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What is your favorite Thorki picture? What is your favorite Thorki fanfic?

Now there’s a tricky question.  I’ve been meaning to post a photoset with all my favourite Thorki fanart from the days of yore BUT I have to track down the artists first to tag them properly. I’ve got romantic pics, funny pics, kid pics, foreplay pics and smut pics in my Thorki folder, it’s crazy.

I’ll focus on old Thorki fanart (since the new stuff is easier to find) and for that I chose the two that are closest to my heart.

This one is a weird choice for me, it is modern AU and symbolic. But boy do I love the symbolism here. And not to get too personal but during my first Thorki fangirilng days in 2013 I was going through a lonely phase due to moving for work; I would just have a pity party while Thor and Loki were sitting on both sides of the bed, dropping letters for me to open, doing their best to cheer me up. Dark days needed bright angels.

It was that mental image that kept me going and the wait for “Thor:the Dark World”. God bless that movie, and god bless this picture.


You can find the artist here. @bonniepangart

And my MOST favourite Thorki pic of all time is stil this.


It’s funny because you can’t even see their faces but the FEELING is just so strong in this one, so real, so… Thorki. 

They belong together and for all their differences and misunderstandings they’re just so desperate for each other. All the sadness and heartbreak and longing of the Thorki ship is right here. 

As for my favourite Thorki fanfic I’m yet to read it. I admit I didn’t read fics when I had the chance (too much real life happening back then) and now I don’t have the time. So I suggest you check out @thorduna‘s fic recs.

And I’ll get back to you about the fics around Christmas when I’ll be able to read at my heart’s desire.

Thanks for the ask! 

lee jongsuk gif icons.

◟ * ・゚✧ by clicking RIGHT HERE, you’ll be directed to +850 gif icons of the most beautiful face out there lee jongsuk sized in 80x80. some of these are from his early works and it’ll be updated to the most recent ones. i’ll be updating these constantly bc i still have a ton more to share w/ all of you. take this as a way of me judging you if you keep saying there are not enough resources to play this marvelous face. i apologize for any repeats but u gotta understand these are a whole ton of gifs and im only human, srry. you can do whatever you want w/ these just don’t repost them please, a like and/or reblog will be gladly appreciated !

Trying to explain to my nephew how youtube videos work in relation to time. It’s actually pretty difficult. If someone in a 2013 video says that they’re 20 years, it means that they were 20 years old 4 years ago, not 20 years old when you first watched the video.

Explaining that to a first grader is harder than I expected.

November 21, 2017

This is the day I’ve been waiting for since July. I’ve begun the process (for the umpteenth time) to revise my weight loss surgery procedure. I know weight loss surgery isn’t for everyone, but I was my healthiest and happiest when my lap band procedure was working (2011-2012). Since 2013, I’ve regained all the weight I’d lost, and gained an additional 100+ lbs. I am at the point where walking (at all) leaves me out of breath/wheezing. Stairs are a HUGE pain. I stay home to avoid social situations because of my size/weight. I get stared at, gawked, made fun of, and passed over for jobs because of my weight. I’m here. I’m ready. I’m GOING to do this. Look for posts from me throughout the process and any words of wisdom or encouragement/support would be greatly appreciated! Here’s to starting the journey and beginning the process that will change my life!

the best way to watch game of thrones is to not watch it at all and then be really happy when you see gifs of the female characters doing cool things like aww arya and sansa i haven’t directly consumed any media with you in it since i read a storm of swords back in 2013 but i’m glad to see y’all are killing baelish i love you and would die for you keep up the good work

“We met five years ago in the comment section of our Wordpress blogs. I was living in the Philippines. I randomly discovered his blog and commented on a post about how much he can eat in one sitting. Then it became one ongoing conversation for three years. We began our relationship on August 24th 2013– when I wrote ‘I love you’ in an email. We talked every day, but we didn’t even meet in person until two years later when he came to visit me in the Philippines. He proposed the very first day. We stopped working on our old blogs and created one together called Two Bees In A Blog.“

