i wish i could help but i dont want to

Punishment part 2 ( smut)

part 1

Warning: oral, spanking, tickling, orgasm denial.

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(Your pov)

Peter threw me into his room and locked the door. I backed away from him but he just grabbed me and tossed me on the bed.

“Now before the fun part of your punishment starts, we need to get the first part over with.” He grins darkly.

He doesn’t give me time to respond because when he snaps his fingers he’s sat against the headboard of the bed with me over his lap. My jeans were replaced with a skirt and my hands were tied behind my back.

I tried to scream but there was gag in my mouth, that piece of shit…

Peter laughs at my attempts to get away, he pins me down with one hand and lifts my skirt with the other.

“Black underwear huh? Naughty girl.” I feel my face heat up at his comment, this is so embarrassing…

“Now I’m going to give you 25 spanks, and since this is your first punishment I will only use my hand, next time you won’t be so lucky.”

He pulls my under off and gently rubs my cheeks. I almost start to feel like he cares, then the first hit comes.


I let out a yelp but its muffled by the gag. Peter chuckles and gives me 5 more smacks, alternating cheeks.

With rest of the hits each one was harder then the last, he used more force with each one.

When he finally got to the last one, a few tears were running down my face. Peter flipped me over and held me. For a split second he looked hurt, seeing my tears, but it quickly went away.

“aww did the baby not like her punishment? Well to bad.”

He pushed me off of him onto the bed, his eyebrows raised when he looked down at his pants. I followed his gaze and my eyes widened, there was a wet spot on his pants, from me.

“well, looks like someone did enjoy her punishment. Ready for the next part?” he snaps his fingers again.

This time I’m still gaged, but I’m laying against the headband with my hands tied above me. My legs are spread and bent at the knees, tied to the sides of the bed.

I look at peter in horror, he just grins at me and crawls towards me on the bed.

“hmm, theres something missing…Oh right.” He waves his hand over me and the rest of my clothes are gone.

He looks me over and smirks in approval. “Now for this part of your punishment I’m going to edge you 3 times, then make you wait 20 minutes before I let you cum.”

I groan, but he ignores me and runs a finger across my pussy making me squirm.

He lays down and puts his face right in front of my pussy. I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting. But he just laughs and starts kissing up and down my thighs.

I surpress a groan, actually wanting him to eat me out. By now my nipples are hard, just wanting him to stop teasing. He notice’s and brings his lips up my stomach and wraps them around my right nipple, rubbing the other with his thumb.

I moan, arching my back. He switches then goes back to my pussy.

His tounge licks up my pussy and I buck my hips into his face. He holds my hips down and continues licking and sucking all over my wetness.

His tounge circles my entrance then plunges in. I moan into the gag, then he brings his thumb up to rub my clit making me scream.

I feel something building in the stomach as he tounge fucks me. Then he replaces his thumb with his mouth and sucks and licks my clit, putting two fingers inside me. I’m a moaning mess by now.

The knot in my stomach is about to burst but before I could cum peter stops everything and sits back. My pussy clenches around nothing and I glare at him.

He chuckles, “I told you love, this is apart of your punishment.” I whimper just wanting him to touch me again.

He waves his hand, a vibrating dildo appears and a bullet vibrator.

He turns them on and rams the vibrator into me, making me scream. Then he puts the bullet vibrator against my clit. I moan and wine knowing he won’t let me cum, but it feels to good to not enjoy it.

That familiar feeling rises again and of course before I could cum, peter pulls the vibrator out and takes the bullet vibrator away from my clit.

I wine and buck my hips, trying to reach him.

“Come on, you knew it was coming.” He laughs.

I just roll my eyes.

“now for your last edge, I thought I’d try something different. I’ve seen people do this sometimes on my trips to find more lost boys.” He’s says pulling out a feather.

I look at him confused, was he going to tickle me? Where?

My question was answered when he glided the feather up my pussy, I squeaked, not realizing I was ticklish down there.

He grins, and spreads my lips with two of his fingers. The feather explores all over my pussy, my laughing was muffled by the gag.

Once the feather moved to my clit I lost it, it tickled so bad but felt amazing to. I moaned and giggled over and over.

