i wish i could jump on him like that


What I liked about this episode was Castiel. I know I’m jumping on that wagon with the fandom losing its collective mind over what happened, but ship it, or don’t, we’ve finally reached Critical Castiel Character Development Mass here. When we first met him, he wasn’t just an soldier. He was an emotionless Tool Of God (and not even God, as we see in much later seasons). He goes from that, to ally, to wishing he could be an angel again, to not being anything, to being human, to being a pariah, to accepting he’s neither angel nor human, to discovering that he’s actually part Winchester, to dying with actual tears in his eyes and being able to say and feel “I love you.”

For the character the writers expected to leave easily after a handful of episodes back in the day, it’s pretty incredible what Castiel has accomplished.

And the fact that Castiel has to be dying to actually say it the first time, is so typical of his family, who are pretty much all (yes, even Sam until times of Truth or Die) allergic to feelings talks. It fits, and it’s fitting.

Crowley was also a bright spot here. The King of Hell has valuable, and invaluable weapons hidden in caches all over the world. He’s brought them out on a few occasions. Michael’s lance would have been one of his biggest finds, maybe only second to the Horn of Joshua when it was souped up as a Hand of God. What’s so impressive about him having, and destroying this weapon, is that he made a firm move to do it just to save Castiel. Which, in past seasons, hasn’t exactly been beneficial to him. His deals never seem to work out exactly as he wants with him, or the Winchesters in general. Yes, he’s loaned out some of his prized weapons when necessary. The Hand of God will get rid of Lucifer, who is a direct threat, and the Colt he gave up because the riff raff ate his tailor, but there was no “saving his own ass” in destroying this weapon, or giving it up. He’s never done something like this before, and for a collector, it’s a Big Fucking Deal to almost-casually destroy something like the lance just to save an angel who you claim to not give two shits about. That was an amazing moment, and I can’t wait to see where they go with it.

I also liked the attempt at Tarantino, but with no high pressure hose shooting blood out of someone, it just wasn’t quite there. :D

I like Sam in the burnt orange coat. He should keep it. It does amazing things to bring out the highlights in his luxurious hair.

There are also a lot of things that I didn’t like about this episode, mainly involving what’s happening with Mary, but all of these weekly “what I liked posts” are just that: not dislike, so I’ll hold the phone on that.


“Are you happy now, Y/N?” Dean grumbled, stepping out of the bathroom and holding his arms out to display his new look. 

“Oh my god, yes!” you exclaimed, jumping off of the bed and running over to him so you could get a closer look. “Oh, you look so dapper! Now give me a spin.”

“This is stupid,” he muttered under his breath, but he followed your instructions nonetheless, slowly turning in a circle.

You ran your hands over the fabric of his sweater once he had completed his 360 before taking hold of his tie and pulling him close to you. “I can’t decide if I wanna squeeze your cheeks or fuck you.” You grinned, licking your lips teasingly.

“Well,” Dean started with a wink, his hands moving to grab the belt loops of your jeans, “I think we both know which option I’d prefer.”

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One detail that intrigues me is how :re is based on Museum Cafe&Diner and most of the details in Touka’s shop are pretty spot on to what’s in the real life Cafe. But one thing that I want to know then, in the TG Universe who decorated :re? I mean, just look at it, it’s filled with quirky trinkets cluttering every shelf

Like who bought the stuffed deer head and ferret?

And who in gods name decided on the taxidermy armadillo and manikin heads with the hat collection????

I don’t pick Touka for one to go overboard collecting paraphernalia and gathering clutter (her room was always pretty neat and orderly). So was it Yomo? When they started out with the Cafe did he just… keep bringing in weird decorations? Did Touka let him or did he keep sneaking things onto the shelves one by one? Or maybe it was Touka, who picked up some of Yoshimura’s sentimentality for trinkets (like the tea cup)

*sighs* sometimes I wish I could jump into the TG Universe and ask these sorts of random questions

Can we just appreciate this panel? There’s Kenma watching his bae- I mean, Shouyou- with wide eyes, Kuroo and his invisible piano, Fukunaga my husband just being him and staring at balls (I wish he’d stare at my–) he’s so precious, Lev warming up and jumping like an excited little kitty (thIGHS), Yamamoto being hella nervous and Yaku kicking Yamamoto to calm him down (10/10 mother), and finally poor Inuoka looking like he’s about to throw up! You can do it, my child! I believe in you (I’M SURE A CERTAIN FIRST YEAR LIBERO COULD ALSO HELP)!!

Okay that is all now I’m just off to scream with fervent rage about the UNNECESSARY ABSENCE OF KAI AND SHIBAYAMA k bye ✌️️.

