i wish i could blame work

When I think of Qrow’s semblance, I think of thirty minute visits to the houses of the people you love the most in the world before leaving because you’re afraid you may make them hate you.

I think of tearing away from your team for fear of something bad happening to them, and when you try to explain they just don’t understand.

I think of learning how to crush your own emotions any way you can - booze, solitude, flooding your life with work - because emotions are social things and you are not supposed to be a social creature.

I think of watching your friends move on and grow closer and closer to one another until they get start getting married and wishing you could have something like that but telling yourself you can’t.

I think of the niggling thoughts that must spring up every time you hear something bad happens to your friends, because even if you aren’t around them you still think about them all the time and it might be your fault.

I think about blaming yourself for the death of the only people you’ve ever been close to, and convincing yourself you’re right about it.

It’s understandable why Qrow drinks, and why he acts the way he does. It’s a defense mechanism. He’s trying to stop people from getting too close.

Dear Cat,

I’ll be there as soon as I can.  I am as impatient as you are to spend my time on more pleasurable things.  I wish I could blame my delay on a heroic rescue or precautionary quarantine or world-ending crisis.  But the truth is, I have to work.  

We poor stringers are paid by the word and I’m already on thin ice with Snapper having stretched the deadline of my last two assignments.  He was as relieved as anyone to hear you were alright and I think he gave me a pass on some of my slacking off, but I do need to keep my job, waiting lips notwithstanding.  And now he seems to be punishing me for my absence.

I had hoped to address the concerns of your previous letter in person, however since we are once-again forced to be apart, pen and paper will have to do.  So… Sit down and pay attention.

Whether you are recovering or sleeping or running an empire, you are stunning and perfect and breathtaking and how many times am I going to have to tell you this before you own your beauty?  Even without a speck of fancy makeup or an ounce of hairspray, you are everything I could ever want in a woman, so stop fretting and just get better.

You’ll always be safe with me.  And I know we talked about impossible promises, but this one I’m sure of.  When you are in my presence, not a curly hair on that brilliant head will come to harm.   You are mine, just as much as I am yours, and I take care of what’s mine.

I know none of this will be easy and I know we still have much to discuss.  We’ll wait until you’re feeling stronger.  Having you drift off mid-sentence while lecturing me on the complexities of what we’re facing was enough to tell me we have to take our time.  But being accustomed to superspeed makes ‘taking it slow’ a bit of an extra challenge for me.  On top of which, I can feel you beginning to talk yourself out of this, out of some kind of misplaced altruism or societal ageist insecurity.  Don’t.  I’m a big girl, Cat Grant.  Don’t make my decisions for me.  Hold onto that jealous streak, if that’s what keeps you with me, but I won’t let you push me away without a fight.

If anyone should be feeling completely out of her depth, it’s me…

You asked me what I’m sure you think was a rhetorical question.  It’s funny you should mention superpowered kisses.  I do have one, little-known, little-used power tied to my kiss.  Clark had to use it on Lois once, years ago, and he’s warned me of its danger too many times to count.  You have my word I won’t use it on you, unless you ask for it, but if there is ever something you’re desperate to forget, I may be able to help you.  I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.  Nothing about being with me will be normal, even though that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Yours and ready to shout it from the rooftops,


I hate that they had to say this I feel so bad about the outcome. They worked so hard for this album and they honestly deserve to be appreciated more THEY DESERVE THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD. I wish there was more I could do for them but there’s only so much I could do I love them so much and I seriously hope they don’t beat themselves up over the outcome honestly I blame jyp for the unecessary ass dating scandal 😑

“The crop circles started popping up about 2 months ago. People were quick to dismiss them as a hoax, or the work of bored teenagers looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. Others saw them as a way to cash in on the swarm of curious tourists and hoards of reporters.
I guess I didn’t blame them. Times were tough and these days, the farmers could use all the help they could get.
But I knew it wasn’t teenagers. Or farmers looking for a way to make a quick buck.
Every night, like clockwork, I could see it out there. Toiling away. Watching the sky.

Wishing it was home.”

sometimes (often) I get all sad thinking about what could’ve happened if andrew hussie didn’t stop caring about homestuck

it’s not like I blame the guy because like…if I was working on something that massive for several years and had to take multiple year long hiatuses while the fandom (and subsequently demands) grew exponentially while it was simultaneously turning into this big money-making Brand™ I’d probably stop caring about every detail of the story too but

I love homestuck a whole lot and I just wish the last three-ish years worth of it was treated as carefully as the first four

ofc he didn’t just throw EVERYTHING together (Dave and terezi’s stories seemed to be given thoughtful attention up until the end, which I’m grateful for) but. idk. I really get the sense that he just wanted to be Done With Homestuck and while it’s not something I have the right to get mad about I still wish it wasn’t the case

One last thing for a while

I feel a little sad for you if you don’t live within driving distance of Farmlandia, and can’t have @monkeyfrog and @johnnnytooobaddd take you on a quiet walk around their beautiful property, with Lu tagging along and/or leading the way on a crisp November day under bright blue skies. 

