i win those too

things i *need* by the end of the event

medic mercy skin 

- blackwatch genji skin 

- dva selfie highlight intro 

- zenyatta highlight intro


Team Japan: Junior World Champions in Men’s Figure Skating

Daisuke Takahashi: SP | FS | EX
Nobunari Oda: SP | FS | EX
Takahiko Kozuka: SP | FS | EX
Yuzuru Hanyu: SP | FS | EX
Shoma Uno: SP | FS | EX


If you want to build a better home, first you must demolish the old one.


So you’re telling me Jaina has gone AWOL in Legion and enhancement shamans get the Doomhammer… interesting.

I mean, I don’t want Jaina to burn her bridges and become a raid boss. All I’m saying is, if she does end up one (and it does look like she might be headed that way), she might as well have a real impact.

Hire me Blizzard I’ll improve your lore.


clingy sungjun

one thing i admire about being stubborn is i perpetually refuse to let toxic people, traumatic experiences, or any other negative existences in my life ever beat me, make me give up on myself, or take my power and love away

when u trying to take a normal family picture but everyone in the fam is just too weird so it ends up being like:

so, I’ve got a couple issues with how fandom and CS fandom in particular is responding to tonight’s episode, and so I’d like to get something off my chest

the obsession with infantilizing hook and pretty much ignoring the 99% of his life before he met emma is really getting on my nerves. one of the things I really disliked about s4 was how they essentially made him into a toothless puppy who was infatuated with a woman. which is okay, in a sense, because that’s what was needed then. but fandom has forgotten that before he was killian jones again, he was captain hook. we got a teaser two weeks ago, a reminder of the villain he used to be, and that excited me.

because like it or not, he wasn’t ooc or horribly one-dimensional tonight. he was everything he’s always been when consumed by darkness(rash, thoughtless, selfish, hurtful, evil)

think about the three hundred or so years he spent as a villain, embracing his darkness, with only small little glimmers of light. all we’ve seen is the glimmers, and yet we think he wasn’t so bad.

but yes, he was so bad.

he had a very long time with darkness as his only companion, selfishness corrupting what had started out honest enough(with love) until all he had was his revenge. it’s only been since emma stepped into his life that he’s begun to see the light and step away from that darkness, searching for a happier ending. so counter three hundred years of hate with maybe fifteen or sixteen years total of love(liam, milah, and emma), and you start to see why it’s so damned easy for him to slip back into who he was.

remember emma herself, who was ready to leave her family, despite how much they loved her, and run back to new york with henry, because that’s what she was good at, because that was what she knew and once she’d had a taste of the easy life, she wanted it for the rest of her life. and she’d only been alone for twenty-eight years.

it’s easy to love someone when the going is easy, and it’s easy to stay when you love someone. see aforementioned puppy killian from s4. he loved emma because there really wasn’t a huge drastic issue standing between them. there wasn’t the ultimate betrayal. it’s easy to be selfish and hate, it’s so fucking hard to love someone who committed the ultimate betrayal against you. and if this was any other situation, would we still be saying he has no right to be this way?

and now there is and we’re surprised by his reactions?

we shouldn’t be. hook has always felt things so intensely; he loves or he hates and I doubt he’s ever had to try to live with both. yet he quite obviously still does love emma, you can see it in how he threatens rumple and when he struggles with the darkness at first. he loves her. but he also hates her. and how can he reconcile the woman he loves with the darkness he hates(that makes him hate), with the betrayal she caused. so he doesn’t. he hates her with every fiber of his being, and he tells her so. he crushes her heart before she has a chance to crush his(again).

everything has been leading up to this darkness. like adam said; the darkness is like giving a drunk a drink, and emma didn’t just pass him a sip, she force-fed him the bottle and threw away his liver. hook cannot deal with it on his own, and she showed her hand, showed he couldn’t trust her when not only did she turn him into the dark one, but she made her first words to him a lie about excalibur. how was he supposed to trust her to help him after that? by the time she realized what she’d done it was too late because he’d already let it in.

we know the darkness consumes someone, and hook was and always has been ripe for the consuming. he’s smart, but he’s reckless, and the darkness preyed on that, because it knew he would do whatever he had to to make sure he would never get hurt again. it feels like reaching to say this is all his grand plan, that there’s a good honest reason behind it all. who knows, I might be wrong, and I eagerly await whatever will happen. but I think hook is dark. I think the darkness is playing him, not the other way around, because this does make sense.

but, of course, there is a glimmer. his own words will come back to haunt him soon, because I firmly believe that he was right, and we’re all about to see it; anything can be forgiven when someone loves you. even when that anything is as dark as what hook has done.

especially when that someone is the motherfucking savior

there’s this kid that takes the same bus as me every day after school and every single day without fail as soon as he sits on the bus he pulls out a 3ds and starts playing super smash bros

I’ve only ever seen him play as Kirby all year and I’ve never once seen him lose a match

you go, Kirby dude

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Chances Are
Pairing: AsaNoya
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Chapter W/C: Approx. 4K
Total W/C: Approx. 4K
Summary: “Mind-boggled” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Nishinoya feels in the aftermath of Asahi’s post-graduation parting gift. But after a few mishaps, he begins to wonder if he’s missed the opportunity to find out the what ifs or if there’s really such a thing as second chances.
Chapter Summary: The third years’ graduation has everyone a little nostalgic and wondering what the future holds, but Asahi’s parting gift makes Nishinoya wonder about more than just his exam results.
A/N: This started out as an idea conversation for a short drabble with drawverylittle, but then it got away from me and whoops, multichapter it is. haha. I also really have it bad for some TanaNoya epic bromance (inspired by actual banter with kaijoskopycat) just as much as I do for some adorkably semi-angsty AsaNoyas. This is technically my first attempt at anything in the Haikyuu!! fandom (except for that one very short drabble), so please be gentle and if there’s any inconsistencies I missed or details I got wrong, please let me know! Happy reading! :D

EDIT: Accompanying art by drawverylittle​ (aljdflgjjl I am still not over this IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL ohgod thanks for mAKING ME WEE p like a bonafide pansy, beebee. I’M STILL GRINNING LIKE AN IDIOT AND I LOV EYOU  ♥ ♥ ♥)

On AO3

Multichapter | CH1
Edit: Fic tag with next chapters included

Noya’s stomach knots while he sits, cross-legged on the polished surface of the gym floor. He waits for the third years to join the rest of the team with Tanaka, who is attempting to pass the time trying to spin the volleyball on his forehead to no avail. They’ve been there a while and Noya’s legs jiggle from pent-up nervous energy.

“Quit that, will ya?” Tanaka says, smacking one of Noya’s knees mid-jumping bean routine. The ball drops off his face and thuds dully against the floor before rolling away. Noya smacks him back; not in a retaliatory sense, really, but more to have something to do with his hands. Tanaka’s brows crease, one raised as he gives Noya an exasperated scowl. “You’re makin’ me nervous and you know how I get when I need to release some steam. We don’t have the rest of exams ‘til tomorrow. I’d kinda like to enjoy what’s left of my freedom before I get home and it turns into study prison hell.”

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