i will whisper hollow compliments to you as you walk by

7 times they noticed (4/7)

It’s time for Coran Coran the Gorgeous Man. Actually quite hard to write. I decided to write this from Coran’s pov also, to just change things up?

Coran saw it. Of course he did, he was a veteran, he was a father, and although he did not understand the customs of their strange world, he remembered being years away from his family. He remembered pacing and fighting because there was nothing else to do.

He remembered the exact same hurt on his own son’s face, the exact same resignation, the same jokes, the same mood-breakers. And if he wasn’t damned by how much he saw his son in the blue paladin’s face, he was surely blessed by it. In a way, he had another chance, another opportunity; although he would be a fool to think they were the same person. To compare them is all too easy, but he shouldn’t in any case. But still, he knew that Lance was hurting, and no matter how much he reminded him of his son, hurting is hurting.

Let it be known that Coran considered himself a patient man, and often a kind one. This was not the case when someone else was hurting.

“Lance?” He asked in a conversational tone as he saw the young paladin pacing in the control room. Lance looked up in surprise.

“Oh! Coran, my man! What’s up?” He clicked his fingers at Coran, who supposed this was an Earth greeting between friends. He was however, unsure whether to return them. He decided against it, simply smiling at the boy.

“Hello, Lance! It has come to my attention that -” He trailed off, squinting his eyes in suspicion. Lance tilted his head in confusion. “What are you doing in the control room?” Coran questioned, raising an eyebrow, mustache twitching.

“Oh…uh…Allura! I was looking for Allura, have you seen her?” Lance stuttered, laughing nervously. Coran squinted his eyes even more, pursing his mouth.

“I ordered the princess to take a day off. She does too much work, I’m afraid.” Coran looked to Lance for his response, raising his eyebrow further.

“Yeah, that makes sense.” Lance sighed. He scratched behind his ear in a show of nonchalance. “Well, I guess I’ll just go train. See ya!” Lance turned to go, but not before Coran spoke.


Lance looked back in confusion at the oddly alarmed tone of the normally eccentric man.

“What is it, my dude?” Lance made a show of smiling, but Coran noticed it failed to reach his eyes.

“Are…are you in good health, paladin?” Coran asked, bouncing on the balls of his feet to quell the anxiety rising within him.

“Uh…yeah? Totally.” Lance laughed, looking in confusion. “Why? Do I look sick? Because I’ll have you know that I use moisturizer, and my skin looks perfect.” Lance put his hand on his chest in mock-astonishment.

“No! You look perfectly healthy, Lance.” Coran stuttered. Lance looked confused at the normally unflappable Altean. “I mean, not physical health.” Coran frowned at Lance. “The health of the mind.” Lance widened his eyes.

“Oh.” Lance looked down, falling silent, his mind working. “Yeah.” He smiled nervously. Coran was not convinced.

“Truly?” He asked, tilting his head, looking down at the anxious paladin.

“Well, I guess I’m homesick, but I mean, who isn’t?” Lance laughed once more, and once more it rang hollow.

“Of course my boy, you’ve just seemed…” He paused, looking for his words. “off.” Lance looked taken aback, letting out an exhale of confused laughter.

“Really?” He raised his shoulder, twisting his face into obviously forced confusion. Coran once again paused, looking for the words. He restarted his original statement with a small shake of his head.

“It has come to my attention you might be feeling…inadequate. And…what did you call it? Homesick.” Lance stuttered in response.

“W-well, I mean…yeah I’m feeling like, homesick, but inadequate? What?” He looked around, and Coran knew that look. It was the look of a child trying to find a way out of a confronting conversation. He had seen it on his children too many times.

“Lance, missing one’s family is extremely natural. And I’ll let you know on a secret.” He leant in as he said this, and Lance raised his eyebrows, unimpressed.


“No one feels adequate. Everyone feels they have too much to live up to.” Coran stared at Lance, nodding. Lance let out a bark of laughter.

“Oh, really.” His voice was heavy with sarcasm. “Well then, everyone’s an idiot.”

“Yes, most probably.” Coran nodded with sincerity, and Lance rolled his eyes.

“No, I mean, everyone else actually lives up to impossible expectations, whereas I… I’m just…” Lance trailed off, tears brimming, trying to finish his sentence with unintelligible gestures. This confused Coran.

“I’m sorry Lance, but I do not understand these human non-verbal gestures? Do you also communicate like Glapthorns?” Coran looked to the human for an answer, who let out a small giggle.

“Glapthorns?” He asked. Coran puffed up.

“Yes Glapthorns! They have an entire alphabet of gestures, having no mouths and all. Lovely people, really, I once…” Coran trailed off, snapping his fingers. “You’re deflecting.” He stated, staring at Lance, once again narrowing.

“Uh…no?” Lance smiled. Coran shook his head.

“Do you humans answer everything as questions, or is that just a hereditary thing?” Coran stared at Lance. “Anyway…” Lance groaned. “You say that we live up to impossible expectations. Who is ‘we’?” Coran asked, his voice gentle.

“Everyone else on this ship.” Lance stared at his feet. Coran noticed that this particular human did not like looking into another being’s eyes when stating the truth.

“Nonsense.” He replied, crossing his arms. “You are just as competent.” Lance laughed in response.

“High praise. Thanks.” Lance subtly rolled his eyes.

“You’re welcome.” Coran graciously replied, nodding his head. “Well, it is true. Blue does not choose just anyone.”

“Did…” Lance paused, looking up for once. “Did you know the original blue paladin?” He bit his lip, looking into Coran’s eyes, who was taken aback by the emotion within them. Coran had to look away.

“Yes.” He swallowed thickly, emotion rising. “Yes I did.” Lance looked on, not replying. “They were wonderful. I…I did not know them as well as Allura, but I remember their beaming face. Unfortunately, I remember their last moments the most strongly.” Coran sniffed as tears threatened to swell.

“Sorry.” Lance spoke quietly. Coran drew to his full height, smiling softly.

“Do not be sorry my boy, I just…” He shook his head, trying to get rid of those memories. “They were very good friends with my son.” Coran wiped his eyes. Lance froze.

“Your…your son?” Lance’s eyes were wide.

“Yes.” Coran’s reply was barely a whisper. Then he smiled. “You remind me of him, you know.”

“Oh.” Lance was obviously lost for words.

“Don’t worry, it’s the biggest compliment I can give. You have the same soul, the same passion.” Coran smiled weakly, which was returned by Lance. “If you ever need someone to listen.” He smiled, brighter now. Lance nodded shortly, and walked silently out of the room, before stopping right before the door.

“Same here.” Lance said, with a half-smile. Coran nodded in return, mirroring the action just a few ticks ago.

Coran sighed as Lance left the room. Maybe he shouldn’t have brought his son into it, but…he felt a weight off of his shoulders nonetheless. He only hoped Lance felt the same.

Another done! No one loves Coran enough, imo. By the way, I just want to give huge thanks to @wherethestarsdontshine​ for their headcannons about Coran, because I used a lot of them here in developing his character! They’re such a good writer and you should check out their blog if you like voltron stuff.

(17/4/17: Allura is up along with rest!)

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SUMMARY: You have a bad day at work, and Credence takes it upon himself to take care of you. I combined these requests:

  1. Reader being Credence’s s/o. they’re always happy to help and love to mother him. But one day they are completely wrecked by their work and anxious, so he goes into mother mode and is so happy to give it back?
  2. one where he’s really affectionate towards them, neck kisses, hugs from behind, idk where I’m going with this

Warnings: None!!

Word Count: 1,678

Credence supposed that your treatment of him and consideration toward him were what got him through those roughest of days following his destruction of New York. You had been patient and gentle with him when you met him, and you had waited for him to be ready—for anything, even for things as simple as kindness. You had never pressured him or told him he should be further along in healing or learning, and that is how he had come to trust you sooner than others and how he had learned to let you take care of him. He had been hesitant at first, and you had stepped back, letting him take his time and not scolding him for being skittish or distrustful of you. Then he had relaxed slightly over the next few weeks and had let you make him meals or buy him books or even sometimes stay with him until he fell asleep. In many ways, it was the mothering that Credence had never experienced—at least, not that he could remember.

Eventually, he grew to care for you so much that he had agreed to move in with you, once he had worked at the bakery long enough to save the money to afford the rent. You would have paid for his half had he wanted to move in sooner, but you knew his independence meant a lot to him, now that he had it. And you were always willing to be patient for Credence.

That had been slightly over a year after the subway incident.

Since then, Credence had accepted, acknowledged, and given in to his feelings for you, and once a conversation was had, the two of you had decided to give dating a chance. More patience and more care later, things were still going smoothly a year later. Credence just wished sometimes that he had the opportunity to care for you the way you cared for him. It wasn’t that you had put him back together, because he had worked very hard to do that himself, but you had given him the support he needed to do so and had devoted much of your time to caring for his corporeal well-being so that he could devote himself to learning self-love and -confidence. Those were things he was still learning to put into practice, but you were patient with that too, and very understanding; and he was grateful. You had always been so put together though, and he worried sometimes that he didn’t do enough things for you. You always insisted that his company and his love were enough, but he couldn’t help but wish that he could show you how much he cared, beyond those confines.

And then Credence’s chance came in the form of a terrible day at work. He could tell immediately that you had had it because you slammed the door more harshly than you usually did and threw your bags onto the kitchen table with a heavy sigh before storming over and collapsing onto the couch in the living room.

Credence was, of course, upset that you were having a bad day, but he was ready to take care of you and to practice being more assertive in his own actions—he wanted to take charge of this situation. So he walked over to where you had face-planted into the cushion, smiling softly at the way your hair had become disheveled. “Long day?” he asked quietly, placing a shaking hand to your back.

Your answering sigh was deep and long as you melted into the couch, letting every muscle in your body fall slack. “I’m tired of people, Credence. I don’t like them.”

He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to the base of your skull, and ran his thumb across the knobs of your spine carefully and humming in response. He knew that you hated socializing, so it must have been a day of prolonged interaction. The exhaustion must have really gotten to you today. “I know, Y/N. Did you have to be personable today?”

You smiled at the question, and you wondered briefly how you had gotten so lucky to find someone so understanding of your closed-off nature. You supposed because you had never been closed-off with him. He did tell you once that it made him feel special, as if you were a cat who had settled on their person. You smiled even wider at the memory before curling into Credence’s lap contentedly, humming at the feeling of Credence’s fingers rubbing into your shoulders and gently up the side of your neck. This was a rare initiation of physical affection, one that you really needed today. “Yes, I did.” You began frowning again as you recalled the day. “And people kept asking why I didn’t smile more or why I didn’t talk very much, and then my boss got mad that I wasn’t being more welcoming. And all I wanted to do was come home to you. I’m just…so glad I’m home now.”

