The thought of staying on a pirate ship any longer made you squeamish, but honestly what choice did you have? It wasn’t like you could just leave. You were in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. “Okay. I’ll stay out of your way, I promise.”

Hansol shrugged, “Don’t worry about that. If anything, it might be nice to have a helping hand after the storm ruined a few of our sails. How did you do during the storm?”

You grimaced. “The barrel rocked a lot and all the shouting overhead scared me, but I managed to fall asleep. That other boy’s scream is what woke me up.” The two of you began to walk out of the pantry, you limping because of your poorly-circulated foot.

Hansol walked toward you awkwardly, and wrapped his arm around your waist again. “Is this okay? If I help you get up the steps?”

You nodded, accepting his warmth openly for someone who disliked pirates. For some reason, you couldn’t imagine Hansol being a pirate. You couldn’t imagine him ever hurting anyone.

When the two of you reached the top deck, the rest of the crew was already up and about, bustling around as quickly as they could. One of them, a boy close to your height, came running up with a nightshirt in his arms. “Hansol! Here’s my spare outfit. Kun said the bath is ready whenever you need it. I think he’s going to try and put dinner together.”

“Thanks, Jaemin,” Hansol answered, accepting the nightshirt.

Hansol led you into what you could only assume was the captain’s quarters, for it was furnished rather lavishly. The bed was huge, and half of it was covered with maps, pencils, compasses, and other navigation tools. “This is our map room. The bed is supposed to be for the captain but we only use it if someone is sick. The blankets are clean though!” he interjected himself, “We cleaned them when we stopped. You’re welcome to use the bed until we get to France.”

You eyed the piece of furniture. “Thanks.”

“Over here is the bath,” Hansol continued his tour, pulling you behind a dressing screen. There, what looked to be half of a barrel filled with water and… orange peels. “Kun says they make the water smell good. He also says that the acid will help clean us. I buy soap anyway because I don’t know how much I believe him. You can clean up and get dressed back here. When you’re done, we’ll be on the deck with dinner, if you would like to join us.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

“No problem,” Hansol smiled. Then, as if he had just remembered something, “Oh! And if you get seasickness, come get one of us. We’ll make you a remedy.”

You agreed, satisfying the captain enough for him to leave. When he did, you undressed and washed up, letting the freshly boiled water heat up your shivering bones.

When you were done, you dressed and crawled into the uncovered side of the bed. You buried yourself under the blankets until you could barely breathe. Ignoring your grumbling stomach, you fell asleep, desperately hoping that these pirates were good; desperately hoping that this wasn’t some trick; desperately hoping that you might come out alive and unharmed.


Hansol hadn’t really expected you to join his crew for dinner, but that didn’t stop him from hoping. Unfortunately, he had to accept reality when you didn’t come out of the room.

“What do we do with her?” Ten asked before taking a bite of the fish Kun had prepared.

Hansol pulled on his earlobe nervously. “Well… she wants to go to France, so I thought we could take her on our way to Finland.”

“Isn’t that out of the way?” Jaemin brought up, “Do we have enough rations to make it that far?”

Everyone looked at Kun, who calculated the numbers in his head before answering, “I mean as long as we stock up in France we’ll have enough food to get to Finland.”

Hansol nodded, “We have to take her with us anyway, so we might as well drop her off where she wants to go.”

“What do we do with her, though?” Ten repeated, his words emphasized as he struggled to get his point across. “I mean, do we give her a job? Or do we just leave her in the captain’s quarters and pretend she isn’t there?”

“I don’t know,” Hansol said.

Jaemin yawned from beside him. “Can’t we just ask her in the morning? She’s probably scared right now.”

“Right,” Hansol said, “So be considerate. Also, Jungwoo, no firing the canons as a surprise morning call like you sometimes do.”

“Seriously? You’re no fun,” Jungwoo rolled his eyes playfully.

Hansol smiled and ruffled his hair, “Alright. Off to bed. We’ve got a lot to do tomorrow. Mend the sails, fish, figure out our course to France…”

The crew groaned. Yukhei leaned against Ten dramatically, “Oh why must we work? What kind of a pirate’s life is this?”

Hansol shoved them both gently, “Stop complaining or I’ll make you two walk the plank.”

Yukhei snorted. “You wouldn’t make a fly walk that plank, let alone your favorite crew members.”

“Just get to bed.”


Just as they lulled you to sleep, the rocking of the waves woke you up. You turned on your back, eyes pointed towards the wooden ceiling. You weren’t quite sure what to do. Were you supposed to go out to the deck? Were you supposed to stay here until someone came and got you?

Your thoughts were interrupted by the door to your quarters opening slightly. A head poked through. “Oh. I didn’t know you were awake. I’m Kun,” the man said, his eyes kind. “I wasn’t going to bother you but we’re having a hard time finding our coordinates after the storm. It doesn’t help that the sky is covered in clouds. I’ll grab some maps and get out of your way.”

“I can help you,” you offered shyly. “My father was a cartographer, so I learned a lot about navigation from him.”

Kun broke into a soft smile. “Great! The other boys aren’t up yet, except Yukhei, so I’d be nice to have some help.”

“What does Yukhei do?”

“He keeps a lookout for us. We like to try and avoid other pirates as best as we can, so if we see another ship we’ll go out of our way to stay away from a fight.”

“So you guys don’t battle?” You got out from under the covers and helped Kun spread out the map. Then the two of you began to light up the lanterns so you could see.

Kun grabbed a pencil from behind his ear, “Yeah, well, we’re really only here for the adventure and the treasure. We don’t plunder every town we stop at and we certainly don’t attack other ships.”

“I didn’t know there were pirates like that,” you commented.

“We aren’t the only ones.” Kun said. “We are friends with another crew, a bigger one. They’re over near Africa right now so we haven’t seen them in awhile. But Taeyong, the captain, is a lot like Hansol. They both put their crew before treasure.”

“That’s nice,” you said, feeling a little elated to know that there were some nice pirates out here. “I’m glad I stowed away on Hansol’s ship and not someone else’s.”

Kun smiled. “Luck is on your side, it seems.”

The two of you got to work then, working to find your longitude and latitude, as well as how long it might take to get to France. Kun was a silent worker, you noticed. Something else you noticed was when he pointed to the top of the map, and his sleeves fell below his wrists. The two ribbons tied onto his wrist, one yellow and one pink, made you curious. “Have you got two girls back home, then?”

Kun’s gaze snapped to his wrist and he blushed. “Not quite. That’s my girl and our daughter’s ribbons. They live back at the village.”

“You have a daughter? You seem young.”

Kun shrugged, “Well, when you’re drunk you sort of forget your age, don’t you?”

You eyed the ribbons again. “Do you love them?”

“I’d die for them,” Kun said. “The only reason I’m not with them now is because I’m hoping to get a piece of that treasure in Finland. I want to take it back and make sure me and my family have a good life, away from judgmental eyes.”

“I hope you guys find the treasure,” you said earnestly. “I can’t think of a crew who deserves it more.”

Kun was about to answer when the door burst open, and in walked the crew member you had seen last night. Jaemin, was it?

“Hi,” he said brightly. “Do you by any chance know how to sew?”

“Me?” you asked. “Of course I do.”

Jaemin looked relieved. “Great. Can you help me? I’m supposed to be mending the sails with Hansol but I don’t want him to know that I haven’t practiced sewing like he told me to.”

You chuckled. “I’ll help you. As long as Kun is okay with me leaving him.”

“I think I’m good now,” Kun mumbled. “I’ll bring our assessments to Ten and talk to him about it.”

As you followed Jaemin out of the room, Kun called after you, “Wait, what’s your name?”

“I’m Y/n,” you answered him with a smile before being pulled onto the deck by Jaemin.

The air was windy, filled with salt, and far different than any weather you had ever felt in your village. Somehow, though, it was comforting. It cleared the senses, and tossed your hair this way and that. You felt refreshed, which was definitely something you could get used to.

Before Jaemin led you to the sails, he brought you below deck and handed you a pair of pants. “Hansol would kill me if you caught a cold. Put these on and I’ll get you a vest.”

You obeyed and pulled the pants onto your legs. By the time you tucked the nightshirt into your waistband, Jaemin returned with a vest made of hide, similar to the one he was wearing. “Here, this’ll keep you warm.”

You put it on as the two of you walked back up to the deck. One of the sails had been taken off of the mast, as it was torn down the middle. Jaemin approached it with a grimace. “I’m supposed to sew this up but I have no idea how to do it.”

He gave you the needle and thread, and the two of you sat down and got to work. You showed him the proper way of mending the sail, thankful that your village was a fisherman’s village and many of the children had been taught these things at a young age. “It’s just a simple criss-cross pattern,” you explained to the younger boy.

After a few tries, Jaemin finally got the hang out it, and you let him take over the job he was to do.

“Hey… Y/n?”

You turned around, startled to see Hansol standing behind the two of you. “Yes?”

Hansol sighed. “I need to talk with you for a moment.”

You looked at Jaemin, but he didn’t seem interested in your conversation, as he was diligently mending the sail. Hesitantly, you got up and followed Hansol towards the other end of the deck, away from listening ears. Bracing yourself for a chiding, as perhaps your weren’t supposed to help Jaemin, you clenched your fists and squared your shoulders.

Hansol didn’t seem to notice as he bit his lip nervously, averting eye contact with you. “I want to, uh, thank you for helping the others. Kun already told me that you helped him with navigation. Then you helped Jaemin… Thank you for doing that, even though you should be resting.”

“I feel fine though,” you answered him. You wished he wasn’t so shy and curt. You wished he would look at you. Perhaps it was because he was the captain, or because he was the one who took care of you last night, but you wanted him to notice you. “Do you like my outfit? Jaemin gave it to me.” You twirled in place, as if you were wearing a flow dress.

Hansol gazed at your clothes before letting a small smile slip onto his face. “You look like one of us.”

“It’s cool, isn’t it?” you opened up to the captain, feeling your heartbeat speed up whenever he smiled.

“Yes. Very cool,” Hansol answered, unable to hide his amusement. “Anyway, you’re free to roam around as you please. Just stay away from the canons. Those are dangerous.”

You heeded his words as he walked away from you. Then, deciding what you wanted to do, you ran after him. Once you were matching his strides, you looked up at Hansol. “Can I follow you around all day? I want to see what a captain does.”

Hansol eyed you for a moment before letting out a breath, “If you want.”


It was like that for the next few days, even weeks. You found yourself getting closer to the crew, but more so Hansol. The shy captain was enthralling to you, and you wished to know more about him.

So that’s what you did. Every day, you followed him around, asking him questions in an effort to get him to open up to you. Eventually, although slowly, he did open up to you. He told you about his family back home. He spoke highly of his sister, who mended clothes for a living but wished to design them instead. “I can help her start a business with the treasure we collect,” he had said.

He told you about all the places he and his crew had visited. He told you about the icebergs near Greenland, and the mountains of New Zealand. He told you about nearly dying on several occasions. He told you about getting so drunk on rum that they accidentally docked in Indonesia for a weekend. He told you that they decided to stop bringing rum aboard after that.

