i wish he had married her

this wasn’t the last thing he said to me, but it speaks volumes of the man he was. Riley was an amazing man who loved my best friend with everything in him. He would do anything for her, no matter what she needed because she was the love of his life. A couple of weeks ago he told me he was going to marry my best friend and god how i wish he could have made good on that. The first time he ever talked to me was through my friends phone, she had told him that I (a stranger to him) was having a panic attack so he sent me a text through her phone that said “hi we love you and you can get through this.” Even though he didn’t know me, he wanted me to know he was cheering for me, he was an amazing man with the biggest heart ever. He would stream Destiny and i got to watch some and him saying “mmmmmm dab” will forever be etched in my brain.

Riley died Sunday morning (01/15/17) because of a careless criminal trying to evade police after robbing a pizza hut. That careless criminal took the lives of Riley and his father, and also his own. Two innocent people are dead because one mad just HAD to rob a pizza place for a couple hundred dollars and Riley’s family and friends will never be the same because of it.

I urge everyone to hold their loved ones tight and keep my best friend in your thoughts & prayers if you could.

We miss you Riley, thanks for being an amazing human being, and boyfriend to my best friend. I’ll watch over her here on earth, please watch over her up there, love you always.

I have two polar opposite Widowmaker headcanons:

1. She was lovely when she was Amelie and everyone had a crush on her 

2. Even before Talon, she was always this nasty and everyone fucking hated her and wished ‘lovely’ Gerard would have married someone different, someone as nice as he appeared to be

Looking at the Gucci Angela Yee interview, and the glee from people who watched it, what pleasure do people get out of seeing black women humiliated with misogyny? Especially if the person doing it is a black man, then people really get excited. Isn’t he married, engaged or whatever what did he had to gain from putting her on blast like that? I wish she would have ignored him because her coworkers, that ignorant fool charlamagne and the other dude threw her under the bus like she was nothing. They had more respect for that racist white girl Tomi Lahren than her.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the real MVP, Frannie Guarnere. She and Bill knew one another before the war and were sweethearts. Then Bill goes to war and she’s like, 15 at the time. Fast forward to Bill coming home from the war with one leg. And there’s Frannie, maybe 17 or 18, at his side and marrying him against her parents’ wishes. They didn’t want their daughter marrying a man with one leg and she was like, “nah, I’m gonna do it anyway.” And did. And by all accounts they had a happy marriage. And he loved her. And she loved him. And she helped him plan Easy Company reunions for decades. Basically, Frannie Guarnere was the best and no one can tell me otherwise.

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i wish carrie and harrison could've had something like an actual relationship but he was married at the time? idk. i wonder how harrison feels that everyone knows about it now and how deep were those feelings when it happened. how much does carrie talk about this in her book?

The book is about her experience filming A New Hope, and she was involved with Harrison during the filming, so… he’s in it a lot. I don’t think they could have had an actual relationship at all; Carrie was at the top of her game and things were happening fast, fast, fast. She was in the biggest movie franchise to date, she already knew most of Hollywood, she was unaware she was bipolar, and she partied a lot. Meanwhile Harrison was married (on the way to a divorce), about to star in another big movie franchise. Too much happening at once; it didn’t work out and I’m happy they overcame whatever relationship they had and became good friends afterwards. Carrie was much closer to Harrison than Mark.

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Are you scared the writers could actually do something to make it seem like Iris wants Eddie back when she sees him?

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Iris loves Barry, and their love has to withstand the test of time/universes/death/speedsters, etc. 

The most that will happen is that Iris will sympathize with Barry’s guilt and say she wishes she had realized her feelings for Barry sooner because then she never would’ve dated Eddie and he might be alive and happily married to that dancer he was gonna date the night he met Iris.

I was thinking a scene where Barry expresses some insecurity about Eddie and that Iris tells him the truth (that she loved Barry even in S1, even if she couldn’t deal with it) but that CP (or the script) makes the acting choice that she does it while crying, because of feeling guilty. Maybe even address the dreaded 2a behavior from both of them. And then Barry ends up crying too. And they cry together, but also having strengthened their relationship.

OMG! Great minds think alike! I totally want this.

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Hi I'm looking for an old fic and I remember that in the last chapter an older Toby is asking Lancelot why doesn't anyone remember Sarah, and wishing he could see her; Sarah hears him in the underground (I think she and jareth are married?) and starts to fade to fulfill his wish bc she had been given powers to fulfill wishes as well

If anyone knows this story, please reply to/reblog this post with the answer!

18 of 25

Several hours later Spencer sat beside Nova while she slept. She had passed out as soon as Jacek was born. They had cleaned up around her as she slept. He ran his fingers through her hair careful not to wake her up. Keeping his voice low “you have a beautiful baby boy. He has your mother’s eyes. I wish he had your eyes though. Big green and beautiful. It would have been a good contrast with his dark hair. We named him Jacek just the way you wanted.”