The feather went from circling my clit to going back and forth over it. I was close and peter could tell, he made the feather go faster but stopped when my climax was just about to happed.

“Now I’ll be back in 20 minutes.” And just like that, he was gone.

*20 minutes later*

It felt more like an hour since I was so frusterated. But when peter came back all I wanted was to cum.

“now you have a choice, how do you want me to Make you come?” For the first time that night he removed my gag.

“I want you to eat my pussy.” I panted

“as you wish.” He smirked and didn’t waste anytime wrapping his mouth around my pussy. His tounge licked all over, paying extra attention to my clit.

I moaned and arched my Back. “fuck peter, dont stop!”

Peter put three fingers into my pussy, pushing them in and out and licked my clit over and over.

“peter, I’m I’m-” Before I could finish, peter moaned against my clit and finally that pushed me over the edge. I screamed his name and he helped me ride it out.

Once I calmed down, peter waved his hand and I was untied and tucked under the covers.

Peter kissed my forehead. “you alright?”

I yawned, “yeah, just tired, I’m sorry for running.”

He smiled, “its fine, sorry I was so harsh earlier, I shouldn’t have forced you to choose who to kill, I was just so mad that you tried to leave and send for your father.”

“I forgive you.”

Peter smiled and walked towards the door, “I’ll come back to check on you in a little while.”

“Peter wait!” I called

He stopes and turns ariund, “yeah?”

“why didn’t you just make me have sex with you? Why just give me pleasure?” I asked

“rape is unspeakable, I will only have sex with you if you wish it.”

i hope yall dont mind me posting this and i might delete it later, but im really tired of social anxiety being seen as quirky and cute lmao. its not cute when you feel like you can’t make friends irl or cant speak to your teachers for the help you need to succeed. its especially not cute when you have to speak something for a grade and you’re up there stuttering and on the verge of tears. i dont want to be like this, it’s not helping me do anything besides miss out on opportunities i could take. and i really wish yall would just stop making it look so cool when it’s not.

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I've had a really bad couple of days can u post pictures of noodle

Sure thing buddy! I hope your week gets better! Noodle does too!

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Noodle wants you to take deep breaths. Preferably slower than hers but she’s just excited to try and help you feel better

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Try to shake it off if you can! bad times always pass!

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it’s also ok to curl up in bed for a bit and just rest. You deserve it!

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Noodle says you are welcome to come to her house to chill anytime! you dont even have to put on real pants. noodle cant even wear pants she doesn’t judge! This is her biggest house she’s sure you can fit. (she does not understand human vs eel size very well)

she also wants to offer you some nice eats (trust me: you should politely decline, it’s salty, raw seafood)

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lastly: a mighty roar! It will keep the bad times away! Probably! 

I’m so sick of my expectations always leading to disappointments.
—  Ten words story: i’m such a dreamer and it makes me sick.

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Those are only a few stories. what about all the other species in captivity? If zoos were just about conservation why have it like a theme park? why not just have a research facility? you knjow why? because they dont really care. they do the bare minimum so they can say those same lines about the SSP. You are nothing more than a piece in the machine

Zoos arent just about the research. We also are here to educate the ignorant. To bring awareness to the problems of conservation.

 And how would you propose we educate people? flyers on car windows? Lectures on college campuses? How many people you think will be intrigued by that? Its been proven that people learn more and want to keep learning when they are enjoying what they are learning. Education through Entertainment 

Oh and what about the animals that need help but no one cares about?all the small racer snakes, dart frogs or even the bali mynah? You think you could get enough people to care enough for just them alone? A zoos collection is diverse to encourage people to come out. People might come to see one animal and end up learning about 20 more the had no idea existed 

And you’ve obviously never worked for a research unit otherwise you’d know how hard it is to get funding just to see how to handle the problem. Let alone fund a 10+year venture to fix the problem? But maybe if we can entertain while we educate people would be willing to donate to help us educate others. Thus funding our research in the process.

Now I have said countless times i dont disagree with the anticap movement. Because i feel we are all trying to do whats best for the animals. BUT You all dont seem to understand, or want to understand how the world works. You say things like “Why dont we just let them go and leave them alone.” I wish we could just let them go and thats that. But Its not the zoo people who are killing endangered animals, destroying habitats. We arent the ones you should be fighting. 