Every night, after the crew went to bed, Hansol would stay up. The closer you got to him, the longer you would stay up just to see what he was doing. Usually, he was just checking things and making sure everything was ready for nighttime. Whether the anchor was dropped, the fishbones were thrown overboard, and the lanterns were put out were some things he liked to check.

Most nights, you discovered, he simply liked to lean against the side of the boat and watch the water beat against the walls of the ship.

One month into the trip, you asked Hansol if you could join him. You too had things on your mind. You had no idea what you were going to do when you arrived at France. In fact, at this point, you weren’t sure you wanted to leave the small misfit crew of pirates you had come to love. Especially Hansol, who you cared a great deal about, and wished to spend more time with.

Hansol agreed to you joining him. Your shoulder brushed against his as you leaned over the side. The flyaway hairs on your head tickled your cheeks as you observed the water. “Hansol… what do I do?”

“What do you mean?”

“When I get to France. What am I to do there? How do I make a living for myself in a place where I don’t know anyone.”

Hansol shrugged. “You’ll have to talk to people. Make friends with strangers… you could even sing on the street for a few coins.”

You slouched against the captain, hugging his arm and you sighed dramatically. “What about you guys? I don’t want to lose my friends.”

Hansol stilled. “I nearly forgot that we wouldn’t see you every day like usual. You can write us can’t you?”

“How do I write to someone living in the middle of the ocean? Pigeons? Message in a bottle?”

“You could try the pigeons,” Hansol said in a soft voice. “We could get them in France.”

“Can a pigeon fly over open water?” you asked. “Maybe we should get a messenger albatross instead.”

Hansol chuckled. You felt him press his lips against your temple. “We’ll figure something out,” he said. “I don’t want to forget you.”


“Here you go,” Kun tossed you an orange.

You and the entire crew had taken a break in the middle of the day to have a snack. France was close by, and Kun estimated that everyone would be there within three days. As exciting as this could’ve been, none of you felt like celebrating. Instead, you all took to talking about ways to stay in touch, as no one really wanted to separate from you.

“What if it’s a few years before we see you again? How will we remember you?” Ten asked. Yukhei nodded from beside him.

Jaemin brightened. “Give us each a ribbon! That’s what girls do when they want a boy to remember them, right?”

“Not just any boy, Jaemin,” Jungwoo corrected him. “She has to give it to someone special. Like a lover or something.”

“Or something,” Yukhei snorted. “Can’t we be the ‘or something’?”

You giggled. “I don’t think it works like that, boys. Maybe I could get a mermaid to deliver my mail to you guys!”

Hansol cringed from beside you. He had been quietly peeling his orange the whole time. “Mermaids are evil, Y/n.”

“Oh. Nevermind.”

After everyone finished their snacks, they went below deck to take an afternoon nap, as a Hansol had given them the rest of the day off.

A slice of an orange in his mouth, Hansol got up and went to drop the anchor. “I’ll probably take a nap, too, Y/n. Will you be fine alone out here?”

“I might sleep as well,” you said.

After dropping the anchor, Hansol bid you goodbye and began to walk off.

“Wait, Hansol.”

He turned around, his face as blank as it always was, so that you never really knew what he was thinking. “Yes?”

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, wondering what on earth made you think of doing this. However, Hansol was your closest friend on the ship. Out of everyone, he would be the one you missed the most. Even thinking about it, your heart dropped a bit.

You reached for your braid and untied the ribbon that held it in place. It was faded purple, worn by the sea air and the amount of times you had tied and untied it. Still, it was the only ribbon you had. “Here,” you held it out for him to take.

Hansol stared at the ribbon for a moment, and you could almost see all of the thoughts racing in his head. He suddenly quirked a small smile. “Am I your lover now?”

You felt your cheeks heat up as he held out his wrist. As you tied the ribbon around it, you answered. “I just want you to know that you mean a lot to me. I’ll miss you the most when I leave.”

“Don’t tell Jaemin that,” Hansol said.

“I’ll miss the crew as well,” you justified. “In a different way than I’ll miss you.”

Hansol grinned. It was the first time you had ever seen him smile so carelessly, so that all his teeth were on full display. “I’m going to miss you too, Y/n. Shouldn’t I give you something in return? To remember me by?”

“Like what?” you asked, although you already knew the answer.

Hansol came closer, his hands reaching up to cup your face. The ribbon on his wrist tickled your neck. His nose bumped against yours clumsily, and you angled your head so that he had better access to your lips. He waited, perhaps unsure, right in front of them. It was agony for you: his hot breath fanning your lips but he himself never moving. Finally, you lost patience and leaned up, meeting him in the middle. He reacted immediately. His lips were plump and slightly chapped from the ocean air. You pressed your body closer to his, hoping for more contact. His hand trailed down your body slowly, as if he were memorizing every curve.

“Hansol, do you know where the — my eyes!” Jaemin suddenly shouted from behind you.

Hansol suddenly jumped away from you, his cheeks bright red as he refused to look at you.

You, out of breath, smoothed down your shirt awkwardly and cleared your throat. “What do you need Jaemin?”

Jaemin walked closer to the two of you. “Well eye cleaner for one, but I was actually going to ask for an extra blanket.” His eyes trailed down Hansol’s arms, “You gave him your ribbon? Ten! Kun! You’ll never guess what Y/n did!”

Suddenly the entire crew were running on deck, each disheveled and sleepy.

“What’s wrong?” Kun asked, his hand blindly searching for a gun even though he wasn’t wearing his holster.

“Y/n and Hansol love each other,” Jaemin clarified. “She gave him her ribbon.”

The crew groaned. Hansol hid behind you and hesitantly reached for your hand. You gave his a comforting squeeze.

“Jaemin, everyone knows that they like each other. Literally everyone,” Yukhei said. “They don’t hide their loving gazes very well. Now let’s go back to bed.”

Everyone agreed and shuffled back below deck, ignoring Jaemin’s apologies. “I still don’t have a blanket,” he complained, following the others.

“That wasn’t so bad,” you said once they were out of sight. “Right?”

Hansol bit his lip anxiously. “Can’t I just stay with you this afternoon? They’ll tease me if I go down there.”

You tugged on his hand, “Come on, Sol. Honestly for a captain you sure are afraid of your crew.”

“They’re mean to me, Y/n!”

“I’m sure they are,” you chuckled, balancing on your tiptoes to peck him on the lips.


You woke up a few mornings later to see Hansol already awake. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, so that you could only see his bare back. “Hansol? What’s wrong?”

You got out of bed and walked in front of him, tilting his face towards yours. “Why are you crying?”

Hansol sniffed and reached for your waist. He pulled you against him in a tight hug. “We’ve arrived in France. I don’t want to lose you, Y/n.”

You ran your hands through his hair comfortingly and kissed his forehead. “You won’t lose me, Hansol. We’re just going our separate ways for awhile. You’ve got to go get the treasure for your sister, and for Kun’s family. Then, if you still miss me, come back to France and find me. I’ll wait for you to come. And if you do come back for me, I’ll gladly return to this ship and live with you for the rest of my days, okay?”

Hansol nodded against your skin. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” you said. “I’m going to miss you a lot. And whenever you miss me, you can look down at the ribbon and know that you’re the one who has my heart, okay?”

Hansol left a feather-like kiss on your neck. “I’ll return quickly, then. Goodbye Y/n.”

“Goodbye, Hansol.”

~the end~

Dean surprises everyone when he hands Cas the iPhone, brand new in its pristine white box. The angel is overwhelmed; he knew his flip phone was outdated but this…

“And wait,” Dean smiles, grabbing another package from the bag. “I haven’t even shown you the best part yet.”

They’re headphones, large ones in a big box and a little plastic container of smaller ear buds. They both have the label Shure on the side, a fact that has Sam’s hazel eyes wide and Castiel blushing under the lavishness of the gifts. “Dean, I don’t need–”

“I know,” Dean says. His smile, though hesitant and shy, is beautiful. “I, uh, I wanted to. ‘Sides, can’t have you listening to shitty tunes on shitty headphones, y'know?”

The phone has already been set up, a fact Castiel is eternally grateful for. The angel watches as Dean explains how the device works, tapping at the screen and plugging in the huge headphones and carefully placing them over Cas’s ears. Castiel flinches in response: “Sorry.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” Dean replies. His smile is brave and fake, and Cas hates it. He wishes he could relax. He wishes he could stop being anxious and sad. But ever since he expelled Lucifer and killed Amara, things have been—different. Loud noises make him jump, unexpected touches make him cringe and flinch, and he often loses himself in his own thoughts.

“Hey, here, I wanna show you something.” This time, Dean warns him before touching him, his calloused fingers smoothing over his arm as his other hand hovers over the phone. “I’m gonna press play, okay? You’ll like it, I promise.”

With the knowledge that the song will be a surprise, Castiel tenses up, his shoulders almost touching his ears. He nods and bites his lip, almost to the point of blood.

Dean’s green eyes become dull and worried in response, and the hunter gives a little nod of his own. He presses play. Cas flinches pre-emptively.

And then it’s just… alright. Good, even.

In the place of music, the sound of rain filters through his headphones. It’s a little bit of a shock at first, he has to turn the volume down because the bouts of thunder make him jump, but after a while, it becomes—relaxing. The sound is repetitive, soft, the thunder is low and grumbly, and it soothes Cas until he’s comfortable enough to slump in his seat. Dean, who at some point has sat down beside him, easily takes Castiel’s weight against his shoulder. When he wraps an arm around the angel, Cas doesn’t even flinch.

Soon after, the rain changes to the hum of a washing machine, but instead of another ten minutes of blissful white noise, the sound is soon interrupted by something sharper. It’s still a low sound, though, and with how relaxed Castiel is, the angel doesn’t startle.

It’s Dean.

So, uh, hey Cas, it’s me. Ah… Dean.

A smile begins to creep across Cas’s lips.

Shit. Fuck, of course it’s me—um, yep. So, it’s Dean. And I just. I just wanted to talk, I guess. I know it’s been kinda, uh, tough since you got back, and I know we don’t talk about it, but I’m… I’m worried, Cas. And I know I’m a coward. And I know I’m probably bein’ selfish right now, but it’s killin’ me to watch you waste away to nothing, man. I, ah, I love you too much for that. Like, I love you a lot, a-and—fuck. I’m not… doin’ this right.

Look, what I, I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is that… I don’t care why you did it. I don’t. I care about you, Cas. And if you don’t love me back, that’s cool, and if you do, well… A shaky breath. Well, then, we move at your pace. But you’re all I care about. You gotta believe that.

Kay, um, well, I love you.


Uh, bye.

Cas doesn’t know he’s crying until Dean is wiping at his cheeks, freckled skin drowning in ruby red warmth as the hunter coos and hushes him. Castiel grasps Dean’s wrists tightly and carefully leans in, his breath shaky and laboured and nervous before he presses the sweetest of chaste kisses upon the other’s lips. Immediately after, Cas buries his face in Dean’s neck and hugs his hunter tightly. “Thank you,” he breathes.

