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prompt: senator beckett participating in the women's march.

Castle tugs on the edge of her cap, adjusting the soft fabric over her ears, stroking the pad of his thumb along the line of her jaw that is chilled from hours in the cold.

Beckett curls her fingers around the hot cardboard of her coffee cup, turning her head to catch his thumb with a brush of her lips, humming as his palm slips to curve at her neck. They’re taking a brief intermission from marching, warming up with steaming beverages, but Castle had been content with only a few sips of his, spending the majority of this time on the sidelines watching the power of a protest, the peace of unity blending with the fire of passion for freedom and equality. 

And of course, gazing at her and toying with the beanie on her head because apparently she doesn’t wear pink enough and “you look so cute yet badass, Senator Beckett. I can’t help it.”

“Hey,” she murmurs, holding the half empty cup to her chest and catching his wrist, smoothing her thumb to the thin skin beneath the sleeve of his coat. “Thanks for coming with me for this.” 

“Are you kidding?” he scoffs, glancing from her to the crowd so massive and flooding through the streets of their city and back again. “Like I’d miss this. As you know, I hold a great amount of respect for the movement. And I support being part of the resistance.”

“Castle, this isn’t Star Wars,” she huffs, for the second time that day, but his eyes are dancing and there’s been a smile on his face since they set out this morning, spreading his lips wide when he wasn’t chanting or applauding, and well, he does have a point. 

It’s quite a remarkable feeling to be a part of something you believe in, to be involved in a chance to change the world and the start of a revolution in hope. 

“You’d make a fantastic rebel. Leia would be proud.” She sighs, lets him have it, and takes another sip of coffee while he carries on. “Not to mention, pretty much all of my favorite people are women.”

“Yeah?” Beckett grins, their hands falling to hang interlocked between their bodies, his fingers sliding through hers and sealing the warmth into her palm.

“Well, my mother is female-”

“Where is she, by the way?” Kate murmurs, fruitlessly casting her gaze to the sea of humans with pink hats passing by. “I think we got separated within the first hour.”

“Honestly? I think she went looking for Cher again,” he sighs, shaking his head while she purses her lips to retain her laughter. “Trust me, my mother feels strongly about this matter, but if she’s going to march, she wants to be front and center with the big leagues.”

Kate hums and leans back against the cafe building’s wall. “You were saying about your favorite people?”

“Oh yes, Alexis, obviously, and Lily,” he lists his daughters, who had both spent the entire morning walking through Manhattan with them, Alexis only recently departing and taking Lily back to the loft with her. Though, Kate is sure her daughter would have loved to stay, had her two year old possessed the ability to stay awake past her midday nap time. “My gorgeous wife who inspires me every day.”

It’s been years, but her heart still flutters and her blood still hums with approval. “Mm, that’s a mutual feeling.”

“Even though I am male and particular members of my gender have proven problematic lately?”

Kate rolls her eyes and tugs him forward, their hips bumping. “You’re one of the good ones, so yes.”

He grins proudly as she mimics his earlier action, reaching up to smooth her fingertips along the edge of his matching pink hat. And she means it, how good he is, not just showing up as her supportive husband, as the husband of a New York Senator, but as a man who believes she and every other woman deserves the same rights, the same treatment and respect, as any man is expected to receive, that gender shouldn’t change that.

“My wife is just as strong as - if not stronger than - any man I know. She’s definitely stronger than me, why should she or any other woman be treated as the weaker sex?” he’d spoken on the podium, giving a brief, unplanned speech to the masses after hers, adding fuel to the fire and some laughter too. But she’d disputed his statement when he’d joined her back in the march.

“Not stronger than you. Equals, Castle. You’re my partner.”

That’d had his smile blooming even more brilliantly.

“And you look pretty cute in your pink hat too, so that’s a bonus,“ she grins, securing the beanie on his head and tossing the emptied coffee cup into the trash. "Now grab your sign and let’s go.”

He preens and Beckett arches on the toes of her boots to press her smile to his lips, squeezing his hand and waiting for him to snag his sign before she drags him back out into the crowd. 

That Tosser

Request: A Draco x reader? Draco and the reader are friends and likes the reader but doesn’t know how to tell her, but the reader has a diary and also secretly likes Draco too so she writes in the diary about it. Draco is a little nosy one day and snoops in the diary. He only reads one page about who the reader likes but no name is mentioned so he gets really jealous. He tries to woo the reader in hope her feelings will change until he admits he read her diary and they confess that they like each other.


Getting Draco to actually sit down and study was a difficult task, even for Y/N. So when she invited her best friend to her room to study for a Charms test, she didn’t expect him to be on time, let alone early. Draco arrived at Y/N’s dorm seven minutes before they were scheduled to meet, and Y/N, who didn’t expect him to take the study session seriously, was still on her way back from the showers. Draco was surprised to find that Y/N wasn’t there, but her roommates let Draco in as they slipped out to their evening plans. Draco sat down on Y/N’s bed for what felt like forever, but when he checked the time again, it had only been two minutes. He started to look around for something to do, and found a leather notebook on her nightstand. These must be her notes, he thought. He picked it up and flipped to a random page, and when he realized it was her journal, his curiosity got the best of him. Part of him was convinced that he wouldn’t find anything new in there, she was his best friend, she told him everything, didn’t she? But the other part of him, the overwhelming part, told him to keep reading. Why would she keep a journal if she tells me everything? There must be something in here that she hasn’t told me… he decided.

He flipped through the pages until he saw something that caught his eye. ~I’ve never felt this way before and it terrifies me. To feel so strongly for someone, to let them hold your happiness, it’s extremely frightening. I feel like I’ve become so dependent on him and that’s a dangerous thing. When you depend on people, you get hurt. I constantly try to remind myself of this, but I can’t help wanting to always be around him. He makes me happier than I’ve ever felt, and it’s exhilarating. I’ve always been on my own, and then he walked into my life and I couldn’t do anything to stop it…~  This took Draco by surprise. Y/N had feelings for someone? Why hadn’t she told him? Why wasn’t it him? Draco had been dropping hints that he felt more for her since the day he met her, but she wanted someone else? I’ll just have to up my game, Draco thought. Who is the bloke anyway? He pondered. He kept reading. ~and he’s so bloody attractive. How is it even possible for someone to look like that? I’m sure that I’ve never seen anyone that’s even close to how stunning he is~ Draco heard the door beginning to open and he quickly set the book back on Y/N’s nightstand and leaned down, pretending to fix his shoelace.

