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“Boys nowadays aren’t allowed to play with Action Man and are forced to wear skirts!”

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Don’t feel guilty at all! Being an artist does not mean you have to do things for free; it is most definitely your right to earn for the hard work you put into your art! I know that many of your fans who can’t really become Patrons right now (myself included) are still supporting you and your decision wholeheartedly! You’re amazing and keep up the good work, friend ^_^

Thank you so, so much for your understanding and support ;_; I have…a very hard time convincing myself that my art and skills are worth actually paying for (and therefore are actually professional quality), which is not so great for someone considering art as a profession. So it took a very long time to work up the courage to attempt a Ko-Fi, and now a Patreon, and probably the next step is a store. The fact that there are people here who are willing to support me means so incredibly much because I genuinely just want to draw and tell stories, and you’re telling me that’s okay, that some people want that enough to actually give me the means to keep doing it. I work really hard at it, and you guys are truly amazing followers and I wish I could just keep everything free, but I unfortunately no longer have the savings to keep doing that >.<;

At the same time, I completely understand not being able to become my patron now, or perhaps even ever. Everyone has different financial situations, and different ways of budgeting that, and even if you want to support creators, there’s so many of us and it’s impossible to support everyone. I am never going to judge anyone for not being able to support me financially.

Thank you for supporting me, by taking the time to type replies like this. Thank you to everyone who sends me asks, who rambles in tags. Thank you to people who reblog and spread my work. Thank you to people who send links of my work to friends, and who talk about them. Thank you to people who can’t do those things but can still give me a like and a follow. Thank you to people who can’t do any of those things either but silently enjoy my work, even if I don’t know you’re there.

I’m so grateful to all of you, and these things all matter too. I hope no one ever feels that me trying to support myself financially means that I don’t appreciate these other modes of supporting me, because they’re also so incredibly important and necessary for me to art. Thank you for being here, and I’ll continue doing my best to create content you can enjoy ^ ^


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. The Game of Life . Epilogue

Full Summary: “You’re new here, so I’ll explain the rules once.  Winners get one lash, losers die.  It’s quite simple.  The last one standing gets no lash.  We do one game a day here and you live as long as you can stand it.  If you somehow miraculously try to get away, I kill you.  It’s quite simple really.”

Pairings: Natsu x Lucy, Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: This really isn’t a fic for sensitive readers.  Mentions of suicide, descriptive gore, the likes.  It’s rated M, my friends.

When Levy flicked her tongue out with a devilish look in her eyes, Lucy knew something was up. Particularly because she’d seen the flash of iron upon it. Giggling under her breath, Lucy leaned over the table and demanded, “Show me.”

For the first time since before they’d been kidnapped, Levy willingly leaned forward and stuck her tongue out. Her hazel eyes glowed with excitement as Lucy examined the iron ball that hid her scar for the most part. “Gajeel did it for me,” she told her cheerfully. “Last night.”

“It’s lovely,” Lucy said earnestly, smiling warmly. “Looks like it hurt, though.”

“It did,” she admitted. “You should have seen how frantic Gajeel was afterwards. He was panicking enough that he nearly ran for Wendy!” She smiled to herself at the memory. “It’s actually a little bit bigger than most are. I…I wanted to hide it. As much as I could. You can still see some, but the piercing captures your attention first.”

“It does,” Lucy agreed, tracing the rim of her teacup with her finger. She glanced over her shoulder to check for Natsu, who’d been scanning through missions. “I was given the okay to start working again, so we’re all going on a job. I need to pay rent. Well, I need to pay Gray back. He paid rent for me.”

“That was nice.” Levy rested her chin on her open palm. A few blue strands tickled her cheek. As soon as Lucy had been able, the blonde had summoned Cancer for both of them. Gajeel had given his approval in the form of a pat to Lucy’s head as soon as the Spirit had finished. Lucy hadn’t returned her hair to its original length - in fact, she’d left it short. She’d had him stylishly cut it into a bob that cut off at her chin. Levy’s hair had been fixed back to its original style - even a little bit longer, though not much. A headband was tied into her hair and Levy’s teammates were watching them anxiously from not too far away.

