i wish he had a cape though i do

The Emo Captain

Promt:  Steve FINALLY lets you cut his hair and whilst doing so you discover a hair pulling kink and smut smut smut

A/N: It took me a bit to write this, I hope the waiting was worth it. I know that I haven’t post in a while, but I’ve write some stuff and requests, you can always sent me yours. I love you, thanks for reading and submit. 

Warnings: soft smut, nudity.


I looked across the table, Steve was right in front, he was quite concentrated in the newspaper. I laughed.
“What?” He said but he kept reading.
“There’s something I need to show you, ok? But you need to pay attention.” The newspaper was slowly folded by him. 
“What is it?”
“Well, I think that you know must of the fashion tendencies over the years”
“But, there’s one that was used pretty much by teenagers. They called themselves emos, look” I stood up and walked towards him, I sat in his lap and I showed him my cellphone. “They look…” I found amusing that he didn’t have a term. 
“Yes, they were really popular in 2007, maybe. You know I suck with dates. Something really, really important was the length of their hair. You could be one of them by now” he hid his head in the gap of my collarbone. I had insisted that his hair was getting really long and gave him a few clues about it. But he always did that; didn’t say a thing.
“I get it. Lets do this.”
“Do what?”
“You are going to give a haircut, but first you’re going to give me a kiss” i laughed and kissed my man.

“You sure you know what you’re doing?”
“Of course, you just need to relax, I’ll make you sexy Captain, lets say goodbye to Emo Captain”. 

I was quite focused on my job.

“Did I mention that this is my very first haircut on a male ever?” I felt how his muscles contract.

“You…? Um, babe, you…?”

“I’m kidding” I added, I laughed and he tried to join me, but I just got a nervous smirk, “It’s my third, but the others were pretty awesome, you gotta trust me on, baby”.

I couldn’t be more concentrated with this task. It was my boyfriend hair, but also was the Cap’s hair. I pulled his hair and, suddenly, I heard another moan; it wasn’t the first. I thought it was something in my mind, but, there was it. Loud and clear. I kept running his hair through my fingers and pulled again, I looked down with the scissors and realize that something was growing in his pants. I mean… you could tell even when he was wearing the cutting cap.

“How does it feel like?” I innocent asked.

“The hair?” I couldn’t help to giggle.

“What else? I murmured while I took another hair tress.

“I… don’t know? Maybe how I feel about having the hottest and finest stylist?”

“Oh, baby, I can tell” the second those words slip through my lips I closed my eyes, a giant sign of neon lights with “HOLY SHIT, MOTHERFUCKER FUCK” appeared on my mind. I had this small issue. I talk and most of the times I wish I could take it back. Like right now. I felt how Steve went to relaxed to tensed.

“I mean…”

“We both know what you mean, _________”. I kept doing my job in silence, suddenly I sighted.

“You’re ready. I think, do you wanna take a look?”

“Yes” I removed the cutting cape and he stood up, he was way taller than me, towering, magnificent. Our relationship wasn’t based on nasty comments, but come on! Look at the man! Obviously they came with the first look. Though I usually kept them to myself, this one felt absolutely lecherous.

I was sweeping when I felt his hands around my waist.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to kiss my stylist.”

“Oh” I said turning, face to face, “did you like it?”

“Yeah, very”

“You look handsome, more than usual” the broom was between us, I let it fall and laughed. My hand went to his forehead. He was looking right to my eyes.

“I don’t want you to feel that you want to cut off your spontaneity and that includes your dirty and full of irony comments. The way you pulled my hair, turned me on. You shouldn’t feel shy, love. I kinda like your dirty talk, you know?” my eyes got bigger and I laughed, I crossed my arms around his neck and he kissed me. And one innocent kiss turned into a sloppy-full of passion kiss. His tongue fought against mine. Suddenly, my legs were wrapped in his waist, he made his way through the house. He put me against the door of our bedroom. I took some distance of him, his lips attacked my neck, leaving random kisses. I moaned.

“So” I tried to speak “I can tell you that I just discovered that you get on by pulling your hair.”


“Like… this” I pulled his hair, he moaned loud against my neck.

“I want to take you here”

“Do it, now” I held him tighter while he moved his pants and my panties. And in just one move, he was inside me.

Every penetration let us closer to the paradise. When we finished he took me to the bed.

“It’s official, goodbye to the emo captain.” I said.