i wish i could have made this bigger

Kaneki’s and Seidou’s conversation

Just seconds ago, I pointed out the similar statements Hirako and Kaneki made, but for cracktheory’s sake, I think the parallel might be even bigger than I initially thought.

Here Hirako speculates that Arima felt a connection to Hirako, but that Arima at this point, decided to entrust the Garden children to him, which he, in his honour, very much did. 

And here we have Kaneki giving Amon’s chain that was handed to him seconds ago back to Seidou.

Not only does he mention that Seidou and he are indeed similar, but that he wants Seidou to live, to give him a purpose. This could not only implicate Kaneki’s death wish once again and his inner detachment of his role that Eto and Arima carefully crafted (just as Arima’s detachment of his role as the CCG’s ultimate weapon that V, Sunlit Garden and the CCG crafted), but the fact that he entrusts Amon and Akira to Seidou as well. Who knows, maybe not just them. 


Sounds like someone is a little insecure about something… Can’t quite put my finger on what it might be though…

Reading Your Comments #1

Yes, I will continue to animate a skeleton, and no you can’t stop me.

I watched a YouTube vid were two guys played Puyo Pop Fever, and one of the guys mentioned how Oshare looked like a bad Jack Skeleton cosplay. That’s when I got the idea.

Why only that line though? I think that’s the only part the two skeletons have in common. (Though I could be wrong.)

I just wish I could’ve made Oshare a little bigger, but with a limited screen to work with, I couldn’t do much.

So yeah, that audio clip belongs to the Nightmare Before Christmas.

xstonehill  asked:

Hi! Since you really really love Jason and Piper won't you please tell me your take on the whole Hera Making Them fall for each other and them just kinda accepting it after they got their memories back? I mean, I totally ship it, but that part has always made me uncomfortable... (Also sorry this isn't part of your ask thing RN, but it just occurred to me you might've thought of a great explanation here...)

hey there :D i’m not too great at explaining things, but i’ll give it a shot.

first up! hera didn’t make them fall for each other, they did that on their own throughout the books. what hera did do: she planted fake memories in piper and leo’s head to (mostly) entice them towards him, as a friend and as a crush. kind of like bait, to keep them together, except that all backfired when annabeth pointed out to piper “do you actually know him?” turns out, she did not. neither did leo. but they accepted him anyway, because they had glimpses from fake memories of what he could be: a good friend. piper, sure, wanted him to be something else–but she never made him feel obligated to fulfil any of that. jason spent the majority of TLH telling himself “oh god, she’s so cute, and nice, and badass. but i can’t crush on her or lead her on, because i have no memories and that would be a huge dick move”. likewise, piper had moments of thinking “i wish it could be a thing, but it won’t be, i have bigger issues to worry about: and he owes me nothing.” (leo spent all of that time looking between them like “y’all are losers. are ya gonna kiss? no? good, saves me the bother of pretending not to notice lmfao”)

(also, it should be said: they didn’t hold him up to the standard of fake jason. they let him grow into his own person at his own rate in the books.)

as for the uncomfortable part: yeah, that part always peeved me off, too & they’re my otp. :/ i 100% see what you mean about not knowing how that particular roadblock was cleared. a huge part of that discomfort for me was not knowing how they even got together. that they were an official Thing was sort of explained in one line, from leo’s pov (in……the quest for buford, i think???) and it’s never even explained what happened with jason’s memories. did they come back all at once? did he remember things in bits and pieces??? did they get together before or after he remembered ??? none of that gets explained and it’s. really fucking annoying. rr has kind of consistently let me down in regards to developing the new cast, particularly jason (and frank/hazel/piper)’s relationships and, surprise surprise, his character. there’s no way around it and you have to admit, a lot of relationships (romantic, especially) were mentioned without proper elaboration, even ones that had been building up slowly through whole books (TLH/jasiper, SoN/frazel, HoH/caleo–you get the drift). 

