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The Other Professor’s Breaking Point

Summary: Chuck’s schizophrenia reaches a breaking point.
Characters: Professor Chuck Shurley, Doctor Robert Singer, Professor John Winchester & Female Reader
Word Count: Just shy of 1,900
Warnings: Language, AAAAAAAAANGST, fluff.
Author’s Note: Part 10 of my Professor John series. @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @hidingfrommychildren @balthazars-muse @aprofoundbondwithdean @manawhaat @spnfanficpond  @mrswhozeewhatsis @iowarose @mrs-squirrel-chester @ginger-rae1991 @dacianamusik23 @leviathanslovedick @rizlow1 @saenalife
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John’s hand on your wrist stopped you from running down the alley, behind the bar. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?” He made sure to let you and Doctor Singer know that he hated this plan from the very beginning.

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Aokaga 13? If you're still taking prompts☺️

Hahaha, yeah it just takes me a really long time to get through them all! Thanks for your patience!! (Also these just keep getting longer and longer. This was why I wanted the word limit but…I’m weak…*sobs*)

13. co-stars au

Kagami knew he was in trouble when he felt that pang of pain in his gut as Aomine kissed the girl in front of him, her delicate arms wrapped around his neck.

They pulled away, and Aomine’s eyes met his. Aomine’s expression turned shocked, then guilty, before settling on sadness.

Kagami felt his throat constrict, the words burning like acid in his mouth. “I hate you.”

“And CUT!” the director’s voice echoed in the room and Kagami broke eye contact just as Aomine pulled away from the girl.

The director got off the seat and walked up to them, brown hair bobbing. “That was actually fantastic!” she grinned. “Kagami, you captured that emotion so well, I thought you actually hated Aomine for a second there!”

Kagami laughed weakly. “Thanks, Riko-san.”

“And Aomine, you looked absolutely wrecked when you saw Kagami looking,” she patted Aomine hard on the back and he winced. “Yeah, thanks.”

“Well, I’ll see you two tomorrow. The next episode’s going to be an emotional roller coaster.” She walked away.

Kagami frowned. He and Aomine were cast as best friends in the drama they were working in. Kagami’s character had had fallen in love with the heroine, and Aomine’s character – knowing this – still went after her. This was going to cause a huge rift between their characters that they would then have to work through.

Kagami was worried because now he realised…he was emotionally compromised.

Not with the heroine. With Aomine. He was in love with the guy he was supposed to be best friends with, and now enemies.

This…was not going to be fun.


Kuroko added more blush to Aomine’s face.

“Isn’t that enough?” Aomine scowled.

“Please leave the makeup to the makeup artist,” Kuroko muttered. “You seem a bit preoccupied.”

“I’m fine,” Aomine sighed, remembering that look of anger and betrayal on Kagami’s face. Sure he was just acting, but to see Kagami in pain…it kinda hurt. And those words. I hate you. He had realised in that moment that he never wanted to hear Kagami say them to him in real life.

Come on, Aomine. Stay professional.

“I saw the latest episode. It was very…realistic,” Kuroko mused. “The fans are going crazy. You know how they have their own…” he waved a hand around. “…ships.”

“Their what?”

“Never mind,” Kuroko sighed. You guys act so well, you’re even fooling yourselves. He removed the sheet covering Aomine. “You’re ready to go.”


They only had one scene in the next episode, a private conversation between the two shortly afterwards. But it was hectic.

“I told you I loved her, but you still betrayed me!” Kagami yelled, cornering Aomine against a wall.

Aomine ran a hand through his hair. “Look, I can’t control my feelings, okay? I can’t just turn them off! I fell in love with her too.”

Kagami’s voice rose. “Was this before or after I told you about my feelings!” He nearly stumbled on his words. Keep to the script. Keep to the script.

“What are you implying?” Aomine’s eyes narrowed. “That I went after her because you wanted her? You’re my best friend! I…care about you!” Shit. Focus on the script, dumbass.

Kagami could feel his cheeks heat up. He was really close to Aomine by now, and the intensity of the script seemed to be getting into both their heads. “I care about you too, but what you did is unforgivable. I hate you for it!” Right, I’m supposed to try and punch him now. Kagami swung his fist…

…and Aomine grabbed it, ramming Kagami back into a wall and hovering over him. “Don’t…ever say you hate me. Never say you hate me,” he whispered, and Kagami felt his breath against his cheek.

