i wish i could draw all the other characters

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hi! I love your art! I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to add variety to drawing characters. all my characters look like carbon copies of each other with different hairstyles. thanks!

I wish I could make an extensive tutorial about this but tbh I’m not an expert on the subject. I’ll try to give you some written tips though!

I think the main reason why lots of people have problems with variety is the fear (sometimes subconscious) of making your character look ‘ugly’.

First of all, something I’d recommend doing this, but instead of trying to achieve the ‘perfect face’, try doing a bunch of different ones and keep them! Also, here’s some actual tutorials to help you out (x) (x)

One very good exercise is drawing your friends, trying to capture their main features. Maybe their face is very long? They have big lips? Small eyes? This is amazing for lots of reasons because:

-you’ll practice a lot
-you don’t need to bother with lineart
-by staring at their photos for so long, you’ll see how different real humans look and you can use such features for your characters
-you can show it to them if you’re satisfied!!

I’d also recommend to look at how your favourite artists draw faces and specific features, you can definetely take some of them and merge them in your style!

This wasn’t much of a tutorial but I hope it was helpful nonetheless! Thank you for the compliments and have a good day!

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Anyone u want in tigh highs cause its cute af... How abt all ur characters? Nothing but tigh highs.

Have a Sonic bc he came first to my mind and I haven’t drew him “naked” in a long time

I wish I could do this with my OCs but 1. Tumblr doesn’t like OCs 2. I have too many but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED I’m probably gonna draw the other official chars in tigh highs too bc hhhng but it’s been done already

[Mercy76 Week ] Announcement

Hi All,

We are having a great week so far, with fanarts and fanfictions posted every day. It doesn’t matter if they are delayed, every contribution is worth the wait!

I wish I could thank you all one by one, and maybe I’ll do it at the end.

But now I’d like to talk about a beloved member of our Mercy76 family. Her name is @kazoomiller​. She is the artist responsible for some of the most amazing and lovely art about not only Mercy76, but also other Overwatch ships and heroes.

You can find her fanart on her blog, like this example or this one.

She is very talented in drawing that kind of art, and she does it because it’s the only way she is able to draw her characters and share her passion for Overwatch and ships.

Unfortunately some people straight up attacked her for what she posted around the Internet. Not only she got attacked for shipping Mercy76 as many of us have experienced,  but she got also bashed for drawing animals! Names she got called include insults like “fucking furry” (she is not one, just fyi), “Dog-fucker” and “Cancer of Overwatch”. Needless to say this hit her hard, harder than most. Coupled with some really bad RL problems this put her in a very, very bad mood.

So I was thinking: How about we show her some support? Reblog her art if you really like it, leave an encouraging comment or some constructive criticism! 

That said I propose you to dedicate all your entries for the last day, Day 7: Freestyle, to her. You don’t have to change what you already planned, just tag her and wish her all the love you can! Of course you can make something special for her.

Let us show her that this fandom is truly a family!


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I'm missing something here, I don't wish to come off as rude, however I've noticed you've been reblogging characters who've been reimagined with a darker skin tone etc. While I understand that could possibly help with representation, I'm having difficulty to determine the difference doing that and white washing a character? (Example being folks making Lucio white, which is bloody horrible) I'm curious as to why that is, is all.

Essentially the context is completely different. Drawing a character as a non-white race is an imagining that means little other than more representation, as you say, whereas whitewashing has a deep history of racism and eurocentric beauty ideals behind it that still has consequences today, like the proliferation of skin bleaching. On anything but a surface level of “changing a characters look” they’re entirely different acts.

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For the Writer's ask: Your model!spirk fic will always stay with me. The first photo-shot (with Uhura) where Spock opens up to Jim in his own way and Jim only realizes the significance later on....The photos of that shot followed me into my dreams (in the best way possible. I'd draw them in a sec if I were talented enough!) and I reread this fic from time to time to relive the heartbeat and relish in the sexual tension.*blushes* now that I've gushed that much, I'll wish you all the best! Much<3

Ah, I absolutely love hearing this!  I got sooooo involved describing the photo shoots in Stellar Explosion and coming up with fun themes for them, reworking the ways the characters positioned themselves for the camera in hopes that was also capably revealing where they stood in their dynamics with each other.  So it’s hugely gratifying to hear you remember those moments and even thought of drawing them!  And it’s honestly one of the best things you could tell me, that you enjoy re-reading that fic and that you still experience the sexual tension between Jim and Spock when you visit it again!  This is such a fantastic comment to get – thank you, thank you!!!  <33333


Pt. 2 

Norman Reedus Fanfiction Series

<><<><><><> Present <><><><>

Norman sat in my chair and immediately adverted his eyes to the mirror.