Y/N yelped when she opened the door to find him sitting on her bed. “Sorry, Love. Didn’t mean to frighten you,” Draco chuckled, standing up to greet his best friend with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “What was that for?” Y/N laughed, referring to the kiss. “Just missed you,” Draco shrugged as if it were something that happened all the time. “Alright,” Y/N said, confusion evident in her voice. “Let’s get to work then…” she grabbed her notes out of her bag on the floor and took a seat next to Draco on her bed. As Y/N started to go through her notes to decipher which spells needed the most practice, Draco scooted closer to her so that their legs and shoulders were touching. Y/N stopped flipping through the pages and turned to give him a questioning look. “What? I couldn’t see the notes,” Draco said innocently. “I could have moved them in between us?” Y/N suggested. “No, no, this is fine. What are we working on?” Draco asked casually. What in the bloody hell…? Y/N thought to herself.

Draco was still behaving strangely at breakfast the next morning. “Morning, love,” Y/N was greeted with an arm around her waist and a kiss to the top of her head. “Morning, Draco,” she replied slowly. “Sleep well?” He asked her. “Mhm,” Y/N nodded, deciding to stop worrying about what Draco was up to and focus on her breakfast and last minute studying for the test. That plan, however, went out the window very quickly, as Draco leaned his head onto her shoulder and placed his large hand on her lower back, rubbing gently with his thumb. “Wh-What are you doing?” Y/N pulled her head back to look at him, hoping her couldn’t hear the change in her breathing. “Just trying to help you relax, Kitten. You’re too stressed,” he reached his arm around to give her waist a gentle squeeze before returning his hand to her lower back. “Right,” Y/N squeaked, quickly turning her attention back to her notes, furiously flipping through the pages to find something, anything to distract her. “Just relax, Love. You’re going to do great,” Draco pecked her cheek. “I’ll relax after I pass this test, she muttered, trying her best to keep her eyes on her notes and away from Draco.

“There’s my girl! Top marks! I’m so proud of you!” Draco exclaimed as he barged into Y/N’s dorm, engulfing her into a hug and spinning her around. “And I might add that second highest marks go to me,” he added as he set her down. “Well look at you, smarty pants!” Y/N laughed, feeling relieved that Draco seemed to be back to his normal self. “And you were so worried about it,” Draco teased, plopping down onto Y/N’s bed. “It’s not like I worried for no reason! It was bloody difficult!” Y/N exclaimed, falling backwards onto the bed next to him. Just as Y/N was thinking about how nice it was to have her Draco back, not whatever persona he had been putting on the last day or so, she felt Draco’s arm snake around her waist and pull her into his chest. “That’s enough,” She huffed, sitting up.

“What is going on with you?” She asked, scooting to the other end of the bed and siting cross-legged. “I’m sure I have no idea what you’re taking about,” Draco shrugged. “Draco, you’ve been acting like a completely different person since last night. What’s your deal?” Y/N asked, tired of feeling so nervous around her best friend. Suddenly, Draco’s mood went from playful to irritated. “Well maybe if you’d bloody open your eyes for once, I wouldn’t have to spell it out for you,” he snapped. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Y/N snapped back, standing up and crossing her arms over her chest. “I mean that I’ve been here all this time and some other bloke is still more important to you!” He berated, also jumping up off of the bed. “What in Merlin’s name are you talking about?” She yelled, absolutely perplexed. “I’m talking about the tosser you scribbled on and on about in your journal!” Draco blurted. “You read my journal?” Y/N shouted, it was her turn to fume now. “Well-I-I mean-You-” Draco tried. “Draco, have you ever heard of these things called boundaries? Because reading my personal journal is far past that line!” Y/N yelled. “I thought it was your notes!” He defended. “And then I opened it and saw your writing about that tosser-” “That tosser is you, you daft pillock!” Y/N shouted. “Well-wait, what?” Draco’ volume lowered drastically.

“Who else would it be? I spend literally all of my time with you? I wouldn’t have time to fall for anyone else even if I wanted to!” Y/N snapped. “Wait, love, okay, hold on. This is a big deal. Relax a little bit so we can talk about this,” Draco told her. “Do you not understand that what you did was a complete invasion of privacy?” She asked, completely baffled by his inability to grasp how serious this was to her. “You had absolutely no right to-” Draco leaped over to her and pressed his lips to hers, just long enough for her to cool down and kiss him back. “Will you bloody shut up for two minutes so that I can apologize and tell you I love you?” He laughed, resting his forehead against hers. Y/N pulled her forehead away from his and raised an eyebrow. “Go on,” She instructed with a dramatic sigh, earning a chuckle.

Draco cleared his throat before speaking,“ Y/N, Love, I am genuinely sorry I read your journal. I picked it up because I really did think it was our notes, and when I saw what you had written about, I got nosy. I was jealous, and I’m sorry.” “Oh, and also I love you, and I’ve been in love with you for yours,” he added. Y/N raised an eyebrow. “Are you done?” She asked, sitting back down on her bed. “Yes, yes, I think so,” Draco nodded, taking a seat next to her. “Okay,” Y/N said slowly. “I love you, too. However, if you ever do anything like that again, I will hex you into next year,” Y/N told him. “Understandable,” Draco nodded once. “On a related note, can I call you my girlfriend?” Draco asked her. “Are you going to keep acting like a lunatic if I say yes?” Y/N quipped. “Not if I get to kiss you more often,” Draco smirked. “Then I guess I can handle that,” Y/N smiled and Draco pulled her in for another kiss before she dragged him under the covers. They spent the rest of the evening cuddling, with quiet laughs and soft, long overdue, kisses.

