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A Way Back Home [Intro]

Requested: No

Summary: (college!au) Where you’ve been with them since pre-school, and now you’re all “grown” up, conveniently going to the same college. There’s a change in dynamic though: a constant, tension-filled loop going on with a broken friendship, but no matter what- there’s always a way back home.

Word Count: 1,026

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Warnings: Nothing (unless you’re bothered by some pre-schoolers).

[Author’s Note at the end.]

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request: yes

plot/request:  Could you please do one where the reader is dating Jason and her parents are unsupportive of her dreams to be an actrice? Because that’s what’s going on with me rn  @fandoms-arelove-fandoms-arelife

word count: 600

warning(s): feelings of sadness, I think that’s all

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Please, Can I request being in a relationship with itachi? Like the deidara? my inglish is bad sorry ❤

Omggggg I love you anon!! Itachi is my favourite Naruto character, so is Sasuke! Ugh, they give me life! :3 I don’t remember writing a Deidara request yet, but for this preference I’ve done Sai, Sasuke, Shisui, Yamato, Kabuto and now Itachi. If you’d like me to do a Deidara one, then please let me know :3 

Your English is fine, lovely. I’ve used gender neutral pronouns. And the GIF IS NOT MINE! Ugh he’s so beautiful, someone put a flower crown on him…

Originally posted by lvzt

Kisses Itachi would cup your face in both of his hands, leaning in slowly with a soft smile on his face and in his eyes. He would simply press his lips to yours, giving you complete control of the pace and type of kiss. He would acquiesce to your wishes, though if you were in public he wouldn’t be comfortable with anything but a peck. If someone really pushed him, he might get a little jealous - but not much, because he’s really rational and trusts you immensely - he might deepen the kiss a little bit, just to show the world that you are his and he is yours.

Hugs Like with the kisses, he would be content to let you initiate any hugs.If you’re awkward with initiating physical contact, he would be able to read it because of how intuitive and perceptive he is, and he would do whatever he could to make it easier and more comfortable for you to initiate hugs. His general rule was to let you set the pace for everything, so long as you’re happy, he’s happy. Your arms would wrap around his waist, back or shoulders, depending on how you were hugging him, and it wouldn’t be even a second before his strong arms were wrapping around you tightly and bringing you closer to him… bringing you home. In public, however, he’s not really into the whole PDA thing, hed prefer to show his affection for you in a more Itachi-fashion.

Cuddles These would only happen in private, and most likely on those rare nights when neither you nor Itachi have any duties to do, shinobi or otherwise. You would lay as close to each other as you physically could, your legs entangled and your head or hand resting over his heart; its rhythmic beating being your favourite sound. He would murmur all the things he loves about you, and you would murmur all the things you love about him, about your relationship, and you’d eventually drift off to sleep, safe in the comfort of each other.

How he’d act around his crush You wouldn’t really know that anything was out of the ordinary, much like with Sasuke. Itachi is a very loyal person, and that would extend to your friendship. He can read people so he’d be able to tell when you’re down and may even know what the matter is before you’ve even told him. He would be sure to always support you in anything you needed him for, and even if you didn’t necessarily need him, like with training, he’d probably have some way of keeping an eye on you. He’d just be your very best friend and you’d slowly fall in love with him. Don’t worry, though; he’ll be sure to catch you.

How he’d eventually ask you out OMG it’d be the sweetest thing! He’d be nervous about asking you out but he’d have some inclination of your answer before he’d even asked you, feeding off of your body language. You wouldn’t really know what he’d have in mind, but one day he’d just ask you out to lunch or to dinner, or even to train together, and he’d ask you your views on relationships and family etc. because those things are very important to him. He’d probably be quite formal about it as well, to mask the nerves (though it didn’t fool you one bit), and just say “Would you do me the honour of becoming my girlfriend?”… you’d be a fool to say no. 

OMGGG blushing rn ugh I love Itachi and Sasuke so fkn much! Stay safe, my lovelies! <3

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I saw your long distance s/o headcanons for Yuri Plisetsky and was wondering if you could do the same for Viktor, please, thanks.

