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I get two types of aggro in game :v

I know and believe that I use Lucid Dreaming properly and I know how to rely on my regens and plug them at the right time but…. sometimes I wonder why I would get aggro for a few seconds or something from bosses in raid. I’d like to blame Cure3—

Maybe it depends on the tank cuz some get to hold aggro for a while while others would lose it enough for me to take tankbusters/mechanics <_> Maybe the tank wants to DPS or stance dance, but sometimes WHM heals seem too potent to rip aggro? egh–

I haven’t spent much time looking into the science of me ripping aggro accidentally/being second in aggro for some mechanics that require both tanks to be top 2 in enmity. I wish I could do more about it than pulling back on heals a bit, hitting Lucid Dreaming very early while my MP is almost still full… wait… that just sounded like there’s nothing I can do much after all OTL I’ve never tanked end-game raids so I wouldn’t feel what kind of solutions could solve this issue… Shirk? Smokescreen? Sometimes Provoke isn’t fast enough either cuz it snapshots the aggro pretty early on mii..

But yea… sometimes aggro is ripped early on in the fight before Lucid is used for mana… so Lucid Dreaming ends up being an aggro reset instead of a mana refresh buff? ’-’) Is this a proper use of Lucid Dreaming?

Just like my Shoeshine comic about Rescue, don’t take the context… rather, mechanic, of this comic too literally. It’s technically Ahk Morn in that EX trial I think? ’-’)\

Also, those are the two tanks and monk in my static >u<9 acting out the scenario~

uguu… I have a migraine irl (/>_<)\ but I wanted to finish this comic. Taking a second look, the colors and lines on this piece look more rage-y but alas~

I wanted to do my weekly Rabanastre run but my head is pounding /u.u)\

Owell… maybe nex timeu..
I hope you all are enjoying 4.1 cuz I sure am! \n_n/

I wish that I could turn back time
‘cause now all the guilt is mine
can’t live without
the trust from those you love
I know we can’t forget the past
we can’t forget love and pride
because of that, its killing me inside

It all returns to nothing, it all comes
tumbling down, tumbling down,
tumbling down
it all returns to nothing, I just keep
letting me down, letting me down,
letting me down
It all returns to nothing, it all comes
tumbling down, tumbling d

if you see this post a snippet of your wip !!!!

Living without Louis was like living without his heart because that’s what Louis did. He took his heart and kept it to himself while he strolled around London. It was a lesson in patience mostly and Harry had learned to live without a heartbeat, but in all seriousness it was only bearable because Louis kept his promise; he visited every weekend he could even if he had obligations and even when he got made fun by his other mates for going back home like he was a married man.

(“Doesn’t that bother you?” Harry asked when Louis told him the story. They sounded like dicks, but Louis just laughed and shook his head.

“I wish I was married to you,” Louis said, as easy as breathing, and Harry’s heart stuttered in his chest, mouth going dry because they had talked about it. How could they not? Every since they met they realised this was forever, but to hear the words fall from Louis’ mouth like it meant everything to him made Harry crumble and melt until all that remained was a mess of a human who’s love spilled out for everyone to see. “They’re just a bit stupid. They don’t know how wonderful having someone to love is.”

And then Harry captured Louis lips in his and they didn’t speak for the rest of the night.)

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Ricochet Part 21


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A/N: I felt like this talk would need to happen before Bucky could feel happy about going back into the ice. Lets hear it for the penultimate chapter!

Any comments or feedback you have is always welcome!

Warnings: Some revelations about Simon? Is that a warning? Swearing as standard, nothing else really.

Word Count: 2644

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anonymous asked:

Why is she suddenly doing all this tho?! She literally spent 5 months not doing a thing. Tammy was doing it all to keep the farse up. But now she's back, posting pics of the kid, changing her bio so everyone knows she's the mother of Louis Tomlinsons kid... Why this now?! JLY isn't even an official single and Louis isn't doing promo. So she's not taking advantage of that. If that was the reason she could have done it during BTY promo... I don't get it

I wish I knew. I can only hope this will lead to something good for once.


Lip: Mrs Whitaker, I uh…I need some advice.

Mrs Whitaker: Well, Chin, I have five minutes before I need to nap, but I suppose if you make it quick…

Lip: Okay, um…When Mr Whitaker died, it was out of the blue too, wasn’t it?

Mrs Whitaker: Well yes, heart attacks sometimes happen that way. You know, that’s why my darling Ramona wants to qualify as a heart surgeon. Such a heart of gold, my daughter…

Lip: Right, but that aside, did you cope? You and Ramona? Did you cope after you lost him, did you wish that you could have him back?

Mrs Whitaker: Well, Nostril, of course I did, but we coped. It was hard going for a while, but Ramona proved herself just as resilient as I, despite only being twelve years old at the time. We picked ourselves up, we lent on each other and we carried on. I know that my darling Thomas will be waiting for me on the other side when it is my time to go, but he wouldn’t have wanted to come back and wait around for me. It wouldn’t have been fair for him to watch me galavant around being human. I wouldn’t want that for him. 

