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I managed to start and finish this in the same night omg @A@ !  So here’s a print for my lovely bestie @alainaprana of her OC ZigZag, the skullshape was really fun to work with and can’t wait to print it so that I can sent it to your place. *Hugs tight* You’re a fantastic friend and I wanted to show you how important you are to me. Thank you so much for being such a precious friend and I hope that you like your gift ;u; (I sincerly wish I could do more asdjkbdas)

I swear to god I spend at least 10 minutes trying to draw while my cat crawled over my shoulder and tried to get affection from me while streaming.

Art© @little-noko

ZigZag© @alainaprana

Babygate 2.0.

I’m just so… sad. Obviously for Liam, my goodness, free him too please, but also about the whole story this farce is telling. 1D’s narrative really is awfully ancient when it comes to women. 

I’m sure Cheryl is pregnant, I don’t know how, but I do think it’s a solo project. I just wish that instead of again using an innocent child as a marketing device, painting the story of how a mother sacrifices everything for the child and the dad is less-than-interested and being the breadwinner, this would’ve actually been such an excellent possibility to show how having a child does in fact mature and change you in incredible ways, how having a child on an older age because you are ready and fit to be a mother is ok, how having one parent who loves and cares and protects you is often better than having a set of straight parents just because. If Cheryl wasn’t so calculative about all of this, her pregnancy could’ve been such a good thing and not just for her. 

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"Because it's fun" is one of the best reasons to do something. I'm sorry that people are trying to steal the fun of cosplaying away from you. I wish you every joy. I think I should let you know that the two things I love most about your style of cosplay is that 1. I can tell you were having fun, and 2. your costumes always remind me that the heart of cosplay is creativity. Expensive materials can produce flawless results, but cleverness and ingenuity go farther. That's what your work shows me.

wow, thank you so so much

[Mercy76 Week ] Announcement

Hi All,

We are having a great week so far, with fanarts and fanfictions posted every day. It doesn’t matter if they are delayed, every contribution is worth the wait!

I wish I could thank you all one by one, and maybe I’ll do it at the end.

But now I’d like to talk about a beloved member of our Mercy76 family. Her name is @kazoomiller​. She is the artist responsible for some of the most amazing and lovely art about not only Mercy76, but also other Overwatch ships and heroes.

You can find her fanart on her blog, like this example or this one.

She is very talented in drawing that kind of art, and she does it because it’s the only way she is able to draw her characters and share her passion for Overwatch and ships.

Unfortunately some people straight up attacked her for what she posted around the Internet. Not only she got attacked for shipping Mercy76 as many of us have experienced,  but she got also bashed for drawing animals! Names she got called include insults like “fucking furry” (she is not one, just fyi), “Dog-fucker” and “Cancer of Overwatch”. Needless to say this hit her hard, harder than most. Coupled with some really bad RL problems this put her in a very, very bad mood.

So I was thinking: How about we show her some support? Reblog her art if you really like it, leave an encouraging comment or some constructive criticism! 

That said I propose you to dedicate all your entries for the last day, Day 7: Freestyle, to her. You don’t have to change what you already planned, just tag her and wish her all the love you can! Of course you can make something special for her.

Let us show her that this fandom is truly a family!


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With the Jem comic ending, what would you say you learned from your time with it, what advice would you give younger/amateur/etc writers and artists based on your experience, and what do you wish you could have done differently? (Thank you <3)

Oh man. Since Jem and The Holograms was my first experience writing monthly comics I can say I learned almost everything about writing comics from writing Jem. But one of the biggest things was learning that you can’t control everything and you definitely can’t possibly please everyone and so you have to let go of trying to do that and just focus on doing the best story you can.

As for advice. It’s trite as hell, but don’t stop trying. The only way to fail is to give up before you’ve found success. Failures pile up around all of us, even the most successful people, it’s just part of the process. And in most cases there’s something to learn from the failures that will make you better.

I have basically no regrets with Jem as I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve done. I think, because we’re ending with 26, I had to move some things around a bit and if I’d known that earlier I would have changed some things for The Stingers Arc (and the two issues that preceded it).

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Dark, do you "toy" with your victims? If yes, how do you toy with them? Physically, emotionally, or both?

“I certainly do.”

A poisonous smile caused for the features of his face to ultimately appear pernicious, perhaps even damnable if used in the right standards. With a horrible pride boiling in him, he twiddled the end of the utensil between his fingers, flicking it about like a baton.

“But its all mental, I assure you. Latching onto someone’s subconscious can be dastardly work, but when it’s completed, I have free reign to implant doubts, nightmares, unnatural fears and the inability to escape my wrath. Normally I don’t toy around quite so much, however. If I want something done, I do it and complete it. If you wish to see someone toy around with their prey, it would be Antisepticeye who would provide.”