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A/N: Thanks so much for requesting! I had a lot of fun writing this one, I hope you enjoy it! I love you guys so much, thanks for being so patient and supportive! ♡♡♡


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Okay I have zero idea whether this worked the first time but just in case it didn't: rebelcaptain FBI agent au?


1. They initially met at Quantico during training. She was blasting the shit out of the paper targets and Cassian was admittedly impressed. They were eventually the last ones left at the range and they ended up in a silent, passive-aggressive competition to see who could empty their clip the fastest and with the best accuracy. Cassian was about 92% convinced that he was imaging her side-eyes and unspoken challenges, until when as she was leaving, she tossed her ripped-apart target in front of him casually and said, “I win.” (the only coherent thought he had was ‘…fuck’) 

2. They don’t meet again until several years later though. Jyn gets herself a reputation for being a bit of a hardass. She can shoot terrorists and killers without batting an eye. People joke behind her back that she’s part-robot. She just wants to make a difference for herself, protect people like she wasn’t protected growing up, but it’s made her closed off in fear of getting burned again, getting hurt. She gets called in on a case due to a possible connection between her and the suspect (if this has to do with her father, she is going to punch someone). 

3. Cassian’s parents were murdered when he was a child. Their killer was never caught, and he regularly pours over their file, even though it was 20 years ago and the case has long been cold (maybe he’ll find something, someday). His latest case is looking like business tycoon, Saw Gerrera, might have something to do with it, though and there’s another agent who has a connection with him, so he’s been told they’re bringing her in or something. 
“Agent Andor, this is Agent Jyn Erso.” 
“Agent Erso - wait. Have we -?” 
“We’ve met. I handed your ass to you at the Quantico shooting range once.” 

4. If Jyn represses her emotions (poor child) then Cassian has the opposite problem. He feels everything that he does. He still remembers the name of he first man he ever had to kill (Tivik might have been a lunatic serial killer, but still). He struggles with all the horrors the job brings, but he does it anyway, because he wont let anyone else have to live with not knowing what happened to the ones they’ve lost. Working with Jyn is the Wildest Thing he’s ever done, but they soon develop a mutual respect for each other over the course of that first case. He’s the one to arrest Saw, since he’s pretty sure Jyn would kill him if she got anywhere near him. 

(She cries. He holds her. Whoever spread rumours that this woman was a robot is a fucking idiot). 

5. They’re assigned as partners from that case on. On the outside it’s easy to notice the rapport they have for each other. It’s clear that they work extremely well together, but what’s harder to see is the emotional bond. It started as another challenge at the shooting range, but soon extended to bringing round food after tough cases, watching movies together, or calling each other at 3am when their demons won’t let them sleep. Their boss may suspect something deeper. 

(He may be right). 

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Capitol Life CH 3 is ready!

The boy wasn’t very tall, but his strong arms and wide shoulders made him look bigger than he was.

Haymitch had been watching him for months, ever since he found him on his doorstep, a bag with the bakery’s weekly delivery in his right hand, and a nasty shiner on his left eye.

The boy had brushed the bruise off, said he was clumsy and had fallen down, but something in his blue eyes had betrayed his anxiety. The incident had peaked the old victor’s curiosity, and so he’d taken it upon himself to keep an eye out for the baker’s youngest son.

An Everlark story inspired by “The Americans”. Born in District 12, Katniss and Peeta are sent to the Capitol as spies. Can real love grow when everything around them is a lie?

Want to keep on reading? You can find the rest of the chapter on AO3 and FF.net.

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The Firebird - Chapter 22

There was always something in the air the day of a show. A quality, a density that wasn’t there at other times, a feeling of immediacy, of nervousness penetrating every single person, from the lead dancers to the technicians.

Some would call it stress.

Even though Katniss knew the whole company couldn’t possibly do more rehearsals, with or without costumes, with or without lights, there was still that bit of doubt, the little voice inside asking whether or not they could have done more. Better. Different.

She knew she had to push that voice away, to not let it interfere with her preparation for the show tonight.

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Ok so I saw people freaking out on how Jensen said “destiel is not real” and does not support it.
Guys. Calm down. He’s not comfortable with this ship. It’s totally normal and ok, imagine being shipped with one of your best friends and with “shipped” i don’t mean an innocent “you guys would be cute together” i mean actual people writing smuts&fanfictions and drawing things. It would be weird. Do the empathy thing.
Plus, Destiel doesn’t have to be canon. It’s just a part of this fandom, and we’re totally cool living with this constant pain. (I’m a shipper too, cry) so don’t blame Jensen on anything, everyone knows how he likes to be professional at his carrier.

I covered the reception desk at work today and my coworkers would come by like, “Are you bored out of your mind?” and it’s like No? Working reception is great, all you have to do is answer the phone and buzz people in. As long as the phone’s not ringing and there’s nobody at the door, you can do whatever you want. I got paid to read a book and write fanfiction. I’m covering again for a bit on Thursday and I’m looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll be able to finish my fic. Or my book. Either would be good.

Sailor Moon Gold - Chapter 1 - smokingbomber - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Chiba Mamoru, Zoisite (Sailor Moon), Hino Rei, Mizuno Ami, Kino Makoto, Tsukino Usagi, Aino Minako, Queen Beryl, Kunzite (Sailor Moon), Nephrite (Sailor Moon), Jadeite (Sailor Moon), Shitennou (Sailor Moon), Luna (Sailor Moon), Artemis (Sailor Moon)
Additional Tags: Sailor Moon Crystal, Canon divergent, Rating May Change, Implied Senshi/Shitennou, Shitennou Redemption Fic, sorry I’m not sorry, I’m never sorry about Shitennou

Zoisite got hit with full-bore Moon Healing Escalation. What if Beryl hadn’t carried him off into the sky? After all, she didn’t do a lot of crying when they got ganked in the manga; they’re not her boyfriend, they’re her boyfriend’s buddies and she still has three left to catch him with!

