i wish i could find the source for this image

Andrew Scott’s self-portrait doodles (that I could find)

The 3 images put together like this was found on deviantart but.. I believe all of them can be spotted in the source link at the bottom.

As an artist Imma say that even doing quick cartoon doodles takes skill and I wish I could see what amazing things he could draw with more time.

Either wayyy ♡


From TVLIFE’s twitter account on their 2016 New Year issue:

The pairings for this issue’s high quality pictures are Sho-kun and Matsujun, Aiba-chan and Nino and Ohno-kun. During Sho-kun’s and Matsujun’s photoshoot, Matsujun said, “Let’s do the same pose~” and imitated Sho-kun’s pose. The comment “Like twins!” that was uttered because of the twin-like feel of the shoot made Sho-kun very shy. Twins photoshoot, check!

Image source: twitter 翔潤 tag.

This is the original tweet though.