i wish i could be there in person to shower you with a million birthday wishes

i love these questions okay
  • 1. what colors are in your room?
  • 2. who was your favorite school teacher?
  • 3. what are some passions of yours?
  • 4. when you drink coffee, do you like it black or with cream and sugar?
  • 5. are you self-conscious about anything? if so, what?
  • 6. do you have any tips for self-love?
  • 7. do you have any stuffed animals? Do you name them?
  • 8. do you like drawing or painting more?
  • 9. how do you sleep?
  • 10. what are some things that always make you smile?
  • 11. living in the city, mountains, small town, or out in the middle of nowhere?
  • 12. what's your dream house?
  • 13. how many pets do you wish to have?
  • 14. have you ever dyed your hair? do you want to? what color?
  • 15. what's your opinion on keeping a diary?
  • 16. what's your opinion on keeping an art journal?
  • 17. any art tips?
  • 18. talk about a moment where time stopped
  • 19. do you keep playlists for your music?
  • 20. is there anyone out there that you trust with your life?
  • 21. are you your number one priority?
  • 22. do you always type correctly or do you make millions of typos?
  • 23. recommend some music!!
  • 24. are your nails perfectly painted, chipped, or plain?
  • 25. do you believe in wishing on a shooting star?
  • 26. did you see the eclipse? describe it!!
  • 27. tell us what you love about nature
  • 28. who are you? describe yourself!
  • 29. what type of music do you like, and why?
  • 30. what's your favorite clothing store? why do you love it so much?
  • 31. thrift stores or name brand stores?
  • 32. do you like wearing your s.o clothes?
  • 33. when did you start tumblr? why did you decide to?
  • 34. what's your face care routine?
  • 35. freckles or dimples?
  • 36. name something you think should be banned from the universe
  • 37. tell us something you did as a kid that you loved
  • 38. mom or dad?
  • 39. do you buy expensive things just for the aesthetic or do you actually use everything you buy?
  • 40. tell us about something you're strongly opinionated about
  • 41. do you take peoples advice or do you have to figure things out yourself?
  • 42. bra or no bra?
  • 43. would you rather be cute or comfy?
  • 44. tell us about a moment in your life where everything went just perfect
  • 45. do you believe in anything? aliens? god? bigfoot?
  • 46. how much water do you drink a day?
  • 47. how do you feel about your natural hair?
  • 48. what does the sky look like right now? clear? cloudy? pink? blue? rainy?
  • 49. would you be a prince or a king? princess or a queen?
  • 50. tell us about your favorite outfit!
  • 51. name a few things you love about yourself
  • 52. are you open-minded?
  • 53. do you judge? could someone come to you in any situation they're in and you not judge them?
  • 54. do you like planning ahead?
  • 55. tell us how you feel about school
  • 56. talk about your first pet
  • 57. chocolate or strawberry milk?
  • 58. were you/are you in a fandom? if so, what?
  • 59. spotify, pandora, or itunes?
  • 60. favorite disney princess movie?
  • 61. favorite disney movie
  • 62. what's a subject that you think people don't talk about enough?
  • 63. how long does it take you to let your phone update?
  • 64. describe the fifth picture on your phone!
  • 65. favorite movie and why?
  • 66. do you watch studio ghibli? what's the first one you saw? what's your favorite one?
  • 67. you're home alone. describe how the setting is. music? what kind of music? tv on? what show?
  • 68. how often do you say "i love you"?
  • 69. do you have any weird things you obsess over?
  • 70. do you like being single or do you wish you had a partner?
  • 71. what's the last drink you had?
  • 72. talk about the easiest person to talk to
  • 73. give us some of your favorite blogs!
  • 74. if you could have one wish, what would it be?
  • 75. do you sing in the shower?
  • 76. how often do you shave? or do you wax? or do you not shave?
  • 77. tell us about a habit you wish you could stop
  • 78. do you listen to your own advice?
  • 79. do you love yourself? if not, are you trying to?
  • 80. tell us about your favorite halloween!! what did you dress up as? did you get a lot of candy?
  • 81. first memory that pops in your head, talk about it.
  • 82. how are you? what are you feeling? how has your week gone?
  • 83. rant.
  • 84. do you worry about something a lot? if so, what?
  • 85. do you think long distance works?
  • 86. would you date someone younger than you? older than you?
  • 87. name some people you'd love to meet
  • 88. what were some things you were scared of as a kid?
  • 89. tell us about your favorite birthday
  • 90. how is high school?
  • 91. tell us the worst pick-up line you've ever heard
  • 92. every been groped or catcalled? how'd it make you feel? what did you do?
  • 93. opinion of feminism?
  • 94. tell us about a time you got embarrassed
  • 95. ever had a pregnancy scare? tell us about it!
  • 96. tell us about your best friend
  • 97. what's your opinion on planning your life out?
  • 98. describe what you think afterlife is like
  • 99. talking on the phone or texting?
  • 100. how do you feel about the way most teachers treat students?
  • 101. what's a word you use more than others?
Pleasant Surprise