Lucy grinned. After they’d returned to the guildhall - they’d come flying in with tears in their eyes and had to be kept off of Levy by Gajeel - they’d been clingy, apologizing every time she looked at them for not being there.

Lucy had jumped in at one point, pointing out that not even Gildarts would have been able to stop it had he been there, and that had for some reason comforted them just a little.

“Lucy!” Natsu suddenly shouted over the noise of the guild, waving a paper in the air. “How ‘bout this one! We gotta go pick some kind of rare flower for an old lady!”

She turned to face him - and tears sprung to her eyes as pain raced up her back. Wendy had done her best, but it still hurt. It was something that would dull over time, but never go away. Just like the massive scarring that had formed after Wendy had healed it with Chelia’s help.

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What are your favorite nightgowns they've worn on the show?

Hi! Thanks for the question, nonnie! I am in love with all of Mary’s nightgowns and here are three of my absolute favorites:

This. embroidery. is. the best. I love everything about it. I wish I could afford this Free People slip, it’s so worth the money.

I love the print and the side slit of the gown, the way it was altered to fit Mary’s character (and body). Plus it’s a Balmain dress, need I say more? ;)

Though the scene left a bad taste in my mouth, I have an undeniable love for this embroidered maxi dress from Free People. I may not enjoy Mary’s past actions, but her fashion choices are always impeccable. xx

Creepypasta #836: A Picky Eater

Length: Short

There was a chubby picky boy who eats only what he likes. One day, a devil came to him. He asked him what his wish was. A little chubby boy said,

“My mom always calls me a picky eater. I wish I could live a free life eating everything I love.”

Then the devil gave him a table full of everything the boy loves.

Meat pie, salted caramel, bacon pancakes, rainbow cupcakes, greasy turkey, meatloaf, a mountain of barbecue and greasy steaks with a scoop of butter, potato and ground beef gratin…

Every single bite was so mellow that the chubby boy devoured them all in an instant.

“Thank you, Mr. It was really great.”

The stuffed little boy bowed his head and went back to his sweet home .

“Mom, I’m home. I already had my dinner.”

But only silence answered. So the boy sat in the living room and waited for his loving mom. After eating all he loves.

Credits to: moloque

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George~ At Last I See the Light

Chapter 1 Here (x)

Warnings: None

A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling.

Masterlists Here (x) (x)

A pool of darkness surrounds me before it twists and contorts into bright recognizable shapes. It takes me a minute to recognize where I am because the scene looks so different compared to when I last was there. There are no black marks on the wall from spells nor are their bodies strewn on the floor. It’s the old Hogwarts that I love where the only fear is the fear of failing a class. I hear a familiar laugh and nearly fall over. It’s her laugh. I turn to face her and my heart flutters. Her face is a warm, rosy color no longer kissed with death. She’s walking toward me and my heart is doing backflips; I can barely contain my excitement. Just when I think she can get no closer, she walks right through me literally. I want to call out to her, but I have no voice. My eyes follow her until she is in front of me, well a younger version of me.

“Fred, George, this is Y/N. She just transferred here,” Hermione grins. My younger self doesn’t seem to notice her, and I want to smack him on the head for it.

“Please don’t tell me you’re pulling another prank this afternoon. Wasn’t the one from yesterday enough?” Hermione groans. Leave it to me to be so infatuated with pranks that I can’t see the amazing girl in front of me.

“Aw Hermione you know one prank is never enough for me,” I wink. “Knowing you, I’m assuming Y/N doesn’t approve of my pranks either.”

“Actually, I quite like a prank every now and then assuming it’s a good one,” she interjects. I forgot how sassy she could be.

“Releasing fireworks in someone’s office is a good prank is it not?”  Fred bragged. She just shook her head and laughed. It was odd to see her laughing instead of crying in front of me. Her laughter didn’t faze the old me at all; I was used to people laughing around me. I wish I didn’t take her laughter for granted, but how was I supposed to know that in a few short years I would only cause her emotional pain.  