I’m so glad the long-distance headcanons are so popular! The headcanons for Yuri Plisetsky can be read here. Thank you for the requests! These are so fun, since I have a long distance friendship with one of my best friends :) ((p.s. if y’all want a long distance friend, I’m willing to be that friend!))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Your relationship blossomed out of an innocent Instagram post on your end
  • The figure skating season was under way, and you being a huge fan of the sport, decided to make something for your favorite skater, Viktor Nikiforov of course you basic bitch jk ily
  • Before a competition in the Grand Prix, you post a photo of your pet in an outfit similar to the one Viktor wears in his skating program with a wish of good luck to him
  • You tag him in the photo, and expect nothing more than a few likes from his fans and some awws from the animal-lovers community
  • too bad you set your expectations a little too low and were not expecting the shit that was coming for you ho ho ho
  • Viktor happened to be scrolling through Instagram at saw the notification of being tagged in and mentioned in a post
  • Curious, he looks at your post, and his stomach fills with butterflies
  • Knowing that someone spent the time to create a smaller version of his outfit for a pet to wear was the sweetest thing ever to him, and he needed to know the genius behind this flawless artwork
  • He had no intentions other than to thank you for your wishes and to compliment you on your post
  • but both of you are going to be getting more than you bargained for haha winky face
  • Viktor sends you a DM with a cordial ‘thank you’ and tells you how much he appreciates the post you made
  • You don’t answer for some time, and that bothers Viktor somewhat. He doesn’t know why, but he can’t help but await for your reply
  • He finds himself wondering who you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, etc.
  • pssst that is called love my friends
  • When you do reply, Viktor feels elated for no apparent reason
  • He initiates a conversation without even thinking about it, but that mindlessness becomes something much more beautiful
  • You talk about your pets for hours, Viktor gushing about Makkachin and you about your pet
  • That somehow turns into imagining the two of you adopting a pet and raising it together
  • It is then that Viktor realizes he’s made more than just a friend
  • Phone numbers are exchanged and your text conversations become more deep and personal than just your interest in animals
  • Viktor learns about your personality and you explore his, both of you beginning to fall in love with each other in conversation
  • You guys send each other lots of selfies on Snapchat, playing with the filters and posing with your pets
  • he screenshots all of them and puts them in a folder and looks at them all of the time but you didnt hear it from me
  • You’d think he’d get distracted from his career while he spends so much time on his phone to communicate with you, but the thoughts of you that evade his brain drive him to be better at practice and to achieve perfection in competition
  • You watch every performance on TV, sending him snaps of the performance with your running commentary for him to look at later and after he’s won probably tbh
  • The response to those snaps is usually a selfie of Viktor holding his medal and blowing you a kiss with a heart emoji too probably aw
  • He promises to come visit you as soon as he finds time or if he comes to your country, and he can’t wait to just give you a big, warm hug
  • One morning after a few months of talking to Viktor, you wake up to a text from him asking you to be more than just his ‘Internet Friend’
  • “You mean you want to be romantic Internet friends, Viktor?”
  • “Yes! Romantic Internet Friends that go on dates!”
  • You’re laughing in response to his text when a FaceTime call from Viktor flashes on your screen
  • You’re hesitant to answer, since you had just woken up, but you accept it anyway
  • Viktor’s beautiful face fills your screen, and you can see it in his eyes how he’s admiring you
  • “Hello, my beloved! You look so lovely in the morning!”
  • “Just imagine waking up and getting to see this every morning, Viktor.”
  • Viktor’s face flushes red at your comment, but he mostly feels lovestruck at the sound of your voice
  • You blush twice as hard as him, since you realize that the bold comment was the first thing he’s ever heard you say out loud
  • Your beautiful long-distance relationship with Viktor has come so far already, but there is so much more to come for you in the future~