You felt his hum more than you heard it, and you closed your eyes to the feeling of his hands against your skin. You appreciated the coolness of them and could have groaned when you felt him stand up gently and pull away from you as he did so. “I’m going to make you some tea, okay?”

You nodded, trying to conceal a pout, and Credence felt a swell of pride and affection—finally, he was the one taking care of you. He hurried into the kitchen, beginning to boil water, and looked over to the living room as he heard you get up. He watched you walk to the window in the living room with a blanket draped over your shoulders that you held tightly to your chest and then press your forehead to the glass, looking to the world outside. He could tell today had been tough on you because your muscles seemed completely lax and because you had none of the confidence in your gait that you usually carried, so when he finished preparing your tea (just the way you liked it), he placed it on the coffee table quietly before padding over to you and hugging you from behind, curling his arms carefully around your middle to pull you close, and pressing a kiss to the shell of your ear. He indulged a small smile when he felt you roll your head back into his shoulder and completely surrender yourself to the embrace. “Thank you, Credence.” Your voice came out in a quiet sigh more than a deliberate statement, and instead of answering, he just pressed another kiss to your skin, this time to the hollow of your throat. Curiously, though, he could feel the stretch of your smile against the side of his face and looked to you questioningly.

You dropped one side of the blanket. “It’ll fit both of us,” you said a little more definitively and with a smile that melted his heart, and he caught on. He took the other corner to wrap around himself and returned said corner to your hand so that you could curl your fingers around the blanket again, securing the blanket burrito you had constructed. Credence liked this better, the feel of your body more concrete than before and the embrace feeling more protective and inclusive. He peppered small kisses along your throat and shoulder, and you couldn’t help the widening of your smile at this uncharacteristic show of physical affection and the confidence behind the gestures. You felt a swell of happiness at how much he had grown and how that growth had included the two of you coming together.

You weren’t sure how long the two of you stood like that, wrapped up in each other and the blanket, before Credence whispered gently, “Your tea is probably getting cold.”

You didn’t want to leave this moment, but that tea really did sound promising. You felt Credence rub his hands along your arms before stepping back, letting the blanket fall from around the two of you so that you could go drink your tea. It really was perfect, and you hummed into the cup, which made Credence smile again as he watched you. “Thank you, Credence. This is exactly what I needed today.” He was what you needed today.

Credence blushed, still affected deeply by any kind of praise, and wondered if he would ever get over that swell of pride that came with compliments or praise of any kind. He supposed it didn’t really matter. “Of course, Y/N. I love…being able to take care of you.”

Something clicked in you then, and you realized that he had been wanting for some time to be able to do things like this, to prove that he could take care of you like you took care of him, to prove that he knew how to care for you, and what that meant to him. “Credence.” You jumped back onto the couch, huddling close to him and burrowing further into the crook of his neck as his arm curled around your shoulders to pull you close. “I love letting you take care of me. You know me so well.”

Credence knew that being nonchalant about that compliment was out of his wheelhouse, so he settled for telling the complete truth. “I’ve had the time to get to know you, and… I just want you to know that I can be there for you for anything… I can take care of you. I know I can.”

The confidence underlying the quiet of his voice could have made you cry. “I know you can too, Credence. I love you. Thank you.”

Credence smiled and pressed another kiss to the top of your head. “Always, Y/N. I love you.” He had learned a lot over these last few years—to accept himself, to own his past, to open up, to form relationships—but he was beginning to think the best thing he had learned was to love and to let himself be loved.


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You’re My Black Pearl | pt.3

Yugyeom x reader

Genre: Angst, smut

Warnings: Cheating/infidelity

Words: 1600

Chapter: ¾

Admin/author: Eottoghe

Beta: Zoie

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Anonymous said to kpop-reads: May I request a smutty angst fic with Yugyeom based on the song Black Pearl by EXO?

Author’s note: I’m slow, bear with me. I made it to where if you don’t want to read the smut, you don’t have to so for some of you, this may be it ;) For the rest of you, get ready.

Summary: You don’t know if you can forgive him. You won’t even allow him to explain. But, you want to. You want nothing more but for him to be here, holding you close to his chest. But, first he has to find you.

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Flutter - Ch.3

Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Fluff/Romance/Smut (eventually)
Word Count: 1377

Previous Chapter

A short walk later you were seated on the second floor of a small restaurant that had only delicious looking fried chicken on the menu. You were in a small booth in the corner, happily enjoying the air conditioner, and doing your best to be nonchalant about the fact that you’re about to have lunch with Oh Sehun of all people.

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I know this has probably been written before and better but it was stuck in my head and I just had to. What happens after Sheldon asks Amy to go to comic-con.

Amy feels Sheldon walk behind her and place his hands on her waist. His large hands fit perfectly in the hollows at her made by her hips. A thrill goes up her spine, She takes a big breath to control her breathing. Amy can’t let him know how easily he turns her on. How close he is to getting his way.

“Hey sexy lady.” he greets her amping up the platitudes from yesterday’s pretty girlfriend. Amy turns around to face him. He has a lazy smirk on his face. He knows what he is doing to her.

“I’m still not going.” Amy tells him crossing her hands over her chest to hide the signs of her arousal. Even though Sheldon has probably no doubt noticed. Sheldon noticed everything.

“Can’t a man just compliment his extremely arousing girlfriend?” he asks feigning innocence.

“He can but we both know you have ulterior motives.” Amy tells him and he pretends to look wounded. It would be so easy just to give in to him. Amy knows that is not what he needs though after his mother and Leonard who had an easier to just give in philosophy with him. Amy knows she has to show that she has a back bone.

“I think what I’m about to show you will change your mind.”

“If it’s your long list again we both know how I was left wanting yesterday.” she teases him biting her lip. He knew what he was saying yesterday, what he was insinuating with his list. It had shocked her and at the same time it thrilled her.

“My long list didn’t leave you wanting. I remember you being quite impressed.” Amy gulps not sure if he is talking purely about the comic con panelists any more.

“I’ve seen longer lists.” Amy shrugs trying to regain the higher ground.

“Really?” he says raising his eyebrows. “I guarantee that what I’m about to show you in the bedroom. You’ve never seen before.”

“I’m listening.” Amy says tapping her foot.

“Come on then.” he says grabbing her hand and dragging her to the bedroom. Her heart is thudding in her chest as he pulls her inside and shuts the door. This could be the end of the once a year rule.

“Well?” Amy asks remaining cool. Sheldon just smirks.

“Cover your eyes.” he says his voice low and husky. Amy sighs annoyed but does as she is told. She hears him move to the closet and open the door. Then she hears rustling. “Okay open them.” he says.

“Sheldon!” Amy says exasperated looking at the authentic Dumbledore and Mcgonagall costumes he is holding out. “Isn’t this a little presumptuous?”

“A little perhaps, however I thought once you saw how amazing we’ll look you’re mind would be changed.”

“I’m not changing my mind.” Amy says firmly.

“Amy aren’t you being a little stubborn?” he says annoyed.

“Me being stubborn? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle stubborn!” Amy says throwing her hands up and moving to leave the bedroom. However Sheldon blocks her from exiting.

“Tell em one good reason you won’t go.” he demands.

“I already drove you five hours to an antique train museum and you’ve used up your favors. I have never held any interest in comic books or superheroes. The only reason you even want me to go is because everyone else canceled on you.” Amy says exasperated.

‘“I just said give me one reason, but alright.”

“Better yet Sheldon just give me one reason to go that’s not because you need a ride, or you don’t want to go with Stuart. Or you know I watch Once Upon a Time so I might enjoy that panel that you won’t even go to.”

“Just one reason?” he asks solemnly.

“I’ll accept more than.” Amy says.

“How about I love you? That I was worried about being away from you for five days because I would miss you so much. How I can’t sleep without you next to me anymore. That the guys canceling was less the reason I asked you and more the perfect excuse to ask you to come.”

“You wanted me to go before they canceled?” Amy asks touched.

“I put the bug in Penny’s ear about going to comic con. I was hoping you would follow suit. Only Leonard had to be a huge brat about it.”

“You know Sheldon you could have just told me all this.”
“I’ve never been the best at expressing me feelings into words.”

“I don’t know if its a wise idea for us to go as wizards. You know I have a hard time keeping my hands off you when you’re in robes.” Amy tells him and he leans into her pressing his lips against her ear whispering softly.

“Does that mean you’ll go?” he asks and she nods in ascension. “Amy you have just made me so happy.” he says moving his mouth to hers and kissing her deeply. Amy pulls away and pushes against his chest.

“I have a few rules though.”

“Alright.” he says leading her to the bed. “Go ahead.”

“No abandoning me I’m not wandering around a convention hall asking every tall Dumbledore if he’s Sheldon.”


“You have to pull your weight and help me drive to San Diego. I know you have your driver license and it would make me feel important if you drove me once in awhile.”

“I can do that.” he says. “Anything else?” he asks looking at her with hooded eyes. Amy’s only response is just to kiss him again on his mouth. Which he returns and pulls her downwards on the bed wrapping his arms around her. They kiss for awhile and when it starts to get heated Amy pulls away before Sheldon can.

“Just know that if you are in those periwinkle robes I can’te be trusted around you.” she teases him running a finger down his chest. “I might break the public displays of affection clause in our relationship agreement.”

“I hope you do. I”ll have to beat the men off with a stick when they see you in your outfit. I’ll have to put my claim on you somehow.”

“I’m all yours, always.” Amy tells him kissing him again.

“Always.” Sheldon agrees rolling her on top on him.

Come Back

Originally posted by imnayeonie

Nayeon x Reader


Word Count: 1024

Written by Admin LJ

(Authors Note: hey all! Just a heads up, this is a sequel to “No More”, a scenario I wrote some time ago. Enjoy!)

It was by mere coincidence that you ran into her.

A year had passed since you two had broken up- one year, three months, and twelve days to be exact- of course, not that you were counting.

Neither of you kept in touch- it would have been too hard on both ends- your heart was already in pieces after she had cheated on you, and she couldn’t bare the thought of hurting you any more than she already had.

You had moved to the big city for a job offer you had received, and you had no idea what she was up to. It was probably better that way, but despite that, you couldn’t tame the overwhelming, hollow feeling in your chest every time you thought of her, which, though you hated to admit it, was quite often.

Given the circumstances, you were more than surprised to hear the sharp, confused call of your name as you were sipping coffee at the local cafe, laptop in front of you, furiously writing up a report to present to your boss later that day. Your head snapped up, instantly recognizing that oh-so-familiar voice you had grown to love and hate. Your eyes settled on her, and your chest felt as though it had caught fire.


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killianspoptarts  asked:

aaaah your little pirates 'verse is so perfect!! is it possible to write a fic when har, res, and beth walk in on emma and killian doing.......y'know.... ;)?

