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Personal Assistant


But what if you were Jeff’s PA and Harry’s always about for meeting etc and you notice him staring at you a little longer but you’ve never had much to do with him and think nothing of it, just another guy celeb looking at the secretary for longer than normal. Then one day you have to drive him somewhere cause Jeff forgot to tell you he’d need a car…

Warnings: None, smut hinted at but no actual smut | 8.2k

You’ve been in the office only an hour and a half and your hair is already tied up in a pony tail. It had been falling down in soft curls around your shoulders, styled that way after your appointment at the hairdressers the previous afternoon. However, a barrage of emails and a non-stop phone line meant it was quite simply annoying within thirty minutes of being at your desk. Normally by this time you’d have filtered through all the emails, sorting them into things that need dealing with before your second coffee and things that can wait. This morning your first coffee, from the place down the road, is untouched and probably cold in it’s takeaway container.

‘Come on Y/L/N in here.’ The voice of your boss pulls you from the email you’re halfway through reading and you turn in your chair to see him entering the office from the door behind you, not alone. You sigh grabbing your conference pad from one of the trays on your desk, your pen and the pile of paperwork that he has actually got to deal with himself. You’re not completely surprised Harry’s here on Jeff’s first day back in LA after a business trip to New York, but you half wish Jeff was alone so you could make a start on some paperwork with him.

Harry holds the door open for you and you smile a thanks as you walk past him taking your usual chair opposite Jeff at his desk. Harry sits in the chair next to you and you don’t miss his stare that lingers over you for a little longer than you’d think acceptable. You cross your legs laying your notepad on your lap and relax a little in the chair. You’ve been working for Jeff for over a year now so you’ve met Harry several times, but each time the lingering stare catches you out and you feel your heartbeat speed up a little inside your chest.

After two years of working your butt off in London to get as much experience under your belt as you could, you finally decided to take the leap and head off to sunny LA to try and bag your dream career. You were there, working in a juice bar for two months before you got the call from Jeff’s office for an interview. You never thought you’d get it, you knew you were exactly what Jeff was looking for, you had the experience and you two hit it off straight away so you knew you could work not just for him but with him, but there were always people better than you. Jeff didn’t think so, within an hour of leaving the interview room you had a call from him telling you the job was yours if you wanted it. As if you’d turn it down.

A year later and you were still there. The pay was good, the perks were good and Jeff was a good boss, and actually hadn’t turned out to be much less than a friend. Though you rarely socialised outside of work, your working relationship was ideal. You both knew how to work hard and play hard and though you shared plenty of banter you knew when it was time to get to work and you both knew the line.

‘You can keep your eyes off her Styles, she’s my pretty assistant, not a chance you’re stealing her off me.’ Jeff joked as he waited for his computer to load both you and Harry chuckling though admittedly slightly uncomfortable but not from Jeff’s words. He often called you his pretty assistant, and some might think that demeaning, but you both knew you were much more to him than that. You both knew he wouldn’t last a day on his own in the office without you. However, Jeff catching Harry staring at you, the same way you had, though you’d decided not to address it,not to even return the gaze, made the situation feel awkward.

‘How was New York?’ You asked, quickly changing the subject, flashing Jeff a smile.

‘It was good, you’ll be coming next time.’ Jeff told you and you snorted a laugh.

‘You say that every time.’ You reminded him and he did. Jeff laughed and you heard Harry let out a noise that sounded a little like laughter but was too quiet and almost under his breath for you too really tell.

‘How’s it been here?’ He asked and you could see he was in business mode now and genuinely wanted to know.

‘All fine,’ You told him with a smile. You stood and placed the mountain of paperwork on his desk, you didn’t miss the eye roll. ‘They all need signing, the top ones by tomorrow, the rest by the end of next week latest.’ You knew he didn’t miss the warning in your voice as he nodded having a quick flick through the paperwork. ‘Davey’s called literally everyday, I can’t fob him off much more Jeff.’ You said sitting back down, he nodded again and you could literally see him thinking.

‘You can see the cogs turning can’t you.’ Harry joked, this time the laughter in his voice more obvious. You turned to look at him and smiled, giggling. You and Harry never really spoke just the odd comment here and there, it wasn’t just Harry, you didn’t converse with many of the clients or people Jeff dealt with. Just enough to be polite and for them to feel comfortable if they had to wait outside Jeff’s office where your desk was, on it’s own.

‘Oi.’ Jeff said looking to Harry and you laughed again. ‘Send him an email for now, tell him I’m back from New York I’m thinking it over and I’ll call him next week.’ You nodded making a note on your pad. ‘Anything else I need to know urgently.’ You shook your head. ‘Great, what time’s Harry’s car coming?’ You raised your eyebrows looking directly at Jeff who shrugged. ‘Why are you looking at me like you don’t know what I’m talking about?’ He asked and you shook your head.

‘Cause I don’t know what you’re talking about Jeff.’ You told him honestly. And Jeff sighed.

‘I told you before I left Harry needed a car after our meeting-’

‘Nope, I didn’t even know Harry was going to be here this morning.’ You told him butting in. For the first few months if you knew Jeff was in the wrong you’d let him get away with it, he was the boss that’s how it worked, but he told you not to. He’d told you it wasn’t your fault if he’d made a mistake and you had to let him know because it wasn’t fair for you to get the blame. It took a little while for you to get your head around it, you’d never challenged a boss over something before, they were your boss after all but eventually you got used to it.

‘Oh shit.’ Jeff said scraping his hands through his black hair. You looked to Harry who was staring at Jeff a slightly amused grin on his face. He caught your eye and winked, you simply and quickly looking away. ‘Ok you’re going to have to take him Y/N.’ You looked at Jeff eyebrows raised. ‘Don’t look at me like that, I know it’s my fault but I can’t take him I’ve got that other meeting.’ You sighed. Jeff rarely forgot things but you never did and you knew this wasn’t your mistake but you also knew you couldn’t say no. There was a line.

‘What time?’ You asked looking at the clock. You still had emails to get through sorting yet, you hadn’t even started replying to them and it was already 10.30.

‘The meeting is at 11.30, leave here about quarter past.’ Jeff told you and you nodded. ‘To make it up to you I’ll have these done by the time you get back.’ Jeff said pointing at the pile of paperwork in front of him. You chuckled and shook your head.

‘No you won’t.’ You told him knowing well enough that Jeff wouldn’t start signing the paperwork until at least an hour before you needed them done. Jeff tried to challenge you, but you turned to Harry and interrupted. ‘Harry I bet you a year’s salary that Jeff won’t have that paper work done by the time I get back.’ Harry chuckled and looked back to Jeff who also had a smile on his face.

‘Fine, well thanks for that, you can go now.’ Jeff said to you an amused tone in his voice. You stood and left the room your smile instantly dropping. Driving Harry anywhere was not on your to do list ever, let alone today when it was the busiest day of your week. You just wanted to get everything finished and tied up so you could go home on time and enjoy your weekend without worrying about what you’d left behind.

You slumped into your chair at your desk and peered through the window between yours and Jeff’s office. The blinds were slightly open meaning you could just about see into Jeff and Harry’s meeting. Harry was relaxed back in his chair, you couldn’t see much of him but you could see his side profile and the index finger of his left hand that he had resting on his lips. He nodded his head every now and again as Jeff spoke. It was when Jeff turned his head to his computer screen that Harry turned his to the window and saw you staring. You quickly looked away to your own screen, feeling your cheeks reddening, but not missing Harry’s smug grin. You dropped your head into your hand so if he was still staring all he could see was the back of your head and you pretended to busy yourself with emails whilst you waited for the embarrassment from being caught staring to fade.

It would be a lie to say you didn’t find him attractive. How could you not? He had eyes you could drown in and a bone structure that could cut you. He was darkly intriguing but kind and warm. You couldn’t help yourself but look at him from time to time. It wasn’t a crush it was just an admiration of a good looking man.

You ploughed through your emails for the next hour, replying to as many as you could and making a note of the most important ones to get around to when you got back. You answered the phone every three minutes only to tell the caller that Jeff was in meetings all day but you’d take a message and get him to call them back. And you would try but you’d ultimately fail. Anyone who Jeff really needed to talk to would call his mobile if it was urgent, anyone else could call the office and try again at a later time. Five past eleven didn’t take long to roll around and you hadn’t got nearly as much done as you wanted and you knew it was highly unlikely you’d get out of the office by quitting time.

You took yourself off to the bathroom for a freshen up, grabbing your bag from under your desk as you went. Checking yourself in the mirror you took your hair out of the tie holding it in its ponytail and letting it fall down around your shoulders however it wanted to. You moved it around a little so it didn’t look so much like you’d just woken up until you were happy. You were pleased to see the small amount of makeup you chose to wear to work was still in place. You quickly added a swipe of your new favourite lipgloss before spritzing your neck and wrists with your perfume and leaving the bathroom.

As you made your way through the office back to yours you could see Jeff and Harry already standing in your part of the office talking. You opened the door with your smile holding your bag down by your ankles and moving a little closer to Harry and Jeff. They both looked at you as you approached them and you knew they could tell something was different than when you were in Jeff’s office earlier but you weren’t sure they could tell what.

‘Here take the Rover.’ Jeff said dangling a set of keys on his finger. You recognised them from the few times Jeff had left them on your desk for the mechanic or the valet to come and collect the car. You took them from him and held them in your hand a little nervous at driving something that probably cost more than your apartment. ‘And treat yourself to lunch.’ He added flicking some plastic towards you - the company credit card. You took it from between his index and middle finger.

‘Thanks.’ You said with a slight smile. ‘And if you get a chance that paperwork really does need doing by tomorrow.’ Jeff nodded knowing you were being serious about it now. He said goodbye to you before turning to Harry to wish him goodbye also, although you didn’t hear their parting conversation as you headed for the door. You stood with your back to the door holding it open, waiting for Harry to join you.

‘Alright love?’ He asked and you nodded as you turned walking out of the office space toward the lift. Harry following you and the rest of the walk there silent. Harry pressed the button to summon the lift and you both stood staring at the closed doors waiting for them to open. They finally did and Harry outstretched his hand motioning for you to go first you thanked him with a smile and stepped into the lift turning back to the door, Harry joining you seconds later and standing next to you. The small space of the lift meant you could feel the heat radiating from his bare arms onto yours, a feeling which quickly spread through you.

‘I prefer your hair down.’ Harry said his voice taking you slightly by surprise despite his soft, slow, drawling voice. You looked up at him from your height disadvantage despite the slightly heeled boots you were wearing and he was already looking down at you to meet his eyes, a coy smile on his face.

‘Thanks.’ You said creasing your eyebrows. ‘I think.’ You added slightly unsure how to take it

‘It’s definitely a compliment.’ He assured you to which you simply nodded looking back away from him towards the door and the buttons of the lift which were blinking out as you lowered down the floors too slowly for your liking. ‘You can talk to me y’know.’

‘I know, I’m just not exactly sure what to say.’ You admitted as cooly as you could. The doors of the lift opening and you making your way out into the main lobby  ‘This way.’ You instructed walking towards the car park of the building rather than the main entrance that Harry was obviously used to entering through judging by the way he went to leave the building.

‘Well whatever you’d say to anyone else, I am a normal person.’ You simply nodded in response to his statement as you pushed the door open into the dark car park, lit by dim orange lights. ‘Come on you can talk to Jeff the way you did back then you can talk to me, he’s way more scary than me.’ Harry challenged walking behind you, following you towards the Range Rover parked in the same space it always was.

‘Maybe but I know Jeff a lot better than you.’ You reminded him hitting the button on the key fob to unlock the car. You walked around to the driver’s side and hopped in, Harry already in with his door shut by the time you did so. He was looking at you as you closed your own door, pulled your seatbelt on, started the car and chucked it in drive.

‘What do you know about Jeff that you don’t know about me?’ Harry questioned. You realised he’d simply been waiting for you to be in a position to concentrate on the conversation once again as now you were driving out of the car park his eyes were on the road rather than you.

‘Your birthday, your coffee order, your girlfriend’s name, basically everything.’ You told him as you pulled out into the stream of traffic. ‘Can you grab my sunglasses from my bag?’ You asked, the LA sunshine blinding you slightly. Harry reached behind your seat pulling your bag onto his lap and rummaging around until he found the Ray Ban case and pulled the sunglasses out handing them to you. You put the tortoise shell framed, pink polarised lenses on quickly checking yourself in the rear view before focusing completely on the road. Only realising afterwards that considering you were having an argument about not being able to talk to him to because you didn’t know him well enough, that you’d just asked him to do something quite forward. You shrugged it off concentrating on driving and listening to Harry’s response who seemed to think nothing of your request.

‘Ok so first of February, americano iced or hot depends on the weather, with milk if I’m feeling crap, no girlfriend.’ Harry reeled the list of like it was second nature and you nodded along taking it in. ‘So now we can talk normally?’ He questioned, looking at you again, you smirked slightly before responding.

‘I guess cause I mean there’s like literally nothing we don’t know about each other now.’ Your voice was dripping with sarcasm and you were glad Harry saw the humour in it, chortling to the side of you and looking out of his window.  ‘Sorry, so nervous for your meeting?’ You asked changing the subject not wanting him to think you were a complete narcissistic bitch.

‘Not particularly just finalising some things.’ He told you nonchalantly, scrunching up his nose to add to the offhand-ness of the comment.  ‘Let’s not talk about work hey?’ He asked and you agreed with a bow of your head. ‘So what about you birthday, coffee order, boyfriends name?’

‘Twenty first of June, large cappuccino, no boyfriend.’ You told him well aware you were both flirting with the idea of flirting with one another and now you’d both affirmed the pair of you were equally single you felt the atmosphere change slightly.

‘Get out of town no boyfriends, what are you talking about?’ The exaggerated shock in Harry’s voice made you giggle and you shook your head.

‘Are you flirting with me Harry?’ You asked calling him out but he didn’t blush or sink back.

‘Maybe a little, would it be such a bad thing?’ He asked suavely. You shook your head this time flicking your eyes in his direction, away from the road just for a second. ‘That’s good.’ He smiled confidently. ‘I saw you staring earlier.’ He said cockily and you glanced at him again. He was staring at you now, his tongue resting on his left canine tooth.

‘I saw you staring earlier.’ You quipped and he let out a throaty chuckle.

‘Fair enough.’ You felt a coy smile taking over and you chewed on your mouth to prevent it being seen.  ‘So maybe I could take you for dinner?’ He proposed with confidence.

‘I’m not sure that would be appropriate.’ You told him any sort of smile leaving your face. It was a bit of fun in the car but you knew that’s all it could be.

‘What do you mean?’ Harry was clearly a little taken aback, the slight drunkenness in his voice having now disappeared.

‘Well I work for Jeff and you’re Jeff’s client, I think that might be overstepping some boundaries.’ You explained regretting the admission but knowing it was right.

‘Oh come on Jeff wouldn’t mind.’ He implored, begging with you almost without actually begging. ‘We wouldn’t have to tell him if that would make you feel better.’ Harry suggested raising his eyebrows, you saw out of the corner of your eye.

‘I can’t Harry, sorry.’ You ascertained finally.

‘Oh come on, we’re having a good time, you don’t want to carry on?’ He flirted with conviction clearly trying to win you back around. You could hear the lustful playfulness in his voice and the way he let his words draw out even more than normal. You ignored the way it made you feel and shook your head. ‘It’s only dinner.’ He added less flirtatiously and slightly more agitated.  

‘We’re here.’ You said bringing an end to the pointless back and forth. ‘I’ll sort a car out to come and get you.’ You informed him as he unclipped his seatbelt.

‘You mean you’re not picking me up?’ He asked turning to you and letting his hand fall on your mid thigh. It almost burned but you didn’t flinch away, just swallowed and shook your head. ‘Well that’s a shame, I’ll talk to you later.’ You nodded, at least letting him belief he would as he squeezed your thigh clearly enjoying watching the effect he was having on you take over before he opened the car door drawing his hand back of your thigh and closing the door behind him. Disappearing away.

‘Shit.’ You hissed checking your wing mirror before driving off down the road not even looking to check Harry had gone into the building.

You grabbed a salad and an iced latte to take back to the office and ate it at your desk in between replying to emails. Jeff didn’t leave the office to welcome you back, or for the majority of the afternoon apart from to grab himself some food and a coffee. He took the car keys and credit card back off you when you returned but that was the most interaction you had. You could see into his office that he was working through the pile of paperwork in between phone calls and you smiled gratefully even though he couldn’t see you. Your company phone buzzing on your desk distracted you from the five minutes you were taking to enjoy the last of your salad.

Wishing you’d just said yes? Harry

You rolled your eyes as you read the message not even needing to get to the signature to know who it was from. You dropped your fork back into the plastic bowl and leant over the device so you could reply without Jeff seeing you using the phone. He’d only question it, he knew as well as you did that you rarely used it. You hated Jeff for a second for giving Harry the card that detailed your work mobile number as well as his own but you knew this wasn’t really his fault.

This is a work phone Harry

Let’s hope Jeff doesn’t tap your messages then

Harry seriously

Well give me your number so we can organise dinner

No Harry I told you

Fine I’ll just keep bugging you here then

Did you like my hand on your thigh earlier?

