i wish i could find this video again ;~:

I like watching theory videos on this show to help provide ideas of my own, but alot of them are just so Star//co biased they start to get on my nerves.

and i’ve run into a bunch called “Why Sta//rco WILL Happen”, which naturally piss me off because that’s the equivalent of saying: “This is what’s going to happen, and despite many other directions this show could take this is absolutely where it’s going to go and all the rest of you have 0 chance of being canon”

I’m a tomco blog, and even I wouldn’t flipping make a theory literally stating why a ship is guaranteed to be canon because i’m open to other directions and possibilities. Even with evidence, i’d say there might be a chance of a fake-out, or that something could also mean something else.

((Plus pushing your ships on others can kinda rub me the wrong way))

But then again, i think they’re all just click bait titles anyway. -_-

So naturally, i use my photoshop powers to make a parody title i WISH i could find on flipping youtube because there is a strange lack of videos talking about Tomco up there.

(( Yeah i said i’m not big on biased theories, but at least this would add some variety and be unique))

Is it clickbaity enough? XD

Tom and Marco pic by @sir-scandalous

Facade (pt.3)

Characters: jimin x you

Genre: ceo!jimin || fluff (as of now)

previous part || next part


The trip really did do something good to the relationship between Jimin and yourself. The impromptu trip to Paris suddenly turned into a three week tour of Europe. The most impressive part: the two of you kept it a secret from the entire world. Using his connections, Jimin was able to find skirt around the watching world. Together, the two of you travelled as a duo of unknown persons.

When at last the both of you returned to Seoul, the reporters were practically drooling in wait for an interview. Twenty-four hours gave them a headliner story to write about the couple who disappeared from the surface of Earth for nearly a month.

You came to accept Jimin in your life. There was in no way where you’d treat him as your husband, but at least he was no longer a stranger in your life. You were okay with living in the same house with him. You were fine with being in the same vicinity without being awkward.

Marriage life wasn’t so bad.

The second year went by and gradually, the questions in your interviews changed from “How are you enjoying your newlywed life?” to “When are you having children?

It had been a shock the first time you heard the question. Not a single soul outside your household knew, but the two of you did not share a bed. It did not seem right to do so, even with your new and improved friendship with him. Unfortunately, that question also piqued your mother’s interest and soon, she was calling you daily asking the same question.

You were too embarrassed to bring it up to Jimin. How could you? You were the one who made it very clear that you saw him as a friend. However, the burden of such thoughts start to become unbearable. And your mother wasn’t helping out by stopping by your house with baby clothes. She had even sent you a long message about how to have a successful pregnancy.

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I love GNR so much and I always will and I’m not losing interest in them in the least, but sometimes I wish I could go back and rediscover them all over again. Like those first few months where I was watching every video I could find on YouTube, reading every interview and listening to appetite on repeat. Nothing will ever come close to that?? Sometimes listening to Rocket Queen or My Michelle I still get flashes of that feeling of excitement and I just miss it.

Alright everyone I'm trusting all of you with this so please don't make a big thing out of this and don't tell a soul

*looks at everyone and fakes a smiles* h-hey everyone Nicole here and I thought why not tell everyone about my depressions and why I haven’t tried to kill myself yet well trust me I have at the age of 5 with my dogs leash but as you can tell that didn’t work although I have been thinking about slitting my throats and hoping no one with find me and take me to the hospital but when I ping from my phone and see you guys trying to communicate and help me i feel a very small spark of hope in me but it only lasts for a second but your not the only one keeping me going every time I see mark or jack has updated something new I go right to it because those two keep me going and actually make me feel again but when the video ends that feeling disappears and I’m back to my emotionless self……I-I just wish I could do more for everyone and try to be my normal self again but it’s just not happening I have gone too far down the wrong road that I can’t turn back it’s too late for me for me to turn back so I just relive my self like I do everyday wake up force myself to be happy and cheerful like I always do get dressed go to school keep my friends happy and cheerful even though I am not then come back home and do the same thing the next day……so I just want to thank some of you that have tried to help me even if they didn’t notice they were
@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @perfectshadow06 @justanothermistakea @askcooperblack @undertalefan121 @oliwas @askmeowsticdraws @antisepticeye-rp And so many more those guys were just the ones I knew off the top of my head but I love every single one of you guys and I really appreciate everyone trying to help I really do but as always I’ll see you guys in the after life whenever that happens…bye-bye