Thank you for the compliments darling. I’m so glad you enjoy my little series and for being so patient while I worked on this and got my life back together. As a reward, I give you 3,700+ of mildly rated M goodness involving Killian and Emma being interrupted by little pirates while pursuing more enjoyable activities. Not entirely smut, because I’m rusty in regards to my adultish writing, but definitely a bit naughty. (thanks again @welllpthisishappening for reading bits of this and giving me feedback. You are my compass and I am lost without you.) Available on AO3 here: [LINK]

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anonymous asked:

any headcanons of lavi, tyki, and allen when they're jealous of their crush, but haven't even confessed to them yet?

Phew~Finally got the time to sit down and do this. Gearing up for the other requests. 

Sorry about the weird headcanon-scenario-ish format though. 


✤ He was somehow everywhere you went. Well, except for bathrooms and rooms cause that would be absolutely awkward. But you would always bump into him around and about. He’s stubbornly claiming it’s a coincidence but he knows that he’s lying.

✤ It had been quite a long time since the two of you met and it was getting harder and harder to avoid the feeling he gets when he sees you or when he’s near you. 

✤ It was like a delicious forbidden fruit that keeps whispering him to take a bite. 

✤ He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. But he absolutely wants to. 

✤ The feeling absolutely astounds him. He had thought that he had locked up his feelings long ago but you were unravelling it thread by thread just like his friends at the Black Order. 

✤ So in the end he accepted the fact that he loves you but he was still on the fence on making a move. It was a big decision. One that could get them both in trouble, especially with Bookman. 

✤ So he was content with just watching you afar and talking to you every chance he got…until he saw someone flirting with you and you flirting back. (He was confused, were you flirting or were you being kind and courteous kind of flirting? But it really hurt him that you were treating this person with the same treatment as him.)

✤  He almost want to walk away. But then you caught sight of him, “Lavi? Is that you?” He had no choice to backtrack and walk up to you, pulling on a cheery face and rubbing the back of his neck even when his chest felt painfully light and his heart wavering. 

✤ The other person gave him a once over and (for that moment, Lavi felt uncomfortably bare) a triumphant smirk grew on the person’s lips. It was almost as if they felt that he was no competition and for some reasons Lavi did not like that. 

✤ Especially when that person stepped closer to you in front of him. Lavi’s smile tightened. It was just a step, he would deal with it, wait, they’re reaching out their hand to brush your shoulders and your ears while complimenting your ear piercings? Oh hell no. 

✤ Lavi grabbed your hands pulling you away, “Hey__________, I have something interesting to show you.” The other person tried to protest “Welp, it was nice meeting you.” And the two of you were gone. 

✤ It was around then when he decided to confide his feelings for you. Whether you accept him or not, it was your choice. 


✥ He had his eye on you always. Whether he’s reading or crossing the hallways or from windows, his eyes seem to search for you like opposite poles of the magnet.

✥ He always catch himself whenever he did that, almost alarmed by the growing feeling in his chest. It was warm, like the feeling he had when he spent his days his three human buddies but this was different. It was mildly uncomfortable like he had reached down into his own heart and squeezed it.

✥ He had talked to you once or twice, all in teasing terms and before he knew it, he was lingering more and more and became a constant in your life. 

✥ But he dare not declare his feelings for you but let it slip out in doses of affections from winks to teasing remarks, all which you brushed off as merely jokes. And it secretly vexes him. 

✥ But nothing vexes him more than standing there and watching as you stood there laughing with another person. 

✥ His blood was practically boiling as that person (with obvious intentions) reached out to brush your hair from your face. 

✥ “Tyki?” Before he had even realised it, he was there right next to you, with one arm over your shoulder and the other hand tightly gripping the person’s wrist. He glare was sharp and blazing, “Would you mind keeping your hands off what’s mine?” 

✥ Your suitor would be flustered and run off stuttering. 

✥ Tyki let them go even if his entire instinct was hell bent one causing bodily harm on the suitors. 

✥ The worst part was that it kept happening over and over again. He knows that you’re attractive in your own little way (you charming little thing) and it pleases him that others likes you too but can they stop trying to hunt his prey? (You were already his, you just haven’t realised it yet.) 

✥ And every single time he rescued you, you would always brush it off as something a friend will do. 

✥ But this time he had enough. 

✥ When you laughed, his fingers wrapped around your chin, the tips brushing against your cheeks and a smirk curling at the edges of his lips. “Will a friend do this?” He closed the distance between your lips. 


✦ He had met you years ago. And he’s still astounded by your ability to show your kindness despite how dark people can be. When the going gets tough, he kind of thought back to you and how you grit your teeth and go through it with patience, and he felt like he could get through this too. 

✦ He tries to show up whenever he could which was not often but you always send him a welcoming smile that made him feel as if he was home. He realised, that you were his home. 

✦ And the the 14th happened. It was a blow to him and everything he stand for vanished leaving him lost in the haze of confusion. In that spilt moment, he had ditched Link and went to seek you out. 

✦ But you weren’t there in the place the two of you usually meet. Uncomfortable emptiness filling his hollow chest. He didn’t want to give up yet. He didn’t want to go back to the Order yet, where eyes roam towards him with varying mixture of pity, wariness and fear. 

✦ He went around town, searching through the shops and the crowds, hoping to catch side of you. Just when he was about to give up, he spotted you. Joy flickered to life in his chest as he pushed forward, getting closer to your silhouette with every step. 

✦ “_____-” His voice died in his throat as he caught sight of another figure standing too close to you, with arms wrapping around your waist. The ache intensified as the two of you giggled. 

✦ Normally, he would feel a dark prickly feeling of annoyance building on the inside and would smoothly slipped into the situation, separating anyone that tried to get handsy with you. 

✦ But today wasn’t a normal day. He only felt a thousand needles punctured his bleeding heart as realisation after realisation slammed into him like a thousand bricks. 

✦ You were better off without him. A person that could die at any time, a person that couldn’t be with you all around the clock and a person that may have a monster trapped in his body and a person that probably didn’t have a future. 

✦ These bitter realisations sat at the base of his throat as tears pricked at the edges of his eyes, brimming but never falling. In that moment, he almost wished that he was normal, like that person. So that he could be by your side always, so he could laugh with you, so that he could…confess without feeling guilty. You didn’t deserve him, you deserve them. 

✦ “Allen?” You were suddenly in front of him, he could barely see through the wall of tears, “Are you alright?” 

✦ He tried to muster a smile. He couldn’t even do that properly. The tears start falling. “Oh my god, Allen, you’re crying. Here.” You reached out with your handkerchief, wiping away blobs teetering at the corner of his eyes and the angry trails down his cheeks. 

✦ He realised that he never want to see you in the arms of another. 

✦ He gripped your wrist gently, warmth spreading into his clammy hands and by an act of pure selfishness, the words “I love you.” tumbled from his lips. 

Featuring Seduction || Namjoon

Request - Anonymous said:   Can you do a namjoon scenario when him and his idol gf have an important scene in the bs&t video, thank you~   

Pairing - Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre - Fluff

Summary - Since you and your group were on hiatus, your boyfriend wants to feature you in his group’s comeback music video.

‘Hi, Joonie~’ You greeted the olive green haired man as you opened the door. He flashed you a quick smile before pulling you into a bone-crushing hug, ‘How’s my love doing?’ He whispered into your ear, a blush spreading across your cheeks.

'I’m doing well,’ You giggled as you pulled away, him placing a peck on the tip of your nose before walking into the dorm.
You were more than just glad the other members of your group had gone out for some shopping.

'So, what brings you here? Weren’t you busy with practice for your comeback?’ You asked as you followed him into the hall, you moving into the kitchen to get him a glass of water. You heard footsteps following you and Namjoon walked in along with you, taking a place at the table in the room.

'That is exactly why I’m here. I have an offer for you, Y/N,’ Your back was facing him, but you didn’t have to look at his face to know he was smirking.

'And what exactly is the offer?’ You played along, passing the glass of water to him, as you took a seat in front of him.

Once he chugged the fluid, he wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his jacket before speaking, 'I- well, the boys, want you to be featured in our new song.’ Your eyes went wide as his lips stretched into a shy smile.

'Me? Feature in your comeback song? Why?’ You were rather surprised that this was the kind of offer he had come to your place with. Honestly, you were expecting something on a very different context.

'Our new album holds a theory of seduction- especially the title track. So, the whole idea of seduction wouldn’t exactly be complete without the opposite gender..’ He explained, his eyes trained on you while yours went all over his face.

It was interesting, their new album. And he had managed to refrain from spilling any other information about it to you when you had asked him about it in the beginning. And this also would help you in not only working in par with one of the most influential boy bands of Korea, but it would also be an amazing experience to work with your boyfriend.

'It does seem pretty interesting..’ You trailed off, a smile tattooed onto Namjoon’s lips as he heard you.

'Isn’t it? And this is an amazing time for both of us to collaborate! It couldn’t get any better!’ He was very much more excited for this to work out - and you had yet to say yes. You laughed at his child-like enthusiasm, before asking him a question.

'Care to explain your theme more, though, Joon? Seduction as in, it has various elements. What are you really aiming for?’ You rested your cheek in the hollow of your palm as your elbow rested against the table.

'You’ll understand the theme when you hear the song, Y/N. So, what do you say? You up for it?’ He looked at you with hope-filled eyes. You couldn’t possibly say no.

'Of course, Joonie. Anything to help my favorite boys.’ You giggled, getting out of your seat and moving to him. He spread his arms wide and you wrapped your hands around his neck as he placed a kiss on the side of your head endearingly.

'I can already say this is going to be a hit.’

You reached the studio where you were called for the shooting. When Namjoon had called you over to his studio the day before to listen to the song, you had absolutely fallen in love with it, immediately asking him if it was okay for you to download it into your phone. He had laughed, 'Of course, Chagi~’

When you walked in, you recognized the director and walked over to him, 'Hello, I’m Y/N-’

'Y/N! Yes, yes, I’ve heard a lot about you. Please take a seat in your dressing room and we’ll tell you about your scenes soon.’ The director shook your hand and calmly sent you on your way. One of the staffs whom you recognized as Namjoon’s make up artist, came running up to you, 'Hi, Y/N, how have you been doing?’ She asked, hugging you.

'Unnie~ I’ve been well. How are the boys? Are they ready?’ You asked and she took your hand, guiding you to your green room, 'Oh, they’re all ready. It’s just you who we have to doll-up.’

In an hour, you were in your costume - black velvet skirt which ended a few good inches above your knees, along with a black silk sleeveless shirt tucked loosely and an intricately embroidered coat of silver, gold and red threads, along with a silver and red colored cloth choker to accessorize your look. When you looked at yourself in the mirror, you noticed the make up was the infamous smokey eye, a look that suited you all too well while your blonde hair fell over your shoulders in smooth waves.

A make up man walked up to you with a small case, 'Here, put these on. The producer will be coming soon to discuss the scene.’ He smiled at you and you took the case. They were contact lenses, a pair that made your eyes look very cat-like. Namjoon wasn’t kidding when he said the theme was about seduction.

