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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 9,812

Description: In the midst of your loneliness due to Taehyung’s absence, you decide that you need a distraction, which somehow manifests itself as going over to his apartment and stealing a t-shirt or two… or three… 

Anonymous Requested: Being in a relationship with Taehyung, and stealing all of his t-shirts while he’s busy with bts’ latest comeback + smut


You watched with a prominent downward quirk of your lips as Taehyung ran around the apartment, quickly stuffing clothes into a duffel bag as he scurried in every direction to gather his things before he had to head off to the dorms. It was time for a comeback, and all of the members agreed that it would be much easier on everyone to just stay at the dorms together during the busy hype of the first couple of weeks. This cut down the annoyances of people showing up to schedules at different times, or getting caught in traffic, so you completely understood the point of it… You just wished it didn’t mean having to stay back at your apartment all alone.

At this point in your relationship with Taehyung, you probably should have been used to the notion of him having to leave for a few weeks, or sometimes even a few months, every once in a while… but just because you were used to it, didn’t mean you had to like it.

You fell back against the mattress, your mind heavy with thoughts, and you weren’t exactly trying your hardest to mask the disdain you had for him leaving, so it wasn’t surprising when you felt the slight sink of someone taking the spot next to you on the bed. You opened your eyes, a concerned looking Taehyung coming into view.

“Please don’t pout. You know I don’t want to leave.” He reached forward, lightly pinching at your bottom lip that was sticking out.

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anonymous asked:

Hi dear! I was wondering if I could request a scenario where the reader wants Yoongi to be rougher with her in bed and his reaction to that basically? Love your writing! Thanks love xoxo

Originally posted by bwiseoks


word count : 1.5k

warnings: asphyxiation, spanking, idk it’s smut…

“Rougher in bed… I’ll show her rough,” Yoongi mumbled as he packed up his stuff and headed to your apartment for an impromptu visit.

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dive- h.s song imagine

You can listen to this song here

Maybe I came on too strong

Maybe I waited too long

Harry wore a slight smile as he watched you laugh at something your friend said from across the room. He mentally debated whether or not he should go over and talk to you. It wasn’t until your friend excused herself and left you alone that Harry decided to swallow up his nerves and make his way to you. Harry had a little crush on you…Ok, he had a massive crush on you. And in the past, you can say confidently that you had a crush on him as well. However, when you started to develop feelings for Harry, he was dating another girl. Instead of pining after him and waiting until him and his girlfriend broke up to go after him, you decided to move on. You’d figure you should forget about your small feelings for Harry before they only get bigger and bigger. Now if someone were to ask you how you felt about Harry, you can tell them that yes you find him attractive but the two of you were just friends. Although when Harry and his girlfriend broke up, the two of you started to get closer. When he found out how you used to have a crush on him, he mentally kicked himself in the gut for not doing anything about it. But instead of moving on like you did, he was determined to change your mind on how you felt about him.

And I could live, I could die

Hanging on the words you say

Harry came out from the kitchen and saw you sitting on the couch reading a book you’d never let out of sight. He chuckled and sat directly on the spot next to you. Without taking your eyes off the book, you leaned your body on to his. Harry immediately wrapped his arm around you. “Always reading” Harry pointed out. You smiled and shrugged your shoulders. You dog tagged the page you were reading and turned your head towards him, “Reading’s fun. Maybe I’ll teach you one day.” Harry gasped lightly while you laughed at his expression.

Harry pinched the side of your body. “It’s just you’re always reading the same book. Doesn’t it get boring eventually?” You softly nodded your head no. “Sometimes when you find a book that’s able to take your mind away from everything that’s wrong with the world and managed to make you forget about all your troubles..” You continued talking but Harry found himself distracted. He was in awe of the way you talked about your passion of books. He was memorized by how you explained reading was your getaway. He couldn’t help himself from thinking that you were his own getaway. You managed to make him forget about everything wrong with the world. You managed to sweep him off his feet without even realizing you’ve done so.

And I’ve been known to give my all

And jumping in harder than

Ten thousands rocks on the lake

Harry made a mental checklist on making sure he had everything he needed before he left to meet and have lunch with you. Just as he was about to leave, his phone started to ring.

“Hello?” Harry answered while locking the door. “Hey” you coughed from the other end. Harry paused as he was walking down the hallway, “Are you feeling alright, love?” You let out another cough and shook your head even though Harry couldn’t see you. You snuggled more into your bed, “I’m sorry, H. I’ve think I got a bug. Won’t be able to go to lunch today.” Harry instantly pouted, wanting you to hear some of the new songs he’s been working on. He leaned against the wall, “That’s alright, love. Wish I could see you though. Been missin’ you like crazy.” You gave out a giggle at Harry obviously trying to flirt with you. “Sorry, H. Next time, yeah?”

Harry sighed playfully, “Next time.” And with that, the both of you hung up. Harry was about to walk back to his apartment when a brilliant idea came to his mind.