Questions I have about Louis’ bird tattoo

  • Why was it so early on in his tattoo arc? 
  • Why is it so big? It was the biggest tattoo he had at the time and is still one of his largest pieces.
  • Why are the wings crossed like that?
  • Why did he have Liam Sparkes custom draw the piece? 
  • Why did he get it the same day as Harry’s handshake and butterfly tattoos?
  • Why did he get another, much larger bird when he already had 4 smaller birds in essentially the same spot on his arm?
  • Why did he say it was “just a fat bird” when he had Liam Sparkes CUSTOM DRAW THE PIECE? 
  • Is it a swallow? 
  • Why is the bird not in flight? Literally every swallow tattoo I can find is of a bird IN FLIGHT but not this one? 
  • Why are the talons of the bird curled in a grip-like way to suggest it is landing/grabbing prey when it’s NOT IN FLIGHT? 
  • Why did he get this bird? 
  • What does the bird mean?
  • Will I ever know what this bird means?
  • Why? 

That is all. 

BC I NEED TO RANT (warning: long post ahead)

You wanna know why ARMYs are so annoying???? Let me tell your salty asses something. BTS’ success is a monumental feat other artists can only dream of achieving. Many of the most popular Kpop acts right now come from relatively large companies who have other well-known artists to help catch the eye of the public – BTS didn’t have that luxury. They came from a management so small and unknown that they had to use staff as extras in music videos because they couldn’t afford to hire real actors to play miniscule roles. They debuted at a time where no one gave a single flying fuck about their existence and pretty much everyone thought they would be lucky if they lasted a year or two. Also, the boys were so poor that the 7 of them lived together in a tiny ass apartment where one member constantly had to borrow his mom’s kitchen supplies for cooking because they struggled to afford going out to eat or even simple shit like ramen.

Other Kpop groups get famous simply because of the company they come from, but since BTS’ management didn’t house other famous artists, they really had to rely on their talent to propel themselves to fame. Kpop is no doubt a highly manufactured industry and I get why there are so many criticisms towards it because so many groups are literally robots who just do whatever their company tells them to do. It’s very uncommon for artists to write/produce their own music, but BTS is one of the very few musicians in the business who are heavily involved in the creation process of each track of every album. Not only that, but the songs they write and produce aren’t just restricted to love; from the faults in the education system and consumer culture, to female empowerment, to mental health, breaking gender stereotypes, the struggles of youth and loss, BTS has written several socially conscious lyrics and are never afraid to tackle important topics that aren’t discussed enough within the public.

Along with their hard work in the creation process (including the immense time and effort they put into perfecting their intricate choreography), they are just genuinely kind and humble boys who are incredibly passionate and have a bond that can only be described as brotherly. BTS have and continue to be involved in various charitable organizations, most recently they partnered with UNICEF and created the #LoveMyself campaign to help put an end to violence. However, BTS is known for always, literally A L W A Y S, staying connected to their fans even though it would be in their best interest to keep their personal lives private. Yes, some people in this fandom are genuinely crazy and unfortunately BTS has encountered “fans” who have no self-control and respect for other people’s personal space. Despite that, though, the boys still regularly interact with fans through social media and they always find a way to tell ARMYs that they love us and are forever grateful for our support – a claim in which they never fail to prove. Almost every interviewer in America has asked the boys to discuss the most insane things their fans have done to them, but each and every time they continue to reinforce the fact that unlike what many people may think, we aren’t all your average teenage girls whose only dream is to marry them someday; they always make sure to put reporters in their place and they continuously defend us even when they’ve had various unfavorable experiences in the past. Even in person BTS are all extremely kind and respectful: from fans who’ve had the chance to meet them outside of their schedules to people who have actually worked with/for them, literally no one has anything bad to say about the group other than antis or people who are too ignorant to look into them.

