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Punishment part 2 ( smut)

part 1

Warning: oral, spanking, tickling, orgasm denial.

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(Your pov)

Peter threw me into his room and locked the door. I backed away from him but he just grabbed me and tossed me on the bed.

“Now before the fun part of your punishment starts, we need to get the first part over with.” He grins darkly.

He doesn’t give me time to respond because when he snaps his fingers he’s sat against the headboard of the bed with me over his lap. My jeans were replaced with a skirt and my hands were tied behind my back.

I tried to scream but there was gag in my mouth, that piece of shit…

Peter laughs at my attempts to get away, he pins me down with one hand and lifts my skirt with the other.

“Black underwear huh? Naughty girl.” I feel my face heat up at his comment, this is so embarrassing…

“Now I’m going to give you 25 spanks, and since this is your first punishment I will only use my hand, next time you won’t be so lucky.”

He pulls my under off and gently rubs my cheeks. I almost start to feel like he cares, then the first hit comes.


I let out a yelp but its muffled by the gag. Peter chuckles and gives me 5 more smacks, alternating cheeks.

With rest of the hits each one was harder then the last, he used more force with each one.

When he finally got to the last one, a few tears were running down my face. Peter flipped me over and held me. For a split second he looked hurt, seeing my tears, but it quickly went away.

“aww did the baby not like her punishment? Well to bad.”

He pushed me off of him onto the bed, his eyebrows raised when he looked down at his pants. I followed his gaze and my eyes widened, there was a wet spot on his pants, from me.

“well, looks like someone did enjoy her punishment. Ready for the next part?” he snaps his fingers again.

This time I’m still gaged, but I’m laying against the headband with my hands tied above me. My legs are spread and bent at the knees, tied to the sides of the bed.

I look at peter in horror, he just grins at me and crawls towards me on the bed.

“hmm, theres something missing…Oh right.” He waves his hand over me and the rest of my clothes are gone.

He looks me over and smirks in approval. “Now for this part of your punishment I’m going to edge you 3 times, then make you wait 20 minutes before I let you cum.”

I groan, but he ignores me and runs a finger across my pussy making me squirm.

He lays down and puts his face right in front of my pussy. I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting. But he just laughs and starts kissing up and down my thighs.

I surpress a groan, actually wanting him to eat me out. By now my nipples are hard, just wanting him to stop teasing. He notice’s and brings his lips up my stomach and wraps them around my right nipple, rubbing the other with his thumb.

I moan, arching my back. He switches then goes back to my pussy.

His tounge licks up my pussy and I buck my hips into his face. He holds my hips down and continues licking and sucking all over my wetness.

His tounge circles my entrance then plunges in. I moan into the gag, then he brings his thumb up to rub my clit making me scream.

I feel something building in the stomach as he tounge fucks me. Then he replaces his thumb with his mouth and sucks and licks my clit, putting two fingers inside me. I’m a moaning mess by now.

The knot in my stomach is about to burst but before I could cum peter stops everything and sits back. My pussy clenches around nothing and I glare at him.

He chuckles, “I told you love, this is apart of your punishment.” I whimper just wanting him to touch me again.

He waves his hand, a vibrating dildo appears and a bullet vibrator.

He turns them on and rams the vibrator into me, making me scream. Then he puts the bullet vibrator against my clit. I moan and wine knowing he won’t let me cum, but it feels to good to not enjoy it.

That familiar feeling rises again and of course before I could cum, peter pulls the vibrator out and takes the bullet vibrator away from my clit.

I wine and buck my hips, trying to reach him.

“Come on, you knew it was coming.” He laughs.

I just roll my eyes.

“now for your last edge, I thought I’d try something different. I’ve seen people do this sometimes on my trips to find more lost boys.” He’s says pulling out a feather.

I look at him confused, was he going to tickle me? Where?

My question was answered when he glided the feather up my pussy, I squeaked, not realizing I was ticklish down there.

He grins, and spreads my lips with two of his fingers. The feather explores all over my pussy, my laughing was muffled by the gag.

Once the feather moved to my clit I lost it, it tickled so bad but felt amazing to. I moaned and giggled over and over.

The feather went from circling my clit to going back and forth over it. I was close and peter could tell, he made the feather go faster but stopped when my climax was just about to happed.

“Now I’ll be back in 20 minutes.” And just like that, he was gone.