Prompt List - Riverdale edition

So I’ve decided to write a prompt list wth my favorites sentences. Feel free to ask imagines with your favorite’s, and the characters of your choice!

1 • “We can’t be friends anymore.”

2 • “have I ever told you I love you?”

3 • “is that… my beanie?”

4 • “if Cheryl’s fire, Veronica’s the glass, you’re probably the wind.”

5 • “you’re special kid.”

6 • “I can’t do that anymore…”

7 • “tell me what’s wrong?”

8 • “sometimes I wish I wasn’t born here.”

9 • “you’re so cute when you smile.”

10 • “are you gonna eat this?”

11 • “ask her/him for prom!”

12 • “stop being a bitch, it doesn’t suit you.”

13 • “you’re my favorite song.”

14 • “meet me at Pop’s.”

15 • “Marry me.”

16 • “are you kidding me?”

17 • “you promised!”

18 • “stop lying to me!”

19 • “I think I’m in love with you.”

20 • “I was wondering if sometimes you want to go out with me?”

21 • “it’s not funny anymore.”

22 • “Cheater!”

23 • “Oh, baby…”

24 • “ have you ever opened a dictionary?”

25 • “you’re crazy!”

26 • “ I miss Jason.”

27 • “sing me something.”

28 • “I want to cuddle.”

29 • “I never want to see you again.”

30 • “it’s all about you.”


(( So. I know nothing of drama, because I only follow two daily blogs, and zero ask blogs. I prefer to commit blogs I enjoy to memory so I can visit them when I wish (and also because I know from experience that I simply can’t handle my dash being f l o o d e d by posts; I get antsy and wonder why I’m not updating). I have just so happened to see a post made by one of those two people, and have felt the need to add my own two cents.

For those of you who are upset at Daily blogs for not following their schedules, or prioritising person A’s ask over yours, or not quite getting to your RP thread but getting to someone else’s:

Our worlds do not revolve around you.

I have a full time job. I volunteer at the hospital for elderly suffering from dementia / Alzheimer’s. I have religious commitments on Tuesday / Sunday. Sometimes I want to play World of Warcraft because everything else is too stressful. Sometimes I just don’t have the strength to update - sometimes my dad needs to use the computer that I use to draw for his own work. I have commissions that I need to do. Sometimes I want to go out with friends.

This is the fact of the matter for every single person who runs an ask blog and/or a daily blog, not to mention the possibility that they are running multiple blogs.

We have lives outside of Tumblr. We have lives outside of our blogs. You have no right and will never have the right to demand content from anyone, nor to demand answers, nor to demand responses from RPs. This will likely only encourage the person you are whining at to deliberately put off your ask or your RP thread, because I know I definitely would.

Furthermore, we are far more aware of our update schedules than you will ever be. My personal goal was to at LEAST update on Wednesday and Saturday (says so on my blog’s sidebar) and oh– would you look at that! Wednesday has passed and there hasn’t been an actual update. Life happened. I was busy, and by the time I even got on the computer I had no strength to draw. I was very disappointed in myself, and I’m sure that anyone else who can’t make their schedule also feels SOME small measure of disappointment in themselves as well, and we do NOT need you to heckle us and bitch and moan and make us feel worse over something that we are completely aware of. There is nothing worse than not meeting a goal you have set. We do not need you to remind us.

On top of that, if there is a particular blog you don’t like seeing, Unfollow them. It is not that hard. Don’t just stay following their blog and getting yourself all worked up every time they post something, because you literally only have yourself to blame for not taking the steps to avoid seeing that person’s art / writing / blog.

See this for more advice on how to enjoy Ask blogging if any of the drama that has popped up has been bothering you.

For those of you that ARE being affected by this, please close your Ask box. You are doing your best, and that is enough, no one has the right to make you feel horrible nor do they have the right to pester you. Do not let them. Close your Ask box, and close your Submit if you have to. ))

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✿ from Zen?

“✿” for a SUGGESTIVE text

from: ZEN
to: MC

> hey ;) oh man, you know what’s funny?
> you know me, i tend to keep my cool and everything.
> but you… drive me crazy, i can’t think straight.
> i wish i could hold you right now but i’m afraid it might not end well…
> i’m at an inner conflict. do i want to protect or ravish you? i can’t decide.
> i wouldn’t mind doing both to be fair 😏😘

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To the other anon. I just last semester dropped out of med school after deciding it just wasn't the career for me. In undergrad, i constantly was thinking "I wish I hadn't gone this far towards medicine because now it's the only thing I can do." I thought the only way was just to continue, that there was no going back. I thought this for years, but it took me until MS1 to realize I didn't have to finish. I wished constantly that everyone didn't know my goals so that I wouldn't let them down.

here’s the thing: fuck everyone. at the end of the day (or even ten years from now), those people won’t be there, and the only one you’ll have to answer to is yourself. (your family and close friends may be there, but they ultimately just want you to be happy, and if you have to let them down a little to be happy, they’ll understand eventually.)