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language (as per usual), and Use of Alcohol.

Word Count: 2.6k+

A/N: In honor of a certain ray of sunshine’s birthday, I wrote this! Yes, it is platonic and not romantic. I hope you enjoy!  x. T

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Rome, Italy  |  7:13 P.M (19:13 P.M)

.    .    .

               You were laid out on your stomach across the white covers of your hotel bed, staring into the bright screen of your laptop. The browser was open on airline tickets and you were opting for the cheapest selection, though if you were being honest you really didn’t have to worry about the price, but good deals are good deals.

               It was pretty hard finding a decent seat on a plane the night before, but you booked one in the end, and right as you were entering your card information, your phone started buzzing next to the laptop. You scooped up the device and sat up, answering once you were settled against the headboard.

               “Hey, Seb.”

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My parents have been together for 25 years. That is so much of a life. You could fill a book with all of those years. They had my brother and me. They saw us both graduate from high school. They saw us off on our first day of college. Between those milestones–drivers’ licenses and packing school lunches and taking me to cheerleading practice and my brother to football and taking us to dances and barbecues and family reunions and Christmases and birthdays and long car rides and falling asleep on my father’s lap and letting my mother meticulously clean the cuts on my legs that I got from falling or playing too hard with my brother. How my parents always told my brother and me that we’re all each other really has. But I never thought that was true. My parents’ love was a lot of what we had. It was like a small sun, and my brother and I orbited around it, always warm. Our parents will be together forever, we always said, and we swore on it. We wore that promise like a shiny badge on our chests.

This morning, my mother knocked softly on my bedroom door. My brother wasn’t home. She told me to come downstairs. It wasn’t until I was sitting in the living room with my mom and dad that I realized she was trying to hold back tears. They said, “This is the hardest conversation we’ve ever had to have with you.” A million scenarios stretched out before me like long, winding roads. Selfishly, I could only think of things that had to do with me. My father started to cry. He never cries. He said, “Your mother and I are separating. We’re more than likely going to get a divorce.” I asked them, twice, “Are you serious?” My heart was blowing up like a balloon. I felt too big for my body. I felt together and separate from my parents. I saw myself in the living room, watching everything, apart from what was happening. I am 23 years old and I felt like a child. I wanted to climb into my father’s lap. I wanted to leave. He kept saying, “I hope I can still be your dad.” They said, “We really tried.” And I believe them. I said, “I get it. Sometimes love just isn’t enough.” Because it’s not. Because I’m 23 and my parents’ love is no longer something I can rely on. I have to take the badge off. The sun of their love becomes the red dwarf, or maybe a black hole. I am an adult. I understand. I am thankful that they were able to stay together this long. I am so very, very lucky. But I don’t know if I believe in promises anymore. They are things that break.

My dad asked me if I had any questions. I didn’t say anything for a minute, and then I told them I was going to take a shower. I sobbed all the way upstairs. I cried, and washed my hair, and cried, and washed my body, and cried, and scrubbed at my face until I felt raw. I put on my clothes for work. I looked at myself in the mirror. I cried some more. The sun was out today. It didn’t rain. The snow is melting. Spring refuses to be kept in a cage. 

Today, my parents, after 21 years of marriage, told me they are getting a divorce. They did not fight. There was no screaming or yelling. It was the most quiet thing. The trees are starting to bloom. I wish I was nine again. I wish I was in our old house. I wish the rain would come. I wish I was at my parents’ wedding again, cake smeared on my face, my dress. I wish I had stayed awake for the entire thing.