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the t-shirt thief (m)

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff, smut

word count: 9,812

description: In the midst of your loneliness due to Taehyung’s absence, you decide that you need a distraction, which somehow manifests itself as going over to his apartment and stealing a t-shirt or two… or three… 

request: being in a relationship with taehyung, and stealing all of his t-shirts while he’s busy with bts’ latest comeback + smut


You watched with a prominent downward quirk of your lips as Taehyung ran around the apartment, quickly stuffing clothes into a duffel bag as he scurried in every direction to gather his things before he had to head off to the dorms. It was time for a comeback, and all of the members agreed that it would be much easier on everyone to just stay at the dorms together during the busy hype of the first couple of weeks. This cut down the annoyances of people showing up to schedules at different times, or getting caught in traffic, so you completely understood the point of it… You just wished it didn’t mean having to stay back at your apartment all alone.

At this point in your relationship with Taehyung, you probably should have been used to the notion of him having to leave for a few weeks, or sometimes even a few months, every once in a while… but just because you were used to it, didn’t mean you had to like it.

You fell back against the mattress, your mind heavy with thoughts, and you weren’t exactly trying your hardest to mask the disdain you had for him leaving, so it wasn’t surprising when you felt the slight sink of someone taking the spot next to you on the bed. You opened your eyes, a concerned looking Taehyung coming into view.

“Please don’t pout. You know I don’t want to leave.” He reached forward, lightly pinching at your bottom lip that was sticking out.

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Sleep Alone (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by peterbparkerr

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: After a long night of crime fighting, Peter visits his best friend as he always does, only to discover that she had fallen asleep while waiting for him. 

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is just a little fic with your friendly neighborhood spiderman being a little cutie. 

Masterlist Request Any Of These

Peter let out a content sigh as he found himself feeling warm in the light that illuminated from Y/n’s bedroom window. He calmly ran his finger along the edge of the chipping paint of the frame before opening the window slowly and as quietly as he could before slipping into the cool air that filled the four blue walls. 

“Y/n?” Peter whispered the girl’s name quietly as he looked around the room before his eyes found themselves gazing upon the sleeping form of a girl. 

Y/n’s hair was in her face, in her hands sat a book as she laid on her back, the warm covers beneath her. She was beautiful in Peter’s eyes.

Peter let out a light chuckle as he knelt down beside the bed. He carefully placed a kiss upon the sleeping beauty’s head before sliding the book out of her hands and marking her page. He then lifted her off the bed like a husband would his new bride and placed her beneath the covers before he kicked off his shoes and took his place beside her. 

‘I will never let anything bad happen to you’. ‘I’m so in love with you’. ‘God, you are beautiful.’ It was like a therapeutic spilling of kindness and affection that Peter never said when he thought Y/n could hear him as his fingers grazed over the lines of Y/n’s face and her hair. 

Naturally, feeling the sudden warmth surrounding her and the soft sounds of Peter’s voice and his sweet nothings, broke Y/n free of her dream world as she continued to listen. 

“This is the story of how I fell in love with you,” Peter whispered quietly as he placed a gentle kiss upon Y/n’s cheekbone. “I’ve never told it to you, but it’s not something I think you’d ever want to hear when you’re awake. It’s silly, I know, cause I’m Peter Parker, neighborhood dork and you’re Y/n L/n, cheerleader and popular best friend of said dork. You get invited to parties and I get to make Lego models with Ned. Not that I don’t like hanging out with Ned, I do, I just wished that I could be your date to parties someday.”

Peter let out a long sigh as he placed another tender kiss on Y/n’s forehead, causing Y/n to refrain from giggling at the feeling. “Anyway, I think it all started in the first grade, when we met. I wasn’t in love with you then, not yet anyway, but I made a best friend. You were always the cutest girl I’d ever met, especially with the way you wore your hair and the way you obsessed over those 80′s movies your mom let you watch.

“And then in fifth grade, when you broke your arm and sprained your ankle while we were skateboarding at the park. You were trying to be so brave and tried not to cry, but the moment I picked you up to carry you home to Aunt May, you sobbed and cried out in pain and told me you never wanted me to let go of you. When you had your arms tightly around my neck with your face buried in my chest, I knew there was something between us.

“But, then you and I, we didn’t hang out as much as we used to once we got to high school. I know you felt bad about it, I know you still do, because you had cheer and sports and the only club we were in together was robotics and you weren’t always able to come with your other responsibilities, but we have these nights together and we were one another’s dates to homecoming, even though you were asked by other guys. 

“Speaking of homecoming, that was the night I realized what I’ve felt for years had a name. Love. The way you laughed when I told you not to choke me with my bow tie as you helped me fix it to the way your voice sounded so soft and sweet when we slow danced. And, God, just the way you worked the room like you owned the place when you didn’t ditch me when I fell behind, but tucked your arm under mine and took me with you, introducing me to your friends. I’ve never felt so included. 

“And most importantly, the way your lips felt against mine when you kissed me goodnight. That was my first kiss and if I died today, I’d be glad that it was my last. We haven’t talked about it since then, but I wish I could get the courage to ask you out, to tell you I love you. 

“Cause it was you who initiates everything. You asked me if we could be friends in first grade, you were the one who asked me to homecoming. You kissed me.

“I don’t know, laying next to you makes me wish to never sleep alone, to never be alone. I don’t know if you kissed me out of pity the night of homecoming or if you kissed me because maybe you love me too. But, Y/n, I love you.”

“You know I can hear you, right?” Y/n’s sudden voice startled Peter.

“I’m sleep talking,” Peter said immediately. “This is all a dream. You’re dreaming.” 

Y/n hid a smile against Peter’s neck, a sensation that Peter felt melt his heart, and drew him closer. “I love you too,” she said simply, with a soft sigh, as she drifted back to sleep content in the safety of Peter’s arms, knowing for the first time in her life, love could be reciprocated by even the silliest of heroes.

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prompt, if ur taking them: jaime rides to winterfell and bends the knee to sansa and becomes an honorable advisor, Jon is very jealous. (bonus points if he walks past dany who thinks he's bending the knee to her instead of sansa)

Jon x Sansa, Jaime & Sansa

The wind bit into him, whipping at his cloak, but Sansa stood at the battlement’s edge as if they faced only a summer snow. Her hair lifted and fluttered about, even slapping against him once or twice. Jon fought the temptation to wrap it around his fist and pull her to him.

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Seven Minutes in Purgatory: with your enemy who you have slight sexual tension and you figure out if you are going to fight or make out

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Summary: Betty finds herself playing a round of seven minutes in heaven after lying about her crush for years.

Words: 2,102

Warnings: A really tasteless joke about Sylvia Plath, spoilers for the graphic novel The Watchmen, kissing and fluff

A/N: Sorry nonnie, this isn’t a fighting kind of fic. This feels like it could be an AU outtake from The Stacks. I’m also experimenting with a clean cut version of Jughead. This isn’t the best, I’m not happy with the ending but I’m working shit out and I also edited this myself so there is probably errors. 

Betty Cooper did not want to be in Archie Andrews basement playing seven minutes in heaven. She felt like she was too old for this silly game. They were seniors in high school, most of them were already having sex, a little kissing was nothing.

But Betty was not like most of her senior classmates. She knew that kissing whoever she had to kiss that night would be a very big deal considering there was only one person in that circle she really wanted to kiss.

She had done a good job of hiding her feelings for the past three and a half years. At any sleepover she found herself at she always admitted to having a big fat crush on Archie; the gorgeous, red-headed quarterback that took every girls breath away. It was common knowledge that Betty was into Archie. Quiet, kind, blonde Betty Cooper loved the hottest guy in school. It was a joke and Betty was fine with that just as long as no one knew who she truly pined for.

Archie loved to tease Betty about it and he loved the way her gaze made him feel. Betty may not have been popular but she was beautiful. The type of girl all the guys ignored but everyone secretly had wet dreams about. Archie loved flaunting himself in front of her. He liked stringing her along, making her squirm, making her sweat whenever he was near.

But Betty was a very good liar.

She knew what the girls at her school were like; they were cruel and would tease, taunt and torture her about her crush. So Betty had to hide the truth, make something up to get them off her back but the truth was she had no interest in Archie.

Her real crush was the raven haired best friend of said quarterback, Jughead Jones.

Archie and Jughead’s friendship made no sense. Jughead didn’t play sports, he wasn’t vulgar, he wasn’t obnoxious but instead was a straight A student like Betty. He was the head editor for the school newspaper, head of the debate team and student body president. He also volunteered at an animal shelter part time.

Ever since his father, Forsythe Pendleton, turned his troubled life around and became mayor of Riverdale, Jughead had a dream of becoming the president. He had a knockout smile, dressed well and had a magnetic charisma. It was probably the reason Archie and he got along so well. People were drawn to both of them but for very different reasons.

Betty’s crush on Jughead didn’t come out of no where. She always noticed how handsome he was but had no reason to ever speak to him. Not until one afternoon she saw him at the Riverdale Public Library.

It was the beginning of their sophomore year, he was sitting at the same table as her on the opposite side and at the other end. Betty had finished her homework a while ago and was reading for pleasure.

Jughead was reading The Watchmen. He was hunched over the book, his arms straining against his dress shirt. He had been working out with Archie and it was starting to show. His hair had fallen out of place and it bobbed in front of his face while he took in the material.

“Are you liking that?” Betty asked, finally gaining the courage to do so.

Jughead startled and looked at Betty with wide eyes. “What?” He replied.

“Are you liking The Watchmen?” She asked again clarifying .

Jughead flashed a dazzling smile. “Um,” he ran his hand through his hair pushing it all back into place. “I like it but I think I’m too much of an optimist to identify with it. I think there are other ways to unite us and make the world better.” His smile grew. “It’s still really interesting though.”

“I wish I could be as optimistic as you. I think Moore’s right, we won’t stop trying to kill each other until there is a threat bigger than each other.” Betty looked away from him and wished the creeping flush in her cheeks would go away.  

“What are you reading?” He asked move down a chair.

A giggle escaped Betty’s lips. “The Bell Jar.” She looked over at him and laughed.

“I hear that Sylvia Plath has a very sunny disposition.” Jughead joked.

“Yeah but just don’t leave her alone in the kitchen.” Betty immediately made a noise of disgust and her whole body flinched at her stupid joke. “That’s so offensive. I don’t know why I said that.” She shook her head bringing her hand to her cheek to soothe her embarrassment.

He laughed. “I’m Jughead Jones.” He said holding out his hand to her moving down to sit across from her.

“I know.” She grinned. “I’m Betty Cooper.” She took his hand in hers.

“I know, you are the only person who has a better grade point average than me. If it wasn’t for you I’d be at home in my hot tub with all the honeys.” He made the same face of disgust Betty had made earlier. “I don’t have any honeys. Women aren’t objects. I’m sorry.” He looked away from her his cheeks turning an adorable shade of pink.

Betty laughed and that’s where their friendship began. They didn’t really acknowledge each other at school and Betty tried to ignore all the girls that flirted with him. She tried to not to feel hurt when he took other girls to dances and she never asked him about the only girlfriend he ever had, Ethyl Muggs. She couldn’t be jealous; she spent years in silence when she could have easily said something.