You let out another cough before yelling out, “Coming!” You opened the door to find Harry standing with a bag of takeout and flowers in the other hand. He cheekily smiled, “Couldn’t wait until next time, had to see you.” You wrapped the blanket you had around your body tighter against you. You leaned on the doorframe and scolded Harry, “You’ll get sick, too.” Harry gently pushed past you and set everything down on the counter. He turned back around and faced you properly. “You’re worth it.”

So don’t call me baby

Unless you mean it

You sat in front of Harry on his bed with a wide smile on your face while Harry was giving you a nervous one. You grabbed his hand to stop them from fidgeting, “Ready?” Harry sighed and shook his head yes. You gave his hand a squeeze before you pressed the play button from Harry’s laptop. Harry was letting you hear his first single for the first time. You kept assuring him that it was going to be wonderful. You told him that it could be the worst song ever but knowing that he was a part of it, you would love it no matter what. After much persuading, Harry reluctantly agreed. After the song ended Harry looked up with you and bit his lip, “Well?” You looked up from staring at the laptop screen. You stared into his eyes and smiled the widest, the goofiest, and proudest smile. You jumped from your place across the bed and into his arms, “I love it, baby!” Harry laughed and wrapped his arms around you. “It was bloody brilliant! Oh my goodness, just think of what your fans are going to think once they hear it! Why would you ever be nervous about this? It’s beautiful, baby!”

Harry’s heart swelled with the compliments you were giving him. His stomach was filled with butterflies but he couldn’t tell if it was because of you praising him or if it was because of the pet name you gave him. It wasn’t unusual for you to call him ‘baby’ as you used it several times with friends and family. It was like how Harry called you ‘love’, you used ‘baby.’ However as his feelings for you only grew stronger, he found himself wanting him to be the only person you were saying that to.

So let me know the truth

Before I dive right into you

“Harry’s been staring at you the entire night,” your friend smiled as she looked at your reflection in the restroom mirror. You shrugged your shoulders and smiled, knowing she was right. “It’s cute” your friend continued. She turned to look at you, “What’s going on between you?”

The two of you exited the restroom and started to walk back towards the group. You stared at the pavement beneath you. “Nothing.” you answered. Your friend’s eyebrow raised, “Do you want anything to happen? I remember when you used to have that crush on him.” You sighed before looking into your friend’s eyes, “I wouldn’t mind if something did happen but he just released his single. And the other night he was telling me about how him and his team were coming up with the idea to go on tour. What if we end up together, he leaves, and the distance becomes too much? I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Your friend paused and nodded her head understandingly. She wrapped her arm around your neck as you guys continued making your way towards the arena. “I get it. It’s a lot to think about.” Finally the two of you found your way towards your seats. Harry looked up at you and grabbed your hand as you sat down. “Missed you.” he stated. You laughed and leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek, “Missed you too, baby.”

You’re a mystery

I have travelled the world, there’s no other girl like you

Harry walked into the bar and searched for Niall and Louis. “Harreh!” Niall yelled from across the room. Harry chuckled at Niall waving his arms around to try to get his attention and made his way over. He greeted both of his slightly drunk friends and sat down next to Louis. Louis patted his back, “Thought you weren’t going to make it!” Niall who was sipping his beer nodded his head, “Yeah! You said you were going to help Y/N with her studying!” Niall and Louis quickly exchanged a look and snickered quietly. Oblivious Harry waved it off, “Nah. She realized I would be too much of a distraction.”

“What’s going on between you guys anyways?” Louis asked. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing. Why?” Niall gave Harry a dumfounded look, “You haven’t asked her out yet?” Harry’s cheeks started to turn a slight pink before he shook his head no. “I don’t think she likes me like that” he stated. Niall laughed quietly while Louis smiled at Harry, “It’s obvious she does. The two of you are practically on top of each other every time you guys are together. Hell, you guys spend almost everyday with each other!” Niall nodded his head before adding, “Y/N’s a special girl. You gotta hold on to her.” Harry looked down at his hands and smiled softly. You were special.

Let me know the truth

Before I dive right into you

You opened the door to see Harry on the other side. You smiled, “Hey baby. Why didn’t you just use your spare-” you asked before Harry interrupted. “I like you.”

You paused, “What?” Harry cleared his throat, “I like you. And I know I’m going on tour soon but I had to tell you. I had to tell you how I felt because I want to call you up after every show and tell you how great the crowd was. I want to spend the time before I go on tour with you. I want to be able to listen to you tell me about the latest book you read. I want you. And I just have to know. Do you feel the same?”

Suddenly you wrapped your arms around Harry’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. You could feel Harry smiling in the kiss. You pulled away and leaned your forehead against his. “I do.”

thank you so much anon for requesting this song! it was so much fun to write and i hope it lived up to your standards(: don’t forget to send in your requests on what you would like for me to write next!