Ok that’s enough

I thought you were meant to be a nice guy,

I am

You’re blackmailing me into this

Only cause I know deep down you want to

Fine one dinner that’s it

Great I’ll pick you up from the office after work

I need to get changed

Ok text me your address and I’ll pick you up at 8


If you don’t I’ll be outside the office

You are blackmailing me

You love it

You smiled despite yourself, Jeff’s office door opening distracting you. You locked the phone as discreetly as you could, beaming a smile at Jeff to divert his attention.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ He asked and you shook your head as he handed a pile of paperwork over the desk to you. ‘Half way through’s pretty good hey?’ You nodded and giggled.

‘Thanks, that’s great I’ll get them sent off.’ Jeff nodded thanking you as you put them in the appropriate tray in your desk organiser. ‘You off?’ You asked him noticing the keys in his hand, the same ones you’d held onto earlier.

‘Yeah, feeling it a little after the flight.’ You chuckled rolling your eyes mockingly at Jeff. You didn’t miss the humoured smile he flashed. ‘Don’t hang around here too late tonight, if you’re still here at 5.30 I’m docking pay.’ He winked and you shook your head.

‘Have a nice weekend, I’ll see you Monday.’ He nodded wishing you the same before walking out of your office. Once he’d gone you quickly texted Harry your address from your own mobile and deleted his texts from the work one. You ignored his reply, determined to get through the rest of your emails in the last half an hour or your day.

Five thirty came around and you decided for once you’d take Jeff’s advice and leave on time with a few things still left to do but nothing that couldn’t wait. There were a couple of people still in the main office as you left and you wished them goodbye with a slight wave heading down the same way you and Harry had gone earlier to your own, far less glamorous, car. You couldn’t help but notice how much less entertaining the walk was as well as the car journey back to your apartment.

By the time you got home the sun had long set and the air had chilled to something that would have been comfortable back home in London but now, you were accustomed to LA weather, felt chilly. You headed into the apartment of your building choosing to take the stairs the guilt of the gym membership that hadn’t been used for two weeks now weighing heavy on you.Your apartment was dark when you got in, the blinds for the only window in the open plan living-kitchen-diner, shut. You turned the light on and headed for the fridge cracking open the bottle of white wine in the door deciding a glass of dutch courage was just what you needed ahead of your ‘date’.

You showered quickly trying your best not let your hair get even a drop of water on it. You had it secured on top your head and wore a shower cap as well that you’d received as a joke and only used a couple of times previous. Your hair still looked reasonable from the hairdressers and you knew not having to do anything to it would take a good percentage of time off how long it would take you get ready. Following your shower you laid on your bed for some time in only your towel scrolling through social media and enjoying your glass of wine. It wasn’t until a text from Harry flashed up telling you he was on his way that you decided it was about time you got up and got dressed. You knew what you wearing and it didn’t take you long to find the black jeans and white off the shoulder, silk blouse. It was simple but fail-safe. You went for simple makeup as always, a thin layer of foundation, a little concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes, some bronzer to help you look less tired, a few coats of mascara and eyebrow pencil just to fill in the gaps.You swiped a nude lip paint on just as your door bell rang. You smiled happy with the timing, never having been someone who liked to wait around. You spritzed on some perfume before heading to the door. You left your apartment with a bag containing your keys, phone and purse and that was it.

Harry was stood at the door of the apartment complex, you didn’t catch his eye but noticed his all black outfit. Black skinny jeans, the same as every time you’d seen him, a black shirt and a black silk scarf underneath probably tied lower down underneath the shirt where you couldn’t see. You smiled from the other side of the door before opening it. Harry smiled sweetly back as you joined him on his side of the door leaning down and politely kissing both your cheeks, the door closing by itself behind you.

‘You look incredible.’ He told you confidently and honestly you smiled bashfully thanking him.

‘You don’t look to bad yourself.’ He led you towards the car that was still running and waiting for you both. ‘Where are we going?’ You asked, Harry holding the car door open for you so you could slide in. He slid in beside you closing the door before the driver pulled away.

‘Just a quiet little place I know.’ He told you and you believed him. You could imagine dining in the busy restaurants in the city only got annoying when people recognised you all the time. You were interested to see where you’d end up but relaxed back in the seat just going with it and not prying anymore into the location of the restaurant. The drive was fairly quiet asking about each other’s afternoon that you both could have guessed the answers to but not wanting to really talk when the driver could so blatantly hear your conversation.

‘Here we are Mr Styles.’ The driver said turning the interior lights of the car on. Harry opened the door thanking the driver as he slid out, you followed him and joined him on the pavement. Harry stuck his head back in the car talking to the driver and you took the time to take in the restaurant. You could tell it was an Italian but it wasn’t one you’d noticed before and you knew it wasn’t going to be super fancy. It looked dark and quiet and you wondered how Harry had found it. When he joined you again he laid his hand on your lower back, pushing the silk of your top against the bare skin there.

‘Ok love?’ You nodded as you had earlier when he asked the same question back in the office but with less anxiety in your stomach. He directed you towards the entrance of the restaurant as expected pulling the door open for you and letting you enter first. The restaurant was warm and a fair few of the tables were full but they were too engrossed in their own food to notice you and Harry enter. The dim lights cast shadows around the place that made it feel more traditional than other, chain Italian restaurants you’d been in.

‘Ah Harry how are you?’ A loud Italian voice bellowed and you turned to it. A young Italian man was approaching you, his black hair slicked back and dressed in a white shirt and black trousers. You looked up at Harry who had a cheerful grin spread across his face, his cheeks dimpled and his perfect teeth on show. ‘Ah a lady friend tonight, you have come to the perfect place for romance young Mr Styles.’ Harry chuckled at the man who was now stood in front of you looking from you to Harry.

‘You got the normal table Tony?’ Harry asked and the man you now knew the name of nodded telling you both to follow him. Harry touched your back again and you followed Tony around the restaurant to a much quieter spot, no one else on any of the tables around. Tony stood next to a small booth, raised slightly and designed for two diners. You smiled and slid in Harry doing the same opposite you.

‘Your menus.’ Tony said placing menus down on the table and looking at Harry. ‘Your normal wine Mr Styles?’ Harry nodded muttering a thanks before Tony gave a slight bow and left you to it.

‘You come here a lot huh?’ You commented with a cheeky grin. Harry chuckled and nodded.

‘One of the only places I can eat around here without getting papped.’ He admitted grabbing a menu and handing the other to you. You thanked him glancing at it quickly. You had to wonder how many other girls he’d bought here but you tried not to think about the ones you knew he’d been associated with and the potential others you knew nothing about and instead decided to focus on enjoying an evening out with who was, essentially, a stranger.

‘You do like Italian right?’ Harry asked a slight concern in his voice. You nodded quickly reassuring him.

‘Yeah love it.’ You told him emphatically and he smiled glancing back at the menu. ‘What’s good?’ You questioned him, doing the same and scanning the items on the menu. Of course some of it you recognised but others you didn’t.

‘Well what do you fancy, pizza, pasta, meat, fish?’ He asked you dropping his menu slightly so he could look you. You thought about it, pursing your lips in as you did so.

‘I’ll tell you what, you order for me.’ You challenged with a cocky smile. Harry raised his eyebrows and grinned.

‘Ok fine, you’re not allergic to anything are you?’ He asked and you shook your head. He smiled dropping his menu completely and sliding it back to the end just as Tony returned with the bottle of red. He poured a little in Harry’s glass for him to taste which Harry did, you stifling a giggle as he imitated someone who knew what they were doing. Harry chuckled and told Tony it was fine allowing Tony to fill both your glasses.

‘Are you ready to order?’ Tony asked and Harry nodded lifting the menu.

‘Can we just get two of those please?’ Harry pointed to something on the menu you couldn’t see, Tony nodded with a grin before walking away again. Harry looked back to you with a smile. ‘It’s my favourite I think you’ll love it.’ You smiled back and took a sip of the wine.

You continued to quiz each other until the food arrived. Harry entertaining you with stories that you couldn’t match, he’d lived a far more exciting life than you have but even so he asked you about it and seemed genuinely interested when you talked about yourself, laughing in all the right places and nodding along, looking at you as you talk, dropping your eyes to the glass of wine you’re holding onto lightly. You almost feel slightly sad when you see Tony rounding the corner towards you with your food. That doesn’t stop him though he continues to ask you a last couple of questions and talk like you’ve got hours until you’re interrupted.

‘Two beef and red wine ravioli.’ Tony said making it sound beautiful when he says it with his un-effected Italian accent. He places one plate down in front of you both, you smile thanks shaking your head when he asks if he can get you anything else before he disappears again.

‘It looks lovely’ You comment still wearing a smile looking at the plate of pasta parcels coated in a rich red sauce. Harry nods picking up his fork and tucking in. You doing the same taking the first bite, the taste on your tongue incredible. You nod to Harry’s questioning look, swallowing so you can tell him how good it is. ‘It’s delicious.’ He smiles proudly and continues to eat.

It wasn’t until Harry interrupted you both half way through your meal to ask for another bottle wine that you realised between you, you’d already finished the first. You allowed him to fill your glass again as you continued to talk and finish your plates. It wasn’t until halfway through the second bottle that you felt Harry’s foot find your leg, intertwining them and grazing his booted foot and up and down your calf. It wasn’t until you finished eating you noticed the effect the wine was having on you. Your head was light, not spinning but not completely normal, you were sure you’d have to stand slowly when it finally came to it.

‘Good?’ Harry asked moving both your plates to the end of the table, both empty. You nodded wiping the corners of your mouth with your napkin and taking the final mouthful of the wine in your glass. Harry moved to refill it again, the second bottle on its last legs and nearly ready to join the first, but you prevented him putting your hand over the glass and shaking your head.

‘That’s enough for me thank you.’ You told him and he chuckled placing the bottle on the table again and finishing his own glass, watching you darkly over the rim. Suddenly you had an inkling you were looking at more than dinner, maybe it was the wine talking but you didn’t mind as much as you thought you might have done earlier on. You certainly made no move to push him away, the simple gesture making your whole leg tingle.

‘Well maybe I should call the car?’ Harry’s suggestive tone matched the look on his face, you simply nodded to which he grinned, pulling his phone from his pocket and not taking his eyes from you as he lifted it to his ear and arranged for his car to collect you and take you both to his house. You could have stopped him several times but you didn’t, you both knew where this was going now and you didn’t want it to stop. Despite your earlier doubts you found yourself succumbing to him, but he was doing the same and maybe it was the wine clouding your mind but even as you looked ahead to the next morning you couldn’t see yourself regretting it.

An hour or so later and you were exactly where you thought you’d be. Pushed up against Harry’s front door, his hands either side of your head and his lips attacking your neck with kisses and playful nips. Your hands were working on his belt, tugging it at it to release it before making light work of the buttons securing his jeans over his ever hardening crotch. He let out a deep, guttural moan as your hand slipped in between his tight boxers and his jeans, palming him gently at first but upping the anti with the sound that left his mouth. His hands made their way down the door, slipping under your thighs and lifting you with ease from the floor. You wrapped your legs around his waist and let him carry you wherever he thought best, hoping he knew his house well as you attached your lips to his as he walked, his fingers gripping your thighs tightly as your tongue flicked into his mouth. He dropped you onto a couch not letting your lips go as he crawled on top of you attacking the button of your jeans.

‘You sure?’ He questioned, talking against your lips. You nodded letting out a quiet moan as his hand dipped into the front of your jeans.


You felt unreasonably anxious as you walked into the office on Monday morning. You’d tried not to dress any smarter or any less casual, your hair was in a high, long ponytail, the same make up as always on your face. You didn’t want to draw attention to yourself. There was no reason Harry would have told Jeff about your evening together but there was also a lot of reasons he would. Jeff was Harry’s friend, you hoped he’d realise why it wouldn’t be a good idea and you were sure he would but even the tiniest amount of doubt in your mind was too much.

You’d woken up in Harry’s bed, his Kiss T-Shirt covering your body as well as his duvet. You’re memory was completely intact, you knew exactly where you were and who should be lying next to you and as anticipated you didn’t regret a second of it. You’d shared an incredible evening and even though you knew you probably shouldn’t have done it, your body craved him from the minute you saw him stood at your door the previous evening. As you got to know him better and you conversed with one another through the evening you soon realised it was a little more than lust. You spent that whole day in his Kiss T-Shirt. He made you pancakes and you ordered pizza to eat together in front of the TV with a movie on. You spent that night with him and enjoyed each other’s bodies all over again, discovering new things about one another and learning new ways to relish in one another. You were fully aware, even if this never happened again, it was more than a hook up, more than a one night stand.

Jeff was already in his office that morning. He had a tight white shirt on, only the top button undone and he looked as well put together as always. You smiled when he looked up at you and you went straight through, the open office door the only invitation you needed. You placed one of the takeaway coffee’s down on his desk as you greeted him.

‘Good weekend?’ You asked him with a smile hoping he’d simply nod and ask you the same as he always did. He did nod.

‘Yes thanks, need to go over a couple of things with you this morning.’ He said. You nodded trying not to show any hesitancy in complying with his request. You were sure it was just about the paperwork he had in front of him, if it was about you and Harry he would have worded it differently, there would have been more of a warning tone but even so you felt anxious about what was sure to be a normal Monday meeting. You took your jacket off and hung it with Jeff’s before putting your bag by your desk and grabbing your conference pad.

Jeff smiled at you as you re-entered and you felt a little easier for it. You sat at your normal seat and for some reason wished Harry was sitting down in the one next to you as he had done on Friday morning.

‘I’m heading off to New York again in a couple of weeks.’ Jeff started and you made a note of it on your pad.

‘Do I get to come this time?’ You quipped as you wrote, making sure to smile to ensure Jeff knew it was a joke. You didn’t expect to go. You knew he could say you’d be going with him the next time every time until the end of your employment and he’d still never take you. He preferred to keep you in LA where you could keep everything under control for him.

‘You’ll be going to London.’ You looked up at him quickly. You sure you looked shocked and confused because that’s how you felt.

‘What?’ You asked. ‘Why?’ For a second you thought he was getting rid of you but really you knew what this was about and you swallowed when you remembered. You’d been sat on Harry’s bed cross legged facing him, your hands cradling a mug of coffee his doing the same though he only needed one of his large hands to grip onto the mug fully. He’d come out with it from nowhere and all of a sudden.

‘I want you to come to London with me.’ You nearly spat your coffee out, assuming he was messing around but one look at his face told you he wasn’t. His eyes were narrowed slightly and his lips pursed. ‘I’m serious, I want you to be my assistant.’ He told you and you shook your head. There was no way you could do that, especially in London. You’d left London to come out and do exactly what you were doing. You were living your dream. You wanted to work with someone in the music and entertainment business and you were working with one of the biggest there was. You had no desire, at all, to change that. ‘Oh come on Y/N think how much fun we’d have.’ He winked at you and you felt disgusted at both yourself and him.

‘Oh my god no.’ You said moving quickly from the bed. You put your coffee on the side and started hunting for your jeans and your other clothes that had remained on the floor after your first night with Harry that now made you feel sick.

‘I didn’t mean it like that Y/N stop.’ He tried to convince you to get back on his bed but you couldn’t even look at him as you pulled your jeans on.

‘I’m not some sex worker who’s going to follow you around London so you can get your kicks.’ You spat angrily at him grabbing your bag that you hadn’t taken anything from for the whole time you’d been with Harry. You didn’t take his t-shirt off but stormed through the large penthouse suite away from him. He was following you quickly and you heard him put down his mug before he grabbed your wrist and pulled you back towards him just before you reached the door.

‘I know you’re not, that’s not what I meant, I was joking.’ He tried to reassure you and you listened but you weren’t taking any of it to heart. His drown-worthy eyes and sharp bone structure wasn’t going to pull you in again. ‘You’re incredible at what you do and I want you to work for me, in London, I’m not asking you, not even a little bit, because I want to keep sleeping with you.’ He told you, you could see the sincerity in his eyes but you didn’t care for it. You pulled your hand from his grip and turned away from him leaving his apartment without another word.

‘Harry wants you as his assistant while he’s back in London for a while.’ Jeff told you and you were back in the moment. You shook your head not sure what to say or do.

‘I like working for you, I want to work for you.’ You told him, feeling a little hurt but more concerned about the fact you didn’t want to go to London with Harry but not sure how you could get out of it without finding yourself jobless.

‘Y/N I’m telling you to, you’ll be working for Harry but really you’ll be working for me.’ He told you and you knew that made sense but you’d still be Harry’s assistant. ‘Go to London, take some holiday and see your family, you haven’t been back since you’ve been with me.’ He reminded you and you and that did sound appealing. The only downside of living your dream was that your family where so far away and in a different time zone.

‘How long’s it for?’ You asked tentatively.

‘Two months at the moment it might be longer yet.’ He told you and you nodded biting your lip, mulling it over.

