i wish i could have seen this live

Fanart for @geekenders reboot of Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical! I sincerely wish I could have seen it live, but Vancouver is very far from South Carolina! Regardless, I’m a big fan and I look forward to the YouTube release so I can see what y’all have done with it this time around. I know tonight is the last showing, so good luck everyone! :D

Dec 28

This is the day i always dread.. This is the day we lost an angel 7 years ago.. And no matter how much time it passes.. It still haunts me and it hurts me like day one.. . “how can i live without the ones i love… ” Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. How i wish i could have seen you… But i know you’re in your own peace of heaven.. Rest in peace..

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Goodbye Rickon Stark (interpreted by Art Parkinson)

“Are we going home? I want my horse. And I want applecakes and butter and honey, and Shaggy. Are we going where Shaggydog is?”

@thatwetwomaybeone asked: We know Murtagh dies at Culloden ,I can’t recall Jamie talking much about him after although he must have missed his god father terribly .Could we have a story about Jamie and Claire talking about Murtagh and how much they miss him in their life .

They stood at the edge of the field, neither wishing to be the first to set foot on it.

“Have ye been here… then?” Jamie asked quietly, as though his voice would disturb someone but there were no living creatures to be seen in the short scrubby grass that unevenly covered the terrain.

“I went once before I ever came here,” Claire responded. “Before I knew anyone who…” but she couldn’t finish her thought.

Their horses stamped impatiently from where Jamie had hobbled them. They were on their way to Lallybroch, having fulfilled their duties escorting the body of one Simon Fraser home to Scotland. Neither had thought much about how close their journey would take them to Culloden Moor until they were practically upon it. Had they been on their own instead of together, neither would have had the strength to face it.

“Is it as desolate in yer time then, Sassenach?”

“In my experience, battlefields––no matter how far removed from the fight itself––are never cheerful places again,” she told him. “There will be cairns and markers. I don’t remember quite where, but for each of the clans… probably where their men were buried.”

Jamie looked around. It was sunnier than it had been the last time but he could still see the echoes of men on either side right down to the desperation and willingness to die on some of their faces; he hadn’t seen it but he knew he’d worn the same expression that day. He took a halting step forward and then another.

“We came down this way,” he said flatly.

Claire followed slowly behind him, willing herself to see what he saw but also shying away from it.

“Then, I moved… this direction––had to… there was such a press of men…” He wandered a little towards the right and down into a slightly lower pocket of growth, not large enough to be a true gully but it had offered a little protection from the canonfire, the angle too much for them to handle.

There were still large gaps in Jamie’s memory of that day. He didn’t recall seeing Black Jack Randall except after the man was dead and lying on top of him. He didn’t recall the face of the man who had slashed his leg and nearly killed him––for all he knew it might have been Randall to do it. He didn’t recall who it was that had struck the blow that eventually killed Murtagh.

But he knew the spot where it had happened as soon as he set foot on it. A chill went up his spine and then he felt a solid hand rest reassuringly on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw Claire watching him from several feet away.

He spoke quietly and used the Gáidhlig so that Claire wouldn’t hear him.

“There are so many things I wish ye could have lived to see, though I dinna ken that ye’d have been patient enough to wait for them all… I nearly wasn’t,” he murmured with a smile. “She looks like my mam… my Brianna does. Takes after her in other ways too. And her wee Jem… Though he puts me in mind of Willie, I ken ye’d have more stories of how he’s a devil like I was at his age.” Jamie’s smile faded and he swallowed hard. “I think their lass, Mandy will favor Claire and heaven help them if she takes after her grannie in finding trouble. And there’s my lad… William––though… callin’ him ‘mine’ still doesna feel quite right… Ye’d have a thing or two to say on the matter, I’m sure. Ye’d have plenty to say on all of them…

“I hope ye ken how I’ve tried to keep ye wi’ me, always…” Jamie’s voice grew thick, the words harder to say. “I was in such pain losin’ Claire… but losin’ you too made it harder. Not havin’ ye there to talk to… I did try to think what yer advice to me would ha’ been… though I’m sure I got it wrong from time to time… I hope I’ve done ye proud, though, and I want ye to know… I ken I’m a better man for having had ye at my side for as long as I did and I’d be better still if ye’d been there longer. Thank ye, for all ye did for me and mine. I’ll no let ye be forgotten.”

The feeling of weight left his shoulder and something within Jamie felt lighter.

Claire watched Jamie with his head bent and his hands cradled in front of him, his lips whispering a quick prayer.

