i wish i could be back to that


At frickin’ last, here’s the celebratory… sequence!
I never told you I know how to use After Effects, right? (>ᗜ<) I wish I could post this video in glorious 720p but what I’m going to do ¯\_(^‿^;)_/¯ 

Anyway, it’s amazing how far we’ve come, like… incredibly far.
I still remember when I decided to make an ask blog ‘cause that was the trend back in 2012. I thought my blog would fade away along with the rest of unsuccessful ask blogs, but to my surprise, you loved this blog so much some people still begged me to reopen this blog long after closing it. This shows me I’ve created something worthy, and all of you followers are also proof of that.

So, again, thanks a lot. Every one of you is precious, even if you think you aren’t. ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*:・゚✧

NWTB song asks
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Salvaged:</b> is there anything that you lost that you wish that you could bring back?<p/><b>Mangled:</b> has there ever been a time in your life where you did something  incredibly dangerous? If so what was it?<p/><b>Dawn of the third day:</b> is there something happening soon that you are excited about?<p/><b>No more:</b> has there ever been a time where you were so fed up with a person that you didn't even want to acknowledge them?<p/><b>Monster inside:</b> do you ever feel like you become a different person when a certain event happens?<p/><b>Hold on to you:</b> is there a person in your life that you wish would come back?<p/><b>Nightmare:</b> do you have more dreams or more nightmares?<p/><b>Misty:</b> what is your favorite pokemon starter?<p/><b>Same old forest:</b> do you like your hometown?<p/><b>Far away:</b> do you ever wish that you were somewhere else?<p/><b>Lullaby:</b> do you consider yourself a hero or a villain?<p/><b>Hero of our time:</b> if you were a superhero/villain what powers would you have/want?<p/><b>Time to go:</b> how long do you normally sleep for?<p/><b>Twisted:</b> do you ever feel like you're in a different place/world when things feel odd?<p/><b>Grounded:</b> have you ever gotten into a fight before?<p/><b>Drowning:</b> do you ever feel stuck with your life?<p/><b>Shell:</b> do you like who you are?<p/><b>Hands of a thief:</b> have you ever stole something?<p/><b>The evil king:</b> is there someone in your life who thinks that they are more superior?<p/><b>Promise me:</b> tag a mutual and tell them what you would give them as a gift!<p/><b>Ashes:</b> do you ever feel like you have enough power to control the world?<p/><b>Dead silence:</b> do you ever get extremely violent?<p/><b>Unaligned:</b> do you ever feel like you don't fit in?<p/><b>Blood and ink:</b> do you like to make art?<p/><b>Enjoy the show:</b> who is your favorite FNAF character?<p/><b>Home:</b> what makes you feel comfortable and safe?<p/><b>This is the end:</b> what is your biggest fear?<p/><b>The finale:</b> is there a show that you loved that isn't on anymore?<p/><b>Branded:</b> do you ever feel to weak to do anything?<p/><b>Stoprewind:</b> would you rather go to the future or the past?<p/><b>Live long enough to be the hero:</b> who is your favorite super hero<p/><b>To the ends of the earth:</b> where is your dream vacation?<p/><b>Heroes never die:</b> do you get sick often?<p/><b>Perfect by design:</b> do you feel out of place when out in public?<p/><b>Id love to break it to you:</b> if you had one thing to say to your ex what would it be?<p/><b>All I see:</b> would you get back with your last ex?<p/><b>We are ignited:</b> do you sometimes feel like you should disappear?<p/><b>Sandcastle kingdoms:</b> do you feel like you have true friends to stick by you in times of need?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

I love my green cheek conures so much but to be honest? i wish someone had told me what great pets chickens and pigeons can be. if i could go back i probably would have adopted a pidge or chicken instead. 

 more people should be aware of the benefits of adopting a domesticated bird like a pigeon or chicken rather than just go for an exotic and demanding parrot imo


I ate like a crazy person yesterday.
I pretty literally ate almost 1k calories in brownie and then went after some Cheez it’s and Naked popcorn. I blame hormones, lol.
But I count calories good or bad and it’s pretty interesting to see what I can pack away when I’m in one of those moods. And then today! Omg today I am loaded with stamina! I honestly could’ve just walked/ran/trotted forever, but kids and stuff. Still wish I made it to 50k steps, but I’ll get there!
Side note: You can eat like a crazy person every now and then and still lose weight. It’s just important to tighten back up and get back into your better eating habits right after.