Kagami’s eyes were wide, heart hammering. That wasn’t in the script.

“CUT!” Riko yelled and they turned to look at her. She was grinning. “I don’t know why you did that, Aomine, but I loved it. And the fans are going to love it too! I’m satisfied to end it here. That’s a wrap for today.”

Aomine stepped back, his face red.

Kagami swallowed. Could it be…?


“Yeah?” Aomine was pointedly avoiding his eyes.

“Do you…” Kagami bit his lip. I should take the chance. “Do you want to, uh, grab something to eat?”

Aomine snorted, finally look back. “Yeah. Only if you’re cooking though.”

Kagami mock-kicked him in the shin. “Jackass. Maji Burger, take it or leave it.”

“Take it, take it,” Aomine laughed and Kagami grinned back.

Kuroko rolled his eyes silently from the corner, and he and Riko shared a secret smile. They’d do what they could, but in the end, it was up to the idiots themselves.

Possibilities ~3

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Part 2 

@emmarablack @rosebloodstuffandthangss

“Walk, go on..” Negan nudged you with Lucille, stumbling forward. You continued your walking to where Negan was leading you, it was more like he was pushing Lucille onto your back. It didn’t hurt, but the feeling was uncomfortable. 

You walked into a room, dim room, it was big. A bed with blue bed sheets, a closet and a cabinet. But what bothered Negan was that he saw a pair of shoes on the floor. It wasn’t his. It was one of his wives, he growled grabbing them throwing them out of the room.

“ I told her to get all her shit..” He mumbled underneath his breath. “ Who are you talking about?” you had heard him, he wasn’t that quite. “ One of my wives, she’s good for fucking only. She’s got less of a brain then a walker.” 

His words made you shiver, he was pretty tall for a man like him. You had to look up at him slightly as he walked closer. Just the way he was looking you at made you tense. Breathing became shortened as he stood in front of you, looking down at you like you were a small mouse. 

“ You know what I do to women like you?” Gulping, nodding your head. He kneel his head down, his breath on your face. “ I am going to make you regret opening your mouth to me. The more you talk back at me the more I’ll make you beg for me mouse.” 

He cupped your face with his hand, squeezing as your lips squeezed together. “ I am going to make you my mouse..” 

His hands went down to grip your waist pulling you harshly against him. A whimper escaped your lips. “ Hush” His lips went to your neck, kissing it first then sucking on it. You didn’t want this, you weren’t a virgin. You gave you virginity to someone else.


Yes, Rick. He was the one who took your virginity. 

“ Please..don’t..” He picked up his head from your neck, “ You’re mine now mouse. I own you.” He hissed, his hands gripping your ass pulling you closer, flushed against his body. 

His lips went back to your neck, nibbling, sucking on the skin, pulling on it. He was going to leave bruises there. 

“ I-I don’t w-want to” you were upsetting him you knew that but you didn’t want to sleep with him. He was disgusting and Glenn was still on your mind. “ I owe you mouse, I’ll fuck you anyway I want too. Now shut up” He growled. 

You pulled away from him, stepping back bumping into the closet. He chuckled darkly making his way over to you. Grabbing you by your hips, squeezing hard as he leaned down, “ Don’t push me to something I don’t want to do. The only thing I want to do to you is fuck you, fuck you good and fuck that pretty mouth of yours.” 

“ I-I-” 

“ Spit it out mouse!” He snapped, he was running out of patience. “ I’m not used to roughness..” you mumbled.

“ Too bad, just thinking about how I’m going to give it to you turns me on. Fuck..” 

Whimpers escaped your mouth, “ Look mouse, I am not going to rape you.” 

He licked his lips as he looked you over, he took a deep breath. “ You and I are going to play a few games. Like Catch, but I’m the one chasing you”

He threw his head back laughing before he walked over to the other door which you thought was the bathroom. You were right, hearing the water turned on. He was taking a shower. Sliding down the wall, you brought your knees to your chest. 

What was Daryl doing? Was he thinking about you? How was Carl doing? Rick? Maggie? Oh Maggie, you wished you were there for her. You didn’t want to be here. No where near Negan. You were trapped. 

A mouse. That’s  your nickname. You were small and innocent but that’s what he thought. He doesn’t know you. 

You ended up in his bed, moving far away from him as possible. Curled up in a ball, silently crying to yourself. You hated being around him, you just wanted to go back. Back to your brother. To Rick. To your friends. 