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Elevator [Taehyung Smut]

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COUNT → 6501

GENRE → Smut//Fluff

PAIRING → Taehyung/Reader

SUMMARY:  You got stuck in an elevator with a stranger boy who claims his name is Vante. You know he is lying, but he is funny and extremely hot, so you let it pass.

N/A: This is completely inspired by real events, but the lucky person was my sister’s friend, and the boy was a French dude.

You were going to a party, not willingly, but you were going.

You repeated that statement a couple of times while you checked yourself on the mirror, its’ve been a long time since you attended to a party, maybe since you were in high school and you were nervous. Parties were never your forte and it didn’t matter if the last party you went was many years ago, you still didn’t feel comfortable. But your best friend was asking you to go, and you couldn’t deny her that.

You checked yourself once again in the mirror, impressed by how good you looked, but maybe it had to do with the lights of the hotel room. For some reason hotel’s lights were always too good and unrealistic. The hotel you were staying was even more impressive, and the only reason you were staying in there was because your boss payed for it. You were staying for three nights in a city far away from home (business affairs), a city where your best friend moved last year and that’s why reject her wasn’t an option.

You sighed. Now or never. The worst that could happen was being ignored for the rest of the night and by consequence you’ll be alone the rest of the party. Not a big deal. Right?

Bestie : Are you coming? [9:37]

That was your cue to accept the reality you were living. You texted her quickly telling her you were on your way and left the hotel room heading to the elevator. Thankfully it was empty since the sight of you on the mirror made you uncomfortable, the lights were too strong and you could see your reflection on the mirror of the elevator. The dress looked way better under the lights of your room, you decided.

The door of the elevator opened and a boy got inside, he was wearing tight black jeans and a white sweatshirt, his face was half covered by the hood but still you consciously pulled the hem of your dress down. Not that he was looking at you, he pushed a button that led him to the gym floor and stood with his back to you.

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Hi dear! I was wondering if I could request a scenario where the reader wants Yoongi to be rougher with her in bed and his reaction to that basically? Love your writing! Thanks love xoxo

Originally posted by bwiseoks


word count : 1.5k

warnings: asphyxiation, spanking, idk it’s smut…

“Rougher in bed… I’ll show her rough,” Yoongi mumbled as he packed up his stuff and headed to your apartment for an impromptu visit.

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dive- h.s song imagine

You can listen to this song here

Maybe I came on too strong

Maybe I waited too long

Harry wore a slight smile as he watched you laugh at something your friend said from across the room. He mentally debated whether or not he should go over and talk to you. It wasn’t until your friend excused herself and left you alone that Harry decided to swallow up his nerves and make his way to you. Harry had a little crush on you…Ok, he had a massive crush on you. And in the past, you can say confidently that you had a crush on him as well. However, when you started to develop feelings for Harry, he was dating another girl. Instead of pining after him and waiting until him and his girlfriend broke up to go after him, you decided to move on. You’d figure you should forget about your small feelings for Harry before they only get bigger and bigger. Now if someone were to ask you how you felt about Harry, you can tell them that yes you find him attractive but the two of you were just friends. Although when Harry and his girlfriend broke up, the two of you started to get closer. When he found out how you used to have a crush on him, he mentally kicked himself in the gut for not doing anything about it. But instead of moving on like you did, he was determined to change your mind on how you felt about him.

And I could live, I could die

Hanging on the words you say

Harry came out from the kitchen and saw you sitting on the couch reading a book you’d never let out of sight. He chuckled and sat directly on the spot next to you. Without taking your eyes off the book, you leaned your body on to his. Harry immediately wrapped his arm around you. “Always reading” Harry pointed out. You smiled and shrugged your shoulders. You dog tagged the page you were reading and turned your head towards him, “Reading’s fun. Maybe I’ll teach you one day.” Harry gasped lightly while you laughed at his expression.

Harry pinched the side of your body. “It’s just you’re always reading the same book. Doesn’t it get boring eventually?” You softly nodded your head no. “Sometimes when you find a book that’s able to take your mind away from everything that’s wrong with the world and managed to make you forget about all your troubles..” You continued talking but Harry found himself distracted. He was in awe of the way you talked about your passion of books. He was memorized by how you explained reading was your getaway. He couldn’t help himself from thinking that you were his own getaway. You managed to make him forget about everything wrong with the world. You managed to sweep him off his feet without even realizing you’ve done so.

And I’ve been known to give my all

And jumping in harder than

Ten thousands rocks on the lake

Harry made a mental checklist on making sure he had everything he needed before he left to meet and have lunch with you. Just as he was about to leave, his phone started to ring.

“Hello?” Harry answered while locking the door. “Hey” you coughed from the other end. Harry paused as he was walking down the hallway, “Are you feeling alright, love?” You let out another cough and shook your head even though Harry couldn’t see you. You snuggled more into your bed, “I’m sorry, H. I’ve think I got a bug. Won’t be able to go to lunch today.” Harry instantly pouted, wanting you to hear some of the new songs he’s been working on. He leaned against the wall, “That’s alright, love. Wish I could see you though. Been missin’ you like crazy.” You gave out a giggle at Harry obviously trying to flirt with you. “Sorry, H. Next time, yeah?”

Harry sighed playfully, “Next time.” And with that, the both of you hung up. Harry was about to walk back to his apartment when a brilliant idea came to his mind.

You let out another cough before yelling out, “Coming!” You opened the door to find Harry standing with a bag of takeout and flowers in the other hand. He cheekily smiled, “Couldn’t wait until next time, had to see you.” You wrapped the blanket you had around your body tighter against you. You leaned on the doorframe and scolded Harry, “You’ll get sick, too.” Harry gently pushed past you and set everything down on the counter. He turned back around and faced you properly. “You’re worth it.”

So don’t call me baby

Unless you mean it

You sat in front of Harry on his bed with a wide smile on your face while Harry was giving you a nervous one. You grabbed his hand to stop them from fidgeting, “Ready?” Harry sighed and shook his head yes. You gave his hand a squeeze before you pressed the play button from Harry’s laptop. Harry was letting you hear his first single for the first time. You kept assuring him that it was going to be wonderful. You told him that it could be the worst song ever but knowing that he was a part of it, you would love it no matter what. After much persuading, Harry reluctantly agreed. After the song ended Harry looked up with you and bit his lip, “Well?” You looked up from staring at the laptop screen. You stared into his eyes and smiled the widest, the goofiest, and proudest smile. You jumped from your place across the bed and into his arms, “I love it, baby!” Harry laughed and wrapped his arms around you. “It was bloody brilliant! Oh my goodness, just think of what your fans are going to think once they hear it! Why would you ever be nervous about this? It’s beautiful, baby!”

Harry’s heart swelled with the compliments you were giving him. His stomach was filled with butterflies but he couldn’t tell if it was because of you praising him or if it was because of the pet name you gave him. It wasn’t unusual for you to call him ‘baby’ as you used it several times with friends and family. It was like how Harry called you ‘love’, you used ‘baby.’ However as his feelings for you only grew stronger, he found himself wanting him to be the only person you were saying that to.

So let me know the truth

Before I dive right into you

“Harry’s been staring at you the entire night,” your friend smiled as she looked at your reflection in the restroom mirror. You shrugged your shoulders and smiled, knowing she was right. “It’s cute” your friend continued. She turned to look at you, “What’s going on between you?”

The two of you exited the restroom and started to walk back towards the group. You stared at the pavement beneath you. “Nothing.” you answered. Your friend’s eyebrow raised, “Do you want anything to happen? I remember when you used to have that crush on him.” You sighed before looking into your friend’s eyes, “I wouldn’t mind if something did happen but he just released his single. And the other night he was telling me about how him and his team were coming up with the idea to go on tour. What if we end up together, he leaves, and the distance becomes too much? I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Your friend paused and nodded her head understandingly. She wrapped her arm around your neck as you guys continued making your way towards the arena. “I get it. It’s a lot to think about.” Finally the two of you found your way towards your seats. Harry looked up at you and grabbed your hand as you sat down. “Missed you.” he stated. You laughed and leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek, “Missed you too, baby.”

You’re a mystery

I have travelled the world, there’s no other girl like you

Harry walked into the bar and searched for Niall and Louis. “Harreh!” Niall yelled from across the room. Harry chuckled at Niall waving his arms around to try to get his attention and made his way over. He greeted both of his slightly drunk friends and sat down next to Louis. Louis patted his back, “Thought you weren’t going to make it!” Niall who was sipping his beer nodded his head, “Yeah! You said you were going to help Y/N with her studying!” Niall and Louis quickly exchanged a look and snickered quietly. Oblivious Harry waved it off, “Nah. She realized I would be too much of a distraction.”

“What’s going on between you guys anyways?” Louis asked. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing. Why?” Niall gave Harry a dumfounded look, “You haven’t asked her out yet?” Harry’s cheeks started to turn a slight pink before he shook his head no. “I don’t think she likes me like that” he stated. Niall laughed quietly while Louis smiled at Harry, “It’s obvious she does. The two of you are practically on top of each other every time you guys are together. Hell, you guys spend almost everyday with each other!” Niall nodded his head before adding, “Y/N’s a special girl. You gotta hold on to her.” Harry looked down at his hands and smiled softly. You were special.

Let me know the truth

Before I dive right into you

You opened the door to see Harry on the other side. You smiled, “Hey baby. Why didn’t you just use your spare-” you asked before Harry interrupted. “I like you.”

You paused, “What?” Harry cleared his throat, “I like you. And I know I’m going on tour soon but I had to tell you. I had to tell you how I felt because I want to call you up after every show and tell you how great the crowd was. I want to spend the time before I go on tour with you. I want to be able to listen to you tell me about the latest book you read. I want you. And I just have to know. Do you feel the same?”

Suddenly you wrapped your arms around Harry’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. You could feel Harry smiling in the kiss. You pulled away and leaned your forehead against his. “I do.”

thank you so much anon for requesting this song! it was so much fun to write and i hope it lived up to your standards(: don’t forget to send in your requests on what you would like for me to write next!

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Peter meeting Tony's son peter Parker

(I made Peter younger in this one, hope thats alright anon!)


“So do you wanna eat something with me after the meeting?” asks Peter and Tony looks at him.

How do you say no to someone if you really wanna see yes?

“I… i don’t know…” whispers Tony back and Fury looks at him.

“Want to share it with the class, Stark?” asks Fury and Tony slides a bit down in his seat.

Steve sends him an angry glare. Normally Tony wouldn’t mind, but after the civil war… he tries really hard to be good. And the Guardians are new in their team…well they aren’t really in there team…but helping them.

Tony loves them. Because they always treat him good.

“Come on.” whispers Peter and he smiles so beautiful, that Tony nods.

Steves glares again. And even Bucky growls.


“Pepper please i need you to help me.” whines Tony an hour later when he is back at his apartment. Peter is going to meet him in exactly 20 minutes and he has no one to watch after his son.

“And you know that i love to look after Peter. But i’m in Tokyo what do you expect me to do?” laughs Pepper and Tony smiles at her.

She isn’t Peters real mother but she treated him always so well. Peter loves his Aunty a lot.

“What about Rhodey?” asks Tony and Pepper rolls her eyes. She smiles fondly.

“You and i both know that he is laying behind me in the bed.” laughs Pepper and Tony can see that Rhodey holds up a thumb now in the video feed. Tony giggles.

“You two are way too cute.” sighs Tony and Pepper winks at him.