They didn’t speak of Murtagh often the same way they didn’t speak of Faith often. The pain of such loss was simply a part of them the way the scars on Jamie’s back were a part of him or Claire’s curls were a part of her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say a proper goodbye,” she whispered to the low breeze, hoping it would carry her words wherever they needed to go. “I sometimes wonder what things might’ve been like if we hadn’t gone to Paris; if we hadn’t gotten involved in affairs the way we did. I don’t know that what we did was entirely fair to you.” Tears pricked unexpectedly at her eyes and she reached up to wipe them away. “You deserved more––you deserved better than to end up here on that day… If I’d been here I might’ve been able to do something… If I’d never come at all maybe neither of you would have been here that day… But I don’t regret any of it and I’m sure you understand––you loved him too… Thank you for keeping him safe, for protecting him and watching over him when I wasn’t there. I wish I could have done more for you, that you could have seen Bree and the children… Or maybe you can… They wouldn’t exist if not for you.”

She blinked back the remaining tears in her eyes. Jamie had made his way back over to Claire and slipped his hand into hers. It was still a slightly awkward fit without that third finger but they held tightly to each other all the same.

With a solemn nod, they redirected their steps toward the horses. They had seen enough of Culloden Moor.

I don’t get how libfems can all agree that women are raised to be a certain way against our choice (small, submissive, etc) and men a certain way (take up all the space, believe they’re always right, etc) but …not believe that transwomen, having been seen and raised as men for most of their lives, would not also be subject to that? you literally don’t get to choose what part of societal sexism affects you, you DONT get to identify in or out of oppression, it’s not that damn simple to say “but they’re women” like OK but they were RAISED AS BOYS ARE RAISED they were STILL SUBJECT to that. I didn’t get to identify out of being raised as a girl, as much as I wish I could, and you don’t get to identify out of being the oppressor!!! you don’t!!!!!!

The Perks of Being Sick

So much of the Spoonie community (my own blog included) is dedicated to laugh at our respective nightmares, while also expressing our frustrations with living a life that is unimaginable to able bodies. Don’t get me wrong, I think we need a place to put that anger, pain, and unrest. But I also think it’s important to recognize the benefits of being sick. 

Yes, benefits, no sarcasm intended or meant. Whether you are a spoonie living full time on your couch, or part time in the hospital, we’ve all had days where we’ve seen healthy people doing activities we remember being able to do without paying a toll. I remember handing a prof my thirteenth sick note of the term and him making a comment along the lines of “I wish I could afford as many sick days as you.” That cut me incredibly deep because I have always strived for perfection to the degree of self destruction, and he had no idea just how much I would have loved the freedom to go to school without my body telling me no. I wanted a life that was bigger than my body and here was this prof living without health restrictions, jealous of my ball and chain.

This isn’t an essay about the importance of living your fullest, etc. This is a message to you that it is okay (and important) to recognize and grieve the life that was taken from you by your illness. My illness stripped every part of my identity from me one bit at a time, piece by piece, until there was nothing left but half a shaved head and some PTSD. Each time I thought it’d had the last of me, I found something else I was no longer able to do. It was horrible, I’m not going to lie. The worst part of being sick is watching others live the life you’d imagined for yourself and knowing you can never have it. 

But in that horror, in that blinding white anger and sadness, you are forced to reinvent yourself. You are forced to learn that nothing matters and at the end of the day, the person you thought you were is just as easily replaced by the person you could become. Grieve your losses, but be okay with a fresh start. Being sick forces you to try new things, new strategies in keeping sane and happy, and that’s not so different from what our able-bodied counterparts are looking for either.

There are always things to be grateful for. If this year hurt you, be thankful it’s almost dead and you’re alive. And there are ways to live a productive, fulfilling life, even in the most unexpected manner possible. That is the perk of being sick; you know that you are more than your illness, your job, your aesthetic, you know that for every curveball thrown, you can adjust, morph, and reinvent yourself into the person you deserve to be.

