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I’ll be in San Francisco starting this Sunday, February 26th, in anticipation of the 2017 Game Developer’s Conference. I’ll be presenting my award-winning narrative review of Life Is Strange outside the Game Narrative Summit on Monday and Tuesday, from 12:20 to 1:20 pm with others who have won similar prizes. We’ll be in the West Hall, 3rd Floor Lobby. Come by and say hi, if you’re attending :)

Wednesday to Friday, I’ll be walking the show floor and attending talks all around. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you there as well! 

*staring off the sunset, haunted look in eyes* listen my guy, i’m trying. i don’t have the talent to extensively write about dick okay? like some of us have to go through dungeons, fight off dragons, and get out with only 200 words of vague smut material as a prize, the sort that was common in like, early 2000′s era fic. it’s a damn trial every single time, my dude, it’s a damn trial. 

Day 10 Author Life Month

Reviewer/Media Love

So I’ve gotten some pretty amazing reviews from really lovely and well spoken people. It is a favorite pastime of mine to go on Goodreads and read through any new reviews and feel all bubbly inside.

But I feel like posting them here would just ruin any modesty I have. Instead, I’ll post some that flat out speak the truth.

Tokyo Love

“Okay so first off, don’t let the personal love companion throw you off. This book is in no way about people hooking up with life sized robots.” - Tiff

(no, seriously, I want this on the back cover of my book one day. It is deeply important and also hilarious)


“settle down, now. settle. settle down.” - julio

(how I feel everyday)

The Warrior, the Healer, and the Thief

‘I’ll put in one spoiler - there isn’t any sex in this book. I know some people want to know before they start reading.’ - Amy

(you have no idea how hard it is to explain to people that there is a lesbian threesome without any sex)

Thank you to anyone that takes the time to review one of my books. Even if you hate it! Please come back for anything new I manage to put out. I think I get better at this every day!

my first impressions of troye sivan’s blue neighbourhood

(the start of this is taken from here)

WILD is the glitterball casting dancing light around the room that you can spin around under whether you’re alone with your eyes closed or in an open roofed car it’s just that uplifting endless feEling. It perfectly embodies the sense of first infatuation. It’s a perfect, fresh opening for the sound of the album

BITE is a juxtaposition, a twisted lullaby, a dancer in a music box put on a pedestal. It’s innocence soiled and nervous energy and danger. Predator /prey, encapsulating everything of a club. And Troye’s voice is like the fucking storyteller all wide eyed and dazed and you sorta just CANT breathe during the first verse. There’s even a strangled bird sound like the detail is exquisite

FOOLS is the middle scene in a film, where everything is going wrong. It’s so cinematic and spacious and overwhelming it literally made my heart speed up. The sound effects of slamming doors completely takes your brain on a journey while the melody is so rolling and smooth with the alliteration it carries you with it like a wide panning camera. I could read a novel of this song

EASE sounds like a travel song, movement, which perfectly reflects its meaning. To me it’s driving down a motorway, or staring out a plane window. It’s full of nostalgia, like how the little piano/xylophone melody after the chorus sounds childish. The lyrics are completely heartbreaking, because they’re so real and about the core of human need for family and love, and pining for the childhood you inevitably lose. Makes me wanna watch old video tapes

THE QUIET’s production and verses are so isolated and raw and sort of disconnected it reminds me of talking to yourself alone while watching a static TV with a cold mug of coffee in your hands. It’s frustrated, 3am nights, staring at blank text messages. Restraint to screaming, it’s like a silent mental break down

You have to turn the volume up for DKLA. The bass is all-encompassing, overriding, taking you to an atmosphere of red lights and walking down empty streets at night. It’s so heavy it quite literally drags on your heart, whilst also possessing some of the most delicate, poetic lyrics. Isolated and angry and war torn, it’s sorta toe curling and brooding stares and anticipation all at once

TALK ME DOWN sounds like loneliness in a crowded room, a sad thought at a party. It’s an aching chest of longing, watching rain fall on pavements at 3am and feeling their chill. It’s a tale of expectations and reality, of loving someone but knowing you shouldn’t. It speaks to me like the complete collapse of a dream