The producer trudged into the room, a string of compliments flowing out of his mouth as he eyed you, 'This is- wow, you are exactly the element we need, Y/N.’

You giggled and thanked him before asking him to take a seat beside your chair. Without any delay, he went into the details of your scene. Turns out, you had much more appearances than you had initially assumed.

'There will be a solo scene of Rap Monster’s where he is sitting on a sofa, but the thing is, we want to modify that a little. And so what we thought was, you would be this person - a seduction goddess, you get what I’m saying?’ He paused and you widened your eyes, 'A seduction goddess?’

'Yes. You will have a scene with each of the members, but according to the script, the longest is with Rap Mon.' He went on, his eyes scanning the bundles of paper he held in his hand. You nodded, although you felt the nervousness beginning to creep up your spine.

'Are we ready?’ Another staff peeped in through the gap of the door, and you nodded, 'Yeah, I’m ready!’

With one final recollection of the scene, you put on your black heels before stepping out. You walked over to the set that was laid out, a heavily dressed living room with modern antiques and a brilliant peach color with designs surrounding the set on the walls. You walked up to the group of boys who were currently standing behind the camera, 'Hey there,’ You called and all of them turned, their jaws dropping at the sight. Namjoon was the last to respond as he began stuttering an apology, ’S-sorry, Chagi…you just- you just look really-’ He gave up, a blush creeping over his cheeks as he hid his face, you chuckling at the sight.

The director called you and Namjoon once the cameras were set, instructing both of you where and how your entries were supposed to be.

'Okay, Namjoon will be in the first scene. Y/N, you will be in the second, when he is drinking from a glass, and later in the third when he is sitting on the sofa.’ You nodded, as you took your place outside the view of the camera as Namjoon got ready for his shot.

Once his solo shot was done, you were called into the set, where the director asked you to sit on the sofa which was big enough for no more than two people.

When Namjoon sat beside you, you almost laughed at how hard his heart was beating, 'Joonie, you okay? I’m not even as nervous as you.’ You stifled a giggle as you watched him dab the sleeve of his coat at his temple.

'It’s your costume, Y/N. It turns me on.’ His hazy eyes turned to you and your eyes widened a fraction. You felt another urge to laugh. But thankfully, the director began telling you both what to do.

Soon, you had a glass that held green liquid inside, and you just had to place it to his lips.

'Rap Mon, glare at the camera like it’s trying to take your girlfriend away-’ You excused yourself to laugh at the director’s words before collecting yourself, ’-and Y/N, look at Rap Mon like you know what you are doing is evil. Have a coy smirk on your face, okay?’ You shot him a thumbs up and you crossed your legs, your left leg hanging loosely over the right, while you turned your body towards the right.

'Okay- stay like that, let me check..’ The cameraman bent down to check the view through the lens, and in the time he took, you whispered to Namjoon, 'You’re really sweaty, Joonie. And I’m barely touching you.’ You teased as you bit your lip, to prevent a smile to form on your lips.

'That’s it! Y/N, that’s it!’ The camera man yelled enthusiastically, almost scaring you. You looked at him with wide eyes, 'What?’

'That look! The way you looked at him just now, keep that!’ He smiled broadly and you giggled. You heard Namjoon breathe a sigh, 'Well, I’m just glad I don’t have to look at you right now.’

The song played and the camera was rolling in seconds, the shot being taken, and you tilted the glass to his lips, holding the look the camera man had asked you to, when he called again, 'Cut! Cut!’

You brought the glass back down, and turned to him.

'Y/N…try putting your hand around him behind the sofa.’ He said, and you followed. You draped your hand behind him on the sofa, when you saw something on his hair.

'Ah, there’s something on your hair-’ You reached to the nape of his neck with the same hand, when the camera man yelled yet again, 'That’s perfect, Y/N! Keep it that way-’ The staff around the set began laughing as he had caught you off guard. You held a dumbfounded expression, 'What the-’

'You must be gifted, Y/N, you seem to know exactly what he wants.’ Namjoon jested, as he turned to look at you. You smiled, 'It’s all by chance.’

The cameraman announced you to be ready and you took your position, this time, your hand at the nape of his neck, running it upwards so a few locks of his hair were in between your fingers, giving you a good opportunity to tug at them. The camera was rolling the whole time, and you had your lip bitten, subconsciously, as you tilted the glass towards his mouth. The second he took a gulp, the director shouted, 'Cut! That was perfect!’

You let go of his hair and stood up, returning the glass to a staff. You walked back again to the same spot, this time the director asking you to switch places.

'Jungkook, you’re in this scene too.’ He called the youngest, and he came in to the set.

'Wow, Jungkook definitely does not look like a 19-year-old.’ You whispered to Namjoon as your eyes followed Jungkook. He took his position on the bed that stood in the corner while you sat on Namjoon’s previous position on the sofa.

'Okay, Rap Mon, lie on Y/N’s lap.’ The director yelled, Namjoon stopping mid way as he was about to sit on the couch. He paused and looked at you, 'This is interesting.’

You nodded your head, a smile on your face as he laid himself on the sofa, his head and a part of his shoulders resting on your lap.

'There’s nothing much in this scene. Rap Mon, you just have to lie there and look at the camera while Jungkook you lie on the bed in the opposite direction and stare at the ceiling, and Y/N, look straight into the camera. This will be a wide shot, and it will just last a few seconds. So, let’s try getting it through in one go.’ The director announced and you nodded your head.

'Rap Mon,’ The cameraman called, 'keep your right hand hanging, let it touch the floor, like you were unconscious.’ Namjoon obeyed and let his hand slide down, it almost touching your leg.

'Jungkook, you have your lollipop, don’t you?’ The director questioned and Jungkook raised his hand in the air that held the lollipop. With a nod, the camera man spoke again, 'Switch on the machine. It takes time for the smoke to accumulate.’ A staff ran into the set and switched on a machine that was beside the sofa, next to you.

In ten minutes, the smoke had gotten thick, 'I could get used to this.’ Namjoon mumbled, as he adjusted his head a little against your velvet skirt. You chuckled, running your fingers loosely through his hair.

'Okay, ready-’ The cameraman shouted and you looked at the camera, your right hand on the arm of of the sofa and your other on the cushion between the sofa and Namjoon’s waist.

The shot was taken for at least a minute before a familiar 'Cut!’ sounded, making Namjoon sit up.

'Okay, Y/N, we’ll call you out again after at least an hour. The boys have the dance scenes to shoot.’ You nodded and walked towards your green room. The moment you were about to sit, Namjoon walked into your room, startling you a little.


He cupped your face and kissed you, his lips moving softly against yours, before pulling away and resting his forehead against your forehead, 'Thank you, Y/N. This will be the best music video ever and I know it. Thank you for helping us.’

'It’s always a pleasure. After all, you are my favorite band.’ You giggled, pressing your lips to the tip of his nose.

'I love you, Y/N.’

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Finally - Nyx Ulric

So, I rented Kingsglaive on Amazon and within the 48 hours I had to watch it, I watched the movie three fucking times. Let me tell you that I have some major Nyx Ulric feels after that movie. The movie was gorgeous and I was really impressed with the animation and how it was put together. Nyx was pretty awesome and I’m sad that there isn’t a lot of fanfic about him out there. Let me know of any you recommend. For now, this is my addition.

Holy shit what have I just done?

Expect some NSFW…


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Someone Else

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for the wonderful @lady-kaaesien

Prompts: “But I’m not her! I never will be!”


Imagine looking and acting a lot like Thranduil’s wife and when you are captured alongside the Company, he is taken aback because of the similarities between you and his wife, the elves who captured you also being taken aback.

It was an odd thing. An elf travelling with a group of dwarves and a small being called a hobbit. But there you were, walking among the rows, between guards of your own kind. Thorin walked before you with Dwalin at his side and to your elbow walked Balin, plaintive and silent as the rest followed in your rear. Footsteps dusted across twigs as grumbled curses sounded around you and you heard the king whisper about his missing thief.

“Do you think Bilbo will find us?” You asked Balin quietly as your thoughts were returned to the odd hobbit, “Perhaps, he is not able to.”

“Do not talk so, dear,” Balin touched your arm softly, “It will do us no…good,” He paused as his eyes fell past you, lingering and shading with confusion, “We are best to worry about ourselves.”

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!!! Here is your fluff smut. I LOVE YOU TOO (✿ ♥‿♥)

Words: 1402

“Men hate women like you.” Yoongi sneered teasingly, leaning across the table to take a few french fries.

“Wow, no way! Does it look like I care?” You spat back, getting up from the chair. “Being told these things from you does not worry me. You’re no prize either, princess.”

“(Y/N)ah, sit down.” Namjoon pleaded, but you didn’t.

Yoongi laughed exasperatedly, looking at his members. “Wow, you’re going to leave after saying those things?”

“Yeah, I am. What’s it to you?” You questioned meanly, slinging your purse over your shoulder.

“Nothing. Be my guest, leave.” He shrugged, leaning back in his chair.

“You don’t need to tell me twice.” You huffed, leaving. Despite the pleas from the other guys, you didn’t look back.

You drove home, mumbling curse words about Min Yoongi. When you got in the door, you immediately shucked off your shoes and took a shower. After another few hours of doing nothing, you sat down with your laptop. Men hate woman like me my ass.

Pressing on the little tab, you typed in the dating website you’d been trying so hard to meet someone on.

There was a little red #1 beside your date clicks. There was a match! Yoongi definitely was wrong, you wouldn’t let his words get to you. Your mouse hovered over the red #1, letting you see who your match was.

It was Yoongi.

Was this website mocking you? Was Yoongi mocking you? He made an online dating website as well. This was either 100% intentional to make fun of you or an accident.

How did you not realize before he was someone you’d clicked on? How did he even have similar tastes to you? You closed your laptop very quickly, going to the kitchen to grab a drink.

You’d gulped down three cups of water, still feeling bothered by this match. It was just a match, what did a computer know? It knew nothing. Nothing at all.

All you knew was that Yoongi was your match. Apparently.

This was driving you insane. You would confront Yoongi, asking him if he meant it for real or not.

Leaving your house quickly, you drove to the boys dorm.

You knocked loud and hard, being met face to face by a sleepy looking Yoongi. He scratched the back of his messy bedhead, not even bothering to glare out of tiredness.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” You accused, a little too loudly.

“Isn’t it a little too late to be accusing me of things? What’s this about?” He hissed in a low voice, surprising you. Yoongi pulled you inside, closing the door behind him. He dragged you into the bathroom, closing and locking the door.

“Why in here?”

“Everyone’s asleep. This is the quietest place. Now talk, before I kick you out.”

“You made a match with me on that website. Isn’t that a little too spiteful? Even for you, Yoongi.”

