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honestly though having it be standard for female leaders to have male deputies and vice versa would make a lot of sense, especially if we include the fact that it should also be standard to have a fairly young leader have an older deputy (+vice versa) since I think it would give everyone in their respective clans a feeling of ease knowing that they're being properly represented by their leaders.

yeah!! like i wish they would have done something like that because after skyclan leaves then (depending on when leaders die LOL) there would always be 2 male & 2 female leaders at a time

idk i just think it would be more balanced, and they could do cool stuff w leaders who had kits or were former nursery queens. like imagine a nursery queen is chosen as deputy specifically bc of how fierce & protective she was of her kits when their camp was invaded or something. like idk i just think the erins have no excuse for not having more female leaders/deputies

Vapor Captivation

*** Author Note***

Ok! So this is a little something I wrote for Kinktober. Since I may not be able to do every day, I’m just going to write kinks I can think of when I have time. This one is with G and a nongender reader involving a smoking kink, as well as a bit of admiration and intrigue. I wanted to explore more with how G smokes and meeting him for the first time. Enjoy!

***End Note***

Begrudgingly you dragged yourself out of bed, wishing you could hit the snooze button a seventh time. A small shiver danced down your spine as your feet hit the cool floor and you groaned, “Ugh, gotta remember to set the thermostat again…” You quickly pad across the room and open your dresser, grabbing some jeans and a t-shirt. The brisk morning air made the warmth of your bed all the more painfully sweet, but you were determined to start the day off right…

With a steaming hot shower!

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Servamp: The Lonely Hedgehog

Hey guys! What’s up?! This fic is for a really awesome friend of mine, and yesterday was their birthday! @akumanonezumi, I really hope you had a great b-day, and I reaalllyyy hope you love your birthday fic! And to everyone else who reads this, I hope you all enjoy it as well. So without further rambling, please enjoy!

This was absolutely not cool. Hyde literally could not believe this was happening. Normally, he loved going to his brother and his Eve’s house, but now? He wished he didn’t. Why? Well, it may have something to do with his own Eve cuddling and paying more attention to his brother, and not him. Seeing Licht petting and fretting over Kuro made his blood boil with want. He knew that Kuro didn’t mean Licht do this…but it still sort of bummed Hyde out. Sighing, Hyde turned over on Mahiru’s couch, his back facing the irritating scene, as he sullenly continued to play his game device. Feeling someone sit near his feet, Hyde didn’t pay them much attention until he felt the consistent gaze on him. Lifting his eyes from the game, Hyde came face to face with Mahiru’s concerned chestnut eyes.

                       “Hyde? Are you okay? Is something wrong?” the brunet asked, pulling the blond Servamp’s feet into his lap. Blinking, the Servamp really had no idea how to answer Mahiru’s question. Why was the brunet worried about him? Should he lie…or tell the truth? Biting his lip, Hyde broke his eye contact with the concerned Eve, and glanced at his game again. Maybe if he stayed silent, the brunet would let it go. “Hyde?”

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emotional problems™ and: frindship
  • friend: *does literally anything without me*
  • me: im upset by this. i realize its unreasonable but you doing that thing makes me upset.
  • friend: than do the thing with me??
  • me: no you would have asked me sooner if you really wanted me there
  • friend: so you want me to stop doing this thing i like?? just because it upsets you but isnt harming you in any way?
  • me: no. of course not. that would be awful....
  • friend: ...
  • me: but like would it kill you

i really wish i could be one of those people that write huge taz theories and connect dialogue and foreshadowing and subtle hints from different arcs and have huge boards w tacks connecting papers and post its and newspaper clippings charlie kelly pepe silvia style (bc how else do you do it) but i cant remember shit. im like clint someone will mention something that happened last arc or use a spell/item for the first time in like 10 eps and ill just be like huh….. cool

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Questions about your hypnosis you may or may not have thought about: Does it have a naturally soporific effect or do you have to command sleep? Can you send commands non-verbally through your eyes? Do males or females succumb easier? Do certain age groups? What is the actual physical sensation someone experiences in their eyes when being hypnotized by you? Does it feel good to have the power that hypnosis brings over someone?

Sweet Cinnamon, so many good questions! Let’s see…..