*20 minutes later*

It felt more like an hour since I was so frusterated. But when peter came back all I wanted was to cum.

“now you have a choice, how do you want me to Make you come?” For the first time that night he removed my gag.

“I want you to eat my pussy.” I panted

“as you wish.” He smirked and didn’t waste anytime wrapping his mouth around my pussy. His tounge licked all over, paying extra attention to my clit.

I moaned and arched my Back. “fuck peter, dont stop!”

Peter put three fingers into my pussy, pushing them in and out and licked my clit over and over.

“peter, I’m I’m-” Before I could finish, peter moaned against my clit and finally that pushed me over the edge. I screamed his name and he helped me ride it out.

Once I calmed down, peter waved his hand and I was untied and tucked under the covers.

Peter kissed my forehead. “you alright?”

I yawned, “yeah, just tired, I’m sorry for running.”

He smiled, “its fine, sorry I was so harsh earlier, I shouldn’t have forced you to choose who to kill, I was just so mad that you tried to leave and send for your father.”

“I forgive you.”

Peter smiled and walked towards the door, “I’ll come back to check on you in a little while.”

“Peter wait!” I called

He stopes and turns ariund, “yeah?”

“why didn’t you just make me have sex with you? Why just give me pleasure?” I asked

“rape is unspeakable, I will only have sex with you if you wish it.”

listen i want a connor who is going through his shit and not putting up with evan and his patronizing and just lashing out- and then learning that that isnt healthy and getting the help he needs and just? I want to see that journey as much as we see evan’s- and i also want to see an evan who learns that he can push back and also learn to not put up with shit and cope in healthy ways that dont involve lying to such an extent (just different bc it would totally be different with connor around obviously)….i wish we could have seen their dynamic play out in more ways. Like the ultimate fix-it fic that’s explored in a more…climbing-up-the-muddiest-steepest-hill-but-in-flipflops kind of way. I WANT IT DIFFICULT, I WANT IT GRIPPING, I WANT THE REAL EXPERIENCE, BUY NOW ONLY TWO SMALL PAYMENTS OF $19.99!!!!!!

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Hi archy i have an assignment for history class about architecture but i dont quite understand what my professor wants, he told me he wants me to make a reflexion about architecture, i thought it was to give my opininon, but no, he was like noo i want you to REFLECT about architecture. so im kinda lost, sorry for this silly question.

Wish I could help, but I don’t know what he means!

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Hai ^~^ Ik this is weird and all that but I need to vent and you probably won't answer so might as well just send it, I'm going through a really tough time rn and uhm my anxiety has gotten really bad these past few weeks and my depression has also got worse, idk what to do because I have no one to talk to and I don't have any friends, my grades at school have also been going down(I can't focus anymore and I overthink all my schoolwork)I just really need someone right now and all I want is a hug

hello darling!! ahhh im sorry, i know im really bad at this kind of thing but ill offer you that hug if you need it 💕

i cant imagine what you’re going through right now and i wish i could be there with you so it can be a little bit easier. i dont know if its going to be of any help but i dug up a few useful masterposts-

of course if it helps to just talk youre more than welcome to send me another ask, on or off anon in case you want me to answer privately. i dont know what to say for times like these but i can offer a listening ear and 30874 virtual hugs

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wait.. you can have repressed sexual abuse? holy shit everything is making sense right now. i'd make sex scenes with dolls/stuffed animals from when i was about 9, with no taught knowledge about sex, i've always remembered just knowing what it was. i get aroused by really odd and unusual things and putting in tampons makes me feel so uncomfortable and nervous. i always felt like i'm dirty and that no one should see me.. which i noticed a lot of sa survivors feel. could i have repressed memories?

(im the holy shit everything is making sense anon) i also have troubles with intimacy. i was terrified to even hold hands with my first girlfriend. i also feel uncomfortable around men. i crave abuse too, but that’s probs because i was emotionally abused 2 years ago + i have bpd. just wanted to give more info

you sound like you could have repressed memories, but i dont wanna say for sure cause im not a professional and i would hate to make assumptions based on the small knowledge i have about you. 

however, you do have a lot of the signs of childhood trauma. i would recommend seeking out a therapist of some kind cause they will be able to help you more with this. 

im sorry this took so long to get around to, i wish you all the best. 