DO NOT REPOST OR ALTER. Original linework. Characters belong to Hiro Mashima.


I want Natsu to want to love Zeref. To be really conflicted and tortured by the fact that he has a brother which should be WONDERFUL but isn’t. I want Natsu to want to be happy about the discovery, to wish he could indulge in the sheer joy that should come with discovering a long lost family member. (Remembering that it would also be really confusing. Zeref’s just this random guy suddenly calling himself family)

But the concept of a brother. I think that should make Natsu reel. He’s a pretty basic person, likes to jump cleanly from A to B. (Example: Lucy trusts Brandish = so does Natsu). To him, I’m sure ‘brother’ has always meant ‘someone you love’. Simple as that. So I want Natsu to be furious with Zeref, incensed by his betrayal and enraged at the unfairness of it all…but also to crave to love him unconditionally. And in the end he’s just totally confused. There’s a paradox for Natsu in that Zeref’s actions are unforgivable, but he’s family. 

And family means everything to Natsu.

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My Mystical Romance (1/?)

Y/N jumped onto Credence’s back pressing a kiss to his cheek.“ How are you doing today Hun?” Y/N asked hugging him tightly.

Credence blushed looking away.“ Good.” He whispered

“ Come on. I made lunch for us.” Y/N told him taking his hand.

“To the hill?” Credence asked.

“To the hill.” Y/N confirmed.


Y/N laid her head on Credence’s chest. Y/N listened to his steady heartbeat. Credence smiled intertwining their hands.

“I wish it could always be like this.” Credence told her.

“It can be. You just have to leave that damn house. You don’t deserve the abuse that women puts you through.” Y/N said angrily.

“Let’s not talk about her.” He said thunder rumbling in the distance.“ Just breathe.”

Y/N closed her eyes taking a deep breathe. A stray tear fell from her eye.“ I wish you never have to go through that again. Promise me that if she does that again that you’ll come live with me.”

“I just wish that you didn’t have to feel it.” Credence whispered kissing your tear. Looking into Y/N’s saddened eyes he promised.

“If your meeting Perry today we should head that way.” Y/N stated sitting up.

Credence nodded helping Y/N up.


“Y/N. It’s nice to see you again.” Percival said sweeping Y/N up in a hug.

“You as well.” Y/N laughed.“ I must be going. Take care of him.”


Y/n kissed Credence’s cheek softly before leaving.


I love that little moment when the music goes quiet, like a breather, and Yuzuru just inhales with calm expression. Makes you think that despite all the difficult jumps he never abandons the emotional element which truly carries and unites the whole program. It’s like watching a contemporary dance and the performers are so committed and you could feel the connection.

I am that moved by his skills and commitment. Wish him well and rooting for him in 4CC.

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It rained all day today and while i was in class and everytime a thunder came i jumped and i wish i could just suggle with harry and drink tea and play with his hair and give him hugs oh how much i want Harry's hugs

This is…literally my dream.

You, Harry, a fuzzy blanket, a few scented candles, two hot cups of tea (with extra milk, the way he knows you like it), and a very willing boyfriend who doesn’t want to do anything else but cuddle you while the rain falls outside.

I've Got This Friend
  • I've Got This Friend
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

Can I have a minute?
I’ve gotta tell you something.
I heard that someone likes you,
And it might be nothing but he’s right in front of you.

He’s kinda my size,
Don’t look back ‘cause he’s looking.
I think you know him,
But you just don’t know that he’s right in front of you.

Baby, you’ve been talking to him nearly every day,
He really likes all the games that you play.
He told me to tell you to see what you’d say,
Before he jumps in and he asks for a date.

'Cause I’ve got this friend who’s crazy about you,
I’ve got this friend who can’t be without you,
I’ve got this friend and I wish I could see,
How this would end if you knew it was me.

Something I have to tell you,
He plays the bass guitar.
He thinks you’d like him better
If he had a car but now he’s right in front of you.

Baby, you’ve been talking to him nearly every day,
He really likes all the games that you play.
He told me to tell you to see what you’d say,
Before he jumps in and he asks for that date.

'Cause I’ve got this friend who’s crazy about you,
I’ve got this friend who can’t be without you,
I’ve got this friend and I wish I could see,
See what you’d say if I told you it was me.

Talking to you nearly every day,
And I really like all the games that you play,
So I want to tell you to see what you’d say,
Before I jump in and I ask for that date.

I’ve been that friend,
I’ve been that friend.

I’ve been that friend and I wish I could see,
How this would end if you knew it was me.

Talking to you nearly every day,
I really like all the games that you play,
I wanna tell you to see what you say,
Before I jump in and I ask for that date.