Sweatpants (M)

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pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

genre/warnings: smut, one shot

words: 1,168

summary: You’re playing on your phone until your best friend takes it from you. What happens when you try and get it back?

notes: please don’t be too harsh on me!! This is my first time writing fanfiction!

 “I’m bored” Jungkook whines, walking over to the sofa and sitting across from me. Turning my attention away from my phone and to him, I trail my eyes from his messy brown hair all the way down to the black t-shirt and grey sweatpants he was wearing. Saying Jungkook was attractive was an understatement. This boy was downright beautiful.

  I licked my lips, snapping myself out of my thoughts before shooting him a quick smile before I answered. “Then go do something.”

 He rolled his eyes at me. “Wow, I wish I would’ve thought of that one, good one y/n”

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Recently you did Tien & Yamcha, why not Nail & Piccolo. I kinda like the idea Chichi at first was nervous about them showing their relationship infront of Gohan & Goten as the namekians look like men & humans being confused as well make Piccolo shy

(mmg I don’t like writing anything that could even be construed as homophobia or other prejudices but I’ll do my best I guess)

Chi-Chi’s hands rested on her hips as she frowned at the men before her. Her eyes narrowed judgmentally, and she pursed her lips as she processed what she was seeing. It wasn’t exactly the worst thing these two had ever done (especially one of them), but it was definitely going to be uncomfortable and difficult to explain.

Finally she sighed. “So when did this happen?”

Piccolo looked steadily over her head. He clearly wanted to have his arms folded like he usually did, but with one of his hands occupied by holding Nail’s he couldn’t. As such he had one arm wrapped awkwardly around his chest, and it looked ridiculous. “None of your business,” he said, still not looking at her.

“Just a couple of days ago,” Nail told her. Chi-Chi had quite liked Nail when he first showed up. He was, among other things, proof that Piccolo’s violent and antisocial behaviour was an anomaly among Namekians, and a good conversationalist to boot. “We wanted to keep it quiet for a while because of how a relationship like ours might be perceived on this planet, but Piccolo wanted to make sure Gohan knew first.”

A pang of guilt shot through Chi-Chi’s heart, but she did her best to brush it aside. “Well. You are both men, after all.”

“Technically,” Nail started, “we’re not really male or female, but–”

“You’re the same gender, anyway,” she interrupted, “and you look like men, for all intents and purposes. There’s a fair amount of people who’ll accept you, to be sure, but there’s gonna be a lot of people who won’t. I’ll warn you of that now.”

Piccolo mumbled something under his breath that Chi-Chi didn’t catch, but Nail did. “Dont be like that,” he chided. “And need I remind you that this was your idea to begin with?”

“Well, look.” Chi-Chi tapped her foot. “You can come in. You can talk to Gohan about it. But I can’t tell you how he’ll react. The boys have never met someone in a same-sex relationship before.” She hesitated to call them gay. Did it still count as gay if they were from a species with only one gender? “So be patient with him.” Turning, she led the way into the house. “Mind the mess; I haven’t had a chance to clean up in a bit.”

“It’s spotless as always, Chi-Chi,” Nail said politely as they followed her inside. She shook her head. How had grumpy, always-angry Piccolo managed to land as kind a man (not man, she reminded herself) as Nail?

“Thank you. Gohan! Come here for a minute!” She turned to the two Namekians. “I’ll leave you be for a bit, then.” With that, she headed off to scoop up Goten. “Come along, dear, we’re going outside for a minute.”

Goten grinned at Piccolo and Nail as she walked past them. “Hi, Piccolo! Hi, Nail!”

Piccolo gave him a small wave. “Be good for your mother.”

Chi-Chi shot a smile over her shoulder at him. Piccolo had grown so much since they’d first met. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought she was proud of him.

“Mommy, how come we can’t stay inside with Nail and Piccolo?” Goten whined as they went outside.

“Because they have something very important and very private to talk to Gohan about,” Chi-Chi said, setting him down. “And I need you to help me with the laundry.”

Goten pouted. “Why can’t they talk to me about it, too?”

“I told you, Goten, it’s private.”

“Is it about fighting?” Goten passed her clothespins when she held out her hand for them. “I can listen to that! Piccolo always lets me listen to them when they talk about fighting.”

“No, it’s not about fighting.”

Goten wrinkled his nose. “But that’s all Piccolo talks about.”

She snorted. “That’s true.” Chi-Chi looked down at her youngest thoughtfully. “Well. I’m sure they’d rather they told you themselves, but I think I’d rather we had a little talk first.” She settled on the ground under the clothesline. “You know how me and Daddy are your parents?” Goten nodded. “That’s because we love each other a lot. So we got married so we could spend forever together.”

Goten frowned thoughtfully, trying to connect the dots. “What does that have to do with Piccolo and Nail?”

“Well, they love each other too.”

“Oh.” Goten nodded. “Okay.”

She blinked. It was really that simple? Goodness, if she’d known it would be that easy, she would have had this talk with Gohan years ago. “Alright then.” She stood up and went back to the laundry. “That’s really it.”

He handed her another clothespin. “Mommy, you’re silly.”

“I guess I am,” she sighed.

There was a shriek from the house. “THAT’S ALLOWED?!” Gohan cried. Before Chi-Chi could react, the door slammed open and Gohan had her by the arms. “Mom!” he shouted. “Boys can like boys!”

“I–yes, they can, dear,” Chi-Chi replied, dazed.

Laughing, Gohan ran back to where Piccolo was standing in the doorway, bewildered, and threw himself into a hug. Chi-Chi shook her head. In hindsight, she wasn’t sure what she’d been so worried about. Her boys were good kids, after all.

Zack Merrick #11

Zack was coming back from tour. You’d think I’d be narrating in all caps lock, but at this point I was just so ready, that I couldn’t care less about some stupid capitalization. Zack had been on tour for the past few months or so, and I decided to stay at home and get dressed to welcome him back, if you know what I mean.

