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FFXV Rant (Warning: contains spoilers)

Stuff I thought that could have been added, changed, or elaborated on:

-Just more Luna and Aranea, in general

-Seeing more of your acquaintances in Dark World (time-skip) like Iris, Cindy, Aranea, etc.

-More background on Gentiana/Shiva. Such as why take that form? Why not have them be separate characters? Did Luna know that Gentiana and Shiva were one in the same?

-More relationship building between Noctis and the Six

-Noctis killing Luna, unintentionally but directly. This is taken from the Omen trailer. I feel like that would have been a good point. Noctis could have been controlled by the Crystal. Alternatively, since Luna saves people from the disease of the Starscourge she slowly becomes like Ardyn and then takes up an antagonist role.

-The Crystal as an object of salvation and destruction. For instance, after forcing Noctis to kill Luna he want to destroy the accursed thing, but it’s the only thing powerful enough to help him save the world.

-Luna and/or Aranea being a party member long term.

-More explanation on who Izunia was in relation to Ardyn (Brother, cousin, son?)

-A better confrontation with the Emperor of Nifilheim. For instance, a boss battle in his throne room, where he is in a demonic state but still in control of himself. Only to realize he was Ardyn’s puppet, or revealed that he was aware of what Ardyn was and decided to join forces anyways.

-An explanation of how Prompto came to be in Lucis. Seriously, how did he escape before becoming a full MT?

-Luna getting to be a complete badass. I mean standing up to a god was impressive, but I wanted to see her take people down.

-Actually getting to see more of Aranea’s development from Nifilheim’s hired mercenary to heroic figure.

-Ravis’ motivations. I mean the way he acts in the movie and game, kinda contradict each other.

-DLC or prequel about Ardyn

-On that note, the story being divided into parts. I would have been ok with a FFXV two part or trilogy if they elaborated on the main story more.

-A more accurate mechanic outfit for Cindy.

-Some more stuff involving Noctis’ sleeping. I mean all other content pointed to it being a major plot point, but he doesn’t do it much in the actual game. Always taking naps, and occasionally having dreams that have meaning.

-Being able to summon Bahamut outside of the battle with Ifrit.

-I think Cor should have been in there more. As sort of a mentor, and a link for Noctis to his father.

-Since the brothers die, it might have been interesting to have them fall one by one.

-In Dark World, seeking out your companions rather than just meeting with all of them at Hammerhead.

-A frozen dungeon to get Shiva’s power

-Or alternative to Noctis killing Luna; her being killed by the toll of the rituals.

-More expedition and lore on the world

-Getting to see more of the world. Explore Tenebre rather than it being a pit stop, get a better look at the core of Nifilheim (kinda like in ATLA seeing the Fire Nation)