Again. If you can give me a better FEASIBLE plan to  fund a conservation program with no true end date. By all means let me know and i’ll quit and come work for you. But until then I’ve got animals to love and care for

listen i want a connor who is going through his shit and not putting up with evan and his patronizing and just lashing out- and then learning that that isnt healthy and getting the help he needs and just? I want to see that journey as much as we see evan’s- and i also want to see an evan who learns that he can push back and also learn to not put up with shit and cope in healthy ways that dont involve lying to such an extent (just different bc it would totally be different with connor around obviously)….i wish we could have seen their dynamic play out in more ways. Like the ultimate fix-it fic that’s explored in a more…climbing-up-the-muddiest-steepest-hill-but-in-flipflops kind of way. I WANT IT DIFFICULT, I WANT IT GRIPPING, I WANT THE REAL EXPERIENCE, BUY NOW ONLY TWO SMALL PAYMENTS OF $19.99!!!!!!

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Hi archy i have an assignment for history class about architecture but i dont quite understand what my professor wants, he told me he wants me to make a reflexion about architecture, i thought it was to give my opininon, but no, he was like noo i want you to REFLECT about architecture. so im kinda lost, sorry for this silly question.

Wish I could help, but I don’t know what he means!

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Hai ^~^ Ik this is weird and all that but I need to vent and you probably won't answer so might as well just send it, I'm going through a really tough time rn and uhm my anxiety has gotten really bad these past few weeks and my depression has also got worse, idk what to do because I have no one to talk to and I don't have any friends, my grades at school have also been going down(I can't focus anymore and I overthink all my schoolwork)I just really need someone right now and all I want is a hug

hello darling!! ahhh im sorry, i know im really bad at this kind of thing but ill offer you that hug if you need it 💕

i cant imagine what you’re going through right now and i wish i could be there with you so it can be a little bit easier. i dont know if its going to be of any help but i dug up a few useful masterposts-

of course if it helps to just talk youre more than welcome to send me another ask, on or off anon in case you want me to answer privately. i dont know what to say for times like these but i can offer a listening ear and 30874 virtual hugs

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wait.. you can have repressed sexual abuse? holy shit everything is making sense right now. i'd make sex scenes with dolls/stuffed animals from when i was about 9, with no taught knowledge about sex, i've always remembered just knowing what it was. i get aroused by really odd and unusual things and putting in tampons makes me feel so uncomfortable and nervous. i always felt like i'm dirty and that no one should see me.. which i noticed a lot of sa survivors feel. could i have repressed memories?

(im the holy shit everything is making sense anon) i also have troubles with intimacy. i was terrified to even hold hands with my first girlfriend. i also feel uncomfortable around men. i crave abuse too, but that’s probs because i was emotionally abused 2 years ago + i have bpd. just wanted to give more info

you sound like you could have repressed memories, but i dont wanna say for sure cause im not a professional and i would hate to make assumptions based on the small knowledge i have about you. 

however, you do have a lot of the signs of childhood trauma. i would recommend seeking out a therapist of some kind cause they will be able to help you more with this. 

im sorry this took so long to get around to, i wish you all the best. 

i dont want to actually post this because i hate even hinting i need help, but a few friends urged me to so like 
i guess here’s my amazon wish list which just has a few things that i could really use right now that i cant get myself (like a new pillow to replace the one ive had for seven years)

and i just
im not actually asking anybody to do anything or expecting anything out of this
but it’s, uh, there i guess

so , iv been thinking (dangerous i know lMao) but in all seriousness, you know those posts where its like:

“if i was insanely rich id friend people and spoil them secretly and like never tell them im rich”

well iv been thinking about those posts a lot, and i kindof feel bad bc im friends with so many good people who deserve things that make them happy, and its just like:

if i were rich and knew a friends favorite character, it’d be awesome if that character just sent them something (like money or a plush they'v been wanting for a while yknow) like is your favorite character a mafia leader? boom, your bills have been paid for, big papas got you covered,, is your favorite character a merc? well, they may have gotten a good pay and just wanted to slip you a lil extra to help you get by

and it just makes me wish i was able to support these really amazing people bc they dont deserve the issues their going through yknow ( @lilysflowershop , @tilallareimagined , and @til-yall-are-one are just a few off the top of my head *go show em love guys, also feel free to tag whoever you think may need to see this) and dont get me wrong, im getting by pretty ok, its just i wish i could do more for them yknow

so i guess this is turning into an appreciation post? lmao idk ,,, but seriously, go show them some love and support them any way you can (along with any other content creator that needs help getting by!!)

and i dunno ,, just go show em some love lmao

I wish I could hate you//Negan

19. “I wish I could hate you.”


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“Hello, darlin” Negan said as he sauntered to me.

“Go away, please” I plead knowing if he stepped any closer, I’d melt all over again and do whatever he wanted to do.

“What’s wrong, babe? Didn’t sound like this last night?” He asked with a smirk.

“I-I j-”

“Spit it out, god dammit!” he exclaimed and slammed a hand on the table.

“I wish I could hate you, jesus fucking christ! You kill people and laugh about it! Burn peoples faces! You’re a complete asshole with 8 wives, I hate you” I admitted.

“You feelin jelous? Jealous you aren’t the only wife? That could be arranged if it’ll help you not hate me”

“No! I want to hate you! but I can’t, why do you have to be so charming and good looking?”

“I don’t know, good luck on hating me though, if you dont, you know where i am” he said with a smirk and kissed my neck gently before leaving me flustered.

Imagine Medic writing all his medical notes and etc in German so that people dont really know what hes writing down:

“Heavy really is a fat piece of shit, like the mans blood pressure makes no sense. i hope im not asked to be a pallbearer at his funeral…”

“Demo is a drunk and a twat.”

“The Engineer i feel might be a closet racist… im not sure, that might just be his texas charm… also his feet stink bad, im telling him rubbing baby oil on them helps. it doesnt. i just think itll be funny to watch him slip around in his shoes.”

“Spy has stage 3 lung cancer. i could get him new lungs but then… i dont want to.”

“Wtf Pyro.”

“Sniper is kinda sexy when hes panicing. hes just got a common bladder infection but maybe i should do a prostate exam to be sure?”

“What would happen if i sowed Scouts legs were his arms should go?”

“A bullet that hit Soldier after the time out has lodged itself in his ass. i do not wish to remove it but i am also running out of icecream.”  

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...why are you saying the apologies won't matter?? Be a bit more optimistic. :-)

okay. before i do this, i want everyone to know that i messaged probably around six or seven people and asked them to help me calm down enough to respond to this.
because maybe you didnt mean anything by it. maybe youre not lgbt and you just. dont know.
but, and no offense to you in particular, fuck that attitude. i wish i could be optimistic. i wish i had hope things would change. i truly, honestly do. but i am a bisexual woman who loves hockey, and looks to it for a safe place, and i will never, EVER, be more optimistic or less angry that the captain of a team in the western conference final is allowed to use historically demeaning slurs without so much as a feasible punishment. $10,000 is nothing to a player who makes $10,000,000 (at least) a year.
the nhl has not set a standard. ever. they are letting people get away with abusive slurs and that is, very simply, not fucking okay.
and you know what? i had a trans mlm (i believe) come into my inbox not an hour ago, telling me how horrible this made them feel, because players playing the sport they love, and feel they can never make it in, are able to essentially get away with using slurs that have historically been used to oppress people like him. so if not for me, on my own behalf, i will not be “optimistic.” i will be angry until the day i die, because as long as one single lgbt+ person feels upset or hurt (and trust me. slurs hurt in an incredibly unique way. its unlike anything ive ever felt. i never want to feel it again) by this, or by what sh*w did, or by any single person using any single slur, slurs will not be okay. even after that, slurs will not be okay.
slurs are not okay. i dont know how to make this more clear. the nhl has proven, time and time again, that they do not care about this or about us, the lgbt+ community, because we have told them, time and time again, that this is not okay.
this is not something to be “optimistic” about. an insincere apology, for PR’s sake, is not sufficient. not in the least. not for all the harm this has and will continue to cause. an apology is nowhere fucking NEAR enough to even come close to healing the hurt this has caused.

