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FT Angst Week, Day 7: E.N.D.

Rated: T for violence, possibly graphic imagery, human immolation, and harsh language.

Character(s): Gray, Natsu/E.N.D., Lucy

Pairing(s): NaLu, Gratsu (brotp), GrayLu (brotp)

A/N: Final entry for Angst Week! *cheers* Hope this is okay! Pretend this is a follow-up of my Day 3 entry for extra angsty goodness. :3

Gray slammed against the opposite rock wall so hard that it disintegrated into a pile of pebbles and boulders. It was enough to nearly knock the breath out of him completely, and he hardly had to chance to catch it again before his aggressor spoke.

“Stand, Devil Slayer.” He stepped forward and beckoned to Gray’s crumpled form next to what used to be the wall as a challenge. “Prove to me that the gift bestowed upon you by your traitorous corpse of a father actually has bearings against my power.”

The ice wizard could only grit his teeth and curl his fingers into fists in response, still too rattled to try and pick himself off the ground again. He still had a difficult time believing that this was actually happening, no matter how many times he got knocked down.

Natsu had been E.N.D.? This whole time?

The demon I’ve been looking for in order to destroy to avenge my father…was him all along?!

The whole concept confused him. What was going on here, exactly? How exactly had this happened? All that had happened once Gray had finally found the book was that it had inadvertently fallen open, and then…something had happened to Natsu. Something had happened to him—the book was gone now—and he wasn’t Natsu anymore.

A whole flurry of emotions just about tore him apart from the inside. Overwhelming guilt wracked his battered body and weary soul, because while he couldn’t understand what had happened, he only knew too well why it had occurred.

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