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I hope you'll find something that engages you enough to start theorizing again, cause they were GREAT. Maybe you'll be inspired by a new tv show, a movie or book series, even video games ! But if you don't, maybe you could start writing your own story, theorize about your own created world ;)

Thank you <3. Hopefully I will get inspired by something new, or find inspiration again in some other capacity. And I wish I had enough literary skill and creative capacity to create my own story/world. 

fun fact: there used to be this video on some mtv-type channel that my older sister loved watching and it was played to feel good inc and it gave me horrific nightmares. nobody in the house was allowed to listen to feel good inc for a hella long time because of how bad it freaked me out. i wish i could find the video again so i could see what it was that bothered me so much.

handsy: Louis at 19, Harry at 17.  
(Cardiff, 10 April 2011)

okay, and again — because really:

not to mention the look on Harry’s face and his miniscule nod at the end

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hey! so a couple of weeks ago I read this smutty fic and I want to find it again so bad, but all I can remember is isak letting even record them having sex and then when he wakes up even is watching the video lol I would really appreciate your help! I live off your recs~! <3

Hi! Listen, I think I know exactly which fic do you mean and I pretty vividly remember reading it, but even after spending over an hour going through the whole Even/Isak tag on ao3 I just couldn’t find it. I’m so sorry, I wish I could help :(

Tell Me You're Lying - Hayes Grier

“Hi! How’s everyone today?” I ask my YouNow viewers.

I read the comments to see everyone’s responses. I laugh at a few odd ones. One says that they’re really high on chocolate, another says that they lost their soul and now they can’t find it.

“Seems like everyone is great. Oh, a few people are hungry. Get some food guys! To the person that lost their soul, check under the bed. I found my laptop there yesterday, don’t ask why because I really don’t know how that happened.”

I see someone ask how Hayes and I are.

“Hayes and I are great. He recently bought me this beautiful necklace,” I tell them as I show them the necklace around my neck with my birth stone hanging on a white gold chain.

“He’s such a sweetie.”

A few people are saying how sweet that is, how pretty it is and a bunch of people are commenting ‘aww’.
A few comments catch my eye. They ask if I forgave him for what he did and how he’s such a jerk.

“Um why are people asking if I forgave him? He hasn’t done anything wrong, has he?”

Different scenarios flash through my mind. Did he break one of my things and I didn’t know about it or did he accidentally leak my email or my parents phone numbers?

Some people are just as confused as I am. Others are telling me to stay strong and then I see it. At first I don’t believe it but then other comments are saying similar things.

I start to feel queasy. I put on a fake smile so that I do not worry anyone.

“Sorry guys, I’m suddenly not feeling too well. I might come on again later. Hope you all have a good day.”

I switch off my stream and log into twitter. My notifications are filled with wishes of luck and strength but I’m not interested in those. I want to find proof of what people are saying is true.
I find a video which is pretty blurry but I could still tell it was Hayes.
He was leaning into a girl with blond hair and they were kissing. It wasn’t like a normal staged kiss. Anyone could easily tell that there was a connection between them. I thought that the only romantic connection Hayes had with a person, was with me.

I stop the video halfway, unable to watch anymore of their make out session. I needed to process everything.
I thought we were happy together but it was clear that I was the only one in this relationship that thought so.
I decide to push all my unstable emotions down and text Hayes to come over. I didn’t want to have this conversation with him over the phone because I want to see the emotions on his face when I confront him.
He texts me back saying that he’ll be over soon.

I sit on the floor trying to control my breathing. I don’t know how long I stay on the floor but knocking on the door pulls me out of my thoughts.
I open it and I see Hayes. He smiles at me.
The smile that made my heart beat faster. The smile that I loved. The smile that could make me smile even when I didn’t think I could. The smile I can’t trust anymore.

His smile drops when he sees the mess I’m in.