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Idk if this is the kind of headcanon you want… but James Potter putting his glasses on and off multiple times and telling Snape he looks better with the glasses off.

(( OOC: Well, this turned out longer than intended… ))

For the second time that day, James Potter stumbled forehead-first into his friend. Remus Lupin reeled back, rubbing at yet another lump starting to swell underneath his tawny hair.


“Sorry! Wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“That’s because you can’t bloody see.”

James smiled sheepishly at Remus’s left ear, eyes unfocused.

“Why the hell haven’t you got your glasses on?”

“I see better with them off.”

Remus stared without blinking, either from total bemusement or his impending concussion. Before he could come up with a suitable scolding, James had winked at him (or rather, he may have been squinting as a result of his the impaired vision) and skipped away, knocking over a lampshade as he went.

- - - -

Later that afternoon, the situation had not improved.

“Prongs, those are beetle wings, not dragonfly wings.” Remus swatted his friend’s hand away from their cauldron before the entire thing went up in flames.

“Right you are. Well spotted, Moony.”

Remus huffed. From across the Potions classroom, Snape sneered. “Interesting to find your lack of talent in potions is in no way worsened by your blindness, Potter.”

Remus frowned. He peered at James and the smug grin he was hiding, and hissed under his breath. “Does the fact you’ve mysteriously lost your glasses have anything to do with Snape, at all?”

“I never said I lost my glasses, Remus. I know exactly where they are.”

As Remus spluttered, James raised his voice. “Does anyone else hear that? I swear I can hear this horrible farting sound…”

The classroom snickered. Snape glared. “Probably the sound of your brain trying to work properly, I’d say.”

“There it is again! Gosh, I wish I could see where it was coming from…”

Snape growled, opening his mouth to retort back. As he did, James pressed his palms to his mouth, blowing a loud, wet raspberry. The classroom vibrated with suppressed giggles. Snape kicked back his chair, storming over to stand in front of the desk James and Remus shared. He pulled a pair of glasses out of his robes, slamming them down on the aged wood.

“There. See if that solves your hearing problem.”

James wiped the glasses clean on his robe, carefully placing them back on the bridge of his nose. As he looked up at Snape, eyes finally focused, he gave a blood-curdling scream and toppled backwards off his chair. 

“My eyes! My eyes!”

Remus leap to his feet in horror, convinced Snape had cursed the glasses somehow. James tore the glasses off his face and threw them across the room, panting heavily.

“Merlin, Snivellus… have you always that ugly?”

The classroom roared with laughter. James wiped his brow in such a way it was clear he had been taking lessons in dramatics off of Sirius.

“I think I’ll leave the glasses off for the time being, thanks.”

Snape turned purple. Remus sighed.

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Peter meeting Tony's son peter Parker

(I made Peter younger in this one, hope thats alright anon!)


“So do you wanna eat something with me after the meeting?” asks Peter and Tony looks at him.

How do you say no to someone if you really wanna see yes?

“I… i don’t know…” whispers Tony back and Fury looks at him.

“Want to share it with the class, Stark?” asks Fury and Tony slides a bit down in his seat.

Steve sends him an angry glare. Normally Tony wouldn’t mind, but after the civil war… he tries really hard to be good. And the Guardians are new in their team…well they aren’t really in there team…but helping them.

Tony loves them. Because they always treat him good.

“Come on.” whispers Peter and he smiles so beautiful, that Tony nods.

Steves glares again. And even Bucky growls.


“Pepper please i need you to help me.” whines Tony an hour later when he is back at his apartment. Peter is going to meet him in exactly 20 minutes and he has no one to watch after his son.

“And you know that i love to look after Peter. But i’m in Tokyo what do you expect me to do?” laughs Pepper and Tony smiles at her.

She isn’t Peters real mother but she treated him always so well. Peter loves his Aunty a lot.

“What about Rhodey?” asks Tony and Pepper rolls her eyes. She smiles fondly.

“You and i both know that he is laying behind me in the bed.” laughs Pepper and Tony can see that Rhodey holds up a thumb now in the video feed. Tony giggles.

“You two are way too cute.” sighs Tony and Pepper winks at him.

“What about next week? Rhodey and i would take Peter then.” says Pepper and Tony nods.

“Well i guess i have to cancel the date. I mean i could give Peter to Steve or anyone. But i still…don’t trust them.” says Tony and Pepper nods.

“I understand that. And i’m sorry.” says Pepper and Tony shakes his head.

“Not your fault. I wished…i just wished Peter had a real family.” says Tony and he tries to blink his tears away.

He hears a door then and quickly says his goodbyes to Pepper and Rhodey.

“Peter i told you not to open any doors when…” begins Tony and when he enters the living room he stops.

Because there are two Peters in his living room. oh no.

“Daddy look! I found a friend.” says his son and grins proudly. Peter sits in front of him on the couch and gets his hair done.