He sucked in a breath, leaning on the counter. “That was you? Why do you look so good in the picture? Aren’t you lying to the guys who don’t know you?”

You laughed bitterly, feeling weird inside. “Was that a compliment? I wasn’t even wearing make up in that picture.”

“Stop confusing me.”

“Confusing you about what?” You were confused, too. What was he saying?

“About how I feel. Should I be turned on we’re alone in a bathroom or, mad you’re here past 12?”

“Stop joking around with me. Are you trying to tell me you purposely pressed that button because you’re interested?”

“To be fair, you pressed it first.”

“I wasn’t looking at your face well enough!” You defended yourself, reaching for the door. Yoongi stopped you, keeping his body firmly pressed against the door.

“Are you trying to deny the fact we’re both attracted to each other?”

“Yes!” You choked, the anger rising in you. “Do you not remember everything you’ve said to me the past 2 years we’ve known each other?”

“I remember.” He promised, eyes looking at you a little differently than usual. What was this feeling?

“What changed?” You faltered, sliding a hand up his chest to take a fist full of his collar in your right hand.

“Seeing your interests… You’re not the (Y/N) I know anymore.” He breathed, pushing your back against the wall.

“Are you going to fuck me in here? Won’t everyone be able to hear us?”

“Let them. I’m going to fuck you right here.” His lips found yours, not hesitating on pushing his tongue into your mouth without warning. You sighed, pulling his body closer to yours.

“Do you not want me to fuck you here?” He barely whispered into your ear, turning you on slightly.

“I want you to, I want you to fuck me here.” You gasped, feeling his hand pull down your pants.

“I want to hear you moan my name.” He hummed, digging his teeth into your neck roughly. Your reached for his pants, pulling them down quickly. Yoongi pulled away from you, and you both began to strip while looking hungrily at each other. When you were both fully naked, you pushed him back against the counter and dropped to your knees.

He pushed his fingers into your hair, watching as you pumped his shaft a few times. You licked over his slit, before pushing his cock into your mouth. He sighed loudly, closing his eyes.

You bobbed your head, jerking off what you couldn’t take in. When you hollowed out your cheeks, you licked all you could reach. Yoongi groaned, pulling your head away from him.

“Why did you stop me?”

He didn’t reply. Yoongi stood you up, making you sit on the counter. His finger played around with your clit, rubbing his wet dick head against your folds. You lightly moaned, coming closer so he sunk into you.

Yoongi pulled your thighs farther apart, steadying your hips so he could push farther.

“Yoongi…” You whimpered, feeling his fingers pinch your nipple. He began to thrust, hard. Even without trying, he’d found a g-spot.

“Fuck- fuck. Yes, that’s so good.” You leaned farther off the counter, grabbing Yoongi’s ass.

There was a knock on the door.

“Hyung?” Jungkook wondered, trying the door knob.

You froze, but Yoongi continued to thrust. “Go back to bed, hyung is busy.”

“Are you watching porn? It’s so loud.” He sounded slightly disgusted, but also curious to know.

“Yeah, now go away!” Yoongi raised his voice, holding a hand over your mouth as his pace picked up.

“Did you get the one I sent you?”

“Jungkook, go away.” He groaned, and you couldn’t tell if it was from pleasure or annoyance.

There was no noise after that, so Yoongi took his hand away from your mouth. You leaned closer to his shoulder, biting it painfully hard.

“Are you going to cum?” He wondered quietly, and you moaned slightly in response.

“Just wait, just wait…” He mumbled, pushing all the way into you. Your back arched, and he lost it. Yoongi finished in you, thrusting faster as you came a little after him. 

You suppressed your orgasm with his hand on your mouth. He pulled out of you, beginning to clean up. You as well, cleaned yourself and and got clothes again. Yoongi glanced over at you, looking awkward suddenly.

“Want to, go out sometime?”

“Is Min Yoongi asking me out on a date?”

“Fine,” he snapped. “I guess not.”

You put a hand on his. “I never said no. Call me with details?”

He bit his lip, nodding slightly. When Yoongi opened the door, you were met by the face of Jungkook. He looked surprised, and also a little angry.

“Hyung, you’re so lucky.” He sighed. “I wish girls would come to the house angry at me so I could do them in the bathroom.”

Yoongi hit the back of Jungkook’s head, shoving him in a brotherly way. “Go to bed, you pervert! Don’t listen to other people having sex.”

“I was curious, don’t get mad at me. You better clean the bathroom before I tell the others.” He threatened, making you laugh.

“I’ll just…leave, then.”

“No, you clean the bathroom, too!” He snapped, stopping you. Yoongi hit his hand away defensively, once again pushing him.

“Didn’t I say go to bed? I’ll take care of it.”

“Whatever you say,” Jungkook waved him off, walking back down the dark hall.

love story (m)

Genre : Angst | Some fluff | Smut (brief mention) | Prince!Jimin | Jimin x Reader

Words: 5K

Description : He, the son of your father’s rival, prince of the opposing district and your bestfriend, meets up with you in your hideout after months. The secret you keep is destined to alter your future - yours and his - but he have other plans. 

A/N: I wrote this a while ago, when blood sweat and tears came out and hands down Jimin looked like a prince. it’s kind of short, but i tried my best to improve my writing (although i’m still working on it since english is not my native), so i hope you like it. 

Originally posted by fyibts

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11. If These Wings Could Fly

member: Jimin x reader

genre: fluff, angst

word count: 3126

summary: He was an angel, my angel, so painfully beautiful in every sense of the word that even I knew our happy ending never existed. Oh, he fell. But please, God, have mercy–he never had wings. 

Originally posted by kths

“Hey, you’ve reached Park Jimin”

Don’t do this to me.

“Unfortunately, I’m not here right now.” There was a laugh, a mere chuckle.

Thin fingers trailed the illuminated picture of the man in the contact photo, fingernails ridged and torn. Victim of a habit that had not existed before. With each sound of laughter from battered down speakers, nonetheless still sweet as honey yet painful to her ears, her hand shook in response. There was a tremor in every move, a stone in the back of her throat, weighing down to her chest, into her heart, down to her stomach and into her toes.

It wasn’t fucking fair.

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Simon: The Perfect Photo

Requested: @almighty-sidmen Hello! My name is Hannah. I would LOVE if you could write a Simon Imagine for me? I would love if it were something along the lines of; you go to your sisters wedding and simon is your date. then there was a photographer there and he ends up getting an adorable picture of you and simon. Your foreheads are together and your both smiling. one of the boys ends up leaking it and all the fans go berserk over it.

A/N: I am so sorry for not being active for the past few months :/ Hopefully this will make up for it! Enjoy x

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I Will Carry You

Please tell me you’re continuing Whiskey Lullaby? I loved the used of Remember When It Rained in the second chapter. That song has a bit place in my heart. And I’ve also just started watching Criminal Minds because of your stories and writing. It’s an amazing series that I’ve always meant to pick up, so thank you for finally making me watch it! xoxo

What an incredible compliment!  I am so glad you are enjoying the show, it’s a beautiful one on television.  @zombiehorrorkitten, this one is for you.  Here is the next installment of Hanging By A Moment, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 5)

Yeah I know it hurts, Yeah I know you’re scared walking down the road that leads to who knows where.

Sinking down into Rossi’s bathtub, the bubbles encompassing your body as you sigh and lean your head back, you raise your foot from the abyss of the bubbles, taking in the gangly sight of your thinned out leg, the spindly tendons broadcasting their every movement under your skin as you smell a wonderful scent wafting under the bathroom door.

Don’t you hang your head, don’t you give up yet when, courage starts to disappear I will be right here.

“I think she will open up more tonight,” Rossi says lowly into his phone, adding the diced vegetables to the pan as they hit with a sizzle.

“You think?” Spencer asks, his brow furrowing deep as he whips his car around a corner, slowing down as he approaches Rossi’s street.

“Yeah.  She talked a bit last night, and I told her if she wanted to give it another day, that was fine.  But she’s been here for three weeks, and I told her that it would be time to talk.  Because she needed to, for herself.”

“Yeah, she needs someone that knows what’s going on, even if it doesn’t make sense,” Spencer responds as he shuts off the lights to his car, pulling quietly into Rossi’s driveway as he cranks it down.

“That you?” Rossi asks, peeking out the kitchen window as he scrambles over to the door.

“Let’s hope Y/N didn’t hear me,” he says as he clicks his phone shut.

When your world breaks down…and the voices tell you turn around.

Sighing as you unplug the tub with your foot, you heave yourself up to your feet, grasping for a towel as you gingerly step out of the tub.

Tonight was the night.

Tonight was the night you were going to bare it all.

You were going to tell David everything.

You didn’t even know if it made sense yourself…but you needed to talk.  You ached when you cried alone at night.  You hurt when you cooked for just yourself.  You were jealous of everyone else’s life.

But you also understood that you never talked.  You never…revealed anything personal about your life…anything worth mentioning or talking about.

Granted, you didn’t have much…but you had some stories.  Some interesting anecdotes.

When your dreams give out, I will carry you.

Shooing Spencer into the room beside the kitchen, shutting the door so he could crouch down and listen through the grated cracks, he watches as Rossi smiles, his arms outstretched for you as you appear in his view, a weak smile plastered across your face as his eyes widen.

He had to throw his hand over his mouth to keep from gasping too loud.

He took in your hollowed cheeks, and your sunken in eyes.  He saw how jutted out your shoulder blades were, how chiseled your collarbone was.  How prominent your broad shoulders had become.

He felt tears rise to his eyes as your voices slowly descended upon his ears.

“Why were you so insistent I dress up, David?” you ask him.

“Because this, my dear, is a cause for celebration,” he says, handing you a wine glass and lifting his into the air.

“To a new beginning,” he says, his eyes locking on with yours as you swallow nervously, your eyes dancing across his face worriedly as you take in a deep breath.

“To a new beginning,” you say lowly, clinking glasses with him as Rossi motions for you to sit down, turning his back to make you a plate of food.

You were so close to Spencer that he could see your frail hand trembling, the wine threatening to spill over as you brought it to your lips, taking another sip.

“So!” Rossi proclaims, setting a hefty plate of food down in front of you, “…start from the beginning.”

When the stars go blind and the darkness starts to flood your eyes…

You told him about your parents.  About how your father left before you were born, and how your mother had drank herself silly at the thought of living her life without him.  You told him about how you felt useless, how you felt like you somehow weren’t enough for your mother after being too much of a burden on your father to stick around.

You told him of what Spencer had found out about your father, trying to piece together what he had said that evening through your door as best as you could.  Spencer could see the struggle happening behind your eyes, the way you wrung your fingers up in your beautiful yellow floral dress, how your right leg bounced quickly up and down, trembling the chair you were sitting in as you swallowed hard, as if trying to bury emotions that you thought would make you look weak.

And then, you started in on Spencer.

