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So last night, I got this awesome surprise.  An generous anon sent me a link to this, art based off my The Empress’s Tears fanfic that they made.

The original source of it can be found here

It’s so pretty!  I love the outfits, the colours and Keith looks so cute as an Altean.

I got the original artist’s permission to post it here, but they wish to remain anon. So, here it is!  I’ll probably go ahead and add it to my actual fic later.

And Anon, thank you again for this! I just love it so! ^_^

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I think lauren zuke just deleted? I cant find they tumblr anymore

Honestly? I’m amazed they didn’t do it sooner. Nor do I blame them.

They said they wanted to put themselves first, and worry about their mental health improvement. Removing themselves from a toxic place was a good move for that, and I applaud them. I wish them the best.

The comic was likely the final post they wanted to go around about them. Zuke did something similar on Twitter: They posted a thread about treating someone as a person, and that life existed outside of Steven Universe, etc. and then they deleted the account there.

It’s sad, but it’s part of social media. People just can’t be civil to each other.

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Dear Archie I love your blog and I know this isn't an advice blog but I thought you might have gone through similar stuff, I'm heartbroken, my girlfriend dumped me over not having enough time for her (because architecture school is brutal (and some other stuff irrelevant to the matter)) From this two questions appear 1-How do you keep a healthy relationship while going for an architecture major? 2-How do you go through heartbreak while being productive at university?

First off, I am sorry to hear.

Second, I am not really good at romantic advice.

Third, you have to find create a balance in life, now rather than later. Make time for the important things, whether is family or a significant other, or more mundane things like going out with friends, hitting the gym or just having some me time to do absolutely nothing. I wish I could tell you something wise about the way to have healthy relationships in school or how to get over heartbreak, but all I can say is to take one day at a time, keep moving, it gets better.

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How old are you? Youre super talented! Im starting to feel a bit glum about continuing drawing. Ive just turned 19 and I still suck

Thanks. I am in my late 20s so don’t worry about comparing yourself to me lol. Though the reality of it is age doesn’t correlate with skill, it is about the time and work you put into it. 👌

It can be hard not to compare yourself to others but don’t feel bogged down because it can suck when it feels like the fun is sapped out of it. Maybe instead think about your goals and where you want your art to be and go from there. I wish you luck!

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Midoriya, can't you just make fire as your middle finger? I mean yeah sure it does hurt you but yknow *leaning in* *whispers* for science. Todoroki could wrap the rest of your fingers in a thick and strong coat of ice!


Anon: Izuku, now that you know where Endeavour lives, are you going to mess with him? 

Izuku: I can’t believe I’ve never considered this before, oh my GOD

Shouto: Please do this more often.

So Ryan’s been seeing a bunch of bands live lately and that’s cool and all but last night he saw Muse live and during their last album they didnt even come up here despite the fact they did for the Second Law and this really is The Last Straw™


martyrs  [8tracks] : an instrumental playlist

“Sometimes, I can’t help but think that good things exist merely to be taken. Maybe we don’t deserve them, and maybe we never did. And when they go away, it’s a punishment not for them, but us. Perhaps good people don’t belong here, and the rest of us are lucky to have even known them at all. –I just wish you had stayed a little longer…the world would be a brighter place with you still in it.”

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Headcanon for how Bruno and Abbachio would compete for the same crush?

I'm gonna make this end in poly bruabba because this is my blog and I can do that

- For a competition, there is very little actual competing actually going on. While Abbacchio has strong feelings for his crush, he also believes that they would be so much better off with Bruno, and he genuinely wishes them the best.

- By the same token, Bruno also loves his crush very much but knows that they are uncomfortable with intragroup conflict. As such, he resolved to not do anything, since he does not think his crush returns his feelings anyway. He would rather see them with Abbacchio because, in his mind, they both deserve that happiness.

- Meanwhile, their crush has had strong feelings for both of them the entire time. They don’t really mention it because they know that polyamory is not a very popular or accepted lifestyle, especially in Catholic Italy. 

- When they let slip that they're Polyam, you can almost see the lightbulbs go on over Bruno and Abbacchio’s heads, and they share a surprised and slightly elated look. 

- It takes them a few weeks to come to terms with their own feelings for each other, but they both come to the conclusion that they are mutually in love and care very deeply about each other. 

- When they jointly ask out their crush, their crush’s eyes tear up and they throw themselves into Bruno and Abbacchio’s arms overwhelmed and delighted that the two men the love most return their feelings. 