“What about next week? Rhodey and i would take Peter then.” says Pepper and Tony nods.

“Well i guess i have to cancel the date. I mean i could give Peter to Steve or anyone. But i still…don’t trust them.” says Tony and Pepper nods.

“I understand that. And i’m sorry.” says Pepper and Tony shakes his head.

“Not your fault. I wished…i just wished Peter had a real family.” says Tony and he tries to blink his tears away.

He hears a door then and quickly says his goodbyes to Pepper and Rhodey.

“Peter i told you not to open any doors when…” begins Tony and when he enters the living room he stops.

Because there are two Peters in his living room. oh no.

“Daddy look! I found a friend.” says his son and grins proudly. Peter sits in front of him on the couch and gets his hair done.

Peter loves it to braid anyones hair. And now the big Peter as a few little pigtails. Tony can’t help it, but he giggles.

“Hey Tony.” says Peter and he smiles so beautifully again.

“Hey.” whispers Tony back and he needs to sit down.

Well you see. Normally nobody gets to meet his son. Pepper and Rhodey are the godparents, so of course Peter is their little sunshine. His son also knows the avengers…but he doesn’t like them anymore…after everything.

And since that he is very carefully with that. Not everybody knows that he has a son.

“I didn’t know you had such a beautiful kid.” says Peter and the little Peter giggles.

“Daddy he said i’m beautiful!” shrieks Petey and Tony smiles.

“Course you are.” he answers easily, because his son is beautiful, thank you.

“Beautiful just like his dad.” says Peter and Tony looks down. It doesn’t seems like a problem for Peter, that Tony has a son. He seems like he adores it.

Tony blushes.

“He also told me his name was Peter.” says the big Peter and Tony nods. Well what a coincidence.

“Daddy calls me Petey and sometimes sunshine.” explains Petey then and Peter laughs.

“That fits you really well! Can you tell me how old you are?” asks Peter than and his son holds five fingers up.

“I’m five already! Means im almost allowed in the lab and can build my own r-r-robot! But daddy says i can start whenever i want he won’t pr-pressure me into something.” says Petey and Peter looks back at Tony.

“Sounds like Tony is a good dad?” he says and Petey nods.

“He is the best.” giggles Petey and blows his daddy a kiss. Tony smiles at his son.

“So what do you say Junior do you wanna go to the park with your dad and me? We can eat something together later.” says Peter and Petey jumps up and down.

“Can…can we go to the swings? I love them!” says Petey and Peter laughs at that.

“We can do anything you want.” he says and when Tony reaches for their coats, Peter helps his son to tie his shoes. Tony smiles down at them.

Half a hour later they are sitting on a park bench and Petey is on his swings.

“Daddy, Peter! Look!” squeaks Peter every two minutes and whenever he does it Peter and Tony wave towards him.

“So…” starts Tony then and fiddles with his hands.

“I like him.” answers Peter easily and Tony looks back at him.

“You do?” asks Tony carefully and Peter smiles.

“Of course i do! He is just like you. How could i not love him?” he asks and Tony chokes.

When Petey yells again Peter stands up and goes over to him. Peter takes the little boy on his lap and starts to swing a bit higher. But Tony can see how he holds Petey tightly and is careful with him.

Mabye…yeah maybe Peter is somebody who would treat Tony and especially his son like they deserve.

Az, Nuala, and Cerridwen find out Elain can access shadows, they show her all the funny things happening in the Inner-Circle. Rhys sewing dresses in his fashion lair, Cassian talking to himself in his giant mirror like pumping himself up for the day or talking to Nesta, making the shadows look like wings in Amren’s place so she thinks Az is spying on her but it’s the spy’s inside joke. 

s/o to @rugrat-mama for this lovely headcanon.

One moment Elain was sitting on her bed and the next moment she was almost swimming in an inky black. She moved her hand and the black swirled around her. It was almost warm but not in a temperature way, in a comforting way. The same way her favorite food was warm as it settled in her stomach and she was reminded of home. The same way she felt when the scent of her favorite blue dahlias enveloped her.  She looked around the black and realized that it was hazy, slightly transparent so that she could see that she was still in her room. She moved from the bed and found that she could walk around the room and still be encased in the black. And then she realized what was happening: she was in the shadows. Excitement spread throughout her body. Finally she could understand where Azriel went, how Nuala and Cerridwen got around the house unnoticed. As she approached the door, however, the black dissipated and daylight came streaming back into her consciousness. She swore at how sunny it was, was it always this bright?, and covered her eyes with her hand. But a small smile spread across her face when she realized that now she had something to have fun with.

She spent the next few days finding out how she even faded into the shadows. She learned she could summon them and she could have herself become one. They welcomed her each time, but she was still bound to her room for some reason. She could never seem to move past the doorframe, even with it open. And it was at one of these moments that Azriel peeked his head in looking for her, only to find her materialize, surrounded briefly by the inky black.

He blinked in surprise. And then a wry smile spread over his features.

“So, a fellow shadow-walker lives among us?” A sheepish look came over Elain’s features as she faced him. He strode over to her and took her hand, murmuring softly, “Finally, another to share the fun with.”

Elain gasped slightly when they faded into the shadows again, and she let him lead her past the doorway. Once they cleared the room, she stopped him and grabbed his arm.

“I haven’t been able to do that!” she whispered, giddily. He looked to her with amusement in his eyes. “Leave the room, I mean. Every time I tried, I would fade back into the room.”

“Maybe you just needed a guide,” he replied.

They walked through the House, hand in hand, in a seemingly aimless way. It wasn’t until Elain heard the voices that she realized where they were headed.

Nuala and Cerridwen were in Feyre and Rhysand’s room, arranging their freshly laundered clothes in the dresser, discussing an outfit for Feyre to wear to the Court of Nightmares. Elain realized she could see them quite clearly, it was just as if there was a dark veil in front of her eyes. Azriel curled a shadow out to catch their attention, and the twins slowly faded into better view before Elain and Azriel.

“Well, well, well,” Nuala smirked. “Look who joined the dark side.”

Cerridwen grinned. “Are you training a new spy, Az?” Elain looked to Azriel’s face to find him studying her.

“Not a spy, but I think it would be…fun to show her the secrets we know.” Cerridwen nodded and Nuala cackled.

“I suggest the Commander’s room if you’re beginning the tour,” Nuala whispered, conspiratorially. “I believe the Emissary is be there now.” Elain gasped and looked between the twins.

“So they’re really a…a thing?” she asked, looking between the twins, who both looked to Azriel, expectantly. She turned to him and poked his bicep. “Are they, Spymaster?” Azriel chuckled at her use of his official title and nodded. Joy swept through her. Finally. “Well, what’re we waiting for? Let’s go watch the drama unfold.” A slight push was all it took to get Azriel to begin leading her towards Cassian’s room.

Walking through the shadows was vaguely similar to winnowing in that there was a slight pressure surrounding her. But they were able to glide, almost as if they were swimming. Their feet were, of course, still touching the ground, but the steps they took seemed unaffected by gravity. It was glorious.

They came upon Cassian’s door and found it to be open. Azriel seemed to sigh in relief. Elain poked her head through the doorway…to find Nesta staring down the Commander. Cassian ran his finger down Nesta’s arm, slowly, until his hand found hers. Elain almost jumped for joy when her sister gripped Cass’s hand and pulled him closer to her. As Cassian whispered, “Nes,” Elain turned away, dragging Azriel with her.

“Let’s let them have that moment alone, yeah?” Azriel smirked and nodded in response. “So? What other secrets is this house hiding, Shadowsinger?”

He grinned down at her. “Have you ever wondered where Feyre gets her amazing clothes?”

Elain groaned. “Ugh, yes! Does she have a personal shopper?”

Azriel considered this and shrugged. “Sort of.”

They floated through the shadowed House and came upon a small room Elain had never even bothered to look in before. The door was open a crack and Azriel gestured for her to look. She peered into the small room to find it strewn with vibrant fabrics. There were a few mannequins in the room, each dressed in a different Night Court fashion. But the real surprise was Rhys tirelessly sewing jewels onto a large garment, a gown of some sort. Elain whipped her head around.

“No. Way.” Az nodded. “He makes all those himself?” Another nod. She turned back around a murmured under her breath, “Now that’s love.”

Azriel then lead her back to her own room.

“No other fun things happening? No one else to spy on?” Elain couldn’t help the pout that overcame her features.

“Darling, this is when the real fun begins.” Her cheeks flushed as she considered the statement. But the flush quickly turned into awe as she saw what Azriel had created with the shadows surrounding him.

He offered the dark bouquet to her and she accepted it with an enormous smile.

“How did you do that!?”

He spent the next few hours showing her, both within the darker realm and in the light, how to bend and manipulate the shadows into whatever she desired. She giggled as a small, inky cat brushed her fingertips with it’s head and gasped in awe at the recreation of Starfall Azriel had created above their heads. With ever smile she let spread across her face, Azriel created even more dark wonders. When he left to get ready for dinner, she repaid him by blowing a small, black heart from the palm of her hand to his chest, and grinned when a blush creeped over his tan cheeks.

They ate dinner with the rest of the Circle, both sharing conspiratorial looks whenever Nesta and Cassian touched or when Mor agonized over Feyre’s most recent spectacular outfit. Elain chose a seat next to Azriel, so no one really noticed when she curled her own shadows around her fingers. 

That night, she decided to test out her newfound abilities. She wandered through the House, creating small shadow-butterflies and sending them into the dark, sending a few flowers beneath Azriel’s door. But she was happiest the next morning when she awoke to find her favorite project had accomplished what she had wished. 

“Azriel, you inconsiderate Illyrian! How dare you spy on me in the middle of the night!” Elain could hear Amren shouting from her own room. She giggled silently at Azriel’s reply.

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I was working with Rhys on something last night.”

Elain heard the smack.

“Don’t you lie to me! I saw the shadow of your fucking wings on my wall!”

Elain was smiling to herself when Azriel knocked on her door. 

“Good morning, Spymaster.”

“I didn’t realize a sweet girl like you liked to play pranks.” She spotted his small smile and the gleam in his eyes.

“Maybe I’m not as sweet as you think.” A laugh burst from his lips. “By the way,” she trailed her hand up to his, “what were you working on with Rhys?”

He stilled briefly. “Nothing.”

“Oh, so that wasn’t you asking him for sewing lessons?” 

Clueless (ft. BTS’ Yoongi)

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Genre: Pure fluff

Pairing: YoongixReader

Summary: Yoongi tries to celebrate your birthday with you for the first time since you started dating less than a year ago, but he realizes that even after spending so much time with you he was still so clueless.

Words: 1,774 (did not proofread)

You set down your bag on chair as you shrugged off your jacket, eyeing Yoongi’s back as he frantically stirred a small pot of soup and stabbed the sizzling steak with a kitchen thermometer that you didn’t even think he had in his apartment. You chortled, the telltale sign of your incoming snarky remarks. “What IS up, Min Yoongi-ssi? Why the candles and this—you’re cooking for me?”

“Sh-Shut up, you’re the one who kept on whining about how I can cook for Jimin and not for you.” And you would have wholeheartedly agreed with him if he hadn’t stuttered. Instead, you laughed in response and hovered behind him, trying to peek over his back until he finally turned to you with an annoyed look on his face. “Why are you here so early anyway?”