And finally BTS is just a group of stupid idiots who have a bond closer than family. Each of them is a meme in their own right (some more than others lmao), but on a more serious note, they each have a distinct bond with one another that it’s hard not to get emotional because their friendship is truly genuine. They constantly praise one another, celebrate each other’s flaws rather than degrading them, and even when they’re on their separate vacations they always talk about how much they miss each other and how much they feel lonely when the other boys aren’t around. Let’s also not ignore the fact that the older 6 members!!!!literally!!!!raised!!!!!Jungkook (the youngest) from a shy, insecure 15 year old into the playful and confident adult he is today. On numerous occasions, each of the boys have said that BTS saved them and they can’t imagine spending every single day with any other group of people. They’ve been with each other through loss, depression, the brink of disbandment, through everyfuckingthing you can think of and while there have obviously been hardships, their bond has only grown stronger as a result.

Each of them have grown immensely and overcome various obstacles both as a group and individually. They’re set apart through the fact that they each possess different personalities and different concerns, but fundamentally they’re all the same in the sense that their passion for music and love for their fans enables them to put 150% into every performance and makes all the injuries, long hours of nonstop practice, and exhaustion from constant traveling worth it. After all this massive success, they are still the same silly boys from 2013 who have never forgotten their humble beginnings and still feel overwhelmed over every award they receive. Every milestone is seen as an opportunity to improve and release better content; they have never settled for “good enough” and they never intend to, and personally I think their fame is an inspiring message to everyone in the world that no matter how much the odds are against you, success will always be attainable as long as you remain humble and put in the hard work and effort to get there. A few years ago these boys could barely fill small venues in their own country and they would get excited over having 200 retweets… fast forward to 2017 and they are exceeding the boundaries of Kpop, reaching global success, performing amongst world-renowned celebrities, and are making massive achievements in an industry in which English is the dominant language and Asians are highly unrepresented.

After everything they’ve been through, everything they’ve sacrificed, they deserve this recognition more than anyone else and enthusiastically voicing our excitement for them is the least we can do to express our gratitude. So yeah, sorry that we freak out over every little mention of BTS in American media. Sorry that we never seem to shut up about them. Sorry that our fandom is so “annoying”, but we aren’t going to apologize for loving, supporting, and taking pride in a group that has truly changed lives through their music and passion.

Dan and Phil’s Secret Project Conspiracy

Sometime in January Dan, Phil, and their management started following an account called @farazosman after he first followed them.

Faraz Osamn is a Director who manages a company called Lemonade Money. They help make documentaries and music videos for people.

This started the theory that dan and phil could be working on another secret project.

On May 7th, 2016 Osman had this interaction with @tunephil

Which is what made me start digging in the first place.

I followed his twitter, looked through all his replies and favorites from the past year. I followed his instagram and even his snapchat.

I came across this post on his instagram

Back in 2013 Dan and Phils address had been leaked, so I knew where they used to live and what the street they were on looked like. (at first i thought this was on dan and phils street because the windows are the same and the street looks identical to when dan was dancing in the street for truth or dare but apparently it’s not?)

Now on January 29th when this photo was posted, they were leaving for Phil’s birthday up north, so this photo could be from earlier or he met with them before they left. Who knows

Another post he has is called “digital love” which I just find cute

Dan had mentioned in February that they were ‘working on a thing’ that we 'might see later’ as well as that rough week he had in March.

In may when I was looking at all this I also came across Osman’s instastory of himself editing something called “episode 1 *rainbow emoji*” that I never saved a photo of -__-

But with all this I really feel like they are working on a documentary. Wither its just of their lives together and how they met or something else

also in dans liveshow 7/18/17 he slipped up and said he was working on a ‘film’ when he meant danisnotonfire ?? 

- Emily 


On the Coastal Tip of Jamaica, actress Candice Patton stands barefoot in a sheer yellow dress before settling turquoise waters. Her arms sway back and forth as the Caribbean air billows through the thigh-high slit. She gives the camera a small smile as the sun radiates off her skin and the tide tiptoes towards the shore. The Instagram boomerang I’m glancing at has now been viewed over 200,000 times by her 1.2 million-user following.