'Cause I’ve been that friend who’s crazy about you,
I’ve been that friend who can’t live without you,
I’ve been that friend who wants to be with you,
I’ve been that friend who wants to be near you.
'Cause I’ve been that friend and I wish I could see,
How this would end if you knew it was me.

Better For Both Of Us (3/5)

This one is kind of shorter…

- Gongju J

Characters: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 559

Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Part 5

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You turned around to Jungkook with a bright smile on his face. You were super happy to see him. He enveloped you in a hug that emitted such warmth. You closed your eyes as you enjoyed the feeling of his embrace.

“I missed you jagiya! How was the wedding?”

“It was pretty fun actually. You should have gone.”

“I wish I could have, but our schedule has been totally booked. I’m just glad I’m getting this time with you.” He flashes another smile at you.

“Yeah.” You blushed. “Hey, how much time do you have? Let’s go to the cafe you like so much.”

“What about Jihyuk?” The mention of his name byJungkook made your heart jump.

“Shouldn’t you go with him instead?” Jungkook’s smile faded into a slight frown.

“Jagiya? Who’s this?” Jihyuk appeared and asked.

“This is uh, Jungkook, my friend, I mean ex, I mean…”

“What’s going on here?” Jihyuk said suspiciously.

“Nothing really!” You said, heart rate increasing.

Jungkook turned to Jihyuk. “I’m her ex-boyfriend, but she still loves me.”

You turned to look at Jihyuk, who’s expression shattered into despair and confusion. You feel yourself become ice cold, petrified in the moment.

“W-what?” He turns to you. “Is this true?”

“O-of course not! I only love you!” You tried to grab his hand, but he yanked it away.

Your words weren’t enough to reassure him. His face turned red and you could practically see his heart shattering right before your eyes.

This isn’t happening. This. Isn’t. Happening.





Next thing you know, you shot you out of bed, skin warm and heart racing.

Just a dream.

You lied back down trying to calm yourself down.

It may have been a dream, but the problem was all too real.

Your paranoia was at a max during the trip back home. Anywhere you saw a tall young man with black hair, you did a double-take, checking to see if it was Jungkook.

It never was, of course, but you couldn’t help it. He was everywhere. You couldn’t escape the thought of him.

You decided you just needed to get the spark back with Jihyuk to shake these odd feelings. So you planned to surprise him when you returned. He didn’t know when exactly you would return, so it was a perfect opportunity to surprise him at his home and cook for him for once.

After you got back home and settled back into your apartment, you went to the store then straight to Jihyuk’s place. It was already supper time, which was perfect for your plan.

You took the spare key you had to his apartment and used it to open the door. When you opened it, you saw that the lights were off.

Good. That means he’s probably at work still.

You turn on the lights to the kitchen and set down the items you brought to cook.

I’ve just been flustered by Jungkook because I’ve begun to talk to him again, that is all. I love Jihyuk. And he loves me.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a sound of ruffling sheets in the bedroom.

Weird. Is he home after all?

So you went to check his room to see if your boyfriend was sleeping. When you turned the light on you froze in place.

Your boyfriend was home, but he wasn’t alone.

Request: We're Okay

Request: I was wondering if you can do one were y/n has a huge fight w dean (they’re together) then dean kicks y/n out then she has an accident& goes to the hospital,dean accidentally finds out rushing2 y/n & when they go back@ the bunker fluff& angst?THANKUX

Word Count: 1,648

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“Damn you, Dean!” You snap, slamming the door behind you. How you wish you could have slammed it in his face.

“I don’t see how you get to be the angry one here!” He yells, “You’re the one who almost got us all killed!”

“You’re the one that made a stupid decision!” You defend yourself, folding your arms and glaring icily at him, “I didn’t want to jump out there but I’d rather you didn’t die!”

“I was in control!” He seethes, “You can’t be so reckless, Y/N, because you’re gonna get us all killed!”

“You didn’t look very in control to me!” You step towards him, propelled by your anger, and in response he slams his fist down onto the table, making you jump.

“You don’t even trust me!”

“Not right now, I don’t!”

“Why the hell are we even doing this, then?” He yells, confusing you for a split second, “If you can’t trust me, we can’t hunt together and we’re definitely not gonna be dating!”

“Maybe that would be better!” You seethe, stepping back, towards the door.

“Fine. Then you should go.” He says, filled with a sudden calmness that’s unsettling at best. His face remains flat, nearly emotionless.

“I’ll be gone in the hour.”


You left in less, not so much as saying goodbye to Sam – not because you think you’ll be back. Because you don’t want to see him or his brother ever again. So you go and you clear your room out and you take your car and you drive.