Peter loves it to braid anyones hair. And now the big Peter as a few little pigtails. Tony can’t help it, but he giggles.

“Hey Tony.” says Peter and he smiles so beautifully again.

“Hey.” whispers Tony back and he needs to sit down.

Well you see. Normally nobody gets to meet his son. Pepper and Rhodey are the godparents, so of course Peter is their little sunshine. His son also knows the avengers…but he doesn’t like them anymore…after everything.

And since that he is very carefully with that. Not everybody knows that he has a son.

“I didn’t know you had such a beautiful kid.” says Peter and the little Peter giggles.

“Daddy he said i’m beautiful!” shrieks Petey and Tony smiles.

“Course you are.” he answers easily, because his son is beautiful, thank you.

“Beautiful just like his dad.” says Peter and Tony looks down. It doesn’t seems like a problem for Peter, that Tony has a son. He seems like he adores it.

Tony blushes.

“He also told me his name was Peter.” says the big Peter and Tony nods. Well what a coincidence.

“Daddy calls me Petey and sometimes sunshine.” explains Petey then and Peter laughs.

“That fits you really well! Can you tell me how old you are?” asks Peter than and his son holds five fingers up.

“I’m five already! Means im almost allowed in the lab and can build my own r-r-robot! But daddy says i can start whenever i want he won’t pr-pressure me into something.” says Petey and Peter looks back at Tony.

“Sounds like Tony is a good dad?” he says and Petey nods.

“He is the best.” giggles Petey and blows his daddy a kiss. Tony smiles at his son.

“So what do you say Junior do you wanna go to the park with your dad and me? We can eat something together later.” says Peter and Petey jumps up and down.

“Can…can we go to the swings? I love them!” says Petey and Peter laughs at that.

“We can do anything you want.” he says and when Tony reaches for their coats, Peter helps his son to tie his shoes. Tony smiles down at them.

Half a hour later they are sitting on a park bench and Petey is on his swings.

“Daddy, Peter! Look!” squeaks Peter every two minutes and whenever he does it Peter and Tony wave towards him.

“So…” starts Tony then and fiddles with his hands.

“I like him.” answers Peter easily and Tony looks back at him.

“You do?” asks Tony carefully and Peter smiles.

“Of course i do! He is just like you. How could i not love him?” he asks and Tony chokes.

When Petey yells again Peter stands up and goes over to him. Peter takes the little boy on his lap and starts to swing a bit higher. But Tony can see how he holds Petey tightly and is careful with him.

Mabye…yeah maybe Peter is somebody who would treat Tony and especially his son like they deserve.


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If you wish upon a star, if you really wish really really hard, maybe one day it will come true. 

pairing: yoongi x reader
words: 3.9k
genre: a bit of fluff, angst
summary: they say if you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true. but the night sky is a bleak blanket of black and no matter how many meaningless wishes were made, empty promises and lonely hearts had led you to unfold your worst nightmare
a/n: this has been in my library for quite some time and i though i shall complete it. i was recalling a scene from the heirs and i was like damn i need to do one

“Yoongi-ah,” You tucked your hands under your chin, elbows leant forward as a summery smile graced your face. The effulgence of the burning candles illuminated both your faces, the dark surrounding filling your vicinity but the boy with the soft blonde hair gazing back at you with the same reflection of love and devotion was the only thing that mattered. “What did you wish for?”

Yoongi only smiled foolishly, his gummy smile showing you couldn’t help but flip at the light chuckles that fall from his parted lips before looking back at you with an intense gaze.

“I wish,” Yoongi dragged on, his teasing tone making you pout slightly and god, he wished he can just shove the cake aside and press his lips against yours. “I wish to have a forever with you.”

“Forever?” You raised your brows, smirking at him behind the thick soft smoke of the flames.

“Yeah,” Yoongi replied back nonchalantly but his sincere tone catches you off guard. “I want to walk this earth, age through my years and explore all the opportunities in this world. But as long as you are on my side, I will gladly take on this world.”

“You’re so cheesy gosh,” You giggled, soft fingers reaching out to pinch the milky supple cheeks. “But I love you too.”

The dimness of the street lights gave a luminescent glow along the streets outside, ghost of strangers brushing past by the closed cafe and they took little notice of the romantic scene that played behind the stacked chairs and clean tables where both you and Yoongi sit. A strange place for a mini celebration, but Yoongi got his wish - a cake, candles and you.

He wasn’t a firm believer of wishes and that those childish things will be granted before their very eyes. But when you graced your way into his life like a God gifted wish, he starts to think magic does exist because here you are in his arms and he loves it that way. Wishes aren’t as bad after all. It becomes a tradition, a ritual, a hope that blooms in both your hearts as you pray that whatever wish was made, it would come true with love, handwork and devotion.

Yoongi gazed into your eyes a little longer, a silent blessing he repeats in his head as he skirts the blush that dusts your cheeks and the galaxies that swim in your eyes as you await his declaration of affection. He slides his fingers in yours, a perfect fit, he thinks, before his mouth parts in shades of soft pink. Its enough to remind him that he wishes for a forever.