My hypnotic abilities make people sleepy to begin with, but I usually like to coax them into sleep with words anyway. It’s just fun~ 

Send commands non-verbally with my eyes…? Ooh, you mean like, telepathically or something like that? No, but that sounds pretty cool, I kind of wish I could now, haha! 

And hmm, I haven’t really noticed if gender plays any part in whether a person is more or less resistant to my hypnosis. Young children do seem to fall under easier, though.

I think the sensation people feel is similar to that pleasantly drowsy feeling you get in your eyes when you’re tired but happy–comfortably heavy~

I will admit, it’s kind of exhilarating to have the power to hypnotize folks, but I’m not one to go all “muahaha you’re in my power!” or anything like that. I could never pull off the proper laugh for it anyway~

I've officially done the most tumblr thing

So today was the first time I’ve ever made myself Ramen. Independently. No help. Ever. And I had completed the task successfully. Perfectly cooked noodles. Everything. And as soon as I poured the noodles into the bowl, I fucking burn my hand with the soup broth/water and drop the entire bowl of Ramen in the sink. My first reaction was me bursting into tears for five seconds. I just wanted to do something adultish for once. As soon as I calmed down, I grabbed a fork and started eating my Ramen out of the sink. Eventually it cooled down to where I could put the majority of it back into a bowl, but I actually ate Ramen out of a sink. I wish I was making this up for notes, but it really did happen and I literally don’t know how to feel about it.

Just wanted to say thanks everyone for being such a great audience! <33 wish i could give you more cool and polished stuff but i hope this OOC fluffy thing will do for now ;w;

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ///hughug

Well today was not a total wash. I got about 1100 words written on the dcbb. Still haven’t come up with a decent code name for it yet (or a title, but hey, at least it’s getting written. And since I can’t talk about it anyway, that’s really all I have to say, despite WISHING LIKE HECK I COULD SAY SOMETHING BECAUSE GAH!!! I love this story.)

(and really that’s the ONLY thing I don’t like about dcbb’s… I HAVE TO SIT ON THIS UNTIL FREAKING OCTOBER. I don’t want to sit on it until October, and I’m actually waffling over whether or not to even sign up for it, or just commission some cool art and post it when it’s done, because I like it that much… we’ll see)

Okay, time for sleeps now. I have much adulting to do over the next two days, and some actual fun stuff. No SPN tomorrow night, so I actually get to go to pub trivia! WHEEE! And then I get tattooed on Friday. ALSO WHEEEE!

Moonsong (piano cover)
Moonsong (piano cover)

I went for something simple today because I wanted to quick do something and go back to work on finalizing a side project so it could be released and off my plate for a while, and then I spent ages obsessing over getting said simple thing done.

So yeah. I’ve had this stuck in my head for a bit so I went and learned it proper for once. It really made me wish I was on Not A Keyboard because an actual piano would sound way better with where I put the notes. Also, the background is clipped from this art because it was way too cool to pass up. 

Here’s the original for comparison, and on listening, it seems like I didn’t even get the whole thing accurate near the end. Blegh. Will try not to rush the learning process next time.

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Hi, just wanted to say real quick how happy your blog makes me. I've sent you a few anon things and talked with you briefly and you just really make me happy and I've really needed it this weekend cause we've had some medical issues with my grandpa and I just love getting lost in your blog so thank you so freaking much. I wish I could hug you or high five you or something. Stay cool.

Thanks so much for this message. I’m not the happiest lately, and it helps me to know that somewhere out there someone notices what I do and is glad I do it. I’m so sorry to hear about all your issues. I hope everything turns out okay for you.


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are you still doing the hate meme? anyway: emerald city

maaaan. ok first of all, jack’s messy storyline. i think he could have been a really interesting character with that super cool steampunk design but they wasted him by making him whiny and desperate and turned langwidere into something more fit to be the tin man

also how messy the plot is in general? i wish that it had found its footing sooner–the last two episodes were the best episodes in the entire season and i wish we’d gotten there sooner.

