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Friday night, 8.30 P.M

Big city, small apartment, great view.

The happiest and most annoying couple ever.

If I have to hear another cute giggle, I am going to punch someone.

It was bad enough being in the same room with those two, it was even worse when I was the third wheel. At times like these, I wished I was not so single. I did attempt to find myself a company to this, but since it sounded so desperate to strangers’ ears, the only guy I could ask was my friend from work. He, of course, declined for he was someone who defined one’s self as “gay as fuck”.

“I’ll pay you”, I said in vain to persuade him.

“You can’t buy love, sweetie.”

Damn it.

So I was stuck there for the rest of the night, sitting in front of a couple so foolishly in love that makes me want to vomit, listening to their love story. I learned that they met not long after I moved away. She thought he was beautiful and warm. He found her to be “the most kind-hearted and attractive woman” he knew. They had been together for nine months now.

Good. Only three more months to go.

After a long series of girlfriends, I noticed that none of them lasted longer than a year. It was not that he was a player or there was something majorly wrong about his last relationships. He was just the type to have a huge faith when it comes to love. He took chances, sometimes too many but he meant well. He was full of hope, only to be disappointed when sparks did not fly.

But this time, I could see it. The loving in his eyes. They twinkled when he smiles at her. When she smiles at him. He was … in love. And when she had left the room, he asked me what I thought of her.

“She’s disgustingly perfect”, I answered.

He could only smile and say: “I think she is the one.”

And that was it. The brief moment of happiness in a disastrous evening. It was as if I forgot every bullshit I was put through tonight because of them. I didn’t care about how typical their story was or how dead I felt inside when they asked about the status of my relationship. I was, for a very short second, happy for them.

Although of course at that time we didn’t know that a few weeks later, things will change.
~ Zee ~

———END of part 3———

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we never met.

If we never shared 3 a.m phone conversations while we were both trying not to wake up our families with giggles and snorts.

If I never learned that you wished you wanted to disappear, and I told you that I would go anywhere with you as long as I could still hear your heartbeat. 

If you never told me that I should speak up because you said my voice could sing the Hulk to sleep.

If you never told me that you didn’t want to talk.

If you never told me not to laugh like that.

If you never made me believe that everything you said was a lie.

If I never got my hopes up because you said you cared and you meant it. 

If “I love you” were just 3 simple words and 8 letters that have no meaning.

But they do.

And if we never met, I could have gotten hit by an 18 wheeler truck going 70 miles per hour because that would hurt less than when you told me goodbye.

Imagine for ANON #1 

Pietro x Reader x Wanda

A/N : I hope it’s okay that I only done 3 instead of 5. The writer’s block that has been going on lately is so real, haha. Sorry for the wait, doll. :)


Everything was quiet in the Maximoff’s part of the tower…almost too quiet. The only thing Pietro could hear behind the background of what was playing off of the TV was the faintest sound of soft giggling coming through the crack of Wanda’s bedroom. 

Curiosity got the best of him as he stood up and quietly sped over to lean his head against the doorway.

“I honestly have no idea why you fell in love with my brother, he’s a complete dork,” Wanda giggles, thinking about all of the embarrassing moments Pietro has found himself in, especially the ones involving (Y/N). “I wish you could’ve heard his thoughts whenever he first laid his eyes upon you.”


It was a normal day for Pietro, he was doing his daily job of getting on Clint’s nerves by speeding past him every couple of seconds and making sarcastic comments about how slow he was being that morning when Tony’s recently new assistant had came through the door.

“Um, hey, guys. Do you happen to know where Tony is?”

Along with all the other Avengers standing in the room, he quickly whipped his head towards the sound of (Y/N)’s voice.

Seeing as though usually everything moved slower for him, time seemed to recoil itself back to a normal pace for the first time in a long time when he took his first glance at (Y/N). He couldn’t help but admire the adorable way her beautiful hair fell in front of her face, or the way her eyes and smile seemed to immediately light up the room as she walked in.

