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Hi Robin! I don't want to bother you but i just wanted to know which glitch things/overlays that you used in the Antisepticeye videos and where you got them other than cutting up the footage and repeating it, etc.. also I am highly inspired by your work and stuff! You do such an amazing job and I wish I could be good as you someday!

Well.. I didn’t really use any “glitch things/overlays” :P.. I used combinations of a custom green Lumetri colorgrade, sawtooth wave warp, time-remapping, color channels and blendmodes, all within Premiere. Well, and a “analogue noise”-video I made in After Effects, on top of some shots.

And then tracking and replacing the eyes with a black mask, and adding back in the reflections on top of that, also in After Effects, for a few shots :)

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This one's a bit horrible, apologies. It's for a horror story. So: if I were to take a human being --possibly a child or infant-- and break bones and allow them to reset badly, disjoint and twist joints, little by little, letting things heal wrongly, perhaps even cutting tendons, over time, just how much could I twist a person up and they'll still live and be able to move around some (pain is expected)? Could I get their head facing backwards? Horrible, I know. It's not a happy thought.

Your character probably couldn’t get the victim’s head on backwards. Playing with extending flexibility like that is grotesque but all well and good, except that by rotating the head that much you’d damage the spinal cord beyond repair. 

I wish I had  more details to give you on this one, but I just don’t have any hard evidence on how far this can go before it simply kills the victim or makes them completely immobile. Sorry! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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heey which placements do you wish you had and why? :D

I think a big one that’s been on my mind lately is 12th house placements. My 12th house is totally empty! Maybe I should be happy about that, but I’m drawn to the very spiritual and psychic connotations of having 12th house placements. Maybe that’s shallow, haha.

I also wish I had some kind of stellium. I’m a very balanced person, which should be a good thing, but my Grand Cross makes it hard to aim my energy in a particular direction. If I could pick a house in which to put my hypothetical stellium it would probably be… Maybe the 9th House, ruled by Jupiter.

Speaking of Jupiter, I just love Jupiter a lot… Maybe more Jupiter-Sun, Jupiter-Venus, Jupiter-Mercury aspects? But I’d need some more Saturn in there to anchor me down… But Jupiter has been transiting my Midheaven lately and I’m LOVING it. I wish I had it natally conjunct my MC!

More Venus aspects, too. I’m also kinda jealous of water & earth Venus people. I like being a Venus in Gemini but there’s something so romantic about people with earthy or watery Venus placements~

Oh, and Venus-Neptune aspects. That’s a big one. So dreamy.

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Hey there! At first I wish you good luck for your exams. 🤗 Maybe you could do fake texts with Yongguk when his mother is always sending you childhood pictures from him. I thought it would be kind of funny😄

MMHMM I like the way you think anon, thank you for the good luck!!❤️❤️❤️

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We Don't Talk Anymore - Chapter 4
By Organization for Transformative Works


[UNSENT Text to: Kara Danvers 9/27/16 1:03 PM] You look beyond beautiful when you play with your glasses.

[UNSENT Text to: James Olsen 9/27/16 1:31 PM] You always look so focused when you’re taking pictures. I wish I was as good as you with a camera so you could see what I see.

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Sea fam- one of my friends is doing really bad, no job and close to becoming homeless and really sick, and I can't help them. I can't. It nearly killed me last time I tried. I feel so bad but I can't. How do I live with that?

You tried. That’s enough. Sometimes that’s all that can be done. You put in the effort, you did what you could. You did good. Repeat that to yourself. Remind yourself. It will still hurt. You’ll still feel guilt, and wish you could help. And that’s okay. It’ll fade. It’ll be okay.

-Lou the Lobster


…So @jogress … I got a package today. :) It was ridiculously cheap and has English subtitles and every episode and everything. Wish they had gone with the basic version of Fourze on the cover, I really like the astronaut white look, but it’s still so cool to have. All the space and friendship you could want, (without the movies I mean) a wonderful lead who actually made me think about my morals in a good way, and two of the ladies seem Autistic coded and are very shippable. @akirakan @thefingerfuckingfemalefury @ayellowbirds look I’ve got the thing!

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someone write a 50′s AU where Levi’s a high school drop out who works as a mechanic at his uncle’s shop and Eren is a cute nerd with car troubles

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