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I saw that you work as a lifeguard and was wondering if you could give me some tips cause I'm doing my RLSS course with first aid at work with AED. What type of clothing would you were to the theory lessons and do you have any advise that you have gained from it

That’s so cool man I wish you the best of luck! Clothing wise I’d probably wear something which is quick and easy to take off and on because throughout the day you’ll be going in and out the pool. But other than that just revise the first aid like a bitch and make sure you practice spine bird and vice grips loads too. Wish you the best of luck, let me know how it goes!

omg sara @shinelikeastarlight tagged me to do this super long tag game hlep

tagging: @void-for-president, @the-alexandrian-alchemist, @starboysisko, @magnmite, @yacobeanreign (of course only if y’all want)

last text sent: “cool [thumbs up emoji]”

list three favourite colours: ???? don’t do this to me

what time did u wake up at today: 11am, it’s reading period don’t judge me
what were u doing last night at midnight: playing drunk rock band
name something you can’t wait for: this godforsaken quarter to be over
when was the last time u saw ur mother: over winter break/new year’s
one thing u wish u could change abt ur life: the crippling depression/abandonment issues are getting kinda old, I’d like to feel like I have a stable community/family who love and support me
whats getting on ur nerves rn: the discourse
favourite tv shows: star trek (all of them but esp DS9), idk I’m sort of obsessed with yuri on ice at the moment, those two are the main ones tbh?
first best friend: my girl India who doesn’t have a tumblr but we’ve been best friends since we met on the playground at age 5. our moms are also tight.
listening to rn: nothing, the sound of my laptop fan straining to keep my computer from bursting into flame

3 fears: never having a group of people I feel I can call family, never being in love, cavities

4 turn ons: self-awareness/humility, being sensitive about & respectful of my dysphoria, trust/willingness to be vulnerable, being honest & vocal about what you like
4 turn offs: being boring, being insensitive/distant, not being conscientious about how you interact with my body (i.e. assuming you can just treat my body the same way you’d treat a woman’s body and that’s a-ok), heterosexuality of any kind
sexual orientation: gay tbh
senior year quote in my year book: oh god some generic hillary clinton quote about feminism I don’t even wanna remember it
first thing i notice in a person: ?? what they look like?
shoe size: 7M/9W (US)
eye colour: hazel
hair colour: brown
favourite item of clothing: probably my leather jacket, close runners up are my high-waisted black jeans that look good with pretty much anything and my crop top that says “I got to second base at Jonah’s bar mitzvah, January 7th 1978″
what colour of underwear i’m wearing rn: blue/brown/white stripes
favourite season: whichever one has like 60-70F weather, used to be summer but now that’s spring lol
how much time i spent on designing my blog: not much I just picked a theme
the reason i joined tumblr: this is pretty sad but… I wanted to make friends
do i ever get “good morning” or “goodnight” texts: only if I’m like talking to someone right before going to bed
when did i last hold hands: don’t remember
how long does it take me to get ready in the morning: depends, anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour
have i shaved my legs in the past 3 days: LMAO try the last 4 years
where am i rn: on my couch
do i like music loud or at a reasonable level: reasonable, loud noises are scary
3 things i love: my friends, dogs, idk earth?
how i feel rn: I need to gtf to sleep lol
something i rlly, rlly want: to feel like I don’t have to radically change my body to be attractive to the people I want to attract
3 things that upset me: feeling like I’m hurting or burdening other people, straight men trying to hit on me, the persistent feeling that being transmasc somehow makes me a bad person
what i find attractive in other ppl: appreciating subjects other than your field of study, confidence, ambition, someone who’s accomplished interesting things in their life, being friendly, genuine & not condescending
3 habits i have: staying in bed all day on days when I don’t have to do anything, only eating part of my lunch during lunch time and eating the rest for dinner, carrying off ridiculous amounts of free food from events
something i fantasize abt: feeling comfortable and secure in my attractiveness vis a vis how my body looks, and in my presence in gendered spaces
something im talented at: singing, memorization, embarrassing myself
the blog i give the most notes to: idk, probably sara tbh
last person re-blogged sth from me: I haven’t checked my notifications in a while o_0
do  i smoke/drink: I drink with friends
my favourite food: I’m a big fan of things with cheese in them. also guacamole.
my favourite dessert: it really depends ugh I guess cake?
what i did yesterday: had my last day of classes, went to work, went to an award ceremony/opening gala for an integrated DNA technologies sponsored exhibit at the field museum (it was so fancy I felt so grown up and fancy), went to kat’s birthday party
number of kids i want: ????
number of siblings i have: none
something thats constantly on my mind: trangst (trans angst)

