i win tho :p

@super-sootica hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “SPN this or that 2.0”

Follow up question if you’re the mood, what type of suits?

I’ve been trying to find the respective gifs of my favorite TFW suits but then I figured, you probably don’t expect another answer than this-

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birthday suits!:)

funny story: knives is really, really bad at tug. like SO BAD at it! she sucks and in theory would always lose…but the thing is? machete lets her win. nearly 95% of the time, he will play and then just acquiesce to her so she gets the toy/ball/stick/etc. he’s such a good brofur and lets her win so much that when she plays tug with another dog (or us) she gets super confused like “but why am i not winning, tho?”

he’s spoiled her :p