i wish i could help but i dont want to

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I just found out all my friends are going to a different high school than me and i know nobody where im going and i want to die (nr) and i dont know what to do. Im really socially awkward so im kinda stressed. HELP! (P.S. What other kpop groups do you stan male/female?)

my love i am so sorry!!! i wish i was at school with you so i could be with you! i have had to change schools 3 times but i promise it will all work out!!! dm me if you want!! i am here to talk to if you want :)

and my top groups are

  • got7
  • nct
  • twice
  • monsta x
  • blackpink
  • pristin
  • seventeen
  • day6

i listen and know A LOT of groups but those are some of my favs

my ult bias is Winwin from NCT :)

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  • America: Bro bro! Can you help me think of a prank that would scare the shit out of England? We have to be quick before he comes!
  • Canada: oh, I've got an idea...
  • *Later*
  • England: America, I'm here to-
  • Furby: Do you want to play~?
  • England: *sarcastically* Oh ahhh... not funny
  • America: aw man I wish it would have worked.
  • England: you really thought you could scare me? With a Furby?
its so hard to try and explain the heaviness sitting on my chest and the knotting in my stomach that never seems to go away and im at lost for words my mind has a million different things that want to be explained but i cant put them into the words people need to hear so i sit here by myself choking and wallowing in my self pity wondering why im not like my best friend who can smile at the sun and feel alive or breathe in without the feeling of someone standing on her lungs and then i’ll fall asleep with a wet face and tired fingers from trying to itch away the sadness- i dont know how to help myself anymore and im so fucking tired and i wish i could explain that, but it just doesnt seem like anyone will understand especially when i dont understand myself
—  sadness like this cant be explained because there’s so explanation

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first off, fuck yeah i want a season two of eyewitness. but i dont get it. like why are all these networks or whatever are wanting to help us get a season two when really they could be like screw it we're taking back eyewitness instead of making us suffer

I wish I knew the answer. Renewing a TV show is a lot of work. Network won’t renew a show if they think it won’t make money or has an audience. They probably need evidence that is an audience for this show. Ratings for Eyewitness was extremely low. I think Eyewitness is the perfect show for streaming networks like Amazon or Netflix because most young people will watch those. In the end, it all comes down to money. 

Gun Shop Stories

Me - Hi can I help you?
Customer > Yeah I had a gun stolen out of my truck and I wanted to replace it.
-Okay what kind was it?
>Smith and Western
-Okay, do you remember the model.
>…Smith and Western
-…Uh okay well Smith and Wesson makes a lot of different guns
>It was black with a silver top. 
(On a hunch) - Was it a SD9?
>Yeah that sounds right.
-Alright (head toward Smith case)
>Man I wish I could just get my old one back.
-Yeah that sucks man. Did you report the theft to the police?
>No I dont trust the police.
-…oh uh…
>Actually I KNOW! (customer leaves store) 
(Runs back in and hands me a single stack .40 cal magazine. Not a smith mag)
>It went with that. Can you track the gun with that?
-…Uh…Track the gun?
>Yeah like use magazine to tell which gun it was and where it is now? Like with GPS or something.
-I doesn’t really\work like that man. I can’t “track down” guns.
>No, yeah just like on your computer, like…track it down. I want my old gun back.
-Your going to have to file a police report man.
(Customer looks heartbroken) >Nah I can’t do that.
(He leaves)
(I go out back and smoke a cigarette while staring at my shoes, trying to process what just happened)

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Thank you so much for answering my overweight question. It was very well written and I got a bit misty eyed when I read the part about having good intentions and a smile on your face. Thank you, it helped. I just dont have the motivation like I used to. I'm 30 now, most of my 20's I;ve had anxiety and depression so I smoke a lot and that just makes me want to do things like sit around more than I should.

you’re welcome, i wish i could help you more.

i smoked for 10 years, 2 packs a day and i quit 5 years ago. i am kinda weak willed so if i could do it i’m pretty sure so can you.

the trick is to find one of the good days™ in order to flip that switch and decide that cigarettes just aren’t worth it and you’re not losing anything. after a while (and lots of chewing gum) it pays off, the air is more breathable, the food tastes better and i even exercise regularly now.

but if you don’t want to quit smoking find a way to live with it. not survive, live. if smoking is something you really enjoy, if it’s not a burden for you (as it was for me, i felt like i -must- smoke or else i’m gonna get bored and die or smth) then you have to stop making it an excuse. if it’s a hobby or something that helps with your anxiety then it shouldn’t be a justification.

and another thing you shouldn’t forget is that you should never have to justify yourself or/and your value as a human being in front of anyone but most of all people who are quick to pass judgement. they are the ones who need to justify themselves.