“I know you’re probably thinking what any of this has to do with Spencer,” you snicker.

“I was going to let you get to that on your own time,” Rossi says, reaching across the counter and squeezing your hand tight.

“You’re…you’re not eating,” you huff lightly.

“I’m not hungry,” he states.

“Well neither am I,” you say, looking up at him as a tear streaks its way down your cheek.

“But I haven’t lost 40 lbs,” Rossi whispers, his own jaw trembling lightly as your lip begins to falter.

Spencer felt his own tears fall upon his cheeks as he shifts to his knees.

Everybody cries, and everybody bleeds. No one ever said that life’s an easy thing.

“I mean, it’s not like Spencer and I know each other very well,” you start, looking down at your hands as you put them in your lap.

“But…?” Rossi urges, his eyes ever-so-lightly flickering over to the closed door.

“But he’s beautiful,” you say breathlessly, quickly grabbing your wine to take a long pull from it.

“Beautiful?” Rossi furrows his brow, “How so?”

“He’s intelligent, and kind, and selfless, and caring…” you trail off.

“And…?” Rossi pushes.

And…” you snicker lightly, “there’s never been a point in any of the interaction I have had with him where I’ve felt less than I was for my weight, or my appearance, or my lack of social skills, or anything like that.”

As silence descends upon the conversation, Spencer’s eyes widening as he presses himself closer to the door, he feels the light uptick of a smile beginning to twitch his cheek.

“And it’s so handsome.  It’s hard not to look at him.  With his hair and his smile and his large hands…it’s hard not to think about running my hands through it or placing my lips on it or feeling my hand in it,” you blush deeply.

“Whoa…sounds like you have it bad,” Rossi states, taking your fork and putting some food on it, bringing it to your mouth as you shoot him a look.

Opening your mouth hesitantly, he places it inside your mouth, your lips closing around it as Spencer licks his own, Rossi smiling as you begin to chew.

“Good girl,” he mumbles.

That’s the beauty of it…when you lose your way…close your eyes and go to sleep and wake up to another day.

“When he called that night I-”

Feeling your breath hitch in your throat as you shake your head, you clench your jaw as Spencer presses his ear to the door, fighting with all of his might to stay seated.

“What happened?” Rossi urges.

And then you felt the gate finally fall forward.

“I thought that he needed me.  That I had finally made the impression on him that he had on me.  So when I saw his call, I picked it up and all I heard was shuffling and a bit of moaning, and I thought he was hurt, so I grabbed my keys and rushed over, and his friggin’ door was unlocked!  I was so…so scared, Rossi.  And then this beautiful woman who looks nothing like me stepped out of the room, and she was radiant Rossi…oh, god, she was radiant.  And she just smirked like she knew the reason I had actually come, and Spencer came out disheveled and without pants and that’s when I realized what I had actually heard, and I knew then and there that I was never going to be Spencer’s type, and it just crushed my soul, you know?”

Panting hard as you bring your clenched fist to your chest, your body begins to heave with sobs as Rossi rushes over, wrapping his arms around you as he cocks his head back, flashing Spencer yet another look at the door as you cry into his chest, gripping his clothes and pulling him closer still to you.

“And then I never saw her come around the office, so I figured maybe I had a chance, so I asked Spencer to dinner,” you sniffle, pulling back as you wipe your lanky arm across your nose, “…and he said he had plans, and asked for a rain check.”

“A ‘rain check’?” Rossi furrows his brow, huffing in frustration as he goes and sits back down, spooning you yet another fork full of food as he runs his hands through his hair.

Spencer was now trying to cover his own sobs behind the door.

You should know now that you’re not alone.

“And that’s when I knew I would need time.  Time away from him to…to get over him.  So I sent the text message to the team, desperate for one more attempt to get him in a setting that wasn’t fucking work…”

Rossi’s eyes widened at your cursing.

They had never heard you curse before.

“So that’s what that message was for,” Rossi muses to himself.

Nodding, you sniffle hard.


“So, you took vacation and just…didn’t eat?” he breathlessly asks.

Shaking your head, you sigh and slump your shoulders.

“No…I just.  Slept.  I slept and I slept and I slept.  I didn’t want to get up, I just wanted to throw the covers over me and keep sleeping.”

As Rossi stares at you intently, Spencer begins to stand to his feet.

“I mean, I don’t know what depression feels like, but I think…that that might be it,” you state, picking up your own fork and taking another bite.

“I don’t know what I was thinking really,” you say as Spencer puts his hand on the doorknob, stopping when he hears you speak.

“I mean…we never talk, or converse outside of cases.  I don’t know what I was thinking, him liking me.  I mean, I don’t turn heads when I walk by, so if I don’t actually talk to someone…I’m practically forgettable.”

“No you’re not…”

Whipping your head to the side as your eyes widen, your heart stops beating in your chest as the fork drops to the half-empty plate, the color draining from your face as you watch the familiar voice step from the shadows.

“You’re anything but,” Spencer finishes, his reddened eyes staring intently upon your haggard, thin body as your legs grow weak, swinging haphazardly from the stool as Rossi looks between you and him.

“In fact, I think I am a bit hungry,” Rossi says, quickly making him a plate and grabbing his wine, quickly shuffling down the hallway as your jaw begins to gape, tears pouring down your cheeks as Spencer slowly walks over, sitting on the stool in front of you as your hands begin to tremble.

When you’re falling behind, I will carry you.

Pain & Memories

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Reader gets hurt on a hunt, and she remembers some of her and Dean’s favorite moments

Warnings: mention of blood/injuries, fluff, feels, smut

Words: 2312

Note: No idea where this came from, but I’m really kinda proud of this one, let me know what you think? 

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3. Arkham Anonymous

Requested: Harley x Reader 

 Guards of Arkham are dragging you to your new cell. Arkham Asylum is the psychiatric hospital of Gotham City housing the criminally insane. It’s dull and smells of dust mixed with old age. The inmates are in light blue prison scrubs, the rooms are dark and filthy dungeon-like. Screams are coming from the shadows that echo throughout halls. The straight jacket clings to you tightly as you shout through the window in the steel hollow metal door, “You morons just hung vacancy signs on your asses and my foots lookin’ for a room!” You hear a giggle coming from the cell next to yours. “I like ya, you’re funny!”, a voice says. However, you continue to yell at the guards to let you out. “Don’t scream, they’ll drug you up!”, she adds. Moments later the white coats open your cell to hold you down. They tap on the needle before stabbing it into your arm. Slowly you’re blacking out, almost losing consciousness. “Hate to say I told ya so!!!”, your new neighbor whispers. 

 Waking up in the morning you realize your arms are free from the straight jacket. A guard bangs on your door, “breakfast time Looney! Move it!” You pick a seat away from everyone else. Few people are eating, others are smearing eggs on their faces, or the food is being thrown across the cafeteria. While staring down at your tray, it looks sickening and tastes awful. You’re playing with your food when a girl with pigtails put her hand out to shake yours, “hii again! I’m Harley! Harley Quinn! Nice to meet cha!” You remember this girl from the news and wanted signs. Shaking her hand you converse, “Charmed… I’m (Y/N).. And wow the infamous Harley Quinn huh?” “That’s meee!!! What'cha in for (Y/N)? Besides for being bananas?”, she replies. Curling your index finger to signify for her to come closer, you’re eye to eye as you glance at her lips and lick yours. “I kill people. Particularly my lovers”, you say softly. Pleased with your answer, she laughs attractively. She’s gorgeous when she smiles, her tattoos on her face compliment her rosy cheeks. Her beauty penetrates your thoughts until she disturbs you by bringing up the boyfriend. 

 Harley: “I can’t imagine hurting Mistah J…" 

 (Y/N) : “You wanna be some wackos victim for the rest of your life?“ 

 Harley: "Sure my Puddin’s a little temperamental. But gee! What relationship doesn’t have its ups and downs?” White coats appear from the entry, “it’s time for your electroshock therapy Ms. Quinzel.” She waves goodbye to you and fearlessly skips along. 

 You’re alone in your cell, thinking of ways to escape this dreadful place. You can hear Harley crying but it somewhat sounds like giggling. Listening to her sweet expressions, your eyes close falling into a distant sleep. Dreams or what even feels like hallucinations betray your mind. Together, you are dancing in darkness under the stars. Just as the longing became unbearable, your lips met Harley’s. You wake up abruptly, confused more than ever. The alarm rings throughout the building, allowing the patients to walk freely. Harley’s reading while sitting on her bunk. She looks up and smiles when she sees you. “Tell me things that others don’t know about you…”, she sighs while laying her head in your lap. As you play with her hair, voices and laughter are all that are heard. Days pass and you two are inseparable. You spend every waking moment with her, this doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Late into the night, you and Harley are pulled from your cells. Hand in hand they led you to the showers. The guards tear off your clothes exposing your bodies. One of them holds your arms behind your back and makes you watch as Harley screams. They are overjoyed about what’s to come. Touching and grinding their meat sticks against you, Harley gets the worst of it. The more she fought, the more they tased her. Unable to take anymore, you quickly free yourself. You knock them out by slamming their heads onto the concrete wall one by one. Harley gags up a shank and forcefully stabs their throats. With her eyes locked on yours, she took a step closer. You weren’t sure if your heart has ever pounded so fast in your life. She got her revenge and more than anything now, she wants to feel your lips on hers. Harley throws her arms around your neck as she loses herself on your soft lips. The warmth of her mouth sends a current running through your body. The bloody water runs down the drains, you try to kiss Harley hard again when she turns you around to hold you from behind. She drags her finger tips across your nipples and squeezes your breasts. You feel a shiver run down your spine. You tilt your head back on her shoulder in desire, she kisses your neck and sucks on your wet skin. You want nothing more than to touch her. Kneeling before her, you position your face in between her thighs. Feeling with your fingers and tasting with your tongue, she moans loudly. You flatten your tongue and dip the tip inside of her sweetness. She starts to lose all sense of reality as your tongue draws her closer over the edge. “Ah fuck. Yes”, she was no longer able to speak. She looks down at you and bites her bottom lip. Her legs start to shake while she pulls on your hair. Her moans are loud when she orgasms. Your lips still have a trace of her juices on them when you stand to kiss her one more time.

Luke Hemmings Imagine → I Believe In You Part 2

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Request: Yes

Word Count: 4.837

A.N.: Contains smut and bad language.

You can find Part 1 here

Wow this turned out so much longer than I intended but I enjoyed writing it so much. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

One year has gone by since Luke and I got together. It’s was something I never imagined could happen. We haven’t had much to do with each other beofre, he was the typical bad boy, the most popular kid in school, a rebel and I was an average, ordinary girl no one ever payed much attention to, especially not a guy like Luke. But then our teacher Mrs. Stark asked me to tutor Luke because he was failing classes and since I was, still am, one of the best students in school, I agreed. It was hard at first, we had fights but after a while Luke accepted me and let me help him and what came out of it was a beautiful relationship.

