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Alright so that Off Topic panel discussion about the side by side GTA heisting..

Battle Buddies vs Team Nice Dynamite doing a heist off. There is so much smack talk in the run up, all posturing and big claims, both teams bragging that they’re going to run the best heist, going to get the bigger take, steal the hype on the nightly news. They’ve agreed on a bunch of qualifiers; both teams will leave from the penthouse on Geoff’s mark, both will run their jobs simultaneously, both hit locations with comparable security and similar fortunes to take. Having even attained matching vehicles they’ve taken as many steps as possible to level the playing field. Unfortunately, what they don’t anticipate is the absolute comedy of errors that ensues.

It starts with Gavin taking Michael’s keys just before go time, fidgiting and flittering all around the penthouse, and by the time Geoff calls start he’s absolutely lost them. Ryan and Jeremy gleefully race out the door to the musical notes of Michael blowing a gasket and Gavin frantically upturning furniture.

Things take a turn for the battle buddies when they get lost, well, Jeremy gets lost and Ryan is along for the ride, his sarcastic drawl becoming increasingly more scathing as they realise Jeremy’s missed a turnoff, passed the target, hooking them right into gridlocked traffic. Michael and Gavin, having caught up in progress, take out all the security on their target without problem only to realise half of their expected bounty had already been transferred to another store; in their frustration and desperation to reclaim some glory the intentionally neat little smash and grab suddenly ends in major property destruction and all out arson.

Ryan and Jeremy, having decided to split up and have Ryan burst through the front while Jeremy sneaks through the back manage to snatch more money, but despite all their surveillance utter chance has a surprise additional guard working and a triggered alarm forces them to flee in the face of arriving police officers.  

The two teams meet up on the run, Michael and Jeremy speeding side by side down the highway with Ryan and Gavin hanging out the windows taking potshots at trailing police cars. The whole ordeal would have gone down as a clusterfuck, an embarrassment on all parts, if not for the way the Fake’s infamous good luck finally pulls through. Fortune, it seems, comes in the form of an unmarked armoured truck, all alone and heavy with cargo as it speeds out of the city.

Gavin almost bounces right out the window as he starts whooping something wildly gleeful, joining in as Ryan howls into the wind like he can already scent the blood in the air, rivalry instantly forgotten in the face of a joint hunt. Jeremy and Michael are no less enthused, share a pointed glance across their passengers, flash matching smirks at one another and as one they hit the gas. The competition may have been a complete bust but before the day is over the four of them still manage to secure a minor fortune and, arguably more prestigious, full coverage of their exploits on the nightly primetime news. 

First of all I want to say thank you to all those of you that wished me good luck for my Japanese course. That was really sweet of you and I was happy about each message I got. Yesterday I had the second day of the course and I barely made it in time. Living in the countryside can be a bit of a curse when the course is in the next bigger city. But oh well I manged to get there before we started and I could calm myself a bit.

It’s certainly a lot easier to read certain words and sentences, but having to say them out loud is kind of difficult. I failed a few times, but after a few times it was okay. Even had to try out to order food and we should order different things. And in the end someone jokingly ordered a nail. lol

We have a bit of a longer break now and till then we should memorize what we learned so far. We will play a fun little game the next time we meet. And that’s making me nervous again. I really hope I will get all the words in my head and that I won’t do too badly at the game.


Sounds like someone is a little insecure about something… Can’t quite put my finger on what it might be though…

Reading Your Comments #1


‘I consider myself part of society.. Occasionally. I’m infinitely curious about science.. Moderately. And I love feeling like I’m a part of something. So therefore today I will be partaking in the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’.’


hi taylorswift​! i’m juulia and i’m from finland. my wildest dream is coming true on june 21st when i’m travelling to amsterdam to see you. i have made everything to make my dream true and i can’t believe i’m finally seeing you for the first time after all these years.

my outfit is made by me & my mom, looks pretty similar than yours, doesn’t it? i have also made two signs because i got to know too late that my venue doesn’t allow lights/big signs. the bigger one took me about 10 hours to make so at least i wanted to show it to someone before it will be taken away from me!

i really wish taylor could even see this post so please reblog! i’ll send big virtual hugs to everyone who reblogs this. my seats are 69-70, on row 54, section I (floor)!


The fact that “Update Boycott” is a thing is absolutely hilarious because it literally wont change a thing or make a dent no matter how many people “boycott”, the fact you guys are only boycotting for 24 hours especially wont change anything.

This is sadly hilarious and I wish I could laugh but all the other 8505843 tumblr boycotts that have happened in the past are just like this one, and how it wont change a thing, but let me list a few in the past that people boycotted:

  • When they moved the reblog buttons from the top of the post to the bottom of the post
  • Changed the color of the reblog button
  • Change “like” to “♥” next to the reblog button,
  • when they made the dashboard posts 40 pixels bigger,
  • Change the logo for the first time
  • When the introduced “search” all posts instead of just tags
  • When they came out with the mobile themes
  • When they brought back the activity page after four years.
  • When videos autoplayed
  • When you could embed youtube videos in posts
  • When you could highlight over text and make them bold or italic


• or when you could add gifs to your posts like this

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yeah and you see how all those went

see all you boycotters when you go back to using the service you despise so much in about 24 hours.

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SO taylorswift DO YOU REMEMBER THIS?? It was in Saint. Paul, Minnesota in 2010. I was 10 and in the crowd that very night. I loved you going into the concert, and left loving you even more. This very moment is why I have this tumblr, and my twitter. If i wouldn’t have seen this I still would’ve loved you but this made it all that much stronger. Even at 10 I realized how much you cared about us and how selfless you were. You were so teary eyed and it made me feel like you loved ME. I saw you nearly cry and your adoreable giggles and smiles made me so happy I cried. My mom thought I was upset and I told her they were happy tears. Is this why there are 3 Minnesota shows this year (I’m not going to any because i didn’t have money and they’re sold out.)? I really wish I could be there for the girl that made me dream bigger dreams, be more confident, and fearless just like you. You mean the world to me and I just really wanted you to see this because I thought it would bring good memories. I love you more than anything! taylorswift