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Are you participating in prompto week? 'W'

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Recently, on twitter, I’ve started noticing this problem of reposting artworks on Instagram or Tumblr or Facebook has become a menace.

This is not only affecting artists on tumblr, but mainly to non-english-speaker artists over on Twitter whose accounts have gone private. I’ve noticed more and more of these artists accounts are going private and even some of them deleted their works entirely off their accounts.

Please don’t repost artworks without the creators’ permissions, and be sure to tell others not to do so as well. 

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unfortunately a lot of people do whitewash theirs sims but from what i've seen you are one of the few who doesn't! especially with asian sims. whitewashing and lighting are different things and sometimes lighting can be too harsh and wash out a skintone. this is a little ramblely sorry. i just wish people who actually whitewashed were getting called out and not you <3

ah tbh I haven’t seen a case where people were deliberately white washing their sims ? It’s usually their editing which causes ppl to accuse them of white washing? there isn’t a wrong / right way to edit (whether u like to glam up ur sims w/ sharp ass highlighter or enhance the picture by playing w/ the curves)! As long as u do & there isn’t the intent of doing such act, everything should be ok!!

I already have, like. 5 sideblogs that are voltron related. I wish I was joking, but I’m not.

Are ya’ll seriously gonna make me create yet another one just so I can have any and all pining Shiro content this fandom seriously lack in one single place?

Like, is that something I’m legit gonna do?

Idk how people actually get out of warrior cats hell because let me tell you I went 3 years without touching or looking at a warriors book or any sort of warriors related content and STILL managed to think about how pissed off I am about Hollyleaf’s death every single fucking day

Got a pins order from the beautiful @aminoscribbles recently and I simply had to draw a little something to thank her for all the extra love she sent along! <3
Thank you for everything, my dear! <3

don’t worry, the (bi)gang is here!!


90.04.08. happy birthday to our beloved jonghyun, hope your day is full of joy and happiness 

It’s rare to find people who succeed in one shot. also, you don’t necessarily need to succeed in your first try. you will learn something from your failures


history meme (french edition)  →  4 families/dynasties/houses (¾) the ruling House of Bourbon.

“The Bourbons ruled their homeland for over two centuries, making it the greatest power in Europe, and taming and uniting a people who are arguably the most individualist and ungovernable in the world. They were the personification of both this grandeur and this seduction; let it be known that Louis XVI became a figure of compelling interest, with his refusal to save himself by shedding his people’s blood, creating a martyrdom in which he was soon joined by his beautiful Queen.Desmond Seward, The Bourbon Kings of France


happy 29th birthday 🎉 🎂 !! kim taeyeon !!

Q: “Through this album, what do you want to communicate to those listening to it?
T: “Questions like this are the most difficult. This album’s title is ‘My Voice’. From the chorus, it’s only filled with my voice, and I put in an abundance of emotion when I was working on it. Personally, I believe that fans will recognize that emotions like that. I hope you will listen to it in the most comfortable position. Considering my records will come out countlessly going forward.”

Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)