It’s fairly late at night, the road obscured in the darkness. You don’t mind, though. You know these roads better than anyone else.

You can’t help but cast your mind back to the hunt, feeling incredibly victimised. Dean had been grabbed by a vampire so you’d launched yourself out of the shadows, shimmying down a pipe and slicing its head off before it managed to take a chunk out of Dean’s neck. Naturally, he hadn’t given a shit and instead, berated you for endangering yourself and by extension, everyone else. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s berated you for something so minor, but you’re just sick of it.

You’d been so happy in the beginning – your relationship was perfect, like some sort of fairytale in the horror story that was your lives. But then he’d become more and more miserable and angry and you’d become more and more dejected and… lost. Sure, all relationships have their ups and downs but you’ve had enough of him treating you like a child; like you’re someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

“Damn you, Dean.” You mutter, blinking tears from your eyes, “Dammit.”

And then there’s a screech of tyres as you slam the brakes on at the headlights of the car quickly approaching– they’re in the wrong lane, you realise, and you’re going to hit head on.


“What the hell do you mean, she’s-” Dean cuts himself off, pressing a finger into his uncovered ear. The reception is patchy at best and the sound of sirens in the background isn’t helping at all, “Is she alive?”

That can’t be determined yet. We’re taking her to-

Dean barely takes in the next words. Can’t be determined yet. You could be dead and it would be all his fault. Any leftover anger instantly dissipates and he gives a jumbled explanation to his brother before stumbling from the bunker in a panic.

The drive to the hospital is total hell, punctuated with a horrible stabbing feeling when he passes the crash site. Your car is still there, looking not so good. The other car looks worse, though, which Dean takes to be a good sign.

It’s too bright in the hospital, too many people milling about with complaints about stomach bugs and bumped heads and kids with snotty noses when his world might be about to crumble around him. He pushes through the throngs of people to the reception desk.

“I need Y/N Y/L/N.” He says, and the woman on the desk raises an eyebrow.

“Relationship?” She asks, bringing up something on the computer screen. She looks decidedly disinterested, glancing at her fingernails before looking back at Dean.

“I – uh… boyfriend?” He supplies, “I’m all she has.”

“Relations only.”

“I’m her emergency contact! Let me see her or so help me-” He’s interrupted by another woman, this time one in scrubs, approaching the desk.

“Are you Dean Winchester?” She asks, pulling the plastic glove from her hand. Dean nods.


“She’s okay. Awake; asking for you.” She offers a soft smile, “It was a nasty accident, but she’s remarkably unharmed. Must have someone looking out for her upstairs.”

She leads him down a corridor that seems to stretch for miles, and when they reach the door with you right behind it, she grabs his arm.

“Look, she’s a little… shellshocked,” She tells him softly, “The other driver was nineteen, had one too many and thought it would be a good idea to drive on the other side of the road. He was killed on impact and…”

“She feels horrifically guilty over something she had no control over and wasn’t at all her fault?”

The doctor nods, “Yeah, sounds about right.”

“Typical Y/N. Thanks doc.” He offers a smile and the doctor lets him go. He pushes the door open and almost immediately, you’re stood up and looking at him with some kind of wild wonder. Your hair is messed up and there’s a nasty bruise flowering over your cheek but apart from that, you look okay and whole and you’re even smiling. He dives at you, scooping you into his arms and holding you tight to him. You don’t even care; just embrace him like you’re the last two people on Earth.

“I was so worried,” He whispers into your hair, “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I never should have said any of that. Oh, Y/N, I-”

“Shh,” You look up, bringing your hand to his cheek and running your thumb over his cheekbone, “It’s okay. I’m okay. You’re okay. We’re okay.”

“No, I never should have said those things or made you leave and we could be at home, and-”

“And nothing, Dean. Can’t change the past.” You remind him softly, “Come on, I’m fine.”

He brushes his fingertips over the purple blossom over your cheekbone, his eyes wide with sorrow, “You’re hurt.”

“Only when I poke it.”

“Don’t poke it, then.”

Suddenly, you’re both laughing, and you rest your forehead in the safety of his chest. He strokes your hair for a moment and you both relish in the safety and love surrounding you in that moment.

“Y/N, are you out of that bed again?” The nurse pokes her head in the door. You roll your eyes.


“And your IV is out? You have to stop doing that.”

“I don’t need your weird drugs, I feel fine!” You insist as Dean scoops you up. You don’t fight against him as he places you on the bed, however, and the nurse comes over and threatens you with a needle. You clutch your arm to your chest in refusal.