You shrugged, looking at the full sink before proceeding to arrange the pile of dishes at the very least. “It’s my birthday. If I hadn’t been stubborn, my boss would’ve given me the day off.”

“Ya, ya stop that. Go sit down on the table.” He scolded, distressed by the fact that you were trying to help him.

“Can I at least light the candles and pour some wine?” you sneered and he rolled his eyes all while carefully scooping soup into bowls. “Where did my flowers-are-such-a-waste-of-money Yoongi go?”

“I know it’s cheesy, don’t rub it in. I’m trying to be nice.” He scolded, walking in to find you struggling with the corkscrew. He wordlessly took it from you and before you could protest, he was already unscrewing the cork ‘til it came off with a pop. He poured wine into the glasses before returning to the kitchen to assemble the steak. You began lighting the tealights with a kitchen lighter.

“I didn’t date you because you were nice, love.” You remarked so nonchalantly that you didn’t even see Yoongi’s bright red ears. “But thank you, I appreciate that you’re making an effort. I hope this is not because it’s the first time?”

“It is because it’s the first time. Don’t expect to get any special treatment next year.” He grumbled as he finally came in with his finished plate. You were about to tease him by asking about how is he so sure that you’ll still be together by your next birthday, but he set the food down in front of you and you immediately gasped.

The steak looked scrumptious with perfectly cooked shrimp on top and asparagus on the side. “Are you sure you cooked this and not just heated it up?”

He gave you a bored look and you laughed. “I’m kidding! Christ, but you do know that…” you hesitated, your now less playful gaze looking at the shrimp on your plate and then his curious eyes. “…I’m kinda allergic to shrimp, right?”

If Yoongi had been paying any less attention, he would have dropped his knife and fork. “What?”

“I told you this! Remember when we went to Palawan and the boys kept wanting to eat seafood? I told you that my lips swell when I eat too much.” You laughed it off, placing a piece of shrimp in your mouth as if to prove a point. You chewed gleefully, the garlicky taste bouncing off your palates.

“I… It slipped my mind, I guess. You’re gonna be okay?” he asked, looking at you eating another piece.

“There’re like four pieces of shrimp on my plate. I can honestly eat more.” You blabbered while cutting your steak. “Oooh… medium rare! The best way to eat steak’—“ Yoongi was already hiding a proud smile until you said, “or so they say, I like my steak medium well though.” You held up a hand and said, “I know, yuck, but I like steak period. I’m pretty sure I could eat it rare.”

If you hadn’t noticed Yoongi pouting from before, you could see it clearly now. “Don’t pout, sweetie. You did well!”

“Please tell me you at least like the wine.” He muttered dejectedly.

You sigh. “I don’t want to upset you, but I know you don’t like lying… I’m not a huge fan of red wine. I like white wine better.”

He was quiet, only the sound of you two cutting up the food was heard in the air, and you were afraid you spoiled the mood. “Your doenjang jjigae is a killer though!” You slurped the soup in a very unladylike manner and let out a subdued squeal as the warm soup trickled down your throat.

Now, it was his turn to sigh. You reached over the table to place your hand in his. “Are you sulking?”


You laughed hysterically and Yoongi couldn’t help lighten up because of your infectious aura. Yoongi let himself get distracted by you animatedly describing how you caught your co-workers trying to decorate your desk for your birthday and he, in turn, told you that he got this whole idea from BTS’ resident cheesy couple, Jin and Namjoon. Before you knew it, he was already clearing the plates from the table and you were blowing out the tealights.

You watched him trying very hard to discreetly take the cake out from the fridge and light the candle on it but ultimately failing because you teased him, “I want my cake. Can’t you go any faster, grandpa?”

Yoongi sighed exasperatedly, giving up on trying to hide the chocolate cake from you. “Go change in the room or something first.”

Without thinking much, you went into his room, which was practically yours too because of the sheer amount of time you spend in his apartment, to grab some clothes and wash your face but then you saw the array of things placed on his bed.

Yoongi heard you scream and he rushed into his room, cake knife still in hand.

“Did you get me all of these?” you gestured wildly at the vast merchandise.

He was genuinely confused at your reaction before nodding slowly, “…yeah?”


“It’s your birthday.”

“So your best idea for a gift is… everything?” you were doing the math in your head because you were pretty sure you saw a new iPhone, a Gucci box and three make-up palettes at first glance. Not to mention the huge teddy bear sitting on a different chair and all the other things that filled up almost his whole bed.

He spoke after a long minute, finally confessing, “I… didn’t know what to get you, so I got everything.”

“This… This is too much, Yoongi!” you exclaimed, disbelief coming out of your mouth in the form of laughter. “I don’t need all of these. I know you’re rich as fuck, but… I just don’t want you spending your money on me like this.”

He was pouting again, so you stepped closer and took his free hand. “Promise me you’ll let me return some of these stuff?”

Though it was embarrassing to concede on his end, he just nodded just because he was fully convinced that the night can’t go any worse. You brought a hand up to caress his cheek, before giving him a peck on the lips. “Thank you. Now, go get me my cake. I’m just going to wash my face. You won’t run when you see my bare face again, right?”

“You wouldn’t even see me.” He smirked before turning around. Even though he didn’t see, you rolled your eyes and changed into an oversized shirt and shorts before washing your face.

When you went into living room and dining area again, everything was dark save from the tealights and candles on the cake.  You grabbed the seat so that you could sit right beside him. You nudged his shoulders and then his thighs with yours, silently teasing him for the cheesy gesture.

“I’m too into this whole plan already to back out, so might as well see it through.” He removed his cap and ruffled through his hair, finally turning to you to look you properly in the eye. The warm lighting from the flickering candles softened his features, any harsh lines that might have been there before were all blended into this soft picture. He smiled, tucking a stray lock of hair behind your ear and said sincerely, raspy voice and all, “Happy birthday, Y/N.”

You returned his smile, silently rejoicing that the dim lighting somewhat hid your stained cheeks. “Thank you.” You murmured before blowing the candles out on your cake.

Immediately after, with only the tealights guiding you, you tugged Yoongi’s shirt and crashed your lips with his. He was caught off guard and you smirked because that was your intention, but he immediately regained control. He traced your arm from the fist that grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled you so that you were sitting on his lap. Your knuckles relaxed as you sighed into the kiss, opening your mouth for him and wrapping your arms around his neck. His tongue pushed past your lips and clashed with yours, exploring you, tasting you as he pulled you closer with one arm around your waist and the other around your shoulders. He continued kissing you languidly, only pulling away when he finally earned a whimper from you.

You pressed your forehead against his, his breath mingling with your soft pants. “I guess your wish came true.” He whispered against your ear.

You giggled, belatedly realizing how cutesy you sounded, “You wish, you arrogant prick. I wished for something else.”

Yoongi pulled away to look at you. “What more can you possibly want?”

“I wished for my clueless boyfriend to actually know who I am and what I really want.” You answered with a pacifying tone.

“Well, what do you want?” You could almost hear the words, ’I’m offended’ from his question.

“You. I already have you. You’re the biggest give that life has given me, what more can I possibly want?” you smiled, finally indulging him with a genuine remark.

You saw the familiar smirk spread on his lips until it escalated to a proud grin that he can no longer hide. “Good.”

“I actually want one more thing.”


“But you see… The bed is occupied.”

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Love Hurts

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Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluffiness, wedding, happiness, angst, sadness, someone can’t have me!!!

Word Count: 732

Summary: Sam can only watch as Y/n gives the rest of her life to him…

A/N: Ok, more angst with Samuel…did it from his POV, which was strange, but I feel like it’s worked out ok… Hope u like it!! Also, shout out to my awesome hoe @wayward-mirage​​ for reading this over and making sure it flowed!! Ur awesome!!

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My breath was taken away as soon as she began walking down the aisle.

God, she looked stunning.

The white dress. 

The way it made her skin shine. 

The flowers in her hands, making her eyes glimmer more than usual.

It was everything about her. Every little thing that I had fallen in love with.

And watching her walking down the aisle, Cas walking along side her, his own smile wide and bright, I couldn’t help the way my heart raced.

Our eyes connected for a few seconds, and I could swear, in that moment, I was done.

I knew she’d be the one I loved till the end of time.

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***Sorry it’s going up so late babes. Work has my sleep schedule all fucked up so this is when I’m up 😅 Hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for being so patient guys. 💕***

“See you tonight babe.”

Chibs smiled warmly and leaned forward to kiss you’ his lips soft and gentle against yours. His hand made its way down to your tummy where he ran the tips of his fingers along the growing lump there. You were 5 months and we’re looking unmissable pregnant, the growing baby within you front and center now. Chibs continued to run his finders along your clothed stomach while he spoke to it.

“You keep still tonight now ya wee thing? I don’t wanna hear any more about this kicking at 2 am business.”

His voice was stern as he spoke and you couldn’t help but giggle, his brows up in his serious face.

“You let your mom sleep.”

He looked up from your tummy and settled his eyes on you once more.

“I’ll be back in the morning lass. I wish I could stay with you for the night but Jackie really needs us down at the clubhouse for church. It’s gonna be a long one. Don’t wait up, just get some sleep. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

You smiled with a nod and leaned up to kiss him once more, hands on his shoulders as you did.

“I will. Now head out. You’re gonna be late.”

You man nodded and turned from you, walking to the front door and grabbing his keys before opening it and walking out. You stayed at the doorway to see him out but he shook his head, motioning for you to go back inside.

“Stay in there. Lock everything up.”

With a roll of your eyes and a scoff, you reluctantly agreed and stepped back into the house, closing the door softly and locking it behind you as the rumble of his bike hit your ears. You stepped back I to the kitchen and looked around, trying to find something to do. It was late, but you weren’t tired and the last thing you wanted was to be stuck in this house bored. Realizing it was Thursday, you figured you might as well get the laundry done early and get a head start. Heading into the garage, you switched on the light and walked towards the washer and dryer, pulling the hamper towards you. You pulled out the whites and tossed them into the washer, trying towards the colored hamper when you noticed the side door was completely wide open.

You stood up and looked at it, knowing for sure that you hadn’t left it open, and you knew Chibs wouldn’t have left it open either. As you walked closer to it, you noticed the lock was bend and scratched, the door clearly having been forced open. Your stomach dropped and you spun around, planning to look around the garage quickly before getting inside and calling Chibs. You didn’t get the chance though as you bumped into a chest the moment you turned around. A sharp gasp flew from your mouth but that was all you had the chance to get out before a cloth was pressed against your mouth and nose. You struggled against the arms that suddenly wound themselves around you and tried desperately not to breathe but as your lungs began to burn, you lost and sucked in a breath. It didn’t take long for your eyes to start to feel heavy, your body going limo in the arms of whoever was holding you, faint Irish accents in the background.


You groaned as you opened your eyes, the darkness and new surroundings leaving you feeling confused. In time, your eyes adjusted and you looked around, an empty room all around you. There were no windows and only one heavy looking metal door. That was basically it as far as the rest of the rooms contents. The only other things were the mattress your were currently laying on and a tray next to it on the floor, on it a bottle of water and a bag of Burger King. You subconsciously placed a hand in your tummy, some comfort coming from feeling your child. You didn’t feel any pain, no headache or soreness. You pulled back the blanket that someone had laid over your body and looked over your body as well as you could in the darkness, and didn’t see anything wrong. It was clear that they hadn’t been rough with you when they’d taken you but you knew better than to think they weren’t a threat.