It’s mid-June; a median between two milestones in Candice’s life - two weeks before her 29th birthday, and two weeks after the Season 3 finale of The Flash aired in homes nationwide. The superhero fiction show, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, stars Candice as Iris West, opposite Grant Gustin as the titular hero, Barry Allen. In the last three years, The Flash has garnered over 15 awards, with Candice herself most recently winning a Saturn Award for “Best Supporting Actress on Television”. It makes sense that CBS Watch! Magazine would send her over to the Caribbean for a photoshoot. 

The CW star calls me from her residence in Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon, after her trip in Jamaica. I expect her to sound exhausted from her jet setting, but she’s not. To my astoundment, there’s a lot on her mind. I come to realize that, unlike Iris West, Candice Patton is equipped with a power of her own.

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Thank you for all the love on the previous one I had posted!! <3



kate’s tv otps: 12/100

↳ jim halpert & pam beesly

↳the offce 2005-2013

↳ ❝For a really long time that’s all I had. Little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl who I worked with, but I think even then I knew, I was waiting for my wife.  

If you’re a person who needs that extra motivation to start doing your work, or to work just a tad bit harder, this might be the post for you! I’ve made a special list with beautiful movies with mixed genres that will surely give you that motivation you need to get where you want to. I hope you’ll have fun watching them!

1. Legally Blonde (2001)

A classic. Most of you have probably already watched this, but for those who haven’t, you won’t regret it! The movie tells the story of Elle Woods, who after being dumped by her boyfriend for not being “serious enough” decides to follow him to law school - to Harvard Law School! There she discovers she’s much more than her looks, and that she doesn’t really need a boyfriend to be the best version of herself.

Even though I consider the film very inspirational, it is also very light and funny, so you won’t even notice the time passing by as you watch it. Really worth watching it if you’ve recently been through the end of a relationship. Watch this, get your head up, and get back to work!

2. Monsters University (2013)

This one might be originally made for children, but who doesn’t love Pixar movies? Monsters University is the prequel to Monsters, Inc., which let us know how the loved characters Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan became best friends, and their experience at Monsters University. There, we follow Mike as he follows his dream of becoming a professional Scarer, despite of what everyone thinks of him.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys animation, it will be very fun to watch and, at the same time, make you think about what you’re doing. Will you really care about other people’s opinions about you or work hard for what you want to become?

3. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

This highly emotional biographical movie, based on Chris Gardner’s struggles while being homeless, will certainly tell you a lesson about not giving up on what you believe in, and work hard. Like mentioned, we follow Chris Gardner as he tries in whatever way he can to build a better future for him and his son, while having no place to live and a position as a intern that pays no money. 

I admit I teared up several times while watching this one, but it gave me a totally different mindset. If I’m a person who has everything to follow my dreams and work hard, why am I not doing it? 

4. The Great Debaters (2007)

This movie shows us the story of how a black debate team, led by professor Melvin B. Tolson managed to become the first black debate team to go against Harvard’s own debate champions in the national championship. It’s based on a real article written about the Wiley College debate, which makes everything even greater! 

My opinion is that everyone should watch this movie, and understand the wonders you can do if you believe that all the things you want to achieve are possible if you work hard enough!

5. The Internship (2013)

This is the story of two old-school salesmen Billy and Nick that, after being downsized because of the digital age, decide to work for Google. Then, during the internship, they must work together with a group of young college kids to complete a series of tasks to finally be officially employed.

Other than the fact it’s a hilarious movie (well, at least that’s my personal opinion), I find this movie highly motivational because we see the two main characters managing to contribute to their group with what they can even though they know nothing about technology. They still manage to do well, so I think it has a really amazing message!

6. Good Will Hunting (1997)

This is movie is about Will Hunting, who has a really high IQ, but works as a janitor at MIT. Professor Gerald Lambeau finds out about Will when he manages to solve a very difficult graduate-level math problem, but he doesn’t only help Will with his academic life, but also with psychological problems he faces as he thinks about his relationships and his future. 

This movie is really redirected at thinking about your academic life, but also about what could be holding us back - sometimes we might need the help of others to overcome our problems, and see the better way out. 