you’re going to have to take it with a grain of salt and decide for yourself how you think they got together. it depends VERY MUCH on how you see the characters/what you think their personalities are really like, and what actions are believable of them. in TLH, neither piper nor jason were very vocal about developing crushes on each other–which was understandable, considering their awkward situation. they admire each other a lot in their povs, get jealous over silly things involving each other, and even leo starts to notice whatever they are, outside the fake memories, is slowly becoming quite real. piper never pressures jason to like her back, jason blushes a shit ton because he has a lil puppy crush, and they’re adorably supportive of each other. in MoA u can see them easily talking their problems out, and just because they’ve had one conversation about it, it doesn’t mean that they stop reassuring each other on the issue bothering them (aka jason repeating “i told you, you’ve got nothing to be jealous of/we’re a team” to piper, and piper repeating “you don’t have to be invincible all the time/we’ll take turns saving each other”). obviously the memories are an ISSUE but they have shown they can work through it.

their entire relationship is totally up for interpretation. liiiiiike…….from a completely platonic standpoint, too, you can’t deny that they’re very very close friends. always on each other’s teams, putting each other ahead of themselves, and keeping each other grounded/happy. the fake memories may have affected them until jason got all his memories back, but it didn’t stop them from developing a pretty strong bond in between all that. i, personally, can’t see them getting together until jason was absolutely sure he wanted to be with her, made that choice on his own, and they were both comfortable enough with each other to think “yeah, this is real”

i’m still pissed we never got to see how they got together. things like who made the first move, how did they ask, how long did it take?? those things give relationships a shit ton more depth. but uh. we got vague mentions instead :/

Amor che null’ho amato amar perdona

So, here it is.
I did it.
ARE YOU HAPPY NOW @miya-sheep ????????

Also, when I was writing the angst part Welcome to my life from Simple Plan started playing. Followed right up by Hello from Adele. THE ODDS ARE AGAINST ME-

 Error is probably OOC. Yup, he totally his pls don’t kill meh

 The prompt is ‘Imagine your OTP are good friends, but not together as a couple yet. Person B has a plush of Person A, but had kept it a secret for a long time. One day, Person A walks in on them whispering to the plush while hugging it and is about to tease them lightly about it, but holds their tongue when they realize Person B is crying about how they wish they could get up the courage to admit to the real Person A how they feel. How Person A reacts is up to you’ by @otpprompts

I’ll add the AO3 link when I manage to post it there. For now, enjoy this thing I made!

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I was going to say “remember when I used to make busts” but I only like 100 followers back when I did that somewhat frequently so I guess not? (in case you’re curious) Anyway I’ve always been too afraid to paint them, but today I came across some pictures I made of them “interacting” and figured I could colour the picture digitally. So here ya go, heh.

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prompt: Go Ha Jin pursuing modern Wang So ‘cause he doesn’t remember her. if she wants things to work out she would have to do all the heavy lifting in their relationship and So friendzoning her like Soo did to him in Goryeo. I saw this on flair4thedramatic @ tumblr and would really really love it if you could bring write this story!! your fics have brought me so much joy after the drama has ended <3


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [달의 연인-보보경심 려] fanfiction

  • Post-End
  • Wang So/Hae Soo (Go Ha Jin)


She sees him at a coffee shop.

Her hands are full with orders for her colleagues and she’s on a schedule, almost running out the door without looking at her surroundings but she sees him. A chance meeting of eyes and she’s frozen in place. He doesn’t move in her direction, doesn’t smile or say anything. Their eyes meet in a brief second and then it’s gone, he’s looked away, back to what he was doing, a life that moves on. There are no bells singing in the distance or their favorite song playing in the background, there never was anything like that for them.

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Okay so, this is me now. 
Afew years ago I would not have had the guts to do this at all. I was that guy who, at the beach would have been wearing a shirt. I hated my body. But since then, things have changed.

Now believe me, I was never obese or unhealthily overweight. Growing up I had some puppy fat, like lots of kids do, I just never got rid of it. When I hit puberty, this really bugged me more and more. People made fun of me and I did not know how to react. At first I just ignored it because I was always told by people namely my parents that Puberty would make it better. They were wrong, I got to the age of 15/16 and still I was different. At this point I was playing regular sport and could not work out what I was doing wrong. If you go back far enough in my Tumblr feed you will see that I steadily was getting more and more angry and sad about it. Eventually I signed up to the gym, but still nothing. Sure there was progress, but it was so slow. This is when I started trying to starve myself. Fortunately I couldn’t bring myself to fulfil this. I knew that it was unhealthier to starve than to eat. But because of this I just felt more frustrated because I thought I could not control myself.