“I love you too,”

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accent | stiles stilinski

Originally posted by gifs-of-stiles

prompt: 89- “your accent it adorable”

request: reader has an aussie accent and can you make it like mild smut!!! like her accent turns him on!?!?!

first days are always the worst, especially when it’s your senior year and your starting off at a new school in a completely different country. you have to find a new group of friends, new set of goals, new career path.

and that’s what i was experiencing right now

to start of my day i was extremely late, i slept through my alarm and the hot water system had been shut off and on top of that my car refused to turn over

so that brings me to now rushing through the hall trying to find my chemistry class as the second bell has well and truly rung, i approach the door and swing it open all eyes darting to me

“fuck” i cuss realising it was aloud and not in my head, the teacher jolts up staring at me “you must be miss (y/l/n) i nod brushing my hair out of my face

“yes im terrible sorry, is this mr harris’s class?” he nods the class whispering amongst themselves “well thank you for finally making an appearance miss-” he pauses and i fill him in ”(y/l/n)“

he glances at me annoyed “yes- why don’t you take a seat next to mr stilinski, so we can finally start the lesson” i nod nervousness bubbling up inside me

my eyes dart around the class room trying to find the boy as to whom am supposed to be sitting with, i spot a brunette toward the back flailing around in panic

there was an empty seat next to him so i briskly walk toward the desk “stilinski?” he nods giving me a thumbs up “bloody hell” I mumble slipping into my seat

the teacher breaks us off into pairs to do the experiment, meaning myself and this tall brunette were going to be working together

i turn to face him “my names (y/n), by the way” he’s stares at me like he cannot believe the words coming out of my mouth. i giggle to myself blushing

“and you must be?” he snaps out of his haze sitting upright combing his fingers through his hair “stiles- stilinski” i nod

“stiles stilinski huh?” i muse intrigued by the name “oh lord Jesus” he mutters and i furrow my eyebrows in confusing “something wrong?” he shakes his head

“no it’s just i uh- your accent is adorable” i chuckle looking away then back to the boy realising he isn’t joking “oh your serious?” i say shocked

“god yes- i wish you could hear yourself speak it’s honestly driving me crazy” i smirk at the cute boy wiggling closer to him “oh really?”

he swallows clearing his throats as i edge closer to him “yeah uh yeah really-” he tears his gaze from me and tries to focus on the teacher scribbling instructions on the board.

“you never heard an australian accent?” i tease brushing my arm against his.

he taps his pen against the desk trying to distract himself but i place my hand over his “you okay?” he nods bringing the pen up to his lips

“yeah im just stressed it’s been a long week” i nod “how can i help you?” he sighs shaking his head “release my stress? i have no idea”

i light lickers in my brain and i found myself smirking as i lower my hand off the table and under the desk, placing my hand on the boys thigh

he jolts up gaining the attention of his friends “you okay stiles?” the raven haired boy asked glancing between the pair of us before settling back to his red headed partner shrugging her shoulder in response

“shut up” he smiles sarcasm dripping from her words before glancing back at me before noticing that i had removed my hand from his thigh and that I was now scribbling down notes

“hey” he whined shuffling his seat closer to you “can i help you with something?” i offer placing the end of my pen onto my plump lips battering my eyelashes at the love struck teen

the bell sounds and i giggling collecting up my books before handing the boy his text book “you might need this for your little friend” you point down to the ten pitched in the brunette pants before standing from your seat

he cuss scrambling to cover himself as he leaves me laughing “see you around stilinski”

“(y/n)! wait!”

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Jordie Benn #7

I know I said the last one was the last one but I can’t stop myself!! Here it is @babyseguin because I had to make something that had him on a Habs jersey!! It looks so good on him. <3 Enjoy!

Word count: 1, 355

Originally posted by dunbaerrito

Your friend grabbed the phone and scoffed, “do you honestly believe that he will sleep with a girl ten years younger than him?” she asked, scrolling through the images you saved on your phone, “that’s not like him, noh?”

You shrugged, you really didn’t know him now, did you? “I mean,” you gestured to the phone, “she does look like she’s at least twenty-five,” you gave your friend a small smile, “and if that’s what floats his boat, whatever.”

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A Shawn Mendes Imagine.

Requested : No.

Author’s Note : Here’s a mastershit, I have time to waste so… lmao. It’s so long omg but I love going into details, I wanted to do something progressive. The beginning sucks a lot because it’s really not interesting but I don’t care, the five hundreds words following suck, definitely. By the way, I suck at titles too.

WordCount : 5,002

Friday, August 4th.

It was a beautiful day in France. The country was totally filled with sunlight, even in Brittany. It was sparkling brilliantly and everybody went outside. Outings with friends, having a drink at an outside table with them and talking about anything. Strutting in town and planting oneself on the grass in a park. Having time of their lives. In short, it was a real summer day.