last person i messaged on tumblr: teddy (void-for-president)
can i drive: nope :/
what state or part of the world do i live in: Chicago, from Brooklyn
am i in school: 3rd year undergrad
do i get grossed out easily: not generally, but certain specific things will do it (ex. dead animals especially FISH)
somewhere i would like to visit for a week: hm maybe go back and see Alaska again? check on that mountain biking trail I helped build in 10th grade
i’ll love u if: make an effort to spend your free time with me/take the initiative in telling me that you value my being in your life
last show i binge-watched: I binged legend of korra over winter break, probably that
what words upset me the most: idk I guess people telling me I’m wrong for existing in the spaces that I occupy?
what words make me feel best abt myself: when people tell me they value having me in their lives and that I make them feel good about themselves
a wish that i’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: that’s not a thing that I do :/
who i would switch lives with for a day: idk maybe someone who’s already gone on T and sings just so I could get a sense of what the voice change is like for a singer? or like. a famous celebrity or something.
my favourite ice cream: green tea I think?
allergies: minor allergy to raw eggplant I think, every time I eat undercooked eggplant my mouth starts to feel like it’s swelling up, not like my throat is being blocked off but just my mouth starts to hurt quite noticeably
sexiest person to come to mind immediately: alskdjfsldk this is really hard uhh uhhh ok see my first thought is like star trek characters but I can’t say that ok let’s go with john boyega he’s gorgeous and seems like a ray of sunshine
my childhood career choice: biologist!
one of my insecurities: that being transmasc nonbinary and still participating in some women’s spaces/not letting go of some aspects of womanhood makes me a bad person and specifically is harming transfeminine people
how many blogs am i following: just over 100 I think
how many tabs/different windows do i have open at this very moment: 2 windows, this is the only tab open in this window because my internet sucks and tumblr is a monster website, the other window has 13 tabs
coke or pepsi: not super into either, I guess coke although my aunt used to work for pepsi so I should be loyal
tea or coffee: tea
movie or book: movie probably, I don’t actually read that much it’s embarrassing, although frankly I don’t really watch movies that much either
a sense i would be willing to lose: none omg! I guess if I had to pick taste? since taste is mostly smell anyway
quote i live by: I don’t really?
type of accessory i wear the most: does the leather jacket count? otherwise none
last awkward situation i found myself in: I kept trying to pet eva’s dog today but I just ended up scaring her
what time is it rn: way too late

a song that made me cry: hallelujah by leonard cohen, not actually, just like made me v emotional (yes I’m thinking abt that yiddish cover)
first song u ever sang at karaoke: are we talking like legit karaoke at a karaoke place or like hanging out in my best friend from middle school’s basement singing along with her CD of karaoke tracks for the hottest hits of the mid-2000s bc I don’t remember the former but the latter was definitely sk8r boi


A/N: Short disclaimer: I think short hairstyles are totally lovely, I’m just trying to reflect the “mood” of this request! Don’t mind us long-haired gals, we all wish we could pull a pixie cut off. :) 

Goldilocks // Family!Winchester x Reader

Words: 1777

Warnings: None, really. Just some traumatic bad hair days. 

Requests: Can you please do a one shot where sam and Dean have a sister (a teen) and needs a haircut, but she refuses, cas tries to find out why while Sam and Dean try to convince her, but she’s really stubborn. Fluff would be cool, but really big brother-y stuff is what I was going for! Thank you so much!!! – – – – 

– – – – ((Haircut anon)) I know you’re writing it soon but I wanted to add something!!! Maybe in the end, sam or Dean end up cutting it? Cas can offer but like she doesn’t feel that comfortable as she would with her own brothers.. And since they’re siblings she could have a back story of John always making her cut it short and sam and Dean never noticed how bad she felt about it. Thanks, I’m so excited to read it!!! – – –

– – – – Could you please do one where the reader as long curly hair and one day they have a very bad hair day (of colossal proportions) and the boys tease her for it

– – – – –

The snip of scissors made you flinch and you turned to see your dad coming closer, eyes firm as he gazed down at you.

“You need to cut it,” he reminded you, turning you towards the bathroom mirror of the motel. “Long hair is only going to get in the way of hunting and you said you wanted to be the best hunter out there, remember? Hair is just hair.”

“Hair is just hair,” you repeated feebly, willing your lower lip not to tremble too much as the first snip took place.