An Essay on the Value of a Life

Hey guys. This is going to be heavy. And long. Just a forewarning.
I’ve seen a lot of detachment from the value of living, breathing things lately. Too much. When I say life, I mean anything, not just snakes. People too. The ability to wish death upon anything alive is something I could never posses. I hold too much value in these things, from spiders to horses to people. I can’t comprehend the disassociation of being alive from a being.
It boggles my mind that people look at snakes like creatures that deserve to die for only being strange. The amount of comments I’ve received when I tell people I have a pet snake, be it death threats or general disgusted remarks, are staggering. One a day, on a good day. People, uneducated people, see these animals as nasty little beasts unworthy of the love and affection the reptile community pours into them. “I wonder what python tastes like,”, “If it gets out of the tank, I’ll kill it.”, “Can I make a belt out of it?”. Would you say this about a cat or a dog or a bird or even a rodent? No. You and I both know that. I don’t need you to love it, like it, or even have any kind of interest in it. I need you to respect that this is my pet, my companion, this little creature that I love. I need you to not vocalize your distaste for my pet. I don’t like chihuahuas, but I’d never say I’d kill it to it’s owner. I wouldn’t even tell them I don’t like little dogs. Because its a decent thing to do.
Don’t tell me things about my snake that you wouldn’t tell someone about their baby. My snake is like my baby. I worry about him like my son, I care about him like my son, and I spend money to spoil him like my son. He’s my little baby. You wouldn’t tell the mother of that terrible, squalling baby you wanted to bash it’s head in. Don’t tell me you’d do that to my snake.
A pet, in it’s purest form, is the dedication to an animal that relies 100% upon you for it’s ability to live and thrive and your commitment to ensure it’s wellbeing and that you made sure that you allowed it to live it’s life to the fullest. People have begun to treat animals like a common, cheap commodity. They aren’t willing to put $100 into vet bills for a $20 animal. To these people, the animal is replaceable- it, as an individual, holds no value. Its cheaper to let it die and buy another than put the effort into it.
Your pet has no one else. Just you. They rely, depend, completely upon your good graces to survive. And people don’t place the value in the risk that animal takes. Involuntarily, this animal is committed to you, and you should be committed to it. You need to be willing to allow them to thrive, no matter the price. That’s what you’re signing up for, whether it’s a $2 fish or a $1000+ horse. It needs you. Give it what it needs, at the very least.
Don’t get an animal when you can only give it the bare minimum. The minimum is providing it’s most basic needs. A pet will want more than that. They deserve more than that. Spoil your pet, they can’t do it themselves. Do something little. Give them an extra treat. Buy them a little toy. They don’t need extravagance. They need just a little more than the basics.
Life is invaluable. There is no price that can grasp yours or anything else’s worth. Don’t ever treat it like anything less.

why u should watch eureka seven

i wish i could make one of those really long ass posts to explain how much i love eureka seven bc this is honestly one of the best anime i have ever seen but im not rly gooD at that

i just

nice diverse cast? yes thank u. non-romantic important relationships? ill have that as well. GREAT storyline?? sign me the fuk up. BIG MECHAS??? yEAA!!! amazing soundtrack? u bet ur aSS

here’s the crew members (bc they live on a big ass ship that looks like a dragon how sick is that), and they all have unique personalities and have their role on board. that girl on the left in purple is the pilot of the ship. that guy on the far right is in charge of the ship’s weapons. the woman next to him is a doctor. that guy in green directs the magazine that relate the crew’s life. that woman with the gloves in the middle manages the ship’s goods and is in charge of buying food and stuff to keep everyone fed and alive on board (also i love her and she’s the best) aND I COULD GO ON

here’s the main character eureka, with her 3 kids. u see her go through so much character development it’s awesome. also kids?? i love them. they feel v real and it’s? nice to see. kids making dumb mistakes. kids being kids. i love it

here’s renton, the other main character, who is a dumb kid, and gets a crush on eureka after seeing her for .2 seconds. he joins the crew bc of her and gets into a lot of shit bc he’s a lil impulsive but he has a good heart. u gon see this boy grow a lot it’s rly cool

the story focuses on eureka and renton’s relationship, and daily life on the ship at first. daily life includes getting in the big cool mechas to fight bad guys, surf on sick waves, or delivering shady things to people to get $$$ bc u gotta feed the crew. the story gets a lil deeper after a few episodes when u learn things but im not gonna elaborate on that bc i dont wanna spoil u……. but its v cool

im nOT sure if im getting my point across but basically. u should give this anime a chance bc it’s awesome

and mechas……………….

also at some point renton gets to rub his nose on the pecs of a rly buff and hairy guy and i just want u to see that bc its amazing

Hannigram s2 au concept: 

Where, thinking it for the best (for Will’s sake) Jack teams up with Freddie to ‘kill Will Graham.’ After gutting him, Hannibal had every intention of having Will live. What would happen if instead of the article Freddie posted about Will being in the hospital, what if the lines were more: 