Lip: Is there…is there not a part of you who thought him selfish to leave when he had you and Ramona? He missed out on so much…

Mrs Whitaker: I was angry, of course I was, but not at him. He didn’t choose to die. Lip, darling, are you okay?

Lip: Huh? Oh…yeah. Just fine. 

Godtier Equius Who Misses His Nepeta Playlist

Gone Away - Safetysuit:

I think about you / And all of the times that we shared / And oh what a wonderful pair 

Woke Up Faded - Alan Walker + Jon Bellion Mashup:

Last night I woke the fuck up / I realized I need you here, as desperate as that sounds

Quiet - Lights:

I’m not yours, and you’re not mine / But we can sit and pass the time / No fighting wars, no ringing chimes / We’re just feeling fine

Where Did You Go? - Ashley Parker Angel:

I wish I could go back, / And be with you again. / ‘Cos there’s so many things I should have said, / When I had you listening.

Run to You - Pentatonix:

But your heart drifted off, like the land split by sea. / I tried to go, to follow, to kneel down at your feet.

I Wouldn’t Mind - He is We:

Carefully we’re placed for our destiny / You came and you took this heart, and set it free

[@tomsteapot, art found here]

How come no one talks about @taylorswift “Sweeter Than Fiction”??? Like Taylor has been through hell and back and now has sooooooooooooo much happiness now. “Wish I could make it better, someday you won’t remember, the pain we thought would last forever and ever” and then the swifties as “there you’ll stand ten feet tall, I will say "I knew it all along”“ BECAUSE SWIFTIES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR TAYLOR AND SHE NOW HAS HER HAPPINESS AND IM CRYING RIGHT NOW

My college choir got accepted into Disney’s Candlelight!

Candlelight is this prestigious thing at Disney World where choirs get to sing for guests at holiday time. You wear a robe and hold a candle and it’s Disney so it’s gotta be magical. (I wish there was a stars for eyes emoji.) And THEY PAY for you to go. I think there is a plus one ticket but I’m not sure so i’ll ask the teacher today. I would really love if my boyfriend could come. After you sing you get to play in the park. So it’s gonna be dope. We don’t know when in December we will go; we gave them 3 possible days and they will get back to us. So yay!

I had an opportunity to go to Candlelight once but i couldn’t go. That time i was in high school and was practicing with USF’s choir (there were a bunch of us high school kids) and my dad couldn’t drive me to Orlando from Tampa.

But this time im going! And i’m 21 so i can basically do anything i want. (And no, i don’t want to drink or anything so don’t ask.)

I’m excited and nervous. 😅

Give Away Winners

After all the delays, I am now happy to announce the winners to my first give away! First of all I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for entering this give away! I appreciate it. I wish I could choose everyone, but I could only choose five winners. If you didn’t win, I will definitely be doing more give aways in the future, maybe when I reach a milestone or something so keep your eye out for that! <3

as a gift to everyone who follows me, I will be checking out blogs and following back! all you have to do is reply to this post OR send me an ask with your url and I will check your blog out :) once again, thank you! 

The winners and their prizes are under the cut:

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I know that I don’t tell you how much I love you and appreciate you as much as I should. Lately things have been hard. Distance has been hard, communicating has been hard and it seems as if every obstacle on earth is always thrown at us, but we never give up. Since June 11th, 2016 we have always found a way to push threw, whether that involves breaking up to find ourselves and getting back together or just breaking down crying with each other. The point is we always found a way. We have always found a way. There is no one else I’d rather team up with than you. You are my soulmate, you are what gives me hope everyday. You have so much passion and love and joyfulness that I want to share with the whole world. I wish I could be have the person you are. I love every inch of you and I always will no matter how tough things get. I will always push through until we reach our beautiful love story at the end. I love you so much and I hope this makes your day a little better and please always remember, you have and will forever have the key to my heart baby ❤️🌈😘 @ostkuste17


I feel this connection to her that I can’t explain.

“Ah, sorry, I’m not much of a dancer.” Prompto mumbled to his feet after he once again stepped on the prince of Lucis’ toes. 
“Could have fooled me,” Noctis smiled warmly, pulling Prompto closer, “Do they not have balls in Niflheim?” 
Prompto paused, his face falling slightly as he lowered his gaze to the floor “Well…ah, no. Not really.” 

Insomnia welcomes Niflheim into their kingdom will a ball, and although Noctis usually hates any kind of social event, surprisingly this one has become a little more interesting. Another scene I had in mind for my Niflheim prince Prompto AU. I’m planning on drawing a few more things because I’ve received so much encouragement, I hope y’all like angst, cause thats where this AU is headed.