‘I’m not going to force you to go if you really, really don’t want to, but I think when it actually comes to it you do want to go.’ Jeff said and suddenly you hated that he was just as much your friend as your boss, why had you let him get to know you so well? He was catching you out left, right and centre. ‘It’ll be good for your career, give you some new experiences and the chance to do something a bit different, you won’t be tied to an office for a start.’ Jeff told you and you nodded appreciating what he was saying. ‘So shall I book your ticket?’ He asked cautiously. You sighed and looked up at the ceiling. You knew Harry didn’t mean what he’d said, you knew you’d overreacted and the opportunity that was being handed to you on a plate, because you’d been requested because of how good you were at your job, was too good to pass up. You knew that and you nodded to Jeff who smiled.

‘Good, now go get to work.’ He said playfully and you chuckled lightly looking at your notepad and tapping it, before standing and making for the door. ‘Oh and if you’re into Italian restaurants there’s a really good one just outside London, I’ll have to give one of you the number.’ You turned your head back to him quickly and he was sat reclining in his seat a knowing and cocky look on his face. You could feel your cheeks reddening and Jeff just laughed. ‘I find out everything Y/N you know that, it’s a good job I like you.’ You smiled despite yourself and the scarlet tone you were sure your cheeks were sporting. ‘I need to make a call now so if you shut the door please?’ You nodded and left the room glad Jeff didn’t make any more of the situation. You sat down at the desk and turned your computer on, grabbing your phone from your bag whilst you waited for it to load.

Alright boss? ;)

HA knew you wouldn’t be able to resist

So I’ll just pack the shirt you left at mine in my case for London

I guess so

Do you want to meet for lunch? I think I owe you an apology for how I reacted the other day

You really don’t owe me an apology but I’m definitely up for lunch

Meet you outside the office at 1?

Perfect, see you then.

Bikers, Booze and Monsters

The reader leaves due to Dean’s attitude and goes back to Charming to have a fresh start but when the boys notice that it feels like there is something missing and go to bring her back home.

Dean and Reader, Jax and Tara Teller, Lyla Winston and the rest of the characters on the show

Warnings: Angst, fluff, dick dean, sweet dean, sad sam, angry sam, extreme sweetness and overall teeth rotting awesomeness

I have had a horrible week! If you have requests, send them in! I can do Sons of Anarchy or Supernatural please send some in??

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              Another day, another argument. Sam and Dean were my best friends, but Dean was a jackass all the time. According to him I couldn’t cook, I didn’t clean right, I didn’t do laundry right, and most of the time I was a crappy hunter. Sam on the other hand was a saint, he always appreciated the things I did, and after the bad hunts told me I was amazing and a badass. It wasn’t him though I had feelings for, it was Dean. Coming to the present this time I bought the wrong beer, but this time I was done, I’m staying any more just to keep being used as a punching bag.

              Dean had just left to pick up his skank of the night when I went to Sam’s room to let him know my plans. I knocked on the door and a heard a quiet ‘Come in’, I popped my head in asking if I could talk to him. “I thought I would say goodbye, I can’t stay here anymore. My depression is worse than ever and my panic attacks are destroying me physically and emotionally.” “I understand, I’m sorry he chased you away. I was hoping things would get better” “I’ll be staying in Charming if you need me, I haven’t seen my family in a while” I wrote down where I would be staying and gave him one last hug.

              I had everything packed in my truck, and got out of there as soon as I could. I decided to drive straight through, planning on crashing when I reached the club house. I reached the ‘Welcome to Charming’ and felt the nerves building up, what if they don’t want me back? I saw a liquor store and decided to bring a peace offering hoping it would work. I loaded the two cases of Johnny Walker and found the place quite easily. I took a couple steeling breaths and got out, hoping for a good reception.

              No one noticed me walking up so I did what I usually do, I tilted my head and cat called. “Damn your asses get better with age huh?” All their snapped to see the one person they had been searching for. “Lass is that you?” I nodded my head overcome with emotion. He hugged me first and just held me as I cried at how much I truly missed my boys. “Where were you? We looked everywhere!!” “I’ve been hunting, not in Bambi but things that go bump in the night”

              They looked at me like I had another head growing out of my neck. Tig was the first one to speak up “I knew I wasn’t seeing things!” “Well darlin’ I think we need a welcome back party for you! What do you say?” I could feel the lump in my throat and then got squished in a huge group hug. I text Sam letting him know I had gotten there safely and thanked me for keeping in contact with me.

              Jax led me to my old dorm, they hadn’t changed a thing. I sat down at the end of the bed, and tried to reign in my emotions. “What else is going on? I can see that y/l/n mask you did when you hid something” I told him everything, from being rescued by the brothers to how Dean treated me and how he always spoke down to me. I told him about Sam and how he always gave me a safe place to be when things got overwhelming.

              He held me to him as I cried out everything that I had buried, I let my walls fall finally letting myself feel all the pain. He tucked me in and promised to have dinner ready in a little bit, I hugged him one last time before falling asleep.


              Once I got the message that she made it safely, I decided to find out why Dean was being such an asshole. “Hey Sammy, where’s y/n?” I scoffed at his arrogance “She’s gone” “What like a solo hunt or a supply trip?” “Nope just gone” “That’s not funny! Where is she?” “SHE’S GONE! Maybe if you weren’t such an asshole to her she would still be here instead of being out there alone”

              I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer, sitting down and wishing that she was still here. The bunker felt lonely and dark, there was no sign that she had ever been there, no sign that she would come back either. “I’m sorry Sam, I really screwed up this time, huh?” “Yeah you did but I can only hope in time she’ll come back”

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters


              I called my mom, letting her know that y/n had shown up and of course invited everyone over for dinner making y/f/m and buying plenty of beer for the celebration. I went to check on her and saw she was awake and in the shower. I knocked on the door and let her know I had an errand to run but I would be back to get her for dinner at Gemma’s. She poked her head out of the shower and asked me to get the whiskey out her truck to put in stock. I smiled and winked, assuring her that I would get it done.

Reader POV

              The nap and shower had woken me up and helped me get into a better frame of mind. I walked out and got dressed, ready for a night of laughter and stories. I put my hair into a braid, grabbing my bag and heading out. I was starving and desperate for some of Gemma’s home cooking. I sat down at the bar, drinking a double of the ‘Johnny Walker’ I had bought, I wasn’t always a whiskey girl, but the older I got the more I enjoyed the slow burn of it.

              “You look like you feel better” I smiled at Tig and nodded my head. “So, who do I have to kill?” “What?” “You have that heartbreak look on your face, the one you get from having your heart broken” “It’ll heal over time but right now I need food!” Tig just laughed and hugged me to him kissing me on the side of my head. “Ready darlin?” I jumped off the stool and threw him the keys to my pick up when I saw all the boys on their bikes ready to head out with us.

              “Once we made it to Gem’s, I hugged everyone and got the chance to meet Abel and Thomas. I always wanted to be an aunt, Tara and the other old ladies were in the kitchen helping with the food. We all sat outside drinking and laughing at the ridiculous stories being told. “Hey doll, do you still dance?” I groaned at the question, I was hoping I could avoid that topic. “Hey! I paid for those lessons! You better be still dancing”

              “Yes Gemma, I do what I can, but I have been keeping up” Right then ‘La Tortura’ came on and I said I would dance if the other old ladies did it with me. Tara was the only one who had the balls to come up and let me show her some moves. We started laughing and shaking our asses and moving our hips to the beat. When dinner was ready we decided to give up while we were ahead of the game.

              The food was amazing, as it always is, then the stories started. The whole table was laughing at how weird I was when I was a kid. “Do you remember that one run we had to go to and they wouldn’t let us bring y/n in unless she could beat their best fighter?” I started laughing so hard I was crying, shaking my head “He never knew what was coming” I just smiled and winked at Clay. “Can’t say you didn’t train me well”

              Once the food was consumed and the beer was drunk we just sat and talked and just reminisced about the good times. “We still have your baby” “Really? I’ve missed her so much!” I was promised a group ride tomorrow and started to feel like I could heal myself from everything I had been through. Once we came back to the clubhouse I collapsed on the bed exhausted from all the laughing I had done, not from the constant crap that was shoved at me. I woke up the next day and decided to make breakfast for the boys before our ride. I made everything I could find from scratch, once the food was close to done. I walked out and yelled out to the guys that breakfast was ready.

              After an amazing meal, Juice brought my bike out, looking gorgeous as ever. The ride let me clear my head and my heart of all the nightmares I had experienced.

6 Months Later

              I had gotten a job at the adult film studio they had bought and all the ladies knew not to mess with me. They knew not to piss me off or things would be very difficult for them. We had finished filming early, which meant I could leave early. There was always that one girl that would try to get under my skin, and that was Ima. My phone started going off and saw that Sam was calling me, I hadn’t spoken to him in a couple weeks and missed our phone calls we had.

              “Hey Sammy! Long time no hear” I heard laughing and automatically smiled. “I was wondering if you were going to come back, I really miss you and Dean well he isn’t himself. A lot of stuff has been going on and it just feels like there’s something missing” “All I can say is I’ll think about it ok?” “That’s all I ask” I said good bye and hung up, wiping the tears from my eyes.

              I walked out to Ima trying to get into Jax’s pants again, I swear that girl was a special kind of stupid. “Go home Ima, for fucks sake, he’s happily married” “Just because no one wants your fat ass, doesn’t mean I’m not wanted” “Let’s go Jax” He started the bike and headed back to the clubhouse, there was another party tonight and I wanted to get some sleep before it started.

              We pulled into the lot as my breath got caught in my throat at the sight of baby with the two men I missed dearly. He backed the bike up and parked it, watching me making sure I didn’t have a panic attack just at the sight of them. I could feel the tears building up, so I just ran inside to my dorm and locked the door. I was happy to see them but I also felt my heart shatter, I guess I wouldn’t get over him.  “Sweetheart, please open the door? I’m sorry with how I was just please?” How was I supposed to answer him?

Dean POV

              I knew I screwed up but hearing her cry on the other side of the door and knowing I was the cause of those tears. I walked back out into the main room seeing a bunch of pissed off bikers, I had a lot of talking to do. A blonde guy about my height walked up and introduced himself as Jackson Teller, we both sat down at the bar, having beers.

              I began explaining what the hunting life had entailed, the danger, the injuries and everyone that both of us had lost. At the end of the whole speech I was in tears with all the hurt and loss that we had gone through. “I understand, we’ve dealt with the same thing, this life is never easy but as long as you have people that love you it makes it better” “How do I fix this? I was a complete asshole to her” “Don’t worry brother we have a plan”

              We had everything set up and ready to go, now I hope that I’m not too late to fix the error of my ways.

Reader POV

              Tara and Lyla had brought me a few outfits to try on, hoping to get Dean all hot and bothered and ready to pounce. Both ladies started saying that he was both the most beautiful man they had ever seen. “Yeah, both are Greek Gods, but Dean is beautiful inside and out” They both nodded, “Those are the best kind” I agreed and smiled when I had finally found an outfit to drive him wild.

              I took one more look and joined the party, hoping to have Dean absolutely fall apart. Of course, Ima had to be there and rubbing herself all over Dean. I walked over to chase her away, when Dean saw me and knew it was not a good thing. “Hey!” “Hey y/n I don’t think this one wants your gross as hell body, not when he could have mine” I swung my leg and knocked her on her ass, pressing my booted foot to her throat. “I’m tired of dealing with your skanky ass, your nothing but a piece of shit whore with no use! I’m warning you right now, you come back here ever again I will kill you” I stepped back as she scurried up and out the door the rest of the place cheering me on.

              I turned around to have Dean grasping my face kissing me with everything he had. “That was so hot! Damn it woman, you got me hard as a rock” “I can help you with out that” I grabbed his hand and dragged him to my room locking the door behind me. I got on my knees and quickly unbuckled his belt and pulling down his jeans to have his erection bounce off his stomach.

              I started sucking him down, even swallowing around him. He was making the dirtiest sounds I had ever heard, he had gritted out he was coming as I swallowed everything he gave me. He tucked himself back in, kissing me again. “I love you y/n and I’m so sorry I was an ass” I could feel the tears filling my eyes “I love you Dean, always have, always will”

              He kissed me again then headed back out to the party to enjoy being here with my family. We played pool, we drank, we danced. The boys decided to stay a few days, getting to know my family and just relax. I even let him drive my motorcycle, which wasn’t like me at all. I showed him the best and most beautiful places to see.

              When I showed him my baby, he went over the moon. He absolutely fell in love with her and begged me to bring her home so that we could go on more rides together. I woke up the day before we were going to head out, not seeing Dean so I grabbed my yoga pants and walked to see Gemma and Dean talking. Dean had a black backpack that was full to the point of possible explosion. “Good morning” Gemma hugged me and walked out leaving Dean and me.

              “Go get a shower, I have something very special planned and yes I’ll make your coffee” I giggled and kissed him walking back to get cleaned up and head out. I washed up quickly and put on a pair of shorts and an ac/dc tank top with chucks. I walked out to see him waiting patiently for me, two coffee travel mugs and the stuffed backpack.

              I kept trying to ask him where we were headed but he just kept saying that it was a surprise. So, we rode in silence other than the country station playing in the background. The truck stopped in front of a beautiful little cottage on a lake, I knew this place well. He wouldn’t let me talk just helped me out of the truck and led me inside to see rose petals and candles lit.

              “Dean?” “I wanted to do this right but when I’m around you I lose all thought. I already talked to Clay so now it’s time to talk to you. I love you so much and I’m not going to wait any longer to make you mine. Baby, you are the bright spot in my world and my light in the dark. Will you please do me the honor and marry me? Make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?” I gasped at the ring and just nodded quickly.

              Let’s just say we spent the rest of the making love while the storm rumbled through. Once it got late we headed back and of course they had a party celebrating our engagement. I didn’t want to leave but I was also home sick.  

              After ten days of relaxation, we decided to head out and get back to the bunker. We said our goodbyes and left Charming, but this time I was excited, because I was going to come back and visit as much as I could. I made sure to steal a couple bottles of ‘Johnny Walker’ to have once we made it home. Dean grabbed my hand, interlocking our fingers “Ready to go home?” I raised his hand and kissed his knuckles “More than ever”

Narrados en una canción (P. 2)
  • ARIES: Houdini - Foster The People

Rise above going to start the war
What you want, what you need,
What’d you come here for?
Well, an eye for an eye
And an ‘F’ for fight
They’re taking me down as a prisoner’s riot

I’ve got shackles on, my words are tied
Fear can make you compromise
Lights turned up, it’s hard to hide
Sometimes I want to disappear

Focus on your ability
Focus on your ability
Now focus on your ability
Focus on your ability

  • TAURO: The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars

Today I don’t feel like doing anything
I just want to lay in my bed
Don’t feel like picking up my phone,
So leave a message at the tone
Because today I swear I’m not doing anything

I’m going to kick my feet up then stare at the fan
Turn the TV on, throw my hand in my pants
Nobody’s going to tell me I can’t

Tomorrow I’ll wake up, do some P90X
Find a really nice girl,
Have some really nice sex
And she’s going to scream out
This is great
-Oh my god, this is great-

Oh yes, I said it, I said it
I said it 'cause I can

  • GÉMINIS: Chandelier - Sia

Party girls don’t get hurt
Can’t feel anything, when will I learn?
I push it down, push it down
I’m the one for a good time call
Phone’s blowing up, ringing my doorbell
I feel the love, I feel the love

I’m going to swing from the chandelier
From the chandelier
I’m going to live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist
I’m going to fly like a bird through the night
Feel my tears as they dry
I’m going to swing from the chandelier
From the chandelier

But I’m holding on for dear life
Won’t look down, won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light
Because I’m just holding on for tonight
Help me, I’m holding on for dear life
Won’t look down, won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light
Because I’m just holding on for tonight
On for tonight

  • CÁNCER: One Way Or Another - Blondie

One way or another I’m going to find you
I’m going to get you, get you, get you, get you
One way or another I’m going to win you
I’m going to get you, get you, get you, get you
One way or another I’m going to see you
I’m going to meet you, meet you, meet you, meet you
One day maybe next week, I’m going to meet you
I’m going to meet you, I’ll meet you 

I’ll walk down the mall
Stand over by the wall
Where I can see it all, find out who you call
Lead you to the supermarket checkout
Some specials and rat food
Get lost in the crowd 

  • LEO: Primadonna Girl - Marina And The Diamonds

Primadonna girl, yeah,
All I ever wanted was the world,
I can’t help that I need it all,
The primadonna life, the rise and fall,
You say that I’m kinda difficult,
But it’s always someone else’s fault,
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe,
You can count on me to misbehave…

Primadonna girl,
Would you do anything for me?,
Buy a big diamond ring for me?,
Would you get down on your knees for me?,
Pop that pretty question right now baby…

Beauty queen on a silver screen,
Living life like I’m in a dream,
I know I’ve got a big ego,
I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though…

  • VIRGO: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don’t know where it goes
But it’s home to me and I walk alone
I walk this empty street
On the boulevard of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I’m the only one and I walk alone
I walk alone I walk alone
I walk alone and I walk

My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me
My shallow hearts the only thing that’s beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Till then I’ll walk alone

  • LIBRA: Pretty Hurts - Beyoncé

Pretty hurts
Shine the light on whatever’s worse
Perfection is the disease of a nation
Pretty hurts
Shine the light on whatever’s worse
Tryna fix something
But you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery

Just another stage
Pageant the pain away
This time I’m gonna take the crown
Without falling down, down

Ain’t no doctor or therapeutic that can take the pain away
The pain’s inside
And nobody frees you from your body
It’s the soul that needs surgery
It’s my soul that needs surgery
Plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far
And you break when the paper signs you in the dark
You left a shattered mirror
And the shards of a beautiful girl

  • ESCORPIO: Don’t Cry - Guns N’ Roses

Don’t you cry tonight
I still love you, baby
Don’t you cry tonight
Don’t you cry tonight
There’s a heaven above you baby
And don’t you cry tonight

Give me a whisper
And give me a sigh
Give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye
Don’t you take it so hard now
And please don’t take it so bad
I’ll still be thinking of you
And the times we had, baby

And please remember that I never lied
And please remember how I felt inside
Now honey, you got to make it your own way
But you’ll be alright now, sugar
You’ll feel better tomorrow
Come the morning light now baby 

  • SAGITARIO: West Coast - Lana Del Rey

Down on the West Coast
They got a saying:
“If you’re not drinking, then you’re not playing”
But you’ve got the music
You’ve got the music in you, don’t you?