Finally watched the child in time

It’s so bittersweet

I know it’s a hopeful ending but

It’s still bittersweet

It’s a very emotionally touching film

I shouldn’t even have to mention that Benedict was phenomenal because well tbh I kind of forgotten that he was acting

He’s dressed in his own clothes, his natural hair, his daily hair styling. He just looks so much like himself and the performance was so good that tbh I forgot this was a fictional thing. I forgot about Sophie or Christopher or Hal, and instead it was just him and Kate and his wife Julie and also his name is Stephen and I just forget that it’s a fictional film?? Idk how to say it

But anyway, it’s so bittersweet despite the hopeful tone at the end, I just wish there was more, just to make the bittersweet clouds go away a bit more so I can indulge in its hopefulness

I know I’m still too hung up on missing Kate, and I know it wouldn’t happen but the more he misses her, the more I wish she could be found y'know what I mean?

18. Formulation

Have you ever wished you could invent a word
And use it on your own accord
A literary castle where you are the lord
A weaponry full of double-edged swords

When they ask you, “How are you today?”
Instead of saying, “I am okay.”
You can tell them, “I am lorray.”
‘Cause an array of loneliness is on your way

When the night is young but your wallet have holes
But you still insist on acting like you’re cool
You can go to the club and ’brollet
Dancing like a fool when it’s not yet payday

When it’s Sunday morning and weather’s good
But you are not really feeling the mood
And your friends invite you to enjoy the day
You can simply say it is a ’forceplay

When you want to grow but you are tamed
And struggle seems like your middle name
You can madly announce you’re tired of being a ’broquet
Go on, bloom on your own, stop being a display

Ahh, the possibilities are endless
Creating words when your feelings are intense
Most of the time these might not make sense
At least you can fight back with sassy defense

All I need tonight is thiam. I’d love for some romantic action but I’ll settle for an acknowledgment of friendship. I wish they’d had Theo just showing up at the hospital on his own, but we know Scott asked him to go.

Can I say how much I loved the Melissa/Nolan interaction? Like, she’s the perfect person to take care of that little cinnamon roll. Seriously, I wanted Scott to make him a beta, but he’s not in the final walkout so… but neither is Core or Mason, or Theo who may or not be dying. So that could mean nothing or everything.


*Broken Heart* Newt x reader

◘ anonymous asked:

Hello! i know requests are close and i would love to say i’m an old followers of you who admires your writing technique however once requests are open i would love to read something about Newt comforting/helping his best-friend who discovers that she has a cheating husband/boyfriend :( ((am going through a difficult situation right now and i think this will help a little :)

❤ Hey, dear. I did this one right away for you. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a hard time. I hope this can help you through it. Thank you for reading my work ^_^ And I am sending you tons of hugs and well wishes! x x x

“Alright, Pickett… come on…” The wizard scooped up his little bowtruckle and stuck him on his shoulder. It was getting rather late and Newt decided it was time to head to bed. As he ran a hand through his hair he yawned and trudged towards his bedroom only to stop as the sudden sound of banging echoed through his apartment. “Merlins….” Turning around, Newt rushed towards the door to see who was there and why on earth they were visiting at such an ungodly hour.

Cracking the door open the wizard was met with the teary red eyes of his best friend. Y/N.

“C-can I c-come in?” You whimpered. 

“Of course!” Moving aside, Newt watched as you held your arms tight around your waist and move past time. He barely had time to ask what was wrong when your knees gave out and you tumbled to the floor in a fit of tears.

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why doesn't she love me why am I not good enough to be her daughter

I don’t know the specifics of what you’re going through Anon, but i hope things will get better for you. Parents can be absolute shitheads, but you know what’s punk? Taking care of yourself. Talk to someone, get angry, be sad, and eventually come to terms with the situation. I wish you the best, and I really hope things improve for you. 

~Mod Prongs

Theory time! 

I don’t think Rowan will be able to find Aelin in TOG7. That was Maeve’s intent: to bring Aelin somewhere she can’t be rescued so that she can use Aelin’s power however she wishes, hopefully with no interruptions from Aelin’s court barging in trying to save her. 

Rowan and the others will undoubtedly look and look and look everywhere, but they will never to get where she is held captive. I think that Aelin is going to rescue herself and she is going to find Rowan and the others, maybe with some help from Fenrys. 

SJM loves doing this: just like Feyre got herself out of the Spring Court and was aided by Cassian and Azriel only later on. I think she doesn’t want the protagonist to be saved by her male mate in these cases so that she can prove she is oh such a feminist. Also, my faith in her writing is shaking. She would have to come up with the most epic successful rescue mission if Rowan were to find his mate, and that takes up more planning and effort than just writing Aelin killing/corrupting her jailer with Fenrys’s help to get out. 

