i wish i could be back to that

Can Square do this please, A Birthday DLC for Noctis, going back in time to just before Noct’s 20th birthday:

  • Set in Insomnia
  • New outfits for the bros
  • You get to explore the Citadel
    • See Noct’s room, Ignis’ office, Regis’ office, etc
  • Walk around downtown Insomnia
  • Fishing/sparring contest against Gladio/Nyx/Cor/Clarus
  • Photography contest & Arcade hopping with Prompto
  • Mini missions:
    • Find Ignis in the Citadel and inadvertently help him collect ingredients to make a cake (which eventually is your birthday cake, new recipeh yo);
    • Meet up with Nyx to pick up your “Star of Lucis” car from Audi - Insomnia;
    • End the DLC with a party in Noct’s apartment, everyone is there: Iris, Nyx, Libertis, Crowe, Umbra, Ignis, Gladio, Cor, Clarus, Prompto, and Regis comes to gift Noct with the Engine Blade
    • At the end they all sing “Happy Birthday” to a really embarrassed Noct
I really wish we could explore more of the tardis

I mean, all we ever see is the control room and maybe a couple of corridors. I really want to see the library how big it is how many books?; the kitchen, what type of cooker does it have, how many fridges?. I also really want to see how these rooms are affected each regeneration do they change?
Because for all we know there could be a 2k rowing lake back there and we wouldn’t have a clue!

I need help once again

I’ve got my passport. I have a place to stay for a month max. The problem is unexpected expenses.

My friend in Guam wasn’t expecting to have to pay for some things and I now need to help raise at least 500 if I’m going to make it over there by april. The only other option I have is homelessness. 

The transitional housing I was supposed to get has a waiting list of 6 months, and I have no other back up plan. Everything is riding on me moving to Guam.

It’s no exaggeration when I say I will not survive being homeless. My mental instability will not let me. I’m in no state to try and survive that way. I don’t even know if I’ll have foodstamps next month. 

I desperately need help and wish I didn’t have to ask. If you could donate, commission or spread the word I will be eternally grateful. Thank you

(I was gonna answer a few asks tonight but I am currently half asleep and still need to cook my lunches for the work week, two days late, so I’ll just mention here that I got good asks today and I’m sorry for the delay but will be back to answer them soon <3)

(ALSO the first Hunger Games AU chapter is about halfway done and if I have two more good writing days it could conceivably be posted as soon as Thursday night!! wish me luck~~)

I have stanned BAP since their debut, and I remember when they went away I felt my world crashing. I was just praying that they weren’t going to disappear like 2NE1 for 2 years. I’m glad BAP came back, I wish 2NE1 could’ve done the same, but man am I glad as hell that BAP is back. I remember when, while they were MIA, Zelo dropped No Title. That shit was my jam man. I’m glad now I get to listen to them all again, I’m glad I get to see them trending again, I just wish some of those fans from the beginning stuck around, because getting to see them rise up again is one of the best feelings ever.

small drabble

bucky held her hand as she spoke, her eyes shinned and sparkled and her smile was wider than anything he’d ever seen. her feet moved quickly as if she were a child jumping up and down after being told they were going to disney world. his heart nearly melted at the thought.

“oh, bucky! you would of loved it!” she said as she turned her body, so she was able to see him fully. “you think, doll?” he asked, a small smile playing at his lips. her lips tilted upward again as she sat down fully back into the car door. “I do! oh, it was so amazing! the way the balloons were hung and the way everything looked! the food was so amazing and I wish you could of been there.” she basically squealed out, “and that’s not even the best part!” she paused to let him reply.

“what was the best part?” he asked shortly, “I got to wear a pink dress! it was so pretty, you should of seen it!” he chuckled, his lips only slightly moving upwards. “you’re adorable, princess.” he said, she smiled. “I’m not your princess,” she stated looking at him with wide eyes, “I’m your queen.” she had every ounce of confidence she could muster up to tell him, he just laughed. “you are, doll.”

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Hi! So to you how would the perfect scenario of bellarke first kiss look like?

Oh man. I don’t know, anon! There’s so many different ways it could go. D: I really want it to be a soft and tender yet passionate and emotional kiss, that’s my biggest hope. I’m also such trash for the “girl kisses guy, freaks out, turns away to leave, but guy grabs her by the waist and pulls her back and kisses her with all the love in the world” that I can’t help but wish this for Bellarke. It would be SO THEM. I would literally die. 