You push it hard I pull away
I’m feeling hot and on fire
I guess that no one ever really
Made me feel that much higher
Te deseo cariño, boy it’s you I desire
Your love, your love, my love

I can see my baby swinging
His Parliament’s on fire
And his hands are up on the balcony
And I’m singing oh baby, oh baby, I’m in love
I can see my sweet boy swaying
He’s crazy y cubano como yo my love
On the balcony and I’m saying
Move baby, move baby, I’m in love…

  • CAPRICORNIO: Viva La Vida - Coldplay

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
Listened as the crowd would sing:
“Now the old king is dead, long live the king”

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can’t explain
I know Saint Peter won’t call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world

  • ACUARIO: Imagine - John Lennon

Imagine all the people
Living for today…
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

  • PISCIS: Some Nights - FUN

Some nights I stay up
Cashing in my bad luck
Some nights I call it a draw
Some nights I wish that my lips
Could build a castle
Some nights I wish they’d just fall off

That’s alright, I found a martyr in my bed tonight
Stopped my bones
From wondering who I, who I am, who I and who am I?

Well some nights, I wish that this all would end
Because I could use some friends for a change
And some nights, I’m scared you’ll forget me again
Some nights, I always win, I always win


Too much (Simon Request)

“Hey gorgeous!” Simon grins through the screen as soon as you’re face pops up.
This had become your regular turn of events when it got to 10pm over here and it was still only 3pm in LA. Simon, along with the rest of the guys, was in America at the moment promoting the book out there and meeting as many viewers as possible. He had been gone for about 3 weeks now and you knew he missed you. You missed him too.
“Hey babe!” You smile, “How’s LA?”
“Its good” He nods, “We went to a few book stores today and signed a tonne”
“Ahh great! I bet they love having you out there” You smile, shifting on the bed you were sat on. It felt so strangely empty without him.
“Enough about us, how are you?” He asks, knowing full well you hadn’t done anything amazing since he had gone.
Plan, meetings. Nothing much other than being an assistant to the boys, you basically planned everything for them. On and you would go see your brother Joe. Nothing special.
“I’m fine” You chuckle, “Nothing much changes in London in three weeks babe. The house is a lot cleaner. And its weird being here alone”
“Has Joe been round? I don’t want you there alone all the time” He asks, worried instantly.
“Yes of course he’s been round. Us Suggs stay together” You laugh, “But he’s at Oli’s tonight so they might pop round later but I’m alone at the minute”
“I hate you not being here (y/n)” He admits, “Everyone keeps asking about you. And they all said they wished you were here. I told you that you should come!“
“No come on, you’re fine out there. Besides, we’ve gotta have someone to hold down the fort” You comment, “Just enjoy yourself”
“I cant” He whines and glances up as someone walks into his bedroom of the house they were staying in.
“(Y/n) please shut him up! He hasn’t stopped talking about you since we left and its getting old” Ethan yells from behind the camera.
“Hey Ethan” You chuckle, “Honestly babe don’t be so hard on yourself. You couldn’t wait to go to LA. And its only been a few weeks. Three more and you’ll be back okay? I’ve got Joe keeping his watch on me. Nothing bad going on here”
Simon looks down and drags a hand through his hair.
“I’ll see you soon okay? Go shout too loud with the guys and eat the crappiest food possible and enjoy yourself. You’ve got a day off tomorrow so bloody make the most of it okay?” You comment reassuringly, “Its three more weeks. We’ve made it this far and we can do it again”
Simon pouts and you sigh.
“Bye beautiful” He smiles lightly, “I’ll speak to you soon okay?”
“Sure, its 10pm now so I’ll be up for a while” You nod, “Bye babe”
You end the facetime and head downstairs to get yourself some food since your eating was hardly one that kept on track with normal people. It generally matched that of the boys with you opting for anything in date in the fridge and hoping for the best.
A few phone calls to arrange other events for the boys later, your phone starts to buzz with another facetime from Simon.
“Hello babe” you smile, “Miss me already?”
“I kind of did… Something” He starts, biting the inside of his cheek.
“What did-” You start before you hear a loud knock evidently coming from downstairs, “Hang on a second babe”
You groan and shift from the bed, heading downstairs with your phone held out in your hand.
“I sort of booked you a flight over here” Simon admits quickly as soon as you open the door to reveal your brother and Oli on the other side.
You freeze.
”(Y/n)?“ Simon pipes up again.
“You did what?!”
“Don’t be mad but I figured we could do with your-”
“Mad? Of course I’m not mad you idiot! When do I leave?”
“Tomorrow at 1pm your time” He comments and Joe and Oli look at you with raised brows.
” Oh my god I can’t believe you! You asshole!“ You grin.
“See you soon Princess” Simon laughs.
“Byeeee” You reply and he ends the call.
"So I’ll be seeing you at about 9am tomorrow then?” Joe smiles.
~~~Time Skip~~~
A long flight later with you sleeping enough to hopefully prevent you getting too much jet lag, you were about to be reunited with Simon.
With the way things had worked out, you got to America just before they had to be at the meet and greet so he expected to see you at the house when he returned home. Not a chance. You were on your way to that venue within an instant and you couldn’t wait to see that lanky dickhead.
You had already spoken to their security who quickly let you through the back without anyone seeing you from the long lines that were already ready to see the boys you had known for so long.
“She’ll have landed about an hour and a half ago” You hear Simon mention from the back room they were staying in until the event began, “I just hope her flight wasn’t delayed too much”
“Listen to you” Tobi laughs, “You can’t even bare to wait another few hours before seeing her”
“Because he’s so in loveeee” JJ sings and you can almost see the look that would be on your boyfriends face.
“Come on guys you’re gonna be late if you keep sitting around” You announce, opening the door and walking in to where they were all waiting.
Their faces are hilarious. Pure shock. And Simon with his mouth hung slightly open and a look of complete happiness in his eyes.
“Oh my god what are you doing here?!” He exclaims, jumping up to wrap his arms around you and spin you around.
“I figured you guys couldn’t cope another day without me at this so I got the taxi to drive straight here” You comment.
Simon pulls away slightly, enough to have his eyes on yours and soon so are his lips.
“Alright save that shit for later” Josh stands up, “There’s people waiting”
“I missed you so much babygirl” Simon mumbles and presses his lips to yours once again quickly.

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a cute/funny blurb where you guys are talking about the embarrassing stuff you said while you were getting your wisdom teeth out you said nothing because it was really really embarrassing and it was about niall (before you met him) Niall keeps bugging you about it? please??? :D

Originally posted by tummyrolls

In retrospect, letting your parents show Niall the family photo albums may have been a mistake.  It was one thing to let him see the baby pictures of you with food smeared all over, learning to walk, and on a tricycle.  But now you were getting into high school dances and volleyball games.  

“Ok, I think we’ve seen enough.”  You tried to close the books and slide them back into the boxes before anyone could protest.

“Hey! I wasn’t done with that, give it back!”  Niall reached his long arms across the table and wrestled the album out of your hands.

You groaned in protest and slapped your hands on the table in defeat.  “No, c’mon Niall! High school was awkward and you don’t need any more ammunition to make fun of me!”  You plopped down in a huff and crossed your arms over your chest.  Niall stuck his tongue out at you and dove back into the album, laughing loudly at each new embarrassment.  

He turned another page and let out a booming cackle, clutching at his chest as his eyes crinkled shut.  You leaned across the table and grabbed the album out his lap to see what he was laughing about.  In the middle of the page was a picture of you from your freshman year of college.  Your hair was piled in a messy bun, your cheeks were puffy and you had bruises down your chin.  You were flashing the camera a thumbs up.  What Niall was probably laughing at though was your shirt.  It was from the Take Me Home Tour, with all the boys climbing that stupid London call box.  You vaguely remembered this being taken, you’d come home for spring break and had all four of your wisdom teeth removed. You rolled your eyes at Niall’s laughter, and muttered a petulant “shut up”.  

Niall poked his bottom lip out at you and reached across the table for your hand.  “Aww, don’t be pissy babe.  I knew you were a fan, you told me yourself!”  He leaned back with a smug expression, puffing his chest out a bit.  “I just didn’t know you were that kind of fan.”  

“What do you mean, that kind of fan?”  You narrowed your eyes and glared at him.  Before he could answer your mom came strolling through the kitchen to refill her wine glass.  She peeked at the open album and let out a chuckle.  “Oh my God, did she tell you what she said when the anesthesia was wearing off?” 

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So Live Another Day

a/n: This was written in Justin’s low period. When he was depressed, and off edge. I felt like I needed to write one where Y/N would be the whole reason he got back on his feet.

“Justin, boul, wake up.” I heard, as Za smacked me with my own pillow.

I glanced at the clock to find it was 10 at night. Again. I had another sleepless night, which meant I’d sleep through my entire day. It’s fine though. It’s not like anybody cares if I were awake. I’d go outside, listen to their words, only to realize how much I’d want to go back to sleep.

“Za, go away. I’m not getting up today.”

Truth is, I’m exhausted. I’m just tired of everything being said about me. People tearing me apart to make themselves seem better. And now Selena’s gone and probably a better person then I’ll ever be. But whatever. If she’s not here with me now, I guess she never really cared about how I was doing. Maybe that’s all I need. Over the last year I’ve been sleeping around, and partying with girls who’s names I can’t even remember. I just wanted to feel that spark again, until I realized I wasn’t gonna find it in bed. If God was truly loyal, he’d give me motivation to find someone. But maybe I’m so fucked up, that even God isn’t on my side. No, he has to be. I can’t be that lonely, can I?

This isn’t fair. Just let me die. There’s people out there and they’re gonna get what they want. The death of Justin Bieber.

Za left my house after realizing he wasn’t going to get anywhere farther than he’s ever been. After confirming my decision, I had come to my senses. This was my last day of life. If there’s a reason to keep moving forward, God, show me the way. I slipped on my hoodie and wandered outside in the dark, wanting to get one last look of the world before I left it. I walked along the sidewalk. A medium sized dog was on a leash tied to a bench in front of Walmart. I got down to its level and pet it. It rolled over, asking for a belly scratch.

“Hey, buddy.” I cooed. I looked for a nametag on the collar, but it didn’t have one.

“I sure wish I was your owner. They must be so lucky to have you.”

“Oh, I am.” I heard a female voice above mine.

As I looked up, I saw a smiling girl about my age. She was so angelic, I thought I was hallucinating. Her blonde hair was in two pigtailed braids, and her eyes sparkled. She was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. As I stood up, I noticed freckles along her pale nose, and how much her pink t-shirt brought out her childish smile. She was adorable, beautiful, and hot all at the same time.

“I’m Y/N.” She held out her hand.

“I’m Justin, but you probably already knew that.”

Our hands touched and both of our smiles faded. We had the same look in each other’s eyes, like nobody else in the world was meant for us. My whole life flashed before my eyes up until this very moment. This was it. This was God’s sign. I could almost hear the words; “Live Another Day” in my head as Y/N began to smile. Maybe getting out of that bed was the first part of it. Wandering off to this exact location was the second. Stopping in front of that adorable dog was the third. And now, meeting Y/N. This was the final one. I don’t know if I feel like I’m in love because I haven’t felt it in a while, or because I’ve never felt love before this very moment, and only thought that I did.

“Yeah, I know who you are. And I’m just wondering where you’ve been for the past year.” She giggled.

I let out an ashamed sigh and a half-chuckle.

“In bed.” I widened my eyes.

“W-Wait, don’t take that the wrong way I’ve been really exhausted.”

Y/N gave a loud, true laugh. One that I’ve never head before, but would love to hear again.

“I can tell you’re exhausted. Probably from all the time you spent in bed.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. I can’t remember a time that I laughed truly. All of those fake laughs seemed real, but now I know what a true laugh feels like. And it’s a wonderful feeling, all thanks to Y/N.

“So, what brings you to Walmart so late at night? And what is this little guy’s name?” I asked, wanting to know every little thing about her.

“Well, I was actually here to get his tag engraved. I just rescued him. His name is Seamus.” She pulled out the tag and gave it to me.

I got my phone out and took a picture of it, as Y/N looked at me weirdly.

“Why’d you do that?” She laughed.

“Two reasons. One, because now I have your phone number.” I smirked.

“And two, because I feel like this is a moment that’s about to change my life. I want to have this in case I forget it.”

Y/N smiled as her cheeks turned pink. I’d never liked the color pink so much, until I saw it on Y/N. Now it was my favorite. Now every time I’d see a shade of pink, I’d think of Y/N.

“Well, thank you, Justin. What brings you to the sidewalks so late at night?” She asked, as we sat down on a bench.

“I’m gonna tell you the truth, because I feel like I can tell you anything.”


“This was going to be my last day here.”

“In LA?”

“More like, last day on the planet.”

Y/N’s eyes widened as she came to realization. She’d looked as if she was about to cry, and it was so gratifying to see the face of somebody who cared for my well-being.

“Justin…oh my god.”

“I came here because I wanted to get one last look at this beautiful, but horrible place. Then I saw Seamus and began to pet him. That’s when you showed up, and for some reason I feel the need to be alive.” I smiled.

“Well, then I’m glad I could help. I’m glad I’m the reason you want to be alive. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever heard in my lifetime.” She chuckled, wiping a tear.

“It’s just…great to see somebody who cares about me.”

“I’m sure a lot of people do, and you just don’t see it. You have fans, and Scooter, and your family. Maybe you were so focused on the quantity of people that were upset with you, you didn’t realize the quality of people who loved you, and still do.”

Is that what everyone was trying to tell me? Until this moment I’d never listened. Why do I feel like only listening to Y/N when it comes to advice? As long as I’m listening, I should be okay, right?

“Hey, Justin. I have to go. It’s pretty late. I’m really glad I met you, and I’d love to see you again.” She hugged me.

I hadn’t felt an embrace since…well I can’t even remember.

“You have no idea how glad I am that I met you. And I’d love to see you again. And again, and again. Now that I have your number, I’ll call you.”

“Sounds good.” She picked up Seamus’ leash.

“Promise me one thing.” She scolded, looking at me.

I glanced in her eyes, notifying her I was listening.

“Don’t leave. Not today, not tomorrow, not any day. If you ever feel like this again, remember this day. How happy you were to be alive. Life is worth living, Justin. So live another day.”

I smiled, as a tear rolled down my cheek

“Thank you, Y/N. This meant a lot to me. I’ll see you later.” I said, walking towards my house.

I opened the door, and walked straight to the piano. Sheet music was scattered around. I picked up a piece of paper and realized the last song I’d written on here was Be Alright. Sign number five.

I sat down, clearing my space. I placed my fingers on the keys, as a melody came instantly. I remembered what Y/N told me. That life was worth living, so live another day. I scribbled the words down on a piece of paper, remembering every single detail of this night.

“Ended up on a crossroad…trying to figure out which way to go.”

I whispered, remembering the street I had to cross. I debated whether to go towards Walmart or Best Buy, for some reason I chose Walmart. Thank God I did.

“It’s like you’re stuck on a treadmill running in the same place.”

That one was simple. I passed by a Planet Fitness. Give me a break, it’s like midnight.

“You got your hazard lights on now, wishing that somebody would slow down.”

Remembering the cars zooming by, I wanted to feel as free as them. I wanted to drive with no place to go.

“Praying for a miracle…show your grace.”

I just kept looking for that sign, I didn’t even care what it was I just needed to find one.

“Had a couple dollars, and a quarter tank of gas for the long journey ahead.”

I planned on traveling far that night. I literally had about four dollars in my pocket, and the gas represented my fuel to keep walking.

“Seen a truck pull over, God sent an angel to help you out.”

I was the truck, stopping at that bench. Y/N was the angel. My perfect, sweet angel.

“He gave you direction, showed you how to read a map for the long journey ahead…”

Y/N was my map towards life. Life was the journey, and Y/N was going to help me through it. This was all coming so easily to me, I wondered how.

“Said it ain’t never over…even in the midst of doubt.”

“Life is worth living…life is worth living so live another day.”

I repeated her words in my head.

“The meaning of forgiveness, people make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in…”

I almost left the world today.

“Life is worth living again.”

And again. And again.

I almost died today. I almost left everything behind. I almost left my family, and my god damn fans. I forgot about them. How could I ever forget them? They needed me as much as I needed them.

Thank you, God. Thank you, Y/N. Life is good, I just forgot about it.

For anyone attempting suicide, or feels like nobody cares, remember, God has a plan for you. God has an angel for you. Go out and find that sign, because there always is one. Suicide is not a joke. Don’t threaten yourself, don’t threaten other people, and look for that angel. You have a life for a reason. God wouldn’t put you on this planet to torture you.

JEALOUS (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: Yes

  • You are a famous singer dating Luke but you are at the VMAS bs he’s on tour and he gets mad because there are pictures of you and Justin Bieber close together (but you guys are just friends and Your proud) and you get into a fight but it all works out

Rating: No Smut

Word Count: 1 995

Storyline: You’re at your first nominated VMAs but your boyfriend Luke isn’t able to be with you, and he gets jealous when there’s photos of you and Justin Bieber together.

“Baby, you look so stunning, I’m so sorry I can’t be there with you.”

You looked at the shiny screen in front of you, Luke’s big blue eyes looking through at yours. You were skyping him during your dress fitting as he was on tour right now and him and the boys were missing the VMAs, the first VMAs that you were nominated in a category for.

“Are you absolutely sure you can’t make it out? Even if you’re not here for long?” you said, as he shook his head.

“y/n you know if there was a possibility, I would be out there with you in a heartbeat” he said, sadness clear in his voice.

“I understand, but you better at least be watching the lifestream” you joked.