You didn’t know what time it was, no sense of knowing how long your been unconscious or how long you’d been away. Was it the next day? Was it still night? Had Chibs come home yet? Did he know you were gone? There were a multitude of questions running through your kind and you didn’t have an answer for any of them. You kept your hand on your tummy and stood from the mattress, looking around the room for anything that could give you some answers. Last you had heard, the Irish and the club were ok. Not friends, but not beefing enough to where they would take you. For all you knew though, there were things you hadn’t been told yet with how hectic everything had been. You continued to look around and noticed a red light in the corner of the room. As you got closer, you saw it was a surveillance camera and you figured that someone, somewhere, was watching you.

Your stomach grumbles loudly and you realized then just how hungry you were. You figured it must have been a good couple of hours that you’d been here and you softly brought yourself to sit back down on the mattress, grabbing the bag of fast food and opening it up before scarfing everyone down, even the cold fries tasting delicious in your hunger. The sound of the metal door being unlocked from the outside hit your ears and your eyes widened. You braced yourself for whatever was going to happen and dropped the fry from your mouth into your lap. The door swung open and you shivered at the eerie sound of the squeezing metal. As it opened fully, it revealed a handsome older man, clean shaven with short white hair and wearing an expensive looking suit. He smiled warmly as you made eye contact but your face stayed stoic, not wanting to give him anything. He didn’t let that bother him though and kept his smile.

“Hi sweetheart. How’re you feeling?”

You shrugged and put another fry in your mouth, your other hand subconsciously making its way down to your bump again. His voice was Irish as well but you knew he wasn’t one of the voiced you had heard before when you were taken.

“I’m fine.”

The man nodded and smiled warmly again.

“That’s good. I’m glad to hear that. I made sure my boys knew to be careful with you. I didn’t want anything happening to you.”

The statement confused you for a second, not understanding how your wellbeing could be important for him. He was obviously the one that had set this whole thing up, which meant he was the one that probably had all the answers.

“Why did you kidnap me?”

He nodded softly as he heard your question, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back against the wall in front of you.

“We only took you for leverage lass. We’re not here to hurt you. SAMCRO has been doing business with us and they haven’t exactly been keeping their word or their side of the bargain for that matter. I’ve reached out to Jackson a bit and I haven’t seemed to get a r spouse that I want so I figured I would have to go about this in a different way. Do something that would get everyone’s attention and leave them with no choice in coming to meet with me. They come down here to talk, then they get to take you back with them. Simple exchange. Very beneficial for both them, and I. And you as well of course. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

It made sense now why you’d been treated relatively well. This wasn’t really about you. You were just a piece in the puzzle. Plus the man seemed to know both the club and Jax well, so he must have known that any damage you wasn’t going to help his cause. You were simply there to gain their attention. Your only fear was what may happen if Jax didn’t do whatever it was that they wanted. They already knew where you lived. You took a deep breathe and tried to steady yourself, not wanting to get worked up and worried over something that may not even happen.

You nodded, more to yourself than him, put the cold food down, scooting further back in the bed as you waited to see what else he was going to say. He reached into the inside of his suit jacket and pulled out s burner, handing it over towards you.

“You can go ahead and call Filip up if you would please. The sooner we get this business deal settled, the sooner we can get your lovely self back home.”

You looked up slightly as you heard your old man’s name, this guy clearly being very familiar with the club. Reaching forward, you took the burner from his hand and flipped it open, starting to dial Chibs number. You hit the green dial and held it up to your ear, the man giving you another bit of information.

“I’m Galen by the way. Make sure you mention that.”

You nodded and sighed as you heard Chibs pick up on the second ring.

“Lass? Where are you?! Are you alright?”

You smiled softly, missing his voice.

“I’m ok baby. I’m fine. I don’t know where I am though. I’m with Galen. He has me-”

You didn’t get the chance to finish before Gaelic swearing began to flood into the phone. Even Galen could hear it from his place and couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.

“He wanted you guys to come down…where ever I am and settle some business. He said once you do that, then I can go.”

Galen nodded silently and you could hear Chibs sigh, Jax’s hushed voice in the background.

“Pass Galen the phone, Darlin’.”

Pulling the phone away from your ear, you handed it over to Galen.

“It’s Jax.”

He walked close to you and took the phone from your hand, pressing it to his ear now.

“Hello Jackson. I’d say I have your attention now yeah?”

The two continued to speak but you weren’t totally listening, a sudden tiredness coming over you. Maybe it came from the ease of knowing he didn’t plan on hurting you, or maybe from the fact that you knew you wouldn’t have to be there much longer. Regardless, you struggled to listen to the rest of the conversation, Galen seeing you battle sleep.

“We’ll speak more when you get here Jackson.”

With that, he flipped closed the phone and tucked it back into his suit.

“Why don’t you go ahead and try to get some sleep love. You look exhausted.”

Despite wanting to wait around for Chibs to get here, you couldn’t stop yawning and finally gave in, laying back in the mattress. Galen smiled and turned away from you, heading towards the door.

“Sorry for keeping you locked in here love. It’s just to make sure you stay put. I’ll have someone bring you some tea in a little.”

With that, he pulled open the door and stepped out of it, closing it behind him, the loud metal clang being heard from the outside and he slid the lock closed. You sighed softly and closed your eyes, hoping it wouldn’t be too long before Chibs got here.


“I wanna see her!”

Your head shot up as you heard your Old Man’s voice shouting from somewhere on the other side of the door. You could hear a slight commotion going on before it settled, no doubt Jax actively trying to calm him down. You could hear footsteps and then the lock on the door was sliding open again. The door swung inside and then there stood Chibs along with Jax, Juice, Bobby and Opie. They all breathed out a heavy sigh of relief once their eyes fell on you, seeing that you were still in one piece and seemingly fine. Galen cleared his throat and then motioned for them to walk back out, his men keeping a close eye on the Sons.

“Now you’ve seen her. As I said, she’s fine. Now let’s go and discuss these new business ventures so you can get her back home.”

Chibs shook his head and took a step towards you.

“I’m taking her home now.”

The unmistakable sound of a gun cocking had him stand still though. Galen’s voice was still calm but now had an slight edge to it.

“I said, that once we settled this little issue of ours, that then you could have her back and take her home. That was the deal. Those are the rules. Leave her here and when we’re finished, you all get to leave together.”

Chibs clenched his jaw tightly, the muscle in his cheek twitching as you looked at each other. You nodded softly, showing him that you were ok and for him to go. A couple more mi Utes here wasn’t going to hurt.


He hesitated a second, clearly wanting to remove you from the situation as quickly as possible. But under these circumstances, he was going to have to play by Galen’s rules. So with a sharp breath sucked through his teeth, Chibs backed away from you and went to stand back in his original place.

“Fine. Let’s get this shite done so I can take my wife home.”

The anger and hatred in Chibs’s voice was unmistakable, his hands clenched into fists at his sides. Galen didn’t see, bothered by it in the least though, that same smile making its way back to his face.

“Aye, well let’s talk then. The quicker we finish, the quicker you can get the lass home.”


“Are you sure you’re alright?”

You rolled your eyes with a chuckle and nodded once again.

“For the hundredth time, yes Chibs, I’m fine.”

He nodded but still wasn’t convinced, putting on your seatbelt after he put you in the van and the. Proceeding to look over your arms and legs. He searched over your whole body to see if he could find any wound or bruise but came up empty. You pursed your lips and tilted your head to the side with a smirk.

“See? I’m fine.”

He nodded reluctantly and let his hands drop off of your arms, letting out a sigh.

“I was so fucking worried. I got home and everything was so quiet. I looked all around for you and you weren’t anywhere. I saw the laundry basket gone so I figured you were in the garage. My heart stopped when I saw the side door broken open. I thought…I though…”

He couldn’t even bring himself to finish the sentence and you smiled, grabbing his face in your hands and bringing his head forward to press a kiss to his forehead. You kissed him once more in each of his scars and then looked into his eyes.

“Whatever you thought, it didn’t happen. I’m here and I’m safe. I’m ok. Everything’s ok.”

He nodded and blew out a breath, relaxing into your touch, his hands immediately reaching down for your tummy.

“At least you were there to keep mommy company huh?”

You smiled softly and nodded.

“Yes he was. And he even let me sleep.”

Chibs grinned and winked at your stomach, holding a thumbs up.

“That’s my boy.”

The two of you shared one last kiss before Juice came over and tapped on the side of the van softly.

“You guys ready?”

The both of you nodded and Chibs patted your thigh.

“Juicey’s gonna take you home, I’ll follow you two. Then we’ll make a nice dinner together, how’s that sound?”

Your eyes lit up and you smiled, nodding eagerly.

“Sounds good to me.”

dating Kim Seokjin would include

▸829 words | fluff

© (photo credit)

- Once he realized he liked you, it didn’t take long for him to ask you out.

- “You wanted to date me so bad”

- “Oh, please”

- “Yeah, that’s what I thought, you’re welcome”

- Actting silly together when you are around the other members.

- Calling each other by ridiculous pet names, especially if they annoy whoever is around you.

- “What would you like to drink, my fluffy butterflly?”

- “An iced mocha, my supreme burrito”

- “Why do I keep coming out with the two of you?”

- “Oh, my syrup filled pancake, the child is talking to himself again”

- Him sending you pictures of himself and his pets.

- Good morning and good night texts.

- Him taking care you; even when he is not around.

- “Have you eaten yet?”

- “Don’t be mad, but no”

- “I have a bit of free time, grab something and video call me so we can eat together”

- “It’s dawn where you’re at, Jin”

- “Video call me, woman”

- Hearing complains of the other members but you can tell how much he loves them by the tone of his voice.

- Tells you about his insecurities.

- Vents about his pent up frustrations.

- “Sometimes I wish I could go away for a while”

- “Come to me when you feel that way”

- Going out for drinks late at night and getting a little tipsy; which means many giggles and silly jokes.

- Laughing with him because of his contagious laugh.

- Acting playful.

- Tickle fights, staring contests, trying to make the other laugh.

- “Those two never act their age”

- “Yah, that’s what’s maintaining us looking this way!”

- Scaring him all the time because he is easily startled.

- Him getting you flowers or chocolates just because he felt like getting you something.

- He likes to take you on dates, principally when there is food involved.

- Coffe dates, dinner dates, breakfast dates.

- “There is this new restaurant nearby I want to try”

- “I swear all the two of you do is eat”

- “Good thing I’m not dating you, but Y/N”

- Polaroids!

- Constantly changes your phone background to a picture of himself.

- “Jin, did you take my phone while I went to the bathroon?”

- “No~

- “Then how is it that your face is suddenly the first thing I see when I turn on my phone?”

- “I guess your phone likes to be worldwide handsome as well”

- So much aegyo.

- “You’re so cute I feel like punching you on the face”

- “Please don’t, it would be a world catastrophe”

- Likes to hold your hand or have his arm around you.

- Doesn’t kiss you on the lips when the younger members are around.

- Unexpected kisses.

- Forhead, hair, hand, nose and cheek kisses.

- When you are alone it’s either very pasionate or very sweet and gentle.

- Holds you tight when your kisses deepen.