Dean’s small, relieved smile presses against the top of Castiel’s head. “Yeah, god, anytime, Cas,” he breathes. “L-love you.”

It takes a handful of seconds before Cas can gather up the air to answer—before he’s absolutely certain this is real. Fingers twisting in the material of Dean’s shirt, the angel nods, throat clicking with his swallow. His lips part.

“Love you.”

why is he your friend?

author’s note: i haven’t been writing fics for ages, at least not on tumblr because of life. i missed it, though. and dear even hansen pulls me right back in that i just [clenches fist] anyway. tree bros are #lyfe, even if i disagree with the name a little aha. 

ps: anyway if you haven’t read jump, i fucking 100% recommend it. 

Evan likes everything about Connor. 

Well, no. Not really. That’s not true. Sometimes Evan really doesn’t like it when Connor gives that glare? That hateful glare, you know? That makes his blue eyes turn — sharp. Like knives. Like it could cut you. Like Evan could feel it everywhere down his skin and it’s. God. It’s awful, like Evan’s stomach would twist and turn and wishes he could just tell Connor to stop. Don’t do that to him. What did he do wrong? What did he fuck up this time? Or when Connor fights with Zoe. He’s so. Terrible. It’s so terrible. The way they talk. And sometimes it makes Evan feel so— so angry. Because Evan doesn’t understand, even though he does. 

No, he understands that Connor is lonely and afraid and—he. He gets it. Not like how Evan feels, but the spectrum of their sadness is almost on the same level, and Evan — Evan at least knows it, and he gets that, but he’s still. Angry. Because. Connor shatters a lot of this image of Zoe in Evan’s head that he’s made up and that’s not cool but it isn’t Connor’s fault and why would Evan ever think Zoe’s so immensely perfect anyway when she really isn’t, because she’s human, because if she is perfect, then that’d be weird and wouldn’t that make her, like a robot? And what is the definition of perfect anyway? And it’s all strange and why do they even exist, and why does it even matter and—

Off topic.

But. Evan generally likes Connor. Not when he’s glaring or arguing or sneering or — or when he’s high. Because Connor’s level of angriness shoots up really badly when he’s not focused and there, and. He gets paranoid a lot and one time he gets really angry and it’s scary, and Evan really couldn’t remember much except his lungs can’t work well when Connor was staring at him like that, like knives were digging into Evan’s whole body and he feels like he could explode and melt all at the same time (in a very bad way, of course, and not in a gay way because Evan is not gay, because Evan is in love with Zoe and not Zoe’s brother) and Connor was seething about. About something. Maybe about Zoe. Or Larry. Or Cynthia. Evan couldn’t remember, but he’s apologising, Evan's saying sorry and Connor is still so mad, oh no, Evan wants to reach out, wants to soothe this whole mess but he’s making it worse because why wouldn’t he, because he’s such a mess himself, and why would Connor even care and—

A week later, Connor’s sprawled over (or on?) Evan on his bed and it’s weird and it’s — Connor’s heavy, heavier than Evan expects — and he’s crying, a little, saying he’s sorry and, “My drug dealer fucking punched me later, that piece of shit.” And Evan doesn’t get it, not really, but all he knows is that they might be okay, and Connor explained more that he’s sorry. He’s sorry that he fucked up. That he’s — crazy. And no, Evan was telling him, no he’s not. Not crazy. Just a little sick, maybe. Like Evan is. And Evan was so scared that Connor will punch him for categorising them on the same level, but all Connor did was snort-chuckle a little against Evan’s chest — where his snot and tears have all wet the area and Evan felt sticky and weird and was this okay? Was he breathing too hard? Was his chest too hollow that his bones felt like it’s prickling Connor back? — and stayed there. And maybe hummed. Like, he agreed. Which was crazy. Because in what world had Evan thought that Connor Murphy, the school’s resident delinquent and stoner, would ever agree with a lonely and pathetic loser like Evan?

“Anyway. Point is.” Connor was still sniffling and Evan can feel it — swear to God — just everything , every little movement, and it shook him to his core that they’re this close, that Connor wanted to be this close with Evan Hansen, the weirdest kid in school who hyperventilates on a daily basis like a goddamn career, and just. It’s weird. And it irked Evan a little that he’s not able to pick on his shirt, played with it, just do something — all he had was Connor’s own shirt on top of him (Connor’s own body and hair and everything, just everything) and he. All he’s left was to touch a little on the area of Connor’s shoulder. Petting. God, Evan’s a disaster. “I’m glad he did. One, I’m never gonna fucking buy anything from him again, fuck him. Second… I… I want to stop, anyway. Hansen. Fuck. I scared you, didn’t I? It—” 

Connor was shaking his head, and again. Evan. Evan felt it. Everything. Suddenly it’s like Connor was so expressive, even if Evan can’t see his face. “I can’t scare you again. So I’m gonna stop. Probably.” And then slower, “Slowly.” Like it’s a promise. Like it’s an attempt. Like Evan mattered.

And all anxiety aside, Evan… just likes that moment. 

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As Usual

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Business!Baron, what’s not to love? Tagging our usual suspects of @tox-moxley and @oraclegazes, as well as the head of the Baron’s Bitches Pack, @writergrrrl29 and but of course it would not be Thirst Party Saturday without our Steerforth, @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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No One Loves Like Gaston

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Pairing: Gaston x Reader

As requested by anonymous: Well after that gaston story, now I need a fluffy one of him as a dad. Your writing is phenomenal!

A/N: Thank you for your kind words, anon! :) Also, I know people are calling the Beast Adam even if it isn’t his official name. So I’m just gonna go with that.

Gaston never imagined he’d get a second chance. When the Enchantress granted him his life back, he promised that he’d spend his life doing good instead of bad. 

For months, he had tried to gain the forgiveness of the villagers of Villanueve. Belle, bless her soul, as well as the Prince, had forgiven him for his wrong doings after Gaston had shed light of his realizations. Then LeFou had forgiven him too. It didn’t take much, but LeFou knew Gaston. Gaston wasn’t one to ask for forgiveness, so he knew that things were changing. 

Things were slowly going back to the way things were. The more good that Gaston did around the town, the more welcoming the villagers became. Then you came into town and Gaston knew you were his chance of happiness.

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Otayuri week 2017

DAY 2: Social Media or Celebration (online relationship headcanons)

  • I am 100% sure their relationship is build on social media and online relations, because they’re almost always so far away from each other. 
  • But everyone would be like “Yeah, sure, because they’re not 24/7 in contact”
  • They’re on messenger all the time.
  • They’re definitely sending each other snapchats all the time. Otabek would be the “I see something, I take a picture of it” guy, so Yuri would see every road Otabek goes, every new pet met and every place he’s in.
    Yuri would be the “Look at my face and how bored am I” guy, 100 selcas every day, with small breaks of Vikturi photo with snarky remark.
  • Yuri sending every cat related video/post for Otabek immidiately. He would get same in return, because Otabek would do everything to make him happy.
  • Skype calls every evening. Just to hang out, not even talking too much. 
  • When Yuri misses Otabek too much, he calls him in the night just to hear his breath and voice. They definitely pay too much for their phones, but well
  • Of course, they would do videos of his new routines/jumps, sending them immidiately, just to know if other person would like it.
  • Every morning (for him, of course), Otabek would send Yuri photo of sunset, or sky, or a flower, something beautiful, with “I wish you could see this with me, good morning”, or “May your day would be so beautiful like you and this flower” (SORRY BUT I THINK OTABEK WOULD BE KINDA ROMANTIC SHIT AND YURI WOULD ALWAYS LAUGH AT HIM BUT LIKE IT ANYWAY)
  • Yuri would be the one sending his photos late at night, sleepy, in his bed, with “You should be here”
  • But Otabek would immidiately write back “I love you too, Yura”
  • Yuri would have tons of photos from their meetings on his Instagram for world to see, because he doesn’t care.
  • They would have photos of each other as backgrounds on their phones. 
Had to Give You Away: Part 2B (Lin/Reader)

Summary:  Lin was the foundation on which you built your life, until he wasn’t anymore. The two of you decide to rebuild.

You can find the first part here.

You can find Part 2A here.

Note: This is the happy ending!

A huge thank you to @thatoneimaginesblog and @fragmentofmymind for reading this as it progressed.

Word Count: 3172

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Preference - How they react when they discover your kinks


“I am more than happy to indulge in your fantasies…”

Ivar was grinning wickedly as he made his way over to you, placing himself right next to you, your legs touching. His fingertips were running up and down your naked arm. He leaned in, closer to your ear before he spoke again. The closeness of his face made you blush.

“You only have to agree to some of mine too.”

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Joker Imagine - Stone Cold /PART 2

Part 1 is here *click me*

Originally posted by jokerish-darkish-mindish

Originally posted by ahora-soy-yo

Your P.O.V.

*2 weeks later*

Harley Quinn was gone, she just vanished. Since I was so fed up with my feelings I had actually told Batman where Joker and Harley were. Why? I was so angry. I hoped that Batsy could separate those two and my dreams came true. Now Joker was free and Harley was somewhere far away. But I knew she wasn’t in Arkham, so Batsy had to take her far away. I was happy.

But Joker was probably sad. I tried not to care. After all this all helped me to rethink my life choices and make me who I am now. A smile spread on my face as I realized how powerful I had become. The same night Joker broke my heart, something happened in my head. I just lost it. Let’s just say that Gotham has a new villain. I wasn’t just Y/N anymore, no..the city had decided to call me the Dark Angel. I was living a normal life during day so I only showed myself at night. It’s like I never slept, but I took power naps. Dark stood for evil, because it was obvious I wasn’t a hero like Batman. Angel had more to do with my outfit.

I wore a black body with a black tutu skirt with white underneath and a white ribbon around my waist. I had lacy pantyhoses, white boots with ribbons, black angel wings that actually did something else than make my outfit look pretty. Also I wore a golden mask with white details to try my best to hide my identity. I kept some toys like guns and knives under my skirt. Personally I loved my outfit. Since I wasn’t stupid, like many other people in city, I wore simple white gloves so I wouldn’t leave fingerprints. My gun wasn’t trackable since it’s the one Joker once gave to me.

Knowing that it would be hard to catch me made me happy. This fear I caused in Gotham pleased my mind and I knew I was way under the line of ‘normal’. I was fucking crazy and I accepted it. I wanted to show Joker what he was missing. It was the fuel to my motivation, him.It was all thanks to Joker. 

I wonder if he knew that the Dark Angel  was me, the girl he replaced with a nutty doctor who ended up behind bars as quickly as she came. How pathetic. Even tho I tried to act like it didn’t hurt, it was useless. I missed him and I had to admit that I wished we still had a chance. But no, I was so angry at him. He changed my life and thought he could leave just like that? It made my blood boil and my heart ache.

Tonight I was out in the city again, jumping from rooftops to another. It was a little past midnight, making it dark enough for me. People were still awake, but let’s face it, when would this city ever sleep? Never. I stopped jumping when I was on the other side of the way from Joker’s club, on the roof of a building. I walked to the edge and looked down, feeling hatred and misery taking over me. Down by the streets I saw people all dressed up, either walking past the building or waiting in line. Some goons were by the doors,making sure to look all scary and tough.

