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Hello everyone! I noticed a lack of activity in my dash and especially, a slight change in the content of the people I follow so if any of you:

  • Have a blog that is focused on anime. Even better if it is a multifandom blog.
  • Post and reblog stuff of seasonal anime, which include old anime stuff.
  • Reblog content of these animes/mangas: jojo’s bizarre adventure, hunter x hunter, fullmetal alchemist, monogatari series, haikyuu!! or boku no hero academia.

Please reblog this post for me to check up your blog! I want to start following more people. 

★  Special bonus:

  • You make your own stuff (graphics and/or gifs).
  • We have similar tastes (animes, characters or shipping).
  • You are following me. *wink wink*

I would probably not follow everyone but I want to interact with people from different fandoms, chances of a follow back are very likely due to that. A tag system is not necessary because I myself have no a blacklist. Feel free to tell me what kind of content you post in the tags!

Do not reblog this if you:

  • Repost art or someone else’s stuff.
  • You are not related to anime/manga.

And for my mutuals, I would appreciate it if you could reblog this and help me ♥ ;)


💫⭐️Sasusaku travels early days✨🌙

~ignore sasuke’s massive hand, only realised how big it was after it was too late~

I would like to thank @arahir and @otasucc for the amazing content they provide. I wish I could offer something better, but for now this is all I can give. Season 6 was a blessing and so are you two 💖

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Oh my God it's finally happening! I hope beyond hope that your comic is successful, Hawker. I wish I could give you a ton of money over on Patreon, but I'm broke :(

Thank you! I really hope so too! It’s really hard to be known by your own original content, so I appreciate any type of support x3

 you don’t need to give me crazy amounts of money on patreon, a dollar is just enough, hell reblogs help a lot too, artists love reblogs. ~ helps to spread their art in the community 

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can you believe them? they're like an old married couple, just bickering and teasing and laughing with and at each other, it's adorable. that live show was domestic af, i love that they just spend 24/7 together and then they're planning what movies they're going to watch TOGETHER on the plane, disgusting

they’re so much to take in sometimes. important insights that this ls gave us: 

  • they are Professionals. dan begs someone to book them. i thought they were trying to move away from hosting gigs. interesting comment
  • dan tries to act like he just now switched to seeing fabrice for his haircuts even though it seemed like he’s been using him for a while now? why the evasion? ? ?unclear 
  • honestly the whole first 20 minutes were a fucking shitshow and i loved them. one second they were talking about haircuts. the next second, someone’s saying clean me daddy. then lambs coming out of furry wombs. then loins. pork loins. i don’t even know man. this is just like, typical evenings in the dan and phil house and i was actually laughing out loud so much. phil even interjected “can we calm down” at one point and i was legit in tears theyre just so naturally funny and good together pls
  • ‘dan looks like a meatball’ i was pissing myself
  • also phil comin in with the ‘beez in the trap’ interjection dan losing his shit… why are they so funny
  • the bIT WHERE THEY REMINISCED ON INTERACTIVE XMAS ADVENTURE aka that fresh 2009 young and in love “vintage content” oh my fuckin ,, they were both so immediately fond over it i was screaming and they are so correct. it is underrated Art and Filmmaking and whatever other bullshit dan wishes that dinof could be lmao
  • next dapg vid is club penguin, i have no feelings about this, i barely know what club penguin is and have never been on it in my life but whatevs, i’m sure it’ll be good
  • bees are attacking their house and also they are good and fluffy teddy bears that need to be protected i love this
  • they kept saying “we don’t have a pet” and i wanted to die at the casual joint adoption of a pupper they kept alluding to. also dan said “we don’t have a life” when talking about making small talk with fabrice and that was Too Much
  • both of them dragging each others’ scents of choice (lemon humidifier vs. adventure in a can) was some top content™ 
  • all of their squabbling over opinions on things, esp that riverdale bit, damn can they chill 
  • YES the fact they’re planning movies to watch on the plane based on ones they haven’t seen (together) yet,,, too cute. i’m excited they want to see moana and hidden figures obvi
  • speaking of which, that bit when phil was talking about dan holding up popcorn in front of his face for minutes on end to avoid trailers. oh my god hahahaha. phil didn’t spell this out but i can literally picture his secondhand embarrassment so vividly he was probably hating his life in that moment and i’m laughing at dan giving no fucks at all 
  • dan keeps making little side comments about being busy w things, about doing some stuff, and phil pointedly seems to ignore all of them and that is Interesting
  • they’re also being hella vague on when they’re actually leaving to australia and notably left out that they’re going to hong kong beforehand (and maybe other places that they’re not telling us!) but they also made sure to communicate that they’re gonna be a bit absent in the coming weeks (phil said “our schedules will be a bit dodg” lmao) 
  • andrew garfield suffering is dan’s kink

I’m updating the prices on my art commissions, so here we go. If you want to see more examples of my art, click [here] to browse my art tag.