7. The Social Network (2010)

Here we find out the roots of Facebook and the story behind it - who was Mark Zuckenberg and how he managed to create such a huge network? This is his story, and how exactly he managed to go from a college student to a multi-millionaire. Even though being rich isn’t and shouldn’t be everyone’s ultimate goal, this movie might be the right thing to really inspire you to turn the ideas in your head into concrete things. 

As of now these are my favorite movies I go to when I really need that extra motivation. I really think it’s a great idea to try and watch them before your exam season, before the start of a new term, or at any time of the year really! 

Good luck on your exams and happy studying! x

i just made this announcement over on twitter, but like, let’s be real, i’ve been on this horrible blue hell site since i was 16 - and i’m turning 24 on sunday, so that’s essentially a third of my life, yikes - and you guys are wonderful and i love you and you deserve to hear it here first. so.

as most of you know, i finished my first manuscript earlier this year, and i’ve been reservedly liveblogging the absurdly nerve-wracking process of querying agents and throwing my novel out to the wolves. 

and i’m so happy to finally be able to tell you that i’ve accepted an offer of literary representation from brooks sherman of janklow & nesbit associates.

i first became aware of brooks a couple of years ago when my best friend lena, who was loyally and devotedly beta-reading one of my early drafts, suggested i check out becky albertalli’s “simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda.” she thought simon was an exemplary gay ya romance, exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to do. and she was right: simon instantly became one of my favourite books, and becky became one of my favourite authors. i pledged to myself that when i finally worked up the nerve to start talking to agents, i would talk to the guy who helped make simon happen.

but it took a long time. like, a long time. i started writing “teenage victory song” - the name of my novel, a contemporary gay YA love story, hopefully coming soon to a bookstore near you! - back in 2013. specifically, during an 11:30 PM gchat with grace on wednesday, december 11, 2013, which i have archived for historical preservation. so grace is getting the dedication when this thing goes out, naturally. but, yeah, i started writing it in 2013, and only just finished it this spring, and only with the help of some truly incredible people and loyal friends and family - way too many to name here, but you know who you are, and thank you. i love you. if i hadn’t had your love and your support to battle the little grey cloud of depression and trauma and persistent economic instability that hangs over me 24/7, i’d never have gotten this far. writing this book, and keeping myself mentally healthy and happy enough to finish it, is the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. 

i also need to thank benjamin alire saenz, andre alexis, dennis bock, anne michaels, and mallory ortberg for reading various permutations of this manuscript and believing in it and giving me their writerly advice on it. i love all y’all. and, of course, major, major thanks to the lambda literary association, who do so much incredible work for so many lgbt authors, and to whom i will be forever in debt.

i just don’t have words for the fact that brooks read my manuscript and said yes, that he said wow, that he believes in me and in what i’m trying to do with my writing. he represents so many authors whose work i’ve been continually blown away by, and it is patently ridiculous and surreal that i get to stand next to them now? i’ve already mentioned becky albertalli, whose work has done so much to humanize young lgbt people and to normalize gay love for a mainstream audience. or adam silvera, who just put queer boys of colour on the new york times bestsellers list with “they both die at the end,” which i am presently reading and crying over and having my internal organs ripped out by. and last, but definitely not fucking least, angie thomas, who wrote “the hate u give,” very possibly the most important young adult novel of the last twenty years, a heartbreaking and compassionate and warmly funny complete and total masterwork that i inhaled in less than two days. like, i really don’t. have words. these are people who have been heroes of mine for so long. i just started actually crying so i’m going to have to wrap this up lmao.

i grew up in an intensely homophobic and conservative christian household, and when i was probably eleven or twelve i somehow came into possession of a copy of “a great and terrible beauty” by libba bray. i don’t remember anything about it except that it had a subplot involving two girls who kissed each other on the mouth, and when they kissed each other on the mouth, i was so viscerally horrified that i started bawling, and i stood up, walked upstairs to the garbage disposal, and tore the book apart with my bare hands. watched the pages filter down into the garbage. and i don’t, like. i don’t like to damage books. i don’t even fold corners because i don’t like to crease the pages. i still remember it all these years later because my first reaction upon recognizing myself in that kiss was to literally destroy it. and i had to keep that part of myself buried for so many years. reading lgbt ya and fanfiction was some of the only escape i had. i wasn’t able to come out until i was eighteen years old, and when i did, it ultimately meant becoming estranged from my mother forever.