I moved my eyes to the windows. Most were covered by curtains, but not all of them. All the way on top where there was probably a penthouse I saw lights. A person was moving there, but I only saw his silhouette. The man was holding a gun. It didn’t really surprise me. I bet the entire building was full of armed people. I sighed and then thought I should continue. I sped up and jumped on the building next to me. I landed smoothly without losing my balance. The wings somehow made my balance amazing and I could jump longer. I could use that for my good.

A couple minutes later I was at a bank. It was closed, so I didn’t need to spill as much blood as I would have during day. I picked the door on the roof and then calmly walked down the stairs until I was by the first floor. There were supposedly four guards here. Too bad, they would all die or get injured badly. I grabbed my beloved gun and made sure I had bullets before I stepped out from the shadows. The floor was a light marble floor and it fit well with the beautiful brown walls. The main doors were huge and I spotted a guard there. He was facing me with his back. Excitement pumped through my veins and my heart sped up. I lived for the thrill I got during missions. My plan was to get more power and get my own goons, but that could wait.

I looked around, behind couches and plants before I was sure the other guards weren’t around. Then I walked to the cash register quietly. My plan was to steal the keys and then go to the backroom where they had personal boxes full of very rare and expensive things and papers. The money was like air compared to the personal belongings the rich had here. The guard turned around so I got down on the ground quickly. I waited in silence until I was sure he hadn’t seen me.

I got into action and looked around every once in a while. I managed to open the small box where they kept the keys. I wanted to laugh in victory as I held the grey boring keys in my hands. Easy as stealing candy from a kid. Then I heard footsteps coming closer. I acted like I didn’t hear the guard, but little did he know what I had in mind. ‘’Hey you, hands up!’’ An old man growled at me. I rolled my eyes and slowly turned around. ‘’Drop your gun’’ He added deeply, but I saw the fear all over him. ‘’This?’’ I asked him innocently, ignoring the fact he held me at gunpoint. Before anything could happen, I shot him quickly. my bullet pierced his stomach and then he fell on his back. Blood pooled around his body and then i was free to go.

The other guards ran towards the crime scene, but they couldn’t catch me. As they hurried to their bleeding friend, I was already in the shadows.  I had about two minutes because the police was on the way. So I hurried to the door and I opened it carefully. I literally ran inside and put my bag on a wooden table.The room was huge, but I didn’t have to go through absolutely everything. Although it was dark, I saw well. So I dragged out five metal boxes and put them in my bag. Then I put the bag around my shoulder and ran out with a gun in my hand.

Adrenaline was pushing me to run faster. ‘’She’s there!’’ One of the guards noticed me climbing up the stairs. I turned around seeing all three. ‘’Sorry i couldn’t stay longer..and about your friend’’ I giggled and found this hilarious. Then I aimed at the middle guy and shot him. They tried to shoot me, but they didn’t hit me. Then I shot the one on the left in both of his knees. He shrieked out in pain and made the last guy standing scared. He was trembling, even I saw that from so far away. ‘’Ta ra!’’ I waved at the guy who would be left scarred for life. Then I escaped the scene.

Instead of running the stairs and wasting time, I opened a window and looked down. I’d fall down three floors if I didn’t reach the balcony of the building on my opposite. I wasn’t  scared tho. So I took a deep breath and jumped, spreading my arms along the wings and keeping my legs stiff. Air ran through the feathers, my fingers and my hair. Then I got closer to the balcony and I bent my legs so I could land smoothly. Perfect.

Police sirens came closer and they would take time to go inside the bank. I was already long gone. I climbed up the tall building until I was on the roof. It was a little cold, but it was good. I liked it. So I escaped the scene. I kept jumping from rooftops until I was panting. I knew the police wouldn’t find me. I hid behind a big chimney where I sat down and put my new things on the ground. Five metallic boxes with locks very easy to pick. Just as I got stared, someone walked up to me.

‘’I have to say that you were really impressive’’ A raspy familiar voice purred. My body froze and my breath hitched in my throat. Then, slowly, I looked up into the familiar blue eyes. How the hell did Joker find me? ‘’Oh I’m sorry let me introduce myself, I’m Joker’’ He told me with slight amusement in his voice. Even tho he was smiling evilly now, I noticed something about him. He had slept little and he was stressed out. ‘’I know who you are’’ I spat at him and tried to hide my gun without him noticing. Honestly I wasn’t sure if I wanted to reveal my identity to him.

Joker stroked his silver jacket and cleared his throat. He wanted something. ‘’What’s your name?’’ He asked me bluntly and then kneeled down so he could look at me better. He made me nervous. I still had stupid feelings for this guy. ‘’I’m the Dark Angel. Do you ever read the news?’’ I asked him a little angrily with a weird voice so he couldn’t recognize me so easily. Surprise washed across Joker’s face. ‘’Wow feisty, we don’t have to be so angry around each other or do we?’’ He raised his arms playfully. Then Joker laughed a little. I just rolled my eyes.

‘’I just came to see what the big fuss is about. Maybe we could make a deal?’’ Joker spoke again. It’s like he was another person than two weeks ago. My anger and pain took the best of me. ‘’I thought you never wanted to see me ever again!’’ I muttered at him ,but regretted it immediately. Joker’s expression turned from rather neutral to dark. He leaned closer and touched my face softly. I clenched my jaw and slapped his hand away. ‘’Get lost J’’ I spat, sad that I revealed myself so easily.

‘’Y/N..’’ He said my name like he had never said it before. What a fucking twat. ‘’I knew you were different, but I never thought you’d actually have enough evil in you to become the Dark Angel’’ Joker told me and stood up straight. I collected my treasures and packed them before he could take them away from me. I just stayed quiet because I knew that I could screw up. ‘’What inspired you? What pushed you over the line darling?’’ Joker growled and pushed me against the chimney. I grunted angrily, but didn’t stop him either. His face was so close to mine that it made something as simple as thinking hard.

‘’Fuck you Joker, now leave me alone’’ I hissed at the man I partly wanted to stay. He didn’t like my behaviour at all. Suddenly he put his hand tightly on my jaw and tilted my head so he could look at me more intensely. ‘’Tell me what made you like this baby’’ He whispered darkly and so close to me that I felt his breath on my skin. I could use my arms to grab my gun and shoot him, but I couldn’t. ‘’You did it’’ I admitted quietly and closed my eyes. Even tho I didn’t see it, I knew he was smiling. This pleased his ego so much.

‘’What an honour’’ He giggled and made me look at him again. ‘’Where’s your bitch?’’ I asked him something for once. His smile faded and he sighed deeply, making a shiver run down my spine. ‘’I don’t know’’ Joker told me weirdly. I wanted to make him angry. This was my chance. ‘’Did Batsy take her?’’ I questioned him and now it was my turn to smile. Joker’s irises shrunk and he looked angry, like a cat. ‘’She was too weak, I don’t need weak people in my life’’ He let me know mysteriously. ‘’Too bad’’ I shrugged and then pulled my face away from his touch.

‘’Now will you please let me go? I’m a busy lady’’ I broke the silence that would be longer if I didn’t speak. Joker was in deep thoughts, his face said it all. ‘’You told Batman’’ He growled and looked at me. ‘’Possibly’’ I sighed, but to be honest he started to scare me.’’Okay I did it, I just wanted to see if she was good for you damn it’’ I raised my hands innocently. Joker growled like a dog and then squinted his eyes. Oops.

‘’I think I should go. It was nice seeing you a-’’ I started, but he cut me off. Joker pressed his face on mine, closing the gap between us by pressing his crimson red lips on mine. Shock froze my body. My eyes widened and I felt like I had been struck by lighting. But soon my muscles relaxed and I shut my eyes, kissing him back. It felt so good to have his lips on mine, making me feel like a teen girl again. My heart started beating harder and to be honest I felt dreamy. But also confusion bugged my mind. One second I thought he would throw me down the roof, but then he kissed me?!

Joker pulled back and breathed deeply. We looked into each other’s eyes silently. All traces of anger were gone. I knew I should be angry at him, but he had me wrapped around his finger. ‘’I do need a strong woman by my side if anything’’ He was the one to speak first. ‘’And you’re strong. You told me exactly what I wanted to hear’’ Joker continued mysteriously. I couldn’t help but to smile. ‘’Well I’m glad I did so’’ I shrugged more calmly than earlier. 

‘’To be honest when you let me walk away two weeks ago I thought that you were weak. Did you know that I wanted you to go over the line? Did you know that all this time I just wanted you to go mad, kill people, get blood on your hands and lose that innocence?’’ He growled deeply, but not angrily. Once again I was a little shocked. Did he break my heart just to break my mind? Had he actually wanted to be with me all this time? ‘’You’re perfect’’ He whispered and put his hands on my hips. My mind was running in circles and soon I felt funny.

‘’You’re driving me crazy J’’ I giggled and soon that giggling turned into laughter. J smiled at me darkly. He was proud of his work, he was proud that he had made me like this. Then he started laughing too. Our little laughing session was anything but normal. We were fucking crazy, both of us. ‘’Now what do you say doll, finally leave your boring life and come by my side. We can wake terror all around Gotham together’’He suggested and then waited for my answer.

Well fuck I had nothing to lose. ‘’I hoped you’d ask me sooner’’ I purred and then pushed my face closer to his, ignoring the rule of him being in control. I kissed him rougher this time and he lowered his hands so he was squeezing my bum. What could I say, I guess we were crazy in love. Normal wasn’t our thing. Normal people would call our love wrong. I didn’t care. We’d make those people terrified of us.

‘’What if Harley comes back?’’ I breathed out above his lips. Joker faced me with a dirty look. ‘’Let her, she was just a brick in this wall. She’s nothing to worry about’’ Joker reassured me. 

We were going to be stone cold to everyone else but each other. Funny how a few minutes earlier I felt so miserable, but now I was so happy. He truly had a good grip on me.

Quartet Night Live Evolution: Live Viewing Report

Okay, here is my report on the Quartet Night Live Viewing. It’s a little scattered and mostly just my opinion on things. I tried to remember as much as I could about it all. It’s long so I’ll put it under the cut. 

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Four times Kara didn't say she loved Lena (and one time she did)

Original work on Ao3. ENJOY!



The first time Lena heard Kara say ‘I love you’ it wasn’t directly at her.

They were in the middle of yet another interview – or maybe it was the end, she kind of lost track of time around the bubbly blonde reporter – when Kara’s phone ringed and she excused herself to answer her sister’s call.

“Hey, Alex!” She had said with a smile, rolling her eyes at something her sister said back.

“I’m not bailing on you, I’ll be there in time, don’t worry!”

Lena tried her best to pretend she wasn’t eavesdropping even though Kara was right there in front of her, humming at Agent Danvers words.

“Try to relax, okay? I’m on my way.” Kara smiled affectionately, and Lena wanted to scream at the butterflies in her stomach to fucking get it together. “Bye, I love you!”