“So Daryl Dixon?” I say trying to make small talk, he just shook his head. I sighed and started working on his hair, it was still short and soft as usual. It made me smile but only softly, gladly my hair covered most of my face.

Getting done with his makeup, I stared up at him in the mirror until he looked at me. Those stabbing blue eyes still made  my knees almost give.

“How’s Lisa?” I whispered. He stood and got close to me,

“You know what happened you jealous bitch.” He growled. I moved my face into his,

“Wardrobe Norman Mark Reedus.” I said with a point towards wardrobe. He glared at me but walked to wardrobe. It made me take a heaving breath almost bending over.

“My my, what was that?” I heard a males voice behind me.  I looked seeing a intimidating man standing practically staring at my butt.

“Nothing sir, do you need something?” I ask trying to be polite. He rubbed his jaw with a smirk.

“Uh yes mam’ I apparently need my makeup done. Even though I’m pretty enough.” He said and looked at me to agree. I nodded and he replied with a smirk.

“What’s your name pretty lady?” He asked as I prepared my brushes.

“(Y/n).’ I replied starting to put concealer on his cheeks. He seemed to enjoy the sound of my name.

“Well you are very beautiful.”  He whispered since his face was close to mine, but he didn’t look me in the eye, only at the mirror. I sighed but thanked him.

It took me only moments to finish his makeup, he didn’t need too much either. He smiled and shook my hand.

“See you later then. huh Angel?” He said with a grotesque wink. I know what he wanted, but I had no mutual wanting from him. I again sat in my chair and pulled out my phone. I had no idea what else to do with today, apparently no one needed any makeup. With a heaving sigh i decided to go look around set.

<><><><><> Past <><><><><><><><><><>
I walked back to my house, with Norman of course. He always walked me home after a horrible first date. We put Liz and Sean in a cab and made them go home. Thank god.

Norman lit a cigarette and passed it to me to take a hit. I shook my head no.

"What’s wron’?” He asked wrapping his arm around me.

“Nothing I’m just sleepy, you sleeping over?” I asked.

“Hell yea!” He yelled getting out his key to my apartment. He laughed entering my apartment immediately heading towards the fridge.

“So you and Sean?” He asked with a grin.

“You and Liz?” I asked with the same grin. He chuckled and looked at me innocently,

“You know what I’m using her for (y/n).” He said leaning over the island. I nodded and walked towards the couch. I hated how he did that but I would never tell him that I do. I dug into the couch and found my bag of cannabis.

“You having one?” I asked starting to roll the perfect blunt. Norman just shook his head no and sat next to me with a sandwich. I had been smoking since the world first discovered the high.

After finishing my blunt I walked over and opened a window, then looked at Norman watching the tv. I knew he hated when I smoked but at least mine wasn’t addictive.

“Norman?” I asked sitting next to him with puppydog eyes. I hated when he was upset.

“Yea?” He asked bringing me into a laying embrace. I laughed and hugged him back, he made me so happy.

<><><><><> present <><><><>

I decided to go to my trailer and at least get some sleep. The bed was rough and the sheets were itchy, totally uncomfortable. My phone died and I of course forgot the charger, I groaned and sat up.

“What is there to do around here?” I asked the boring walls. Then it hit me, these boring walls need some art. I smiled and ran back to my chair and grabbed my sketchbook.

I drew and drew for hours different pictures of different things. I drew everything to mythological to real. I wiped my sweat and decided to look at the work I’ve done.

I named off whatever I drew …then I found…

“Norman..” I whisper looking at a picture of Norman… Shirtless leaning on a doorjam. I growled at it crinkling it and tossing it behind me.

“You know what they say, you draw what you love most..” I heard Danai say behind me. I sighed and stood looking at her. She looked at me with pretty pitiful eyes.

“I knew you guys knew each other.” She sat in my chair and looked at the picture. I sighed wishing I could burn it.


“Cause I saw you guys talking, then Norman acted like the asshole his character is… He didn’t even crack a joke. What happened between you too?” She asked folding the picture. I took off her wig and looked at myself in the mirror and took a big breath.

“It’s all dark matter now. Nothing I could do to change it I guess.” I whispered looking at my softening eyes.