Shower turned off, your ears perked up hearing it. Sniffing, wiping your tears from your face as you waited. The door opened revealing Negan in without a shirt with pjs hung on his hips. A blush creeped your cheeks as you looked at him, he chuckled looking down at you from where you were laying.

“ You see something you like mouse?” He put his thumbs into the inside of his pj bottoms, your breathing stopped as you saw what he was trying to do. Rushing past him into the bathroom, he laughed from the other side.

“ Don’t worry mouse, for now I won’t show you anything but you’ll be begging for me sooner or later. I’ll show you a whole show.” 

Hands on the sink as you looked at yourself in the mirror, you had to do this. It wasn’t that he was unattractive, he just killed people out of enjoyment. Shaking your head, you opened the bathroom door seeing Negan laying in bed. He heard the door opened, looking over at you confused to why you didn’t shower yet.

“ Just fuck me.. let’s get it over with” A smirk made it’s way to his lips, sitting up he pulled you to him. “ I don’t do the whole sappy loving thing. I fuck women real good. I give it to them hard. His hand reached over to your pants, unbuckling them and pulling them down as they laid in the pool of your feet. Stepping out, throwing them aside, he growled seeing you in panties. He liked what he saw. 

Licking his lips, his eyes roamed your legs. 

Your heart begins to pound fast when he reaches out to you pulling you down before changing positions as he hovers over you, gazing down at you with a smirk.

“ My, my, my, my mouse, I bet your going to taste half as good as I imagined” 

It would’t be too far before he starts, leaning down his lips grazed your ear making you whimper. His rough, large hand found your shirt sliding it off of you, tossing it somewhere in the room. 

“ My dick is so hard for you” He removed his pj pants and ripped your bra off with one hand. His hand went past your breast to your stomach to your underwear where he took it off while looking down at you. 

“ I can smell you from here.. mmm” He hovered over you, smirking. You gasped feeling the tip of his dick near your lips. Gasping for air knowing the pain was about come, “ You’ll enjoy this too mouse.” 

He pushed himself into you, you winced freezing feeling him inside you. When he pulled back out, he grunted and pushed himself back in. Going harder and faster each time. Tears ran down your cheeks as you stared at the ceiling above you.

“ You’re.. so.. tight.. damn..” He muttered, you gasped clawing at his shoulders as he went deeper. The pain had gotten away replacing with pleasure, it felt good but was so wrong. “ Scream my name, mouse” 

You did as he asked, he growled into your ear thrusting more, panting throwing his head back moaning. He was getting sloppier meaning he was going to cum, you were as well as you felt your stomach tied in knots. 

He thrusted one more time before he climaxed while you gasped grabbing his shoulder climaxing after him. He collapsed over you, panting, he chuckled.

“ You are staying with me. My mouse.” 

He gotten up after sliding out of you, getting dressed. He brushed his hair back putting his leather jacket on, grabbing Lucille walking out the door, he returned saying, “ Shower mouse, you look like you need it. I have some business to take care of.” 

He left. 

You laid in bed, panting, hurting and whimpering crawling into a ball as tears streamed down your cheeks. 

5sos Preference: You’re Sick

Luke: “Luuuke!” you yelled from upstairs. You heard his heavy footsteps coming down the hallway. He peeked his head around the door frame, “Yes, babe?” You motioned for him to come closer, “I wanna cuddle,” you whispered weakly. He smiled and stepped back, “You are very sick (Y/N) and did I mention contagious?” You crossed your arms and pouted. You saw him debating whether or not to leave. He sighed and you knew you had him. “Fuck it,” he mumbled. You smiled widely and scooted over, patting the empty space beside you. He kicked off his shoes and slid in next to you. “I love you Lukey,” you singsonged. He playfully rolled his eyes and kissed you on the top of the head. “I love you more.”