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • The way he met you is actually very comical
  • Back when he was training in Detroit, there was a night where Phichit and Yuri were hanging out together
  • Phichit got on the topic of dating, and it all went downhill from here
  • “Yuri, why don’t you ever date? I mean no homo but you’re super cute and nice and anyone would be lucky to have you-“
  • “Phichit st OP you know i have a weird thing for Viktor rn jeez
  • Some arguing leads to Phichit signing Yuri up for a dating website
  • not naming names but this website is strongly based off of Tinder mkay
  • Phichit is scrolling through nearby profiles and keeps a running commentary about every face that shows up
  • Yuri is red-faced the whole time and really just wishing Phichit would leave him alone
  • But he glances at the phone screen at the perfect moment and sees your stunning face
  • Phichit is about to swipe left and Yuri grabs his arm so flipping fast
  • “Move dammit who the fuck is this creature Phichit how dare you almost swipe left fuck you man”
  • Yuri spends an hour or two cradling the phone in his hands, carefully reading every aspect of your profile over and over and slowly falling in love with you
  • He finds courage he didn’t know he had and swipes right
  • Before his confidence can falter, he forces himself to send you a message to say hello
  • He waits so anxiously for your reply that he can’t stand it
  • You answer immediately, and his heart hammers in his chest so hard it hurts
  • you comment about how cute he is in his profile picture and he nearly dies
  • Yuri cuts right to the chase and asks you to meet up immediately like right now you’re only a few miles away let s g o
  • His excitement was for naught, since you promptly inform him that you’re in a taxi on the way to the airport; you’re nearly late for your flight home and don’t have any time to meet him
  • You both express your disappointment, but continue to talk to each other about your interests and such. You exchange messages all night, neither of you getting any sleep
  • Your relationship with Yuri progresses quite quickly, exchanging phone numbers after only a week of talking on the dating website
  • needless to say he deletes the app right after that
  • Snapchats are sent daily, with selfies, the food you’re eating, what you’re up to, etc.
  • More than anything, you spend a lot of time texting, since talking on the phone gives Yuri some anxiety
  • Your first FaceTime session is the most adorably awkward thing to ever happen in the history of this planet let me tell you
  • Yuri calls you first. and you have to wait a moment to answer since you’re so nervous
  • But once you’re connected, it takes a moment for both of you to drink in each other’s virtual presence
  • Neither of you would talk at first, both too nervous to say anything
  • You break the silence with a small ‘hello,’ and his heart melts in his chest at the sound of your lovely voice
  • After that, he knows you’re the one he’s meant to spend his life with
  • This relationship lasts a long time; you talk for almost two years before you make it ‘official’
  • He never officially asks you to be his significant other; it kind of just happens by accident
  • You were watching one of his skating competitions on TV, and he was being interviewed by the reporters after he received his score
  • He was so flustered by his victory in his flawless performance, he can’t hold back that answer that comes to his mind when asked how he’s been so successful this season
  • “I dedicate my hard work to (Y/N), the most wonderful and perfect significant other I could ever ask for!”
  • yeah it killed you but tbh I’m pretty sure he was more surprised than you were
  • Your relationship has come a long way, and the next step is to meet in person and go on an official date~
Deep Thoughts Part Four

PART THREE: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/152074197989/deep-thoughts-part-three

This is a short series that @iwillbeinmynest​ and I are collaborating on! We hope that you guys will love it and enjoy reading it just as much as we have enjoyed writing!! :)

As familiar as the falling was, Bucky wished it would stop. Traveling from memory to memory was almost as painful as watching his life play out in front of him. He held his breath and waited for the thud that was soon to come, where he would land to watch the emptiness around him melt into his past. He hit the ground with a grunt and laid there until the world around him became recognizable.

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CD (Peter Parker x Reader)

(I don’t own GIF!)

A/N: I am hella into angst guys so if you have any angst you can go ahead and send those in whenever you want! Even when requests are closed. I am an angst queen. 

Requested: Yes!! (Hey!! Could you do a very angsty Peter Parker imagine where the reader goes over for the first time since uncle bens death and it’s all just sad?? I’m in a really angsty mood rn. I’m an angst hoe. Anyway thank you!!)

Warnings: Angst, Fluff.

Word Count: 800

You stood nervously outside the tan door, hesitating to knock. You had a CD gripped tightly in your hand, which read ‘songs to make you feel better.’ You took a deep breath lightly tapping on the door–hoping for an answer.

May opened the door a slight (but definitely fake) smile plastered on her lips. You smiled back waving a little at her.