Gently he kissed her cheek “I’m sorry for today.” He sighed looking at the sliding glass doors that led into the garden. “I don’t know how much you saw of what happened between me and Elara. I want you to know you don’t have anything to worry about. We’ll still get married. I promised you I’ll always be here for you and the kids.”

He laid his head in his hands. He should have been more careful around Elara. He had been aware of her growing attraction to him. He hadn’t been aware of his attraction to her until that kiss. That kiss had changed everything. He felt the same magnetic pull, the same desire, the same attraction. He felt the same as Elara did.

He was in love with the wrong sister. He cared for Nova. Would put his life on the line for her but he didn’t love her. Not the way he knew he should. He knew the difference from the kisses he shared with Nova and the one he shared with Elara. He made a promise. He would keep that promise even if his heart broke in the process.

Arranged To Be Wed: AU

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Fi offered the man a nervous smile.  “Yes, I am.  My name is Fidelity,” she told him.  Her hands fiddled anxiously with the clasp of her cloak.  She didn’t know what to expect from him in the slightest.  He seemed nice enough, but first impressions weren’t always right.  That was especially true in her case.  Reading other people had never been her strong suit.

The man was silent for a moment as he thought. He wasn’t one to give out his name so freely to strangers, but since they were being forced into marriage, his comfort currently didn’t matter. Besides, they were getting married. What else would she call him? “Tortus… Tortus Aarden..” He said at last. The man, now Tortus, gave her a polite bow at the waist. “It’s a pleasure, Fidelity. Though, I wish we could have met under better circumstances.” 

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Is it a real blowjob? How does it work?

OH GOD I WISH IT WAS REAL. I mean what. Anywayyyyy. Nah it’s staged. I think it would be very inappropriate if it’s real since he’s married lol. With how it works though, from the tiny bit of the script I found online and this Spanish version I watched even if I had no idea what they were saying, the girl is covered up under a blanket so you don’t actually see her doing the nasty with her mouth and just see her head bobbing back n fourth since Don Juan is flirting with another girl and is trying to hide hoe #1 doing her thing. So yeah, (sadly) it’s not going to be real because if that were the case his reactions would be VERY real too. Haha.

Feelings | Jace Wayland

“Flashing lights and we, took a wrong turn and we fell down the rabbit hole..” - Taylor Swift.

“I’m Jace,” he smiled as he reached his hand out to you. He flashed his eyes at you.

“I’m y/n.” The corners of your mouth upturned, your eyes were glistening and your heart skipped a beat. You were looking at him with awe as you had never seen someone so beautiful before.

“It’s nice to meet you y/n.”

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“me wo tojinaide kudasai- Please don’t close your eyes”

I rewatched the Mitsuba Okita arc, and I must say, it is quite sad. I honestly didn’t feel that upset the first time I watched it; most likely because I didn’t know the characters well enough. But now that I’m caught up and I understand both Sougo and Hijikata’s motivations and feelings, this arc had a much bigger impact on me. I think Toshi did visit her before she died- there’s no way he wouldn’t have. I wish they showed more emotion from him, rather than hiding it completely. Okita is one of my favorite characters because of how fleshed out he became during this arc, as well as Toshi. And seriously Toshi, why didn’t you just marry her anyway?? You loser. Ok, I’m done hehe

Dear Charlie,

He’s shown up in my dreams twice in a row. The first he had to take care of me when I was seriously injured, and the care and warmth and gentility he used towards me was beautiful. Last night, we lived in the same house with numerous other people, but we were always together. He gave me a necklace and in the dream another girl stole it and I saw her wearing it. I lunged at her and took it back, screaming “you have no idea how much this means to me” over and over. I think he knew what I meant.
I only wish that these occurrences had a chance of happening. But alas, he’s married, he’s got kids, and if that isn’t bad enough, he’s my teacher.

With (unrequited) love,

Sheldon was lying in his bed next to his girlfriend.  He propped himself up on his elbow and looked over at Amy.  She was curled into a ball on her side, wrapped in one of his t-shirts while she slept peacefully. Sheldon wished he could find his own sleep, but he had been lying awake for nearly two hours.  He wished he could blame Amy’s presence in his bed, but he normally slept better with her there.

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Can you do number 5 pls? But can you make it a sad one. Thanks x

hope this is okay :)

“I’m going to cry, I can feel it.”

Anthony has never felt more like a stranger in his own apartment than he does right now, standing feet away from the girl he had once been convinced he was going to marry.

If he was being honest, he saw this coming for a while. They had been fighting, constant arguments bouncing off the walls that had once been filled with love. He isn’t sure that there’s anything either of them can do to make it better, not that they haven’t tried.

“My mom’s going to help me pack up my things this afternoon,” Jasmine’s voice startles him as he turns back to look at her, wishing he could will himself to walk over and hold her in a hug.

“I can help you if you want,” He offers, Jasmine quickly shaking her head.

“It’s okay, she’s more than happy to help. She’s going to help me move my stuff back into Sarah’s,” She sighs, another stab to Anthony’s heart as he hears her plan for moving out.

