i wish for snow again

This show might have missed the mark in a lot, and there might be a lof of things still not done right, but I simply love the path of Regina and Snow’s throughout the six seasons. It has been one of the most developed and detailed relationships in the show and I love how Lana and Ginny bring it to life each time.

In my mind, the most amazing and bittersweet ending of game of thornes is seeing Winterfell with starks children like it was at the beginning of the story. You know who shares that same dream as me? Jon snow and Sansa Stark: 

“ I might someday hold a son of my own blood in my arms. A son was something Jon Snow had never dared dream of, since he decided to live his life on the Wall. I could name him Robb…” - jon snow 

  If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon and Robb, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras.And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya.” - Sansa stark 

Now not only is amazing how they have the same dream of re-do Winterfell like it was before everything fell apart. But who is missing from that fantasy?  yes its eachothers,but why? Because they never had seen oneanother as family! People think if  jon  is doing  “incesty” love   it will be with Arya because in the books he thinks about her always but i think thats the reason why they could never work. They both see eachother as siblings the transiction to lovers would be a stab in the back for the readers: a CERSEI AND JAMIE but as stark! The shame, all the familiar love that makes the starks so amazing would be tainted. As Arya NEVER called Jon half-brother, never makes that distinction, but Sansa did. Sansa never saw jon as her real family. Its like Ned never calling Jon son (R+L=J). Its in the words GRRM use that the story is being told. 

Jon and sansa never thought about one another in a sibling way, never saw another as family. The reader wuold be bitter about them for sure ( who is happy about incest?) but it would not ruin a relationship that never was written in the first place.

Now dont get me wrong jon and sansa would NOT get married for love. It will be for duty, and really who in the books have more of a sense of duty then jon and sansa? Jon was willing to never have children and a wife for the night watch. Sansa talks about her duty as a wife since the first book ( I was meant to have his babies….or what if i dont give him a son?) 

Arya (but Daenerys too) never have this type of thoughts. They are passionate, in the long run ( or even at  first) they would get resentful and bitter about a political union with someone they dont love ( in the show you can see how dany is afraid of this). 

Sansa grew up with her mother sense of duty and family ( everyone and some can see the similiarity between sansa and her mother). She has learned that passion and love can take time, so a political marriage for her would not be that hard. But lets talk about the real issue people have with jon/sansa: 

 Jon would never marry is cousin,because incest is not is way:

 what if he finds the truth about his mother before meeting Daenerys. Then they meet and he is attracted to her? jon fighting is attraction for his aunt. And lets be real GRRM would not lose the opportunity of jon being conflicted about his love for his hot aunt . So Jon falls for Dany and they have the most romantic love, but both are heroes, they have to fight the others, so they cant both survive .i know people think Jon will be king, Dany is queen and Tyron will be the hand, but come on! this is Game of thrones and GRRM promised a bittersweet ending not the dinsey type of ending. If dany and jon happens the reader would had to swallow Jon and Sansa  ( because GRRM could always say: why jon with is aunt is romantic but jon with his cousin is creepy?, and he will be right. The incest thing wouldnt mean anything after jon and dany. The icky factor would be less shocking ( jon fell in love with his aunt, why cant he marry for duty is cousin?).  This just to say:this is all speculation but if by the end of season 7 sansa stays alive then this could very well happen.  The last book is called “ A promise of Spring” , the hope of happiness and if it not jon and sansa as cat and ned 2.0 married for duty but falling in love in time, i dont know what is.

I repeat: 

This is all speculation, wishfull thinking really. But How amazing and poetic would it be if the last scene of game of thrones is Sansa and Jon looking down at their children playing, and Jon saying to Sansa: “ a raven came this morning, a white raven, Spring is here” and they smile to oneanother.

First Snowfall

It’s the first snowfall of the season and you have to keep your promise to yourself to finally tell Mark.

Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Words: 931 

The lights of the buildings filters through the dense snow falling down. The grounds re slick with melted snow. People are bundled up in their puffy winter coats, thick scarves and woolly hats. You and Mark are taking cover inside a building as you wait for the train. The heat radiating throughout the room feels comforting against your cold faces. 

Mark turns to you smiles. “Hey Rudolph. Your nose is red.” He teases. 

“Yah. At least I don’t look like a blushing teenager.” You counter. You teas each other back and forth, keeping it light to take your minds off of the mess that is forming outside. 

A voice crackles over the intercom. “Attention transit customers. Due to a mechanical problem, there will be a delay in the trains going north. Sorry for the inconvenience.” A collective groan echoes throughout the place. 

“Guess you’re stuck with me a little longer.” He grins. You punch him on the arm but instead of the hard muscle you normally smash your fist against, your hand squishes into the fluff of his jacket. “I’ve been stuck with you almost a decade already.”

“Okay. Okay. Good point. Wanna get some coffee while we wait?” You grin. He can tell how cold you are and how much you’re in need of something warm to drink. He slings his arm around your shoulders and guides you towards a coffee shop.

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About Mary Margaret

You know what I cannot stand it when anyone in the show calls Snow, Mary Margaret any more. Mary Margaret was the name that Regina forced Snow to have when she stole her life from her. Her name is Snow White. Yes it has been a long time but once the curse was broken and she had her own identity back they should have went back to calling her Snow. Mary Margaret is a fake personality that Regina made up to hurt Snow when she took away her happiness, her husband, her free will and her entire existence, to be honest. Just like everyone else in Storybrooke. Just because you live in different world than where you are from does not mean you become a different person.(except when the curse was on them but obviously I’m talking post curse here) It just feels like an insult to the victim to continue using their fake name as if to say that it doesn’t matter that she got the name from someone purposely trying to hurt her. It’s like saying that she doesn’t deserve to be herself anymore. It’s like saying Regina still owns her. Because get real when someone erases your memories, gives you fake ones, changes your entire life to something more suited to them and makes sure you are unable to do anything about it, that is control. Since she is no longer under Regina’s control she should only be called by her proper name. Which is Snow White.

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