Lena quickly looked up at those words, heart beating fast and fucking butterflies making a fuss yet again.

While she and Lex had a great relationship growing up, always supporting and teasing each other over dreams and silly things, they rarely shared any affections. He used to ruffle her hair when she done something good or a smart move at chess, and she would touch and squeeze his arm when one of his crazy projects worked out without exploding his room.

The first and probably only time they said I love yous was right after Lionel’s death.

Kara said I love you to her sister like she meant every word of it, and like she wouldn’t stop saying that any time soon.

Kara’s words made Lena’s insides melt.

“Sorry about that,” Kara said shyly, hanging up. “We’re having dinner with my sister’s girlfriend’s family for the first time tonight. Our mom is meeting Maggie’s aunt and husband, and Alex is freaking out making sure everything looks perfect, so apparently I have to be there right now or I’m dead!”

Lena laughed and walked Kara to her office door, before they shared a brief but tight hug.

“Text me later to let me know Supergirl’s sister didn’t kill her.”

Kara blushed and nodded, “Bye, Lena.”

Lena stared at Kara as the blonde walked to the elevator, thinking about her fainting I love you and how Alex Danvers was lucky to hear those words everyday.


Visiting the DEO base for the first time made Lena remember her first time in Disneyland right before Lex went away to college - Lillian’s last attempt to spend more time with her son and Lionel’s gift to Lena for her 12th birthday. 

Everything was magical.

She went there to sign the papers about Kara’s secret identity, but then somehow ended up helping Winn solve a cyber attack happening simultaneously all over the country after the surprise release of an alien malware used to collect informations about every alien related secret the government had.

It would take Winn and his team hours to solve the problem. With Lena’s help though, it took them two. 

Kara wrapped both arms around Lena and Winn’s shoulders as the whole base clapped and cheered over their success.

Even J'onn J'onnz’s lips turned upwards a tiny little.

After that it turned a common occurrance for Lena to visit DEO for professional reasons, weather to help Winn and his brilliant team with new algorithms, or Alex’s researches in the incredible base’s lab, or maybe only to watch Kara working out.

And she knows the last one it’s not professional, okay?

Don’t judge her.

Lena knew by now that Kara and Winn were best friends even before she came out as a superhero. She knew they bonded over working for Cat Grant the great Queen of All Media, and she admired both of them for putting up with all of Cat’s crazyness. 

Kara and Winn were like over excited puppies or maybe kindergarten partners in crime, and Lena was glad Kara had someone like him to be there for her no matter what.

Even if their closeness made Lena jealous as fuck sometimes.

But of course she couldn’t say that out loud. Lena and Kara were only friends. 

Sure, they hung out, had lunch or dinner together most days, were partners in game nights for the past couple of months, secretly texted each other about boring meets they had to attend, teased Maggie and Alex for being such a married couple already and Kara gave Lena the best back massages ever… but they only friends. 

And if Lena felt something for the blonde, that was entirely her own problem. She couldn’t force her feelings on someone else. 

Kara was such a lovely human being and her friendship with Winn was really a precious thing to see.

The three of them were once again in the lab, hunched over a table where Winn was trying to recreate Kara’s aunt special suit that prevented Astra and the others from the dangerous effects of kryptonite. 

Kara was quite happy with the possibility of not having to worry about the mineral in a fight, and Lena couldn’t say she wasn’t relived over the fact maybe she didn’t have to see Kara being carried to her sun bed still bleeding. 

She wished she could wipe away that memory. 

“I can’t believe it!” Winn said quietly, making Lena and Kara stop their completely serious thumb fight to look at him. “I’m a freaking genius… oh God, I’m a freaking genius!”

Kara was already smiling widely, “You did it?”

Winn raised his fists in the air, jumping up and down, laughing. “Gimme a Rocky Balboa song, baby, because I DID IT!”

Kara screamed and threw herself in Winn’s arms, holding onto him like a baby koala.

“I fucking love you, Winn! I love you! I love you!”

“Oh, I know! I know!" 

Lena wanted to stab the jealousy monster right in the eye.

She didn’t have time to dwell too much into it, though, becuse Winn and Kara were now looking at her with that twin glint in their eyes and… 

Oh no.

Lena was tackled to the ground before she could run, trapped in a messy group bear hug and giggling fits.

When Alex found them down there with raised eyebrows, the three of them screamed 'WE DID IT!’, before pulling her down too.


Lena Luthor was a genius. 

Lena Luthor was the youngest CEO L-Corp had in its history. 

Lena Luthor was fucking scared to meet Eliza Danvers.

"You're pathetic, Luthor.” Maggie mumbled as they cut vegetables for the salad in Kara’s kitchen. 

Lena looked up to see Maggie’s annoying smirk.

“What are you talking about?” Lena asked, eyes now back to the baby carrots she was meticulously cutting. 

Maggie looked over her shoulder to where Alex and Kara were talking as they set up the table. When she turned her eyes back to Lena, she was smirking again. 

“You may look all calm and collected, but buying all these flowers arrangements and that expensive wine that probably costs more than my apartment kinda gives you away.” Maggie whispered. “Actually your devotion to those carrots and how you make heart eyes at Kara makes it even more obvious.”

Lens blushed but tried to act cool.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Right. And I didn’t fuck Alex on your office couch.”



Lena’s hand slipped as she looked with widen eyes at the detective, face as red as the blood now dripping from her index finger all over the kitchen island.

“You and little Danvers were taking too damn long to make a good use of it.” Maggie shrugged as if it was nothing.

“MAGGIE!” She pointed the knife towards the detective.

“What’s happening here?”

“Lena, you're bleeding?”

In a blink Kara was right beside here, Lena’s hand in hers as she took the knife away from the CEO to give a better look at the cut.

“Margaret it’s what’s happening! They had sex on ou- on my office couch!”

Kara gasped as she looked at her sister and her girlfriend, Maggie laughing so hard she barely made any sound and Alex hiding her flushed face behind her hands, mortified. 

“Maggie, I can’t believe you!” Alex groaned.

“Lena’s meeting was taking too long!”

Before anything else could be said, they heard the doorbell ring. Kara glared at Alex as she still held Lena’s hand in hers, making some pressure over the wound to keep it from bleeding too much, and Alex took a deep breath as she moved to open the door.

Eliza was already smiling when the door opened, but the smile quickly turned into a frown when she noticed the tension. 

“Is something wrong?" 

"Lena cut her finger.” Kara quickly said.

“Oh dear…” Eliza quickly walked inside the apartment and approached the two of them, pushing Kara’s hand away and replacing her daughter’s hands with her own, looking at the cut. “It’s deep, but nothing serious. Kara, go grab the first aid kit.”

Kara was gone and back in a second. 

Eliza moved Lena to the couch as Alex and Maggie finished cleaning the kitchen island and preparing the food, Kara watching attentively as her mother patched up Lena’s finger. 

“There you go. All good.” Eliza said when she finished wrapping Lena’s finger in a Minions band aid. She smiled. “I’m Eliza Danvers, by the way.”

Lena gulped and looked up into the older woman’s eyes, suddenly feeling nervous yet again.

“Lena Luthor, ma'am.”

Kara giggled at her words and Lena felt very embarrassed.

“Only Eliza it’s fine. I was actually looking forward to meet you, Lena. Of course, under better circumstances." 

Lena looked surprised at Eliza.

Since Kara’s invitation to dinner to meet her adoptive mother last week, Lena had been nervous. She wasn’t used to meeting moms and this was Kara's mom.

"You were?”

“Kara talks so much about you, I felt like I knew you already!”

“Mom…” Kara whined, cheeks turning pink and looking away.

Lena heard Maggie and Alex giggling in the back like high school teenagers.

“She only said good thing, of course.” Eliza took Lena’s hands between her own and looked right into green eyes. “And I also would like to congratulate you on your public speech in the Congress about the new National Alien Immigration Law Center. That’s a very important step for aliens to come out of the shadows and seek our help. Hopefully more and more countries will follow our lead. I'm very proud of you, Lena.”

Lena felt her eyes stinging as she looked back at Eliza. In all her twenty five years of miserable life she never heard her own mother say such gentle words with that soft motherly tone. 

She took a deep breath and tried her best to prevent the tears from falling.

“Thank you, Eliza. Really.”

“Oh, come here!” Eliza opened her arms and pulled Lena into the warmest hug she’s ever felt - except Kara’s. Then she felt Kara hugging both of them, reaching for her mother over Lena’s shoulder to kiss Eliza’s cheek.

“I love you, mom.” She said softly.

“I love you, too, sweetie.”

Alex cleared her throat. 

“I love all of my girls!” Eliza said louder as they laughed.


Maggie was a little shit. 

They all knew that.

And Lena would never forgive her for having sex on her own office couch before Lena even had the chance to maybe, one day in the future, make a good use of it with Kara. 

It was their couch!

But still, Maggie had Kara’s back and vice versa. 

Sometimes they went out to lunch only the two of them, when neither Lena or Alex had the time to tag along. They started to do yoga classes together, which Lena couldn’t really complain because Kara stretching her body was an amazing sight, before they moved to kick boxing. 

When Kara started to say fuck more often, Lena and Alex both agreed that that was probably the limit of things.

“You’d think I would be glad my little sister and girlfriend are getting along so well, but I kind of wish they hated each other right now.” Alex said as they watched Maggie and Kara pour the biggest glass of beer the alien bar had down their throats, trying to see who could drink faster over a stupid bet. 

“Kara thinks she’s turned into a badass.” James said, chuckling when Maggie and Kara finished their beers at the same time, the two of them burping loudly.

“For Christ’s sake…” Alex mumbled as they approached their table once again.

“Did you finish?” Lena asked Kara when the blonde sat back down by her side, wiping away the beer mustache the reporter had with a napkin. 

“Uhum!” Kara hummed and nodded quickly, her glasses sliding down her nose a little. “Maggie was teaching me some cool pick up lines!”

Alex glared at her girlfriend, who raised her hands in surrender.

“She might want to use some in future!" 

Lena pretended she didn’t see everybody looking at her with the corners of their eyes.

She knew they all thought she should make a move or something towards Kara. But why did it have to be her? 

If Kara felt anything for Lena, she would’ve said something by now. But Kara was as affectionate with Lena as with everybody else.

And she didn’t want to mess up their friendship. 

"I might!” Kara nodded quickly again, smiling.

“You should try it right now, little Danvers!”

Maggie, the little shit. 

Lena sighed as she prepared herself to see Kara find some bulky guy to practice her ridiculous pick up lines on, but the blonde only bit her bottom lip, looking around.

Then she turned to look at Lena.

“Hey, Lee! I may be Batman but you’re Robin my heart!" 

Kara’s cheeks were flushed from the drinks and Lena thought she looked beautiful. 

But all of their friends were making such a fools of themselves as they punched the table, laughing hard.

"Was it good?” Kara looked from Lena to Maggie, seeking for her master’s approval. 

“Try the Super ones!" 

Kara thought for a moment before she looked at Lena again, "Did I hit you with my heat vision? Because you’re on fire!”

Lena palmed her red cheeks as she too started to laugh at Kara’s words.