Once I cleaned up the place a bit, I looked at the clock. Zack shouldn’t be home for another hour, so if I had my shower now; I could get dressed in time for him to come home.

I stripped myself of my clothes, wrapped myself in a towel and put them in the laundry. I let the towel hang on the rack and turned on the shower head, letting the warm water glide across my skin. Moaning at the relaxing feeling, I squirted some liquid soap, and rubbed into my skin, letting the past few days’ impurities wash away and down the drain.

My voice rang out as I sang ‘Still Into You’ by Paramore. As I got to the chorus, the door opened and the shower curtain drew back; revealing my very handsome boyfriend smirking at me. Naked, might I add. He stepped into the shower with me, his rough hands immediately finding their way around my waist. “Well hello there, gorgeous.” He smiled before his lips met mine.

My fingertips danced on his biceps, and travelled further to his abs, as he bit on my bottom lip, begging for access. His hands travelled lower, gripping my ass and making me gasp into the kiss. Whether or not, he was going to find a way in. He kissed down my jawline and left hickeys on my neck, “Babe, your singing sounds so beautiful. But you know what’s better?” He paused. “Hearing you scream my name.” He huskily whispers, tracing my pussy and then abruptly inserting his fingers. “God, you’re so wet and tight, babe.” He groans. “Well, we are in the shower Zacky.” I say with a giggle, which quickly transitions to a moan, as his fingers curl. As his fingers slide in and out, my moans gradually rise to signify my nearby climax.

Just as I was going to come, Zack retracted his fingers. I whimper at the sudden absence. “Not yet.” He smirked, licking my juices off of his finger. Our lips collided again, I probably shouldn’t enjoy the taste of myself so much, but knowing that Zack thrived off of it distracted me, as I tasted the bitter yet slight sweetness on his tongue. I wrapped one leg around him, he quickly caught my idea, grabbed my bottom, and pinned me against the wall. It was my turn to leave a few marks of my own, my mouth doing everything it could to mark Zack. “Fuck, I missed this so much.” I gave out throatily. After leaving my fair share of hickeys, I pulled away, and kissed him roughly.

He readied himself at my entrance, before then thrusting in. “Holy shit, babe you’re so tight around me.” He groans. Thrust after thrust increased in speed and force, until he was practically pounding into me. Each time our hips met, a groan or name was called. Our voices overshadowed the sound of the shower running, it had only been the two of us in that moment, and nothing could come between us. I gasped as he had angled himself perfectly to hit my spot. He grinned mischieviously, mercilessly assaulting it. His cock had throbbed within me, and as I had reached my climax and constricted around him, he melded his lips to mine, coming inside. After thrusting a few more times to ride out his high, he pulled out leaned against the shower wall, panting.

“God I’ve missed you, and not just talking about your body babe.” He says, and I wrap my arms around his torso, hugging him. He grabs the shampoo, and squirts it into his hand. Then runs it through my hair, and massages my scalp. I just let him do so, and once he’s done, I do the same for him. We look at each other, pupils dilated. Hugging him once more, I said against his chest, “I’m so happy to have you back, I love you Zack.” He wrapped his arms around my waist, and looked down at me. “I love you too babygirl.” Before crooking his neck to kiss me.

Other people have said this far more eloquently than me, but apparently I need to say it too:

Hi Anon. FYI, leaving sarcastic negative comments does not encourage me to write the way you want me to. It encourages me to write less, or not at all.

I could write a long essay exploring the genre tropes prevalent in fanfiction (which you are apparently unfamiliar with), point out that fanfiction is essentially a transformative interpretation of what is usually a loose bundle of canon characterizations, or suggest that if you disagree with or even just don’t like my take on a character, you use that back button to your heart’s content - but I suspect that engaging in good faith is a losing argument. I suspect that the intent was, in fact, to get me to stop writing something you disagreed with.

To which I say - if you didn’t like that story, you are really not going to like the next one.

Star of Steel-ToG/ACoMaF Crossover Fic-Chapter 1

I said that I would be writing a fanfiction series starting Monday, last Friday, remember? Well, now it’s time to deliver. Here’s a summary of what this fic will be, other than a series taking place after the events of EoS, but included with ACoMaF characters, and a few of my own, too. There will be explicit* scenes, if you feel my meaning, and I will warn you in this little authors note. So. Let’s get started.
Characters copyright to Sarah J. Maas
Additional characters copyright to me