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Introductions-Jack Maynard imagine

“Babe, we’re gonna be late.” Jack, your boyfriend, said as he peeked over you.
“I’m just re-doing my makeup. Wait a little bit.”
“Come on the makeup’s good”
“You said that today must be perfect. And the makeup too.”
“It’s perfect babe, just like you” He kissed you on the cheek.
You got in the car and everything was going smoothly, until you arrived at Jack’s parent’s house.
“Jack. Is my makeup okay? And my dress is it okay? Is there lipstick on my teeth? What if I fall. What if they don’t like me.”
“Shut up and calm down. They’re gonna love you and if they don’t, then I don’t care cause you’re mine not theirs”
“No but really. Can we get it to another day”
Jack knocked at the door and Helen, his mother, opened for you two with a smile.
“Too late. No return now” Jack said.
“Well hello! Come in!” She said letting you in.
“Mom this is Y/N my girlfriend. Y/N this is my mom.”
“Nice to meet you” She smiled.
“Same” You returned a smile eventhough you were quite nervous.
“Mom we really need to go” Jack said once more.
“But Y/N looks happier here than with you”
“I actually am”
“Don’t make the situation harder. You don’t know my mom when she meets someone. She’ll instantly becomes obsessed with you.”
“But we can stay here for five more minutes right ?”
“As you want love”
We keep on talking as the door opened.
“How come you’re here!”
“She’s just doing the introductions.”
Jack said as you pulled Anna,his sister, in a hug.
The night at the Maynards was quite good and you managed to impress Jack’s family. Next step was his friends and it would be difficult because you’ve never met them. You only know Josh because he’s his roommate but you two hardly talk to each other. You only talk with Conor, Jack’s brother, as he is one of the family.
As planned, today all Jack’s friends are going to come to the flat and you were very nervous. The door knocked and you froze. “I’m opening it. And don’t worry babe, you’re gorgeous.” Jack said kissing you. He opened the door and you could see two figures standing behind. “Heyyy! How’s it going ?” Jack greeted them and let them in. “Y/N this is Joe. Joe this is my girlfriend Y/N.” Jack introduced you to the first person.
“Nice to meet you Joe.”
“This is Caspar. Caspar this is-” Jack was interrupted by Caspar.
“Your girlfriend Y/N. Stop making it formal Jack ! She seems intimidated by your way.” Caspar said.
“I mean… she’s a little bit shy ?” Jack responded.
“JAAAACK” You said your cheeks turning red.
“Aww you don’t have to be. We’re all friends here and if someone disturbs you I’ll be right there. Pay attention to that guy over there. He seems cute and handsome but he’s a devil.” He pointed to Joe.
“Don’t stuff her mind with lies. She looks innocent.” Joe said.
“Well you looked innocent before you moved in with me. Then the pranks turned you to a devil. Glad I moved out. Come with me Y/N you’ll be safe.”
“Caspar. She’s mine remember.”
“Aww that’s cute”
Jack grabbed you and kissed you.
“Get a room” Caspar said.
“Well it’s right there but we can’t do anything right now cause you guys are here.”
And you all laughed….
Hope that was what you were wishing for anon! Sorry for being late but literally woke up like three hours ago and it’s 6:38 pm rn. Anyways make sure to follow ( 9 more and I’ll reach 200) and like and I’ll see you next week with another MONDAY MAYNARD SPECIAL. hohoo.

Shawn Mendes Imagine

I’ll Save You From Your Nightmare

TRIGGER WARNING. This imagine does contain things about self harm and depression, so if your set off easily don’t read please. I don’t want any of you beautiful people hurting yourselfs ):

Right now you were walking around your neighborhood park in the pitch black. It was about midnight and no one was around. Not that if anyone was it would make a difference. You had just gotten in a fight with your drunken parents once again. You couldn’t stand being in the house with them bitching at you, or each other so you went for some fresh air. 

They were getting better about they’re drinking problems, but then bills started piling up and money was super tight. Not to mention your parents didn’t even love each other anymore. So, they began drinking there problems away once again, like that was going to solve anything. You were walking laps around the park listening to loud depressing music. Depressing music wasn’t going to do anything but make the situation worse, but oh well. At least you don’t drink your problems away.

Normally, you would contact the only friend you really had, Shawn. Although the fact that it was midnight prevented you from trying to get a hold of him. Not like you needed to bother him with your problems anyway. You got tired of walking around so you decided to sit down on the nearest park bench. You sat there and sighed. 

don’t let them in. don’t let them in.‘  you kept telling yourself. Before you left your house, you grabbed what seemed to be your second best friend. Your razor. You pulled it out of your pocket and just stared at it. Do you really want to go down that road again? Well it might be the only answer. You sighed once again and pulled up your sleeve. Your tears set in and your mind became clouded.