A few years later I have just turned 18. I still have a gut, but it is substantially smaller than before.  After continuing to go to the gym for around 2 years my upper body has evened out a lot because of my wider shoulders and bigger chest and arms. And I am happier with myself and how I look. Sure there is still progress to be made, BUT, I now don’t feel bad about taking off my shirt. And frankly I don’t care about people mocking me anymore (Though in all honestly at this point pretty much no one does anyway)

Obviously some days I wish I could have rock hard abs, I mean what guy doesn’t? I still have issues taking compliments on my looks for sure, and I still don’t think I am good enough for any girl I fall for. But, most importantly I am no longer worried about what the random person at the beach thinks of me. And in the end, that is what matters.

I have made this post not only for my own benefit. But for other guys out there who are the same as me. Occasionally I see posts reminding people that guys can be emotional, guys can feel bad about their weight and looks, and that guys struggle with masculinity. All of these are true, and what I am here to say is that, as a guy that has, and still is going through it, it is possible to accept yourself for who you are. If you are a big guy, fuck getting rock hard abs, at least straight away. Instead, even out your body. Create something you are proud of, and then work at it. What I have done is created the sketch of what I can be; now I have to fill it in with colours, and you can do the same.

If you have any comments or questions just send me a message :)

The Angels Are Just Moving a Their Furniture Around (Sam x Reader)

Author:  a-s-s-t-i-el
Summary: The reader gets scared during a thunderstorm, so Sam lets her sleep in his bed with her. (Inspired by my first one shot)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: No warnings. Just gonna be really cute. :)

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Coffee and Bagel (1/5)

AN:  This is my thank you gift.  Thank you for being patient with me.  Thank you for your donations.  (And commissions! Standby if you’ve PM’d me, I’m getting organized).  Thank you for your prayers.  They mean everything to me.  So here is my surprise present, a Swanfire AU of Dharma and Greg.

Emma Swan was fed up. 

She had not had a good start to her morning. On the way to the office, she’d spilled her latte all over the ground and partly on her cream-colored blazer. She was running fifteen minutes late to an executives meeting and she had forgotten her lucky lipstick. The day could not get any worse. 

She missed the 8:46 train. She would have to wait for the 8:52 train and by then, it would be too late. She was sure to get a dressing down of epic proportions. 

Finally, her train arrived. Impatiently, she shoved her way on, battling sharp elbows and dirty looks—until she bumped into someone. 

“Excuse me,” Emma muttered, preparing to give the interloper an impatient look. But her blue eyes met warm brown and suddenly she felt weak in the knees. 

“No problem,” The man smiled at her cheerfully. He was…incredibly good-looking…stocky build, curly dark hair, a bit of scruff. He was not dressed stylishly or shabbily, somewhere in the middle. As though he gave very little thought to his clothes. It seemed a stark contrast to her crisp, tailored suit. 

She forgot how to speak English. 

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About Keith’s concept of family

Ever since I saw this post by merrywetherweather about Keith, I have been wondering about something. Keith, apparently, has an interesting view of family, and considering he is canonically orphan, it made me ask myself.

Keith: You can’t leave.

Pidge: You can’t tell me what to do!

Keith: If you leave, we can’t form Voltron. And that means we can’t defend the universe against Zarkon. You’re not the only one with a family. All these Arusians have families. Everyone in the universe has families.

He can’t understand why Pidge wanted to leave to find the Holts. He cannot comprehend why Pidge was willing to risk entire universe just to search for the family Pidge was a part of. Because Keith:

1) either didn’t have an adopted family and was raised in orphanage; thus doesn’t understand the concept of a normal family - which Pidge had.

2) had people looking after him but he didn’t like them enough to stick with them - which also didn’t make him understand the real concept of family;

3) didn’t even have anyone (or had only Shiro and then he disappeared?);

4) or some other .. fourth.. fifth reason.

And there was also that part where Keith thought it was a good idea to abandon Allura, while everyone else wanted:

Hunk: Um, do you guys not remember the Balmera? We could barely take out one fleet. But this… a base this size could hold a thousand fleets!

Keith: Or maybe we shouldn’t go on this mission at all. Think about it. We’ll be delivering the universe’s only hope to the universe’s biggest enemy.

Hunk: Keith, that’s cold, even for you. What if it was one of us? What if it was me? You wouldn’t leave me, would you? Would you?