i have so much love and tenderness and compassion for all those previous, wounded versions of me, who went through so much, who hated themselves so much, who spent so much of their teens and early twenties being depressed and closeted and suicidal and dreaming of the day when they might get to be an author. you fucking did it, buddy. i love you so much and i am so proud of everything you did to survive and keep creating.

in conclusion,

“Good wombs hath borne bad sons.” - William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2, Page 6

Remembering and acknowledging the mothers of some of history’s most notorious serial killers and mass murderers. No one can truly know how they would react to their own flesh and blood committing acts of true horror unless it actually happens to them. Let us hope it never happens to you. But to these women it did. Their own sons went out and committed acts of unspeakable cruelty and malice. In some cases they defended their own son’s guilt in the face of irrefutable evidence out of the blindness of love, others have been brave enough to learn from their son’s acts and speak out, others have understandably hidden from the public eye, and most tragic of all - some of these women were the victims of their own sons.

Clockwise, starting from the top left.

Sue Klebold, mother of Columbine High School shooter Dylan Klebold - On April 20th 1999 Sue Klebold’s son Dylan called out ‘Bye!’ to her before leaving the house unusually early. This was the last word she would ever here from him as later that day he murdered five people during the Columbine High School massacre. Sue is perhaps the most well known of these women, speaking publicly several times about her son and writing a book ‘A Mother’s Reckoning’ about her son and her experience as well as campaigning tirelessly for greater recognition on mental health issues.

Eleanor Louise Bundy, mother of Ted Bundy - Eleanor Louise Bundy gave birth to Ted unmarried. His true father is unknown and for many years during Ted’s childhood he lived under the masquerade that his mother was actually his sister. Eleanor long proclaimed her son’s innocence even during his Florida trials, describing Ted as the ‘perfect son’. Bundy murdered at least 35 women and was executed in Florida in 1989. Eleanor Louise Bundy died in 2012.

Joyce Dahmer, mother of Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer - During much of Jeffrey’s childhood his mother Joyce and father Lionel were embroiled in bitter arguments contributing to Jeffrey’s descent into alcoholism. Joyce Dahmer stayed in contact with her son Jeffrey during his incarceration, stating that in her weekly phone calls whenever she conveyed worry for her son Jeffrey would answer with comments to the effect of: “It doesn’t matter, Mom. I don’t care if something happens to me.” Joyce Dahmer died in 2000, six years after her son was murdered in prison.

Kathy Harris, mother of Columbine High School Shooter Eric Harris - Kathy Harris has, unlike Sue Klebold, made no media appearances since her son’s murder of eight people during the Columbine High School massacre and his subsequent suicide. Sue Klebold has stated that she had been in contact with the Harris’ since the massacre but would not want to speak on Kathy or Eric’s father Wayne’s behalf. One can only imagine what a heartbreaking experience Kathy has had.

Peggy Brady, mother of Moors Murderer Ian Brady - Described as ‘Britain’s most evil serial killer’ Brady was responsible for the murder of at least five children alongside his accomplice Myra Hindley. Ian was born to his unmarried mother Peggy in Glasgow, Scotland in 1938. The identity of Ian’s father remains unverified and he was given up for adoption to a local couple a few months after his birth as Peggy was unable to raise him alone. The mother and son remained in contact however, Brady even being permitted to leave prison in 2013 to visit his mother aged in her 90′s. Ian Brady died earlier this year aged 79.

Kitty Menendez, mother of Erik and Lyle Menendez - Mary Louise Menendez worked as a teacher until she quit after the birth of her son Lyle. She attended the University of Southern Illinois where she met Cuban emigre José Menendez. The couple married and had two sons: Erik and Lyle Menendez before moving to California. Kitty and her husband José were murdered by their own sons. Kitty was shot in the leg and several times in the arm, chest and face leaving her unrecognisable.