“Don’t worry I will be! I’ll be fangirling with all the other people on twitter and trying to find the right link” he laughed. “Anyway baby I gotta go, gotta rest up for the show, have fun tonight okay” he said, as he blew a kiss into the camera. “I love you. Good luck, you look beautiful” he added, and with a click of a button, he was gone.

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Group: Family - In the Wild

Tracy is tricked to go camping. Thank goodness for phones.

More of Tracy here, here, and here


Nobody warned me about bugs.

Dad K
You went camping to Maine, buddy. The education system has failed you if you needed to be warned about bugs. 

This was supposed to be ‘high-tech’ camping.

Dad B
Meaning you’ve got all the latest camping gear. The nature stays the same even though you have the ‘MegaTent3000′.


Come pick me up :( 

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I Need Her

This is my first Becommissar fic so please be nice haha! It’s seriously smutty, like 100% NSFW! I might continue it because there is a bit of storyline in it that I could continue with but i’ll see what the response is like first!

Beca hadn’t seen or heard anything from the tall gorgeous blonde since the after party at Worlds. Two weeks had gone by with Beca constantly reliving that night of raw passion, heat, and intensity. Every night she dreamed of Kommissar running her hands along her skin, her lips ghosting over her neck, and her perfect teeth biting down on her collarbones. She continually woke covered in a thin layer of sweat desperate to see the perfect German once more. Beca had quickly found that pleasuring herself was not enough to compare to what she had experienced on that one glorious night. She had to find Kommissar again.

Beca woke early on the Monday two weeks after worlds, her penultimate day in the Bella house with all the girls together. They were going out to celebrate tonight and she knew she should finish packing today before the drinking started. Her day went slowly, shoving her belongings into boxes marked ‘Bhloe’ to be sent to her and Chloe’s new apartment in LA. Her friend had secured a teaching position at an LA music school and Beca was beginning a paid internship at a music production agency near the school so it made sense for them to move in together. She started with big items such as furniture until she could finally move onto smaller items scattered around her and Amy’s room. As she stuffed three years worth of Bella sheet music into a file Beca found her mind wandering to a tall pale body, perfectly shaped, with bold golden locks falling just below the shoulders. She shook her head and checked the time, 5.30pm, she had an hour before the Bella’s were all meeting in the kitchen for pre-drinks. Looking back at the sheet music covered in scribbled notes she felt strangely sentimental and wasn’t sure she was ready to leave her group of awesome nerds. That was, until she heard Amy shouting something about ‘A last fuck in her Bella bed!’ to Bumper. Beca quickly exited their shared room heading downstairs instead. Almost finished packing she resigned herself to sitting on the couch in the living room and watching the other girls packing and getting ready. She found herself joined by Emily, the only Bella not leaving the house, and they chatted and laughed about their memories of worlds before resorting to scrolling quietly through their phones.

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Previous chapters HERE.


Chapter 13

“It was probably just some random chick that was hanging out with him, Don’t blow it out of proportion.” Matt says as he sits at the table across from you.
“Yeah, Maybe it was just some girl that found his phone or something.” Jenny says. You just sit there trying to think of all the reasons as to why this woman answered his phone and who exactly she was. Your phone buzzes on the table, ‘Ash’ pops up on your phone.
“Hey Ashton.” You say.
“Hey little one, I’m still in LA, I’m leaving tomorrow night to go back home, I was wondering if we could have dinner tonight before i leave tomorrow, Just the two of us?” He says.
“Yeah, Sure what time?” You ask.
“I’ll be there to pick you up around 6:00pm.” He says.
“Yeah, Okay sounds good.” You say.
“Great, I’ll see you then. Love ya.” He says as he hangs up.
“What’d he want?” Matt asks.
“He wants to go to dinner tonight.” You say
“Maybe you ask him if he knows anything about the mystery girl.” jenny says as she sits down, Joining you and Matt at the kitchen table.


You sat across from Ash, Waiting for the food to be brought to the both of you, You both talked about Luke and Michael and Bry, And other random things. You asked if he was excited to go back home tomorrow, He was.
“So what was the real reason you brought me out tonight?” You ask as you take a sip of your drink.
“I’ve missed you, I can’t take one of my best mates out for dinner?” He asks with a smile and you raised an eyebrow.

”It’s only been like a week since i’ve last seen you, You couldn’t have missed me that much.” You say
“Okay fine, I’m here to try and get you to come back to Aus with me.” He says.
“Why?” You ask
“Because whatever the hell is going on with you and Calum needs to be sorted out.” He says and you roll you eyes.
“Ashton-” You begin
“[Y/N].” he says cutting you off and you let out a sigh.
“Why is our relationship so important to you?” You ask, Just as you ask that the waiter comes over with your food, You and Ash give him a smile and continue the conversation once he left.
“Because i love you. And i love Calum. He misses you.” He says
“No he doesn’t.” You say
“Yeah, that’s why he called me last night drunk off his ass, crying about you for an hour before he passed out.” He says.
“Really? Because he called me too and it sounded like he had someone there to make it all better.” You say as you lean back in your chair and cross your arms.
“What are you talking about? Who?” He asks.
“I don’t know, Some woman answered the phone when i tried calling him back.” you explain and Ashton laughs.
“That woman was the girlfriend of Calums friend. I talked to her as well she had Calum’s phone because he wouldn’t stop calling people last night and she was watching him” He explains.

”What? Were you actually worried that he would cheat on you?” Ash asks

”He would never do that. He loves you too much. Will you please come with me?” He adds

“Look Ash, Calum is pissed at me and i really doubt he wants to see me.” You explain.
“Did you not just hear what i said? He was crying about you on the phone last night.” He says.
“He was just drunk.” You say
“Yeah, And most of the time when someone is drunk the truth comes out.” He says

”Not that him loving you is a big secret or anything.” He adds

“Look, You wanting a break isn’t going to change how feels about you, yeah, He may be pissed and a little hurt, But at the end of the day he still loves you.”
he adds.
“So will you please just go back to Aus with me?” He asks.

“Ashton’s here.” Jenny says in a tired voice and you nod your head as you grab your bag, Ashton was stood by the door with Matt, Jenny and Matt were nice enough to wake up early to say goodbye, you felt guilty for leaving and a bit annoyed, You wanted the break from Calum so you could go and live your own life for a bit, To see your friends and have some sort of normalcy back, so it was frustrating to know that you have to pack your things up and return to where you left off, Of course you missed Calum, And you wanted to be with him, You loved him more than anyone and anything on this earth, But sometimes being a part of the lifestyle he lives can be so exhausting. But you loved him and you knew that if you wanted to be with him you had to deal with the baggage he carried, You just hoped like hell he would want you back.

The flight was long and you were exhausted, Ashton begged you to go to sleep so you wouldn’t be so tired, but you didn’t listen and right now you wished you did. As you both walked off the plane there were some fans waiting to see Ashton, He was kind enough to stop and take pictures and sign a few things, No one was interested in you so you told him you would just meet him outside where his Mom was.
“Hello sweetheart!” Anne says as she gives you a hug.
“Ash will be out soon, He just wanted to say hi to everyone first.” You say as you put you bag in the car.
“Hey Harry!” You say as you climb into the car, You give him a little hug and he gives you smile as he goes back to his game on his phone.
“Where’s Lauren?” You ask as Anne climbs into the car.
“She’s at a friends for the night, She says hi though and that she’ll see you soon!” She says
Ashton finally made it out to the car, Climbing in he gives Anne a hug and Harry a fist bump. You watched Harry play his game on the phone during the drive, Him letting you have a turn a few times while Ashton caught up with Him and Anne.
“We have to drop [Y/N] off at the Hoods.” Ashton says.
“What?!” You say in shock, You didn’t even know that was part of the plan.
“It’s late though. I thought i was staying with you, or in a hotel at least?” You say
“It’s fine, Mali knows your coming, She told her parents, Calum isn’t even there right now, Mali says he’s gonna be out for the night so it’s fine.” Ashton says.
“I mean if she doesn’t want to love, she can stay with us.” Anne says.
Ashton turns his head and cocks it to the side as he raises an eyebrow.
“No, it’s okay.” You say and Ashton gives you a smile.

As you pulled up to the Hoods Mali was sat waiting outside, She gives you a big smile as she runs up to the car and gives you huge hug and throws her arm around you, Walking you to the door, Ashton grabs your bag for you and follows behind, You look back and give Anne and Harry a smile and a wave and they give you one right back. As you start to walk in the house with Mali, Ashton stops you in your tracks.
“Just a minute Mali, yeah?” Ashton asks and she nods her head, She grabs your bag and heads inside.
“You okay?” He asks.
“Hmm, i don’t know Ashton, I’m about to awkwardly sit here and wait for Calum to come home and he doesn’t even know i’m here, And i don’t even know if he wants me here, And you pretty much just bailed on me and are leaving me here. So i’m not really sure on what okay is right now..” You explain.
“Great. I’ll see you later then?” He says with a smile and then walks off.

When you walked in Calum’s mom gave you a hug a smile and you gave her one back, Calums dad was in the kitchen so you walked in to say hi, He gave you a hug as well and you all began talking for a bit, No one brought up the break that you and Calum were on and it actually made you feel a bit relieved, Or so you thought until Mali told you that Calum never told their parents about the separation and that you were actually still in Bali with him the time the rest of the boys left and that you went to go visit a friend for a few days and that you would fly out here later on.

“He didn’t want to tell them because he knew how much they loved you and how much they love you and him together.” She explains, You and Mali were sat on the guest bedroom bed talking about a bunch of things when Calum and Your break up suddenly came up in the conversation.
“And i think he doesn’t really want to say it out loud, It hurts worse, Makes it feel more real and i don’t think he wants it to be real.” She explains.
“But um..There’s also another reason why he didn’t tell them about the break..” She begins but stops herself, she was trying to keep something from you.
“What?” You ask, She lets out a sigh.
“Our parents found out about the engagement, And they still think you two are engaged.” She says
“What!?” You say once more.

You jerked awake from the soud of something falling on the floor outside of the room you were in, You could here mumbles and giggles being exchanged my two people.
“Shhh. Everyone’s sleeping, we have to be quiet.” You hear Calum say
You climbed out of the bed, tiptoeing  over to the door, You cracked it open a bit and looked out to see Calum and a girl stood in the hallway, The girl let out a laugh at something Calum said and he giggled and quieted her down as he put his index finger up to his lips, Gesturing her to stay quiet, She did the same motion, Mocking him as she got closer to his face and then what you hoped wouldn’t happen, happened, He kissed her.
“You’re so beautiful.” Calum whispered to her as he pushed her up against the wall, You were starting to feel sick and as much as you wanted to go out there you couldn’t move, it felt physically impossible, It was like you were frozen, Like your feet were chained to the floor. You so badly wanted to go out there smack him, but you two werent a thing anymore, Ashton was wrong, He would cheat even though it wasn’t really considered cheating since you weren’t with him anymore. Before you knew it Calums pant were on the ground and so were her panties Their moans filled your ears and so did the sound of a vase breaking when Calum accidentally knocked it over when he bumped into it, you couldn’t sit there anymore. You could feel your heart breaking into a thousand pieces and you completely lost it.
“Cal?” You hear his mom says,  A light flicked on and Calum pushed the girl into his room.
“Yeah mum! It’s me! Sorry for the noise-” He began,
“Yeah sorry! Me Calum were just playing around, And i accidentally knocked off a vase on the table! I’ll buy you a knew one i promise!” You say, Calum just stared at you in shock, He didn’t move or blink, It didn’t even look like he was breathing. Calum’s mom walks into the hall and gives you both a smile.
“That’s okay love, I never liked that vase anyway!” She says with a laugh. You stared at Calum as you gave his mom a smile.

“I’ll clean it up Mum, Go back to bed.” Calum says, still keeping his attention on you and yours on him.
As she walks away, You begin to walk away yourself but Calum grabs your arm.. You yank it out of his grip, And just continue to walk off, You shut the door to your room and lock it.

I had a feeling about you, I really did, a real gut feeling that this was the one, this was the crowd. You know, looking at you, one of my favourite things about this tour is that I decided that I wanted to light everybody up. I wanted to illuminate everybody. So you know, one thing I love about that is, I’m not looking out into a vast, endless sea of darkness that screams and dances that you can’t always see. I can see all the things that you’re doing. You think I can’t see you up there, that’s incorrect. Yep, yep. And so, because of this, because I can see every single one of you, it makes me start thinking about you individually, and then my mind starts to wander about, like, your back story. Like, like if you’re back at school yet. Or if you have work off tomorrow. Or if you’re here with your friends. Or how long it took you to make the costumes you’ve got. Or how you’re, like, wrapped in Christmas lights, all that. Or if you’ve got, like, glitter and puffy paint all over your house because you made signs. Yeah, looking at you. And then I start thinking about other things, like the fact that maybe you travelled a really long distance to be at this particular show. And then I think about the fact that maybe it’s a possibility that you might have listened to my music in really high high times in your life, or really low low moments in your life. Because that’s what we do, isn’t it? That’s why we’re all here, because when we feel extreme pain or extreme joy, we turn to music. And that’s why we’re in this arena together. That’s the one thing we’ve got in common. I don’t know, but looking at you, it’s impossible to pick one age group, or one possible group to talk to, because the coolest thing of looking at you is that everybody is at a different place in their life. Everybody’s got different hobbies, individual sets of hopes, dreams, wishes, fears, doubts, regrets, all of it. And I guess I just look at you and I never want you to go through anything bad, ever. And I know it’s so naive, but, I guess, I look at you and I know…I know how tricky happiness can be to find in 2015, um, because we have so many ways of looking at what someone else has going on, and maybe feeling like our life comes up short. Or feeling like maybe the other people have it all together, and we don’t know where we’re going with our life. Or feeling like we’ve got all these insecurities, and feeling like we’re just walking around the world, hoping that no one else can see them. Like, “God, how long am I gonna be at this party before people realise I’m not cool?” Um, “how long am I gonna be dancing before people start laughing at me?” All that stuff. And I guess what I wanted to tell you is that, God, you are not someone else’s opinion of you. You’re not someone’s comment on your Instagram. You’re so much more than that. This is coming from someone who loves the internet, because it gives me a chance to talk to you, and it gives me a chance to know you, even if you live far away. But the one thing I want is for you to not get hateful comments, or terrible, terrible criticisms. I don’t want anyone to ever tell you that you’re not what you should be. But that’s how life is. And we go through it, and we try and do the best we can, but all I’m saying is there are enough people that are cruel, and mean, and critical of you. If you could possibly just be kind to yourself as much as you possibly can, that would make me so happy. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake. Don’t focus too much on your regrets. Learn from them. I think sometimes in our heads, we get this idea that there’s like this like an invisible record, and we get strikes against it when we mess up. And that’s just not how it works. We learn lessons from the time we mess up. No one has a spotless life. And if you consider yourself damaged or tarnished because you’ve made mistakes in your life, that’s just not how it is. I think it’s the opposite. I think that if you make mistakes, and you learn from them, that makes you wiser, and stronger, and it makes you brave for taking those risks in the first place, don’t you think? I wrote a song when I was really struggling to figure out how to be nicer to myself in my own head. And I cared a lot about what other people thought about me. And, to be honest with you L.A., these days all I care about these days is what you think about me. Not people who don’t know me. And, when I came to that realisation, I was in London writing with a woman named Imogen Heap, and I brought her this idea that I had written, and it ended up being the very last song on 1989, and I called it Clean. So if you know the words to this one, please sing along, Los Angeles.
—  Taylor to the LA crowd on night 5 before performing Clean.
Looking at Stars

While you read, listen to this if you want the full effect. 

Adam had been laying in bed, alone, thinking about her—but, then again, when wasn’t he thinking about her?—when his phone rang. He propped himself up on his elbow, reaching for his phone and smiling when he saw her face on his screen. The phone was at his ear almost immediately.

“Hey, I was just thinking about you,” he said, quietly. He didn’t know exactly what the tone of this call would be—it could be many things. He figured it out pretty easily when he heard her sobs. “Babe? What’s wrong?” he asked.

Her cries picked up and he could picture her laying in bed and attempting to hold herself together. He knew exactly why she was feeling this way—they’d gone out to eat earlier and had been followed home by paparazzi. A few days ago, they’d denied a rumor that they were living together and, with the paparazzi waiting outside, Adam had to drop her off and leave. Having your date night ruined would be upsetting to anyone but Taylor had been struggling being in Los Angeles for a little while now and it was beginning to take its toll on her.

“Tay, breathe,” he whispered, attempting to soothe her. As she listened to his voice, her sobs calmed down, though the tears still streamed down her face. “What is it?”

“We had such a good night planned,” she cried, her voice weak. “I wore that nice dress for you and then you had to drop me off and leave and we couldn’t have a single fucking night together without someone messing it up. I wanted to fall asleep in your arms, was that too much to ask for? I shouldn’t have suggested that we go out to eat. We should’ve just stayed in. If we would’ve stayed in, you’d be with me right now and I wouldn’t be crying,”


“Those rats have been camped outside of my house for hours and they only just left. I just fucking needed one damn night with you. One,”