They as a Singular neutral pronoun: Please help me

So as some of you know i only have one class this semester and its Public Speaking. Im gonna get right to the point.

Someone talking (during the lecture) with the teacher said “I wish we had a gender neutral pronoun we could use” and I spoke up and said “They functions as a gender neutral pronoun.”

Now the TEACHER fought me on this, and told me that I was wrong and that it was grammatically incorrect because it is a plural word. I wasnt given much time to interject or argue so all I could get out was “Language changes over time” and he took that and spun it around on me in an attempt to humiliate me by making me look like I was completely incorrect in front of my classmates. And then not only did he do that, later when someone was giving their minor speech (topic was pet peeves) on people misspelling words, the teacher brought it up AGAIN by saying very loudly and directed towards me “BUT LANGUAGE IS CHANGING, RIGHT?”

And he’s a very charismatic fellow, definitely someone to learn from when it comes to public speaking because the way he talks he makes you WANT to agree with him.


I have to give an informative speech and two persuasive speeches in this class. I can handle the formation of the speech itself but I want to throw this all back in his face in a way he cant interrupt me on so I can get all the information out there.

I will have to answer questions once the speech is completed, from the audience (my class) and the teacher as well so I need all the argument points and ways to defend it as you could all possibly think of.

I don’t want to let this go, and I dont care if he tries to grade me down because I went against him on this. I do not like being treated like I was, and I dont want the people in this class to come out of it thinking its ok to shut people down like that ESPECIALLY when talking about a topic such as this. They coming into acceptance as a gender neutral singular pronoun is super important and I’ll be damned if I let this teacher cause 30 people to think that its incorrect.


To all that reblog this i will forever be in debt to you cause if she ( taylorswift ) see’s like oh my gosh


Someday/ you’re gonna see the things that I see/ you’re gonna want the air that I breathe/ you’re gonna wish you never left me/


 "Please, don’t yell.“ She winced as I blew up. What did she expect? I come over to help her with her flu, and then she tells me that my fiancé is cheating on me. 

 "DONT YELL?! LANE! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? TO TEAR APART MY FIANCÉ AND I?! WHY ARE YOU BUYING INTO THOSE MAGAZINES?!!” I shouted. Her entire being huddled under the fluffy blanket for warmth, she was really under the weather. I could tell this was the last thing she wanted, but it was all she should have expected. 

 "I saw her… with a guy, I thought I was you, honestly. I-I go over to say hello, and she begs me not to tell anyone. What was I supposed to do, let you marry that two-timer?“ She whispered softly, delicately. 

 "You’re lying.” I stated matter of factly. Her face was broken, but I was determined not to believe her. My best friend, she finally bought into the media. 

“If you don’t believe me, go.” Her voice cracked as she uttered the simple word. And with that, I slammed the door behind me. 


 "PLEASE DON’T YELL LIAM!“ My fiancé, Sophia, tells me. I think back to mere hours ago, when Lane told me. It sounded softer then, now it seems as if she wants to prevent her other man from waking up. Lane was right, Lane was right. I feel the guilt eat me alive as I walk out of her apartment, we were going to move in together tomorrow. Now, the ring feels heavy in my pocket as my heart sinks to my shoes.

What was I supposed to do, let you marry that two timer? 

It keeps on running over and over in my head as I grip the steering wheel on my drive to her house. I can’t believe I left her in that condition, and hours ago too…


I stopped dead in my tracks in what I saw. Her best friend Alice was on the couch, feeling Lane’s forehead. Lane looks worse then when I left her. Her green eyes closed, face flushed, and her entire demeanor helpless. Alice turns to me and her face drops, eyes burning with anger.

“Liam Payne what’s wrong with you?! She called me and said that she was going to pass out, and when I get here she’s unconscious, and she texted me on the way over that you left her!” she says.


“I DON’T CARE! I JUST CALLED AN AMBULANCE!” he tells as the EMT’s run into the room. Once they get her on the gurney, they ask who’s riding with her.

“I am.” we both exclaim. She sends me a glare that could kill, and follows them out. Leaving me here, in her vacant apartment, to think about today.

Thumbs up for part twoooooo!