“Oh! I have another: I think your clothes are made of kryptonite, we have to get rid of them immediately!" 

"Okay!” Alex said as she clapped her hands. “I think that’s enough, let’s get this ladykiller home!" 

Alex helped Kara with her coat since the blonde was too drunk to put it on her own, and Lena grabbed Kara’s purse, following Alex and Maggie outside, as they supported the blonde’s heavy body to Lena’s car.

"Than you for our lessons, master. Did you think it worked?” Kara asked Maggie, the reporter’s arm still around her shoulders. 

“You’ll have to ask Lena later.” Maggie said with a smile. 

“Okay… I love you, Maggie.” Kara said softly, kissing Maggie’s cheek.

“I love you, too, baby Danvers.” Maggie closed the passanger’s door and winked at Lena over the roof is the car. “She’s all yours now, Luthor.”

Lena could only wish. 


Lena was getting used to hear Kara say ‘I love you’ to almost everyone by now.

She said it to Mon-El once after he got beaten up by some giant crazy alien that looked like a crocodile, putting himself between the Croc and a group of citizens, giving them time to run.

He was starting to learn to be a hero and a good Supergirl sidekick. When he didn’t spent time hitting on girls, that is, but Kara or Maggie would always slap the back of is neck as they told him to treat girls right, so Lena hoped he learned that too.

Kara often said 'I love you’ to J'onn. 

She ended calls with Clark with the same words.

Cat Grant visited her once at CatCo and guess what? 'You know I love you, Cat!’

She said it to Brad, her doorman when he helped with the grocerie bags.

She said it to Lena's doorman once for the same reason. 

And she said it to Bruce Wayne after an interview over the phone, but she insisted she didn’t mean it, it was just force of habit.

But she never said it to Lena.

Not even once.

Not even if just by the force of habit. 

And Lena shouldn’t feel hurt, but she did.

“Do you love me, Kara?” Lena finally asked one night.

They had been watching a movie on Alex and Maggie’s place as they waited for the couple to return with the food. Lena’s head was resting on Kara’s thigh on the couch, but apparently Kara had been so startled by the question she jumped, forcing Lena to sit up.

“W-what?” Kara asked nervously. “Why are you asking me that?”

Lena sighed.

“It’s just… you have this crazy habit of saying 'I love you’ to just about anyone!” She finally said, running her hands over her dark hair, frustrated. “You say it to Alex, you say it to Eliza, you say you love Clark before finishing your calls, you said it to Brad the doorman once. Even Mon-El got his declaration of love!”

Kara was opening and closing her mouth quickly, like a fish out of the sea.

“But…. that’s… that’s just… me, you know!”

Lena smiled sadly at that.

“I know. I do know. But you never told me. Not even over a phone call." 

Lena looked down at her hands, suddenly feeling very stupid to start this discussion.

"Look… let’s forget I said anything, okay?” She smiled but it didn’t sound funny. “I get it. It’s hard to say those words to a  Luthor and-”

“It’s not that.” Kara said just above a whisper. “I could never say I love you without making it sound something so much deeper than that.”

Lena looked up quickly, frowning at Kara’s words.

“What do you mean?”

“I wouldn’t be able to say I love you without wanting to make love to you.” Kara’s hands were shaking as she said that.

“I do like to say how much I appreciate having people I can trust and cherish in my life. I had no one. My planet was gone. And this was my second chance.” Kara took Lena’s hands between her own. “But meeting someone like you it’s a one time thing, Lena. Our friendship it’s something I would never risk losing.”

Lena felt Kara’s hands move to her cheeks.

“You don’t know how much I love you, Lena. How many times I had to force myself to keep the words inside. I love your smile… Rao, it feels like flying over the clouds and bathing in the first rays of sunshine. I love how green your eyes are. I love how I can read your humour through your eyebrows, and I love the way you clench your jaw when yore concentrating too hard on your work. I love your voice when you say my name and the sound of your laughter, I love your skin and how soft it is, it makes me crazy. I love how you love people, no matter where they’re from.”

Lena smiled as she wiped away relieved tears, because Kara finally said she loved her.

“I'm fucking in love with you, Lena.”

Even better. 

“I’m in love with you, too, but I hate you for taking too fucking long to tell me that!”

“Then I’ll have to say it everyday.” Kara smiled, before leaning in and covering Lena’s lips with her own in a slow but deep kiss.

They broke apart a few moments later, trying to catch their breath. 

“I love you. I love you. I love you…” Kara mumbled as she peppered kisses all over Lena’s face. 

The CEO smirked as she laid down on the couch.

“You know, I think Maggie’s couch it's so comfortable.”

Kara raised an eyebrow. “Lena, no…”

“Lena, yes.”

Then Lena yanked down the woman she loved and that loved her back for another hungry kiss.

Suck that, Maggie!

Countdown To You | Pt. 4

Originally posted by jungkook-gifs

Genre: angst, fluff, a tiny bit of implied smut (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED LOL)

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3.5k

“Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left.” (source.)

A/N: woah, i’m early lmao. i was supposed to update this on the 8th but i finished it sooner than i thought so…. here you go! ;) 

Song rec: Love In Color - Taeyeon

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt.4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6

You truly felt like an outcast in this expensive, European restaurant located in the middle of the Gangnam era, chewing on some expensive ass piece of meat – so expensive that you would be able to buy yourself ten McDonalds menus, the kind of restaurant that was more of your level. As you chewed on the expensive, but immensely delicious, piece of meat, you scanned your surroundings once more. The fellow customers looked like people who were at Jimin’s level – rich, good-looking and tremendous – the kind of person you never would be.

“Relax a bit, will you? You’re really tense at the moment.”

Jimin’s honeydew-like voice caused you to jump in your seat slightly, as a light shade of red rose to your cheeks, a bit embarrassed at the fact that Jimin probably noticed you being an awkward mess. If he indeed noticed this, he did not say anything about it, knowing that it would make the situation even more awkward – and you silently thanked him for not remarking it.

“I wish I could, but this place makes me a little bit conscious about myself you know,” you deadpanned, eying Jimin with an emotionless expression as you kept munching on your food. You must have looked ridiculous, because a second later, your CEO was laughing wholeheartedly at you. If the person laughing at you was not Park Jimin, you’d probably throw a fork at him in irritation.  

“Don’t worry about that, Y/N. That dress makes you look as elegant as the other women in here,” Jimin complimented you, before taking a small sip of his wine – his eyes still glued on yours. You almost choked in your meat as you heard this unusual compliment, and you could stop yourself from coughing out loud in time. You then looked down at your dress briefly, quirking up an eyebrow as you thought of Jimin’s compliment while seeing how tight the dress was on you.

“Are you sure about that? I don’t think elegant is the right way to describe my look,” you said mockingly, stabbing the fork into the piece of meat, but you quickly stopped it after realizing how expensive this piece of meat actually was.

“Maybe I used the wrong words.” With that, Jimin put down his glass of wine, before eying you with a mischievous glint in his eyes. You could not help but just blink at him, wondering what he was about to say next, as you put down your fork as well.

“It’s not the dress that makes you look elegant. It’s you yourself that makes you look elegant. Maybe it’s just me, or this crazy attraction that I feel towards you every time I lay my eyes on you – but in my eyes, you always look elegant. Yeah, it’s not the dress. It’s you.”

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Breakup - LH

It’s short and all I wish I could do for Lu right now.

“You busy?” was all the wimple text sent, and that was unusual for someone like Luke Hemmings who always had his stupid witty remarks. This was the boy that constantly sent stupid memes or ridiculous dad jokes that never really made any sense to anyone but him; yet, here he was sending a two word text, and that could only mean that something was wrong. “I need you.”

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One Hundred Ways

Genre: Fluff, I think

Characters: Mark Tuan x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Hello everyone! This is my first written scenario here in Tumblr (yay) and I hope you’ll like it. The title came from a song by James Ingram with the same name. You can listen to the song here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbfcmjiBOo8

Anyway, enjoy this! Please let me know what you think! -B

Mark is not one for PDA. Unlike Jackson who tends to shove it to everyone’s faces with his girlfriend, Youngji, he thinks it is useless to show it.

He believes that his girlfriend, Y/N, shares this perception of his.

“Hey, hyung,” Jackson arrives in the dorm, Youngji in tow with their hands holding each other’s.

“Goodness, you two,” Mark scoffs. “It’s just the dorm. You don’t have to hold hands, you know?” Mark rolls his eyes and returns to watching the TV.

“Shut up!” Jackson exclaims. “Where’s Y/N?”

“Getting some popcorn in the kitchen,” Mark informs as he focuses on the movie playing on the television. Youngji parts with Jackson for a while and heads to the kitchen to help Y/N.

“You know what, hyung? You’re too cold.” Jackson states, crossing his arms on his chest.

“Huh? I’m not cold, Jackson. It’s humid outside.” Mark responds confusingly.

“Not that! To Y/N! She’s your girlfriend, hyung, not one of the boys who you should just shove around. I bet she wants to be hugged from the back, too, and even to have her hand held by you.” Jackson assumes.

“No, she doesn’t,”

“Have you asked her?” Jackson challenges, and he gets his answer when Mark remains silent. “See?”

“You know what, Jackson, I’ll go help her out, too. The colas might be too much for her to carry.” Mark stands up and takes slight steps to the kitchen.

He is halted when he hears Y/N’s beginning question to Youngji.

“Unnie, how is it like to hold hands with your boyfriend?”

Why is she asking such things from Youngji?

“What? Why are you asking that, Y/N?”

“I’m just curious. It must feel nice for your hand to be held by your boyfriend.” Her voice sounds down. “You don’t have to answer my question, unnie.”

“Yah, Y/N! Don’t think too much about it!” Youngji comforts her, like the booming loud person she is.

“I’m just unsure, unnie. Does he really love me? Why doesn’t he even hold his girlfriend’s hand? I don’t remember a time when we kissed, or even just hugged. It’s like we’re not even in a relationship.”

And Y/N’s revelation exposes the feelings Mark never realized she was feeling.

“You know what, unnie? Let’s not talk about this. We might be taking too long with the snacks.”

Mark hurries back next to Jackson on the couch, and the younger looks at him in curiosity.

“I thought you were going to help?”

“They didn’t need any help. They’re doing quite fine.” Youngji and Y/N return to the living room with two bowls of popcorn and four cans of Sprite. Youngji comfortably settles beside Jackson on the couch, making Mark inch away from them. Y/N situates herself on the love seat, popcorn on her lap and cider on the floor.

They changed the movie into something scary, and Jackson, pretending to be the knight-in-shining armor he thinks he is, covers Youngji’s eyes and tries to muffle his screams.

Mark is not afraid at all, not because he thinks the movie isn’t scary, but because his eyes are on Y/N, who is not asking for anything from him but is blocking her own sight from the horror happening on screen.

“Ah, Jackson!” Youngji jumps on her seat and is now hiding on Jackson’s chest, shaking. “Why is that doll immortal?!”

“Oh my goodness!” Y/N hides her face on the throw pillow that she took from her back, and Mark feels like a total asshole.