“Pick me up,” Taylor begged. “Take me away from LA. I need to get out of here. I can’t take all of this madness anymore,”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“No, but I need you. Please?”

“I’ll be there in under thirty minutes,” he decided, swinging his legs out of bed and reaching for a shirt.

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Beside You

So, I got the idea for this when I was at the Atlanta show of ROWYSO, and I had HELLA feels during Beside You. That boy just tugs at my heartstrings, so I apologize for the tears that may come from this. xx

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One Direction Preference- In Your Atmosphere by John Mayer (Harry, Louis & Niall)


It was surprising to Harry to see the little notification on his phone. “Missed Call & Voicemail from Y/N” was a message he hadn’t seen in nearly a year.

Things had ended brutally. Screaming and crying, begging and pleading. He didn’t even know who had left who—but somehow he’d ended up with his clothes packed, whisked away on another tour, running as far from the Pacific Coast as he could.

But he was back, and you had heard.

Reluctantly he called you back.

“Hello?” your voice was timid on the other end.

“Y/N,” he breathed, the sweet lull of your voice still capturing his breath even after being gone so long, “You called.”

“I did, didn’t I?” you laughed awkwardly, uncomfortably chained by the wall that had built up between you, “I uh—I heard you were coming back to LA.”

He rolled his lips, sitting down on the edge of the hotel bed. He was one more flight away from the city of angels, “Yeah. Just for a few days. Need to tie up some loose ends.”

“Oh, yeah. You haven’t been back here since—” you stopped yourself as you remembered the sweltering summer day and your shaking hands as he packed his luggage, “Since last summer.”

“Last summer,” he hummed in agreement.

“Maybe we could grab coffee or something?” you offered, your attempts at companionship falling flat, “Catch up?”

“Y/N, that’s not a good idea—”

“It’s just, I haven’t seen you in forever. I miss talking to you.”

He shook his head. Overwhelmed with a desperate urge to fall back into old patterns, come crawling back to your doorstep right then and there, “I can’t.”


“I think we’re finally getting the hang of this, Y/N. Of being apart,” he sighed, “If we meet up, I’m just worried that we’ll start up our old bad habits. I don’t think I can handle seeing you right now, okay?”

You clenched your jaw. No, it wasn’t okay. You wanted your old bad habits. You wanted the screaming and the crying, only because you knew it came with strong arms and murmured ‘I love you’s.’ You wanted him, “Okay. I understand.”

His exhaled raggedly, “It was good talking to you. I hope everything’s well.”

“You too.”

And the line was dead.


“A little diner on the corner? I would’ve expected more from an international popstar.”

“You don’t seem like the five-star restaurant type. This looks like more your scene. Laid-back, easy.”

That had been 11 months before.

Today, it was April 23rd. Louis’s first trip back to LA since you’d practically driven him from the city. Cold shoulder, icy glares, mistrust and malice—you’d left no concrete sidewalk untainted, and even upon his return nearly 6 months after you tore him from your life—you were still all he could see in the once lively Los Angeles. Now the busy streets were infested with ghosts.

He didn’t know how to survive here without you. Every skyscraper, every taxicab, every lamppost seemed like an excerpt from a story you’d written together. As if continuing the prose was a violation of your co-authorship. He felt like a trespasser.

He’d wandered down alleys and around corners for hours, dazed in nostalgia. There wasn’t an inch of LA you hadn’t walked together, dragging a pen behind you as you carefully concocted a masterpiece novel of romance and adulthood and exploration. Now everything seemed hollow—even the people. They were nothing without you to bring them to life.

He’d wound up in the same old diner—Al’s or Sal’s or something like that. It looked decrepit and worn, but in a homey way, a way that reminded you of the aging, antique signs your grandma used to hang around the back of the house.

He was in the exact same booth, the first one to the right as you walked through the swinging glass door with the little tinkling bell at the top. A cooling breakfast sandwich was sitting sadly in front of him and he watched the grease drip from a stray piece of bacon on to the porcelain plate. He was wasting away.

A year before, he had been staring at you as you lit up the room with your musical laugh and contagious smile. He had been falling for the girl of his dreams in a ratty old diner in a city thousands of miles from home. He had been found.

But now, he was alone. Wandering the streets of Los Angeles, without your voice to guide him left and right and say ‘I love you,’ in the teasing but utterly convincing way it had however many months ago.

Now, he was lost.


Contact had been faint, but not nonexistent.

The first few months had been brutal agony of forced phone calls and desperate attempts to salvage a friendship that had never even existed. You had been in love from the beginning, there was no friendship to pull from that romance—there was no baseline of tentative flirtations. It had been all or nothing. 

You had chosen all.

You’d met Niall in New York. It was an awkward exchange at a club where neither of you had been quite sober. But it had felt easy and fun. You exchanged numbers. Your texts followed him to Stockholm and soon morphed into phone calls to Australia. He kept in touch as you worked your way down the East coast, tracking you down whenever he was near. The day he said ‘I love you,’ had been the day you’d bought your first apartment in LA.

As tours stretched on and albums were created, he was bounced around from country to country. But that had been the only relationship you’d known. Apart was your together. The separation had been your constant.

Until you wanted more.

The idea of commitment had creeped up on you gradually. Faintly at first, but it soon overpowered every thought in regards to your relationship with Niall. Until one day, it slipped out.

But he couldn’t give you more.

The band controlled his life. He loved you, but he didn’t want to jump into a marriage strained by world tours and paparazzi. More importantly, he didn’t want to bring a baby into life when he wouldn’t always be there to help him through it.

Going your separate ways had been the right decision.

That didn’t stop it from bothering you, though.

It had been years ago. You’d long since settled down, married to a high school teacher with one daughter and one son all of whom you loved dearly. You were still in LA, something about the city had always held your heart. Maybe it was the way it was constantly moving, and shifting. You never could’ve stood staying in one place for so long, but the city itself changed and that was enough to keep you at bay.

You still found yourself wondering about him, though. Watching his life unfold through tabloids and chart toppers…you were seeing his future unfold in random snapshots and pictures. You occasionally thought about what might have happened, how you might have made the situation work. You imagined that he thought of you.

He hadn’t been back to LA in years. You always wished faintly he would, that maybe you would run into him on the street, reminisce about love and about youth and adventure. But you knew in your heart it was for the best that he stayed away.

He was your love once, that wouldn’t change. But bringing him back now would be enough to make you question everything you had worked for…or everything that you had settled for.

You wondered if he thought the same.

You wondered if he stayed away because he was scared, too.

Scared of still loving you.


Fuck these got dramatic. I hope you’re liking them, though.

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5SOS Daughters Preference

I was completely inspired to write this by unkindnessofone and her 5SOS stories.

This is my first time posting anything on Tumblr, so feedback is completely appreciated!

Michael: Using his right hand, Michael dug around in his jean pocket. He cradled the bouquet of carnations, Maya’s favorite flower, in his left arm while he checked the time on his phone. There were still several minutes left before Maya’s plane was due to land, and Michael was having trouble containing his excitement. Shoving his phone back into his pocket, he jumped from foot to foot. He kept fiddling with the stems of the carnations, but he couldn’t help it. As excited as he was, he was also beyond nervous. He hadn’t seen his only child in nearly a year, and he missed her more than he ever thought possible.

It seemed unfathomable to Michael that his daughter could be all grown up now and able to travel on her own. He still remembered Maya’s first ever airplane ride. She had been so freaked out, as soon as the seatbelt light went out, he had had to pull her on to his lap just to get her to calm down. He smiled at the memory. He missed the years where Maya needed him to comfort her over every little thing and always begged him to carry her everywhere, even when she was perfectly capable of walking. But those events happened a long time ago, and even during those years, Michael always knew one day he’d have to share Maya with the world.

5 Seconds of Summer booked a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden when Maya was four-years-old. Him and his wife had had long talks in the weeks leading up to the show, and they had decided that their daughter was old enough to accompany her father, so the whole Clifford family had packed their bags and headed to New York with the boys and their families. The night before the show was scheduled, the boys had decided to surprise their children and their wives with a trip to Broadway. Annie had bored the living daylights out of Michael but the wide-eyed, awed expression on Maya’s little face had definitely been worth it.

Exiting the theater that night, it didn’t take much for Michael and his wife to notice that something had transpired in their young daughter. Maya had glanced up at her parents, her hazel eyes bright and shining. “I want to do that,” her tiny voice had declared. “I want to make believe, too.” At those two sentences, Michael knew his world had been about to change forever.

And change it did. From that day on, all Maya wanted to do was to make believe. She auditioned for every play that she could, and worked backstage at all the ones she didn’t get a part in or wasn’t yet old enough to be a part of. Her love for the theater eventually branched out, and she developed a passion for all types of acting. She begged her parents to let her be on the television, but they held firm on their stance that she must be older before she took on anything major. Unfortunately for Michael, older she did get. When a major role on a TV show fell into Maya’s lap, Michael knew he couldn’t ask her to pass it up, even if that meant she would be living in Los Angeles for the majority of the year.

People were staring. He knew people were staring. He didn’t know if it was because of the band or just because he looked pathetic, but he didn’t care. He dug his cell phone out once more; only a few minutes had passed. Why did time pass so slowly when you were actually excited for something to happen? As he reached down to put his phone back in his pocket, the device chirped, alerting him of an incoming text message. He glanced at the screen: his wife.

Has her plane landed yet?

He texted back a quick response. They had both wanted to be there to welcome their daughter home, but something urgent had come up at his wife’s work and she was now stuck there. She had demanded that Michael tell Maya just how sorry she was she couldn’t be there, and to squeeze her extra tight. She had also insisted Michael take the carnations to the airport, and nothing else. Days ago, he had made a sign that had CLIFFORD on it, just like a chauffeur would hold up while he waited for his client in the airport. His wife had, somewhat kindly, pointed out just how lame that was. She had also vetoed him bringing a stuffed Piglet (Winnie the Pooh was Maya’s favorite TV show as a child, with Piglet being her favorite character, which resulted in Michael only calling her Piglet for a few years), claiming that the goal was to make Maya want to fly home more often, not scare her off for good.

A parting in the crowd revealed a plane emptying, and towards the back of the line of people, Maya Clifford could be seen sauntering off the plane. Michael gripped the bouquet just that much tighter, and stood up just that much straighter. Maya’s long, honey brown hair was unchanged, and her heart-shaped face was clear of makeup, but something seemed to have changed about her. Maya might have been an adult now, but she was still young. However, LA seemed to have added a maturity, a sharpness to her features. Michael wasn’t yet sure how he felt about that.

“Dad!” Her voice was scratchy and unused, betraying the fact that she had slept on the plane ride here. Her tiredness couldn’t hide her excitement at seeing her father in person again, however. As soon as there was a break in the crowd, Maya quickly made her way over to Michael, all but running to him. When she was stood right in front of him, she wasted no time throwing her arms around him. “Oh, I’ve missed you so much!”

The carnations were currently being crushed to his chest, but that just wasn’t important right now. He held his daughter as tightly to him as he could get away with and whispered in her ear, “I missed you too, my little Piglet.” Michael wasn’t sure how long he stood there with Maya clutched in his arms, but eventually they both pulled away and just smiled at each other. He awkwardly held out the now-crushed carnations. “Your mother and I wanted you to have these.”

Maya took the ruined bouquet from her father with a smile on her face. “Thanks, Dad, they’re lovely.” The pair started towards the baggage claim area, Maya slipping her hand into Michael’s as they went. “Where is Mom?”

They arrived at the baggage claim and they merged into the crowd to wait for Maya’s luggage to appear. “She wishes she could be here but something came up at work. She’s going to meet us back at home, though, and then we’re all going to go out to eat to celebrate you coming home.”

“Can we go out tomorrow night instead? I’m really tired from the plane ride here.” She started twirling a lock of hair around a finger, a habit she had developed over the years that alerted those around her that her mind was wondering, which mainly only happened when she was too exhausted to stay focused in the here and now.

“Anything you want, baby girl. We can order a pizza and watch a movie.” It didn’t matter to Michael if they went out for dinner or just lounged around in their pajamas on the living room couch. All he wanted was to spend time as much time with Maya as he could. How he got it, he really didn’t care.

She smiled up at him, that same smile that had gotten her out of trouble too many times to count as a little girl and had effectively wrapped him around her finger. “Thanks, Daddy. I really did miss you and Mom a lot.”

“You have no idea how much we missed you, Piglet. No idea at all.”

Luke: Her mother might have thought she had picked out the first dress she came across, but she had actually put a lot of thought into it. At night she had stayed up way past the time the rest of the house went to bed, researching the perfect dress to wear to her school’s upcoming dance. She never thought she’d put that much effort into any outfit, let alone one dress she’ll probably only wear once, or that much money, but she had wanted to look good for her very first school dance.

It was a shame that now she wouldn’t be going.

At only the tender age of 12, Ivy could not understand why everyone in her class had decided to attend the dance in duos. And no, Ivy wasn’t attending just because she didn’t have a date. Even if a boy had asked her, she wouldn’t have said yes. It was preposterous to her that she’d have to force herself to spend the evening with a kid she didn’t know, probably didn’t even like, and didn’t know what to say to just so she could attend a school function, or risk being ostracized by everyone just for going alone.

But it didn’t matter. She didn’t care. Dances weren’t her thing, anyway. She didn’t wear dresses and she didn’t like putting on makeup or doing her hair. It didn’t matter how many times a day Ivy ran a brush through her sandy, shoulder length hair. No matter what she did, her hair always looked tangled. Why even go through the trouble? As Ivy saw it, the kids at her school had really done her a favor. Now she could just hang out in her closet, lounging in the beanbag chair she had stolen from her younger brother Matt’s room the other day. Slouching down even more, Ivy cast her gaze skyward and took in the collection of stars she had, none too easily, stuck on the ceiling of the darkened closet.

No one in the Hemmings household knew about Ivy’s hideout inside her closet. This was exactly the way she wanted it. Her mother wouldn’t approve of Ivy spending all her time locked inside a tiny space, and if her brothers knew, they’d never leave her alone. When she had started sitting in her closet, it was just an escape to get away from her brothers. They never looked for her in here, and if they couldn’t find her, they couldn’t sit on her head or make her eat their boogers or something equally as disgusting. The closet soon became more than that, though. Ivy’s favorite part of the outdoors had always been the stars that came out at night. She had begged her parents to let her stick glowing stars over her bed, but they had refused. They never said she couldn’t stick them in her closet.

She didn’t really need to be in the closet right now, though. Her brothers were out of the house, spending the day with their uncle Calum and their cousin Archie at the batting range. Her mom was still at work, and wouldn’t be home until way later. Her dad was home, but he never bothered her anyway. She didn’t need to be in the closet. There was no one to hide from, but the idea of leaving the safety and comfort of her little hideout unsettled her. Not that she needed to be comforted. The dance was stupid and she was happy not to be going. Ivy was certain that if she told herself that enough times, eventually she’d start to believe it.

She had just begun to let her mind wander to happier thoughts, mostly about owls (Ivy loved owls. Her backpack has owls on it and she puts owl stickers literally everywhere.), when a knock sounded at her bedroom door.

“Ivy?” Her father. Ivy sighed, and sat up in the beanbag. She had been sure her dad would be the last person to come knocking on her door, seeing as how they usually only talk when they both happen to be in the same room. Ivy glanced once more at her shining stars and then crawled out of the closet, shutting the door to her secret hideout and the stolen beanbag chair behind her. “Come in, Dad.”

Luke Hemmings turned the doorknob on his 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom door and entered the room. His wife had certainly done a good job with this. About a year or so ago, Ivy had cornered her parents and pleaded with them, saying she hasn’t a baby anymore and her room should reflect that. The once pink walls were now yellow, a shade that was upbeat but not too upbeat to be annoying. All the furniture had been replaced, along with the blankets on Ivy’s bed. The spot below the window used to be home to a dollhouse Michael had bought for her when she was three. Now a desk and a small bookcase stood there, and they, admittedly, looked more at place than the dollhouse ever did.

Ivy stood in the middle of the room, awkwardly toying with the hem of her T-shirt. Luke hadn’t wanted to admit it when she wanted to redecorate her room, but she really wasn’t a baby anymore. She was no longer gap-toothed with an open face, easier to read than any picture book in existence. She was getting taller every day, and Luke was starting to worry she might even be taller than him one day.

“What’s up?” Ivy’s voice sounded strange even to Luke’s ears, and he had never been all that good at gauging his daughter’s emotions.