heya so !! ! im better now, like way better

thank you all so much for sending me nice asks and messages, i didnt think i’d get so many?? aaaa

i didnt reply to any of them last night because i wanted to cool off first, i was a bit scared i’d answer badly due to my mood n stuff,, , but they really helped !! i went to bed happier 💕

im sorry if i worried anyone, i didnt wanna make the post at all but i rly Panicked bc of how bad that shit was, yikes

anyway i sorta answered everyone’s asks, y’all didnt go unnoticed !! but i dont wanna spam dashboards so theyre all in this post ;v;

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u kno i think its a shame that anko and sasuke never really get to interact. anko, a previous student under orochimaru, could’ve helped sasuke so much???? like forget kakashi’s “suck it up dont ruin your life for revenge” speech, i wish we couldve heard anko consoling sasuke abt wanting to be powerful but convincing him orochimaru is NOT the way to go. instead she takes him under her wing and helps him become an amazing ninja while also helping him out with his trauma without invalidating his feelings

I wish I could hate you//Negan

19. “I wish I could hate you.”


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“Hello, darlin” Negan said as he sauntered to me.

“Go away, please” I plead knowing if he stepped any closer, I’d melt all over again and do whatever he wanted to do.

“What’s wrong, babe? Didn’t sound like this last night?” He asked with a smirk.

“I-I j-”

“Spit it out, god dammit!” he exclaimed and slammed a hand on the table.

“I wish I could hate you, jesus fucking christ! You kill people and laugh about it! Burn peoples faces! You’re a complete asshole with 8 wives, I hate you” I admitted.

“You feelin jelous? Jealous you aren’t the only wife? That could be arranged if it’ll help you not hate me”

“No! I want to hate you! but I can’t, why do you have to be so charming and good looking?”

“I don’t know, good luck on hating me though, if you dont, you know where i am” he said with a smirk and kissed my neck gently before leaving me flustered.

it’s so hard to try and explain the heaviness sitting on my chest and the knotting in my stomach that never seems to go away and im at lost for words my mind has a million different things that want to be explained but i cant put them into the words people need to hear so i sit here by myself choking and wallowing in my self pity wondering why im not like my best friend who can smile at the sun and feel alive or breathe in without the feeling of someone standing on her lungs and then i’ll fall asleep with a wet face and tired fingers from trying to itch away the sadness- i dont know how to help myself anymore and im so fucking tired and i wish i could explain that, but it just doesnt seem like anyone will understand especially when i dont understand myself
—  sadness like this cant be explained because there’s so explanation
Dear Charlie,

i fucking love him and i cant let him go. things didnt work out between us, and we mutually agreed that it would be best if we didnt speak; but i cant get him out of my head. his fucking voice and his face and his essence haunt me everyday. i know i shouldnt be so hung up on him, but i cant help it. EVERYTHING reminds me of him, i cant live a day of my life without a reminder of how he used to be in it. i just dont understand how i can love someone to their core even though being with him makes no sense. i just wish i could drink without crying about the thought of him. i wish i could wake up without him being the first thought in my head. i wish my love would make him the person i need him to be, but i know it wont and love doesnt change people overnight. i just want to stop being sad and bitter. i got drunk and called him and now im angry at myself for being weak and for not remembering anything he said. i get fucked up hoping it’ll make the thought of him fade, but if just makes it more prevalent. what the fuck is wrong with me?

Imagine Medic writing all his medical notes and etc in German so that people dont really know what hes writing down:

“Heavy really is a fat piece of shit, like the mans blood pressure makes no sense. i hope im not asked to be a pallbearer at his funeral…”

“Demo is a drunk and a twat.”

“The Engineer i feel might be a closet racist… im not sure, that might just be his texas charm… also his feet stink bad, im telling him rubbing baby oil on them helps. it doesnt. i just think itll be funny to watch him slip around in his shoes.”

“Spy has stage 3 lung cancer. i could get him new lungs but then… i dont want to.”

“Wtf Pyro.”

“Sniper is kinda sexy when hes panicing. hes just got a common bladder infection but maybe i should do a prostate exam to be sure?”

“What would happen if i sowed Scouts legs were his arms should go?”

“A bullet that hit Soldier after the time out has lodged itself in his ass. i do not wish to remove it but i am also running out of icecream.”  