Aelin decided she didn’t know much about happiness anymore.
Playing with her ties, within the coffin Maeve had shoved her into, she tried numbing herself once more. It kept wearing off though, the numbness, because the physical pain was so prominent.
Of course her back wasn’t healing. Really, Aelin didn’t expect it to. She wasn’t even sure if she would see the dungeon walls again, where her rectangular home was stored. Along with her in it.
She wondered where Feyre was, and how Rowan, Aedion, Lysandra, Dorian, Chaol, Nesryn, how they were all doing. She wondered her long lost friend Elide was doing. Aelin avoided wondering about herself, though. Better not to think about it.
She sighed through her cut lip and broken jaw. At least this coffin was standing up, and not top-heavy. It was heavy, this iron box. Hot and miserable. Sweat ran down her face, into her eyes, though there was nothing she could do about it but try to rub it off with the cloth binding her hands together. Thankfully in front of her.
Aelin wondered how long it had been since she had last smelled the salt of the sea, the snow in the pine.
Feyre screamed, but not from her pain. From her frustration, at this dark queen. She could go to Hell, rule the place, but Aelin-Feyre needed Aelin like people needed air to be breathe.
Queen Maeve slowly paced the room where she had Feyre bound to the wall by a chain, a small dank place that smelled of rotted bodies, and had moss growing from the cracks in the dripping walls. “Tell me about your friend, Aelin.”
Feyre growled. “She’s someone that you don’t even deserve to know a word about,” Maeve raised an elegant brow. “Oh? You are both at my generous mercy,”
Feyre chose to ignore the glint in the female’s black eyes. “Not ever. Being your prisoner does not make us at your beck and call-we are free to revolt whenever, that’s the bitter good here,”
Maeve raised her chin. “Interesting. I like your mind; remind me to use it.” The evil queen suddenly stood still, abruptly. Focusing her eyes on Feyre, who shook her head and screamed. “I won’t let you in! Get out! Get away! Get the hell away!” A purr from a deep voice. “I wouldn’t recommend talking to me in that form,” Maeve softly yelled, “Cairn! Come,” Seconds later, the blond male appeared in the doorway to the underground room. “Majesty?”
“Whip her, then Aelin, if she won’t answer my simple question.” Cairn nodded, and Feyre refused to let her fear show, no matter they could scent it on her like cookies from a bakery.
Maeve smiled, but there was nothing kind about it. “Where are the Wyrdkeys?”
Feyre shook her head. “I don’t know.”
A slap across the face, a vile baring of teeth. “Liar,” Maeve seethed. “Liar. Where are the Wyrdkeys?”
“I don’t know!”
Maeve clenched her jaw, turning away towards her male. “Hang her by her own ankles.” Cairn nodded, and Feyre couldn’t prevent the gasp that escaped her lips. The male left the room, and returned minutes later, rope in hand. “Whip her after.” Feyre shook her head. “You won’t live through this. By the end of this…war, you’ll be dead.” She smiled. “I promise.”
The Dark Queen simply looked at her. “I won’t be the only valuable one lost, at least,” before moseying up the stairwell leading to the aboveground fortress. Was this Mistward, she wondered? Cairn waited for his queen to leave, then bade Feyre a nasty smirk. “Come on, girl,” he sneered. Feyre gritted her teeth, showing them. the male only let loose a humorless laugh, before crossing the distance between them. he reached behind her to, Feyre supposed, rip the chains out of the walls, and she took the time to bite him.
Cairn slapped harder than even Maeve, and she was slightly stunned for the time being. Feyre vaguely heard metal rattling against cement and more metal, before she experienced a sweeping sensation-and no longer felt grounded. She realized cairn had put her over his shoulder and was carrying her to the…stairwell?
Boom. Feyre was unconscious, due to Cairn slamming her unto the stairs, stomach under her. But he tied her up more than just chains; cloth and rope, cutting it with a knife he always carried with engravings of a crown around the hilt, and hung Feyre by the light fixture on the ceiling after dragging her to the middle of the cold room.
He cut her tunic off from the back, and whipped her with the whip that lay in the corner of the room, for this specific purpose-waking up right before finally tumbling over the brink of death.
Aelin pounded on her coffin, but she couldn’t scream, she couldn’t scream, because she long ago lost her voice with the muteness that had fallen upon her. Aelin wondered if she could even remember how to talk, even if she tried.
But still, she pounded. And pounded. And pounded.
Every once and a while, Aelin had to do this, to let out some of the crazy, some of the crazy that had crept upon her. Misery sadness despair pain. She had to let some of it out, so she let her knuckles pound until they bleed; kept pounding.
The physical pain didn’t replace the broken emotions, but they got her mind off them while she focused on the blood trailing down her arm.
Keep pounding.

What could’ve been seconds, minutes, hours, days later, her coffin…opened. Aelin’s jaw dropped, she was so speechless. What…what?
It took her a minute to recognize the smirking face, and angry face in front of her. But even before she did, she crumpled to her knees, the free space painful from so long still. Aelin yelped, grasping her legs even as she was kicked in the stomach. She coughed as Maeve hissed, “Get up.”
Aelin moaned-or tried to, but nothing came out. She felt tears prick her eyes. Another kick to the stomach, another cough. Aelin cringed. Firmer, this time, “Get up,”
She ordered Cairn, “Drag by the collar. Show her Feyre. Don’t let her get too close. Taunt her.”
Aelin immediately picked out the emotion of alarm through her see of jumbled feelings. What had they done to Feyre? Even as she bared her teeth, Cairn gripped her collar, and began pulling her along. When it came to the stairs, though, Aelin started squirming, trying to assist herself, but the vile male warrior made it near impossible. She heard a low laugh from the Dark Queen, who stood still yet, entwined hands in front of her.
Being lugged down the stairs was worse than being hauled up, Aelin decided. She was scowling the whole time, even as she entered a room similar to hers, but…moister. Way moister. Cairn hit her in the back of the head, nearly making her hit her head on the cement floors, but Aelin managed to keep headstrong. Cairn jeered, “Look up.”
Aelin wished she hadn’t.
Feyre was a bloody upside-down mess, her back whipped to ribbons and hung by her…ankles? Oh, gods. Aelin vomited on Cairn’s shoe, and he snarled. She felt a sort of sick satisfaction for the bile smell now infecting Cairn’s skin. She even cracked a small smile. A wicked one, at that, no better than her aunt, who stood behind Cairn, glowering at her. Slowly, the Dark Queen started to simper. “Look what you’ve done.”
Aelin only returned the queen a bitter grin.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter of SoS! Look at that acronym. YES. Anyways, I bought a new computer yesterday, as a temporary band aid until I can get a better, more expensive computer. Still, I’ve saved for months though, to even get a great computer at all. ANYWAAAYSSS, if you read this, leave a like, whether you liked it or not lmao. I’m trying to tally up my readers-see how many I’ve got. It’s a motivational thing. And please, leave an honest review! Praise won’t improve me too much-be brutal. That’s what I truly appreciate. If you do? You’ll have a blog rate and color aesthetic for your blog dropped in your ask/messages:)Thanks guys!


Okay if I was one of the sh writers, I would’ve made jace fall into a situation where he has to stay in magnus’ house for some time like in the books.
And then I would’ve made magnus take simon under his wing and allow him to stay at his loft too for some time.
of course I mean no disrespect to the writers but this would’ve been so funny to watch. Also I really crave jace/magnus brotp.
But imagine both simon and jace trying to compete to impress magnus by doing normal chores on time and precision.