“C'mon, don’t make me,” You plead, “I don’t wanna.”

Dean laughs at your childlike behaviour, taking your hand in his.

“It’s just fluids.”

“Well, give me a glass of water! I don’t like being tethered.” You insist, and the nurse glances at Dean.

She relents only after he shrugs, giving your hand a squeeze.

“Fine. Any weird behaviour – dehydration, fatigue – you’re back on it. Hear me?”

“Loud and clear.” You confirm, giving a thumbs up. After a moment of checking your vitals, she disappears off.

“I do my best. When do we go home?”

“Home? Y/N, you were in a car accident.”

“And I’m fine. Home, please.” You shoot him the puppy dogs, and he rolls his eyes.

“I’ll go ask the nurse.”

“Thanks, babe.”


It’s the next day before they’ll allow you to leave. You get back to the bunker, and Dean makes you a mug of coffee and you lie on the couch, your head in his lap.

“I feel awful.” You say suddenly, in the middle of a conversation about sponges, of all things.

“You gonna throw up?”

“No. For the kid. He was so young, Dean. Had so much to live for.”

“Made a stupid decision which put you in danger.” He continues, and you shake your head.

“We’ve all done it, gone for a drive when we’ve had one too many. And you know what the road is like at that time of night, it’s totally deserted. Usually.”

“You couldn’t have done anything.” He assures you, “Even if you could have swerved, it would have been a tree or a valley or river bank or lamppost or truck.”

“Still,” You say quietly, “It’s my job so save things.”

“No,” Dean shakes his head, “It’s your job to love me, because I don’t want for there to be no you, no us. So you gotta stay alive, no matter what that means.”

You laugh, reaching over and lacing your fingers with his, “That’s my job?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“Who says?”

“I do.”

“Can’t argue with that.” You can’t help but grin as he leans over, kissing your lips sweetly and gently – something he’s never ceased to do since you met up in the hospital. You laugh slightly, squeezing his hand.

“Thank you.” You whisper, “For making me feel better. In every way.”

“See? That’s my job.”

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Ok not an agility ask but how did you/if you did know you were ready for a more intense dog like Ryker? I want to get a GSD some day but I currently have mostly spaniels. I'm not a fan of the ASL and WGSL dogs, so where would i go? And when? Ps I know this can be a loaded question so don't answer it if you don't want to or anything! Haha just asking you Qs as requested :)

lol honestly I wasn’t ready for Ryker. I jumped in the deep end and got chewed up and only now several years later am I more prepared to work with a dog like him. But sometimes it just happens that way and you have to dive in. Nobody starts out knowing everything! There really is no neat and tidy way of progressing through dogs from easy to crazy like internet people try to convince you there is. Each dog will have their own unique challenge(s).

I think we all wish we could get a re-do with each of our dogs, but young!Ryker would definitely benefit from what I know now. I’m sort of getting that re-do with Chandra, since she is more similar to Ryker than Solstice in terms of energy and drive. Not that Solstice was a slacker, she was high energy/drive for a showline.

There are several different types of GSDs out there. Check out the working lines, it’s definitely where I’d go for an agility GSD. Might stay away from DDR/Czech lines, which is what Ryker is, as they’re generally the more intense ones. But there is of course individual variation in every line and litter. As long as you find a breeder you trust and you can adequately explain what you’re looking for, they should be able to match you with an appropriate puppy.

Not Love At First Sight- Baekhyun (Part 1)

Part 2

You let yourself fall back onto your bed, sighing as you kicked your legs in the air, staring up at the ceiling while you listened to your best friend, Baekhyun tell you about something stupid he had seen a boy doing while he was on holiday.

‘And he literally jumped off the roof! He didn’t even look down, Y/N, he just jumped! I didn’t know the pool was there! I thought he was trying to commit suicide in a holiday park! It was so embarrassing when everyone stared at me when I screamed…aish’ He explained and you could hear the embarrassment in his voice and imagine him covering his face with his hand right about now. You couldn’t help but laugh at his antics. He was always like this.

'You’re so silly, Baek, you know that, right? I wish I was there to see your face when you realised’ You laughed and Baekhyun groaned at how you were not feeling sympathetic towards his mishap. 'As if someone would commit suicide in a holiday park surrounded by people! A young boy at that!’ You finished, still laughing and imagining your best friend screaming at the top of his lungs as he watched some poor innocent boy jump into the water.