“Um,” Luke might be an adult now, but fumbling his sentences was a habit he never quite grew out of. “I just got off the phone with your mom. She was able to arrange things so she can be home in time to help you get ready for that dance.”

Ivy abandoned her fidgeting and made her way to the bed, sitting cross-legged in the center of it. “You can call her back and tell her there’s no need. I’m not going to the dance.”

Luke’s mind froze. He knew he wasn’t always the most observant person, but even he had picked up on how excited Ivy was for this dance. She may not have realized it, but in the past week, she had changed every conversation she was a part of, even some she wasn’t, to the dance that evening. Now all of a sudden she didn’t want to go? Something must have happened to change her mind. Luke’s bottom lip found its way between his teeth. He should say something to her, try and figure out what’s going on, or just anything. But what? His wife usually handled Ivy.

It wasn’t that Luke didn’t love his daughter, because of course he did. The thing was, growing up, Luke didn’t have any sisters. He didn’t know how to deal with girls. Raising a daughter had always been just like aiming a shot in the dark. The only difference there is that when you aim in the dark, you actually have a chance of hitting something. With Ivy, it always seemed like Luke couldn’t do right. He always brought her home the wrong toy or said the wrong thing to her at the wrong time. What could he say to her now? She was clearly upset. He couldn’t risk messing this up.

A direct approach couldn’t go wrong, could it? “Why aren’t you going to the dance?”

She shrugged. At least she hadn’t kicked him out right then. That was a good sign, right? “It’s stupid. Everyone’s going with dates. Can you believe that? How dumb can they be?”

“Oh, I get it. Nobody asked you.” Uh-oh. The look on her face tells him he’s said the wrong thing, once again. Why can’t he ever get anything right with Ivy?

“Of course that’s not it! Dating is stupid! You have to change everything about yourself just to please another human, even worse, to please a boy!” Ivy reached out her left arm and felt the cool surface of her owl pillow touch her fingers. She grabbed it up and pulled it to her chest, clutching it tightly in her arms.

Oh. There was a lot Luke didn’t understand when it came to his only daughter, but this he did understand. Clutching her owl pillow was something Ivy did when she was insecure about something. It’s a tell she’s had since she was a little girl, and it was also one of the only little quirks of hers that he was able to decode. Luke hadn’t said the wrong thing when he declared no one had asked her to dance, he had said exactly the right thing. He had hit the issue right on the head. He felt giddy with this information. For the first time in as long as he could remember he was actually on the same page as his daughter.

Play it cool, keep it together, he told himself. He couldn’t act like a kid at Christmas right now. He had to comfort his daughter. He crossed the room to the bed and sat on the edge, placing his hand on Ivy’s knee. “Ivy, it’s alright that no one asked you. It doesn’t make you a loser or anything.”

Ivy’s eyes went from narrowed slits to round saucers. “You think I’m a loser?”

Shit. All the joy of finally getting something right flew out the window. How could he call her a loser? What was wrong with him? It’s like he wanted to ruin the already fragile relationship he had with his daughter. “No! Of course not! I said it didn’t make you a loser.” He ran a hand through his hair and took his hand off Ivy’s knee, settling it in his own lap. “Look, Ivy, I’m not good at all this girl stuff. But it really doesn’t matter that all your friends have dates and you don’t. There are going to be plenty of other dances and lots of boys asking you to them, much to my dismay. This was one bad day, and yeah, you’re going to have plenty of those, but you’ll have good ones, too. Tomorrow’s a new day, and it’s brighter than ever. Is any of this making you feel better?”

“That stuff about the days was lame but the rest of it,” She trailed off and shrugged her shoulders once again. Maybe her dad was right. Just because a boy didn’t ask her to this dance didn’t mean a boy wouldn’t ask her out later in life. And besides, this is the 21st century. She can always ask a boy out if she finds one she likes. A small smile made its way to Ivy’s lips. “Thanks, Dad. You’re not too bad at this girl stuff.”

Luke’s smile was like nothing Ivy had ever seen on her dad’s face; it made her laugh. “I thought I nailed that.” He moved his hand back to Ivy’s knee and squeezed, and then he stood up. “I’ll call your mother back and let her know there’s no reason to rush home, that the two of us are going out for dinner.”

“I’ve got a better idea.” She stood up from the bed, once again messing with the hem of her shirt. “Let’s gaze at the stars.”

“Ivy, it’s the middle of the afternoon. There are no stars to gaze at.”

“Not out here, but come with me.” She walked to her closet and pulled the door open, crawling inside to settle herself back inside the beanbag chair. She turned her face to the stars for a second, and then glanced back at Luke. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get in here.”

“Is that Matt’s beanbag chair?” He asked as he approached the closet. Matthew, his middle son, had blamed his youngest, Beau, when the chair had went missing. His money had been on his eldest, Isaac, stealing it. It looks like they had both been wrong. “And are those the stars your mother and I said you couldn’t stick in here?”

“Technically, you just said I couldn’t put them above my bed.” She smiled as Luke shut the closet door and settled on the carpet next to her. The closet was small, but it was big enough when it was just her. The space felt cramped with Luke in there, but she was happy she had invited him in here. “This is my safe place. I come in here when I want to be by myself or when I want the boys to leave me alone. Even Mom doesn’t know about it.”

“Really?” Luke couldn’t believe it. He had had a successful conversation with Ivy, and now she was showing him something no one else knew about? Was today his day or what? “Why are you showing this to me then?”

“I thought it could be our place now.”

Ashton: Ashton was 99.9% sure the whole problem was his fault. The fact that Olive had openly declared Ashton was to blame for everything wasn’t exactly helping right now. Sighing, he glanced down at the broken remains of Olive’s favorite violin. It baffled him how his ten-year-old even had one violin, let alone a favorite one, but this was the first one she had picked out herself. Luke had taken her to the music store and told her she could pick out anything she wanted. Since the day she brought that instrument home, she had cared for it as one would care for a baby. Now her baby lay in pieces on the kitchen table.

His wife was standing in the corner of the kitchen, leaning against the refrigerator. She had her arms crossed over her chest, and he didn’t need to look at her to know she was not pleased with him right now. He finished placing the broken pieces of the violin in a garbage bag. He’d have to take the remains out to the dumpster when Olive wasn’t around. The last thing he needed was for her to see the results of the afternoon and go off once again.

Tying up the bag, Ashton slightly angled his head over his shoulder, to look back at his wife. “Go ahead and say it.”

“Say what, Ashton?” She pushed off from the refrigerator and approached her husband, laying a hand on his shoulder. “There’s nothing I could say to you that you’re not already saying to yourself.”

“Olive deserved to be punished. She shouldn’t have tossed Charlotte’s phone in the blender,” Ashton defended his decision to discipline his middle daughter. It was understandable that Olive was upset over what had happened to the violin, but her acting out couldn’t be allowed to happen. Because of her tantrum, he now had to add a cell phone and a blender to his list of objects he was now going to have to replace. Besides, it wasn’t like it was an extreme punishment. She was just in the backyard, raking up the fallen leaves.

“I know of someone else that needs to be punished.” Ashton sighed again. She was right, of course. Charlotte wasn’t exactly blameless in the whole affair. She had been the one to smash the violin into a million tiny pieces. While Olive was outside serving her time, Charlotte was sulking up in the bedroom she used while she stayed with her father. “You can’t keep letting her get away with everything, Ash. Think about what kind of person you’re turning her into.”

“I know, I know.” And he did know. Charlotte was once a mild mannered young girl. There was just about nothing in the world that could bring out her temper. Now if you even looked at her a beat too long she’d go flying off the handle. Ashton knew he wasn’t doing her any favors by letting her slide in just about every offense she committed, but he just couldn’t help it. Even the thought of punishing Charlotte shot a pang right through that sensitive part of his heart.

“You have to go talk to her.” He did, he knew that, just like he knew he’d only be hurting her if he didn’t. He just didn’t know what he’d say to her when he entered that bedroom that desperately needed an upgrade. He kept telling Charlotte that all she had to do was say the word and he’d hire a team of designers to redo the room, but she always said the same thing: She didn’t spend enough time at the Irwin household to warrant a redecoration. As much as it hurt him to admit it, she was right. She didn’t spend nearly enough time there.

Ashton stood up straight, knocking his wife’s hand off his shoulder in the process. He hefted the garbage bag over his shoulder, and turned to look his wife fully in the eye. “I’ll talk to her just as soon as I get this outside.”

“No more excuses, Ashton.” She wrestled the bag away from her husband, slinging it over her own shoulder. “I’ll take the bag out. You go talk to Charlotte.” Without waiting for an argument, she waltzed out of the kitchen, leaving Ashton with no other choice but to go up the stairs and talk to his first born.

A sigh escaped his lips as he began climbing the stairs. He really didn’t want to have this conversation, especially not now. He only had Charlotte until Monday morning; she was going back to her mother’s for the rest of the week after school. He had had a whole evening planned for just him and her that night. He didn’t get to spend as much time with her as he’d like.

Ashton was sure that if you asked just about anyone if they had any regrets in their life, they’d say yes. He was no different from anyone else. There were a ton of things in his past he wished he could change. He loved Charlotte, and even though she could be a handful sometimes, he in no way regretted her. He just wished that some of the circumstances surrounding her birth and her childhood could be erased.

He could still remember the day his ex-girlfriend told him she was pregnant like it was yesterday. If he could, he would definitely change that day. She had told him in the terminal at the airport. 5 Seconds of Summer was just about to leave on their first ever tour, and now Ashton had just found out he was going to be a first-time father. He should have stayed. He should have stood by her side. At the very least, he should have said something different, something more meaningful. Instead, he had just informed her that he had to leave now. He hadn’t even kissed her one more time before he got on that plane. If Ashton had to pinpoint an exact moment their relationship started to fail, he’d pick that one.

He used to defend the choices he made back then, but now he realized there really is no defense. He had been young and the last thing he had wanted at the time was to be tied down with a child. Yes, he told his ex that he’d stand by her side no matter what. Yes, they Skyped just as often as they could. But Ashton wasn’t really there, and if he was being honest, he didn’t really want to be. He started Skyping his then-girlfriend less and less, and he also missed the birth of his first daughter. He didn’t hold her in his arms until months after she was born, and as much as he loved that little girl, he didn’t become a better father for a very long time.

Ashton had lost count of all of Charlotte’s firsts he missed. He wasn’t there for a lot of her school productions, or her back-to-school nights, or anything a dad should be there for. Charlotte was barely even a year old when him and his then-girlfriend called it quits. They’re civil now, but all the times Ashton let her and Charlotte down keep them from ever being close again. Ashton’s biggest regret will always be how many times he let Charlotte down during her childhood.

Unfortunately, letting her down hadn’t been something he’d grown out of. Charlotte had entered a writing contest with a short story. Ashton hadn’t read it, he’d been too busy with some urgent band stuff that had come up, but Charlotte’s mother had said it was the best piece she had ever written. She had won first place in her category and the award ceremony was the night before. He had promised Charlotte that he would be there, and then he had found out that Olive was having a violin recital the same night. He had been sure he could do both. He had been wrong.

Olive wasn’t wrong when she accused Ashton of being the reason her violin was now in the trash. Because Ashton had missed Charlotte’s award ceremony, she had blamed it on Olive’s recital, and to get even, she had broken the violin. Charlotte was good at pushing buttons, but Ashton knew this time she had seriously crossed a line. She couldn’t be allowed to get away with destroying her sister’s property. But how was he supposed to punish her? She was only acting out because, once again, he had made her a promise, and he couldn’t keep it.

Ashton arrived at Charlotte’s bedroom and took a deep breath. It was now or never. He knocked on the door, and didn’t get a response. He didn’t expect one. Charlotte was in one of her moods; she wouldn’t be very open and accepting. Not that she really was these days, anyway. He turned the knob and pushed the door open, poking his head inside the door. “Lottie?” That had been her nickname when she was little; he was hoping it would soften her up.

“I told you not to call me that anymore.” Okay. There would be no softening her up, at least not easily. Charlotte was sitting at her desk. It usually stood against the wall, with the chair facing the doorway, but Charlotte had somehow shoved it to the other side of the room. Now it stood against the far wall, and her back was to him. This was not going to be easy.

“Charlotte, we need to talk.” He slipped inside the room and closed the door. He wished he could sit down. He looked and felt very awkward just standing there, leaning against the door. But he guessed that was fitting. Everything about this felt awkward, foreign, and stilted to Ashton.

She didn’t turn around. He hadn’t expected her to. Getting through to her was never all that easy. Sure, she had been a simple child when she was younger, but once she got something in her head, it was impossible to change her mind. Her temper made everything that much more difficult. “I don’t have anything to say.”

“I do.” Screw standing by the door, Ashton told himself. Whether he was invited or not, he made his way across the room and sat himself on Charlotte’s bed. The desk kept her back to Ashton, but it also had the effect of putting her right next to the bed. Ashton reached out and turned the chair a little to the left, forcing Charlotte to finally look at him. “We need to talk about what happened down there.” His eyes caught on a sheet of paper on the desk. He shouldn’t have been surprised; every time Charlotte got upset, she wrote. It was her escape. “What are you writing?”

She narrowed the chocolate brown eyes she got from her mother at him, and crossed her arms over her chest. Sometimes she did that when she didn’t know what else to do with her arms, but this time, the intent behind the gesture was clear: She was in fighting mode. Someone was trying to get in her private life, and she wasn’t going to let them. It hurt worse than Ashton could ever put into words that it was him she was trying to keep out. “What does it matter? It’s not like you care anyway.”

“Charlotte, of course I care.”

“Really? You kind of proved the opposite last night, didn’t you?” Ashton was torn between anger and guilt. He knew he had made a mistake last night. He should have left the recital earlier, he shouldn’t have stopped to sign those autographs, he shouldn’t have done any number of things. But he apologized to Charlotte, profusely. As much as he might want, he couldn’t go back and redo the night. All he could do was say sorry, which he had done so many times he’d lost count. The more she resented him for it, the more he felt it wasn’t fair. Of course, he could see Charlotte’s view on it, too. He had promised her he’d be there, and he wasn’t. There was no excuse for that, and no amount of apologies would make up for another broken promise. This is the effect Charlotte has always had on him, ever since she was old enough to look at him with those big, round eyes, and that pout that tugged at his heartstrings.

“I apologized for last night, and I’ll keep apologizing until the day I die. But what you did down there is inexcusable, young lady. You can’t just break your sister’s things when you get mad at her.”

Charlotte got out of her chair and walked to the dead center of the room. She kept her arms crossed and turned her back on her father. “She deserved it.”

“No, she didn’t. You know what? That’s it.” Ashton stood up from the bed and crossed back to the door. He rested his hand on the knob and turned back to see Charlotte facing him once again, arms now hanging limp at her side.

She opened her mouth and closed it again. He couldn’t blame her for being confused. This wasn’t how their conversations usually went. As much as Charlotte’s mother and Ashton’s wife both encouraged Ashton to be harder on his eldest, his past mistakes kept him from doing so. Usually whenever he talked to his daughter after she had done something wrong, he warned her it couldn’t happen again, she shrugged him off her shoulders, and then he ended the affair with taking her out somewhere, and buying her whatever she wanted. He had never before left a conversation before groveling for her forgiveness. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to go call your mother.” He turned the knob and opened the door. “I’m going to tell her I’ve grounded you for the next two weeks.”

“You can’t do that!” The arms that just seconds before were hanging limp at her side were now waving exaggeratedly in the air. Her face had contorted from confused to angry in record time.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Charlotte. I’m your father. I can do anything I want.”

She groaned, letting her arms slap against her thighs. “Why didn’t you just give Mom full custody?” She shouted at him. It was a habit of hers to bring up the custody agreement every time she was upset. “You obviously hate me!”

Ashton flinched like she had physically punched him. Hate her? He loved her so much he had always been afraid of hurting her, and in the process hurt her by not being the parent she needed. “Charlotte, I do not hate you.”

“Tell that to someone who cares!” And with that, she shoved her way past her father and stormed out of the room. Ashton let out a breath and cradled his head in both of his hands. He knew that wasn’t going to go well, but how had it spun so spectacularly out of control?

Minutes later, his wife appeared in the doorway. She took in the empty-besides-him bedroom and his slumped form, and immediately came to his side. She wrapped her arms around him, and, without hesitation, he held her even tighter. “Don’t stress about it. You did the right thing.”

“I know, but why does the right thing feel so wrong?”

Calum: Jasmine could count on one hand, one finger no less, the amount of times her father had disciplined her. It was years ago, right after her younger brother Archie was born. Ask any first born how they felt when their younger sibling was first brought home from the hospital, and any one of them will tell you that they hated it. Jasmine was no different from any other child. The change of going from being an only child to a big sister was not one she wanted to adapt to, so she formed a plan to become the only child in the Hood household once again.