“Hey baby, what’s wrong?”

He tries to pull me into a hug but I stop him.

“I saw the video.”

He looks confused.
“What video are you talking about?”

I laugh bitterly.

“The video where you’re making out with a girl that is clearly not me.

He gets quiet and stares at the ground.

“It was one time.” He said it in such a low voice but I still heard it.

I tried to push back my tears but they came flooding out. I knew he was telling the truth but part of me wanted to believe that he would never cheat on me. Wishing that he was the wonderful guy I was able to trust with my heart.

“Tell me you’re lying. Tell me it’s all a lie. Please Hayes, convince me that this video is a joke.”

I wanted to stay strong but I can’t. I know that its wishful thinking but it would be so easy to pretend that this wasn’t real. It could be a terrible dream.

“I could tell you that this is all fake but I won’t. What is real is that I love you.”

“If you love me then tell me why you did it. Why would you do something that would hurt someone you love?”

He stares hard at the ground. I look at the ground too, unable to look at him any longer. I see the marks my tears have left on the carpet. They would eventually fade, just like my pain.

“It happened a month ago, after we fought.”

We did have a fight last month. It was over a trivial matter but we were both too stubborn to admit our mistakes. We ended up not speaking for a few days but then Hayes came to my place with a boom box playing the song Sorry by Justin Beiber.
It was the most clichéd but cutest thing I had ever witnessed. I immediately told him I was sorry too but he had seemed a little distant and had insisted on becoming a better boyfriend. It hadn’t occurred to me that he might’ve been with someone else. I just assumed he had missed me more than I thought.

“I went to a party that night and met my ex. I was so angry at you for being stubborn but I was more angry at myself for not manning up. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m wrong or right but it does to you. Your strong will is one of the reasons why I love you. It might be annoying at times but its also so inspiring.

"It was a mistake to do such acts with my ex. What her and I had in our past cannot be compared to the love I have for you. I was an idiot for doing that and all I ask is for a chance to regain your trust back. I do not care how long it takes but I will do my best to win you back.”

I stand there numb at Hayes’ words. I was sure that most people would say that he didn’t deserve a second chance. Maybe he didn’t but I’m not most people. It was not possible for me to stop loving him so suddenly but if it was somehow possible, that speech would’ve made me fall in love again.

I grab his hand and he looks up from the ground and his eyes meet mine. His beautiful blue eyes, full of sadness. I’m sure mine were the same.

“I know we are not perfect and we all make mistakes but I need time really think about my feelings. I don’t know if I can ever trust you again.”

He nods in understanding but I know that he’s hurting.

“Hayes, this might be a little selfish of me but I still love you so please wait for my decision.”

A few days later I log into my YouNow account and start a live stream.
I tell them about what happened between Hayes and I but I leave very personal parts out.

They ask if Hayes and I are back together.

I give them a small smile.

“We’re a little rocky at the moment but I think we’ve gotten to know more about each other that we hadn’t bothered to know before. We also hadn’t appreciated each other as much as we do now.

"We still love each other so I think it’s safe to say we’re getting back together but if anyone has any ideas about how I can prank him so that he doesn’t try to break my heart again, let me know.”

Request: Can you do a Hayes imagine where you find out from YouNow or something that Hayes cheated on you and then you decide what to do from there :-)

words. [johanbeck]

i have absolutely no fucking excuse for how fluffy this is. gonna blame it on the piles of cotton candy-esque snow outside my window. happy belated blizzard, or something. (also, i usually don’t write in present-tense, so this is a slight experiment.) 

Beth knows she’s smart, and highly skilled, and good at what she does. But, like most people, she still feels like a bit of a mess and a bit of an asshole sometimes, and every now and then a little voice in her head wonders what someone as genuine and gracious as Chris wants with someone like her.

She loves him, god knows she fucking loves him, and she knows he loves her. But sometimes she just can’t help but wonder why.

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"Let Pinky Drive You Crazy For Another Day, Jay!"

ok guys it’s time to tell my story.