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talk to us about you but like more off-tumblr thing i guess?¿ you look so nice idk

uhh i don’t know what to say

frank is not my birth name

wolf is not my last name

i was born in croatia

i do not live in my hometown anymore, i am 200 km away from it and i hate it i wanna go back home

i hate the sea.

i don’t want to die in the god forsaken town

i like forests.

my childhood was great. wish i could go back to having friends and being in a dance group.

hate my teenage years. it’s when shit went down completely. you wouldn’t believe it but the day shit got really fucked was 21.12.2012

i like to give other people hope cause i believe everyone deserves a chance…except me cause i’m shit

i adore cats.

i believe in magic

and i don’t know what else to say

@anon is this the type of answer you wanted. if not pls send some questions, i will gladly answer

Moana is a train wreck compared to Zootopia and Big Hero 6. The main problems is the incredibly boring and predictable protagonist, Moana herself, and basically the same problems as Frozen. We’re rushed in with no time to get to know these characters with fast-pace action and songs from out of nowhere. There is no emotional resonance like with BH6 or gripping reality you can relate to like in Zootopia. I’m glad a lot of people get something out of it, but I wish I could get my money back.

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I have a terrible and impossible crush on a youtuber and it kills me every single day. I feel that I missed a chance to at least be friends, because I'd talked to him before he got popular, but I liked him then too and I let my anxiety get the best of me and shut down, now it's too late and I really wish I could go back in time tbh I was so stupid.

that sucks. im not really one to develop a serious youtube crush so i dont know how to help sorry

- tell me a secret on anon

i wish my daddy didn’t have to wake up at 4-5 am monday-saturday for work. sometimes he wakes me up with the noises he makes in the bathroom getting ready and it makes tears drop from my eyes. i always watch his van drive out of the neighborhood through my blinds and blow him exactly 3 kisses and wish him a great day and a safe drive on the road to and back. been doing that for 12 years and he doesn’t even know it. i’ve lost so many close loved ones to death. i always think about the fact that my family won’t be here forever. i wish i were smarter or brighter or not chronically sick so i could make a bajilliongazillion dollars and sweep my parents off their feet away to a beautiful home where they never have to put health over working to survive ever again like they truly deserve. i’d sell my one and only soul for it. they love me infinitely and they aren’t immortal and they are so tired.

Do you ever wish that you could relive a certain night or memory? There’s a few nights I wish I could have back just to enjoy laughing like that for a couple more hours.

I hate being queerbaited. It hurts. We were promised a Sanvers centric episode but of course we didn’t get one. We should know better by now, honestly. We’re just props to them. It’s not fair. I wish I could go back to before I realized I was gay. It hurt a lot less and I could actually enjoy shows. I’m in so much pain. I live with a homophobic bitch of a mother and this was my one escape. I give up. I’m not going to torture myself any more. I’m done with this show. I tried to overlook all of its problems because i was desperate for representation. But I can’t anymore and I have to give up the one escape I have. Life sucks. It was so much easier when I thought I was straight.

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I think I'm pathetically in love with the guy I lost my virginity to. He is kind but he doesn't want me. He's taking up everything in my mind and it's not fair. When I'm drunk I just want to be with him and I think he feels sorry for me. I want to not care about him anymore and I don't want to feel embarrassed or pitiful anymore.

Oh nonny, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. I’m not sure how old you are, and I know how overwhelming being in love can be–and how irrational it can make your thoughts and actions–but if there’s one piece of advice I wish I could go back and give bb recently deflowered Holly it would be to not waste my time dwelling on someone who doesn’t feel the same way about me that I feel about them. 

I know that’s so hard to do though because, again, love is irrational and agonizing, but I’ll just tell you what my mom always tells me when I’m feeling hopeless: this too shall pass. One day you will look back on this period of your life and wonder why you were so in love with this person to begin with. I’m basically the worst with love advice, and these days I don’t dabble in relationships at all because romance, other than the fictional, has lost its appeal for me, but I do hope this gets easier for you soon, and that you can take some time to reflect on your own worth and what it is that I know you deserve. You’re stronger than you realize nonny. <3

I read someone mentioning they wished Anna could have a do over wedding now that the Duggar’s have money. I honestly don’t think it would matter if she got married today or when she did. The Duggar’s had TLC money even back then. TLC paid to finish the house and Furnish it they sent Michelle to Klinefeilds for her vow renewal dress. Anna’s wedding was the way it was because the Bride’s parents are expected to pay, I don’t think it will be any different for any future Duggar boys who marry.
Great Escape

Author: Deanthewarrior
Dean x Reader
Sam and Castiel were trapped in a different dimension, and they could never return. Dean was all alone, except… you were there.
Words: 1,570
Warnings: ANGST, major character loss, fluff.

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