Why can’t I be a better boyfriend?

“Congrats, Y/N!” Bambam gives her a high-five as soon as they meet. “I wish I could watch it!”

“I’ll send you a copy once it is released.” Y/N assures him.

Mark is unaware of why his girlfriend is being congratulated.

“Y/N worked so hard to edit it. Can’t we see it sooner?” Yugyeom pleads, trying to use his charm to lure the girl.

“Sorry, Gyeom, but the board said it can’t be shown to anyone until the school’s film festival!” Y/N frowns apologetically.

“That’s okay, Y/N! But after that, we should be the first ones to watch it!”

Mark steps out for a while, trying to think of a way to be a better person than he is right now.

“Y/N’s film is nominated for a film festival,” a voice speaks beside him.

“Really? She didn’t tell me.” Mark is not disappointed, but rather guilty. He knows it’s his fault why Y/N is not opening up to him like she is doing to the other members.

“Because you don’t show her, Mark,” Jaebum sighs. “I know you heard her the other day. She keeps on questioning if you really do love her. All those skinships do not define a relationship, but they are essential ways to show her how much you love her. Open up to her, Mark, because if you do not, she’ll cease to open up as well.”

Jaebum leaves him with an inner turmoil and a guilty heart.

Once he comes back to the dorm’s living room, he spots Y/N giggling and booming in laughter as she and Bambam dance to Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style on the Play Station.

“Bambam, stop pushing me!” She cackles as the Thai pushes her out of the way to stop her from dancing.

“No one’s pushing anyone, Y/N!” And Bambam hogs the space, remaining in the middle to finish the rest of the song.

“You’re annoying!” Yugyeom whines as Y/N exhales beside him.

Mark only watches as Yugyeom and Y/N try to attack Bambam and stop him from dancing further.

“Fine! Yugyeom, let’s go to sleep now!” Bambam messes Y/N’s hair before leaving to his and Yugyeom’s shared room. The maknae follows long after, leaving the couple to themselves.

“Ah,” Y/N takes something from her navy blue wallet and hands it to Mark. “Here’s the ticket for the film festival. It’s tomorrow night. I hope you can come, but don’t feel obligated at all. I know you’re really busy.”

It remains silent, with Mark only taking the ticket and pondering over what Y/N said.

“I’ll leave now,” she stands up and slings her backpack, half-hoping that he will stop her.

“I’m sorry.”

Not the interruption she was expecting, but considerable.


“For not holding your hand, for not cuddling during a horror movie, for not being a better boyfriend,” Mark purses his lips. “I’m sorry, Y/N. You deserve better and it’s a privilege, an honor, even, to still have you as my girlfriend now.”

Y/N stands still for a while, thinking about Mark’s words that he probably is having a hard time articulating.

“I thought you were uncomfortable so I didn’t initiate,” Y/N murmurs. “But I can do it myself if you feel awkward doing it.”

Mark shakes his head, the thought of him being an awful partner not leaving his mind.

“Yah! If you told me you’re not comfortable, I would’ve understood,” Y/N mumbles lowly, almost inaudible if they weren’t the only one in the room.

“It’s not that I don’t want it, Y/N,” Mark exhales, finally breaking himself out of his shell. “It’s just that I’m not used to it.”

Y/N looks at him, intrigued, and her lips form a mischievous smirk.

“What?” Mark alarmingly questions.

She steps closer to him, stands on the tip of her toes, and pecks his cheek boldly. Mark freezes after this, because he was telling the truth when he said that he’s not used to displays of affection.

But with Y/N, he can definitely try. He’ll be glad to.

“You didn’t just do that,” Mark’s voice is gravelly, his lips almost touching Y/N’s ear.

“Huh?” And unlike the usual quiet Mark, he captures her lips in a sweet kiss. In a matter of seconds, they pull away, not wanting any member (especially Bambam and Yugyeom) to interrupt their sweet moment.

“We’ll puke from our own PDA,” Y/N giggles.

“Nope. I think they’ll get annoyed from ours.”

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A/N: That’s how he’ll hug you now. *smirks*

Teach Me- Conor Maynard Imagine

Word Count: 1,119

Request:  conor imagine where you walk in on him playing the piano and you ask him to teach you ? just really fulffy pls 


“Jack come on! We’re going to be late!” you yelled upstairs to your best friend.

You had known the Maynards since primary school, you and Jack were even in the same class. He was your partner in crime. The two of you were always causing trouble. You and Conor were good friends too, but he was a couple years older. You and Jack were the same age and had always just been closer. Even though you were in your early 20’s now, almost nothing had changed between you two. Especially you constantly having to wait on him.

“Alright, alright!” the blonde trudged down to the bottom of the stairs, fluffing his hair in place.

You rolled your eyes, “Such a diva I swear.” Jack elbowed you, making you hold your arm.

“Make fun all you want, but it takes time to look this good.” showing off his ensemble to you while fixing his hair again.

“Aw I’m sorry to interrupt your primp time princess. But we have to get to Conor’s show!”

“Yeah I know. I know.” he murmured, shaking his head as he got in your car.


You and Jack made it backstage to Conor’s dressing room.

Not to your surprise, he was fixing his hair in the mirror. No one would question he and Jack were related.Those boys loved their hair.

He quickly spun around when he saw you in the reflection.

“Hey guys! It’s about time you showed up.” Conor teased as he gave you a hug.

“Well to be fair, I was ready on time. It’s Jack who took forever and half to get ready.” you glared at back at Jack. He just stared down at his phone, oblivious to yours and Conor’s conversation. Or the fact that you were talking to him.

George came in to tell Conor it was showtime. He rushed past you to get mic’d up to go on stage. You and Jack stood backstage, as he ran out and the crowd went crazy. Screaming and cheering him on. You always loved watching Conor perform. You admired how much connected with his music and his fans. Ever since you can remember that kid loved performing. Or just being the center of attention. He was so talented.

Not that you weren’t talented, you have been singing since you were small. Sometimes even with Conor. But there’s one thing he could do that you couldn’t, play an instrument. You’ve always dreamed of playing the piano. You tried to learn, you just always ended up frustrated and giving up.


After a show you, Jack, Conor, and George would usually hang out or go on a night out. However, Conor was nowhere to be found. You went by the sound guys and checked the other rooms of the venue. Still no sign of him. As you walked down the hall back towards the dressing room, you could hear a faint sound in the distance. You stepped closer to the noise, tip toeing quietly. You discovered a backdoor of a room opened slightly. You peeked through the crack, to see Conor sat playing a piano. Pushing the door quietly, you snuck through the doorway. You didn’t want him to see you there and stop playing. Taking a seat towards the wall, you watched him play out a beautiful melody.

He finished and went to turn to walk off from the piano, “Holy shit! (Y/N) you scared me! You can’t just sneak up on me like that!” he jumped back in his seat, making you laugh.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just enjoying listening to you play. Wish I could do that.”

“Well why can’t you?” he asked with a smile.

You looked down at your feet, trying to think of an answer to give him.

He must have saw that you were flustered and a little embarrassed. He slid down the piano bench, leaving a space next to him. He looked back at you, patting the space for you to sit beside him.

“C’mon (Y/N), I don’t bite.” he joked, waving you over.

You laughed and sat down at the piano with him. He moved closer to you.

With hesitation in your voice, “What are you doing?”

“Just relax, trust me. Let me show you.” You felt arms wrap around you, then put his hands over yours, bringing them onto the keys. His chin rested your shoulder. This embrace was a little awkward, but at the same time it made you feel safe.

Guiding your hands along with his, Conor showed you each key. Paired with how each note should sound. Then he showed you what proper form looked like. Taking his hand and pushing up on your lower back. Sending a shiver down your spine.

“There you go just like that.” he said softly with his hand still on your back.

You smiled up at him, gazing at his blue eyes for a moment. You noticed he did the same, also slowly inching his face towards yours. Your eyes closed as you felt him kiss your lips.

Oh my god, I’m kissing my best friend

You pulled away slightly, “Umm Mr. Maynard, do you kiss everyone you teach to play piano?”

“Well considering this is my first teaching lesson, I think we can let it slide.”

“Oh really? I don’t know if I can learn anything, if you’re gonna keep kissing me every lesson. ” you said with a laugh.

“Oh yeah? Well piano is overrated anyway.” he smiled back into your kiss. You never thought this would happen. Kissing Conor? It was spontaneous and crazy, but just felt so right.

“Y/N and Conor, George and I have been looking for you for an hour! We…”

You and Conor quickly unlocked your lips, as soon as you noticed Jack in the doorway. He stopped in his tracks and stared at you two for a second. However, he didn’t seem all that surprised.

He poked his head out the door, “George! I found them, they were making out in the back room!” shouting, as he walked back out.

You planted your face into Conor’s shoulder, shaking your head. “I’m going to have to explain this to him later. What the hell is wrong with us?”

“I don’t know, but we should definitely do this again.”

“Piano or kissing?” you giggled.

“Both. I promise I will teach you piano for real. And after as little rewards, maybe we can kiss.” he cheekily smirked.

“Well then, I just might book another lesson.” you winked at him.

You both laughed, Conor took your hand, “Good because I think I really like you (Y/N).”

“I think I really like you too.”

I Can Change Your Name

Here it is! I hope everyone enjoys it! This is only my second fanfic so if anyone has any pointers, I would sure appreciate it! :)

I do not own Fairy Tail or the characters, Hiro Mashima does. 

Rating: t

Pairings: nalu

Characters: natsu, lucy, lucy’s boss (unnamed character)

“Lucy! I expect to see those papers gone through and edited on my deck be the end of the day.”

“Yes, sir.” Lucy flashed a fake smile to her boss.

“And I don’t care how long it takes I want it done!” Lucy’s boss barked

“Of course you don’t care.” she mumbles under her breath.

“What was that, Heartfilia?”

“I said I’ll have it done as soon as I can. Sir.”

“That’s what I thought you said.”

Lucy worked for The Magnolia Papers. Her official title was the “paid intern”. In other words, she was treated like nothing and expected to do everything. She did the editing on all the papers and wrote most of the papers. She sometimes even designed the papers. But, she never got the credit, she was only the intern after all, and her boss wasn’t about to give her credit. All she wanted was a little recognition here and there. She knew the business wouldn’t be as successful without her, so she sucked it up and did her job.

When Lucy sat down at her deck to see how many papers she had to read and edit, she almost yelled. 400 papers. She had to read and edit 400 papers by the end of the day. Lucy wanted to crumble on the ground and cry and scream. But she wouldn’t. No, she wouldn’t. That was exactly what her boss wanted. Her boss had wanted her gone the second she was hired. Luckily her boss was only the supervisor for their branch so he had little to no authority over who was hired and fired. The only reason he wanted her fired was because her last name was Heartfilia. Lucy wasn’t too fond of her name either though. Her father had done bad things to good people. Unfortunately for Lucy, no matter how hard she worked or how kind she was, she would always have that last name.

“Five papers to go.” She thought to herself.

The words on the pages were starting to move around the page but she wouldn’t give up.  