- Gets nostalgic whenever he needs to go away for some time.

- “I will miss you so much”

- “It’s only for a few weeks, Jin”

- “Yes, but that’s too long of a withdrawal of this handsome face”

- “I think I’ll manage”

- Cooks for you from time to time because he likes to hear you compliment him.

- Buying items for matching outfits.

- Often lents you his sweaters/sweatshirts because he is entertained by how big they look on you.

- “It looks like your sweater is eating me alive”

- “Adorable, you mean”

- Taking you snowboarding.

- Going on small improvised hollidays.

- Or long car rides.

- “This is just what I needed”

- “To come to the beach for a day”

- “No, you for a day”

- Conforting him when he is sad or tired.

- Him burring his face on your neck or hair and holding you tightly.

- Laying your head on his shoulders during back hugs.

- Having long, serious talks while holding each other.

- Him staring at you.

- “Do I have something on my face?”

- “No, I just enjoy looking at you”

- Obliviously careses your arms or plays with the ends of your hair.

- Plans surprises for special ocations.

- “What is this?”

- “Are you surprised?”

- “I thought you forgot it was my birthday”

- “How dare you even mutter those words”

- He doesn’t usually express his emotions with words, more so with actions.

- But when he talks about his feelings it’s almost like he is making up for all the time he doesn’t.

- “Thank you”

- “For what?”

- “For being with me, for loving me”

- “Jin –“

- “Thank you for finding me”

- Him perpetually trying to make you happy.

- You taking care of him and making him feel loved. 

| namjoon | seokjin | jungkook | jimin | taehyung | yoongi

theelderswear  asked:

Idk if this is the kind of headcanon you want… but James Potter putting his glasses on and off multiple times and telling Snape he looks better with the glasses off.

(( OOC: Well, this turned out longer than intended… ))

For the second time that day, James Potter stumbled forehead-first into his friend. Remus Lupin reeled back, rubbing at yet another lump starting to swell underneath his tawny hair.


“Sorry! Wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“That’s because you can’t bloody see.”

James smiled sheepishly at Remus’s left ear, eyes unfocused.

“Why the hell haven’t you got your glasses on?”

“I see better with them off.”

Remus stared without blinking, either from total bemusement or his impending concussion. Before he could come up with a suitable scolding, James had winked at him (or rather, he may have been squinting as a result of his the impaired vision) and skipped away, knocking over a lampshade as he went.

- - - -

Later that afternoon, the situation had not improved.

“Prongs, those are beetle wings, not dragonfly wings.” Remus swatted his friend’s hand away from their cauldron before the entire thing went up in flames.

“Right you are. Well spotted, Moony.”

Remus huffed. From across the Potions classroom, Snape sneered. “Interesting to find your lack of talent in potions is in no way worsened by your blindness, Potter.”

Remus frowned. He peered at James and the smug grin he was hiding, and hissed under his breath. “Does the fact you’ve mysteriously lost your glasses have anything to do with Snape, at all?”

“I never said I lost my glasses, Remus. I know exactly where they are.”

As Remus spluttered, James raised his voice. “Does anyone else hear that? I swear I can hear this horrible farting sound…”

The classroom snickered. Snape glared. “Probably the sound of your brain trying to work properly, I’d say.”

“There it is again! Gosh, I wish I could see where it was coming from…”

Snape growled, opening his mouth to retort back. As he did, James pressed his palms to his mouth, blowing a loud, wet raspberry. The classroom vibrated with suppressed giggles. Snape kicked back his chair, storming over to stand in front of the desk James and Remus shared. He pulled a pair of glasses out of his robes, slamming them down on the aged wood.

“There. See if that solves your hearing problem.”

James wiped the glasses clean on his robe, carefully placing them back on the bridge of his nose. As he looked up at Snape, eyes finally focused, he gave a blood-curdling scream and toppled backwards off his chair. 

“My eyes! My eyes!”

Remus leap to his feet in horror, convinced Snape had cursed the glasses somehow. James tore the glasses off his face and threw them across the room, panting heavily.

“Merlin, Snivellus… have you always that ugly?”

The classroom roared with laughter. James wiped his brow in such a way it was clear he had been taking lessons in dramatics off of Sirius.

“I think I’ll leave the glasses off for the time being, thanks.”

Snape turned purple. Remus sighed.

the art of the emoji

this came out of a conversation with @mryddinwilt about the slight suggestiveness of the selfie emoji in relation to another one and turned into her coming up with a brilliant headcanon about Killian and emojis that became a “write the thing” sooooo here’s the thing!

David liked to think he was a cool dad—a fun dad. Being the same age, at least physically, as your daughter tended to help that. But every now and then, there did prove to be a generational gap, likely due to most of his memories of the modern world coming from the mid-1980s.

He was filing his reports on a quiet afternoon when a glance into Emma’s office showed her ignoring her own paperwork in favor of texting away on her phone. She had a smile on her face, which generally should make a father happy; but knowing who was likely on the other end of those messages—and not being sure of their content, given Emma’s wry smirk as she read and replied—made his protective father senses tingle. 

(Also: damn millennials, always on their phones! With their selfies and their sexting and their tweeting!)

Emma barked out a laugh, shook her head, and then finally set the phone down before getting up and heading out toward the restroom. (At least she didn’t bring her phone in there.)

From where she left it, her phone vibrated with another text notification, making an awful loud racket against the metal of her desk. It made David jump and his hand fly to his holstered gun, but once he realized what it was, he relaxed and went back to work. But not a minute later, it happened again. 

Well, that was too annoying to leave be, because odds were that whoever was sending the frequent messages would again, especially if it was who he thought it was.

Quietly, he got up and slipped into her office. He picked up her phone to put it on a stack of papers, when it vibrated in his hands as another message rolled in. Curiosity got the best of him as he glanced at the sender; it was Hook, of course. But did he really want to know what they were discussing?
Of course he did. 

He scrolled to the first missed message and his eyebrows shot up to his hairline:


What the hell did that mean? Was that a euphemism? What kind of strawberry was being licked?

He had a better idea what the next one meant—


—and he didn’t want to hear commentary on anyone’s melons.
He nearly dropped the phone on the last one:


Nope. Nope. He definitely knew what that one meant and he knew he’d seen way too much now. He shouldn’t have looked; what was he thinking? But he just kept staring in horror at that eggplant and didn’t even hear the footsteps until Emma was right in front of him.

“Dad? What are you doing with my phone?” she demanded, sounding way too much like a teenage girl for David’s comfort. 

“I…it was…I just…”

Emma grabbed the phone from his hand as he stammered and she glanced at the screen. Then, to his surprise, she laughed. “You read these, didn’t you?” she asked in a teasing tone. 

“Wish I hadn’t,” he muttered back.”

She giggled. “Not that it’s any of your business what my husband and I discuss, but we weren’t sexting.”

“Could have fooled me,” he scoffed. “I know what those emojis mean.”

“You do, but Killian doesn’t.”

“You really expect me to believe that?” That man was the king of innuendo—there was no way he was ignorant to the meaning of the eggplant emoji. 

“Here, look,” she said, unlocking the screen to show David the conversation. “He uses emojis literally; he’s grocery shopping right now.” One of the messages prior to the string of images did mention the store, but…he wasn’t convinced. 

“I don’t buy it.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “This one means the strawberries taste good,” she explained, pointing to the first, “and this one means he managed to get two cantaloupes,” she continued. 

“And the eggplant?” he asked accusingly. 

“It means they’re ripe.” David just stared at her; she didn’t really think she could fool him, did she? “If you don’t believe me, then why don’t you guys come over tonight. Killian’s making eggplant parm.”

“I might just take you up on that.”


A few hours later, at the table in Emma and Killian’s kitchen, David had to admit defeat: that was the best eggplant he’d had in ages. 

“I told you,” Emma teased as she took his dish away. 

“Yeah, yeah,” he conceded, but it looked like the verbose pirate was indeed ignorant to the suggestive language of emojis; the generation gap was no match for one of over a century. If dinner wasn’t proof enough, what happened next, as Killian was bringing out dessert, certainly was.
Hook set the bowl—filled with fruit salad—on the table, and glanced over Emma’s shoulder while she was again texting away. His brow furrowed as he read her screen, and he had to ask the question. 

“Swan, why are you talking to Ruby about my peaches?”

some humor for your Sunday, friends: @kat2609 @thesschesthair @xpumpkindumplingx @optomisticgirl @fergus80 @shipsxahoy (thanks for looking over it!) @its-like-a-story-of-love @fairytalesandtimetravel @cocohook38 @ive-always-been-a-pirate @laschatzi @kmomof4 @annytecture and everyone!

Surprises - Alexander Skarsgard  x Reader

Title: Surprises

Pairing: Alexander Skarsgard x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: None

Prompts: Can I please make a request?YN and Alex met on set of True Blood,where she played his sister,and have been together ever since.I just want him happy and ridiculously in love :)

but can you imagine dad stellan playing matchmaker to his son Alexander amd YN who’s his co star? I know Alex is super sure of himself guy, but I’d love to him stuttering and being super adorkable when he meets her because it’s love at first sight for him

Alex and his gf YN(who’s also an actress) are giving an interview and she surprises him by speaking in perfect swedish ,and he can’t stop the cute/adorable awe look he give her

“Welcome, welcome Alexander! It’s so great to have you here!” Conan said with a smile and the man nodded his head with a smile of his own.

“It’s actually amazing to be here as well with you Conan, my wife is a great fan of yours! She always watches the show when she’s not working or is very busy.” Alexander said with a smirk.

“And you don’t?” he asked seriously and fake offended.

“Well I’m- I’m pretty busy…?”

“Are you asking me?” Conan didn’t miss the chance to tease him and Alexander along with the audience laughed.

“No, no.” Alexander laughed, shaking his head “But- but I am the one that has to find everything she’s craving for all the time and it’s not easy to usually obtain it!” Alexander chuckled.

“Baby Skarsgard is really keeping you fit then?” Conan laughed and he nodded his head with the smile.

“Absolutely, it cares about daddy’s fitness I am sure!” he shrugged with a smile “But, sharing a fun fact, most of the time when my wife is watching the show the baby actually kicks!”

“He’s a fan too? Why, I am very flattered! So you- you’re the unfaithful one? I’ll remember it!” he narrowed his eyes at the actor before actually laughing “Also, thank you to your wife! I’m a great fan of her movies and shows as well!”

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Slow Burn - Part 4

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count:  2,826

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Come here.” Dean gently grabs your hand. He pulls you out of the kitchen and down the hall into a bedroom and closes the door.

“Let me see your phone, sweetheart.”

You hand it over and Dean enters his number then calls himself.

“There.” He says with a smile.

“I hate to rush this but I have to go.” He pulls you into a tight hug. He gives you a quick kiss and then rests his forehead on yours.

“Can I see you again soon?” Dean wonders sounding unsure of himself. Crazy boy.

“Um. I’d fucking hope so. We’re engaged.” You smirk.

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“Smile Keepers” Orphanage

Grandpa Grey: “Back in the day, this mansion was an orphanage…”Smile Keepers” was the name of it. Ohhhhh how much I loved to come here and play! You could hear kids laughing miles away! … They had the best pudding in the world…mmm I can still taste it…and then, one day, no more pudding…”

Nathanael: “ What happened?”