It was a good plan, very mature for such a young girl. Jasmine was simply going to give Archie back. Now, obviously she couldn’t just pick her brother up and bring him to the nearest toy store, and trade him in for that lifelike baby doll she’d had on her Christmas list since May. She could, however, take the box her mother’s new purse, the one Calum had ordered his wife just because, had come in and place Archie in that. After that all she had to do was give the box to the mailman the next time he was at the house. Easy as cake, really.

It had worked perfectly too, just as Jasmine had planned. Place Archie in the box, check. Wait for the mailman to knock on the door, check. Give him the package, check. Archie should have been as far away from the house as she could get him, but when she had developed her flawless plan, she hadn’t counted on her parents actually wanting to keep the thing. She had figured they would have gotten bored with him, just as she had. But no, they were very upset with Jasmine when they had figured out what she had done.

Calum had chased the mail truck for several blocks until it finally stopped for him, and he got Archie back. Jasmine had been so happy that day. She had been sure she was about to be rid of the baby once and for all, but at the end of the day, she was miserable. Not only was the baby still there, but she was grounded. Calum had told her that for one week, she was not allowed inside her playroom that sat across the hall from her bedroom, and she was not allowed to watch the television. That night, Jasmine had laid down in her bed to go to sleep, tears pooling in her dark brown eyes.

Tears pooled in her eyes once again as she glanced from her friend Hannah, lying unconscious on the grass at her feet, to the cell phone she was currently holding in her shaking hand. Sniffling and hiccupping slightly, she struggled to see past the blurriness clouding her vision as she scrolled through her contacts list until she reached the entry entitled ‘Dad’. Taking a deep breath and feeling a small sob escape, she pressed call and shakily lifted the device to her ear. Wrapping her free arm around her middle, Jasmine hugged herself while she waited for Calum to answer the phone. When she heard his voice on the other end, she could only get word past the lump currently forming in her throat:



Calum and his wife hadn’t had a night to themselves in years. He loved his children more than words could describe, but they had really encroached on his alone time with his wife, and that he really regretted. Calum had figured that if both his kids were going to be out of the house on a Friday night, he should take advantage of the situation, and he and his wife had planned a romantic night, revolving solely around the two of them.

The only problem was that his wife was not there.

Calum had made a checklist of everything he would need in order to make the night special. First on the list was food. After many late night talks leading up to the end of the week, Calum and his wife had decided that going out to a nice restaurant would just waste time, which they didn’t have if they wanted to all the things they couldn’t with their children under the same roof. Calum had decided to make his wife a special meal instead—okay, so he had actually ordered in. He wasn’t much of a cook, but at least he had ordered from her favorite take-out place this time, which was something.

Second on the list was mood lighting, and Calum had already turned down all the lights, lighting candles in the least flammable locations; it wouldn’t pay to waste the only night they had together dealing with the fire department because Calum had burned the house down in an effort to be romantic. After dinner would come the part of the evening both he and his wife were really looking forward to, and Calum had already covered their bed in rose petals in preparation for that part.

The night was planned and prepped, and it was only missing one very key element: his wife. Logically, Calum knew he had no reason to be sitting here in the dark pouting. After all, his wife couldn’t control if traffic was heavy or light on her drive home. Still, Calum had been looking forward to this night all week and with every minute that slipped by without his wife walking through the front door, was another minute wasted, and they really didn’t have any minutes to spare.

Irritation bubbled up inside of Calum when his phone went off. It had to be his wife calling, saying traffic was even worse than she had first thought, and that they should just call the whole night off because by the time she got home, they’d barely have any time to spend together before one or both of their children came home. He picked up his phone from it rested next to him on the couch and brought it his face, losing a bit of his pout. Jasmine. Why was she calling? She was supposed to be at a friend’s house for a few more hours.

“Jasmine?” He said once he had the phone pressed firmly against his ear. There was a pause and then he heard her voice on the other end of the line.


She didn’t say anything else but she didn’t have to. Calum knew his daughter, most especially he knew what his daughter sounded like when she was upset, and she was most definitely upset now. “Jasmine, what’s wrong? What happened? Are you okay?” He knew he should give her some time to answer one question before moving on to the next one but he couldn’t help it. Calum had spent every day since Jasmine was born fearing that one day something would happen to her and he wouldn’t be there to protect her and make it better.

“Dad, I…I’m so sorry.” Not off to a great start. Jasmine was a good kid but even good kids found themselves in a jam every once in a while. So far there hadn’t been one Calum couldn’t help her out of, including one awkward situation with a boy Jasmine had tired of but that was so enamored with her, she couldn’t bring herself to cut him loose, and left the dirty deed to Calum. That day still haunts him. He hoped this wasn’t a repeat performance.

“What are you sorry about, Jaz?”

He could hear her sniffling and sobbing slightly before she got enough control to answer. “I lied to you and Mom.” Well, damn. That’s something no parent ever wants to hear.

“You’re not at Hannah’s house, are you?” Calum had already come to this conclusion but he needed to make sure, and he needed to get his thoughts in check. His mind was working at a speed so fast he had already decided that Jasmine had lied about Hannah’s and was really out with a boy, a boy that had taken advantage of her, and red was already creeping into the corners of his vision.

“No,” she mumbled and he heard more sniffles, a few hiccups. “We left and we went to a…” She trailed off and didn’t say anything else, obviously too reluctant to get herself into even more trouble when she reveals where Hannah had taken her.

So perhaps a boy hadn’t taken advantage of his sweet, young, innocent daughter, but something was still clearly wrong. Though independent by nature, Jasmine had never hesitated to come to Calum if she had a problem she couldn’t fix herself. The fact that he was now having to pull this out of her showed that something had really gone wrong this time.

“Jasmine, where are you? I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s happening.” At this point Calum was so racked with worry, he thought he should be given a medal for how calm and patient he was being.

“Dad, I’m so sorry. We went to a party, a friend of Hannah’s invited us. She thought it would be fun and she said that she absolutely wasn’t going to drink but she met a guy and he got her to drink a beer which turned into many beers…Daddy, she’s passed out and now we have no way to get home and I’m just so sorry I lied and I just want you to come get me. Daddy, please.”


The car was silent on the drive to the house Jasmine was out. Calum couldn’t even find it in him to turn on the radio, and music always made him feel better. But right now the only energy Calum had was being used to maintain his still increasing anger. After getting the address from Jasmine—which hadn’t been easy, since she hadn’t exactly known where the house was and she couldn’t exactly ask Hannah, forcing her to find a soberer party guest and ask them—Calum had called his wife and informed her of what was going on.

It seemed almost humorous to Calum that he had been worried his wife was going to bail on their special night, and now it was him skipping out. Actually, that really wasn’t funny at all, it was freaking tragic. Calum gripped the steering wheel that much tighter, grit his teeth, and added this to the growing list of reasons why his daughter wasn’t his favorite person right now.

Calum knew this day was going to come. He knew that at some point Jasmine would find herself at a party, and that it would most likely be in high school, and that alcohol would be involved—still, he had held out hope that if they had made it almost sixteen years without alcohol, he wouldn’t have to deal with it until after she was of age.

He did have to give her some credit, though. At least she hadn’t tried to drive Hannah’s car back to the house, which could have proved disastrous, since Jasmine had neither a license, nor really a knack for driving at all. She also hadn’t let Hannah behind the wheel of the car. Of course, the girl was currently passed out according to his daughter, but he’d like to think Jasmine would have enough sense to take the keys even if Hannah had been awake. Though these were valiant points, it still didn’t take away from the fact that he was raging mad at her.

Pulling up to the house, it wasn’t hard to spot his daughter and her unconscious friend. Jasmine had pulled Hannah as far away from the crowd as she could, and she was very obviously keeping to herself. Unfortunately for the young girl at her feet, there was nothing Calum could do at the moment to get the car the girls had taken back to Hannah’s house. This was probably going to raise some uncomfortable questions from the girl’s parents—Calum happened to know for a fact that they didn’t want their daughter driving after dark—and Calum would be all too happy to answer them. Neither of them were going to get off easy for this, not if he had anything to say about it.

Calum parked the car, got out, and helped Jasmine maneuver Hannah through the crowd of drunk teenagers and into the backseat of his car. He closed the door on Jasmine in the passenger seat, got back in the car, and pulled away from the curb all without saying a word. He caught Jasmine glancing over at him several times on the way back to Hannah’s house but it wasn’t until they got the young girl inside—her parents were out for the evening, which is, he learned, how they were able to sneak out and go to the party in the first place—and got back into the car that she dared to say anything.

“Dad, will you please say something.”

He sighed and took his hand off the key; he could wait to start the ignition. He positioned himself in the seat so they could see Jasmine easier. “What do you want me to say, Jaz?”

“I don’t know, anything!” She exploded. She waved her arms in the air before letting smack down against her thighs. “That I shouldn’t have let Hannah talk me into going to that party, that I should have stopped her from drinking, I should have called you the second things got out of hand, anything!”

“It seems like you’ve got the whole lecture covered.” He made to turn back towards the steering wheel but her hand on his arm stopped him.

Her eyes were big and pleading when he looked into her fact and he almost cracked right then but no, he had to be firm. She had to understand that sneaking off to parties and underage drinking were things he wasn’t going to tolerate, not even when she batted those super long eyelashes at him with that expression that said Daddy-I-promise-I-won’t-ever-do-it-again-please-let-me-off-with-a-warning. “Daddy, I really am sorry. I hate when you’re mad at me.”

Calum took her hand off his arm and held in his much larger one. “I’m not mad, not anymore. I’m disappointed, Jasmine. Something really bad could have happened at that party tonight and your mother and I would never have known you were there.”

“I know, I screwed up. I won’t do it again, promise.”

“Jaz, there are going to be other parties and you’re going to go to them and there’s going to be alcohol there. Next time you might even drink and let’s face it, there will be a next time.” Man, it pained him to say that, but they both knew it was the truth.

“But I’ll tell you where I am next time.”

He couldn’t help it. A small slipped out and before he knew it, they were both full-on laughing. When the laughter died down, Calum closed the distance between them and wrapped his daughter in his arms. “I love you, Jaz.”

“I love you too.” She squeezed him once and then pulled back to look him in the eye. “Does this mean you’re not going to punish me?”

“Oh no, you are definitely punished.”


Hey guys! I wanted to finally write down my Loft 89 experience from August 14th in Santa Clara and everything that led up to it. It’s really long so don’t feel the need to read it :)

I’ve been listening to Taylor since 06’. I first heard Tim McGraw on the radio and enjoyed the song. A few months went by and then I heard Our Song from a girl at school. I fell in love. I found out she had an album out so I bought the album. I was a full on Swiftie since then. I was in the 7th grade and my life revolved around her.

I had previously been to the Fearless, Speak Now and Red tour. I was known as the Taylor Swift girl by everyone.

Now my dream has always been to meet her (and take her to Disneyland but that’s besides the point.) I have been dreaming of it since Our Song. Every concert I’ve ever been to I’ve never tried really hard to get T-Party, Club Red or Loft 89. I’ve always wanted to but didn’t feel like there was anything special about me. There are millions of people who would die to meet her so why me? My tumblr isn’t popular so I never thought she’d notice me. I was fine with that. Everyone deserves to met her just the same.

So come day of the concert. I live about 2 hours from Levi Stadium and couldn’t even work for the fews hours I was there. I remember it being 11:11 and making my normal wish and then quickly wishing to meet Taylor. I remember rushing out of work at 12 and thinking how cool would it be to bring back a picture of me and Taylor on Monday. I got home and was packing (I was seeing her both Friday and Saturday) and thought I should grab some Polaroids just in case I somehow met her. So we get to the venue early get in our seats! We were pretty far back on the floor and I knew I wouldn’t be able to see because I’m so short.

Mari and I were light weight dressed up. She was in black and white and I was in screaming color!

Come show time, like I predicted, I couldn’t see a thing! But I really didn’t care I was freaking out that I was seeing Taylor. Towards the end of New Romantics I see Andrea walk by being her sweet self and brining a ton of fans closer! I got so excited and said “hi!” I didn’t think she saw me because she sorta just turned around real quick and kept walking. Then during the middle of Blank Space I see her walking toward me again. All the sudden I just knew and I went into shock. Complete shock. She came up to me and asked who I was with and if I’ve ever met Taylor. I said no I’ve never met her before. She then asked if I would lie to her face and I said no I wouldn’t! And then she was so sweet enough to give us loft 89 passes. I was in such shock that I couldn’t talk. I said thank you probably 80 times. About 5 minutes later it hit me and I just started to scream. And then during Clean I started crying.

So after the show we meet in the area to get all the rules and walk into Loft 89! It was so small and intimate! I had a cookie and a water and a bite of pizza. I took pictures and it was awesome. Then when Taylor walked in I was really cool! We all said Hi to her and she started to make her way around the room. I was so calm because I’ve been so close to her before. I was even calm when she was was about 3 feet from me. But the moment she looked into my eyes I lost all chill.

She of course was so sweet and said “HEY GUYS!” And give me and Mari a hug. She told us she liked our red lipstick and I said said “oh I’m wearing Mac!” She then told me she wears Mac on stage. Basically after that all I could tell her was that I’ve loved her for 9 years and never thought this would happen and how happy I am to finally hug her. I thanked her for her music and for being her. Then my friend Mari explained how she’s a history teacher and she quotes her all the time and she and Taylor talked a lot about History. Then I told her I’m going to 3 more shows and she asked which ones. I told her my LA dates and she said that the 26th is going to be awesome (!!!!!) I asked her to sign my Polaroid which she thought was cool that I brought them. Then we got our picture. I again told her how sorry I was for not being able to talk and I’m just so thankful for her and this is a complete shock because I never thought this would happen to me ever. She gave me another hug and then a kiss (SHE KISSED ME!!) then I said “I’ll see you soon” and she said “yes! I’ll see you soon!!”

So basically that’s my story. I never got to talk to Mamma Swift and actually thank her and apologize for being so quiet when she offered me the tickets. I was just in such shock. So Taylor if you see this PLEASE tell your mom I’m so thankful and grateful for it. My friend Mari says we talked more but I don’t truly remember because my shock was so real.

I’m so glad I went to the concert the next night because I was picked before the 3rd song even ended! I didn’t remember anything during the show because I was in such shock!

I had such a blast and thank you so much Taylor for giving me the chance to meet you!! I’m still in shock and cry when I think about it. Never in a million years did I ever think I would meet you!!! I love you so much and again thank you thank you thank you! Look for me tomorrow night on the floor and wave :) I’ll be in your welcome to New York outfit :)

Day 6 (Part 2)

Prompt: AU idea 18 year old Z makes a joke like pact with 26 year old Val that if they were still single when she turned 25 they would get married. Val returns home a few months after her 25th birthday with a fiancé but when he sees Z again it ignites feelings that he has to choose.

Note: There will be one more part

Requested by: Anonymous  

Day 6 (Part 1) || 18 Days of Valdaya || Other Stuff

Enjoy xx Sabrina

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Densi Ficlet - “Foundering”

A/N: This is another ficlet borne of my attempts to clear my drafts folder, and another bit of Kensi-centric introspection (with guest appearances by Deeks and Nell). Set post Deep Trouble 2. There may be another ficlet, at least somewhat related to this, soon. We’ll see!! I hope you all enjoy!!

Founder - (verb) to fail or break down, typically as a result of a particular problem or setback.

Kensi sighed, rubbing her hand absently across her still slightly throbbing brow as she picked up a couple of empty pint and shot glasses left over from the impromptu party the team had had in the boatshed after Sam and Callen’s rescue. She shuffled over to the area near the little fridge, leaving them in neat rows on a shelf (and hoping to God that someone else was going to volunteer to wash them) before going back to the table for more.

It had been a lingering sort of evening - the relief at having the senior partners back safe and sound had caused the entire team to be somewhat reluctant in parting from each other’s company. Finally though, Sam had mumbled something about not wanting to keep Michelle waiting any longer and he and Callen had taken their leave. 

Eric had left not long after that, but Nell had stayed. She and Deeks were currently sprawled across one of the boat shed’s low couches, conversing in soft tones while Kensi moved around the space somewhat aimlessly. It wasn’t like her to gravitate towards tidying up (she could just imagine the sarcastic comments Deeks would probably make about seeing her actually cleaning), but after the events of the day she was filled with a restless energy and just couldn’t settle.

That, and her head really was killing her - but somehow moving around helped alleviate the pain.

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