“Done! Finally done.”

Sighing from exhaustion she looked around to see if anyone else was left at the office. When she didn’t see anyone, she looked at the clock to see how late it was.

“10:30 already? Wow, I better get home.”

Lucy dropped the pile of papers off at her boss’s desk and went out to her car to go home.

As Lucy walked through her apartment door she saw her boyfriend laying on the couch watching TV.


“Oh, hey Luce! How was your day?”

“Awful! Just Awful.” Lucy pouted.

Natsu frowned at her response and opened his arms. Lucy didn’t waste a second before jumping into them.

“What happened?” he asked as he adjusted himself so they could both lay on the couch.

“My boss made me read and edit 400 papers! 400 papers Natsu! You would not believe how bad of a head ache I have right now. I didn’t even get a break today! I don’t understand why he treats me like this.”

“I’m so sorry, Lucy. I wish there was something I could do.”

Natsu pulled her in closer to him. Lucy laid her head on his chest enjoying his natural heat. She had always loved how warm he was. When he held her, she always felt so calm. It was as if his warmth wrapped around her, shielding her from any worries.

“Do you know what else he did?” Lucy pulled away slightly to look in his eyes.

“What did he do?”

“He had the audacity to call me by my last name. Maybe he would like me more, or at least treat me better if I had a different one.” She sighed as she laid back down on Natsu. She closed her eyes wanting to forget about the terrible day she had just had.

“Hey, Luce?” Natsu said after a few minutes.

“Hmmm?” She hummed with her eyes still closed.

“I know you don’t like your last name now but, maybe I can change it.”

Lucy opened her eyes and saw a silver band with a small diamond in the middle. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out.

Natsu moved from the couch and knelt to the ground.

“Lucy, will you… Will you marry me?”

“Yes! Yes, Natsu!

With shaky hands Natsu reached to grab Lucy’s hand to put her ring on her finger.

When Natsu was finished, she leaned in for a kiss. Lucy’s day might have started out rough but, her earlier worries had completely slipped her mind.


“Almost Gemini” - [ John Constantine - One shot ].

Based onImagine: Being Constantine’s neighbor, and him always coming over to use your cat for his ritual to cross over into hell. 

Written by: A.Wölf.

Music and ambience: Rain // Song (Play both at the same time but ambience at a lower volume).


The rain woke me up.

I glance at the nightstand clock where “10:08 pm” flashes in red numbers. God, I hate getting out of bed. Time doesn’t matter, early or late, I just hate it, I wish I could stay. But working in a bar has its perks after all; like sleeping during the day and waking up at night.

My cat jumps out of bed, meowing to let me know she wants to eat.

I get up and stand in front of my window to look at the city lights blurred by the raindrops. And from up here, on the 5th floor of this apartment building, I can see a bunch of walking umbrellas, knowing that I will become one the second I leave for work. My cat meows again, reminding me she’s hungry.

After finally opening a can of tuna for her, I put on a vinyl record, turn the volume up, and head towards the bathroom to take a shower and start getting ready. I take a long time in there, letting the warm water relax each one of my muscles, and I thoroughly wash my hair while mentally preparing to come home smelling like cigarettes I didn’t even get to smoke, and god knows what else at the bar.

I put my hair up in a ponytail, and put on my leather jacket, almost ready to leave but still swaying my hips to the music when I hear a knock on the door. I sigh in defeat knowing exactly who it is. Another perk of this nightlife of mine if not the best; John fucking Constantine, my neighbor from the 6th floor, the man with two sides, hot and cold, my almost Gemini after being born in early May but having traits that would suggest otherwise.

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I think he, or she, has mange. He looks so sad and tired. This squirrel made a nest in a large bird house in our backyard. It has a very open front. My dad made it like that. I was hoping a dove had built a nest in it but when I saw something moving in there it had fur not feathers. He jumped out when I was looking in. He gave up on his bird house nest. He was resting on the fence in the sun just now. I wish I could help him.

Capable of Change - 6 (Savitar!Barry/Reader)

Imagine, remnant Barry getting asked out by you and he decided to say yes…

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

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A few weeks passed and he had told you he might disappear for ‘work’ for a bit. In all actuality, he had been pulled away because of the notorious ‘Team Flash’. Too much needed to be done to ensure that everything fell into place.

He had scared Barry and it had felt so satisfying. There was nothing he could do to change this future. Nothing.

Now he had some time to focus on you, and he was looking forward to it.

He cleared his throat as he walked toward CC Studios. He stopped briefly catching his reflection in the glass door. He flexed his jaw reminding himself that you were different. You saw past the surface of his broken exterior and saw his true self.

The man he really was.

He ran a hand through his hair a few times before walking inside. He was hoping to surprise you with a cup of coffee and persuade you to go to lunch with him.

He walked into the studio slowly when he noted the recording light wasn’t on. He could hear a piano being played, but nothing else.

He smiled instantly as he saw you sitting at the keys. Your fingers moved over the ivory pieces in a fluid motion that brought life to the world around you.

He enjoyed the smile that played on your lips as you expertly played. You hadn’t noticed him yet, giving him a chance to move up behind you before your piece came to a close, “That was beautiful.”

He laughed when you jumped. You turned on the stool giving him a small smack, “Wear a bell!”

“That would not be as much fun.” He smirked leaning down grabbing your chin lightly before placing a kiss on your soft lips. His smile became genuine as he parted from you, “I brought you coffee.”

“My hero!” You smiled taking it from him, “It’s like you knew I needed a pick me up.”

“There’s lunch involved in this visit if you have time.”  He sat down next to you as you took a sip.

“Oh I wish I could.” You pouted holding the cup in your hands, “We a have a few shows coming up. One I have to travel for and my string section is struggling since our soloist got in a car accident because a pack of gorillas got loose.”

His eyebrows shot up trying to act surprised. He remembered the attack on the city, but it seemed so long ago, “Gorillas?”

“Yeah…” You made a face, “I’m not sure I believe the official statement that the zoo’s transport crashed outside the city either, but Flash and Kid Flash apparently swooped in and saved the day, so all is well.”

“All is well…” He repeated slowly his face falling briefly, “Anyways…so no lunch…”

“No lunch.” You smirked a little scooting closer to him, “But…I can promise a dinner date that you will enjoy immensely.”

“Oh yeah?” He smiled reaching up cupping your face with his hand.

You smiled kissing him. He loved the way your eyes squinted when you did that, “Oh yes…meet me at the park? Say seven?”

“Yes.” He nodded resting his forehead against yours, “Most definitely yes.”

“Now shoo. You’re too distracting.” You winked at him.

He stood up stretching, “I suppose I could get some work done. I do have a few small projects.”

“Good, that means when I get done with this we will have more time together.” You smiled at him eyes twinkling, “Less projects for you means more time with me.”

“I like the sound of that.” He leaned down pecking your cheek quickly, “I’ll see you at seven.”

The day’s events went just as he planned. Wally was right where he wanted him. Soon he’d go and release Savitar sending his past self on the path he needed to begin to truly destroy Barry.

He took a deep breath shaking off his past preparing for his future. He stopped to get some flowers across the street from the park. He turned a smile on his face and a spring in his step. Tonight, was going to be a good night.

He walked toward the bench were you first approached him. He paused seeing you sitting there, knees pulled to your chest, face buried in your arms. The flowers dropped from his hands.

As they hit the ground he was at your side, “Y/N…”

You felt his hands take hold of you as you looked up at him tears falling down your face, “Allen…”

“What happened?” Concern rippled over his features as he took your face into his hands.

“My dad…” You shut your eyes tightly big tears falling against his palms, “M..my dad…”

“Oh god…” He pulled you to his chest holding you tightly. He knew this pain too well. He didn’t know how long he held you on that bench and it didn’t matter.

Eventually, he brought you home. He’d gotten you to eat a little then put you to bed. Now he was on the phone with your brother Scott, “She’s resting…if there’s anything you need just let me know. I want to help.”

He scratched the back of his head as Scott took a deep breath, “I…I appreciate it. I think if you could just stay with her…I’ll…I’ll try to get everything…”

“Scott…” He interrupted him swallowing, “I know…what it’s like and you shouldn’t be doing this alone. Is there anything at all I can do? Anyone I can call?”

“I…my girlfriend is on her way.” Scott told him going silent, “I just…he was dad.”

“I know.” Barry nodded, “I know…the loss will never go away…but does get better over time. Just give me a call, I’ll be at Y/N’s. For anything, I mean it.”

He hung up the phone putting it back on the hook before he turned seeing you on the stairs, “Hey…”

You sniffed wiping a hand under your eyes, “Hey…”

“Do you need anything?” He asked taking a few steps toward you.

You shut your eyes shaking your head, “No…”

He reached up taking your hand, “You sure?”

“No…” You voice quivered as you teared up again. He guided you down the stairs into his arms, “I don’t know how to do this…”

He rubbed your back as you leaned your head on your shoulder, “No one ever does.”

He picked you up easily carrying you over to the couch. He sat down holding you on his lap. He could only be there for you.

“You know…” He glanced down at you seeing your eyes were closed as you spoke, “I…don’t think I could do this without you.”

“You’re strong. You would’ve managed.” He told you surprised when you opened your eyes looking at him, “What?”

“I’ve never been strong.” You whispered looking away, “Snarky maybe…but…not strong. I can’t snark this away.”

“Don’t say that.” You looked back to him. He shook his head helping you sit up some, “Don’t ever say that. You are so strong and brave. It took so much courage to talk to me that day. It took so much strength to let me into your home, meet your family. To meet your dad, who from all the stories he told me, is where you learned to be strong.”

You felt yourself beginning to cry again as he went on, “So don’t ever say that you’re not strong because you are a woman who has loss a parent. You’re a daughter, who dealt with a parent deciding to leave instead of raising them. You get up every day and provide for yourself, that alone makes you strong. You-”

Your lips crashing down on his made him stop. He pulled away looking at your face smiling a little, “Thank you. Thank you for caring.”

He smiled nodding, “Of course, I care about you, Y/N. You make me a better person.”

His heart fluttered in his chest as you settled against, “I love you, Allen.”

His mouth hung open a little unable to answer. For once…he couldn’t keep up with his thoughts…they were too fast.

One detail that intrigues me is how :re is based on Museum Cafe&Diner and most of the details in Touka’s shop are pretty spot on to what’s in the real life Cafe. But one thing that I want to know then, in the TG Universe who decorated :re? I mean, just look at it, it’s filled with quirky trinkets cluttering every shelf

Like who bought the stuffed deer head and ferret?

And who in gods name decided on the taxidermy armadillo and manikin heads with the hat collection????

I don’t pick Touka for one to go overboard collecting paraphernalia and gathering clutter (her room was always pretty neat and orderly). So was it Yomo? When they started out with the Cafe did he just… keep bringing in weird decorations? Did Touka let him or did he keep sneaking things onto the shelves one by one? Or maybe it was Touka, who picked up some of Yoshimura’s sentimentality for trinkets (like the tea cup)

*sighs* sometimes I wish I could jump into the TG Universe and ask these sorts of random questions