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Hi Ragi! I decided to drop by after reading your fic and I hate you for giving such a headache in the latest On Patrol chapter!! BUT I also love you so much, so I guess, I'm going to forgive you again this time. Thank you for being such an awesome writer! I love every single fic you write. It always makes me feel emotional ㅠㅠ I kinda wish my friend could enjoy reading english fic so I could recommend it to them (I deadly wish I could do that but ㅠㅠ) and hope you'll always stay healthy and happy!

Haha I know I’m always stirring up trouble with On Patrol. Sometimes, even as I’m writing, I’m like “Wow, calm down, why are you so horrible” but I can’t help myself it seems hoho.

BUT YEAH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! YOU ARE TOO SWEET! And just out of curiosity, may I ask where you’re from? You dont have to answer if you don’t want to! 

doll chat to make up for clownblogging

Bcoz i will b reblogging a lot of clown…. my friends watching hxh for the first time n i popped in…. n i remembered that i love him… I feel like i dnt really talk to my followers bcoz that is not what i do but I feel compelled To make up for clown . 

anyway… i am having such a hard time rooting bangs lke on an mh head… its so hard!! like i have no idea how to even get them to look like bangs at all 0_0 i wish i had dolls that had bangs so i could see how its done there but i literally dont omfg i avoid getting them almost . I want to do like eah cupid’s fluffy bangs for a character but its hord. And this other character im doing just has hair all over their gd face so…. god help me…. 

i guess rly looking at rooting patterns will help me but instead i keep watching yarn wig tutorials bcoz guess what i like m*zekytos voice LOL but its still like not helpful . oopsadoodle 


So yeah, thank you for helping me out and putting up with me. this is a bit odd, I know and I’ve never come across anyone doing a video like this but for me it’s important to show you that I really appreciate what you do.It might not be a big deal for you but for me it is. I wish I could’ve done this one my other blog but it’s a little too late for that right now.

I wanted this to be as genuine as possible so I just improvised and recorded one video, and here’s the result hence why I stop to think sometimes lol. I don’t speak english very often and I’m still sick but whatever hahah anyway had to upload it on youtube because tumblr refused to upload it for me. I hope this makes you happy and thank you once again

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I'm a cis lesbian, and sometimes i feel really confused about my gender identity, i dont really understand what is supposed to be a gender, i dont really care about it, but , i do feel uncomfortable with my body. I dont like my chest and my wide hips. I wish i looked more "masculine".Sometimes I wish i was born with a penis. Idk, could i want to transition even if im cis? im still not sure if im completely a girl, but im sure that i dont like my body.

it sounds like what you’re going through is what the trans community call gender dysphoria. a good rule of thumb for questioning whether or not youre cis is when you think about gender in general. like in general cis people usually dont think about being trans or their identity other than being cis, so it seems like you might be in a place of limbo in regards to your gender identity. 

like, feeling gender dysphoria doesn’t automatically equate to being trans, and trans doesn’t always mean “to have gender dysphoria” but in your situation, you seem to have obvious distaste on how you look aesthetically/physically. i’ll be honest, i wish i was born with a penis too (but that doesn’t automatically equate me to being a boy either, you dig? like penis =/= boy unless its up to your own identity to determine that) 

the thing about transitioning legally and medically is that technically you have to say you’re explicitly trans and feel “gender dysphoria,” which is someone who is cis won’t do otherwise its not cis anymore

Gun Shop Stories

Me - Hi can I help you?
Customer > Yeah I had a gun stolen out of my truck and I wanted to replace it.
-Okay what kind was it?
>Smith and Western
-Okay, do you remember the model.
>…Smith and Western
-…Uh okay well Smith and Wesson makes a lot of different guns
>It was black with a silver top. 
(On a hunch) - Was it a SD9?
>Yeah that sounds right.
-Alright (head toward Smith case)
>Man I wish I could just get my old one back.
-Yeah that sucks man. Did you report the theft to the police?
>No I dont trust the police.
-…oh uh…
>Actually I KNOW! (customer leaves store) 
(Runs back in and hands me a single stack .40 cal magazine. Not a smith mag)
>It went with that. Can you track the gun with that?
-…Uh…Track the gun?
>Yeah like use magazine to tell which gun it was and where it is now? Like with GPS or something.
-I doesn’t really\work like that man. I can’t “track down” guns.
>No, yeah just like on your computer, like…track it down. I want my old gun back.
-Your going to have to file a police report man.
(Customer looks heartbroken) >Nah I can’t do that.
(He leaves)
(I go out back and smoke a cigarette while staring at my shoes, trying to process what just happened)