That’s precisely what y/n had done. She had prepared herself to go outside with her best friend that she has met at Uni, y/bf/n.

The two young girls had been sitting at a table outside a café, the one they’re used to go since they were on vacation.

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Niall Horan Imagine - One Shot (Fluff) - Mrs. Horan

A/N: As requested by Kayleigh @nutellaxwifix, her sweetest soul has waited so long for me to post this imagine. I love you so so much and hope you enjoy it. Thank you for bearing with me all this time. Much love to all. Requests are open btw .xx

It’s moments with those closest to you and those that actually care for you who touch your heart. It was a gloomy Sunday in Dublin, Niall and I spent time equally with both our families as everyone is head over heels with our one month old bundle of joy. That’s our baby girl, Allison Rose Horan but her nickname being Ally.

It was all a rush in the moment. 10 months ago I didn’t plan on having a child not at our young age anyway. Niall was doing so well going solo, I couldn’t have been more proud of where he is today. I had always supported his decision and stuck by his side through the hard times. Of course I was hoping to get married and grow a family with Niall but in the midst of his solo career ?

I remember crying that night in my bathroom, earlier on that day I was nauseous and wasn’t my usual self. I thought I might as well take a pregnancy as it may be a possibility I’m pregnant since Niall and I did celebrate the other night…Nevermind that.

Mixed emotions had gone through me, I was both happy and heartbroken. Happy that I’m going to be a mom and heartbroken as to what would Niall and our families think ? I had confessed later that night to my parents first as I thought it would be at least 60% of weight off my shoulders. They were gladly understanding and was willing to help me out through my 9 month journey.

When I had finished talking to my parents, I went back to my room and sent Niall a text that I needed to talk to him urgently. I was in London at the time while he was LA, not the way I wanted to reveal the news to him through Skype but I was left with no other choice. He replied minutes later and Skyped me first.

“Hey babe whatsup ?” He asked as he rested his chin on his right hand. “This isn’t as I really planned- actually this wasn’t planned at all…Anyways I have something really important to tell you” I said and bit my lip. “Clearly it’s serious, you’re biting your lip so hard” he said raising his eyebrows. “Okay are you ready ?” I asked for confirmation. Oh gosh the feels. He simply shrugged his shoulders but still clearly eager to hear the big reveal. “I’m pregnant” I said.

It was quite for 5 seconds on both ends, that was until Niall started screaming and shouting “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD” I giggled at his reaction as it was what I’d hoped for. “Look Niall I know it’s not the perfect time for us to be having a family and-” he cut me off. “Princess, nothing could make me happier right now than knowing I’m going to be a father and you’re going to be the mother of my child. I love you very much and wished I was there with you to celebrate” he said and blew air kisses. “Love you too, please be back soon, we’re missing you” I said as I rubbed my belly.

“I’ll be back tomorrow on the first flight that I can catch…Anyways love I have to go on stage in a bit, I love you so so so much. Can’t wait for this baby, hoping these 9 months go by fast” he said. “I hope so too and love you more baby. Byeeee” I waved him off. I knew he was going to be a great dad whenever I see him with Theo.

10 months later here we are having the time of our life with our little Ally. Niall’s family had offered to take care of the baby tonight while the both of us had gone out for dinner. I got dressed in a black and silver sequin dressed that had stopped at mid thigh, paired with black mid heels. We walked hand in hand to the car, he closed my door and walked to the drivers seat. He sadly had not mentioned where we were having dinner and I was getting curious by the second. I have a love hate thing for surprises.

He drove high up for a perfect view of the city. There in front of the car was a beautifully set out table for 2 with candles and roses everywhere - the roses had trailed to the table - Niall made sure I was seated first then only had he sat in front of me.

“This is really beautiful Niall, you didn’t have to go all out” I said and glanced around me at the beautiful decor of twinkle lights. Just then a man with a violin had popped out of no where and had started playing. “Anything for my princess” he smiled and took my hand into his, he placed a small peck on the back of my hand.

We had a great night of listening to the violin and eating some delicious food. Once we were done, Niall was clearly in no rush of leaving and just glanced at our surrounding until finally laying his eyes on me. “I couldn’t be anymore happier today and it’s all thanks to you” he said and pointed at me. “Why are you thanking me ?” I asked confused.

“You supported me through everything. You have pushed me to do what I wanted to do. You helped me to achieve things in life. You carried our gorgeous baby for 9 months. You’ve been through a lot with me for the past 3 and a half years now. We’ve had our ups and downs but I couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend” he said standing up and kneeling before me. OMG. ITS HAPPENING. THEIR COMES THE WATERWORKS.