I went out there for a while today to pick up my turkeys, and spending a couple hours there was the best possible medicine for my soul. Such amazing people, out there doing what they love. Even this big-city boy (whose values are apparently out of vogue henceforth, and is to blame for what happened, or something) could easily tell that every creature on that farm is happy and comfortable, and that’s no accident. That’s their work, that’s their passion. I wish they were just a skosh closer so I could do it more often.

tbh i feel like everyone that knows sebastian stan is like lowkey in love with him. anthony mackie spent the entire press tour for cacw complimenting him on how good he was looking, on how good he was in catws, on how much funnier he was this press tour. chris evans is like “i love sebastian he’s just the sweetest kid in the world, i wish you could all know him”. don saladino in literally every work out video he posts, is yelling at everyone else there, but the moment he has to motivate Seb he’s like “i’ll help you man, you got this” and then when he does something well he’s like “seb is smashing it! good boy Seb, amazing work”. like everyone that knows him is lowkey in love with him and i don’t blame them even slightly


So at this point it seems unlikely that Noel Fisher will be coming back, and I know a lot of people are angry about this, which is justifiable for sure.  Whether he comes back or not, this whole situation has really made me appreciate the work Noel has done on Shameless as Mickey.  I mean, he made a character who was only supposed to be in a few episodes become the most complex, interesting, loved character on the show, and Mickey’s development was truly a joy to watch.  Noel gave that to us, so here’s to hoping he comes back.


tiny yamaguchi: a manifesto

This is my gift for Binnie aka @matsinko who was my assignment for the @hqrarepairexchange <3 

The rare pair I chose out of your list was Kindaichi/Kunimi <3 I can totally imagine Kindaichi and Kunimi being blushing fools at practice.

I honestly love your blog Binnie and I wish I could have interacted with you more and bond over the many hq ships we adore. (I totally blame work getting in the way XP) I hope you enjoy this gift and feel free to drop by and leave a message anytime :)  

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I saw your post about the writer who deleted her fics. Very sad. I noticed many writers and artists giving up lately. Could it be they aren't getting the recognition they deserve? Some are given very high praise while others rarely, if ever, get a mention. I'm not blaming you or anyone else and it might not be true. I might be completely wrong. This is just my opinion. I never read this author's work or heard of her but wish I had so that maybe if more fans had this would not be happening.

I agree that they have not enough recognition. and it makes me really sad. I try to give as much voice as I can to authors and fanfictions (I can’t reach them all of course, but I try to do it) as on IG I have quite amount of followers. here too but not as much as there.

Qbmaja, she was one of the first ones I always recommended everyone who asked. She had some fics I loved, not to say all of them. Probably one of the first writers I read, along with Hazelra7 and @darcyfitz. I tried to say everyone go read her. I did a cover for her last fic, “On Caltech secret service”, you can see it on my IG timeline going down down or searching here maybe. It was me, as I normally do, who reached her and asked if I could do a drawing for her, as a way to pay her hard work on her fanfictions. (If you know me, I did that for a lot of shamy authors.) 

I know some writers now are really working also in their social accounts, that is good because we can mention them and people can find them easily. I don’t blame her that she deleted, maybe it’s what she wanted, but I feel that is not the reason, and I feel sad as I’m a big fan of her work. 

To all the writers reading, I know it’s hard, sometimes you don’t get all the recognition you deserve, I know that, but don’t give up. You have the last choice, but we, the readers, we will try to read, like, comment, reblog, and do as much as we can for the fandom writers.

Readers, LIKE AND REVIEW, if you enjoy something, leave something in return to the author. reblog their work saying “I enjoyed it thanks for working so hard on this story”. If the author have a donation page, donate him/her. if you can help recommending the works you love, do it. I draw for them, is at least what i can do. BECAUSE THEY INSPIRE ME EVERYDAY

sorry, that went more long as I expected. 

Thanks for your ask.