“Stop crying.” I thought looking down. Danai stood and hugged me tightly, she was the first person to be nice to me here. I pulled back and wiped under my eyes.

“How about you come with me tonight to the club? Huh?” She said with her dashing smile.

“Okay, what club? What should I wear?” I said eagerly.

“Just a cute dress, how about I come early and help you pick out what to wear?” She smiled again. I nodded and smiled back. I wrote down my address and gave it to her. She hugged me again and said “see you there.”

Norman’s POV

I sat in my trailer talking to Chandler, such a jokester. I laughed as he did, man he was a hilarious kid.

“Norman.” I heard at my door, Danai walked in and greeted us. She flicked a folded sheet of paper at me.

“What’s this?” I ask opening it.

“(Y/n) drew it. What happened between you and her.” She commanded. I opened the sketchbook paper to see a picture of me shirtless, and posed. I almost grinned but I forced it back.

“It’s all dark matter now. ” I said looking at her. I knew she would say that same phrase we used. Danai didn’t seemed pleased, she actually looked like she was Michonne. I looked at Chandler who decided he should leave.

Danai sat down across from me and sighed.

“What exactly happened between you too?” She asked. I felt myself get hot, and almost embarrassed.

“She was jealous, of my ex girl and she dropped me without a word.”

“Dropped you?”

“She left. She left my life, without a word.”  I growl, and forced myself to stay seated.

“So she was jealous why?”

“Cause she probably hated that I kept spending time il with my girlfriend then her.” I exclaim getting annoyed.

“Uh huh. Now that I know your side, time to get hers.” She stood almost leaving, but I grabbed her hand.

“What do you mean?”

“We are going to the club, with the rest of the crew, I am going to her place early to get some info out of you too.” She took her hand and walked out the door. I slouched looking at the picture. I looked young, and happy.


Reader’s POV

I waited for Danai for sometime getting more and more anxious by the second. I cleaned my whole house up just so then she wouldn’t think I was a slob.

The doorbell rang which caused me to jump. I ran to the door and opened it, there was Danai.

“Hello!” I said hugging her as she entered. She laughed and told me my place was nice, and unique.

“So where is this closet of yours?” She asked looking around. I brought her to my room and opened my closet. She immediately looked curious, she started flipping through hangers. I sat on my bed and watched her.

“Well you’re definitely wearing something black.” She said giving me a laugh. I laughed then looked away awkwardly.

“So what happened between you and Norman. Not dark matter, just tell me the truth.” She asked. I looked at her then away.

“He said you were jealous.” She said turning to the closet. I snapped,

“I wasn’t jealous! I needed my friend who was never there!” I growled standing up.

“Yea why did you need him there?” She asked turning to me.

“I can’t say.” I sighed and looked down. She came over and hugged me. I’m happy she dropped it after that.

“Your so wearing this!” She yelled seeing my red dress. It had long sleeves with lace , and still had tags.

“Uh..” I sighed and looked at the dress. She threw it at me and commanded me to change. I did and came out, she brought me into the bathroom and started scrunching my hair.

“You can wear your black vans.” She said finishing my hair. I already had my casual makeup on which was another thank god.

“You look beautiful.” She said with a giggle starting to walk toward the door. I threw on my shoes and locked the door. I was excited to actually have friends, and go out. I smiled at my new friend hopping into her car and awaited for the night to begin.

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I’m loving your in-depth character/relationship posts for Homestuck *_* If you're still taking "opinion" prompts, I’d be super interested in yours thoughts on Dave/Karkat, especially in regards to their personality differences between the new and old timeline

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my thoughts. “Homestuck” in general is a pretty deep and complicated story, so it’s hard to not give it some deeper thoughts in general.

I don’t have anything against new prompts, but when it comes to this one, I think you’re asking for a lil too much; Karkat is the first troll we see onscreen in the story and he never really leaves the plot like other ones. Dave also is a character that is basically the second one in the whole story and, unlike many others, he has his time-induced alter egos jumping in and out of the plot via death for plot progressing reasons; also, let’s not forget Davesprite and the recent addition, which is Davepetasprite. When we’re talking about “new and old timeline”, while it’s pretty easy to differentiate them to some, in case of Dave what really is old timeline for him? 

This one?

Or this one?

Most likely you meant this one, right? But it’s not that easy.

