i wish i could draw like this lol

Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)

Here’s the prompt list for Egotober! (best name I could come up with lol)

Prompts are completely up to interpretation. I felt it would be restricting to mention specific egos.

The only rule is to center the piece around an ego somehow. This is Egotober, after all! Feel free to make the piece as gorey or tame as you like. Just tag accordingly for those who wish to filter it.

Also!! it doesn’t need to be drawings! It can be photography, gifs, cosplays, etc etc etc. It just has to center around the theme and an ego. 

You can also combine days, and themes from other prompts. (inktober, goretober, drawlloween, etc)

Here’s the prompt list in text form for those who need it!

  1. Pumpkin carving
  2. Experiment
  3. Abandonment
  4. Feeling Lucky?
  5. Light of the full moon
  6. Sepsis
  7. That’s not a knife, this is a knife!
  8. Bad news
  9. Blue screen of death
  10. H͠È ͡R̕҉̢E̸̕TÙ̧R͟͢N͟S̀͝͞
  11. Danger in fiction
  12. Pretty in pink
  13. Friday the 13th
  14. Mission mistake
  15. Trickshot!
  16. Rot and ruin
  17. The man with no shadow
  18. Magic mishap
  19. Partners in crime
  20. Pumpkin head guy
  21. Date night
  22. Manipulation
  23. Masquerade
  24. Corroded
  25. Red man
  26. Blind
  27. Ze doctah is in!
  28. Backstabbed
  29. Super villain
  30. Marionette
  31. Happy Halloween! Combine 2 or more of the prompts or create your own!

Have fun and be sure to put your drawings in the #egotober tag to ensure I see them! I’m excited to see what goes down!


Finished the artworks for the giveaway ♥ I hope you like it ;;o;; ♥ I’ll be uploading the hi-res files on dA sta.sh instead of email – the winners who want the hi-res version please send me an ask instead! Thank you!

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Thank you so much for all your support! I really had fun drawing these ♥

Me: *drawing Nick* Ughh my style is so cartoony!! Like, he doesn’t even look like Nick xD

My Step Neice: *looks over* Yeah, he looks like Timon from The Lion King

Me: *eye twitch* …you know you aren’t the fist person to tell me that -_-

i just want to take a moment to thank all michemil/ emimike content creator. god bless all of you tbh.

anonymous asked:

Don't get me wrong, I like you, but the fact that you say you're not worthy, don't know how to draw and that you don't deserve all of the love we give to you is upsetting because that's definitely not true. I wish you could stop that negative behavior you have and start being more grateful of your skills and the support we all give to you. Again, nothing against you, but people acting like that is one of my pet peeves

Don’t get me wrong, anon!! It’s not hate I’m giving to myself! In fact, I kinda like myself quite a bit and I don’t mind what other people might say about me.

I’m just being realistic.

True, I definitely know how to draw and I reach average levels. My comic is interesting, kinda, and I like it more than you guys do [or I would’ve stopped drawing it lol I do this because I love it].

But there are other artists who draw way better than I do, and I’m just saying they need more recognition than I do. My stuff is good, but not good enough for the level I want. Of course, regarding the dub, I just want other series to be in the spotlight [mainly cuz I’m a trashy fangirl, I swoon over lots of things, help me], but also because they’re more original than this comic of mine [ripoff of an AU that’s not even originally mine, anyone?], so it’s only fair that others get more attention first uvu

Did that make any sense? No real self-hate here. My garbage is good garbage ;D

anonymous asked:

Hello! Love your drawings! I wish I could draw like you do but I'm just awful lol. Can you draw Jim dressed up as Frank N Furter and Sebastian as Rocky, both from The Rocky Horror Picture Show? I feel like Jim would be a total nerd for the film and Seb would dress up just to please him hahaha. Have a nice day, darling x

I got this request before and I didn’t want to do it because I don’t know anything about Rocky Horror, but I figured I might as well try because it’s better than nothing. So here is my doodle-quality attempt, hope you like it <3

princesshk  asked:

You are so amazing, and i love everything you do very much! You are so talented and i wish i can one day be like you. Can you draw chatnoir feeding some cats around him? I think this will look so cute, and i already need a chatnoir pic to put as a wallpaper. Love you very much❤️❤️ *hugs*

Aw thank you so much <3 It really makes my day when I get such awesome messages.
And what a cute idea! It’s kinda rough but I did the best I could. I don’t know how to draw cats O.O lol I could totally see Chat Noir sitting in the streets just feeding stray cats and them all adoring him.

just had a dream about a game monster? i stg i thought it was real but it isnt. hes called the shaker (i have no idea why) and i dreamt about an extended game scene where youre in control of your character, watching as he approaches your broken down car at night. hes incredibly intelligent but he cant unlock your car, hes not a fukin cheater ok. he could easily get in if he wanted to though, but he would rather play mind games. he spends 5-10 minutes circling your car, trying the doors, sometimes just staring in at you without moving. hes pretty nonchalant about it? the whole time you have actions, such as the option to lock and unlock the car door on your side, hold the door shut, search for items in the glove box, etc.; all unnecessary actions literally all you have to do is wait for him to leave. last minute he pauses at the driver side window before smashing his palm against it (cracking but not penetrating, he could have smashed through the first time if he wanted) before leaving. i swear it was so vivid. the shaker is an asshole. i wish i knew more abt him lol.

anonymous asked:

So I was thinking, what if when Hide is not in his Scarecrow persona and wants to go out in the human world, to shop for groceries or whatever his appearance is like this: he has his hair like in the 2nd part of tg but darker probably, and his hair is covering the scarred half of his face, and he wears a scarf over his mouth and neck. I wish I could draw to show you. But he would look like a Naruto character LOL

Something like this? (bonus turtleneck Hide because I like that concept too lmao)

Bonus bonus turtleneck Hide based on this stock image lmao


i honestly was gonna do the art and post the same time as snow’s but eehhh i was so busy +lazy to do it!   lolol sorrryyyy q-q

but ahhh thank u so much for being such an inspiration for me!

i have been such a fan since idk 2015?? i used to not have tumblr lol xD but i liked your art so much. i always adore them whenever i see them they’re so aesthetic ?! i love the colours background (both simple and detailed) THEY’RE JUST SOOO GOOAALLLSS TAT!! i really wish i could be just like you. such gud art skills damn

but aaahh hope you like this ;w;

airi’s design is so cute and pretty and aesthetic i love eeerrr <3

have a weird random doodle???