'It’s really not funny, everyone looked at me like I was insane! I’m so glad that we are only here for a few more days, I can’t wait to come home’ He sighed. Baekhyun had been on holiday with his family for nearly a month. He had asked you to come, but you were so piled up with work that your boss would have never allowed you a month off, so instead you had to pretend you were there with Baekhyun and his family, enjoying the hot sun as Baekhyun sent you pictures of practically everything he was doing and attached little notes to the photos like 'Remember this?’ or 'This was so funny, wasn’t it?’ As if you were actually there with him, while you were really sitting in your apartment, listening to the rain beat down on your bedroom windows, filing paper work and sending countless emails for your boss and his company.

'I can’t believe it’s been a month already, It’s been so quiet without you here, maybe you should stay there forever’ You joked. You had missed your best friend more than anything. You had known him since you two were young children in a day nursery and some little girl had came along and stole your juice carton, making you cry. That was until the little boy who told you his name was 'Byun Baekhyun’ came over to you with that infamous rectangular grin on his face that you loved so much and let you share his juice carton and his food. You couldn’t remember it, but both your parents and Baekhyun’s never ceased to remind you two of the day you both came home from day nursery squealing because you had made a friend. You two had been inseparable since. You went every where together, did every thing together, spoke for hours on end and then when you got home, it would never be long before one of you called the other to talk until ungodly hours of the morning even though you both had to be up early and even when you had been together during the day, there was always more to talk about when you weren’t together. It drove your parents insane sometimes because you were so alike and to quote your mother 'It’s bad enough having one of you!’ But of course your parents loved him just as much as you did, and his parents loved you too.

'Hey!’ Baekhyun whined down to phone and you could practically see him pouting his lips at you, as if he was sitting right in front of you trying to make you smile with his adorable aegyo that he knew you couldn’t resist. 'You know you’ve missed me!’ He broke into a giggle and you couldn’t help but laugh too

'Of course I’ve missed you, Hyunie. Though I have got so much more work done with you not here’ You replied honestly. Baekhyun was the biggest distraction when you were trying to do work and the more important work it was, the more he would try to distract you to go out and do something fun with him instead, and it always worked. It was impossible for you to resist that cute smile of his as he tugged on your arms or clothing. You had been fired from your last job for this exact reason, so had made a commitment to yourself to not get distracted. It had been easy while Baekhyun was away but you were certain that the moment he returned, you would be behind on work as if he had never left.

'Well, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so you probably should get as much work done as you can, because as soon as I see you, we are going out to eat down by the lakes and I’m going to tell you everything that happened so it will be as if you were here with me and never missed anything!’ He chimed and you couldn’t help but smile

'You’ve already told me everything Baekhyun, you’ve probably spent more time on the phone with me than you have exploring!’ You replied and he hummed in agreement 'But, a few days after you come back is a full moon so we do have to go to the cliffs, like always’ It had been a tradition of yours since you two were allowed out of the house by yourself. When you two were still children, you would walk up to the cliffs that overlooked the city and sit on the big rock on the edge as you watched the moon rise and the stars light up the sky. Of course when you were younger, neither of you were allowed out after dark, so you were never out late, but when you two were a bit older, 16  and 17, you would stay up on the cliffs until the early hours of the morning, watching the moon rise to its peak. It became better when you and Baekhyun learned how to drive so you could drive up to the cliffs in your car and sit on the bonnet, huddling together in blankets, sipping the hot chocolate you had made while you told Baekhyun about the constellations in the sky and all the lore and knowledge you knew about the full moon. It was your favourite thing to do with Baekhyun, and you hoped that it would never stop.

'Ah, yes! I’ve bought so many sweets that we can eat and I found some very expensive Spanish hot chocolate that the lady who was selling it said was the best there was…Not sure if I believe her or not, I think things may have got a bit lost in translation’ He chuckled before you heard him yawn. It was the early hours of the morning where Baekhyun was and even though you told him he could tell you everything about his holiday when he got back, he never listened and insisted on calling you

'I’m sure it will taste fine, but you should really sleep, Hyunie. Get some rest because it seems like you’ve had quite an eventful day’ You laughed and you could hear moving in the background which sounded like him getting into bed

'I should, I’m exhausted, but you know I love talking to you, especially last at night because you start talking with no filter’ He chuckled but sighed and you could tell he was falling asleep

'Well, it’s not night time here, so I’m not going to get all emotional’ You giggled 'Get some sleep, Baekhyun and you can call me in the morning, okay?’

He hummed in agreement 'Okay, Y/N-ie, I’ll talk to you in the morning, have a good rest of the day’

'Sleep well and try not to embarrass yourself any more’ You teased and you heard him groan into the phone

'I love you, Y/N’ He whispered

'I love you too, Baekhyun’ You replied, smiling even though he couldn’t see you. You hung up the phone and placed it on your bedside table. You still had a lot of paper work to do for your boss tomorrow so you went to finish it as it was only a few more days before you’d see your best friend again, so it meant it was only a few days before you would be piled up with more work than you had now and none of it getting done because of Baekhyun.