“You only do fireworks? Amateurs. I happen to know how to craft fireworks into intricate shapes,” she sang as she crossed her arms. Fred and I looked at each other astounded. Finally, we were interested in what this girl had to say.

“Would you help us?” we both pleaded in unison.

“As long as you don’t continue to under estimate me I will help you,” she smiled. I’d never underestimate her, never again.

The scene transformed into her bedroom, she was sitting on the floor her dress spread all around her. Her face was in her hands and her body shook with sobs. Even then, she was so beautiful. I wished I could comfort her, but I was only an observer in a memory.

“George, I should’ve seen this coming,” she sniffled. “I saw the way he looked at her while we were dancing. I should’ve known he’d do this to me.” I remembered that night. It nearly killed me to see her walking in with a guy that wasn’t me. I was too much of a coward to ask her to the Yule ball, so she went with an infamous womanizer. I wanted to talk her out of going with him, but she was so excited I didn’t have the heart. Besides, she was so into him she wouldn’t have listen to me anyway. I hoped he would be good to her, but that was too optimistic. I chased her up the stairs as she cried, angry at myself for not speaking up.

“No one has the right to treat you that way Y/N,” the younger me reassured her as I crouched down beside her. “ If I was your date, I wouldn’t look at other girls.” She turned toward me, her makeup was running down her face from crying, but she couldn’t have looked more beautiful.

“I was scared to ask you,” I mumbled “You were so happy going with him that I didn’t want to put my happiness above yours.”  When her frown turned into a smile, I wanted to melt right there. She smiled and laughed with me all in one day. How was this possible?

“ I think I could only really be happy with you,”  she whispered into the younger George’s ear before kissing me. It was the night that started everything. We were so young, so free. I wished I could stay there, but the shapes were twisting again.

I was back in my room, it was darker than I was used to. Y/N and I were no longer close to each other; we were both on opposite sides of the room.

“I don’t understand why you have to do this?” I pleaded. “I can handle anything they throw at me.” My heart dropped, I didn’t want to relive this. This scar was too fresh, too painful.

“George, when the death eaters come they will question you. You can’t be associated with me in any other way. They could use you against me and hurt you. You know I wouldn’t be able to stand it if anything happened to you,” she pleaded.

“This hurts worse than any pain they could inflict on me Y/N,” I replied. She nodded in agreement as she moved closer to me.

“I may not be your girlfriend physically, but my heart is still yours George. As soon as this is over we’ll be together. I promise you,”  she held my hands in hers. I didn’t want to look at her, but how could I refuse. This war was taking everything away from me. I wished this whole mess would be over, but this was only the beginning. I didn’t want to relive this memory. This was too painful. I loved her, I truly loved her. Her method to keep me safe failed, and I had endangered her. This past year my thoughts were consumed with rage and revenge for some nonexistent crime, she committed. I had no control over my actions, no way to remember what was right. Every time I was close to understanding the truth, the dark forces would pull me back down. Now the love of my life was in the infirmary,and I had no idea if she was alive or dead. I wished I was in there, taking the pain instead of her.

“She is a horrible person George you shouldn’t trust her. Remember what she did to you,” A dark shadow whispers. This must’ve been the dark side of me Hermione was worried about. Just when I thought I’d beat my darkest self it kept crawling back. My hands curled into fists,

“She is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Who are you to call her evil? You’ve seen the memories and know everything,” I shouted into the void. “Why do you keep fighting this? Can’t you love her like I can?” There was no response from the void.

“I’ve hurt her in all the wrong ways emotionally and physically,” I cried.  “Don’t you see that when I hurt her I am only hurting myself.” The void continued to stay silent. “I would rather hurt myself than hurt her.” The darkness started to fade and was replaced with a blinding white light.


The next thing I knew Hermione was standing in front of me her mouth agape

“George that was incredible,” Hermione stammered. “I’ve never seen anything like it.” I was not concern about my ability to fight off my dark side. All I cared about was seeing Y/N.

“Does this mean that I can see Y/N?” I asked, gripping my chair tightly. Hermione simply nodded and I rushed out of the room. She had to be ok. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if she was gone.

The story continues (x)