I covered my hands over my mouth, I can’t believe this is actually happening. “I’m glad the fans agree with me on picking the right girl. So many yet I thought I’d never find the one girl who I can share special memories with. It took me a damn long time to find you, I wished I had known where you were earlier in my life but that doesn’t matter because this moment right here matters most. Y/N Y/LN will you marry me ?” He asked as he revealed the ring from the mini square sized boxed that was in his pocket.

“Of course yes !” I said in excitement. He slipped the ring on my ring finger. He lifted me up carrying me bridal style as his lips met mine. There went the oh so familiar sparks every time our lips meet. He loosened his grip on me and had me pinned against the passenger seat door. He gave me one last peck and helped me get into the car then quickly making his way to the drivers seat. He intertwined our fingers “I’m glad to finally call you Mrs. Horan”

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More Than A Feeling

Here is part six, the final part in “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1017

Read “Behind Brown Eyes”
Read “Back In The Saddle”
Read “Sweet Emotion”
Read “Just What I Needed”
Read “Feel Like Making Love”

A/N: Thank you all so much for the love this series (And pretty much everything I write)! Y’all keep me going.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

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          You hadn’t seen Jeffrey in almost three weeks and it was killing you. You talked to him on the phone as often as you could, but when you were both being pulled in opposite directions for filming, you didn’t get to be together.

           You were getting your things ready to go home from set when your phone rang. You hurriedly dug it out of your pocket and sighed happily, “Hey, Jeffrey.” You couldn’t hide the happiness in your voice.

           “Hey, Sweetheart.” You could tell he was smiling too.

           You slung your purse on your shoulder to continue what you were doing while you talked to him, “How’s my favorite guy?”

           “Good.” He said, “I just miss my girl.”

           “I miss you too.” You sighed, feeling that pull in your chest that you got every time you talked to him.

           “How was your day?”

           “It was good.” You answered, grabbing your keys and walking out of your trailer to head to your car. “I’m heading home now.”

           “Get some sleep for me?” he chuckled. The sound brought a warmth over you that you had become used to.

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Tate - Darkness.

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Everyone thinks that I am a monster. Some even think that I am the human embodiment of Satan himself. Instead of the human that I am, they think that I am some blood thirsty demon. They’re not wrong, but everyone has their breaking points, right?

Of course, everything that comes in life, it comes with a reason and ends with a lesson. Maybe she was my reason, but I don’t remember my lesson.

The bible states that the Devil was a fallen angel, and that he used to be God’s favorite, so what happened that turned him into such a fearful beast in which he was no longer allowed in heaven? What happened to me, that turned me into the monster that I am best known for?

All these questions, all that come with little to no answers, and despite my endless, and desperate search for something—anything—I found nothing. I wasn’t surprised though, because I was told that monsters like me never get second chances at happiness again.

So what was my exact breaking point you may be wondering? It was when I met my reason. My happiness, my only light through all the darkness, and my love. It took me losing her, because I couldn’t be there due to my own selfish needs that caused me to fall.

We didn’t have much in our lives, to where we would always talk to each other about the stories hidden under the scars on our pale wrists, and despite the depressing, sob stories that came with the scars, we still managed to laugh as if it were no big deal. Living in Earth was hell, but when she came into my life, she showed me something besides darkness and sorrow. She brought me something everyone told me I’d never feel. She brought me love.

The year was 1993, just one year before I chose to do the unthinkable, and to do the most despicable act I could’ve ever done in which I knew was wrong. It was the year before my happiness was taken away from me, in which I had met her.

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Ryoma and Shiro meeting Kana for the first time!!

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Shiro wasn’t particularly thrilled about the idea of having to share his parents. Especially not his dad; Ryoma was his sun and moon, and he couldn’t bear the thought of having to split up his already frugal time with his father with another sibling.

But his father seemed to excited about having another child, gently ushering Shiro to hurry along with him so he could meet his young sibling.

“Aren’t you excited?” Ryoma would ask him in a quiet, yet elated, voice. Shiro shrugged, his bottom lip jutted out as his insecurity was expressed through a bad attitude. “Don’t worry. Once you meet them, I’m sure you’ll love your sibling just as much as I will.”

‘So long as you don’t love them more than me.’ Shiro would think to himself, just as he thought now. His hand was currently grasping Ryoma’s as the pair hurried down the corridors, heading to the room where you had given birth.

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Serenade... Sorta - Finn Bálor

A/N: So I’ve been listening to Backstreet Boys a lot over the weekend (DON’T JUDGE THEY WERE SO GOOD) and I’ve always been obsessed with Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) and I Want It That Way, so I decided I’d write one based off of one of those songs… Disclaimer it’s the first one. ;) 

Warnings: None, actually! 

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“Yeah, I’m actually about to pull into the driveway.” You spoke into the phone. You were having a conversation with one of your friends who you grew up with. You had a break from tour for a little while, so you and her insisted on making plans, hence the discussion. “Tell Finn I said hi! I can’t wait to meet this guy who has you gushing every second of the day.” Your friend giggled. You rolled your eyes, wishing you could slap her, but then again you couldn’t fight the smile on your face as you knew it was true. “I’ll make sure to tell him you said hello. But I’m home, so I’ll call you later?” She agreed, the two of you ending the call.