Why do you do that? You ask me as I lock the door another seven-eight, nine, nine times. Why do you do that? And I wish I could answer you, but I’m repeating the words in my head over and over and it’s too late to tell you now because you’re not patient enough and you leave. Why do you do that? I’m holding the scissors and I’m crying and you tell me to stop but what you probably don’t understand is that I can’t. Why do you do that? I’m tapping my feet and I’m tapping them harder, harder, harder until I’m stomping and I start to cry because I don’t know. I just don’t know. But all I know is I have to. And maybe if you’ve ever had to do something with the threat of your sanity put on the line, you’d understand why I do that.
—  poems ill never write

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Hiya! I wish to make a wand out of hazel but unfortunately hazel doesn't grow anywhere where I live so I cannot get a branch to make one. I do however have crushed hazel leaves I got off of etsy, so my question is: is it possible to infuse the energies of the hazel leaves into a standard dowel somehow so I can make the wand but still have the energies of the hazel? Maybe by soaking it in a tincture of hazel or hollowing out the dowel and placing the leaves inside. Do you think that would work?

It should! I think hollowing it out is actually a really neat idea honestly!

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*curtsies* Hello, I hope youre having a good day! This isnt exactly asking for advice since its not exactly a problem, but since I have graduated as an English Major reading for fun is... more laborious? I like to go over every word, every sentence, and think about the book as if I were in class. I wish I could turn it off. I used to eat books like popcorn. Ive only read two books since January. I love it, but I also wish I could turn it off.

*curtsies* Yep. Welcome to post-college pleasure reading. It’ll never be the same. However, I think you can train yourself to at least turn down your critical brain when reading purely for fun. That being said, I have really no idea how to explain how to do that. I find separating myself from anything school or work-related helps somewhat–like, leave your notebook and pens and highlighters out of reach and just read. Leave your phone or your computer downstairs and just try to get immersed. Remind yourself there isn’t going to be a test on this.

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female symbol for 707 or V?

“♀” for a HEARTBREAKING text. 

from: 707
to: MC

> Do you ever feel really empty?
> And small?
> The universe is so big and it can be so overwhelming…
> Sometimes I wonder where the point in me existing even is, honestly.

– – –

from: V
to: MC

> Ah, MC, you’re not online, but you’ll read this later, hopefully.
> I’m sorry it’s so rare for me to reach out lately.
> I wish I could be there for you more… even though I might not be of much help anyway.
> On a more positive note, I was thinking about inviting a friend of mine to the party. Could you contact him, please? It would mean a lot.

What is distance?
  • Distance is a number.
  • It’s what makes me wish I lived somewhere else,
  • just to be close to you all.
  • If I could,
  • I would be with you in a heart beat.
  • I'd hug you tightly
  • And spend hours talking with you.
  • Watch movies
  • And laugh under blankets
  • Like we already do.
  • But in person.
  • Because while distance is just a number
  • The ache I have when I want to be there -
  • When I want to hug you
  • And shower you with my love
  • And remind you how much you mean to me -
  • Isn't dulled easily.
  • Because you're so far away.
  • And distance is a number.
  • A big number.
  • It doesn't stop me from loving you.
  • From sending you every bit of my affection
  • And good thoughts
  • And happiness.
  • It doesn't stop me
  • From wanting to talk to you for hours
  • And tell jokes
  • And be silly
  • And sit in silence.
  • It just stops me,
  • Momentarily,
  • From giving you physical affection.
  • But, really,
  • That won't stop me for long.
  • It's just delaying me for a little.
  • Don't worry.
  • One day,
  • I can't say when and I can't say soon,
  • But one day,
  • I'll see you.
  • Remember,
  • Distance is just a number.
  • And numbers, we can work with.
  • And though I'm not great at math,
  • And crunching the numbers will take some time,
  • It'll be worth it.

“Flower Fairy”
(Colored pencil and pastels)

The whole time I was coloring this, I was frantically thinking “I’m fucking this up, I’m fucking this up.”

My primary motivation for this piece was to show how black girls can be delicate, gorgeous and magical. (Most fairy art is with white figures)

Second motivation was to just go crazy with all the colors of the rainbow–color (especially bright,vivid color) is fucking amazeballs. I wish my house could be rainbowed up.

This was also my first time doing darker skin tone, so I hope it looks ok. Anyone with more insight into darker skin tones can feel free to drop some advice.