COOL is so conceptually smart and ironic and modern. It literally SOUNDS cool, like fancy clubs and driving late at night and being popular and having clean shoes. Its tall glass windows in the top floor of a tower block, looking down at the city beneath, with a hickey on your neck and disappointed parents and a cigarette between perfectly painted fingernails. But it’s also the awkward kid at home, trying on lipstick or having their first sip of alcohol, dreaming of that tower block in their mind

Lyrically I’ve been so excited about HEAVEN, and it does not disappoint. it is wise and thoughtful and honest. I’m obsessed with the pulse of it, like a slowed down heartbeat; subdued and sad in a way of acceptance, a way of knowing the answers to your own questions already. it almost sounds like it’s being played backwards with the off-beats, which to me perfectly matches the self-reflection of the song’s message. I can picture someone lying alone on their bed, staring at their ceiling and pondering their place in the world

YOUTH is the perfect anthem for growing up. ‘My youth is yours’ is such a powerful lyric to me, a joining together of shared experiences, shared dreams. it sounds like running, like dancing in rain and not giving a fuck. It physically makes you wanna move, like you could change the world. It also reminds me of our little troye fandom, because we’ve grown up beside troye, and as much as our youth these last years is his, his is ours. This is the charting pop hit if I chose one

LOST BOY does what it demands PERFECTLY. You KNOW the character, you know the emotions, instantly. Of having dreams, wanting to grow up, not wanting to disappoint, but also not being ready to let go of the freedom, the innocence, you have yet. It’s the twin brother of Ease to me, with the sweet instrumental after the chorus, somehow so heartbreakingly melancholy. The way he sings the final section ‘what are you waiting for…’ ‘i’m just a lost boy’ is enough to leave you speechless, because you HAVE to listen to the emotion in his voice. It makes my heart phsyically ache and oh god this is why troye is so special, because he gets life, and he CAPTURES it

for him has the SWEETEST lyrics, cheesy but also genuine and down to earth. I love the concept of not having to say ‘I love you’ because its implied in everything else. It’s so relaxed in the rhythm and chord progression, homey somehow. like even the little whistle/bird tweet in it reminds me of just being really content with life.

I adore the first line in SUBURBIA. This song is full of atmosphere, of scenic images. It’s warm, another beautiful reflection on family and home. The strings add a layer of emotion that turn it almost cinematic, a rolling film you can’t pause, like life itself. It feels like it should be at the end of the album, like it would be the credits in a film

TOO GOOD pins you to your seat so you can’t move or speak, only feel. it’s dark, heavy, sexy. The production and instrumentation is stunning. the way he sings is breath taking. the chorus line is witty yet heartbreaking. Every note, every string, the guitar solo, all make my body curl in on itself. it sounds drunk, like tearing at your hair, like nails on skin, like sharp sudden pains and bleeding emotions. It’s dizzying 

The lyrics of BLUE are some of the most profound and beautiful to me. The melody line of it is draping, reminding me of hugging something tight in fear of losing it. The production is really interesting, with a sort of mixed-up finish, which I actually think bodes well with the sentiment I get from the story; of feeling confused, lost, and just a little bit helpless

Troye Sivan. Troye Sivan. You never fail to exceed my expectations. You are a voice of our generation, a grounded, real, raw voice. And I say it again and again, but it has been an honour to grow up beside you. This project is fucking stunning. It’s innovative, heartfelt, brave, layered and complex. I am so, SO proud of you, our troye-boy, because your passion bleeds through every single note. You are changing the game, singing the song of a thousand voices, whilst being so utterly fresh and unique. From the marketing, to the lyrics, to the production, this is NEW, and it is modern, and it is one of those technicolor albums that will resonate with you the same yet differently each and every time. We all have our own blue neighbourhood; and this is an album that will always remind me of mine and my journey away from it. Congratulations baby, you’re not just on your way to that bright, beautiful future of yours, you are right there standing in the middle of it. I really, really, impossibly and indescribably, love you, and I hope you feel even just a speck of that 

Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 7 -- How Are Thou Fallen -- Review/Discussion

Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 7, How Are Thou Fallen, was a really fun episode. I think this episode is probably the best they’ve put out there, so far. Granted, since the showrunner change, each episode has steadily been getting better since the previous one but that’s beside the point. The characters are feeling more like actual characters, chemistry between the actors is through the roof right now, and I only had a couple of small issues with the plot. So yay! I call this episode a win. 

