i will write fic to accompany this soon


So I realized that I forgot to put the AO3 link for These Aching Bones. <— I have just remedied that. (I also had to change the rating explicit)

There will be a multi-chapter prequel to accompany it. It will answer a lot of questions and shed a bit more light on the ‘whys’ of Gabriel and Jack’s relationship. (because @infinite-atmosphere and @reapers-carino are both extremely convincing motivators.)

The first chapter of the Mchanzo companion fic to In the language of flowers will be posted tonight. (Should my son not wake up running a fever)

I am still working on prompts. Worry not, they will be up soon. I like to give people the best content I can when I write a prompt. 

You guys are AWESOME. 

Stay thirsty.

Hahaha I wrote a short little thing to accompany this comic idea that I had. If you have no idea what’s going on in the picture above, read the thing below the cut. That explains it for you. I’m sorry the writing is so shit (I haven’t written anything creative for like four years now) but I’m aiming to get back into fic writing so hopefully I get better soon.

Anyway, a small Sakura-centric sasusaku fic below the cut:

Title: You’re Worth it Too

Pairing: Minor Sasusaku. 

Rating: K (general audiences)

Warnings: None

Summary: Shikamaru invents a time machine. Sakura decides to get on it and tell her past self a few things she wished she’d known a bit earlier… 

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anonymous asked:


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING, LOVELY! I’m going to take a quick break from studying to write the first one (second one to come soon)! xx Please only read if you’re comfortable with RPF (Real People Fic). I know some people aren’t, which I completely understand–and please know that all of this is a figment of my imagination! I’m not fully happy with this and it gets a little too cheesy in the end… but I think that a fic from me has been long overdue so here it is! xx

Scott moved to take another sip of beer when the world suddenly went dark; a pair of all-too-familiar hands covering his eyes with an accompanying giggle greeting his ears. Feeling a grin steal over his lips, he set the bottle down on the tabletop before bringing his hands up to cover his attacker’s, wondering in a faux serious voice, “Hmm. Wonder who this could be!” before snaking his arms behind him to pinpoint just where it tickled her most.

Even without his vision, his hands knew exactly where to place themselves—finding the curve of her waist as if it were magnetic to his palm… and perhaps it was, to some inexplicable extent, after seventeen years of partnership and friendship… amongst other things that they had refused to explore. Tickling her gently at her sides, it was mere seconds before her hands fell from his face to swat at his arms, her laughter ringing out above the noise of the bar. 

Scotty,” Tessa protested, clutching her sides; laughter still laced within her voice as she teetered unsteadily on her feet. 

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