The silence says everything and nothing all at once, and as Anthony looks around at the frames with memories of times that were so much better than now, he can’t help but feel the emotions rising in him faster than he could’ve ever wanted them to.

“I’m going to cry, I can feel it,” He whispers, and he hears Jasmine take a deep breath, looking over to see her nodding.

“This isn’t easy for me either, Anthony. I don’t know what to do. I just, I don’t think we can keep living the way that we are.” Somehow she wills her feet to move as she goes to pack up the last of her things in the living room, Anthony still frozen in the entryway, trying to figure out what to say to make this better.

“I wish we could find a way to compromise,” He finally speaks, Jasmine’s body shaking with the smallest of laughs.

“I wish we could too, but right now we both know that isn’t possible.”

“So you’re saying maybe in the future?” He questions, Jasmine sighing as she pauses, looking up at him.

“Anthony, I can’t have this conversation right now. I need some time alone.” Anthony knows better than to fight back on this right now, nodding as he made his way to their bedroom, giving her all the space that she needed.

He stares at the ceiling until he hears the front door slam with Jasmine leaving to go get her mom from the train, finally letting the tears fall.

He feels as though his world is ending and there’s nothing he can do to save it. All he can do is pray that one day they’ll find a way back to each other, and they can finally get the happy ending that Anthony had been picturing in his mind for years.

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Who is Onision? What happened?

He’s a YouTuber who has nothing to do with Louis or 1D or anything (which is why I haven’t been talking about it on here) but he’s a guy who is in his 30s, dates girls who just turned legal in whatever state they’re in (17, 18, at one point he illegally crossed state lines with a girl to have sex with her) and manipulates and abuses them, dumps them because they won’t do what he wants (with his latest girlfriend he told her she wasn’t allowed to smoke weed, had to shave her head, get a tattoo that says ‘i’m a liar’ and not see her family again and this girl is EIGHTEEN), and then sends all of his twitter followers which are like 14 year old girls to attack them on Twitter, says he wishes they would die, calls them scum, publishes private information and conversations about them, and stuff like that. 

He is also married but is using the fact that his wife is bisexual as an excuse to bring in girls to their relationship, even though his wife has said publicly she never wanted this and he forced her to do it. 

He also does these YouTube videos where he asks his underage fans to send him nearly naked photos so he can “rate” them in the videos and has a sixteen year old girl living with him and his wife and it’s pretty likely he’s grooming her to be his ~next girlfriend~. 

He’s disgusting. 

“Katherine Chase had two sons. The elder, Oswald, was brilliant but capricious, easily fascinated by new ideas, but rarely diligent enough to pursue them to completion. He became infatuated with a pretty, flighty girl and nothing his mother said could dissuade him from marrying her, though she portended the marriage would bring great misery for them both. Her younger son, she was more successful with. As unlike his brother as could be, Victor Chase was not especially bright, but very loyal, and he excelled at following orders. His mother wished for him to become a soldier.”

I’ve been working on Allegra’s family history again. 


Curse of The Golden Flower [ IMDb ]

"Kill me or dismember me, you will do as you wish; but I need you to know that I did not rebel for the sake of the crown. I did it for my mother."

During China's Tang Dynasty, a lowly military officer ascends to the throne by successfully managing a coup d'état; he strengthens his position by marrying the daughter of a neighboring land's powerful emperor. More than twenty years later, his wife is planning a coup of her own — she intends to expose her husband's secrets and machiavellian nature, and to force him to abdicate. To this end she obtains proof of the poison he had been putting into her medicine and of the lies he has told regarding his first wife; more than that, she enlists the help of ten thousand soldiers of the Imperial Army, who are to be led by her eldest son.

This is a beautifully woven tragedy that tells a story of revenge, love, hatred — of how helpless man is in front of a too cruel fate, of the lengths some are willing to go to and of the sacrifices some are willing to make for their own good or for the sake of others.

I sort of wish I knew more about what my ancestors did during the war. Like, I know my paternal grandfather married my grandmother so he’d get more money when he enlisted in the Navy and so she could get away from her abusive stepdad.

I also know both of my great grandmothers had kids at that point, probably.

But that’s really it.

animumxregis replied to your post: “I got it; I got it~!” Usagi giggled in delight as…

Blinking at Melissa, Usagi quickly returned to smiling as well and bowed her head. “It’s nice to meet you~! You’re really lucky to have a husband like Vinnie! He’s super kind and so funny!” she giggled, “And he helped me when I first got here when no one else would. I’d say you’re a lucky girl~!”

                   "Aaaah, stop it~“
                                       "What are you getting all shy for, Vinnie?” the woman laughed a little, finding it amusing how her husband had reacted so bashfully towards the compliments. But there was a distance between them even as they stood side by side. The way it would look, they were more like two friends walking together rather than a married couple. “I wish I could stay and chat but I have to get to work. See you at home, sweetie?”

                   "Of course. I’ll see you there.“ And she left. A quick graze of her hand on his own and that was it.