Conclusion: Aelin will find her way back to Rowan and to her court, and make the most dramatic entrance, Aelin style.

fuller house season 3A thoughts

- you know what I really hate about fuller house season 3? they gave jackson and ramona less scenes together so we wouldn’t romanticize them even though they have chemistry. The writers are pathetic.

- I’m sorry but Fernando is super annoying. They shouldn’t have added him to the main cast. i can’t handle him every single episode.

- Steph and Jimmy are cute, he’s like her perfect match. I wish he was on the main cast instead of Fernando. Their baby will be hot tbh lol

- I see DJ is still a mess. Still doesn’t know what she wants. The fact that she’s stringing Matt along is gross.

- Jackson and Lola breaking up and later Ramona dumping Popko was surprising. I guess they’re going with the whole “you don’t stay with your first boyfriend/girlfriend” direction. I hope Lola and Popko don’t just disappear now because I like them.

- New love interest for Jackson? eh who cares

- Max has to be gay. I hope that’s the direction they’re going. We deserve this.

- Kimmy is still a legend.

I’m always so moved whenever I see people struggling or in dark places on my dashboard to say something.  This site is such an open book – so many things we’d almost never share with strangers on the streets, with our friends, with our family, even – we try to convey here.  Because it is so hard to be struggling, and it’s even worse to be struggling alone.

You really, really, really are heard, and if there were words to convey how genuinely sorry I am that you are hurting, and how much I wish I could alleviate the terrible things you’re feeling, or pull you back from that dark place, I would say them.  But there just aren’t – there’s no one phrase that’s going to make it all better.

All I can say is: hang in there.  You’re all you get and this life is yours, it is yours, that is the one thing about your existence that can be said without condition.  Whatever happens, you have a place right here, right now.  You don’t need to change the world; you don’t even need to be the very best person you can be.  You’re going to live a unique life, no matter what you do, and that is important – if not to anyone visible, than to the simple idea that you are here, to the very foundation of the universe which allowed you to be here to experience it.

You can mess up, you can change, you can stay stuck for so long it feels like you’ll never get to a place where you want to be here, and you’ll still deserve a great life, a life that’s worth living, a life that makes you feel like not only can you breathe again, but that there is a richness to this experience that is irreplaceable and good.

You deserve to feel irreplaceable.  You deserve to feel good.  You deserve to unlatch the things weighing you down, to heal, to grow, to forgive yourself and root for yourself, to be more than you thought you could be and all you could be, however humble that version of you was.  You are worth every sunrise and sunset and breath in between, and I bottom-of-my-heart sincerely hope that you get the chance to breathe deeply and savor it soon.


The sound of clapping filled the quiet room as Micah materialized in their midst. “Thats uncalled for ” Adam snapped at the grinning genie.

“What?” he asked “I can’t be happy to see her go?” Turning to Adam he frowned “she’s still not the one who needs to go.”

“I know” Adam eyed the genie with distaste “maybe next time I’ll send your pet home instead.”

“She’ll stay as long as I wish it” Micah asserted before snapping his fingers and vanishing.

“What was that all about” Clare demanded.

“Nothing of importance” Adam assured her glaring at the spot the genie had been “he’s upset that I won’t play by his rules” he turned his gaze towards Devyn “I won’t be manipulated.” He turned and followed Ruth from the room leaving the remaining girls stunned in his wake.

My love is graduating 🎓

So here we go, Emily gets sappy and emotional but I don’t care.

@bucky-plums-barnes is graduating today and I can not put into words or do justice to how proud and excited I am for her.

I watched Gen go through the stress of university, from her internship and late nights finishing assignments. Putting in the same passion as she does with her writing and caring for her followers.

All the stress and anxiety has led to this amazing day and I could be more excited for her,

Gen I love you, you are a force to be reckoned with. I honestly don’t know what I would do with out you. I so wish I was with you today, I’ll just have to make do from cheering really loudly from Melbourne!

I love you kitten

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A letter to my almost lover..

So many times I wish you would come knocking on my door in the middle of the night and grab me by my neck and kiss me. Hold me and look at me like this is the only place you want to be in this entire world at that moment. I wish you would wish for time to stop so this tender moment between us would last forever and ever like I wish every moment we spent together. Spend the night with me and do it all over again. I wish you would stop looking at your phone and talking to those girls. Am I not enough for you? I think the answer’s painfully clear. I’m one of your options but for me you’re the only choice without any questions. Why am I such a doormat when it comes to you? But I loved you well and sadly sometimes we have to learn to let go of the person or things we love dearly so we can live. So I can continue living and not barely survive.