Magnus: *sigh* who coordinated my books alphabetically?
Simon: *excitedly hopping and smirking at jace* ME!
Jace: that’s nothing I coordinated your books COLOR-WISe
Magnus: *tries his best not to roll his eyes*

Honestly I may write a fanfiction with this idea because it’s too good of an oppurtunity to let go

the-little-red-queen  asked:

I've had this prompt for a while now so here goes: Peter gets Juno all dressed up and looking good to go to some night club for (insert case/heist here) and then gets jealous when a bunch of people start hitting on his detective who is too busy looking at Peter to notice he's getting hit on?

I have two very conflicting ideas that pop into my head when I think of night clubs in Hyperion City.

On the one hand, my mind goes to ballroom dance, with elegant swishy dances like the Viennese waltz and the Argentinian tango. (Or at least, they’re currently perceived as elegant because that’s the value we’ve assigned them currently. Both the waltz and the tango were super risque in their heydays.)

Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

On the other hand, I go to more modern dances. Which have a habit of changing very quickly, and look utterly ridiculous if they’re too dated, or if you don’t know them well enough to appreciate the artistry. Or, you know, if you just do them really badly.

Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

Context is everything.

Keep reading

luluvonv  asked:

Asky Lulu back again! How much space is given to Lara's and Kurtis' approach to alcohol in your headcon? Core planned to make Lara an alcoholic after the events in Egypt. It's one of the few things I don't agree with them about. Yes, she's deeply depressed/hurt and a bottle of sth may seem to be the only solution; and she's too proud to seek professional help. BUT Lara is smart enough to know it's only temporary. I see your Kurtis more prone to alcoholism than Lara, to be honest...Thank you💗

Hi Lulu! :) Well, it’s always a pleasure to answer your well-thought, researched asks. Though you’ve already read chapter 2 from The Legacy and a glimpse of my idea concerning this is hinted here, it will be a honor to develop this a little more for you! :)

First time I read about Core’s idea of making Lara an alcoholic after the events of Egypt, I rejected it immediately. I didn’t like it. Lara had been always to me like the prototype of strong woman, and - in general, this is not an universal statement - people who drinks excessively tries to drown their sorrows in alcohol to avoid facing their reality. They are weak, and Lara’s not weak. 

Then, after a while, I realized it wasn’t totally a bad idea. I like to see human beings in all their perfection and flaws, the complexity of the human psyche. I just love that. They were trying to make her more human - tho I think she was already human in some ways - so that’s why I don’t think people who have called her an “ice queen” have the slighest idea of what they’re talking about.

In the end, Core discarded the idea and I’m glad they did, for it was too extreme. For her, I mean, not for other kind of character. But she’s always been strong, she’s always being in-control of herself, and ok, I might accept she can take a drink or two when feeling a bit down, but not to the point of becoming an alcoholic. That marks a person per-life - even if you overcame the addiction, it will always be a delicate matter to you. You’ll try to avoid it forever. Seeing a glass or a bottle with alcohol will be always a painful memory, a constant temptation.

Not very Croftish. I’m glad they throw aside that idea, and that’s why I threw it aside too. My Lara’s not an alcoholic, she’s never been that. She might have drunk a little after Egypt, but not to the point of developing an addiction. If she didn’t drink after crashing into the Himalaya’s and being the only survivor, while would she do that now? Just, nah. Her way of escaping things is adventuring, and after Egypt, she might have drink more than usual, and hide herself from the world in her home, but nothing more. The Lara we met in TRAOD is not a drunk. She’s perfectly fine, she even trades with alcohol bottles through the Parisian guetto without taking a sip - correct me if I’m mistaken, but you can’t become an alcoholic and then in only two years grab a bottle and not feeling the slighest temptation of taking a sip. At least, it doesn’t sound logical to me, much less in Lara’s case.

And I can’t agree you more concerning the fact she’s too proud for seeking professional help. She wouldn’t. This is 100% Croft. Bravo. Thats why I laughed my ass when seeing Laraboot going to that psychiatrist btw

Other idea was hinted is that, in a rage or amidst a drunk crisis, she sets fire to Croft Manor. I hated this idea even more than the first one, and I’m glad they discarded it, and so I did. My Lara has never set fire to Croft Manor. It’s her home. She’s not uncomfortable there - “Welcome back to my humble abode” -, tho she prefers, obviously, to be somewhere else, adventuring. 

It’s also Winston’s home, and the home of each one of her friends that might need to stop by for a while - and in my universe, it’s also Anna’s home, and even Kurtis’ home tho he doesn’t feel like he belongs there. Lara would never do that, specially for Winston, who’s taking care of the place while she’s travelling. Setting her aunt’s inheritance and Winston’s daily hard work on fire… no, just no. She won’t reach that limit. I rather see her injuring herself before injuring others, specially those who worried about her when her parents disowned her.

So in the end, Lara might have drunk a bit more than usual in her past, but she’s not an alcoholic and she’s not enthusiastic about alcohol. And here comes the headcanon: she will pretty much despise alcoholics - when not directly pity them. For her, alcohol is a resource for cowards, for people who doesn’t know how to face their problems. It’s a cruel approach, but I think seriously it will be hers. It’s Lara Croft. She can be really cruel and merciless, and in this case, she is.

Not that she thinks she is better for not being dependant of alcohol, of course. Not that she totally rejects it. It’s just, it’s not a healthy habit and she prefers to avoid unhealthy habits, tho she’ll drink in certain occasions if the circumstances requires it. But not against her own will or desire, of course.

She looked down at the champagne glass, still half full. In Dubai sharia was strict: no alcohol, but these laws weren’t made for foreigners and certainly not for the hotels where they were entertained. Still, she had no desire to drink. In fact, all she wanted was to get out of there.

- MR. VANCE RENNER, Tomb Raider One-shot 3

Now, what about Kurtis? He’s absolutely different to Lara. He’s been through serious shit during all his life - that doesn’t mean Lara hasn’t, but she has a different way to face things. Not Kurtis. He’ll drink. A lot.

