i wish i could be jehan


These have probably been done so many times before but here’s some dumb meme valentines I made last night. Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy!

Les Amis as things my friends have said

Enjolras - I’m here for dogs and communism
Combeferre - I really dig that nihilist humour
Courfeyrac - My gaydar is more on point than my jacket
Jehan - We have the cosmos in common
Joly - Be there or be square, because you’re not a-ROUND
Bossuet - I didn’t think he was gay, just really Canadian… not that that’s an issue
Bahorel- Nothing more manly than sucking another man’s dick
Feuilly - Poland wasn’t invented then
Grantaire - I wish I could put myself in the fridge and stop existing

Plus a couple bonus ones:
Cosette - The Virgin Mary really screwed me over
Marius - When I’m nervous I quote Scooby Doo, which is always
Musichetta - I thought I was happy inside, turns out I’m just warm
Eponine - I can’t deal with the patriarchy!
Montparnasse - A cad of the highest order
Gavroche - Goats are sheep that were never hugged as children

akigriffin  asked:

A very vague thing to throw at you to do with as you wish: Les Amis and Superheroes. (Which would be each's favorites, what would their super powers be/how would they use them, short snippet, whatevers)

Anon asked: I don’t know if you had talk about this before but in a Superhero AU whatpowers do you thinks les amis+ company would have?

Anon asked: Do you like marvel? If so or if you’re not too busy could I maybe get some les amis superhero headcanons?

Whenever I think of les Amis with powers, I don’t necessarily think Marvel? If anything, I think Misfits, in which the protagonists get powers after a weird storm and those powers reflect some of their traits. So let’s see:

  • Enjolras can literally charm people. He will bewitch them with his speech, his words, which is basically hypnotising them. He absolutely hates his power because he wants people to listen because they’re convinced and agree with him, not because they’re compelled to!
  • Combeferre has an unlimited memory and never forgets information, which makes him a breathing encyclopedia. In addition to that, he has a photographic memory, so the man ever forgets a thing, which is very convenient at times, very much not at other times
  • Courfeyrac is a natural charmer who can lie his way out of hairy situations. But not only can he lie extremely well, but people cannot lie to him. They’re physically unable to lie to his face. But as we know, some truths are better left untold…
  • Grantaire considers his power to be pretty useless. He can see people’s auras as glowing spheres. But his gift means he knows who the ill-intentioned people are. And there are a lot of ugly and vile souls out there, which made him lose faith in humanity with time. Only recently did he come across a good group of people and one bright golden soul…
  • Joly is a healer, but only through cure-all-kisses. He can heal his patients through his lips, which leads to some very ridiculous or inappropriate situations But he made an oath to help people in need of medical attention…
  • Bossuet spreads luck around, but never towards himself. It’s very inconvenient for him, and he’d have every right to be bitter about it, but he really isn’t. He’s simply happy to see the success around him and knowing he enabled that
  • Jehan is rooted in nature. And sure, that means they can make pretty flowers bloom at will, but they’re not just the pretty side of nature. They’re the sublime side of nature, mixing awe and fear, and provoking their anger is a very dangerous business
  • Feuilly can duplicate himself. It’s extremelly usefull, especially since he’s working several jobs and taking classes at university, so he can do everything at once. No more procrastination
  • Bahorel has herculean strength. He never hesistate to show it off, lifting people up, pulling cars behind him… He calls it his party trick, and he has enough biceps to make it pass as “he just works out a lot”

+And Co

  • Marius has the gift of invisibility. He often wished for that. He constantly thinks people are staring and mocking him and that he’d rather disappear to be left in peace. Careful what you wish for
  • Cosette is the light. The metaphorical light. She just shines on everybody’s best traits and qualities and makes them better people by just being in their presence
  • Musichetta is a clairvoyant, but it’s always too specific for her to act on it. She only sees snippets and the like, nothing she can interpret much, most of the time. She can predict Bossuet’s fits of bad luck though, that’s always that
  • Eponine’s anger makes her shift into a wolf. And she managed her anger very badly
  • Montparnasse is a power dealer. He can’t use any per say, but he can stock them and distribute them for a price, because even powers can become a lucrative business he can profit from