I could do the whole thing, but it seriously would take me too long to write it out, especially considering I still am dragging on a few other essays on other characters that should’ve been posted months ago, along with rewriting some of the stuff that I already posted on this blog and in the light of what I know now, is pure bullshit that needs to be corrected. 

But, to not leave you with nothing, I guess I could take a brief look at how relationship between Karkat and Dave developed; it’s pretty funny when you think about it, but it shows how characters mature to embrace the reality of mattering to each other. 

First of all, we have Karkat, who wants to draw a shipping grid that schedules Dave into date game he wishes to have with Terezi. Despite trying to teach Dave troll romance, he gets heated over being touched and interrupted and it turns into “brawl” (that’s what Dave calls it). In other words, neither of them are into it, even if there’s some tension between them. Stuff happens, they spend time on meteorite and…

…we can see Karkat is not against being touched anymore, even if it’s for purely scientific reasons. Dave, on the other hand, even if he does stuff like drawing Karkat riding a dick into the sunset, refuses this request. More stuff happens, timeline gets retconned, once again they get locked on the meteor with Vriska this time and…

…no more issues when it comes to touching. This, of course, gets drilled on later by John, while Dave tries to dodge the questions. Even if this relationship is not as erotic as some would want it to be, it pretty much borders on young love/dating thing. It’s a big step both for Karkat (he is going through vertigo of demolished relationships on and on and on) and Dave (his world outview he had thanks to Bro about possible homosexual/other sexualities wasn’t the healthiest, even if he coped with it by using irony). I find it to be pretty cool, considering DaveKat used to be one of the ships I was all about in the past (not that I’m not anymore, but I’m so stressed out about Gamzee it’s hard to focus on this).

So, yeah, I hope this somewhat answers your queery, and if you want me to drill them more, it would be helpful if you sent more detailed questions. Take care.

Okay so today’s Halloween so I thought of a Shiki AU. Shiki is a really good horror anime and it’s quite dark and gore, if you’re into these stuff I really recommend it! I should have picked a scene where you could see Nagisa’s vampire fangs but these eyes are already pretty spooky aren’t they.

Nagisa is Sunako, the token vampire little girl, and Rei’s Seishin the local priest (and novel author). For the other character I thought of Haru and Makoto as Natsuno and Tohru, Sousuke as Dr.Oozaki, Rin as Megumi, Ai and Momo as Kaori and Akira. Kisumi can be Chizuru lmao. I’d like to draw them all eventually!

(Also I’m tagging this reigisa but it’s platonic ofc)


and I want to do like a mini not-so-secret secret santa, so reply to this/ drop me an ask with SOMEONE U WANT TO GIVE A GIFT TO + a character they’d like and I’ll doodle it as a gift for your friend!! I’LL PICK A FEW to do depending on how many I get; both Ocs and fanart are ok, but please include a link to references if it’s an oc!! I’ll leave this open until the end of december 🙆

I see so many people doing drawings of like, Shantae and Shovel Knight getting really salty about Bayonetta being in smash, and it’s funny and all but you know what I wanna see?

Characters being super happy about Bayonetta’s inclusion.

Shantae getting super pumped that Bayonetta made it because smash bros could always use some more ladies.

Wonder Red seeing the ballot results and being excited that Platinum games is FINALLY getting some representation in smash, even if it’s not him.

Callie and Marie announcing the news to the other Inklings, wishing Bayonetta good luck in her battles.

Snake Giving Bayonetta advice for how to handle the other Smashers, asking her to say hi to Captain Falcon for him.

Characters not whining about not getting in because people are already whining about it and there really doesn’t need to be any more negativity.

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Yay!!! Thank you for the ask, Laura! ;D

Now, for Nami! ;D

Originally posted by alabastas

My first impressions of them. She reminds of me a big sister! XP

What I think of their design. I think she has pretty cute designs that Oda gave her! But ONE of my FAVS has to be the dress she wore in “One Piece Adventure of Nebulandia”!

What I think of their role in the story. She’s a good navigator for the future King of the Pirates! ;D

What I think of their interactions with other characters. I enjoy seeing her relationship with the straw hats, her sister Nojiko and ESPECIALLY Luffy! ;D LuNami FTW!!!

My favorite aspect of the character overall. I love how she was able to find a family in all of the Straw Hat Pirates! ^_^

What could have been improved or changed with regards to the character. I would’ve made her learn Haki! XP

My number one wish for this character. For her to achieve her dream of drawing a map of the entire world!

Alright, hopefully you liked my answers, @trash-lover-crazy! ;D

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