Normal Style
Bust = 15$
To mid-thigh = 20$ 
Whole character = 25$
With more complex background = +15$ 
+Character = +15$

Cartoony style
Bust = 10$
To mid-thigh = 15$
Whole character = 20$
+Character = +10$


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congrats on not making everyone in your story transphobic but its still kinda fucked up that youre 1. only listening to anons that may or may not be trans, instead of trans people that actually come off anon and 2. constantly writing the kids being beat to hell and back over and over again like thats your only plot to the story. not to mention you did work with buchiparty who is known for making nsfw art of the kids 🤔🤔🤔 wish i could still enjoy your comics and art but not any more

hey so, first off an apology, well, two, first one is that i’m closing my ask box for the time being cause i can only handle so much of this, you feel me? second is that i wasn’t aware that they made nsfw content, until now, contrary to what it might seem, i’m not very active.. in this fandom. beyond my own work. maybe i should have researched them more? before including it? i dont know. 

now that that’s out of the way, your assumption that the only people i have talked to about this have been through anon on tumblr is flawed, that is not the case, those are the ones you see, because i dont post non-anonymous asks, or because the conversations have been private or not on tumblr at all. not that that really matters to you, but i feel like it’s a point i should make. maybe i’m getting overly defensive. i dont know. 

uhh thirdly, i guess i do write them getting into fights a lot? i think most of my stories are just talking tho, more than any actual plot it’s just people saying stuff, so. that’s my opinion. and you’ve got yours. 

i have a third apology i guess, and that’s for continuing to drag this stuff out, i’m sure you’re sick of drama on here, and so am i


Mine to Protect

So me and @alicedragons did a collab, as you can see. My part isn’t as great as hers, but I had a lot of fun doing it :D So, please go read the fic part to this collab if its something you are interested in (I also recommend it because its a good read, and really well written. Edgelord and Rus are great in it <3333 and it’s just so good. Also, It will provide context for this comic XD but hopefully it isn’t too hard to understand). I will post the tags for it here, but there is also tags on the post, so be warned.

Tags: Explicit sexual content, Collaring, Possessiveness, Dom + Bottom Edge, Sub + Top Rus, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff

Check out Alice’s AMAZING part here!!!!

I’m starting the Queen’s Thief Reread Extravaganza in preparation for the release of Return of the Thief! I wish I could say that I’ll post fan art every week, but I know I won’t have the time and my non-QT followers would probably riot if I did. So for now I just have to be content with wearing this shirt (you can check out the whole saga of me making it for YallFest last here on this master post).


Hello everyone 💕

So this is it, I’m leaving in vacation for two weeks ^v^
I go visit my bro in the south of France this week and the next I’ll spend more time in the region in a holiday cottage :) 

I may have some co the first week, but no wifi for the 2nd :p
So please forgive me to not reply to messages meanwhile///////// and I won’t certainly post a lot or at all.

Concerning my blog activity, my queue will still be running, but I have to slow it down so it could cover those weeks (like 10+ posts per day). There’ll be as usual reblogs from other artblogs but also some reblogs of older posts of mine.
I still hope you’ll be able to enjoy the content/////

Anyway, I wish to everyone a very nice summer!!
I’ll try to share pics of my vac eventually when I’ll come back :)) 

Love you all, see you!!!

PS : you may have seen my signal boost about promoting arts those last days.

Some artists sent me some of their works that will be released from my queue randomly those next weeks. 

I really hope you’ll enjoy those as I did and give them support :D <3

Damn you, Square Enix. I just love these good, wholesome boys so so much. Literally, I wish these guys could have lived on together and just be the comfy OT4 that I love.

This was basically just a practice of drawing the Chocobros because I want to do more FFXV content. 

…And to answer your question before you ask: Prompto is my favorite and my shipping bicycle. Also, yes, I ship the bros together.

A messy late birthday gift for @vargrimar , Junkrat getting tired of formal attire he’s ready to go home  

wish i knew it was your birthday sooner so i could have done this earlier and given it to you on your actual birthday but oh well 

any way its late for me  so goodnight and my vacation days are over so you might see less content for a wile but i hope this is okay ;0 and enjoyable for now ;)

“I wish I could have known you.”

An AU where a fragment of Zarkon’s personality is trapped on the astral plane and the Black Lion facilitates a relationship between the two paladins…

Featuring Shiro’s patented Shoulder Hand™. It’s my @galrasecretsanta gift for @xblackpaladin!!! An awesome creator of quality Galra content <3 I hope you like it!