Luka: “You ate it all, grand-pere Gris?” *giggling*

Misha: “ Luka!” *said with a scolding tone of voice”

Grandpa Grey: “ I wish!” *smiling and looking at Luka* “I still remember, that day was very quiet…the gate was closed, locked…there was even a DO NOT ENTER signboard… laughter was replaced with a sorrow.”

Misha: “Why?” *interrupting him* “What happened to the children?”

Grandpa Grey: “ They said it was some virus…no one survived. What a tragedy! We were all in mourning, in disbelief… Then the stories came…some say they can hear kids laughing, some say they can even see them…” *looks at kids whose eyes are wide open, absorbing every word he says* “I see sparkles of curiosity in your eyes, my children, but some things are better to stay what they are - a story, a myth…”  


accent | stiles stilinski

Originally posted by gifs-of-stiles

prompt: 89- “your accent it adorable”

request: reader has an aussie accent and can you make it like mild smut!!! like her accent turns him on!?!?!

first days are always the worst, especially when it’s your senior year and your starting off at a new school in a completely different country. you have to find a new group of friends, new set of goals, new career path.

and that’s what i was experiencing right now

to start of my day i was extremely late, i slept through my alarm and the hot water system had been shut off and on top of that my car refused to turn over

so that brings me to now rushing through the hall trying to find my chemistry class as the second bell has well and truly rung, i approach the door and swing it open all eyes darting to me

“fuck” i cuss realising it was aloud and not in my head, the teacher jolts up staring at me “you must be miss (y/l/n) i nod brushing my hair out of my face

“yes im terrible sorry, is this mr harris’s class?” he nods the class whispering amongst themselves “well thank you for finally making an appearance miss-” he pauses and i fill him in ”(y/l/n)“

he glances at me annoyed “yes- why don’t you take a seat next to mr stilinski, so we can finally start the lesson” i nod nervousness bubbling up inside me

my eyes dart around the class room trying to find the boy as to whom am supposed to be sitting with, i spot a brunette toward the back flailing around in panic

there was an empty seat next to him so i briskly walk toward the desk “stilinski?” he nods giving me a thumbs up “bloody hell” I mumble slipping into my seat

the teacher breaks us off into pairs to do the experiment, meaning myself and this tall brunette were going to be working together

i turn to face him “my names (y/n), by the way” he’s stares at me like he cannot believe the words coming out of my mouth. i giggle to myself blushing

“and you must be?” he snaps out of his haze sitting upright combing his fingers through his hair “stiles- stilinski” i nod

“stiles stilinski huh?” i muse intrigued by the name “oh lord Jesus” he mutters and i furrow my eyebrows in confusing “something wrong?” he shakes his head

“no it’s just i uh- your accent is adorable” i chuckle looking away then back to the boy realising he isn’t joking “oh your serious?” i say shocked

“god yes- i wish you could hear yourself speak it’s honestly driving me crazy” i smirk at the cute boy wiggling closer to him “oh really?”

he swallows clearing his throats as i edge closer to him “yeah uh yeah really-” he tears his gaze from me and tries to focus on the teacher scribbling instructions on the board.

“you never heard an australian accent?” i tease brushing my arm against his.

he taps his pen against the desk trying to distract himself but i place my hand over his “you okay?” he nods bringing the pen up to his lips

“yeah im just stressed it’s been a long week” i nod “how can i help you?” he sighs shaking his head “release my stress? i have no idea”

i light lickers in my brain and i found myself smirking as i lower my hand off the table and under the desk, placing my hand on the boys thigh

he jolts up gaining the attention of his friends “you okay stiles?” the raven haired boy asked glancing between the pair of us before settling back to his red headed partner shrugging her shoulder in response

“shut up” he smiles sarcasm dripping from her words before glancing back at me before noticing that i had removed my hand from his thigh and that I was now scribbling down notes

“hey” he whined shuffling his seat closer to you “can i help you with something?” i offer placing the end of my pen onto my plump lips battering my eyelashes at the love struck teen

the bell sounds and i giggling collecting up my books before handing the boy his text book “you might need this for your little friend” you point down to the ten pitched in the brunette pants before standing from your seat

he cuss scrambling to cover himself as he leaves me laughing “see you around stilinski”

“(y/n)! wait!”

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Mommy's Little Girl

~A/N: I absolutely love this request. Tons of fluff and cute Jensen around kids, two great things. This is kinda long and I’m sorry if it’s a little boring but I hope you enjoy it @lizwinchester16 !~

Request: Can you do a Jensen onetime reader is a single mom and her and her daughter watch the show and he meets her at a convention and he falls in love with her and her daughter

Reader’s POV:

The familiar ending credits rolled, marking the end of yet another episode of your favorite show. You looked down at your lap where your five, almost six year old daughter had placed her head before she fell asleep. You ignored the message on the tv asking if you were still watching while you slowly lifted your sleeping child and carried her to her room. You shut the door and straightened up the living room before going to bed yourself. You set your alarm for 5 am, needing to get an early start to the next day.

Your alarm went off blaring the familiar Kansas song marking the end of your blissful sleep. You brushed your teeth before heading to the kitchen and started making your daughters favorite breakfast: waffles with tons of whipped cream and blueberry sauce all of which you made from scratch.
As soon it was done you walked to your daughters room and woke her up the same way you did every morning. “Rise and shine honey bunny, time for the world to see that smile.” Your daughter stirred a bit before opening his beautiful brown eyes that were identical to yours. You smiled at her before saying “Happy Birthday Dakota!” Your daughter immediately smiled and sat up straight and the mention of her special day. “Are you hungry?”, you asked. Your daughter enthusiastically nodded before saying “Yes mommy”. You stood up from her bed covered with the blanket of the pair of brothers you two loved so much before telling her to brush her teeth and meet you in the kitchen. You made her a plate of waffles and stuck 6 little candles in there and lit them as she sat down at the little breakfast nook. You began singing her happy birthday as she was all smiles and giggles. When you were done with the song you said “Ok, now make a wish before you blow them out.” She closed her eyes real tight and whispered something you couldn’t hear. But she looked absolutely adorable and you could help but to snap a picture of her then and when she blew her candles out. While removing the six little wax sticks from her food you asked “So what did you wish for pumpkin?” She replied “I can’t tell you mommy, if I do I won’t get my wish.” You laughed at her and grabbed a plate and sat right next to her. About three quarters through your meal you glance at your watch before saying “Crap! Kota, we gotta go soon so let’s hurry and eat and hurry and get ready ok?” She nods her head and eats as much as she can fit in her mouth and runs off to her bedroom. You tidy up the kitchen as fast as humanly possible before running to go get ready yourself.
One 5 minute shower (the fastest you’ve ever washed your hair) and 5 minutes of deciding what to wear later, you were zipping up your boots over your grey leggings and black shirt and throwing on some quick liner, mascara, and lipstick before leaving the bedroom. You knocked on Dakota’s door before pushing it open to see her putting the finishing touches on the cutest little outfit you could imagine. She had on black boots and leggings along with the “Team Free Will” shirt you had gotten her for Christmas. You chuckled at the sight of it. Of all days to wear a shirt she had to wear that one. “You ready pumpkin?” She nods her head before following you out the door.
As soon as you all get on the road, she’s already asking questions. “Mommy, where are we going?” You looked at her through the rear view mirror and said “It’s a big birthday surprise honey bunny. I promise you’re gonna love it when you find out ok?” She nodded and went back to looking at your window. You flip through radio stations before landing on the one you know you and your daughter like-country. You were born and raised in Austin, Texas but after you got pregnant and your long-term boyfriend left, you moved to Stockton, CA to work for your aunt at this high profile law firm. Essentially you were a secretary but the pay was amazing and it gave you the time to spend with your daughter who was your whole world. The drive to San Francisco was a little longer than you had anticipated because of traffic but you still were on track for the schedule of events.
When you pulled into the parking garage of the hotel, your daughter looked confused as ever. She’d never been to this part of San Francisco and a parking garage didn’t look too fun in her eyes. “Mommy? Where are we?” You pulled to car in a parking space and walked to the elevators. You pressed the down button, “You’ll see when we get down there pumpkin”. The doors open and you climbed in. You pulled out a little tiara from your purse the read “Birthday Princess” and put it on her head without saying a word and looked straight ahead like you hadn’t done a think. You could feel her smiling up at you as the doors opened on the convention floor. You pulled out the schedule for the photo ops to see where you needed to go and headed that way. Your daughter was looking around at what was going on, she saw the posters and a few people dressed up as the familiar characters and she smiled so big. You picked her up so you could both walk and explain where you were at and thankfully she was a little small for her age. “This is a convention. Basically what we do here is we meet the people who act in our favorite tv show and we can take pictures with them and then listen to them talk about the show and ask them fun questions. Does that sound fun?” Your daughter had the biggest smile on her face you’ve ever seen and she gave you the biggest hug. “That sounds like so much fun!” You stopped walking for a second to put her down and continued towards the check in station for the first one of the day. You had ordered two and the first one up was Jensen. You checked in and got your number from the guy at the kiosk. “Ok, ma'am you’re gonna be our last one for today.” He put up one of those black poles with the retractable lines in front of the entrance to the room. Your heart sank a little knowing you were the last in line but it seemed to be moving a little bit fast. You looked down at your little girl who seemed to have a permanent smile on her face and your heart swelled. She hadn’t even seen anyone yet and she was so excited. It was a little strange that a child her age liked supernatural so much but she was mature for her age and it was your favorite too so you didn’t complain. You guys spent the majority of the time talking about the show and who she was most excited to see. For her it was Jared. Part of her being able to watch the show was that she understood that it was all fake, and none of the monsters were real. You often showed her videos of the cast at cons and backstage so she really got that Sam and Dean weren’t real and neither were the monsters they hunted. After a while you guys were getting pretty close to the front and you were getting excited. Jensen was definitely your favorite, something about both him and his character drew you to him. He was definitely extremely attractive and the fact he came from Texas was just a huge plus in your book.

Jensen’s POV:
The crowd seemed to finally dwindle down and there was about 5 or 6 people left. I definitely loved your job and loved meeting fans but taking pictures with about 200 of them was a little redundant. While taking a picture with two people, on guy and girl I noticed a woman at the very back of the line who had the cutest smile and the prettiest brown hair you’ve ever seen. I smiled for the picture but my eyes were definitely set on her. She seemed to be talking to someone shorter than her but I couldn’t see who it was. My eyes were fixed on her and I caught yourself zoning out and snapped out of it when I heard “Can you sign this?” I smiled at the fan and said “Of course I can”. I signed the page of what looked like a signature book and gave them both a hug before leaving. The rest of the people seemed to go by really quick as I was staring at the woman ever chance I got. Not in a creepy way, or at least I hope not, but in a I can’t believe you’re real sort of way. The last person before her left and the event manager for the pictures informed me this was the last group for the day. I finally got a full look at the woman standing in the line and God was she beautiful. She wasn’t wearing anything fancy but she looked absolutely amazing. Her brown hair billowed past her shoulders and it looked so soft I had to resist the urge to touch it. I looked down at her hand and saw attached to it was a little hand and next to her was the most adorable little girl I have ever laid my eyes on. She looked like the carbon copy of what I’m assuming was her mom I could helped but smile. I reached out to give a hug to the woman and the first thing that hit me was the smell of her shampoo. Something like vanilla and chocolate I don’t really know but it was warm and inviting. The next thing I noticed was her hug. Hands down the best hug I’ve ever gotten. Everything about her so far felt so homey. A feeling I wasn’t used to. “Hi I’m y/n” I replied with my name but initially regretted it because she most likely knew what my name was. She laughed slightly and replied with “I’d hope so”. I looked down to her right and saw the little girl with the sweetest smile staring up at me. I crouched down and asked “And who might you be?”. Still with that adorable smile on her face she proudly said “Dakota y/l/n”. I gave her a genuine smile and replied “Well Dakota y/l/n do you think I could get a hug?” She ran into my arms and almost made me fall back but it was so cute I just laughed it off. She pulled away and adjusted the birthday tiara on her head. “What this thing on your head Dakota?” She touched one more time before saying “It’s my princess crown, my mom got it for me because today is my birthday. I’m now 6 years old.” I stood up and wished her a happy birthday before bringing the convention manager over and whispering something into her ear.