This is going to be an honest review of my thoughts and feelings regarding this episode. If you’re the kind of Shadowhunters fan where you only want to hear positive things about the show, this is not the place for you. If you decide to stick around and get offended by what is said, then that’s on you. I warned you. Just know that if you send me any rude comments or messages, I will 100% ignore you. I find that’s the best way to deal with bullies. I work 14 hour days. Do you really think I want to waste my incredibly valuable free time dealing with derogatory comments? Hell no. This review will consist of my honest opinions. Opinions are never right or wrong. I’m not telling you how to think and feel. I’m telling you what I think and feel. So please, let’s discuss with dignity and respect. If I’m critical about the show, it’s only because I want it to get better. There is, in fact, a difference between hating a show and being critical of it. I am not hating on Shadowhunters; I am being critical and analyzing the flaws as I would with any other show. There are positives but there are also negatives. It’s great if you want to promote positivity with this show but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t acknowledge the things that are legitimately wrong with it. There will be spoilers for the show and spoilers for the books and movie. 

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Ladybug Review

           The Newest Hero is a Ladybug and a Black Cat?

         In recent years there has been a cry for more relatable, tangible, and ethnically diverse characters. But not just any type of characters, no, no, female characters. And more than just that, female, superhero archetype, characters.
Sure there have been female superheroes for a while now but many of those characters have been little more than eye-candy for the male population that has control of the superhero franchise. Super-heroines such as Wonder Woman and Super Girl come to mind, with their disproportionate bodies and reveling outfits. Companies such as Marvel and DC have recently begun a campaign to change the way their super-heroines look and act, but the stigma of being scantily clad and not being female fan friendly is already set within those characters.

         Thankfully, there is one large group of individuals across the big pond from us that have heard this cry for a relatable, culturally diverse, fun, quirky, superhero female. They have heard the people’s cry and they have delivered. Beautifully.  
          Thomas Astruc is the creator of “Miraculous Ladybug”, and with the help of companies such as Zag toon Animation, Method Animation, Toei Animation, SAMG Animation, SK Broadband, Curl Stone, AB Animation, Bandi, Disney, TF1 and PGS this show will surely stand the test of time. This is a project “that goes east to west, from Japan to the United States,”1 according to Aton Soumache CEO of Method Animation. It first aired in Korea, then France and finally the United States, slowly making its way around the world, for anyone that needs a little bit of ladybug luck in their lives.  Ryuji Kochi, general manager of Toei Animation has said, “there is nothing to compare”2 Ladybug too, and he is right.

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My Performance Review (for real)

So, it went pretty well.  

Actually, it might have been one of the best reviews I’ve had in years.  

I was touched and grateful for my boss’ comments, and the feedback from my coworkers (which is included in my department performance reviews).

This is a win for me.

Of note:  My boss commended me for my adaptability, and for my willingness to make changes based on feedback almost immediately.  Others, my boss said, follow a path more of initial denial and resistance, arguing why their approach was correct, and that change wasn’t needed.  Then, ultimately, they would change.  "If I make a recommendation for change or improvement in your evaluation, I can always count on you implementing that change or working towards it immediately.  I really appreciate that.“  

When you believe that you’re always on the brink of screwing up, if someone offers you a suggestion in ways to keep from screwing up, you jump right on it.  

If I feel like I’m usually wrong, when someone tells me how I could be less wrong, I’ll implement it right away.

I’m really happy right now.  And actually, my 3pm conference call just canceled.  I’m going to head home and take my last two calls of the evening from my couch.

Good luck everyone else.

Taron Egerton is the kid’s name and what a break out performance. This kid is awesome, there are shades of Leonardo DiCaprio, thats right I said it, there are some points in this movie where you go, wow he reminds me of young Leo…. I think this guy could eventually win a Oscar