It wasn’t always easy, Luke’s fiends didn’t accept me, it got better from time to time but it’s still not working very well between us. Luke got better in school, well okay his F’s turned into C’s and D’s but it’s better than nothing. At lest he is trying, he even got a part time job, working in a small music store downtown, and that makes me incredibly proud. But he is till skipping classes, he is still smoking and taking drugs. It was one thing we always fought about. I wanted him to stop but he wouldn’t listen. I could live with the smoking but he had to stop with the rest and I’m not giving up on that just yet.


We only had a few more weeks of school left until we’d graduate. Luke was more than happy to leave school behind him, but honestly, so was I. I got accepted at a collage near out town and I couldn’t wait to finally experience the college life. Luke on the other hand haven’t had a clue what he wants to do after school. Of course he didn’t apply at any colleges and he didn’t want to get a serious job either. Each time I asked him about what he wants to do after school he shrugged it off and changed the topic. I couldn’t understand why he cares so little about his future.

“Babe, can I ask you something?” Luke asked while he rested his chin on my head. I was cuddled up to his chest and traced my finger along his long torso. “Of course you can.” I replied sleepily. It was Sunday and we actually did nothing but lie in bed, watch movies and make out but, I was still tired. Must be the stress of the last weeks of school. “If you could travel any place you’d like. Where would you go?” With furrowed eyebrows I looked up to Luke, confused by his odd question. “Uhm, I always wanted to see Europe.” I explained. Luke nodded, “Alright. That’s cool. Any place in particular?” He asked. “I’d love to see Rome. But Luke, why are you asking this?” He gave a brief kiss on the forehead and smiled. “No reason.”

“But -” Before I could finish my sentence Luke cut me off, “Why do you always have to question everything? I was just curious. You’re my girlfriend and I like to know what you desire.” He said. “Okay okay fine.” I chuckled.” Do you know what I desire right now?” A smirk spread over Luke’s face, “Me?”

“No. I was actually thinking about food.” I said in a serious voice. The smirk on Luke’s face disappeared, “Pfff. Fine.” He mumbled and crossed his arm over his chest. “You know…. ” I started and straddled Luke, “…you could get me something to eat and afterwards….” I continued and attacked Luke’s neck with kisses, “….we could do something fun.” I finished my sentence and rocked my hips back and forth a bit while my mouth leaves hot kissed on Luke’s neck. “Fun? Like what?” Luke whispered and his hands grabbed my ass firmly. “Like, fuck.” I blurted out laughing. Softly Luke threw me off him and jumped off the bed. “What food do you desire, my sweet lady?” He asked and put his hand to his head like he was saluting. “A sandwich, with salad, ham & cheese.” I smiled, trying not to laugh at Luke’s appearance right now. “As you wish my lady.” He chirped and bowed before he ran out of the room.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Sometimes he was just so dumb and cute at the same time, but absolutely love it. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he is my boyfriend. If you would have told me three years ago that I would end up with Luke Hemmings one day I would have called you insane.

Not even ten minutes later Luke came back with a sandwich filled plate. “Hmm they look delicious.” I hummed and took a bite from one of the sandwiches. “Do you know what else is delicious?” Luke asked with a smug look on his face. Oh boy, I knew this kind of look. He is horny and he wouldn’t stop talking about anything but sex until he actually got any. I rolled my eyes and took another bite from the sandwich, “No Luke I don’t.” I replied, but his face let me know that he was thinking about something dirty. The smirk on his face grew wider and he looked down to his crotch. “Babe please let me finish my sandwich before I start with you.” I giggled. Luke let himself fall onto the bed, “Fine.” He groaned. “Don’t be so impatient babe.” I said innocently and put my hand on his crotch, slowly rubbing over it. Luke glanced at me, trying to look angry but he had to laugh along with me.

I put the rest of my sandwich back on the plate and put it next to the bed. “Guess I finished my sandwich.” I winked and sat on Luke’s lap, rocking my hips back and forth. “Stop fucking around (Y/N).” Luke whined. “Whining, so sexy.” I laughed. “Oh fuck you.” I winked and hooked my fingers in the hem of Luke’s sweat pants. “What was that?” I asked teasingly while I was slowly pulling his pants down. “(Y/N) please, no teasing today.” Luke groaned. “Fine.” I chuckled and leaned down to give him a quick kiss on the lips before I pulled down his pants completely.

Through his boxers I palmed his semi hard erection and stroked it softly. It didn’t take very long until he hardened under my touch, I pulled his tight boxers down his ridiculously long legs and watched his erection slap against his toned stomach. A soft moan escaped Luke’s lips when I wrapped my hand around his length and started to pump it teasingly slowl. “Fuck.” He whispered as I moved my thumb over his tip to wipe off his pre-cum. I bit my lip and slowly lowered my head, not breaking the eye contact with Luke, when I swirled my tongue over his head and started sucking slightly on his tip. Luke tangled his hand in my hair and pushed my head further down his cock. I went with it and slowly bobbed my head up and down, hollowing my cheeks each time I go up. “Oh fuck baby you look so fucking sexy with you moth wrapped around my cock.” He breathed out. I shot him a quick wink and started bobbing my head faster while my hand softly grabbed his balls and squeezed them slightly. “Oh shit.” He moaned and the grip in my hair got tighter. I sucked on all I could fit in my mouth and my hand pumped the rest. Small whimpers left Luke’s mouth as I felt him twitch inside me. “Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum.” He warned me and only seconds after he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed it all and sucked on his tip one more time to get it all. I let him go with a quiet ‘plop’ noise and cleaned my mouth with my fingers. “Gosh, you’re amazing at this (Y/N).” Luke breathed and licked over his lips. “It’s my turn now.” He smirked and softly pushed my down to the bed. “Show me what you got.” I smirked and ran my hand through Luke’s thick blonde hair while he connected our lips with each other.

Before Luke could start with anything the door flung open and his brother walked in. “God damn it guys, why am I always the one who walks into you?” Jack asked disgusted and covered his eyes with his hands. “It’s because you don’t fucking know how to knock!” Luke shouted angrily.” What the fuck do you want?” He asked annoyed. “Dinner is ready. Mum wants both of you to join us since you already skipped lunch.” Jack explained. “Now put some clothes on and hurry up.” He demanded and shut the door again. “Why can’t we just fuck in peace for once?” He groaned and let his head fall down on my chest. “It’s okay, we can do it later. Or tomorrow when we’re at my place and actually alone.” I laughed. “Hhmh…sounds like a plan.” Luke mumbled and rolled off me to put his clothes back on.

Hand in hand we walked downstairs to find Luke’s family already sitting on the dining table, chatting. “Hey there everyone.” I sweetly smiled and sat down next to Liz. “Hello you two. Haven’t see you all day.” She said. “They have been busy mom.” Jack said and tried to suppress a laugh. Luke have him a deadly look but said nothing. “So, you’re graduating soon, what are you plans (Y/N)?” Liz asked. “Well I applied at a college nearby and I got accepted. I’m already very excited!” I explained with a big smile on my face. I looked over to Luke, his expression was, I don’t really know how to interpret it, it looked kind of sad. “That’s sounds amazing! And it’s no surprise that you got accepted. You’re such an intelligent young woman” she complimented me and slightly squeezed my hand. Liz was literally the nicest person I have ever met in my life. She always helps me out and I can talk to her about everything without her judging me, she is like a second mother for me. “Luke still doesn’t know what he wants to do, well apart from idiotic ideas.”

“I know what I want to do and I will do it no matter if you like it not.” Luke snapped. “Well in that case you’re not the only one to decide that.” She replied and shot me a quickly look. I furrowed my brows and switched my eyes from Luke to Liz then back to Luke. “Shut up about it.” Luke mumbled and took a sip from his coke. “Watch your tone with me Luke.” Liz warned. “Yeah whatever.” He said and rolled his eyes.

The rest of the dinner went rather quiet. Liz tried to start a new conversation but no one really joined in. I wondered what kind of plans Luke had. He never wanted to talk about it when I asked him but now I got curious. Liz glanced at me when she mentioned it wasn’t only Luke’s decision. It had to mean something and I wanted to find out what it was.

After dinner was over I helped Liz with the dishes. “Hey uhm, what are Luke’s plans for the future?” I asked her. “I promised not to tell.” She sighed. “Why? Does it have to do something with me?” Liz nodded and another sigh escaped her lips. “I wish he would just go to college like you.”

“He wouldn’t be happy there, you know that.” I said. “I know but I’m scared he might never find a job and end up on the streets.” She explained and smiled sadly. “He wouldn’t. Luke has a lot of talents and I’m 100% sure he’ll find something that can make him happy. Maybe he can keep working in the music shop.” I told her and patted her back. “Hopefully.”

After I finished helping Liz in the kitchen I walked back upstairs to find Luke lying in bed watching tv. “Took you long enough.” He mumbled when he noticed me. “Had a little talk with your mom.” I explained and lay down next to him, placing my head on his chest. “What about?” He asked rather nervous. “Nothing in particular.” I shrugged. ” She didn’t tell you about my plans, did she?” He asked. “No. I asked her but she said you asked her not to tell.” I explained. “Good.”

“Why don’t you want me to know?”

“Because….of reasons.”

“That’s not an explanation Luke.”

“Damn it (Y/N) just let it go okay? You’ll find out soon enough.” He snapped. “Okay fine. Jeez.” I rolled my eyes and turned around so my back was facing Luke now. A groan filled the room and I felt Luke’s hand arm around me and his head buried in the crock of my neck. “Sorry I didn’t meant to snap at you. It’s just…I can’t tell you what my plans are. It’s kind of a surprise and now my mother ruined everything because she mentioned it to you and…sorry it just pisses me off.” I turned back around to face Luke. There it was again, that sadness in his eyes. “It’s okay. I’ll forget about everything okay? Plans for the future? What’s plans? What future?” A light smile spread over Luke’s face, “I love you so much, you know that?”

“And I love you. So much.”


The next morning the alarm woke us up at 6.15 a.m. With a groan I turned it off and rolled out of bed. Getting up early was never one on my favorite things to do and ever since I woke up next to Luke it got even harder. “Babe, get up. It’s time.” I mumbled and rubbed my eyes. “Hmm five more minutes.” He groaned and rolled to his back. “No Luke. Get up.” I demanded and switched the light on. “Gosh (Y/N) was that really necessary?” He asked and blinked with one eye at my while he covered his other one with his hand. “Yeah. C’mon get up.”

“You have to give me a kiss first.” I rolled my eyes but obeyed. With a smile on my lips I sat back down on the bed and lowered my head to give Luke a kiss. He slung his arms around my waist and threw me onto the bed and hovered over me, deepening the kiss. His hand moved under my, or his shirt since I always steal his tees. “Hmm Luke stop. Not now. We have to get ready.” I mumbled in between kisses. “Okay okay.” He whispered and pressed his lips against mine one more time before he got up.

