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im confused about this no regrets thing in their realitys? are all their regrets taken away and if they are do u know what would be jemma and daisy's regrets that would leave jemma dead and daisy with ward

Okay I actually have a lot of feels and thoughts about this? I’ve already started writing a fic so I’ve been thinking about this all day. I think it would depend on how you look at “regrets” and how each person experiences/perceives the Framework and if the “reality” of one person’s story can influence the others.

Plus I think we have to remember that things are not always as they seem, especially at first glance.

But I think the concept of the “regrets” is such an interesting one. Like where did it start from? Where was the original “regret” that the Framework was created around? And who created it, exactly? How much do they know about that person? Plus I think it could also be regret in terms of something you wish had happened differently, like maybe Daisy wished that she’d been able to save Ward (yuck) or maybe she wishes she’d been the one to kick his ass or kill him or something. We don’t really know for sure. And maybe Jemma’s grave isn’t real; maybe she “died” when she vanished to Maveth and was unsavable because of the difference in Fitz and Daisy’s Framework destinies. Personally I have other thoughts about this scenario but I think it’s so interesting and I think there are so many directions it could go in.

I know my Framework reality would consist of me watching 10 seasons of SHIELD with canon, happy Skimmons but…


I wish I could make something like this. I’ve tried my hand at drawing so many times, but the talent just isn’t there. That’s why I’m glad other talented people dedicate time to creating fun stuff like this!

tbh I hope we destroy Donald Trump. i want him to feel trapped in this job and trapped in the world he created. i want him to wish that he could leave this position and bail out like he does in his businesses that go bankrupt even though he can’t. i want us to fight him every step of the way and have him hit a brick wall of rebellion every time he tries to do something that could cause major damage. i want to make his life more miserable than republicans made Obama’s by scrutinizing every single move he makes. i want the republicans to start turning against him too so they fight him every step of the way as well. i want us and the media to question everything he does as we persevere through this presidency. i hope that by the end of his term his hideous hair is white and he’s on a breathing tube being wheeled out of the white house. checks and balances Mr. President, get ready for it.

I wake up, slowly, taking in the surroundings. The faint moonlight is lighting up my dark room, and my alarm clock reflects 4am in the morning. Shuffling around, I come inches from a face.

He’s snoring peacefully. The jet black hair which adorns his head is rumpled, sticking out in different angles and settles on his forehead, creating a fringe. His lips are slightly curved, in mirth, probably dreaming of something pleasant. The contours of his cheekbones are highlighted by the faint moonlight, and he looks so picturesque, like he’s been kissed by the beautiful night itself.

I wish, I could capture his beauty in a black and white frame, and hang it where only I can appreciate it. But, alas, I’m no painter. Maybe I could write songs about how his brown eyes dance and twinkle mischievously sometimes, but I’m sure I’d do them no justice. It’s angelic innocence, that’s how he looks at the moment.

But right now, I just try to take in his overwhelming scent surrounding me like my favorite blanket, and I want to bottle it up and keep it with me forever. His heavy arms feel like the home I’ve always craved for and I want it to be the only weight I ever feel on my body, and drown in them.

His eyes flutter open, immediately focusing on me. He doesn’t say anything, doesn’t tease me for watching him sleep, doesn’t smile, just studies me like I was, a few seconds ago. I feel his arms tighten around me, pulling me closer to him like an anchor to a boat. Lips hovering over my forehead, he gives me the lightest of kisses and my eyes involuntarily shut.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m in love again.

—  little love stories #1

I commissioned @lissinator to make some art for @ladydanya‘s Midnight at Skyhold. If you haven’t read it before I strongly recommend it!

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If this doesn't scream Fox contract I don't know what does. However, it's a great opportunity and I know Darren will not disappoint. I wish we could see Chris in something other than a guest spot. He's a severely underrated actor and would like to see him in a serious role.

But it does look like we will see Chris on our televisions. He’s creating a show and a role for himself.  I cannot wait to learn more about it and I really hope he is able to find a medium for it so we can all enjoy his multiple talents once again  

And yes.  Darren is under contract. No question.  I’m just glad this is the role he chose to fulfill the contract and not a fluff piece.  He will be brilliant.  

It’s been a really wonderful 24 hours to be a fan of two exceeding,y talented individuals.  

ive just felt so… disconnected from myself lately? like, i wish i could just…  create a new personna or something… like my name feel off, my identity feels off, the way i look feels off, and i just really feel like i’m almost someone else? but not quite… it’s like i’m feeling a new kind of dissociation, or some sort of dysphoria or dysmorphia about my entirity.. and it’s like… this feeling feels both like a really brainweird thing, but also just feels.. like my identity is shattering?

I don’t like to write when I am happy because happiness is so fleeting I am afraid that it will run out long before the ink in my pen.
But there is something about you that makes me want to create poetry about how it feels to wake up with you next to me.
I could write until my fingers bleed and I’ve filled enough notebooks to create a library but there will never be words for the way my heart dances in my chest when I look at you.
No matter how much I wish there were, there is not a perfectly poetic way to say
“I love you.”
But I do.
I do.
I do.
So all I know to say is that if happiness were a sound I think it would be the way you laugh.
And if happiness were something I could touch, it would be on the tips of your fingers and on your tongue.
And if happiness were a poem it would be in the way we say "goodnight.
—  you are the love poem i wish i could write

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19, 20, 25 :D

19.  Do you have a YouTube for sims?

No, but that sounds like something fun to do! Occasionally, I’ll watch people play TS4 on Youtube and it’s usually really funny and entertaining.

20. How has your “sim style” changed throughout your years of playing?

Well, with the addition of cc, my sims are actually pleasant to look at XD I don’t really know if my style has changed. I think I still play, create, and dress my sims the same as I did in the beginning. I really wish I had photos from when I started playing, so I could do a sort-of comparison.

25. What expansion/game/stuff pack is your favorite so far?

(I think this one was supposed to be 26, but it’s listed as 25 and because I already did the other 25, I’ll do this one!)
Of TS4 content, I love Outdoor Retreat (even though I do not use it as often as I would like lol). 

Thank you so much for asking me these questions ♥ They were interesting to think about :) 

Please ask me a sims related question!

Tbh I wish there were superheroes whose powers were based around mental illness like they are with physical disabilities

Like imagine someone with an affliction that causes hallucinations and/or delusions able to create these as illusions to fool others

Someone with OCD able to restore balance to things by ordering them, reconstructing them, restoring them, etc, based around whatever their personal obsessions are

Someone with an anxiety disorder that has premonitions

Someone with dissociative personality disorder who can create clones of themself

Someone with avoidant personality disorder who can create shields/bubbles (a la Ms. Fantastic, Steven Universe, etc)

Someone with BPD/bipolar disorder/another mood-swing related illness that is able to go into a berserker mode

Someone who has something that causes dissociation able to leave their physical body

Someone with PTSD who has hyper-awareness of their senses and the environment & can read people’s thoughts and/or emotions

I could honestly keep going forever. It would also be cool if the person’s abilities were more powerful based on how severe their illness is

Mental illness is always portrayed as just the worst thing in the world and mentally ill people are constantly demonized so I think it’d be really cool to have characters that are made powerful by them instead and are treated like actual human beings

I wish I could direct my obsessive desire for obscure knowledge and passion for pointless subjects to something practical and lucrative like splitting atoms or creating complicated pyramid schemes or inventing new iphones instead I get C- in math and science but instead I know that Richard Nixon’s fave meal was cottage cheese and ketchup and that a secret service agent saw him eating dog food and could write a 10 page essay on how Nixon’s poor taste in food is a clue to his incongruity and reflective of his inability to lead the nation competently.. but I still don’t know wtf an algebra is or how the periodic table can make explosion and formula……..


☾✪☆ -  Saturday horror night with youtubers 

+ sketchy page about my ssstrange youtuber game idea


I dunno why, it’s saturday and i was thinking about that: A saturday little party between youtubers . markiplier would  have told horror five night at freddy’s story and pewds won’t be scared at all. Just like “i wish i could be scared jeez.. “//hugging poor cry//

About the sketchy page, i was wondering about something as well. what if we could play 2 youtubers in the same battle , create our duo and use the best of a youtuber for support the other one.(the speed of pewds with the strenGTH of Ken’)  Add  super final duo attacks and things like that  (Also add the possibility to play with a friend like Mario kart double dash .(sorry for my bad exemple) play together in a battle against another duo of players.)  Well RoFL. I’m not game designer unfortunately, just game artist so i don’t even now if it would be possible. But in my mind it looks like so badass. URG.

I need to found a name for this game idea.

My friend just told me something that I really liked. Everyone has their own unique Shepard they’re attached to. You love the character you created and that’s amazing.

But your Shepard also has a little bit of you in them. The choices you make and the relationships you have are a part of it. That’s because Shepard is a braver and more damaged version of you. They’re someone you wish you could be. Shepard is your hero, your friend, and yourself all in one.

Introducing Secret Soldiers

Hello everyone:)

I am a firm believer in doing something nice for someone. Random acts of kindness are my favorite thing, and I think everyone should do one when given the chance. 

After following bts related blogs, I have noticed some things. Lots of hurt feelings, deleted blogs, and broken friendships. Because most of the time tumblr can be a very toxic place, I wanted to bring some joy to army, and create the secret soldier.  

If you’ve ever participated in secret sister or secret santa, I think you’ll have an idea what the secret soldier is all about. The point of it is, you can submit something to me, (Like an edit, fanfiction, fanart) and dedicate it to someone. It could be your best friend here on tumblr, or maybe that writing blog you admire, while remaining anonymous.  You can chose to reveal yourself to them if you wish, or you could keep them guessing. 

You can submit:
-Fanfiction (Must be under 1000 words.)
-Fan art
-Gif sets
-Fake snaps and texts
-basically anything related to bts

Please note I can refuse to post anything that is highly inappropriate or offensive.

-You must be following me.
-Anything you submit must be your own work.
-You must tell me who you are submitting for. (Their name and their url.)
-you have to feel good about yourself because you are making someone smile and that should make everyone feel good:) 

PLEASE PM ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS I’m sure this was probably very confusing and I’m very sorry. Also PM me if you need help figuring out how to submit anonymously. 


also, thank you @parkjiminer for helping me so much with this idea<3

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My major fear is Thalassophobia, though the fear tends to manifest as Thalassophilia, since I am nowhere near the open sea. 

To summarize it:

The crushing emptiness of the ocean, or rather the fact that it isn’t quite empty.

Man, I wish I could draw something embodying that. I’ve obviously tried, but it must be a lot like attempting to tickle yourself. Can’t be terrifying if you created it. I don’t know, but every few months I crave it. 

Tbh.. I want a best friend who is an otaku...

Honestly, I feel so alone except when I’m on Tumblr… I wish all of us otaku tumblr fans could just form a community and create our own Otaku world in the mountains or something!

Or I at least want a really close otaku friend who will help me make preparations for it… 😞 Small Texas towns don’t have Otakus.. And I feel alone so often.

I’m not into fashion… I’m into cosplay.
I don’t care about reality tv… I want anime.
I gush over freaking cartoon boys.. Meh.. About real ones (except my love).
I’m totally unique and I want another girl who is like me to hang out with… And be the bridesmaid at me wedding… And have otaku family get togethers….

Otaku life without Internet is a lonely life indeed. 😓

I wish Bioware could have a convention like Blizzard has with Blizzcon. A few days out of the year when fans could meet voice actors and artists and designers and writers. Musical performances and demonstrations. Life-size models of characters. Competitions in art, cosplay, videos, etc. Sneak peaks. QA sessions. Panels that go in-depth into the lore with the very people who created it. Being surrounded by fans who share that passion for the same games you love. 

Yeah. That’d be nice. 


omg I am getting these at a really high speed rate lol

@kirbert15:  Yes


Omg this is absolutely magnificent xDDD

@gastervoider: Welp… Hope you like!  Darn it, I wish I could improve my drawing skills, or at least, to learn how to draw.I wanted to create a neat background, but I’m still not ready… (Well, also I’m terrible drawing backgrounds. That’s why I like to draw Gaster, the Void is empty! ^-^’)


Wow, it’s pretty cool!! You even added the ribbon11 <3 Is that a Chara I see back there?? D:

@i-only-want-coffee (why can’t i tag them omg): Hello, I made something silly for you :3 feel free to ignore :DI absolutely love your comic! Stay awesome!!! ^3^


@theqwantomshadow:  Sorry for the fresh stuff that started in the stream… Pixel art is the best I can do.




the temper trap-love lost

because if you haven’t seen this video you need to; so simple and beautifully imperfect.

inspires me so much.


So, John Kim’s birthday is coming up January 10th and I thought our fandom could start a new project for the upcoming new year

For every main cast member (and maybe some crew members I’m sorting that out now) we create a video, a compilation of all of us, wishing them a happy birthday and showing them how cool we think they are

Since John’s is the first of the new year, he’s first on our list

If you want to be involved in the project for John you need to do 3 things:

1) Make a video doing the following

  1. Wishing John a Happy Birthday in whatever way you want
  2. Saying something you really like about John
  3. Anything else you want to say about John or to John

2) Upload the video to YouTube (or downloadable on Google Drive works as well) and submit it to my blog before January 9th

3) Wait for the magic and prepare wish John a Happy Birthday on the 10th!

Other things to know:

1) I’m not putting a time limit on the videos because the final product is going to be a cut up mash up of all of them, but please don’t go overboard

2) Language does not matter but if it’s not english I might need some help translating

3) The video you submit does not need to be high quality, use whatever you have available to you, even a quick video on your phone

What are you waiting for! Go wish John a Happy Birthday! (also don’t mention this on twitter I want it to be a surprise, and he might see it there)