Reader’s POV

You watched Jensen interact with your daughter and it was the cutest sight to see. The man you’ve basically had a crush on for the longest time talking to your little girl was so heart warming you didn’t even know what to do. You watched him whisper something you couldn’t make out to someone with a clipboard and headset before coming back and looking at you. For a second he didn’t say anything he just looked at you with this entranced expression. He shook his head and blinked before stuttering out “Ah-Um sorry uh-is it- um-Is it ok if I pick up your daughter? Like for the picture.” You smiled and nodded as he picked her up and turned to face the camera. You stood on the side with his empty hand and smiled for the picture. You felt something warm sliding around the small of your back and realized it was Jensen’s arm pulling you into him. You could smell his cologne and it smelled like mahogany and the forest and a cup of hot chocolate all in one. The photographer took a few photos, one normal and a few silly ones. When he was done Jensen just started walking and said “Follow me.” Not really knowing what was going on you did, mainly because he was still holding your daughter and the two of them were just talking like best friends who hadn’t seen each other in months and you didn’t want to break it up. You guys came to a door and he stopped, putting your daughter down and turning around to face you. “So, I hope you’re cool with this but I talked to the coordinator and she said it was cool if I brought your daughter out on stage for a couple panels and after you guys can meet the whole cast and hang out?” You had the biggest smile on your face and your eyes started welling up as you threw your arms around his neck, thanking him profusely. He wrapped his arms around your waist, reciprocating the hug “Honestly it’s not problem, she seems like a huge fan and it’s something small I can do for her birthday. There’s a seat in the first row reserved for you and there’s a guy right over there,” he pointed to someone wearing all black and an earpiece, “that can take you to the seat. I’m running a little late so I have to get right on stage, I’m sorry.” You shook your head and told him not to apologize and thanked him again. You crouched down and brought your daughter into a hug before telling her what was about to happen. “Kota, you’re gonna go up in stage and sit with Mr. Jensen and everyone else from the show and I want you to be on your best behavior ok?”, she nodded and you continued, “I’m gonna be right in the front the whole time and I’ll wave to you so you can see where mommy is.” She said ok and gave you a hug before her and Jensen opened the door and walked in. You and the guy escorting you rushed toward the entrance for the crowd and you sat down just as the applause started for Jensen. He smiled and waved as he sat down at the table and placed your daughter on his lap. When the applause died down, Jensen introduced your daughter to the crowd. “Sorry I’m a little late guys, I was just meeting this adorable little girl named Dakota. Can you all say hi to her?” Everyone in the room shouted hi at your daughter and Jensen continued talking, “So Dakota and I were talking in the photo room and she told me, she’s wearing his pretty little crown because today is her 6th birthday and I thought it was a good idea to give this little princess the royal treatment today, so you’re gonna be seeing a lot of her today.” The crowd let out a few awwwws and you could tell they were just as infatuated with Jensen as you were. “One more thing I wanna ask you guys to do before we start the panel, can we all sing little Dakota happy birthday? I think she’d really like it, wouldn’t you Dakota?” Your daughter nodded and Jensen smiled before placing the mic between his and her face. “Ok guys on the count of three, one two three.” The whole room erupted into a chorus of happy birthday and you couldn’t help but cry at how sweet this was. You already had your phone out recording so you could send the video to your parents and friends later. The look on your little girls face was absolutely priceless. You don’t remember ever seeing her this happy. When the song ended everyone clapped and Jensen thanked the crowd and the panel started.
When it was over, the same man you led you to your seat came out and asked you to follow him to the green room. When you got there Dakota was in the arms of Jared, most likely telling him about her big crush. You walked up to Jensen who was at the snack table. He offered you a water and and you graciously took it. “I just wanna thank you again Jensen. Really, my daughter is having the time of her life I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this happy, so thank you.” He smiled at you, the corners of his eyes crinkling up as he responded, “Really, y/n it’s no problem at all. Your daughter is so adorable, the cast loves her, and it seems the fans love her too. It’s really my pleasure that I got to do something for her birthday.” You guys talked a little more before there was an announcement that the next panel was starting in about 5 minutes. Jensen apologized that he had to cut the conversation short and started to walk away. You stayed behind, wanting to grab a snack before you went out to see another talk. You were grabbing a muffin when you heard Jensen’s voice behind you, “Hey, um y/n, a couple of the guys were talking and we wanted to invite you and Dakota out with us for dinner tonight, it’s kinda a ritual that we go out to dinner the first night of a convention and they all love your daughter and would love to take her out for a birthday dinner.” You gave him yes and he ran off towards the door.
The rest of the day went by in a flash. Between listening to panels and talking to Jensen on his breaks you don’t know where the day went. Around 5:30 you finally caught up with Jared and Misha who had essentially taken your daughter hostage and were running around the convention space playing hide and seek. You thanked the two men and they said it was no problem, they really enjoyed spending time with her and that they looked forward to seeing both of you later for dinner. You took one look at your daughter and knew she was about two seconds away from a nap. You picked your daughter up in your arms and headed towards your hotel room. Thankfully, while Jared and Misha had her occupied, you had time to check in and move the bags you stored in the trunk of your car the night before up to the room. You walked towards the elevator and low and behold, Jensen was waiting at that very same one. He looked at you and smiled again, whispering a “hey”. You responding back with the same before the three of you climbed in the elevator together. You whispered out “10 please” nodding towards the elevator buttons. He hit 10 and nothing else as the elevator doors closed. You guys rode in silence, but it was comfortable. You could feel him staring at you and you tried not to blush. The elevator came to a stop and you both got off. You headed towards the right as did he. You looked at him and quietly said “Are you stalking me Ackles?” He chuckled lowly, “I could ask you the same y/l/n”. You stopped at room 1021, “Well this is me.” He waved to you and kept walking about 6 doors down before entering his room. You set your daughter on the bed and took her shoes off before tucking her in. You went into the bathroom and washed the face and brushed your teeth before getting ready for the dinner.
After doing your makeup and curling your hair, you woke Dakota up and told her it was time to get ready for dinner. You had already had a cute dress Ickes out for her laying on the bed. She came in to the bathroom and started to brush her teeth when she noticed your hair. “Mommy, can you curl my hair like yours?” You agreed and put some small curls in your daughters hair. You finished and told her to go change into her dress. A few minutes later you heard a knock at the door. You took a lol out the peephole and saw it was Jensen. You whispered a crap to yourself because you weren’t dressed. You rummaged through your suitcase and found the casual but still dressy dress you had packed and yelled out “Just a second!” With your dress on you opened the door. “Wow” Jensen’s mouth was slightly agape after seeing you. You blushed slightly and looked at him, he looked really good. He had on a dark blue dress shirt that hugged his muscles in all the right places and contrasted his deep green eyes. “Well hello to you too Jensen.” He blushed a deep red, “Sorry you just look so beautiful, where are my manners. Hi y/n” Your daughter cam bouncing to the door at the sound of Jensen’s deep voice. He greeted her and complimented her dress. “What are you doing here? I thought I was gonna meet you at the restaurant?”, asked stepping back from the doorway, silently inviting him in your room. “Yeah, I just figured you guys could ride with me to the restaurant.” You gathered a few items and put them in your purse, “Yeah, um that sounds great. I would just have to stop by my car and grab Dakotas booster seat.” He nods and you slip on your shoes and tell your daughter to put on her shoes “Mommy can you help me tie them.” You were about to say sure but Jensen was already in front of her tying her shoes. You smiled at the two of them together. She was absolutely enamored with him. You knew when the weekend ended, it’d be so hard for her to understand she couldn’t spend time with him or the cast anymore. You reminded her to bring her sweater and you and Jensen headed for the door at the same time and you noticed how small the hallway was because the two of you were chest to chest. You could feel his minty breath on your forehead. You looked up at his lips and then at his eyes. The two of you were moving closer to each other and you were millimeters away from kissing when you daughters footsteps interrupted you two “Mommy, lets go”. Dean cleared his throat, smiled at you and opened the door for both you and followed behind you. You guys went to you car grabbed the seat and went to Jensen’s car before driving to the restaurant. It seemed that everyone else was there because they were seated already. One the the hosts escorted you to the private room at the back of the restaurant. As soon as the door slid open, the group let out a chorus of “Ayyyys” and “Ohhhs”
and your daughter runs towards Jared. You greet everyone and take the only two seats open between Misha and Jared. The group informs you they ordered food for the whole table already. The whole night you and Jensen are having the best conversation. You talk about growing up in Texas and both of your childhoods and how adorable Dakota was as a baby and you even showed him pictures. About an hour and a half later ever one was there and Dakota was now sitting with Jensen, her eyes really low and she looked about 2 secs away from falling asleep. You guys still had dessert coming out and Jensen looked ok with her falling asleep on him, so you waited. The two of you guys continued to talk and if you were being honest, this was the most engaging conversation you’ve ever had. Jensen was funny and charming and everything you could’ve imagined. After you all had finished eating you guys began to get ready to go, you motioned to pick up your sleeping daughter but Jensen stopped you, “I got her y/n”. You guys walked to his car and drove back to the hotel. Once you got to the garage and parked, Jensen moved to get your sleeping daughter from his backseat. You both quietly made your way up to your room. You unlocked your door and he went and placed your babygirl on her bed before tucking her in. You walk him to the door and he stops “Thanks for coming out with us tonight I had a great time”. You gave him a hug and told it it was no problem and that Dakota loved it. You pulled away slightly but his arms were still around your waist you looked up at his face and one of his hands brushed the hair out of you’re face and rested it at the juncture between your head and your neck. His face was so close to yours and you felt his breath fan across your face as you looked into his eyes, “I’m gonna kiss you now, ok”. You nodded as you didn’t trust your voice at that moment. His lips timers yours in the best kiss you’ve ever had. His lips were so soft and the warmth from his body spread across yours. His tongue swiped across your bottom lip asking for permission. You granted it and his tongue slipped into your mouth. The kiss wasn’t needy or passionate. It was slow and loving and you you could tell he didn’t want anything more. He pulled away and placed a peck on your lips and then your forehead, “Goodnight y/n”. You gave him one more hug before letting him go. “See you tomorrow morning Y/n?” You nodded, “See you tomorrow Jensen”.

~A/N: This is a really cute story concept and I plan on writing more for this, and clearly I kinda got carried away, but there’s a lot more I wanna write with this so stay tuned!~