We both got ready and after we had breakfast we drove to school on my Mini Cooper. It was still hilarious to watch how Luke managed to get his ridiculously long legs into the small space of my car. “You look pretty sexy in that tee. I wonder whose it is.” Luke laughed when he finally managed to sit comfortable. “Oh I don’t know. I think it belongs to my handsome boyfriend.” I winked and started the car. “He must be a keeper.” He said and took my hand, intertwining our fingers. “Definitely.” I smiled and stroked my thumb over his knuckles.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at school. Like usual, Luke went to the smoking area behind the school to catch up with his friends and take a smoke while I already went to the classroom to catch up with my friends. Out of some reason I joined Luke today and walked with him to the smoking area of the school. As soon as his friends Michael and Calum saw me their face expressions dropped. “What does she want here?” Calum asked annoyed. “She wants to be with her boyfriend. Suck it up.” I replied. Calum let out a small ‘hmpf’ but didn’t say anything else.

“We got a little something for you mate.” Michael announced and pulled out a small package with white powder in it. “It’s from Ash.” He explained and handed it to Luke. “What’s that?” I asked and inspected the package. “It’s nothing babe.” Luke said and hid it in his jeans pocket. “That’s not nothing Luke. That’s drugs, right?” He rolled his eyes and nodded. “So?”

“So? Are you fucking kidding me?” I frowned. “Throw it away Luke.” He raised his eyebrows, “No way.”

“If you don’t throw it away I will.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Watch me.” I said and looked him dead in the eye. Before Luke could answer I put my hand in his pocket, pulled out the package and poured it out onto the ground. “Are you fucking insane? Michael yelled and shoved me away. “Do that again and you’ll lose your hands mate.” Luke threatened Michael and then turned to me. “You didn’t have to do that Luke said, trying to stay calm. “I did. This is not good for you!” I shouted. “(Y/N) …” He started but was cut off by someone else. “What are you still doing here? Classes started 10 minutes ago!” We all turned around and saw our teacher Mr. Hunter. “Inside. All of you.” Without any hesitation we all made our way inside and to our classrooms. Luke and I had history together and Michael and Calum had English.

“You’re late. Why is that?” Our teacher Mrs. Conner asked unamused. “That’s non of your business.” Luke snapped and sat down on his chair. “We had a little problem outside.” I explained. “Well you two have a little problem in here now as well. Detention. Both of you.” I scoffed, “What?”

“You heard me, now sit down.” Without another word I sat down next to Luke. Never in my life I was at detention. I shot Luke an angry look and angrily put my books on the table.

We didn’t talk for the next three hours. I was too angry. When we had lunch I sat in the cafeteria with my friends when Luke came in. “Can we talk?” He asked with a sad expression. “Sure.” I sighed and followed him outside. “I’m sorry about earlier. And I’m sorry you got detention because of me.”

“You should be.”

“Can you forgive me? Please.”

“Of course Luke. But please stay away from the drugs. I can’t watch you destroying yourself. If I see you with drugs one more time I’m gonna leave you.” I blurted out. His moth opened ajar and his eyes widened. “Are you serious?” He asked shocked. “I’m dead serious Luke.” I said. “I won’t. I won’t do it anymore. I promise.” He whispered. “Good.” I replied and embraced him in a tight hug.


I think I was never as bored as I was when I was in detention. Apart from Luke and I, there were two more people and a teacher who was reading the paper. Luke and I sat next to each other all the way in the back. “I hate you for this.” I whisper shouted. “It’s not that bad.” He tried to defend himself. I shot him a deadly look and he couldn’t help but chuckle. “We could make it a bit more interesting though.” He smirked and quietly moved his chair closer to me. He let his hand fall down on my naked thigh and moved it up to my lady parts. “Luke what the hell are you doing?” I whispered. “Making it more fun.” He winked and pressed his index finger against the fabric of my panties, slowly rubbing over it.

I let out a sharp breath when he moved my panties aside and his cold fingers connected with my clit. I bit my lip, keeping me from moaning out as Luke stated to rub sloppy circles around my clit. “Oh shit.” I breathed. He started rubbing faster and faster and eventually I felt two of his long fingers enter me. A short whimper escaped my lips and I got hold of the wooden table. “Be quiet babe or they’ll hear us.” Luke smirked and continued pumping his finger in and out of me in a quick pace. I squeezed my eyes shut and bit my lips so hard I was afraid it might start bleeding. “Oh god.” I whimpered when I felt my stomach tighten. “C-close.” I whispered, Luke quickened up his pace and not long after, my orgasm washed over me. I let out quiet whimpers and tried not to moan out too loudly.

Luke pulled his fingers out of me and licked them clean. “That was fun wasn’t it?” He smirked. I just nodded looked over to the teacher who didn’t seem to have noticed anything.

A relieving sigh escaped my mouth when the teacher announced five minutes later that detention was over. The other two students immediately ran out of class. Luke hesitantly packed his bags and waited for the teacher to leave as well. “Is there a problem Mr. Hemmings?” He asked. “No sir I just have to pack my bag.” Luke replied with a smug look on his face. “Alright. I have to run so please close the classroom door after you’re done.” The teacher explained and took leave. “Will do sir.” Luke grinned.

I furrowed my eyebrows together, “What’s on your mind Luke?” I asked suspiciously. “I’m gonna fuck you real good now.” Luke smirked and pulled me in for a heated kiss. We stumbled back until we hit the teachers desk. Luke lifted me onto it and I immediately slung my legs around his long torso. “We’re not gonna fuck here Luke and especially not on the teachers desk.” I protested. “Yes we will. C’mon it’s gonna be fun. I always wanted to bang you in school.” He grinned and licked over his lips. “You’re a terrible person.” I chuckled pulled him in for another passionate kiss. Luke lifted up my skirt and pulled down my wet panties while I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down his legs as far as I could.

I palmed his already hard erection and started pumping it slightly. “I can’t believe we’re doing it in school.” I chuckled. “Oh well, why not.” Luke winked and slowly eased himself into me, causing is both to moan. He let me adjust for a few seconds before he started thrusting into me in a steady pace. “Oh god Luke.” I moaned out and scratched my nails down his shoulders. The room was filled with quiet moans and skin slapping against skin. “Fuck.” I moaned out and rolled my eyes back into my head. “Louder baby scream it louder.” He demanded and thrusted harder and faster. “Luke oh god fuck!” I screamed out. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach building up again. “Fuck I’m c-close.” I moaned and clenched my walls around him. “Fuck. Shit. Do that again. Luke hissed his grip on my waist got tighter. I quickly obeyed and repeated my actions and my second orgasm washed over me harder than the first one. Luke thrusts got sloppier and soon after he hit his own climax.

He rode out both out highs before he pulled out of me. I let myself all on my back, "God that was amazing.” I breathed out and pulled my skirt down again. “Can I have my panties back now?” I laughed. “Hm let me think about that..” He said and pretended to think while he pulled his pants back up, “Nope.” He winked and stuffed my panties into the pocket of his jeans. “Luke! Give them back!” I protested and jumped off the desk but my legs were still too shaky and I almost lost my balance, I had to keep myself steady on the desk. “If you can get me.” Luke laughed, gave me a brief kiss and ran out of the classroom leaving me back astonished. I couldn’t help but laugh, “Jerk.” I shook my head slightly and chased after him, or more importantly, my panties.


It was graduation day and I was on my way to school with my parents. I was already so excited to finally get my final certificate. Luke has been working more and more these past few weeks and we haven’t seen each other in two days. I couldn’t wait to see him again. It was kind of unusual for him to work that much. I was afraid that he might had something going on with another girl or maybe with drugs again. He kept his promise he made me a few month ago, no drugs ever again and I sure as hell hope he didn’t start again.

When my parents and I arrived at school, Luke and his family were already in the great hall. We approached them and all greeted each other with hugs. “I’ve missed you.” I told Luke. “I missed you too beautiful.” He smiled and pressed his lips against mine. “Lets go inside.” I suggested and intertwined our hands. 

After the formal talk was over and we all got our certificates Luke took my hand and led me to his car. “Where are we going?” I asked confused. “I thought we’d go to lunch with out parents.” Luke shook his head and opened the door for me. “Nope. I have other plans with you.” He explained. With a confused look in my face I got into the car. What is he up to?

We drove out of town and Luke stopped the car in the middle of nowhere. “Are you planning to murder me or something?” I chuckled nervously. “Oh no. You caught me. That was exactly my plan.” He replied sarcastically. “Oh well, I think thats the part where I should run away right?" 

"Right.” Luke laughed. “Now come on. I have a surprise for you.” He streched out his hand for me, I gladly took it and followed him through the grass. We walked for a little while before we reached a meadow. There was a huge blanket and a big box in the middle of the grassland. “Luke what is this?” I asked confused as we approached the blanket. “Just sit down. I’ll explain it to you.” he said nervously. “Okay.” I nodded and sat down cross legged on the soft blanket.

Luke took a deep breath and scratched the back of his head before he kneeled down beside the box. “I have some things for you.” he explained and pulled a piece of cheese out of the box and handed it to me. “It’s cheese. From the Netherlands.” he explained nervously. “Uh okay?!.” The next thing Luke got out of the box was a frozen pizza. “That’s uh..a pizza. From Italy. I mean not really from Italy but uhm the thought counts right?” He chukled nervously. “Luke what is all this?” I asked, still confused. “Wait for it!” He said and pulled out a bottle of beer and handed it to me. “German beer.” he explained. “Very delicious by the way.” he winked. I was still confused by what Luke was doing but I just went for it. The next thing he handed to me was french wine. “Thats exquisite wine from France. Well I don’t know if it exquisie but the name sounded really fancy.” he laughed. 

I got more and more excited and I really wanted to know what Luke was up to. “Luke please tell me what’s going on here!” I said excitedly. “Okay okay. But first I want you to know, that you don’t have to say yes. I know that college is a pretty big deal for you and I don’t want you to do something you don’t really want to.” He explained and pulled out something that looked like a map. “Open it." 

I took the map in my hand and spread it out on the grass. It really was a map of the world and there was a red route that went through every country in Europe. "Luke what…what is that?” I asked still confused. “I want to do a roadtrip with you. I saved all the money I earned from working in the music store and I got some money from mom. It would be enough for a few month.” He explained. “What do you think?”

I was shocked, surprised and happy at the same time. That’s why he was working his ass off lately, that’s why he always asked me questions about where I would like to travel. I didn’t even realise that I was crying until Luke wiped a tear off my cheek. “Don’t you like it?” he asked worried. “No. No Luke I love it!” I happily said.

“Would you run away with me?” he asked and cupped my face. “There is absolutely nothing I would rather do.” I smiled and leaned forward to press my lips against Lukes.