I decided to put the banner up during the performance of ‘TKO’ but my friend suggested that we should put it up when he starts talking to the audience and that’s the only way we can get a reaction from him. So he was talking to the audience after TKO and turned his back on the crowd and WE PUT THE FREAKING BANNER UP. His two backing vocalists saw it first and started laughing and pointing to it. (They probably don’t know what “Pinky” means but they know the lyrics and what the song is about so they must have figured it out) And Justin saw their reactions and turned around and the first thing he saw was the banner. gksnfdgkadzgfadgvdangdf

He saw it while he was talking and stopped talking while he was reading it. He looked at the banner for like five seconds and his eyes got bigger but there was literally nothing on his face. Then he started walking to the left side of the stage and was talking, kind of laughing for like another five seconds and then he looked at my banner again. I assume that after his brain processed what he just read and he probably asked himself a million questions (because he doesn’t know me or my love for them so he must have questioned my intention for doing that). He never gave us a smile though, it was like he saw the banner, read it, quickly turned his head to the other side and laughed - and when he came up right in front of me again, he looked at the banner for the third time. 

Here are some of the pics I took. (so that you get an idea about how close he was to the banner)

It was kind of awkward tbh and my friend and I started to feel a little bit weird. He literally read it, looked around and read it again and it was like, he was just so surprised by what he just read and a million thoughts were crossing his mind. I felt horrible thinking that he might have felt upset or something. I sort of struggled with all these thoughts until the weirdest thing/most amazing thing happened.

After he started singing “Cry Me A River” and the moment he was on the chorus, HE STARTED TO LOOK AT ME AND MY FRIEND GUYS DGANGFANGZGNDGAGGL. That happened twice or three times during CMAR but —-

I wish I could just find a video of “WGACA” that was taken from my view. This song is literally the only song that can make me cry everytime I listen to it and I was tearing up. That’s why I FOLDED THE BANNER and the only thing he could see was “pinky” and I put it on my face.


So after like 45 seconds, I pulled the 'pinky’ off my face and JUSTIN WAS LOOKING AT THE “PINKY” AND ME. I wasn’t sure of whether or not he was really looking at me tbh but those girls who were standing next to me were like, “what does the banner say? is he looking at it????” OH MY GOD OH YM GOD DFHGKFG FSHSKGAGMADG that actually proves that I am not delusional right? He kept looking at me and my friend who also helped me make and put it up and most likely, the pinky writing  over and over again during “wgaca” and I felt all of my doubts went away because I think the banner made him realize 'the justney fans’ in his crowd. Now that I look back, the fact that he actually didn’t forget about the banner during all those other songs between TKO and Cry Me A River and waited for his most 'Britney’ songs on the setlist, to have eye contact with us means the world to me.

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I think Nathan Adrian is my favorite because he's so happy and sweet. He's a such a big dork and it makes me really happy to see his smile.


Same. I love him so much, even since London, omg.


Originally posted by all-the-swimmers

For new Nathan fans, I got some random facts:

He brushes his teeth in the shower. He doesn’t usually fit in a bathtub. When he won in London, he tweeted: #spoileralert I win. There is a video somewhere of a photoshoot Nathan did for a magazine and it’s superhot and I wish I could find it again but I had this blog for years now and idek where to look. One time I tweeted his it was my birthday #supersubtlehint and he wished me a happy birthday and said #subtletyisntyourstrongsuitbutthatsokay (or something like that) and it was literally half a day after I tweeted it but he still saw  and replied and I still cry about it.

Look… It’s not that I want you back. No, not at all.
It’s just that sometimes when I’m lying in my bed at night and can’t sleep, I start thinking about you and me. What happened between us. Questions keep flooding my head.

Maybe, if things had gone differently, we would still be together now. Would we? Could we have lasted?
And why, after all these years, do I suddenly think about you again?
Did I ever get truly over you? Or did I just put you into the darkest corner of my mind?

I’m wondering about your life…
How are you doing? Did you finally move to Florida? Are you still with that girl you kept going on and on about in your video blogs?

I wish I could find a way to contact you and ask you all these things…
But honestly, there is one question that I keep returning to, that just won’t leave my mind, that keeps burning at the tip of my tongue…

Why did you leave?