You’d been growing it out for ages, always putting it into a bun or a braid to have it out of the way, but after having a talk with your dad about wanting to be like your older brothers, he seemed to have a very different mindset about your hair than you did.

This was only going to be the first of many more haircuts, so you’d just have to get used to the choppy look that your dad was going to leave you with.

“It’s not so bad,” you kept whispering to yourself after the fact, your hand running through your newly shortened hair; he’d been generous, or so he said. It was barely to your shoulders but he’d wanted it even shorter than that.

But, there was no amount of convincing you. The tears came anyway. Because it wasn’t just hair. It was a piece of you that your father was taking away.

– – – – –

A nearly feral yelp escaped your lips as you passed your hairbrush through your locks one last time, determined to get that damn knot out that was stopping you from putting your hair into a nice and easy French braid.

“This happens every frigging day,” you muttered to yourself, but that didn’t stop you from keeping it this way.

Ever since your dad had died, you’d let your hair grow out, and it hadn’t been a hassle. For the first long while of it, you’d kept up on your trims and hair care, but now that hunting was starting to be a trickier business and you were more involved, getting proper treatment was a waste of time.  

It was so long now, that the jokes about Sam’s hair stopped and were turned to you, and Dean was always yanking on your hair gently to get your attention or ruffling it up to try and tangle it up.

“Y/N, what the hell’s taking you so long in there? Get out,” you heard Dean say from the other side of the motel bathroom, and you pouted a little before unlocking the door and exiting with the brush in your hand, letting Dean have his time.

His eyes glanced over to the brush and then went up to look to the gigantic knot in your hair, very noticeable despite your great attempts to tame it.

“Don’t even start,” you warned him, but he was already smirking at you.

“I think it’s time for a trip to the barber’s,” he chuckled, reaching out to tug on your hair, but you slapped his hand away with a pout.

“This is totally fine. My hair isn’t that bad at all,” you said, almost whined, and leaned over to slam the bathroom door shut in Dean’s face instead of letting him do it himself.

You settled for getting your locks tamed in front of the mirror that sat across from one of the motel beds in the room you were sharing with Dean, Sam opting for the room right next to yours. They liked to switch who got to share with who, and your turn for a single room was coming up on the next hunt. It would be nice to get away from the brotherly teases and pranks for once.

By the time Dean was showered and dressed and out of the bathroom, you were only just finishing up your braid, letting it fall across your back where the ends of your hair brushed against your lower back, and he let out a low whistle as he tugged on his leather jacket.

“You sure you don’t need a haircut?” he asked you again, swishing his hand against your braid as the two of you walked out.

It was definitely uncontrollable, you knew that, but there was a fear that resided in you from your childhood riddled with uneven hair and a stripped identity. Maybe it was a little silly, but you’d been determined to have it long ever since you’d been told that you couldn’t keep it that way. It just seemed more…you.

But now, it wasn’t you at all. The tangles and extra time in the morning to get it done really was a time killer, like your dad had warned you about, but that fear was deep and resonated in you. Still, even you knew…nobody could have hair this long.

– – – – –

You stretched and rolled your neck and shoulders, yawning after the hours of research you’d had to endure with Sam. It was still new, still a fresh concept, but you liked this part the most. The actual killing was hard and required a lot of endurance, something you were still working on with Dean’s help.

Sam stood up and you moved to follow him, but a yank on your hair made you stop short.

“Crap,” you hissed, turning to see that you’d managed to snag your hair in some disgusting wad of gum that had somehow wound up on the back of the chair, and you made a noise of distress as you wrenched your braid free, taking the gum along with it.

If there was a better time to cut your hair, it hadn’t made an appearance on time. Now, it looked like you’d have to force it.

“What happened?” Sam asked you, and his eyes widened as he took in the sight of what had happened. “Yikes.”

“Yikes indeed,” you frowned, holding your gum-infested braid away from you as you walked out with him to the motel that was a ten minute walk away.

“Well, time to cut it,” he announced, quickly getting over his previous aversion. “I’ll even do it, if you want me to.”

You glared at him for a moment, that sinking feeling settling into your chest at the realization that it really was going to happen. “I heard that putting peanut butter in it helps get the gum out.”

Sam scoffed, though, and raised his brow as you walked side by side down the sidewalk. “Look me in the eye and tell me you’d be willing to touch that enormous wad of chewed up gum that isn’t even yours to save your hair.”