Keith: I’m not saying I like the idea. I’m just thinking like a paladin.

Lance: No, you’re thinking of yourself because you’re too scared to do what’s right!

And it was good thinking, because they ended up going into a trap. But then again, Keith made an exception to SAVE Shiro’s Lion, instead to save the princess with others:

And this is not the only time.

We all saw the look he gave to Shiro when he found out Shiro was the one who fell from the sky.

And then this:

It feels like there is some sort of closeness between them.

So, it makes me wonder. Keith is willing to do a lot of things for Shiro, but when it comes to other people and their relationships he doesn’t react emotionally, and thinks logically.

Could it be that Keith doesn’t really consider other paladins and himself to be close enough, especially Coran and Allura, or is it the fact that due his life growing up he developed a habit of having a hard time connecting to people? Because the only person he would do anything for is Shiro - and we have yet to find out why?

And given the image above, this looks more like touch of admiration and happiness that Shiro is back, then brotherly bonds or romantic bonds.

There are a lot of theories of Shiro’s and Keith’s past together. But what if they didn’t have any interaction on longer basis - like friendship or brotherhood bonds or something more? What if Shiro once or twice showed him an act of kindness that he could never forget? Which also made Keith idolize him. Maybe Shiro’s words or his actions had bigger role while he was growing up. Because if they didn’t have any past together… why would he make sudden deviations in his/their plans in order to help Shiro out?

And with the second season trailer sneak peak - I honestly wish they show us in the second season the reason WHY Keith is willing to do things for Shiro, and put himself and his lion at risk, but hesitates when it comes to other people?

I would appreciate if anyone could add on this because im 100% sure i’m not the only one who thinks that Keith’s concept of family is a bit fucked up.

Also i don’t know to express myself well ^_^’ and when did this become SHEITH post?


‘I consider myself part of society.. Occasionally. I’m infinitely curious about science.. Moderately. And I love feeling like I’m a part of something. So therefore today I will be partaking in the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’.’


hi taylorswift​! i’m juulia and i’m from finland. my wildest dream is coming true on june 21st when i’m travelling to amsterdam to see you. i have made everything to make my dream true and i can’t believe i’m finally seeing you for the first time after all these years.

my outfit is made by me & my mom, looks pretty similar than yours, doesn’t it? i have also made two signs because i got to know too late that my venue doesn’t allow lights/big signs. the bigger one took me about 10 hours to make so at least i wanted to show it to someone before it will be taken away from me!

i really wish taylor could even see this post so please reblog! i’ll send big virtual hugs to everyone who reblogs this. my seats are 69-70, on row 54, section I (floor)!

Speedy ↠ Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader
Prompt: The way you two met happened to be the most normal thing of Peter’s morning, despite the fact that you had practically slammed into each other and, to his surprise, nicknamed him Speedy.
Time setting: After the events of Civil War.
Word count: 2,109

Peter met you the way headlights did a deer. He, the deer, found himself surprised and wide-eyed, though, one of two differences between he and the real thing was that he hadn’t become roadkill within those few seconds. In saying this, it made no difference in the fact that he was still caught there, momentarily blinded like the sky had just opened up and swallowed him whole. He was, for the hundredth time in his life, utterly mortified. You would have found it funny; the way he tensed up and paled. But you hadn’t laughed at all, not even a little bit, given that you had the probability of appearing the exact same way.

The second difference in Peter (that anyone could have spotted) was that, unlike a deer caught in headlights, he was in no immediate danger. And this was, admittedly, an entirely new feeling for him. He was freaking Spider-Man after all, and danger was usually always handed to him on a silver platter, or, it was just something he happened to intuitively stumble upon.

This time, however, he stumbled right into you. You, the headlights, gleaming like a beam. You, the one who managed to keep her balance despite the teenage boy who had just slammed into her side without so much as a warning. Despite the surprise, this seemed to be a normal thing for you, almost as though it was a routine. It had even become a joke between you and the few friends you had made around Queens in your time of living there — so much so, they had deemed it to be some sort of not-so-super superpower.

It was stupid, really, how quickly you and Peter had collided into one another. The both of you were simply keeping to your own selves moments prior, only to come face to face (or more like deer to headlights) with one another immediately afterward.

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