'You deserve this. Your the reason your parents drink anyways. Destroy yourself, see who really gives a fuck. If you don’t think your home life is bad enough, let’s dive in deeper to your insecurities. Your soo ugly, how could anyone ever love you? You actually think that kid you call your best friend really cares about you? Ha, pathetic. Just kill yourself already.’

Looks like they got in. You pressed the blade to your not so untouched skin and felt the blood trickle down your arm. You repeated the process several more times til your arm was completely covered and your clothes were stained. You saw all the blood and panicked. You know you screwed up now, but who really cares? Maybe, just maybe…Shawn. You slipped your blade back in your pocket, pulled your sleeve back down slowly. You got up and ran to Shawn’s house. You rang the doorbell a couple times and waited. You were trembling like crazy. 

Your makeup was smeared everywhere and your clothes were a bloody mess. You felt your legs getting weaker. Finally the door opened and a bright porch light turned on. There stood Shawn, very sleepy until he saw you and the state you were in.

“Oh my god, Y/N! Come in! Let me get you cleaned up.” Shawn seemed to wake up immediately and guide you into his bathroom. He had you take off your shirt, leaving you in your tanktop. He gasped once he saw how bad your arm was. He had you sit down on the toilet while he got a rag and wet it. He grabbed your hand and held it firmly. Your eyes were peeled to the floor, but you were curious to see what Shawns face was like. So you looked up and saw his eyes watery as if he was about to cry.

You looked back down at the floor while he continued to clean you up. “I-i’m so sorry.” you apologized. He stopped for a minute and looked you, he then continued what he was doing. “Why are you sorry?” You shook your head, unable to speak. 

Shawn grabbed some gauze looking stuff and rapped it around your arm.  You looked at your skin and saw nothing but white other than the blood bleeding through the gauze. Shawn grabbed your other hand and put his head down. Then he got up and pulled you up with him. He engulfed you in a sweet hug. You hugged back as best you could. You were both silent, tension filled the room.

Shawn brought you close, leaned down, and put his forehead and nose to yours. “Your living in a nightmare right now, I know. And i’m going to get you out of it.” he whispered calm and clearly. You closed you eyes and sighed, “Promise?” “Promise.”

Shawn brought you to his room and gave you some of his clothes to change into. Once you changed you put your clothes in the bathroom so nothing in Shawn’s room would get all bloody. After you returned you stood awkwardly by his shut door. He looked at you from his bed. He gave you a weak smile and opened his blankets, “Come on in beautiful." 

You smiled slightly back and slowly walked over to his bed clutching your damaged arm. You slowly climbed into the bed next to him. You laid so your face was facing his. Once you were settled Shawn put his arms securely around you and put you nose & foreheads together again.

He leaned in and gently kissed you lips, which was just what you needed. "I love you so much Y/N. You know i’ll always be there for you. I wish you would’ve called me earlier.”

“I’m sorry…i didn’t want to wake you up and bother you.”

“You can never bother me. I always got time for you, always.” he whispered and played with your hair until you fell asleep safe and sound in his arms.

A/N: Saddd oneee. ): Feeling kinda sad rn. Sorry, lol. Any more requests? Send them please! HOPE YOU LIKED LOVE YOUSS.

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Could you do #78 for supercat?

78. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

Later, she’ll blame it on the alcohol, and on the heady rush of surviving the end of the world.

She’s on her balcony, looking out over her city, the city that had nearly ceased to be, one hand dangling over the edge of the railing and a glass of scotch in her other. It’s her third of the night, but she thinks she deserves it, considering how close she’d come to death – when she closes her eyes she can still feel an echo of the pain that had lanced through her skull like the burn of a red hot poker earlier that day, and it knocks the breath from her lungs.

But Supergirl had saved the day, like she has a dozen other times, just like Cat had always known that she would.

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thallen week day 4 - social media au - eddie might be in love with his tumblr best friend barry. 
a/n: possibly inspired by mine and allison’s story on how we met and started talking :) 

Sighing in almost frustration at himself, Eddie flops down onto his bed with his phone clutched tight in his right hand. He re-reads the text messages, biting his lip and then sighing once more. 

No matter how much he and Barry flirt on Tumblr and through text, Eddie is pretty convinced that Barry is just completely oblivious

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