What I Love About You

Characters: Vernon + You

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 663

It was Sunday morning and you woke up to the light chirping of birds and bright sunlight seeping through the cracks between your curtains. Although you stayed up late last night finishing a project, your body seemed to be programmed to wake up early. Rubbing your eyes, you turned to check your phone to find a text message from your boyfriend, Vernon.

Good morning, beautiful. I miss you.

The text woke you up immediately like a strong cup of coffee. You smiled before texting him back. I miss you even more.

Almost instantly, he replied.Then come downstairs and open the door. 

Your eyes widened and you ran downstairs to the front door at record speed. Opening the door, you found a cheeky boy standing outside, grinning. “Hansol!” you exclaimed, jumping to give him a tight hug. It has been almost a month since you’ve seen your boyfriend and you wish that time could just stop at this moment when you are being held in his arms, hearing his voice in your ear.

“I brought you breakfast. It’s your favorite,” he said, holding up the little bag in his hand.

You shook your head and closed your eyes. “I missed you so much. You don’t even know.”

Chuckling Vernon hugged you back tightly. “Of course I know.” He whispered in your ear, “Because I’ve been missing you just as much.”

While you were eating your breakfast, Vernon sat on the opposite side of the table with his chin resting on his hand, staring at you with a affectionate smile on his face.

After you finished, Vernon ordered you to go to the living room and relax as he cleaned up. You tried to argue but he was so insistent that you ended up giving in.

You turned on the TV after sitting down on the couch. Soon afterwards, Vernon joined you and made himself comfortable by laying down on the couch and resting his head on your lap. You looked down at him and brushed his hair away from his face. 

He stared at you with a smile but it quickly faded after he saw the dark circles under your eyes. “Jagiya. Are you getting enough sleep?” he asked worriedly, sitting up. 

“Don’t worry,” you couldn’t help but giggle at how Vernon furrows his brows whenever he’s worried. “I just happened to stay up a little later last night to finish a project.”

Suddenly, Vernon stood up from the couch and walked away. You sat there stunned, wondering if you said anything wrong to upset him. However, after a minute, he returned with a fuzzy blanket in his arms. He then wrapped the blanket around you like a burrito before sitting down again next to you.
He then patted his shoulders, “You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, (Y/N).

“Vernon, I don’t want to sleep yet. I’m not tired,” you whined. “I want to spend more time with you before you have to leave again.”

He looked at you, hesitating for a second. “I promise, after you wake up, we can do whatever you want to do.” Once again, he patted his shoulder and this time, you obliged and rested your head on his shoulder.

“You need to take care of yourself while I’m gone,” he began. “If you’re going to be so hard on yourself while I’m gone, I’ll be really worried. Do you know that sometimes, I can’t even sleep at night because I’m wondering how you’re doing? If you’re eating well, if you’re getting enough sleep, if you’re–“ Noticing how silent you’re being, Vernon turns his head to look at you only to find that you feel asleep.

Seeing your sleeping figure, Vernon chuckled. “I’m not tired,” he repeated, laughing quietly to not wake you. “(Y/N), what should I do with you? Always falling asleep whenever I’m pouring my heart out.” He gently fixed your hair while gazing at your sleeping face. “But that’s what I love about you.”

Trans Han HCs

- he wears that Iconic™ low cut shirt because of how proud he is of his post surgery flat chest
- sometimes he will over compensate for the social dysphoria he feels by acting super masculine over confident and douchy
- young Han thinking of binding unsafely when he hears a soft “bwrrrgh??” behind him and chewy suddenly grabs him into a big Wookie bear hug
- Han running into someone he hasn’t seen since he was in the closet and he’s just like “yeah, did I mention? I’m a dude.”
- sassy classic Han Solo lines like *does cool jump while fighting a bad guy* “never could do this in a dress” or *transphobe in a bar being a hater* “you cis people WISH you were gorgeous like this” *leia face palms because this intense cis phobia is about to get them in a messy bar fight and she totally just wanted a nice night out but no. Not with this dude.*
- “soooo… Can the force like… Give me a massive dick?” “Han I… Shut up.”

Tamaki Asexual headcanon

So we got an ask about nsfw Tamaki which will be answered really soon, I promise!!! But for me I wanted to write this because this is what I think would make the most sense? Cause like, this wouldn’t really be a proper answer for the ask and it wouldn’t be fair!

So think of this as Rae’s lil supplement, that you can disregard if you wish to!