Nancy Lanza, mother of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza - Nancy Lanza was married to Adam’s father Peter until their divorce in 2009. Nancy suffered from health problems, having to visit New York for treatment for her MS. Nancy loved art, music and going to baseball games being an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox. On the morning of December 14th 2012 Nancy was asleep in her bed in her pajamas when her son Adam shot her in the face with a shotgun before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 20 children and 6 more adults before committing suicide.

Clarnell Stage, mother of Co-Ed Killer Edmund Kemper - Edmund was Clarnell’s only son. Clarnell separated from her husband (and Edmund’s father) in 1957 wherein Edmund was moved to Montana to live with his mother permanently. Clarnell exhibited abusive behaviour to her son, forcing him to sleep in a locked basement, calling him “a real weirdo” to his face and refusing to coddle him because “it would turn him gay”. After a span of killings that took the lives of 9 others, Edmund bludgeoned his mother Clarnell to death in her sleep and cut her throat with a knife on April 20th, 1973. He then turned himself in to the police.

Arlene Holmes, mother of Aurora Theatre Shooter James Holmes - Arlene has spoken publicly since her son’s massacre in 2012. She is currently working to increase awareness of mental health issues stating: “The way that I want to honour [the victims’] injuries and their distress is to try and help prevent something this bad from happening again.” She has urged more importantly than anything else that those suffering from mental illness seek help immediately.

Zubeidat Tsarneva, mother of Boston Bombers Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev -  Zubeidat has long protested her son’s innocence. She has remained unwavering in her support for him and stated in 2013 that America were “the real terrorists”.

Li-Chin Rodger, mother of Santa Barbara gunman Elliot Rodger - Li-Chin is a Malaysian Chinese emigre who met her husband Peter Rodger whilst working as a research assistant for a film company. They had two children: Elliot and Georgia. Li-Chin and her husband divorced in 1998 less than two years after they had moved to Los Angeles from England. Li-Chin saw her son’s youtube videos wherein he complained about the unfairness of females not noticing him. Because of their content the police were alerted, they interrogated Elliot but made no arrest or further investigation. Elliot murdered 6 people and injured 14 others before committing suicide.

Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, mother of Ed Gein - Augusta married George Phillip Gein but came to resent him later in life due to his alcoholism and inability to hold down a steady job. Augusta was a zealous Lutheran Christian, preaching to her son Ed frequently about hell and immorality whilst they lived together in complete isolation on a 155 acre farm they owned in Wisconsin. She would often choose the most graphic old testament verses of the Bible to read to young Ed. After Augusta had a stroke after her husband’s death she required constant care from Ed. She became enraged when Ed took her to visit a nearby farmer to buy straw and witnessed him living with a woman to whom he was not married. Augusta died of a second stroke on December 29th 1945 causing Ed Gein irrevocable devastation - he had lost his one friend and love in the entire world.

Marion Elaine Robinson, mother of John Wayne Gacy - Gacy was abused by his alcoholic father and sexually abused by other members of his family during his youth. He also suffered from a heart condition which Gacy’s father denied existed. Gacy however had a good relationship with his mother. She never doubted his illness and was sure to get him the help he needed. Additionally when he stole at a young age his mother publicly forced him to apologise and return the items. However this led to him gaining the reputation of being a ‘mama’s boy’ and a ‘sissy’. Marion remained in contact with her son even after his incarceration. She died in 1989, five years before her son’s execution in 1994.

Mercedes Ramirez, mother of Night Stalker Richard Ramirez - Mercedes Ramirez had five children with her husband Julian Ramirez. She was a Catholic Christian and raised Richard in the same faith. She and her husband emigrated to El Paso, Texas in the United States from Mexico. She worked in a factory wherein she was exposed to chemicals without a face mask during her pregnancies. Her carrying and birth of Richard was difficult but he was born a seemingly healthy baby boy. Mercedes was devastated by her son’s crimes, travelling to California to speak in court.

Well there you go, I wrote all this and made the image so don’t delete my caption or use it uncredited. We should all take a moment to remember how the atrocities committed by murderers destroy the lives of not only their victims but also all those around them.