Tonight I made my favorite go to meal since the kids went with grandma to dinner and Paul had to go to bed at 5:30pm. It’s nothing special I warn you, it’s just my giant salad with chicken. There is also tomato, celery, carrots, mozzarella, green snap peas, and I smash tortilla chips on top because I want the salty crunch sometimes. 🤗

Oh yeah! Bought a thick yoga mat the other day to get back in to that. It’s been… years. But my lower body is in great need of the flexibility!

I don’t know why I’m getting so emotional, but never let anyone make you forget your self worth or your respect for yourself. Weither you make mistakes or not it’s not a person’s place to decide your worth. You can’t make everyone happy, but you shouldn’t suffer in silence and sacrifice you’re own happiness. We all make mistakes and we all make choices that we sometimes wish we could take back because we’re human. No one on roleplay or Tumblr is higher than that. We all are learning and on a journey to better things and if we stop loving ourselves and taking care of each other it will be a very lonely path to the future. Take care of each other and lift people up because you never know the story behind the person on the computer. You can be a light to someones dark day and I think that’s the most beautiful thing you can ever desire to be.

So I've been thinking about being totally trash-tastic

And writing a choose your own, type story.

Like. Maybe something back from my Quizilla days. (Good lord I wish I could forget those days)

Anyways how would y'all like a well written “night in heaven” type story with soooo many endings. I’m talking all of the team (including the egos), jack, felix, danny, Arin, etc.

I’m very tired, so this idea may sound much cooler in my head. Send me your thoughts though!


Today has been a lovely! We went for brunch (I got a classic beans on toast ;)) then popped into school to check some stuff with teachers about when we finish study leave etc. Then we broke into our drama classroom (well we went in through the fire exit door lol) and when our teachers came back we sat in there and talked to them for awhile about exams being over and life in general and it’s SO HOT HERE IN THE UK TODAY it’s 24°C and beautiful and everyone’s in a good mood and I wish days could always be like this

“ I love TF2 but even though I left it for Overwatch I still can’t help but feel there’s a hole in my heart. TF2 left a hole much like Tribes: Ascend did. Don’t get me wrong I wish I could enjoy TF2 still but after nearly a decade but I just got burnt out by it and by everything technical about it, so many ideas half-implemented by Valve and forgotten, so many dedicated projects on TF2 which suddenly stopped. I want to go back but I just can’t. I’m just stuck vying for the good old days of TF2. :(


Jesus Christ you guys!!! Thanks so so so much for the love and support. We really enjoy doing this and I promise it’ll get back to being regular. 💗💗 Hope you guys have an awesome day. I’m talking to daddy about doing some things for 10,000 of you guys, something small. I wish we could do a giveaway but that can’t happen just yet. If you have any idea, let us know! ☺️💗 -Both of us


Yo I just back on to watch the stream and saw people like this person still hating on Amy. Like wtf. People was commenting that we love Amy. Me as well.

I feel ya fam. I was thinking the same thing. Mark has a life outside of YouTube videos, and Amy makes him very happy. I wish everyone could see that but you’re always gonna get those mega fans that think they know everything about his/their lives and it’s just really sad.
My Lovely Followers/Family

{My beautiful friends and family… I am so sorry this took so outrageously long to post. I’ve been gone for a while, and I hate to make excuses… but I must give my reason. There has been some horrible shit going on. And my attention has been needed. When I have the chance to breathe, I sleep because I don’t know how to handle what has been thrown at me on a daily basis. Mind you all, I am twenty years old.

I don’t want sympathy or the like. I’m strong. But my activity, as of when I come back, will vary. I truly love you all so much. I miss you all. I wish I could be on more. Thank you for sticking with me. I’m not dead yet.}

I’m back and READY TO RUMBLEE tbh not really I have a lot to do within the next two months before college. Not looking forward to those doctors appointments, might try to get a therapist too- idk. Plus my parents put our dog down two days before I was supposed to get home from Chicago and tbh I wish they had waited so I could have said goodbye to him… BUT OH WELL I GUESS.

Gonna try and get to some replies today. Like this post if I owe you one or you want to start an RP with me at some point.


she was right