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write (source: @excerptsfrombooksneverwritten )

I hope you like this Sam GIF therealjacksepticeye! I will be putting up a Speedpaint video of this soon and if you have the time I hope you watch it but I understand if you don’t. :)

Anyway thank you so much for everything you do. My mom and I bond over your videos which means a lot to me. Sadly she has a very rare, terminal, auto immune disorder that is eating away at her cartilage. We are not sure how long she has if we can’t find a cure or at least put her into remission. With that being said, it’s nice seeing her so happy when she watches you. I can’t thank you enough for that.

I wish I could do more for you but it’s all I can give at the moment. Thank you again for everything, you are awesome and I can’t wait to see what you do next! love you jack! <3 

aesthetic: that interview where they were talking about which “Friends” characters they would be and Luke said he’d be Rachel, then one interviewer was like “no one wants to be Ross” & the other said “but Ross is hooking up w/ Rachel that’s the best part” & ASHTON SAYS “I’LL BE ROSS” WHILE LOOKING AT LUKE SUGGESTIVELY & LUKE POINTS AT HIM LIKE THIS


favorite music videos | Now - Paramore
I wish I could find a crystal ball for the days I feel completely worthless. You know I’d use it all for good I would not take it for granted. Instead I have some memories for the days I don’t feel anything. At the least, they will remind me not to make the same mistakes again. 

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Obviously Dragon Age 4 will have a new protagonist, but don't you just wish you could play as Inquisitor, based on what Trespasser is setting up? (Especially with the Solas romance) (your video broke my heart btw)

You know…I’m going to be the weird one and say that I don’t want to play my Inquisitor again. Why?

I want the Inquisitor to be my boss. I want to be her lead agent in Tevinter. 

Judging the way the ending went, it’s likely we’ll (FINALLY OH MY GOD) be going to Tevinter. I want to be the person that helps her find Solas’s agents and undermines his entire plan. I want a character who can choose to either follow the Inquisitor’s wishes, or plot against them by supporting Solas. I always love playing as the aggressor of change, and because I know we won’t play the Inquisitor again, I feel like this would be the most amazing plot for me to enjoy.

I want to see my Lavellan reunite again with Solas at the end of DA4, triumphant or depressed by my efforts, and see how their relationship goes from there. Will he still love her? Will she even still love him? Will she turn into a person of vengeance, wanting to punish Solas for everything he thinks is right?

Please, Bioware. Make it so.

To all of you who jumped on calling someone a liar immediately, and based on an obviously ‘edited’ video ….. Someone sent me this message and I wish I could claim ownership of it. Perfectly said:

“To be honest I’m also frustrated but I’m not going to justify that by being unfair.”

I have read the entire transcript and can’t find a single lie. Just consistent support of what she said weeks ago and again tonight.

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are you really surprised people are freaking out about niall being seen with a mother when just a few days ago people were legitimately trying to claim he was sleeping with a fifteen-year-old based on a few pictures of them talking in the street? haha this fandom is crazy and since niall's been spotted again they've been doing the most when it comes to him. he hung out with this girl ONCE and people are already trying to find receipts to make them both seem like terrible people. disgraceful.

I wish I could say I was surprised but I’m NOT and it’s SAD. LIKE WHY??? Niall takes photos with under age fans all the time but just because they happened to walk down the street with him and one of them happens to be *known* suddenly it’s a scandal!!! NIALL JOKES AROUND WITH A WOMAN IN A 6 SECOND VIDEO AND SUDDENLY WE NEED TO DISCUSS HER MARITAL STATUS AND WHETHER HE’S MATURE ENOUGH TO BE A FATHER. A girl breaks up with her boyfriend and dates Niall and HE’S A HOMEWRECKER!!!!! Why does everyone want Niall to be problematic so bad? He’s a nice guy who wants to make people happy………………… literally every bad thing I’ve read about him re: relationships has been totally blown out of proportion when you get down to the facts.

I look at the 22 year old boys I know and I look at Niall and you know what? He’s a pretty fucking great person. I feel sorry for people who have to do the most and make him out to be a bad guy every time he shows his face