Can you imagine Hannibal’s reaction? For him to question the surety of his own hand–the hand that was a surgeon? I always felt it was too clean in that sense. Freddie let Hannibal know everything, and I wish I could have seen Hannibal wallow a bit more becAUSE HE HURT MY BABY ; w ; !!!! *aka I might write this LOL*

I wish I could have made it to PAX, but it’s quite difficult since I live in the UK and have an anxiety of flying

But, thanks to some searching on YouTube, I found @therealjacksepticeye‘s panel with the surprise appearance from Anti (amazing intro to the panel btw if you haven’t seen it yet). I had to draw Jack and Anti together, but I thought they should be happy rather than fighting for control.

…..Loki lives

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meet beau!!! 🐶 short for beauregard, this is my dad and stepmom’s new goldendoodle puppy who i already love very dearly (just look at that side eye!!). he is the calmest puppy i’ve ever seen (i don’t think i’ve heard him bark once in 3 hours!) and an absolute sweetheart. if you sit on the floor he’ll come up and curl up in your lap and try to chew your hair and if that’s not the cutest thing then i don’t know what is honestly. 😊 i love him to death already and i desperately wish i was living with my dad so i could play with him every day but for now, it just makes visits like this even sweeter. i wish everyone could have a dog like beau, he really is an absolute sunshine and i’m extremely grateful for every minute i get to spend with him. enjoy these pics and keep an eye out for more this whole weekend, if that’s your thing! ☺💝💞✨🐶🐾

gottalottawaifus  asked:

Have you ever been to an Ono D. concert before? (if not, have you always wanted to go to one?)

Unfortunately I’ve never been to a concert of Ono Daisuke, but I would like to! The first live Unliimited Door is so cool I wish I could have seen it  live:)
And you?

this-serious-moonlight  asked:

70 to 110!

70: Can I sing? ehhh not really
71: Something I wish I could do? a somersault.
72: If I won the lottery, what would I do? buy a house, invest some and of course donate some and the rest I would save for a rainy day
73: Have I ever skipped school? yes I have
74: Favourite place on the planet? anywhere I can see the ocean. I haven’t seen it much since we moved when I was 5
75: Where do I want to live? honestly a small house in the mountains surrounded by the forest sounds amazing
76: Do I have any pets? yes! I have a pet hedgehog named Pipin
77: What is my current desktop picture? its a picture of our group cosplay from comic expo last year
78: Early bird or night owl? night owl for sure. fuck mornings.
79: Sunsets or sunrise? sunset. cant remember what a sunrise looks like? are people actually conscious when the sun comes up? amazing
80: Can I drive? hahhahah no.
81: Story behind my last kiss? ummmmmm… nsfw
82: Earphones or headphones? head phones ear buds hurt my ears
83: Have I ever had braces? oh god unfortunately yes
84: Story behind one of my scars? I cracked my head open in kindergarten doing the parachute thing in gym class and had to get stitches. there was a lot of blood and the office called my mom to get me and refused to call an ambulance even though I was bleeding out everywhere. assholes
85: Favourite genre of music? rock n roll
86: Who is my hero? deadpool. oh wait is this like a real life hero? I don’t have one sorry
87: Favourite comic book character? wolverine
88: What makes me really angry? injustice, racism, misogyny, bigotry and generally shitty fucking people
89: Kindle or real book? real book for sure
90: Favourite sporty activity? ummmmmmmmmm none????? I’m lazy
91: What is one thing that isn’t taught in schools that should be? mortgages, investing, money management, actual history not the edited version.
92: What was my favourite subject at school? art
93: Siblings? technically 4 half siblings but I only see 2 of them as siblings
94: What was the last thing I bought? pringles
95: How tall am I? 5'10"
96: Can I cook? yes
97: Can I bake? fuck yes
98: 3 things I love? unicorns, aliens, and puppies
99: 3 things I hate? pudding, spiders, clowns
100: Do I have more girl friends or boy friends? girl friends I guess
101: Who do I get on with better, girls or boys? i get along with good people. gender doesn’t matter but most of them are queer.
102: Where was I born? fort mcmurray
103: Sexual orientation? Pansexual!!!
104: Where do I currently live? calgary
105: Last person I texted? cj
106: Last time I cried? uhhhhhhh i cant remember i don’t cry very often
107: Guilty pleasure? reading awful fanfictions.
108: Favourite Youtuber? i don’t know any
109: A photo of myself. ill post this separately
110: Do I like selfies? not really