Calum: Rriiiinnnngggg! You groaned and rolled over to see a Skype call coming in from Calum. Pressing accept, you sat up and tried to make yourself seem not on the edge of death. “Hey beaut- What’s wrong (Y/N)?” Calum said, going from giddy to concerned in a second. You moaned and crashed your head into a pillow. “Is it that bad?” you mumbled, your voice muffled from the pillow. “No. No, you are still as beautiful as ever but babe, you just look sick.” You sat back up and rolled your eyes, “It’s cause I am. I got food poisoning when I went out to dinner with my family last night.” Calum winced, “Ew. That’s not good.” You sighed, “Tell me something I don’t know.” He thought for a second, “You need to get some rest, (Y/N).” You nodded, “I know but it’s so hard when I feel like I may puke up my stomach at any minute.” He looked at me with genuine sympathy and love. “Just lay down and listen to me.” You did as you were told and laid the laptop down beside you, burrowing into the covers. You closed your eyes as a guitar began to play and Calum’s sweet voice began to sing your favorite song. You smiled and mumbled something along the lines of ‘I love you’ as you drifted off to sleep.  

Michael: “No, no. Just go without me. Really, I’ll be fine.” you told Michael as you leaned over the toilet. “Babe, I can’t leave you like this.” he said, gathering your hair into a pony tail to keep it out of your face. “But it’s Luke’s birthday. I’d never forgive myself if I kept you from your best friend’s party.” He rubbed your back soothingly, “And I would never forgive myself if I left you here in this condition. You sighed, there was no way to change his mind once it was made up. “Now come on, let’s get you into bed.” He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and guided you to the bed. He pulled the covers up around you and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Get comfy. I’ll be right back.” You nodded and turned the TV on so you could watch Netflix. Michael came back a few minutes later with a steaming bowl of soup. “Here,(Y/N),” he placed the tray with the soup on your lap, “Chicken noodle soup. I know it’s cliche but don’t fight what works.” You giggled and sipped your soup. Michael crawled into bed next to you and rubbed soothing circles along your back. Your body relaxed into him, a lazy smile appearing immediately. Once you finished your soup, you completely melted into Michael. “Thanks Mikey.I really appreciate it.” He stroked your hair, “Shhh. Don’t worry about it, babe. It’s my job to make sure my princess is taken care of.” 

Ashton: “Pillow? Check. Warm blankets? Check. Cold medicine? Check. Tissues? Check. Am I missing anything?” Ashton questioned, stepping back to admire his work. You were wrapped up carefully in at least five blankets.“I’m good, Ash. Really.” He sighed, and ran his fingers through his long curls. “I just want you to get better, beautiful. I need you healthy if you’re going to come on tour with me in a few days. You laughed lightly, “So, this is all about you?” He rolled his eyes playfully, “Of course not,” he knelt beside you and retrieved your hand from the bundle of blankets, “I hate seeing you like this. I hate not being able to go out with you or kiss you. Hell, I’m not even supposed to be this close to you right now.” You smiled and brought his hand up to your lips, pressing a soft kiss on his knuckles. “I miss all that stuff too, babe, trust me. But I’m not dying. I’ll be better by tomorrow.” He popped up quickly, “Now you’ve done it! You’ve jinxed yourself. Oh, now you’re never going to get better. Hurry, I need some wood to knock on!” You giggled at your ridiculous boyfriend and pointed at the coffee table behind him, “There, the table.” He spun around and knocked on the wooden surface rapidly. “There. That should do it.” You shook your head as much as the blankets would allow, “You’re such a nerd.” He lifted your legs up and sat down on the opposite end of the couch. “I just want you to be better, darling. All precautions must be taken.”

A/N: I know I haven’t written anything in a long time but I can start writing more often now that school is out. Please leave requests if you have any. 


  • i ran away from home and knocked on the wrong door but you want to take me in anyway au

(also saw this cutie and thought it might work)

Len wasn’t expecting a knock at his door to wake him at three in the morning.  Yet, here he was, stumbling towards it while still rubbing his eyes.  He’d already knocked his hip against the side table in the hall, cursed it soundly, too.  

He fumbled for the deadbolt, not thinking clearly before opening it.  This neighborhood wasn’t too dangerous, but if he’d had his fool head on straight he’d have checked to see who the disturber was.  

It was a kid.  Well, a young man, but a kid in Len’s eyes.  Blonde, flyaway hair, and, in the glow of the automatic porch light, blue, crystalline eyes.  Shining with desperation and shock, and one looked a little swollen.  

“Oh, shit.  Sorry, I think I have the wrong….”  The kid backed off, and looked around.  "This isn’t Chris Pike’s house?“

"Nope,” Len yawned.  His eyes were on the cut sported on full lips, already dried but the blood still there.  "You all right?“

"Yeah, so sorry,” the blonde apologized again, turning away.

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