So yeah, as the title states, I really do see Tamaki as asexual in any of my headcanons, so whenever I even think about him.
Tamaki ships are really great and I love him a lot, though I could never really get too interested in his ships because I always thought he didn’t seem like he’d be too engaged in a relationship, romantic or sexual. 

Usually I would’ve totally jumped on the chance of a Tamaki ask, he is my best boy but I don’t think my answer would suffice really, so this is why this is here!

But yeah, I am fairly certain I am not the only one who views Tamaki as asexual, in fact I do recall reading a post about it… somewhere. (Gosh darn brain!)

Tamaki does not seem interested in any sort of relationship at all, from what I have seen. In canon, when talking to Iori Tamaki mentions that he doesn’t understand his own innuendo and wants to ask Mitsuki to explain it, to which Iori says “No” to, cause well, I don’t blame him.
Also in canon, during the i7 Gakuen chats Tamaki is being used, basically as fanservice, being featured in a shower scene. Tamaki later on seems to be upset about something and Tsumugi asks if it was because he was uncomfortable with the scene, when really it was just that Tamaki did not read the script and got upset during a fight scene. 
In a special interview, when asked to say sweet things to the (implied)female viewers, Tamaki lists off a bunch of sugary foods. And lastly, since I don’t want to spam too much, is that when Tamaki mentions Re:vale looking for porn in Yamato’s room, he’s confused to why Riku got embarrassed.

So basically, Tamaki has been shown to either not know anything about these sorts of relationships or just doesn’t care, in my opinion it is a mixture of both.

Now this can be interpreted in many different ways, just also want to say lastly that this is really just my own feelings towards the character and that it won’t affect later asks that aren’t nsfw!

You’re Perfect

Originally posted by swiffxrme

a/n; got this idea from someone and I know there are imagines like this but I really like it

Word Count: 494 (short again sorry)

Pairing: Sam Wilkinson

Y/N’s P.O.V

I smiled as I saw Madison sitting on Jack’s lap, I wish I could do that with Sammy but I’m too big, I’ve always been ‘bigger’ than most girls nowadays but it didn’t bother me until I got older.  I shook my head at the thought, jumping slightly when Sammy pulled me on top of him. I smiled laughing slightly until I remembered my earlier thoughts. I got off of him instantly, everyone’s attention on me at my sudden movement, “Uh I have to use the bathroom.” I mumbled before rushing off towards the bathroom. 

I looked in the mirror as tears slowly rolled down my face. One by one they started creating streaks down my cheeks, I took a sharp deep breath trying to hold back a sob. I flinched slightly at the sound of the door being knocked on, “Baby?” I heard Sammy say quietly as he tapped on the door. 

I sighed and unlocked the door so he could come in, he turned the knob instantly and slowly pushed the door open to see my crying figure. “Y/N, Babe. What’s wrong?” He asked cupping my face in his hands after he came in shutting the door. 

“I wanted to sit on your lap like Madison does with Gilinsky.” I said quietly, he shook his head, “That’s not telling me why you’re crying.” He replied wiping away some of the tears. “I can’t sit on your lap because I’m too big. Isn’t that obvious.” I remarked sighing, he looked at me trying to figure out if I was serious or not. 

“You’re not ‘too big’ why would you say that?” He asked moving his hands to my waist. “Because I am, I’m not like Madison, I’m not skinny, I’m-” He cut me off, “You’re perfect.” He finished changing my words. I shook my head, “Don’t.” I demanded, “No, you don’t.” He replied instantly. “You’re not too big, you’re not too skinny, you’re nothing but perfect to me.” He told me, he kept looking at me until I gave in and nodded. He hugged me to himself, “I love you, now let’s go back out there and you can sit on my lap.” He said almost inaudibly to me. 

I smiled into his chest. “I love you too.” I responded before he pulled me along back to the living room. Gilinsky was going to say something but Madison smacked him lightly on the chest and shook her head. He closed his mouth and focused back on the tv. Sammy sat down and gently tugged me down to sit on his lap. I smiled finally feeling okay with sitting on his lap, I laid my head on his shoulder, he continuously pressed small kisses to my shoulder and base of my neck. 

“Perfect baby girl.” He mumbled resting his chin on my shoulder and looking to the tv, I bit my lip as I smiled, sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without him. 

Rin and haru taking bb sakura out pumpkin carving, and rin get’s all pouty because sakura likes haru’s pumkin better. Rin’s is literally falling apart (he’s’ never had much patience with pumkin carving) While haru’s has a dolphin jumping through ocean waves. Haru notices rin’s pout and kisses him on the cheek~