i wish

6 year old brother: I wanna meet markiplier, therealjacksepticeye, lordminion, and Bob again.

Me: Well, we have a long time before that can happen again, Bud. Not until after you turn 7.

Bro: I have an idea! Let’s invite them to our house! They can play Hot Wheels with me and then we can take them to Kings Island and then we can take them to Panda Express and they can eat dumplings!

Me: I don’t know if that’s possible, dude.

Bro: Anything is possible if you think it is.


I’m still waiting for the day my parents will say, “It’s all fake, we are millionaires, this was just to teach you to be humble”

anonymous asked:

You live in Canada omg your closer to Matt (and the cast) than I am (though on occasion i do visit Ontario to visit family) if it's not too rude to ask, do you live near toronto?

i’m actually in matts bathroom right now he says hi btw 

my mom is talking to me about how there’s no way bernie sanders is going to win and not enough people like hilary, so there’s basically no way to avoid having a republican president… i’m so sad right now someone tell me that’s not true