As you got out of the car, you saw Finn was already here which caused you to smile widely. You approached the front door and already you could hear the sound of music blaring from inside the house. Your eyebrows arched in confusion, unsure of what was going on. You opened the door, the music louder. “Finn?” You called out over the loud tunes raging off the walls. The volume suddenly lowered and out came Finn with the remote to the system. “Hello, love.” He greeted you with a smile that screamed devious. “Hi?” You answered him in a questioning tone. “What’s up with the music?” You nodded your head towards the system. Finn’s eyes followed yours and landed on the source of the music, his smile brightening, eyes lighting up like fireworks popping on the Fourth of July. “I was messing around.” He answered sheepishly, but he was still acting rather different. At least to you.

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Slow Burn - Part 4

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count:  2,826

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Come here.” Dean gently grabs your hand. He pulls you out of the kitchen and down the hall into a bedroom and closes the door.

“Let me see your phone, sweetheart.”

You hand it over and Dean enters his number then calls himself.

“There.” He says with a smile.

“I hate to rush this but I have to go.” He pulls you into a tight hug. He gives you a quick kiss and then rests his forehead on yours.

“Can I see you again soon?” Dean wonders sounding unsure of himself. Crazy boy.

“Um. I’d fucking hope so. We’re engaged.” You smirk.

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What would Zenyatta do if he found out that his s/o is very ticklish?

~Aw! This one was really cute! I didn’t know if you wanted head canons or a drabble so I wrote a drabble. Send another requests if you want otherwise!!

It happened so suddenly, you didn’t see it coming. You weren’t even aware you were ticklish on your sides. Just about everyone’s ticklish on their feet but no one would dare tickle your feet. McCree had tried once and ended up with a foot to the face for his troubles. 

You’d been in Zenyatta’s lap when you found out. You loved to float around with him. His clothes were soft to lay against. The gentle bobbing motion as he floated was like a buoy in the ocean. It had lulled you asleep on more than one occasion. He always held you close to his chest and heated his body to just the right temperature. 

His hands had reached your sides when it happened. They feathered their way down and you started giggling. Everything stopped. Zenyatta looked down at you. He couldn’t change his facial expression but you knew exactly what he was thinking. 

“Zenyatta,” you said trying to get out of his lap. His arms wrapped around you tighter. “Let’s talk about this.” 

“Nope,” He giggled and resistance was futile. You laughed hard as he began tickling you. You pushed against his chest and he floated forward so you wouldn’t fall. He admired you as you cackled.

“I love it when you laugh,” he said tickling your sides. He kissed your cheek, a little shock coming off his lips that only tickled you more. “You look so beautiful.”

You couldn’t answer at first. You were laughing too hard. “Please, Mercy,” you begged. 

“I’m not sure what Angela has to do with anything but she can’t help you now,” Zenyatta said. He tickled your stomach and you burst into giggles again. 

“Zen, please, I give,” you said.

He tickled one last time. “Very well,” You could hear the pout in his voice as he stopped. He rested his head into the crook of your neck. “I wish I could see you laughing like that all the time. You look so happy.”

You smiled to yourself kissing his head. “As long as I’m with you, I’ll always be happy.” He nuzzled into your neck. You froze as his fingers found their way to your sides again. Hopping out of his lap, you took off running. “I said I give. Someone help!” You called down the hall as he chased after you.   

You could hear him giggling behind you and the moment he caught you, you couldn’t have been happier. 

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That’s Why He likes You (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

A/N: I have been meaning to write for weeks but I am so unmotivated.  Requests are open! :)


You sighed as you stepped into the all too familiar hallway of Beacon Hills High School.  You had your books clutched to your chest as you readjusted the strap of you bag on your shoulder.  You had almost successfully made it to your locker before you began to fall from tripping on your own two feet.  Your books went flying across the floor as you felt two arms snake around you and hold you steady.  “Whoa there,” the boy said, keeping his arms around you.  “Are you okay?”

You finally looked up at the boy’s gorgeous eyes and tensed up as your realized who they belonged to: Stiles Stilinski, your crush of two years.  You steadied yourself as Stiles’ arms pulled away slightly, nodding because you didn’t trust your voice.

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Jack Eichel x Reader

Team: Buffalo Sabres

Warnings: Slight language, feminine pronouns, being rude to McDavid (but in a friendly way)

POV: Second

can you write one about jack eichel? Not enough love shown for that boy on here

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“Stupid fucking Connor McStupid and his stupid playoff team.”

Your eyes went wide as you heard your boyfriend grumble next to you, still scrolling away on his phone. “Babe, I thought you were friends,”

“We are,” He said, not even looking away from his phone. “I love that Davo.”

“Why are you calling him stupid?”

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