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I love your hollenstein headcanons and I need more

Aww thanks here have a couple more

  • The trio (try to) play Cluedo and Carmilla insists that Danny picks Miss Scarlet for her character, just because
  • (They spend ten minutes trying to convince Carmilla that No, she’s not allowed to be Mr. Black - he’s dead. And no, just because she’s also dead…)
  • Laura starts on a long rant about how sexist and imperialistic the colour schemes and character designs are
  • “Of course the men are professors, colonels or religious leaders, and the women get to be young and slutty, old and stuck up, or old and confined to servitude.”
  • Laura splutters when Carmilla chimes in with a question about whether Laura’s slut shaming, because she actually thinks Miss Scarlet is totally hot tbh would bang 100%
  • Danny agrees with Laura on the problematic stereotyping but points out that the pieces they’re using are all generic tiles with no specific characters and they could probably just come up with their own names and backstories
  • Carmilla hands Laura ‘Lady Sunshine, previously known as Colonel Mustard’ 
  • Danny gags 
  • And is handed the red figure, renamed ‘Merida Or Whatever That Girl Who Turns Her Family Into Bears Name Is She’s Pretty Cute And She Likes Archery’ 
  • Danny hands Carmilla the candlestick instead of a character because: you’re a broody philosopher major and annoyingly predictable and you’ll need it for your black candles
  • Carmilla stoically takes the candlestick and uses it for the rest of the game and they don’t get to guess it at all unless Carmilla happens to be in the room
  • Which she refuses to ever be because she doesn’t feel like it
  • “Hallways are more my thing.”
  • Carmilla keeps pointing out the flaws in murder theories and they don’t come close to getting through the game
  • Especially not when she keeps slyly glancing at Laura and Danny mumbling “I’d definitely do it in the kitchen; Laura could probably do it against the counter, it’s not that high” and “the dining room would be a good place - solid mahogany tables” and “billiard tables are set at really good heights, Red, you could totally bend over that and uh, kill a dude. Or whatever.”
  • She’s talking about murder techniques, ofc, get your mind out of the gutter.
PSA For POI Fandom

As much as I love Clexa and Clexakru, this poll on eonline is a very important one for the Shoot fandom, since Person Of Interest is now officially over. With that being said, I need everyone whether you are part of the Shoot fandom or just love Person Of Interest, to go on the eonline website and vote for Root and Shaw. 

The following categories they’re in are:

  • Best Couple
  • Best Drama 
  • Sexiest Moment
  • Best Drama Actress




I believe they’re in more categories but right now our main focus is Best Couple since we are now falling behind. We have until Monday, July 4 at 5 p.m. PT to get this done. Let’s win this for Amy and Sarah guys!