“Shut up,” was all you could muster up, shoulders slumped as you approached the motel. “Why do you tease me so much about my hair anyway? Are you jealous?”

“I’m the one with the great hair, that’s how it needs to be,” Sam grinned, leading you into his room as he pulled out his cell phone. He pressed a speed dial button and you already knew who he was calling, but the irritation prickled over you when you heard the faint hum of Dean’s voice answer. “Dude, come to my room and see what happened. It’s time.”

Sam’s free hand was squeezing your shoulder lightly, a grin on his face as Dean nearly stumbled with Cas right behind him, a surprise to this unfortunate meeting.

“Oh, gross,” Dean snorted, laughter mixing into his words as his eyes roamed over the sticky strands of hair draped over your shoulder. “Looks like there’s no way out of this one, sis.”

Cas stood there, brows knit together as he studied your frustrated expression and ruined hair, and shook his head lightly. “I’m sorry, but I can’t fix that.”

“Good to know,” you mumbled under your breath, turning to Sam, who had accumulated a pair of scissors somehow.  

“Do you want to cut it yourself or should one of us do it?” he asked you, and you just frowned even more as the three of them surrounded you.

“I think it would be catastrophic if I were to cut Y/N’s hair, but I’m certainly willing to try,” Cas chimed in, eyes scrutinizing you as Sam handed you the pair of scissors.

Memories flashed back to the times when you’d been forced to do this, but now you could see that it really was time, and part of you actually kind of wanted that freedom that came with short and manageable hair.

“I want Sam to do it,” you decided, handing the scissors back to him with a smile. “But if you mess it up, I’ll let Dean step in.”

That was all it took.

“No more hair clogging up the showers, no more finding your gross hairs all over my baby…it’s like my problems are gone,“ Dean said, mocking you with a dreamy and exaggerated sigh as he and Cas sat at the edge of the bed while Sam led you into the bathroom, ready to get started.

You stood in front of the mirror with Sam behind you, straightening your braid over your back for a better cut. He was careful not to touch the huge part of it that was covered in gum, and his eyes met yours in the mirror as he smiled softly.

“It’s just hair,” he reminded you, a sentence that still made you internally cringe, and you finally decided to voice it out to your brother.

“That’s what Dad always told me before he’d cut my hair. I hated it. Never felt like myself.”

Something flickered in Sam’s eyes at that moment, like he suddenly understood everything, and he dropped the scissors to his side as he made eye contact with you in the mirror again, his face suddenly soft and understanding. Your dad had been hard on all of you, but he’d given most of the physical stuff to Sam and Dean. They must have never realized what it had been like being the youngest, and even more, being his daughter that wanted to be a hunter.

“I’ll only cut off what we need to,” he said suddenly, almost in a whisper, and there was no denying the way your eyes lit up at the compromise. It would still be a big change in length, but it would be better than the boyish cut Sam probably had all planned out for you, just like when you were little.

“Okay,” you nodded, a small smile tugging at your lips. “I can live with that.”

And for once, the sound of scissors snipping away at your hair didn’t bug you at all. 

“...a lot of trans people are sick of the insanity too.“

I’m MTF. During a conversation with an MTF friend a few months ago I mentioned that I used to skate a lot, so she jokingly gave me a “roller derby name.” It was clever so I said something to the extent of “haha that’s pretty good. Too bad I could never use it.” A few weeks later over instant message, she mentioned reading something about an “amab non-binary queer” who plays in a women’s league, and most leagues are trans-inclusive and I should check it out. I said that’s cool, good for them, whatever, but I would never feel comfortable doing that because it’s a female space and I would feel like I’m intruding.

This completely set her off. She said some really shitty things to me, wished me a life of loneliness and exclusion, and then signed off in a fit. I was made aware of a series of tumblr posts in which she called me a TERF, thinks I’m a fucking idiot, and that I triggered her dysphoria and she tried to kill herself (method undisclosed) because of our conversation. Our mutual friends have been kind of cold to me since then. I’ve just shut up and started distancing myself because this person’s rage and instability have only gotten worse and I’m scared of setting it off.

I know this is a women centered forum, but a lot of trans people are sick of the insanity too. We’re just afraid to talk about it openly because the social consequences can be extreme for even the smallest transgression.