So..... I May Quit Tumblr..

Just to be clear I may not I’m still considering it. If I do I promise I will let you guys know before hand.

The reason I am wanting to is because of the community here on tumblr. I haven’t been posting recently because the community here is really bothering me and no, I’m not talking about the DL fandom (even though a lot of people do complain about it). It’s because of the negativity of the users. I hope I don’t offend people but I think it must be said. The people on this website are insanely depressed. Now before you get all mad at me I just want to let you know I am depressed too (I wasn’t diagnosed with depression but often find myself having suicidal thoughts, low self esteem ect.). Now you are probably thinking why would I get so upset by meeting people with the same issues as me? Let me tell you a story:

If you don’t know my hometown is Portland, Oregon and if you don’t know anything about it the city is filled with depressed, suicidal people. When I moved back there all my friends were cutters, anorexic, suicidal and downright negative people in general. Living there was probably the worst memories of my entire life. I have always dealt with issues like this although not as extreme as my friends but I noticed the more I hung out with these people the more I was becoming like them. Suddenly, I was wanting to kill myself even more to the point of literally holding a bottle of pills I found in my medicine cabinet, I hated myself more than I already did and I had way more panic attack. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes they were nice and we had fun but for the most part all they did was be depressed and complain about life. I am a very idealistic person and I don’t like feeling like all my life will ever be in complaints. I want to be busy with going on adventures and having some self discoveries along the way. You see, when the people you hang out with most of everyday are negative and constantly cutting or saying stuff like ‘life sucks’ or ‘i want to kill myself’ and not getting any proper help to the point where I have to be the hated one by telling the parents it starts to grow on you. You start to think that life really does suck and the world would be such a better place if you weren’t around to ruin it even more. Gratefully, I no longer live there and am currently in Canada and moving to California in the summer so I am filled with positive vibes.

Well, not recently…

Ever since I have started tumblr I always see anorexic people flaunting their illness like it’s completely normal and okay, or pictures of people cutting themselves or someone making some sort of post about wanting to kill themselves and the comments are like ‘omg same’. Because of all this negativity I’ve cried more, had panic attacks, threw up my food because I feel fat on more than one occasion. How can you ever know if there is a light on the other side when the people surrounding you are filled with darkness? I know how much it hurts to hate yourself to the point where all you do is want to sleep and cry. But I don’t think being around people that are in the same situation as you is really going to help you get better unless you guys are motivating each other, not living like pessimists. 

There was a point in my life where I had to walk my friend to all of my classes because she tried to kill herself in the school bathroom. It’s strange to think that if I stayed long enough I could have been just like her, on the verge of death.

Also another thing which I don’t want to get too much into if the whole Gemini hate thing or zodiac sign hate in general. How the fuck can you actually hate someone over a fucking zodiac sign? It literally makes no sense. Maybe it’s just me because I honestly think astrology is bullshit and all those posts I make of them are literally shipping my friends with characters by using their zodiac signs because I am bored. Not even NASA believes in zodiac signs as a valid way of finding your personality. I also find it weird how tumblr accepts some communities but not others…. Oh well.

So that’s basically it. Again, if you are suffering from any mental illness or anything like that I really don’t hate you, I love you guys actually and you guys can sometimes be the sweetest most beautiful people alive. I just hate it how some people don’t want to get better at all and want to act like being depressed or having an eating disorder is something that should be considered normal and ideal. I really wish people could start helping each other out with their mental illness or eating disorder rather then bring them down by encouraging them.



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No it's just wish I could forget that day that happened a long time ago I would never do anything crazy it's not me but I might consider taking a break from Tumblr I just want to forget that day

Do whatever you need to Bud, a break is alright and allowed, so whatever makes things easier. I know that sometimes I need to just stop for a a while, especially when I feel that it’s non stop depression and I did my best to help. A break is okay, dont stress about it

@blueberry32 I’m sorry you’re feeling a little under the weather. I wish I could do more than just say “I hope things get better”, but here’s a tired Duck you can have in the meantime.