He didn’t have too much time to enjoy the wonderful sight that was (Y/N), because before he could stop himself he ran face first into the refrigerator, leaving him with a massive dent and a wounded ego to fix as all the Avenger’s, including (Y/N), busted in to hysteria around him.

“JARVIS, please extract that clip of Pietro embarrassing himself from kitchen camera 2 and place it in the folder labeled ‘Blackmail’,” Tony says as he walks into the room from behind a partially laughing/partially crying (Y/N) while popping a couple blueberries in his mouth.


“I believe I remember him avoiding me after that for awhile,” (Y/N) giggles, as Pietro turns a crimson red. 

‘Thanks, sis. It’s not like I was trying to forget that or anything,’ Pietro thinks to himself sarcastically. 

Wanda laughs along side (Y/N), “Not to mention how much he was freaking out before he tried making his first move on you…”


“Wanda, I can’t do this.”

“Well, frankly, you don’t have a choice. If I have to see any more love sick fantasies of yours about (Y/N), I’m gonna hurl,” Wanda says, pushing him towards the doors of Tony and Bruce’s lab.

“Wanda, she doesn’t even like me, I’m practically irrelevant!”

“Pietro, oh my god, you are so clueless it hurts. Listen, she likes you too, she told me!”

For the first time in forever, Pietro stands still and solemn. After about 5 minutes, a large grin makes its way onto his face as he jumps up and down in circles, throwing a fist in the air in happiness. 

Wanda face palms as Tony peeks his head out the door to stare at the mess that is Pietro.





“Are you serious!?” (Y/N) laughs loudly, “I have to ask Tony for that footage later!”

Wanda hums in agreement as Pietro quietly bangs his head on the wall from outside the bedroom.

“And let’s not forget after you kissed him for the first time…”


Wanda rolls her eyes but smiles as she hears giggling from outside the living room door. Pietro had just gotten back from his first date with (Y/N) and by the sounds of it, he was getting more than just a hug goodbye.

About 10 minutes later, Pietro walked in, red lipstick seeming to be smudged on his grinning face before he plopped down on the couch.

“So?” Wanda sets down the bowl of popcorn she was munching on and turned towards her love stricken brother.

Pietro throws his hands over his flustered face, leaning back as far into the couch as he could, “She’s perfect…”


Wanda could practically feel (Y/N) blushing through the phone, after awhile, she finally decided to break the comfortable silence. 

“I really love him, Wanda…”

It warmed Wanda’s heart knowing that such an amazing girl had caught the attention of her just as equally amazing brother.

‘They’re perfect for each other, really.’

“I know you do…and I also know he loves you all the same.”

Pietro smiled warmly, ‘’You have no idea…”

Don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless (that line is stuck in my head) I wish I could go to a concert, you know, feel that emotion when they sing the “imperfect” version of their song, I think that’s when a song gets real, you can hear the respiration between line and line, giggles, spontaneous actions, improvisations, mistakes, interaction with us, you can feel the real emotion in the song, if something special happens during the performance you can’t just put it on replay, that’s why is so special. Uh


I’ve said this before, but despite the fact that I refer to him as my sweet dumb cinnamon roll son, Sorey is incredibly smart. He’s impulsive and naive, sure, but his observational skills are second to none, not to mention his deep love and knowledge of history. The two play off their dynamic with Mikleo as “the smart one” (which he is, of course, they’re equals), but more often it’s Sorey that picks up on things in their surroundings faster than Mikleo. 

Sorey is a quick-thinker, Mikleo is a strategist.

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Your #5 is my favorite. Not because of what J is doing, but because of how M reacts. If you look at the thing, he is so flustered and obviously turned on by the moment. It is SO sexually charged!!! I wish I could be open about my love for cockles...

I KNOW, his reaction is the cutest, haha. <3 And that ass slap that follows right after Jensen fixes his collar, omg:

Also a fun fact: when you watch the actual video, you can even hear the interviewer loudly go “awwww”, and someone else is doing a fangirl giggle in the background, that’s how adorable they are. I love all of this.

The vid: