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Flinch - Stiles Stilinski

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Requested: Could you possible do a Stiles imagine where you two are dating and get into a bit of a fight. You then leave the house because you are both angry and need to cool off. Later you feel extremely guilty so you go over to apologise but he’s still angry and yells at you or something. He might go to run his hand through his hair or something, but you physically flinch because he was so angry. He then realises you thought he was going to hit you and is really sorry and makes it up to you with fluff!

Summary: (Y/N) and Stiles get in a fight about Stiles’ lack of presence and other things. She leaves and when she comes back to apologise she flinches at Stiles’ movement causing him to externalise everything he has been feeling for the past month.

“This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten.” I giggled.

“Wow, let me down easy why don’t you.” Stiles muttered as he sits down digging into his ‘creation’. 

“Hey, babe, what’s up? You’ve been really jumpy and kinda moody recently.” I say worried.

“I’m just sick of being under appreciated. I tried to cook you a nice meal but of course its not good enough. The only person that understands me right now is Lydia.” My eyes widen and I give him a sarcastic look.


“Yeah, Lydia.”

“Well, sorry I can’t be more like Lydia my voice drips with sarcasm.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Stiles glares at me.

“Oh, nothing. Just wish I could be more like you’re beloved Lydia. Maybe then you’d actually show some interest in me.”

“Interest? Are you kidding me?” Stiles sarcastically laughs.

“Yes, interest. You’ve barely spoken to me in weeks! This is the first time that we’ve hung out without Scott in nearly a month.” 

“Yeah, well maybe there’s a reason for it.” Stiles scoffs and gets up to throw his food in the bin.

“What reason?” I stand up and look at him and I see him roll his eyes. “If you don’t want to be with me anymore then you could’ve just said it.” I grab my bag and storm out of Stiles’ house.

I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling feeling nothing but pure anger. I haven’t heard from Stiles in ages and the next thing you know he’s being a complete douche. I hear a beep come from my phone that stops my inner rant. I pick up my phone and roll my eyes when I see the snapchat from Scott. I delete the notification and right before I put it back down I stare at my lockscreen; a photo of Stiles and I. It was taken the night that he had won the lacrosse game for Beacon Hills. I was kissing his cheek and the smile on his face was massive. He had his arm around me and a slight pink tint on his cheeks. I sighed as the photo faded and I was left to look at my reflection. Only then did I notice the tears rolling down my cheeks. I sucked up my pride and chucked on my converses and started making my way to Stiles’.

I knocked on Stiles’ door but no one answered it. I dug into my pocket and unlocked it before slowly pushing it open. I heard heavy footsteps and objects being thrown around so I quickened my pace inside until I saw Stiles with his back to me. I see him lift his fist ready to pound it on the table and instinctively I grab his wrist before he can hurt himself. He quickly turns around and rips his hand from mine, hurting my wrist in the process. I clutch it in pain as he towers over me and I take a few steps back. 

“What are you doing back here?” He shouts.

“I-I thought we could talk it out. I wanted to apologise.” I say softly as he stops and lets out a deep sigh. I see him lift his arm and I flinch before noticing he went to run it through his hair. He stops moving all together as he looks at me. 

“D-Did you just flinch?” I stay still and look at the ground refusing to answer him. “No, no, no, no.” He mumbles. “(Y/N). Do you seriously think I could ever hurt you?” I saw how upset he was getting as he stuffs his head in his hands.

“No… it was just a reflex. I didn’t mean to.” I trail off. 

“(Y/N). I don’t even know what to say. I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise how aggressive I was being. I just-” Stiles sits on his couch and wipes away his tears. “I know lately I’ve been pushing you away and acting like the worst boyfriend ever. I just realised that when we were fighting the alpha pack and you nearly died that I couldn’t help you. I tell myself day in, day out that I’d do anything to protect you because I love you so so much. But the truth is… I can’t. I don’t have any special powers; I’m not Scott. I’m… just me.”

“And that’s why I love you so much Stiles. You’re just you. You don’t have to pretend to be anything you aren’t. You love me for me and you put in so much effort into absolutely everything to try and make things better for those around you. Except you probably could’ve put in more effort into tonights dinner.” I giggle as I sit next to him on the couch. He laughs along but once its died down he looks at me with a serious face.

“How do I make it up to you?” 

“How about we start off with you actually feeding me a decent meal” I laugh.

“Pizza?” He asks and I nod. As he goes away to order I quickly put on the tv and put in a movie.

“Should be here in half an hour.” I hear his voice call from the kitchen as he grabs us both drinks. “Is that Star Wars I hear?” He comes running into the living room with a giant smile on his face and jumps next to me on the couch, passing me my can of coke. “God, I’m literally dating the hottest chick ever.” He mumbles to himself as he shuffles his body around so we can comfortably lay resting on top of one another. I giggle and snuggle into his deeper.

“Love you too.”

“Love you more.” He says as he presses a lingering kiss to my head.

Thanks for the request! Hope you liked it! Keep them coming people xx

TalesFromYourServer: It can only get better from here right? Holy wow this rant is almost as long as my night.

Alright folks, I just had to vent to some people who will understand my frustration. This is my first post and I am still red in the face so please forgive my possibly incoherent rambling. Also for the formatting, I’m currently sitting in a booth furiously typing this.

I work for a chain restaurant in a Midwestern city. These past two weeks have been an absolute nightmare, I’ve had to deal with more assholes than a port-o-potty at a taco Bell construction site. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had nothing but jerks who complain about everything like “you didn’t tell me the burger would come with this weird sauce on it.” “Ma'am, it states it right there in the menu.” “Well I thought it meant ketchup.” Or “how could you bring my daughter a regular cherry Pepsi? She’s diabetic, she needs a diet.” Effff my life.

Anyways, that brings us to tonight. Two lovely ladies walk in and I go to greet them

Me: “hello, how a-”

B word 1: ”water. Ice. Lemon.” “Ok, and for y-”

B word 2: “water. Lemon. Absolutely no ice.”

I come back with their drinks and ask if they’re ready. They say no. I walk into the kitchen. 30 seconds later, expo tells me “table 42 pressed your call server button.” I go check on them,

Me: “you guys all set?”

B2: “Scoff no, it’s only been like one minute. I had a question.”

I answer her question, to which she replies with a disgusted face, “wow, that’s all you got? K, whatever.”

I give them a few more minutes to look over things and they order burgers, cooked well done.

When their food comes, B2 asks for a side of BBQ. Ok easy enough. I come back to her burger cut in half, and she begins to freak out at how raw her burger is. I ask if she wants an upcook, she says no because “I’ve already waited long enough.” B1 asks for a side of BBQ. Ok, wish I could have just grabbed them both at the same time. I come back and B2 throws her burger across the table and says her food is fucking disgusting and can’t eat it. At this point I’m annoyed and just look at her “well, what do you want me to do if you don’t want me to fix it?” I end up taking it back into the kitchen, and I kid you not, there’s not a single trace of pink anywhere in her burger. You could play hockey with it. So I just put it in the hot window for a minute to warm it up and bring the same burger out. She then proceeds to scarf down the whole thing. The manager comped her meal. After I told her, she said “yeah, like you should have.” At this point I just want them out so I drop off the check but ask if they want dessert or anything else. “Well since we’re not paying for the food, yeah we want dessert.” After their dessert I drop off the check again and B1 throws her military ID at me and says “I expect a discount for that too.” They pay and leave. Left me a wonderful note saying:

“Was a bitch (probably)

Talked too much (which I didn't​)

Didn’t ask about dessert (which I did)

Is an idiot (her der)

Talked about us (which they couldn’t have possibly heard because I was in the back office with my manager)


Then immediately after that, I had a table which, after they had already eaten and paid, called another store in town to complain that I hadn’t given them a Monday night special price (that has been discontinued for months). Manager comes up to me and says "I just got off the phone with another manager and she told me we had guests in our dining room complaining about you?” She goes to talk to them and explain that the special is discontinued, which is exactly what I told them.


Had a table transferred to me so the non-closer could go home. “Well you didn’t really do anything for us.”


Then, our regulars who come in and “forget” every single week that we close at 11. I was prepared and strategically dropped off their check at 11:01 so they couldn’t order anything else like they always try to do. “Wait hold on, I wanted another beer. You didn’t even tell us about last call!”

"Sir, when you ordered that beer, it WAS last call.”

“Well we wanted more food.”

“Well I’m sorry about that, but we’re closed now.”


Fucking A. Are people getting worse or am I?

5 days til vacation… 5 days til vacation…

Rant over.

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Absolutely Speechless Thoughts about 407

So like, aside from the Octavia stuff, this episode was cooking on all cylinders for me, and god, did it land some gut punches.

I’m gonna get the Octavia stuff out of the way first because…yeah.  I’ll buy what they’re selling (she’s hit rock bottom and longing for something– anything– to make her feel again) but I’m not happy about it.  Her conversation with Murderous Elf Prince was well acted but really heavy handed, and the shift from suicidal to Ready to Bone was a little bit abrupt.  But I’ve struggled with her arc this season and if this means she’s turning over a new leaf and we get some forward progress…sure, okay.  Also, this show’s insistence on what makes a murderer and what doesn’t is shaky at best and I wish they’d stop using that phrasing because it bugs.

The Science Island stuff really worked though, from Clarke’s lovely reunion with Abby to Emori’s delightfully in-character twist at the end.  I am INCREDIBLY CONFUSED how the mansion survived the first death wave not just intact, but pristine but I guess I can chalk that up to some Becca Invention of Future-Plot-Related Convenience because the initial scenes of Murphy cooking and Clarke taking a goddamn break with a well deserved shower and almost nap were on fire.  I wish we could have had Raven in there, giving Murphy increasingly unhelpful hints as he cooks just like he did for her in the flight simulator, but I do like that she was also taking a goddamn nap because literally everyone on this show deserves a nap and a cuddle.

The very convenient red shirt breaking in was puzzling, but it paved the way for Emori to steal the fucking show, so as my darling Moses in Attack the Block would say: allow it.  She really tore shit up, first with that brutal fight and then with her spitting out her whole horrible history and what I really liked about it was contrasting it to Clarke, who has darkness but in a very different way.  I have a lot of feelings about how Emori honed in on how Clarke was clearly loved and cherished as a child, because that is a fundamental to her characterization in a lot of ways.  It sets her apart from other characters, like Murphy and Bellamy and Raven, and it’s a sort of invisible privilege that she doesn’t always recognize.  (Privilege isn’t quite the right word there, because “being loved by your parents” should be a baseline human experience, but it isn’t and it’s a sort of emotional advantage that Clarke has that other characters don’t).  And having Murphy be totally fucking into Emori’s ruthlessness was a delightful surprise that still felt earned and in character.

Anyway, the red shirt solution was clearly an appealing option for Clarke, but I really, really liked that Abby was still all “this is fucking terrible of us.”  I appreciated the wisdom that Abby is bringing to the table there, because Clarke is just like “oh thank god this guy is worthless we can kill him nbd” and Abby’s like “…yeah, but we’re still killing him.”  (Or if he lives, they’re still torturing him.)  It’s an organic difference of opinion built around age and experience and I just love how it’s playing out.  It’s also highlighting how Clarke is unable to see the trees because of the forest, and that indicates some interesting moments for her in the future when they inevitably turn into Mount Weather: Bone Marrow Boogaloo.

Sidenote: real glad Zach McGowan was able to pick up a paycheck for this episode.  Good to see you boo, and I hope next ep we get Roan like, poking at fancy tech stuff in curiosity while Raven impatiently slaps his hand away.  I also totally forgot that Miller was on the island so when Clarke said Roan was unloading the fuel “with the others” I had this great mental image of him and Luna doing it by themselves, because they’re both ripped but he’s crossfit and she’s yoga and man now I want to write a fic with them as dueling personal fitness trainers.

The Arkadia scenes worked well for me too, although the “every other character who isn’t contracted for this ep is magically elsewhere” dialogue felt a little clumsy because how fucking big is Arkadia then?  But whatever, it gave Harper her own storyline that was heartbreaking and human, and well done, show.

But what I really want to talk about is Beard Dad and Bellamy having it out over a radio.  First of all, I’m really glad both Ian and Bob got some solid material for their highlight reels because they both acted the shit out of those scenes with just radios to play towards.  But everything was gut wrenching and in character, because Kane was parenting the shit out of everyone and nobody was having it, not even his Favorite Son Slash Trainee Dad.  

People have already said it already, but thank all that is holy for a Bellamy story that did not revolve around the massacre, but who he is as a person.  And who he is as a person is someone who will save the person in front of him every goddamn time, no matter the risk.  But lately, he’s been fading because he keeps trying to protect people and no matter what, they’re leaving him or dying and he’s utterly powerless against the oncoming radiation.  Bellamy telling those men that he wasn’t coming was agonizing to watch, and it reminded me of Bellamy finding Atom in the woods– he’s helpless and all he can do is listen to them die.  He can’t even give them mercy like Clarke did for Atom.  It’s a stark moment, and we feel every last bit of despair that Bellamy has been fighting for weeks.  

And man, poor Kane.  He was dadding Bellamy as best he could, but Kane has put his season one self so firmly in the past he forgot that not everyone has.  Bellamy bringing up Kane’s role in his mother’s death complicates their relationship in a really challenging way, because so much of who Bellamy is now is because he lost her.  He’s been carrying that guilt and anger around on his own for years, and you could tell it hurt him just a little to unload it on Kane, as deserved as it might be.  (It’s also a very on-brand moment for the Blake Siblings, and let’s have a moment of reflection to thank the new writers who managed to nail this in one fucking episode).  I am really interested to see where Bellamy is next episode, because “not wanting to be saved” is a really bleak place for him, but it’s also a place he’s been headed for this whole season and I cannot wait to see that arc come to fruition.

Next week: Bellamy and Jasper go on a very depressing looking road trip, and Jaha goes Full Cult!

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For the Yoosung Day, can I please ask for Yoosung reacting to MC randomly pulling him in for a hug and like being more affectionate than he usually is? And he asks her and she just starts a full on make out session and tells him she was just randomly overwhelmed with her love for him? THIS IS TOO FLUFFY!!

How did you find out what I want to do to Yoosung Kim on a daily basis?

Even with a long shower, brushing his teeth, and ruffling up his hair with a towel, he was just as groggy as ever. Yawning, he let the towel land barely in the hamper as he stepped out of the bathroom, seeing you set out a couple of plates for breakfast.
“Oh, are you cooking today?”
You nodded with a bright smile on your face, making him sleepily smile in return.
“I wish I had some of that coffee the barista club let me have,” He plopped down on one of the chairs, another yawn slipping out. “I could really use it today.”
“Did you slip out of bed to play LOLOL again?” You tsked as you busied yourself at his stove.
“Well, one of my guild members texted me and said there was an even-”
“You aren’t getting any sympathy from me with that, Yoosung.” You teased, and he let out a small pout.
“Not even if I didn’t get to have the loot? I lost it because I died right before getting it.”
“Well…Maybe a little.” You set his breakfast, an omelette, on his plate before sitting yourself in his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. “You do need more sleep, though.”
He pulled you closer to him, resting his head on your shoulder. You had taken a shower before him and the pleasant smell of the soaps you used made him sigh lovingly. You were just so peaceful and calming…
“I didn’t mean right now, you dork.” Giggling, you nudged him off of your shoulder. With a small whine he straightened up and met your gaze, another mock pout on his lips.
“You’re so comfy though.”
You just smiled with another set of soft laughs escaping, and he just smiled back. Sleepy, full of love, and smiling back.
He watched your expression change slightly. From just a pleasant happiness, to a big lovable grin as you squished him into a tight hug, then started to pepper his face in kisses.
Before he could tease you about breakfast getting cold, you cupped his face and planted a firm kiss on his lips. It wasn’t as innocent as the cute little smecks you had been littering his face with, but one firm kiss slipped into two…three…and then you just kept on and on.
When the two of you pulled away for a small breather, he caught your eyes watering up a bit.
“Whoa, hey, are you okay? Whats wrong?”
“Nothing! Nothing bad! I just,” You stared at him for a moment, a soft smile at your lips again. “I can’t believe I get to be with someone as lovable as you.”
That was the first thing to make him blush this morning. Honestly, he didn’t know how to respond, and before he could you started another string of kisses. Inbetween each one he tried. Tried forming words that were just as sweet, how he couldn’t believe such a beautiful woman was really his, that he had chances to go to sleep and wake up with her in the lorning. That he got to experience things like this.
Another breather. He took this chance to peck your forehead, before resting his own against yours.
“I love you. I love you so much.”

Through the Years

A Namjin story set in a royal!AU

Word count: 2,8k+

Timeline: There’s about a year between each sub-part of this story.

Author’s note: This is the first half of the fic, which includes years one through five (Meeting, Respect, Friendship, Fear and Strength). The second half, which includes years six through ten (Pain, Trust, Promise, Distance and Finale) will be linked here when I post it.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Finale

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Year I – Meeting

The chatter was like an ocean of random thoughts, exaggerated anecdotes, shocking gossips and boring, light conversations. He was drowning in it, trying focus on this or that specific exchange, before his attention wandered elsewhere. Social events tended to be monotonous. When he was younger, he used to mix them up. That count’s birthday party, to him, was no different than that general’s wedding. So, he used to wonder, why did he have to attend them both?

Today was his 11th birthday. It was supposed to be a day where he got to enjoy himself… but, as usual, he was stuck in the castle, his duty and reputation above all else. He understood who he was: Kim Namjoon, heir to the kingdom. He was proud of his family name and of his bloodline. He cared about his people. Yet, he couldn’t force himself to like all the facets of his life. He loved to study new cultures and new languages, and he enjoyed looking into political and military tactics. Dressing nicely and trying to remember all the “important people’s” name, though? Not his thing.

“Namjoon,” his mother called out gently. “Come here, dear.”

She was standing next to a woman and a kid - probably the woman’s son. The kid seemed to be about his age, maybe a few seasons older. He had a good posture, and was looking straight into Namjoon’s eyes, a subtle smile on his lips. Namjoon’s steps brought him beside the small group. He bowed to the woman, knowing full well the decorum.

“I am Kim Namjoon,” he stated with a clear, assured voice. “Enchanted to meet you, my lady. May I ask for your name?”

They chatted for a moment, and he learned that the woman’s family, of high standing, had always been close to his. They had slowly lost contact after her familly had moved away, but they were back to the kingdom. The adults began to talk cheerfully, catching up on the years they had spent apart. Namjoon turned to the boy.

“I’m Kim Seokjin, your Highness. Honored to meet you,” the kid said, before Namjoon could place a word. The prince’s eyebrows darted up. People around him tended to wait to be addressed before speaking.

“The honor is mine,” he answered, giving the boy a court nod.

Seokjin leaned into him. “This whole thing is a bit boring, isn’t it?” he murmured.

Kim Namjoon’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. The boy moved back, grinning.

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Holmes in the Kitchen

The idea of Sherlock Holmes cooking or baking always fills me with dread. He has not the patience for it, which… but let me illustrate my point with a story of my first experience of Holmes in the kitchen.

“Do you know Watson, I believe that Mrs. Hudson has quite surpassed herself,” my companion remarked as he brushed cake crumbs from his clothes.

It is an unusual occurance for Holmes to compliment our housekeeper in such a manner. I looked up with interest. “Has she?”

“Yes indeed. I have never had such a dry, tasteless cake! See for yourself.”

I was about to respond when the sitting room door opened.

“Mr. Holmes,” our housekeeper entered and stood before us with her hands on her hips. “If you wish to make a complaint-”

“Indeed I do,” he interrupted. “This cake is as dry as a bone and quite lacking in flavour. I believe that even I could do better.”

I laughed at this ridiculous last remark, for the very idea Holmes cooking left a great deal to be desired.

Mrs. Hudson turned her icy glare upon me. “You think so, do you? Very well gentlemen, we shall see what you are capable of. Down to my kitchen with you.”

We each exchanged an expression of disbelief. Surely she was not serious!

She was serious. She chased the servants from the kitchen and gave orders that she was not to be disturbed before handing my companion an apron apiece.

“Have either of you baked a cake before?” she enquired with a glare.

I shook my head and turned to Holmes, who was busy turning his apron over in his hands with distaste.

“Then we shall bake something simple. We shall need eggs, flour and sugar first of all.”

Needless to say, we made rather a mess. Holmes is no better at cracking eggs than he is at boiling them and he was not interested in using the scales to measure the ingredients.

“There is no need for scales,” he announced airily with a dismissive wave of his hand. “Years of practice with my chemistry set has left me perfectly capable of measuring these ingredients with my eyes.”

I refrained from reminding him that he has on occasion misjudged the quantities of some of his chemicals, often resulting in explosions.

When we were finished, the kitchen looked like a war zone. There was egg on the floor and flour everywhere (even in Holmes’ hair, though I am not quite sure how he achieved that).

“Well,” my companion said as he tossed aside his apron, “I believe we have completed our task Mrs. Hudson. If you would excuse us…”

Our housekeeper barred our retreat as Holmes made his way towards it. “Oh no you don’t! You have made a terrible mess, which you can now put to rights, and you have a cake to keep from burning.”

I started to sweep up the flour without a word of objection, feeling that the mess was probably my fault as I had allowed my companion to take charge. “Could you wipe up the egg that you dropped, Holmes?”

He frowned at me and hopped up onto the counter beside the sink, as it was the only surface not covered with flour. “Certainly not!”

“Then keep an eye on that cake. Please.”

“Mr. Holmes!” Mrs. Hudson had returned from the larder with cream and jam. “Get down from there at once! You are not to sit upon surfaces that are meant for preparing food.”

Holmes jumped down and was presented with a dustpan.

“Help the doctor with the sweeping, if you please. I shall pick up the egg that you smashed on my nice, clean floor.”

Holmes crouched before me and held the pan steady while I swept the flour into it.

After much complaining and sneezing from my companion, the flour had all been disposed of and the kitchen was clean again.

“Thank you gentlemen,” our housekeeper acknowledged as we washed our hands. “The cake should be ready now.”

The cake was a horrible mess! It was too wet due to the lack of accurate measurements and there were pieces of eggshell in it. Holmes’ argument was that it was rather good for a first attempt, but he was always careful not to insult Mrs. Hudson’s culinary efforts after that.

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But what about an Ancient Greek or Roman au with the daughter of a high status family and her childhood friend/next door neighbour of just as high status and it's been expected that they'll marry one day and theyve always been kind of disgusted with the idea of marrying each other because they're just friends but then they reach their teens and hit puberty and she's just like damn. Imma leave this one up to you too bc like I think you'd cast it really well idk

《I actually wrote this while being in Rome so I kinda like the vibe of this one》

Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader (Roman High-Status AU)

July 13th, 41 A.D.

“I heard Father talking to Mother in the garden this morning…”
Tetsurou looked up from his sandals slapping against the concrete pavement. The steady summer sun burned his eyes when he looked over at her, mud dusted skin and once preened hair. She was the definition of a disaster after tumbling down the hill behind her family’s estate. She fiddled with the hem of her skirt, a nervous quirk of hers, while her other hand ran against the leaves of premature olive trees.
“So? My parents talk in the garden all the time.”
“Yeah, well this talk was different.” She huffed. The fingers that ran across the olives seemed to tighten, dragging down overripe fruit with quick swipes. “They were talking about a wedding.”
“What wedding?”
She paused, sending him a dirty look out of the corner of her eye.
“Our wedding.” She muttered, the apples of her cheeks growing red. Tetsurou stared at her in awe, the soft pitter patter of his feet ceasing to a stop. He cocked his head, staring at her in utter disbelief.
“Whatever do you mean, our wedding?”
“I mean-” She paused, taking a deep and steady breath. “I mean we’ve been arranged.”
Tetsurou let out a pathetic noise, a whine, perhaps, and sunk to his knees.
“Is this a joke?”
“You really think I’d be joking?” She frowned, plopping down next to him. She slumped her shoulders and spread her legs, something her mother would faint upon seeing, and yanked a leaf off the tree above them. He watched her fiddle with it between her fingers, before ripping it apart at the veins.
“Well, it could be worse. You could be arranged to Nose-Picker Naevius on the other side of the city.” Tetsurou shrugged, flashing her a coy grin when she frowned.
“Please! Like I’d like to be wed to the likes of either of you!” Tetsurou almost laughed at her, right then and there. It wasn’t that he was fond of her, because he wasn’t, she was bossy and loud and let dirt sit under her fingernails, but she definitely wasn’t the worst possible suitor. He didn’t take much of a liking for girls, these days. He couldn’t quite understand the hype of marriage, and why he needed to get married anyways. He was a man, powerful as is, and he was sure he’d live just fine without some girl tied next to him. Girls were disgusting, anyways, spent all day weaving in the commons. __, though, __ didn’t seem like the type to weave, and maybe that’s why he didn’t mind her all that much.
“Hey.” He peeped, “Give me one good reason why I wouldn’t be a suitable husband.”
“You’re disgusting!” She fired back, with no thought in between.
“How so?”
She paused for a moment, eyebrows furrowing. Tetsurou kept staring at her with a smirk so devious, and if it wasn’t for her mother’s voice in the back of her head telling her to be a lady, she would’ve thrown him into the dirt right then and there.
“Well, you cried after emperor Caligula’s death! The man was a menace, don’t you know. Father had him over for supper once and all he did was sass the cook and look at his reflection in the vases! Figures a narcissist like you would feel remorse for that goat.”
“My father had him over for supper once, too, and he did the same. It was hilarious, Mother was trying so hard not to be rude, I thought her head was going to explode. I wish he was still around so I could relive that.” Tetsurou shrugged. “Don’t seem to be getting any laughs with emperor Claudius in reign, now.”
“I think he’s much better suited as emperor! Laughs or not!”
“Really? I saw him stumble down a set of stairs today and crash into a pillar. I could do a better job at that, and I’m ten.” __ pulled another leaf off the tree and tore it apart immediately, letting the remains scatter to the concrete. She wiped her hands against her skirt, adding streaks of green alongside the faded brown of mud.
“Please! You can’t even take care of yourself, let alone an empire!”
“Says the girl who can’t even keep her skirt clean.”
She shot him one last dirty look before rising to her feet.
“I’m never marrying you.” She stated. Tetsurou hummed, jumping up to stand next to her. “We can be friends, but I’m never marrying you. You’re icky and your hair’s a mess.”
“Who said I was ever going to marry you? You aren’t quite the princess of my dreams, either.”
“Father said, but I’m going to let him know that I would rather be thrown in the Colosseum then call myself a ‘Kuroo’.”
“Yes, have fun sassing your father. I’m sure that’ll end up perfectly. Tell me how that turns out if you aren’t killed.”
“Thank you, I will. Filth.”

March 29th, 49 A.D

Her hands were shaking.
Her hands were shaking and her mind was spinning, and oh god, she felt like she was going to puke.
Her mother insisted that today, out of all days, she reunite with her childhood friend, Tetsurou Kuroo, the wealthy boy down the street who she was destined to be wed to. She insisted that she’d rather not, it was her cursed time of the month and God forbid anything happen to her whilst she was draped in her finest white silk. Her pleas had no force though, and she was dragged along anyways. She hadn’t seen the boy in seven years, ties being cut off when she turned eleven. He had changed now, for sure, and she couldn’t fathom what he’d look like.
She imagined he’d be a lot more muscular. Rumor had it he was to be a part of the consul soon, so he had to be of decent shape. She hoped he had somehow learned to tame the childish fringe that hung in his face when he was younger, although she couldn’t imagine Tetsurou without it. Thinking about him put a small smile on her face, before her mother hit her on the arm.
“Are you excited to see him?” She pondered, and __ could feel her cheeks grow hot.
“I mean…” She shrugged, cocking her head towards the ground. “I’m a lot more nervous than excited. We’re not eight years old anymore, Mother.”
Walking through the Kuroo courtyard made her stomach roil even more than it was before. Her mother grabbed her by the hand, gave it a gentle squeeze, before marching up towards the gate and giving the lion mouth door knocker a heavy rap.
“I’m sure he’s just as nervous as you are. You do not need to worry, you’ve bathed naked with him before, you’re friends.”
“Mother! That’s not helping with the situation!”
Her mother only shrugged, straightening her shoulders when a slave opened the door for them. He nodded curtly, making way for the two of them to pass by. There was a rushed click of shoes against marble, and an all too familiar woman stumbled out into the commons.
“Oh, __, __, it’s so wonderful to see you again!” The short woman hobbled over to her and her mother, throwing her arms around both of their shoulders.
“My, what a beautiful young lady you’ve wound up to be, __. Tetsurou’s going to want to marry you right here once he sees you.”
__’s breath hitched, but she nodded, paying her respects towards her elder. Mrs. Kuroo looked the same as she did seven years ago, except the roots of her ebony hair started staining a deep gray.
“Thank you, Mrs. Kuroo, you look lovely yourself.” She managed to stutter out. The woman clapped gleefully, rushing into one of the doors at the end of the commons. __ looked up at her mother, furrowing her eyebrows in chagrin.
“I really don’t want to discuss my marriage whilst blood is dripping from my private areas, Mother.”
“You don’t have a choice. You don’t have to say anything. I’ll discuss things with Mrs. Kuroo, and you just have to sit there, drink the wine that’s served to you, and make yourself look presentable, understood?”
__ nodded, relaxing her eyebrows amongst her mother’s violent gaze.
“Yes, Mother.”
“Good girl.”
Mrs. Kuroo came stumbling out once more, an excited hue of pink dusted along her cheeks. If anything, Mrs. Kuroo was more excited about the wedding than either of the two actually being wed.
“Tetsurou should be out in a bit. He’s a smart boy, he’s studying the stars. He’s been very into science lately, and growing things.” She boasted.
“__ here, she’s very into literature. Her tutor remarks her as one of his greatest students. She took up playing the harp about a year ago, didn’t you, __?”
“I did, Mother.”
“Oh, isn’t that wonderful!” Mrs. Kuroo clapped. “It’s lovely to see you’ve grown up a proper girl.”
She wanted to ask her what she meant by that statement. Was she not proper before? Of course, she didn’t mind her clothes getting dirty and mussled up her hair, but she had the decency to be respectful. Behind closed eyelids, she rolled her eyes, but kindly accepted the so called compliment.
“Come here, ladies. I’ll have Brutus fetch us some wine while we wait for Tetsurou.”
Hearing his name out loud made her even more nervous than before. She clutched at the ends of her tunic as she took a seat, eyes nervously darting around the room. Mrs. Kuroo immediately noticed this, because she placed a hand on her shoulder and laughed.
“You don’t need to be nervous, my dear, __. He’s the same boy you knew when you were a child.”
She wanted to retaliate and say that no, he wasn’t the same boy she knew as a child. The Tetsurou she knew as a child only took interest in dirt and gladiator battles, never science or stars. Mrs. Kuroo kept yammering away, but suddenly silenced upon the sound of footsteps.
“Bragging about me now, are you, Mother?” Came a deep, hearty chuckle. Immediately, __’s heart dropped. It was him.
She didn’t dare turn around to greet him, although every part of her wanted to. God, his voice was attractive by itself. Her mother slapped her on her knee, an indication to stand up and greet him. So she did. She slowly stood up, brushed off her skirt, and faced him, eyes immediately widening upon the sight in front of her.
He was more attractive than she imagined. He was tall, extremely so, and had to be a good child larger than her. His face was thin and sharp, hazel eyes still youthful and attentive. He still had the horrible fringe, but it only added to his charm. He held a book in his hand, of some sort, and the vibe he gave off just made her want to melt.
Forget the consul, he could be a god, if he wanted to.
“Hello.” She stuttered, trying hard not to break eye contact.
“It’s been awhile, huh?”
“If seven years is while.”
Tetsurou chuckled, the tips of his ears growing visibly red. She could see the slight shake of his hands around his book, and that assured her that he was just as nervous as she was. The laughs that spilled out of his mouth were fake, but she didn’t have the audacity to confront him on it. She knew the ugly cackle that he was cursed to, and she couldn’t help but wonder what kind of facade he had pent up over the years.
They took a seat at the table, and __ didn’t dare touch her wine. Her hands were shaking so hard in her lap that she would definitely break the glass if she grabbed it. Tetsurou seemed to be sticking to the same thing. Although her eyes were glued to the table in front of her, she could feel Tetsurou’s eyes on her. This entire time, he’d been staring, as if he’d been analyzing her, like she was his prey. Needless to say, it was intimidating, especially when he was oh so attractive. At this point, she could feel her cheeks burning, every so often taking quick peeks upwards to catch his gaze. This time, once he’d caught her eye, she hadn’t looked away. He held her there with a stern gaze, before he took a quick glimpse at his mother before flashing her the nastiest silly face her could muster. At this, she couldn’t help but giggle into her fist. What he had done wasn’t at all humorous, but for some reason, she had laughed. She knew deep down in her heart that it was out of relief, that maybe he was the same, old idiotic Tetsurou from years past. Knowing this just made their arrangement all the more sweet.

Toujou, Celes and Hanamura Friendship Event

Teruteru Hanamura: Hmhuhu… Celes-san, how was your lunch today?

Celestia Ludenberg: Exquisite. Hanamura-kun, at least your cooking skills are worth something.

Kirumi Toujou: Celes-san… I brought your post-meal tea.

Celestia Ludenberg: Well, thank you very much.

Toujou-san, your Royal Milk Tea is the best drink I have ever had in my entire life.

Haaaa… This has been a supremely blissful hour… If the two of you were not a girl and a Hanamura-kun…

I would most certainly love to employ you both to work at the castle I plan on living in the future…

Teruteru Hanamura: Huh-? W-what’s so unpleasing about me?

Celestia Ludenberg: If you can’t comprehend the reason… then you will not be able to rise your Rank.

Teruteru Hanamura: R- “Rank”?

Celestia Ludenberg: I assign ranks to the people around me.

For your evaluation, Hanamura-kun, taking into consideration your A-Rank cooking ability, it leaves you as an E… You barely managed to escape the lowest F.

Teruteru Hanamura: A-am I really that bad!?

Kirumi Toujou: Would your gender distinction mean that you are requesting butlers instead of maids?

Celestia Ludenberg: Yes. I understand how rare it is to find a gentleman more skillful than you, Toujou-san, however…

it is already decided that I only want handsome men to serve. That is an undispensable factor.

Kirumi Toujou: In that case, I know a good butler dispatch company. I could tell about it if you wish.

Celestia Ludenberg: Well… If say so say, Toujou-san, I am certain it must have excellent butlers in masse.

Teruteru Hanamura: Butlers aside… I don’t think you’ll find any better chef than me, you know?

Aaaaaaah, Celes-san, I could devote my life to serve you dutifully day and night and night and day~.

Celestia Ludenberg: As I was stating… This is exactly the part that…


Teruteru Hanamura: Ooooooohhhhmmmmm! Yell harder~!

Kirumi Toujou: Sir and madam, shouting in the cafeteria is not a good idea.

Teruteru Hanamura: Aaaaaaannn! Scold me harder~!

Be kind or at least be considerate

Tonight I witnessed one of those bad customer moments at a restaurant. My sister and I were eating sushi at our favorite spot, it was nearing their closing time so we ate our food quickly in an effort to get out of there. We understand they have more responsibilities than just waiting on us when closing. (if you don’t know, cleaning, counting the money in the register and checking totals are among some of the things restaurants and retail stores usually do at closing. Yes, I speak from experience)
Unfortunately the table next to us didn’t share the same thought (or courtesy) we had. No, these two young ladies decided to order more food to-go come closing time. Then proceeded to insist they get the special price that is clearly stated on the menu (that they had in front of them) that it does NOT apply to to-go orders. After they gave up on that they paid for their food, by that point I had told my sister I was going to tip the waitress $10. It wasn’t much but it was a little more than what I could tip for our meal being that I’m on a tight budget this week. (Christmas in a big family kills the wallet) However when those girls left we noticed the $1 they left as a tip. We couldn’t believe it! With all the food they ate on top of the food they ordered to go and the fuss they made, that just seemed ridiculous to us. The waitress was so nice and she was working so hard tonight it was almost heartbreaking.

FYI this is a very small restaurant, they usually only have 1 waiter/waitress working at a time, 2 if it’s extremely busy and she was training someone that evening as well. She was literally zooming all over the place tonight and these girls made, not only her work longer, but the cooks as well. Then gave her a hard time about something that she can’t change causing the other customers (us and a few other tables) to wait longer to pay and get out of there. So you can only imagine how stressed she must have been. (also I’m not talking about a young waitress, she’s an elderly woman and no she’s not the owner)

So I just couldn’t leave without helping make her night a little better, I decided to tip her $20 which I feel still wasn’t enough but it was literally the most I could do on my budget this week. I also left a little note on the receipt thanking her for all her hard work tonight and wishing her a Merry Christmas. (I added the note because I wanted to leave more than just $20 but since I could leave more money I left a note to to express that I appreciated her. No one should be treated like those girls treated her and the last thing I wanted was for her to feel unappreciated and/or frustrated) She picked up the signed copy of the receipt as we got up and thanked us for coming in tonight. I figured we’d be out of there before she read it but as we got to the door she thanked us again, gesturing to the receipt.

I’m a bit socially awkward so I thanked her again and wished her a Merry Christmas but I said it sincerely so that’s what matters right? :)

Moral of the story, be kind and if you can’t be kind at least be considerate!

PS: If you’re wondering exactly what the note said it was “Thank you so much for all your hard work tonight! Merry Christmas!”

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ever since i found out mushrooms were nutritionally more similar to meat than plants, i’ve wished i didnt have such a strong aversion to the texture. not only are they much cheaper but they’re pareve which means if i were eating mushrooms instead of meat i could have them with cheese and still keep kosher.

I think texture with mushrooms depends to some extent on how you cook them – if you have an issue with the often slimy, chewy texture that sauteed button mushrooms can have, I would encourage you to give portobellos a try. Sliced into thick “fingers” and fried until shrunk and golden in hot butter, the texture is very similar to well-done steak – firm but juicy. I used to fry a thick-sliced portobello, then toss it on a roll with some cheese and a little bbq sauce and have a “steak” sandwich. 

I mean, I don’t know what your specific texture issues are, and believe me I’m in no position to tell anyone to give something a try if they don’t like it, so feel free to tell me to go whistle. But once you’ve either found low-moisture mushrooms or found a good cooking technique to make them release their moisture and firm up, you may find you tolerate it better. 

Boku No Hero Academia, Vol.7 Limited Edition Drama CD Translation : Sweep! Community Clean Up!

Disclaimer: Full translation of the drama CD which you can hear at this link, many thanks to op for sharing this lovely track. I got most of track 1 explanation from the manga so just a heads up. Loads of error probably, but I’m weak for my trash son baku so i just have to share it. Enjoy!

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He was beautiful

He was beautiful.

Every strand of blond falling perfectly into place in a wave of yellow.
Every speck in his eyes a flurry of warm aqua and cool turquoise.
Every freckle on his face a constellation of stars in a tanned galaxy
Every fleck on his lips was a royal magenta and a bold fuchsia.  
He was beautiful, and Nico’s paintbrush could not do him justice.

“Just like that your Highness,” Nico said as he peered around the side of his painting to get another look at the King “Don’t move.”

King William would have smiled if he hasn’t been told to stay still. But he did what the painter said.

“Perfect. Just perfect”

Whether Nico was talking about the King or the painting, he wasn’t so sure.

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I hiiighly doubt they'll be buying cos like, my friend,, if u think rent is high in central u should see actual house prices like people don't rlly buy homes in London they just rent. Though I do wish they'd move out of London so they actually could buy a home!!

Sorry for the late reply, i was waiting for the video and didnt cook until i watched it so have been making dinner. 

I understand what you’re saying, but housing in London doesn’t really work like that. I’m from London, grew up in a house in London, will rent in London within the year, and ‘hopefully’ will buy somewhere in London in the next 7 years (if all goes well haha).

So basically, yes, rent is high in central London, or more we should really say the places in London accessible by the tube. DnP live in North London currently, and I’m assuming they’ll stay north of the river since the tube networks are better there. They won’t live properly central, so I’m thinking further out. (I’m currently assuming they live in zone 2). Flat’s out there will certainly be over £1million, but DnP have earned a lot of money recently from merch, TABINOF, TATINOF, and DAPGO. On top of that they have their YT revenue. So, buying a house/flat over 1 million I would assume is within their price range.

And anyway, they almost certainly won’t pay for the whole house, they’ll get a mortgage. And because they’ve had a large income over the past few years from the things mentioned above, getting a mortgage for a house/flat which is over 1 million, even 2 million would probably be given to them. 

And people really do buy flats and houses in London. Some friends of mine who work in city jobs only had to save for a couple of years and live with their parents and now they’re buying flats - so it’s very possible dnp are buying. And my future is dependant on the fact that I’ll one day be able to own a flat in London. I’ve checked if it’s possible if I get a good enough job - and it’s possible, hard, but possible. Luckily for dnp they’ve been raking it in, they’ve probs got awesome credit scores, they’ll be easily given a great mortgage loan with a dealable mortgage repayment system from a bank, and they’ve almost certainly got enough to put down an offer on a house/flat.

And it makes WAY more sense to buy a house/flat in london (if you can afford the deposit and get a mortgage) BECAUSE the rental prices are so high. If you rent, you never see that money again because it’s given to a landlord. If you buy a house/flat with a mortgage, then if you want to move to a different place you sell the house/flat and sell the mortgage too and get your money back (and hopefully a bit extra on top if the housing market doesn’t crash). So a house is an investment - renting is just throwing money away, and in London it’s throwing a lot of money away. This is called getting on the property ladder: the concept is you buy a flat and a mortgage, then sell it for profit when you want to go somewhere a bit bigger. This way you gain money rather than lose money renting.

DnP for sure have enough money to buy a flat with a mortgage, and this is a good idea because it’s an asset which will give them stability. By their age it’s nice to know that you have a stable investment which if all else fails you can sell. If their business crashes then they can sell the flat and mortgage and gain their money back. If their business crashes and they are still renting then they’ll lose everything. So it’s more financially stable to invest in a house.

And just because they may be moving to a flat it doesn’t mean that it isn’t their home :)

Also, there are plenty of houses (rather than flats) which would be a great size for dnp in London. I personally don’t think they would actually move to the suburbs of London. I assume they live around zone 2 right now, and i would think they wouldn’t live past zone 4. So this idea of them moving out to the suburbs into a house isn’t really their style. And london is big and there are houses within their price range within zones 2-4. 

idk, i hope you understood all of that. i get what you’re saying, but as a Londoner in their 20s, I really do think it would be way more sensible and financially beneficial if they’re buying this next place rather than renting :)

(i’m so sorry, this is all too real for me and probably the most boring shit anyone has ever read and the scariest reality check for any fellow Londoners in their 20s hahaha)

An early 5

•Kinda busy day. Gotta go sign the minions up at the camp they normally go to, sign him up for basketball and her volleyball and both of them to a Star Wars cooking class(that I wish I could do too). Then bring both kids paperwork to their schools (can’t believe I have a 6th and 3rd grader), and hopefully my car will be done later today. Well, that’s what Chris said last night.
•Didn’t make it to WW this morning cuz my booklet thingy I need is in my car, so going to a meeting Sunday morning.
•Plans tonight…stopping by my bar to meet Chris. I know hanging out with him isn’t the best idea, but whatever. He’s a dealer and has the best stuff.
•The kids have been looking into where they want to go on a roadtrip, I think St. Louis is at the top of the list.
•I already see a fight coming with my mom. She mentioned Despicable 3 coming out, sorry not sorry but that’s the kids and my thing. It seems like I complain about this a lot, it’s because she always makes me feel so guilty. My parents are included in I’d say 60-70% of everything we do, and I’m ok with that. I’m not ok with her being angry when she’s not invited to things and asking why she’s not included. I’m their mom, obviously I like doing stuff with just the 3 of us, I shouldn’t have to explain that. So I already got the 3 of us tickets, so it’s just a matter of time until she brings it up and I tell her it’s only us going.

Joe’s Diner (1/3)

Summary: the reader works at a diner and a mysterious man comes in and somehow changes her nights (v bad at summaries pls just read)

Pairing: bucky x reader

Word Count: 1151

A/N: this is my first mini series so like pls be nice on me bc im smol

The bell above the door chimed as the door opened and a gust of the night’s cold winter wind rushed in and hits your back. You let a deep sigh as your put down your study material and swivel around on the bar stool to face the person who walked.

“Welcome to Joe’s diner,” You greeted automatically in that fake chipper voice. You glance up at the stranger as you walked towards the hostess stand to grab a menu and you notice that the man looks mysterious but somehow inviting. He’s wearing black sport shoes with jeans and a red henley that looks so good stretched out across his broad chest; on top of that he’s wearing brown hoodie layered underneath a forest green jacket. You notice that he has long luscious chocolate colored hair that reaches his shoulders and he hides his face with the plain navy blue baseball cap that rests on his head.

“Where would you like to sit tonight, sir?” You asked as you pulled the menu out from the shelf from the stand after you were done checking him out shamelessly.

“The back,” he responded in a low husky voice, nodding his head towards the last booth in the back of the diner.

“Alright, follow me.” On the way to his seat, you noticed that you had been walking with more a swing in your hips and you were glad that you weren’t facing him because a blush quickly rose to your cheeks.

“Here we are,” you said as you laid down the menu and moving to the side so he could slide into the booth, “I’ll give you a minute to look over the menu.”

When you turned around, about to walk to the bar and study again, you saw your co worker/boss, Martha, standing by your work station with a smirk on her face. You shook your head and made your way over to her, knowing that she was going to freak about the handsome man that had entered the diner.

“What a catch,” Martha said with a wink. You turned your head back around to sneak a quick glance at him and you smiled to yourself.

“I know!” You replied, turning towards her again.

“Damn he looks good in that shirt,” she muttered, thinking that you wouldn’t hear her but you did and you gasped before playfully smacking her arm.

“Listen honey, if you don’t make a move on that man, I will,” she said with a serious expression.

“Oh-okay,” you replied with a laugh. Unbeknownst to you and Martha, the man heard every word of the conversation and a small smirk graced his face but he soon wiped it off when he heard you coming back in his direction.

“Can I get you something to drink? Or are you ready to order as well?” You asked in a flirtatious tone as you took out your notepad and pen.

“Orange juice and the four piece french toast, please.”

“Alright. Coming right up,” you replied as you took the menu from his hand. Your fingers brushed over his briefly and another blush crept up onto your cheeks, so in order not to embarrass yourself any further, you scurry away.

“Embarrassing,” Martha said as you placed the order with the chef.

“What? He’s very attractive and I’m not good with those kinds of people,” you explained yourself. Martha let out a laugh as she handed you the glass of orange juice.

“Don’t mess it up,” she said with and gently pushed you in his direction.

“Here’s your glass of OJ. I hope you enjoy it,” you said as you carefully place the glass in front of him.

“Thank you,” he says and squinted at your name tag, “Y/N.” The way your name rolled off his lips was like watching syrup being poured over freshly cooked pancakes, almost pornographic.

“You’re, uh, welcome,” you stuttered.

“James,” he said with a smile sticking out a gloved hand for you to shake.

“Y/N,” you replied, “but you knew that because you just said it because you just read the name tag that I wear because I work here and it’s part of my uniform,” you rambled. Instantly you wished that you could turn back time and redo this whole conversation.  James let out a chuckle as he raised his glass and took a sip.

“Anyways, I gotta get back to studying. So see ya later. Well not really because I have bring out your food but like….I’m just gonna go now,” you said, incredibly embarrassed. You just turn around and walked back to the bar where Martha was laughing like hyena at your blunder.

“Shut up,” you mumbled under your breath.

Once his food was ready and you brought it over to him, he thanked you with a million watt smile that made your heart flutter and all you could get out was a hushed ‘you’re welcome’ before you went back to studying.

“I’m clocking out Y/N. Can you take care of this place for me?” Martha asked while she was packing up her purse.

“Uh, really? You sure?” You questioned, afraid of being alone with James and not because you find him scary, but because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of him.

“Yeah honey, I’m sure.” She responded as she rounded the corner of the bar and walked over to you, “remember, give it a try,” she whispered as she squeezed your shoulder before walking out.

“What does that mean!” You half whispered half yelled to her receding back. Martha laughed and waved her hand before making the bell chime when she left. You looked back over to James and saw that he had finished eating and was currently on his phone checking messages.

“Can I take this plate away?” You asked as you walked up to his table, startling him a bit.

“Yeah. How much was it?” He asked as he reached for something in his wallet.

“Uh, $12.30.” James laid down a twenty, “keep the change doll.” He said as he got up. You gawked at the large tip he was leaving you with and stepped back a few steps to allow him to get out of the booth. A strong husky, winter lodge type of smell filled your senses and you realized that James and you were practically standing chest to chest as he looked down at you.

“Thank… thank you,” you stuttered out. He licked his lips and eyed you before he started to walk towards the door.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” You asked and watched him pause. You panicked thinking that maybe that was too forward.

“I sure hope so doll,” he said flashing you a wink and smile before leaving. You felt extremely giddy and like a schoolgirl after this encounter and for the first time you were excited for work tomorrow.

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I wish you could see yourself through my eyes (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: hi!!! sorry if it’s a bit weird to request this (I luv reading sad/darkish stories for some reason) but can u do one where (tom holland)Peter has an actual stutter? and one night after going to his speech therapist he texts the reader(when usually peter calls but he texts when he gets super self conscious about his stutter) and he doesn’t want to talk when he gets there but the reader still wants him to try, even though the reader understand that it was an especially hard day for peter at this session of speech therapy, and then after a bit the reader and Peter get all cuddly and stuff while he cries only a little bit? this completely strays from the traditional tom!peter that other people request but I rly for some reason am feelin for a sad story I dunno why by @thekettletbh

A/N: I hope the stuttering part doesn’t come out as offensive -if it does, please, tell me, and I will change it, but I do not know how to imitate stuttering in writing. Hope you like this one nonetheless! 

‘You have to try and talk to people you are comfortable with.’
Those words keep repeating over and over Peter’s head. He knows he has to do that, but he just can’t bring himself to it. Even if he tries, it never works, and he just ends up looking like a fool.
‘Can I come over?’ Peter texts his best friend, too self conscious to call her. He puts his hood over his head and walk through the crowded streets of Queens looking at the ground. He can feel the tears in his eyes, but he doesn’t want to let them fall. He feels stupid about crying about that. His phone vibrates in his hand, and he looks down to see a message from his best friend.
‘Yeah, of course. Are you okay? Love you x’
He smiles softly at the text, happy to know he’ll always have her.
Walking to her apartment, he opens the door with his spare key, walking directly to her room, knowing her parents aren’t home at that time of the day. Just as Peter gets in her room, she turns around, gets up from the bed and smiles softly at him. Walking up to him, she hugs him and says, ‘hey, bad day?’ with her head pressed against Peter’s chest. He just nods, holding her closer and making them both lay on the bed.
‘I-I feel so-so stupid’ he says, his voice breaking. ‘My the-my therapist makes it look so-so easy, but I just… I don’t know’ he whispers, stuttering more than normal due to being nervous.
‘Peter, you are not stupid, you hear me? Just because you have a stutter, it doesn’t mean you are stupid. You are an incredibly amazing and clever person, with the biggest heart on earth, who also just happens to be part of The Avengers. We all have different problems, so don’t you dare think you are stupid for having one yourself’ she says, playing with his hair. ‘How was the rest of your day?’ she asks in an attempt to make him speak.
‘It-it started out great -May had-she cooked pancakes and I-I didn’t miss the bus. You know how it-how it went at school, and then, well, the-the therapy was horrible today’ he says, looking down. She can see some tears in his eyes, and drying them with the palm of her hand, she caresses his cheek.
‘Pete, you are amazing. Even if you don’t think it’s true. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes -you would love the sight’ she says, putting her head on his chest.
Pulling her closer, Peter breathes in her smell, content to have her. He knows she will always be there, and that is enough for him to relax.

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Hi there! Do u have any advice for someone suffering a severe case of art block? I find that i cant mentally get myself in that headspace where i actually WANT to achieve something. It doesn't help the fact that im an animation student in the thick of the semester where theres deadlines left, right and centre. Any advice from ur own experiences would be more than appreciated!

hi!!! hey buddy!! thanks for asking me im honestly flattered that you would come to me w this and also, strap in pull up a chair lets talk for a minute

first things first, lets get this out of the way: i always have art block. i love drawing, i’ve loved it for my whole entire life ever since i figured out i could do it, but it’s always hard for me. every second, every time. im eternally grateful to have as many followers as i do here (thanks, everybody) because i have spent the majority of my life just occasionally scribbling off something i was vaguely interested in and only recently have i had the pleasure of other people being interested in those things. this is a huge motivator for me, which i know every third artist on any social media platform will tell you is “””””””not why you should do it, do it for yourself”””””” etc etc ad nauseam. but it works for me: knowing that i can draw something, even if it took me twenty minutes, and someone out there will appreciate it. i love that. but i don’t think i have the natural ability or ambition that i think a lot of others have. it’s a lot of work for me, it takes a long time, i’m constantly berating myself and wishing i could improve faster and screaming at my devil hands for not eating what my brain cooked up.

SECOND: i never finished my stint at art school (which was ALMOST TEN YEARS AGO at this point), so i may not be an excellent authority on this subject. deadlines and pressure are not my strong suit. i don’t handle them well, given the information detailed in point one. you did ask, though, so i’ll answer you as well as i can

ALL THIS TO SAY: the way i get myself to Want To Do Things is generally to literally fucking force myself to do it. whether this is trawling inspiration blogs for something that catches my eye (i maintain my own regularly for occasions like these, so i have a handy resource to go to when i can’t think of anything i even want to draw), doing a few rounds of life drawing, going through old art and attempting to redraw something i really liked but know i could do better now, or honestly The Extreme which is getting myself fully and emotionally invested in some form of new content (which i do uhhhhhhhhh a little too frequently) – find something, anything that stirs you. then draw! even if it’s crap that you’d never show anyone in your entire life, even if it’s sketches you’ll never finish, i mean jesus christ i have like 900 unfinished .psds that are unintelligible half-formed shapes that only vaguely resemble something that inhabits planet earth. the only thing i have ever found that works is to just keep going, even when it sucks, until i can break through it JUST enough to feel like i’m not scribbling on a wall with crayola markers and my non-dominant hand. that’s all it takes, usually. if i can do a little bit, i can convince myself i’m capable of a lot, and that’s huge.

one more thing, and i’ve said it a million times and i’ll say it until i die: i think making things that you enjoy, regardless of their quantity or quality, is the most important factor in keeping yourself motivated and in the game, and it shows when other people see what you do! it shows in the pride you take in your work! i mean, i know objectively that a lot of things that i PERSONALLY make are not good or polished or professional in any way, shape, or form, and they never have been, and i’ve never operated under the illusion that they were. but i like them, and i like thinking about them and sharing them with other people who enjoy them and respond to them, and i think that’s a good, symbiotic relationship. if you aren’t invested in your own work, if the things you CAN make even when you feel like your garbage dumpster hands can’t make anything worthwhile, don’t make you both proud to have been the one to do them and ALSO inspired to do better than your own good good self the next time, you’re gonna feel like nothing you do is worth it. do stuff that matters to you and you’ll feel better about it because it isn’t just an assignment or a deadline, it’s something you care about. and you wouldn’t be asking me this question if you didn’t care, so i believe in you

(ps if any pals or fellow animation majors would like to tag in and field this question you’re more than welcome – my expertise is not particularly valuable in this situation xoxo)