I think we’ve both grown up too fast but in this day and age, who am I to blame it on? All this shit feels dead wrong. I’m losing progress to a memory, wishing you and I could go back to washed dishes on a Sunday. Tossing soap and scratching floors and blowing speakers through the house. It wasn’t everything she wanted but enough to get her started on her checklist for tomorrow, bucket list it, keys and we’ll go. We both knew she worked so hard to keep you nestled in the nest but I’m not saying she pushed you but showed you wings and said this was home. Windows cracked just for the breeze of salty air and shaky seas. If I knew then what I know now, I think then I’d cut my own brow through the skin and to the skull, I hope you’re numb though you come home.
—  Stephenstilwell “Checklist for Tomorrow”
Something I’ll never understand is why loving someone could become so tragic.  I think the universe pulls two individuals together if they’re meant to be.  And when you end up finding that person destined to love you, you do everything in your power to keep them from escaping your life.  But sometimes it doesn’t work out in your favor.  The constant fighting, endless tears, and sudden miscommunication breaks people apart.  And there’s nothing you can do but watch them walk away and eventually find someone new.  Now you’re left alone, blaming the universe, wishing you could go back to the first day you met to avoid this fucking mess.  Unfortunately, that’s how the universe works.  And as long as we’re apart of it, we can’t escape the tragedy within.
—  Forever blaming the universe.

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OKAY IM A BIT CONFUSED SO I THOUGHT TAHT MEYBE U COULD CLEAR THING UP FOR ME ??? DOnt feel pressure tho u don't have to answer this. But ??? Is there going to be a new season of Tokyo ghoul this year???????????? And yuri too?? Cuz I saw your post and???? Jdkdkdk (sorry I'm shook )

nothing has been confirmed YET but the yoi author said “I have a lot of plans in the works with the director for next year… including the wish to create a sequel” and as for tokyo ghoul “Viz Media’s Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Hamric, confirmed that “Tokyo Ghoul” Season 3 is “coming shortly.” “Nothing that’s been recently released, but ‘One-Punch Man’ is coming back on with season two. There’s going to be another season of 'Tokyo Ghoul’ coming shortly. Later in the year, those would be the bigger releases on the anime side,”. take both of these w a grain of salt as they’re not OFFICIALLY confirmed

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I seriously meant how's life treating you... My phone is just an idiot. I don't know why they call them smartphones...

TBH it could be treating me better. Im working an underpaid and underappreciated job. For no reason now since im single. and i just wish i could do more content for you guys on youtube. but I can’t find the time with my work schedule but im trying 


AHHH I’m a little late to gamtav day, and I was going to write something longer than this (by a lot actually), but this is all I could manage.  Maybe I’ll finish it up later?  In any case, this will probably work for now.  Enjoy!


The days get to be a little motherfuckin’ long when your dad up and leaves for weeks like he’s about doing sometimes.  Or all the time, maybe, but that’s how he kicks the shit.  You can’t blame him for doing what’s gotta be done.  He’s got a mad carnival to run all over the motherfuckin’ country, spreading the wicked gospel what’s your birthright as his pious protégé.  You just wish being his pious protégé meant a little more spending time with the motherfucker and maybe traveling around with him now and then.  Instead, you got to be spending days all by yourself in your empty fuckin’ manor, slumping around with your faygo and the glue you sort of accidentally figured out made all life’s miracles a little more miraculous with some special breathing on it.  You don’t even know how long it’s been since he left.  It’s beginning to feel like longer than normal, but you can’t be sure on how long normal is normally, so you don’t think about it.  You sit outside in the courtyard, waiting to hear the car pull through the gate and looking at all the beautiful motherfuckin’ flowers what grow all over the place.

You’re all spacing the motherfuckin’ out when some sort of noise you aren’t used to be hearing comes over the courtyard wall.  Noise like what people make.  Talking.  Some people whose voices you don’t think you know are talking on the other side of your wall, which is an occurrence you’re not sure ever occurred before in your memory.  Your manor’s not all that close to no city or town, and there ain’t nothing but the sound of the sea around to keep you company most the time.  You lean forward, but not too much, since you’re feeling a little light about the head.  A new noise hits your ears, and the people on the other side of the wall start to sound like they’re laughing a little bit.  And, as you watch, this cute as shit motherfucker all dressed up in this gorgeous shade of green miraculously appears over the top of the wall, looking all like he’s got some crazy apprehensions about climbing shit, even though that’s exactly what he’s doing.  And the voices on the other side of the wall say something up at him just as he gets all perched up there like a pretty little tropical bird.  The motherfucker’s even wearing a feather in his hat.  Where’d he get that bitchtits outfit at?  He’s not like any other motherfucker you’ve ever laid your hazy fuckin’ eyes on before.  He says something down at the other voices like about how your garden is full of weeds and it looks like nobody’s been around for a while, which ain’t true at all, seeing as how you’re standing right the motherfuck here.  And you say so.  “Hey, motherfucker, I’m right the fuck here,” you say.