Murti never mentioned something like this but he describes him as a “tough customer”. After knowing a little about his biography - the son of a Lux Veritatis and a Navajo woman, harshly trained in the ways of the Order - you can only imagine how much suffering that training could have meant to him, and how sick he got of the Shadow War, so that he decides to betray his people and run away… to seek refuge in the Foreign Legion. The freaking Foreing Legion, which is reputed to be one of the harshest armies in the world, with a really brutal training, composed by ex-convicts and criminals who seek to have their reports expunged, turning their former crimes into military services. A living hell. And he went in there being only 19 years old. Wow.

Of course he only stays there until he achieves French citizenship, then he quits. But even in there he’s chased by demons, to the point his own partners nickname him Demon Hunter after he fights a defeats a djinn in the Arabian desert. This is all Murti’s canon, not mine. It is there when my own headcanon starts.

Taking into account his background story - a warrior, a soldier, a Legionnaire, a hardened fighter - I wanted to develop Kurtis as a tragic character, a tortured soul. Being alcoholic suited him perfectly after that. My idea is that he drank - and drank a lot - during his years in the Legion, together with his partners, and he even won drinking competitions. It’s there when Kurtis develops a tolerance for alcohol. He might haven been punished by his superiors for drinking too much and not be in top form for the military service - and hell, in the Foreing Legion punishments are harsh, even to the point of physical injure, but, what’s that compared with his Lux Veritatis training?

He can take it, and he takes it. After winning several drinking contest, instead of dying of alcohol intoxication or turning his liver into a can of foie gras, he develops an extreme tolerance for alcohol. Just like Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark, by the way.

Originally posted by jynsolo

This is one of my earliest headcanons, if you remember :) He even uses his alcohol tolerance as a resource to get information, according to his will of always keeping a low profile, his past as a double agent and his choice of not using violence is he can achieve something in a more discreet way.

In fact, Kurtis still had his first glass half full while his partner was on his twelfth. He’d only wet his lips twice. “I can’t overdo.” He replied with a calm smile. “I recently had stomach surgery and shouldn’t be playing with this.”

At least, that wasn’t a lie. In fact, he had really good alcohol tolerance - when the fellow right there would be on the floor Kurtis would feel only a slight tingling; but it wasn’t time to get drunk, not even to sound more convincing.

- THE GOLDEN SEAL, chapter 17, This man will survive

So, we can say Kurtis does not become a drunk in the strict sense of the word - he could have not survived too long to that, no matter the Gift - but he obviously will drink without problem most of the time, and of course, he’ll totally drink when feeling down and depressed.

And I mean, really down and really depressed, for he will need a lot of alcohol to really lost conciousness. And he won’t achieve  it most of the times - unless he intends to make his own liver explode. And as we said previosuly, he has not a suicide impulse. He just wants to fade away. For a while. To drown his sorrows with alcohol. 

That’s why he has a different approach of alcohol that Lara has - he’s no problem with it, and he doesn’t exactly  despise drunk people - he pities them at most, and they will remind him of himself most of the time. 

Of course, I’ve always meaning high-grade beverages, and he will only resource to them in extreme situations. If you recall Café Metro, what was he drinking in there?

Exactly. He’s drinking red wine, as far as I know, provided he’d ordered it and it’s not just a tempation dropped there by Pierre, lmao.

I am not an expert in alcoholic beverages - you know I don’t usually drink and when I do, I easily get drunk at the first shot lmao - but I think it takes a bit of taste to prefer red wine over whisky - for example. He’s just there enjoying a glass of French red wine - isn’t that cute, please - because it’s duty day. He’s not renouncing to a bit of alcohol, but definitely he’s not drinking bourbon or something like that.

Ok, this answer is again long af, isn’t it? Time to shut up. Just, long story short: no, Lara’s not and has never been an alcoholic, she might have drink a little more than usual in the past, but definitely that didn’t leave a mark in her. She’ll pretty much despise alcohol as a way of solving things. She’ll have her own ways to deal with problems.

Kurtis, on the opposite, while not being a drunk in the strict sense of the word, has drunk a lot in the past, to he point of developing alcohol tolerance. Most of the time, he’s in control, except when having a disturbing experience or feeling particularly weak, down and depressed. 

But, what is a disturbing experience for a war hero, a lonely wolf who has dealt all his life with disturbing, disgusting and unpleasant situations? Obviously, every person, no matter how tough, has their limits and their buttons to be pushed. And he’ll react badly if having his feelings hurt or his soft spots touched. That’s why he used to conceal those feelings from everyone.

Of course, there’s a single exception for that rule, and this person can really push his buttons. And this is all I can say, for now.

Enough of this. Ana out <3

Ummm Hi?

Hello! This is an official post to introduce my blog! Hi there, my name is Yunkino and it’s nice to meet you! I am new to tumblr, so please don’t make fun of me if I do something really dumb and you are like, “YUNKINO YOU IDIOT!!!” This is going to be a My Candy Love related blog, so hi fellow My Candy Love friends if you are here! I like to write fanfictions, and I plan to accept requests for My Candy Love drabbles. You can send me any drabbles in my ask box ^^ and if you want you can ask questions about me myself so you can get to know me ^^ My favorite guy in My Candy Love is Kentin, and my least favorite guy is Dake, he’s peligroso. Please remember I am really busy and go to school still, so if I’m not active, it’s probably because of school. Okay that’s enough of an introduction, bye!

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Do u write for seventeen??? I looooove ur writing and i want to see some seventeen on ur blog lol

I write for every single group to be fair, considering I use the members as actors~

I don’t take requests BUT if you guys come up and tell me that you want to see a certain member or group on my blog I will surely try! (Just don’t give me a plot like ‘write something where this member does this and I act like this’ that is something I can not do, sorry…)

So yeah, if people ask me to I can write for other bands too ^^ Other than Bap,Bts and Got7

Monsta X

You name it I can write it!

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