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I remember when I told my ex-boyfriend how many bodies I had, he told me I’m “lucky” he liked me so much because otherwise he would never be with me because of it. Meanwhile, he had 26 and didn’t think it was a problem.
I remember telling him how mostly all of my other boyfriends had cheated on me, and he said it was probably because I never spontaneously gave head.
I remember telling him how he was the cutest boy I had ever met, and he told me that he could do better and that I wasn’t normally his “type” but he was willing to give it a shot because he liked my tits.
I remember telling him how much he meant to me everyday and he said he blamed me for his two suicide attempts.
I remember telling him about how I liked that he went to the gym everyday and was into sports, and he told me he wished I worked out more because “it wouldn’t hurt anybody to loose a little weight.”
I remember everything about that relationship especially the feeling of his hands around my throat but dear god I fucking wish I could just forget.

I have a bit of an issue with stuff like, “if a media-creator only says that a character was meant to be gay after the fact, it doesn’t fucking count as representation.”

For sure, it can be a lazy cop-out, but it ignores cases where including openly-gay characters would have been career suicide and the creator could only safely reveal their intentions after the fact.

Like the Dumbledore case: yeah, there’s a chance it was just a cop-out, but the books were controversial enough in parts of America based on the spellcasting alone. And the late 90s/early 2000s had plenty of casual homophobia as a baseline already, I don’t blame J. K. Rowling for not making her job vastly harder.

Considering that the entertainment industry makes a fairly small number of staggeringly-expensive things that need to have broad appeal, I think they’ve been doing a pretty decent job of representation. For sure, there’s tons of work to be done, but I wish that blame could be assigned better.

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ten x rose, 9 please! :) i wish i could prompt all of them to you... you're so talented!! xoxo

#11 The One With Online Dating

2000 words, Teen, #9 - Meeting Online AU

This is so cracky and dumb, I can only apologize in advance. I am so sorry. Thank you gallifreyslostson for helping me with it. Share in the blame. You have to.

Something weird was going on.

Halfway through the day, the Doctor started receiving a lot of messages.

Odd… ones.

He scrolled through his inbox, perplexed. As he read each one, he became increasingly alarmed.

so how much bigger is it on the inside?

I think I need to work on my anatomy, Doc ;) ;)

Hi biggerontheinside, great username! Care to show me in person?

“What the hell?”

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Secrets & Lies

Matt woke before Lyza did. Judging by the amount of light in the room, the sun had risen about an hour or so earlier. He looked down at Lyza as she slumbered so peacefully in his arms. She was a lot more serene now than she had been before the verdict; and for that Matt could not blame her.

Careful not to wake her, Matt untangled himself from Lyza and headed in to the bathroom. Once he had done what he needed to do and watched his hands he headed out to the kitchen.

“You’re up early”, Lily said, a warm smile on her face.

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“I wish I could but work beckons. Coffee?”

“Yes, please.”

Lily poured Matt some coffee and he added some cream and sugar.

“How’s Lyza?”

Matt smiled. “Sleeping like a baby now that she knows she’s not going up the river.”

Lily chuckled softly. “I knew I slept better knowing that that wouldn’t happen, and I wasn’t even the one in jeopardy of going to prison.”

“Well, you’re a good friend.”

Lily beamed. “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“So, what are you and Lyza up to today?”

Matt took a sip of his coffee before answering.

“I actually have boxes of my parents stuff that I took from the house when they died. I haven’t gone through them, but I’m hoping that there’s something in their to prove or disprove Kate’s wild claim. Lyza is going to help me look.”

Lily looked thoughtful. They had told her briefly the night before what Kate had said after the trial. She wondered how far fetched the bitter lawyer’s words had been.

“I hope you find something that helps you figure it out”, she said as she set her empty bowl and coffee mug in the sink. “If you need any help, I’ll be glad to help you after work, or you can call if you need me to look something else up.”

“Thanks, Lily.”

“Not a problem. I’m here to help, especially the guy who makes my roomie so happy.”

Lily winked as she headed out.

“See you later, Matt.”

“Later, Lily.”

Matt listened to the sound of Lily’s heels against the linoleum tiles as she made her way to the door before the door opened, and closed, her key turning in the lock to lock it once again.

When she was gone, Matt got to work making Lyza and him some breakfast to go along with the fresh brewed coffee. He had no doubt that they would be in for a long day of searching through dusty old boxes.